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Reading Reviews for Always Meant to Be
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Review #1, by nott theodore Andromeda's Memories

18th March 2015:
Hello there! I'm here reviewing for the HPFF Fundraiser!

I absolutely love Andromeda and Ted together and so I couldn't resist reading this story when I saw it on your author's page, especially since it didn't have any reviews yet. I don't think I've ever read a song fic about them either but I enjoyed this, and I thought you did a good job of matching the lyrics to the tone of the story and the content too.

I really liked the way that you began the story, opening it with Andromeda getting ready to go to her wedding and get married to Ted; at this point she's already made her decision, so it was really interesting to go back and see what had brought her to this point in time. I liked the little detail that you included about the flowers that she was carrying, too. The narcissi felt like a reference to the sister that she misses now that she's not part of her family any more.

I do have a little CC for you, though, just as far as readability is concerned. I think it would probably be better and easier to read if the majority of the story wasn't in italics. Since the flashbacks make up the majority of the story, it's not really necessary and it makes it a little harder to read - by just adding a date or something similar at the beginning of each section you could illustrate clearly that it's a flashback, without needing to use bold and italics for most of the story. It's just a minor detail but it could help make reading this a lot easier!

I really liked the memories that you included in this story, especially considering Andromeda was thinking of them on her wedding day. It was great to see the first time that she'd been asked on a date of sorts by Ted, to the Yule Ball, and how excited she'd been to be asked by him and then go with him. I really liked the fact that you explained how torn she was, though, because I think that would be a big decision for her to make.

I definitely didn't expect Narcissa to be the one who told her family! I don't think I've ever seen a story when that happened before, since it's almost always Bellatrix who tells her family or Andromeda running away and her family finding out later. I found that really interesting, especially with the element of naivety that it introduced to Narcissa's character. It was great to see Ted so worried over what had happened but the fact that they decided they wanted to be together more than her adhering to her family's prejudices was sweet.

I loved the wedding scene! Especially the fact that Sirius was the one that had insisted on giving her away, even though she thought he was probably too young to do so, because he was the only family that she really had left. It was just so touching to include something like that, and it meant a lot to Andromeda to have family there on that day.

The final scene was a great place to end - almost like that was the end of Andromeda and Ted's story and the beginning of their family's story. I couldn't help but laughing at how people reacted to Tonks being a Metamorphmagus though, but I'm sure I would react the same way if I saw a baby that had purple hair!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi, I'd like to start by saying thanks for reviewing, it always makes me happy when people review my fics because I do work quite hard on them.

You were absolutely right about the narcissi being a little reference to how she missed her little sister and wished she was still a part of her family, that was sort of a last minute detail I added.

I realise that the italics are kind of hard to read, considering they make up the majority of the story, I just wanted to make it clear which parts were flashbacks and which parts weren't.

I have to say my favourite part was definitely the wedding, I just love the relationship between Sirius and Andromeda and I always imagined they would be pretty close considering they were both disowned which I like to think would have brought them closer together.

Thanks for the review :)

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