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Reading Reviews for ZIG
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Review #1, by musicluffler ONE

12th August 2015:
Gave this a shot and was instantly hooked! Love your representation of the Scamander twins and that Lorcan can 'charm the pants off of anyone'. They're both satisfyingly snarky and parts of your excellent writing had me laughing out loud. Also, Rose is too cute. Can't wait to see where this goes!

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Review #2, by Irishseeker ONE

26th April 2015:
I love the Scamander take and so far how you portray them. Can't wait to see more ScoRose and the next chapter! :)

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Review #3, by jessicalorewrites - round 2 ONE

5th April 2015:
~ here for the capture the flag gryffie game, round 2 #accioattackers

hey, sathya! this was a really fun chapter to read - I think the idea of the beauty potion is really rather creative and the way you employed it in your story even better. typically, one might've expected such a potion to come from a vain character interested in changing their looks (i.e. someone like rose) but I think lorcan/lysander's takes on it are unique and give the plot a different twist.

you sorted the twins into my canon houses too! how did you do that?! -shifty eyes- I suppose there's a 1/4 chance but I really do imagine one as the creative ravenclaw and one the ambitious slytherin too. amazing. the fact they're not carbon copies of each other is so great because honestly I'm a little tired of the 'twins are exactly the same in every aspect' trope. plus, having distinguishing personalities makes them way more interesting

great work with the plot and characterisation!

- jess, xo

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Review #4, by randomwriter- Round 2 ONE

5th April 2015:
*attack post*

Hello Sathya :)I'm here to leave you a review, in the hope that this is the flagged chapter. Hope I'm right. fingers crossed. Also, I must apologise about the quality and length of this. I'm trying to be speedy as it is for a competition, after all.

Now, I don't know if you know this. But I have a soft spot of nextgen stories, especially those featuring Rose/Scoprius. If I had known that this was up, I'd have read it ages ago! I was really excited on reading the description as well. It sounded like a fun story, but it also sounded pretty unique. You did not disappoint one bit.

I think that this is going to be rather hilarious, and I'd like a heads-up when you update this, which will hopefully be soon ;)

I really love your characterisation here. We don't see too much, but we do get quite an insight into the twins, and Rose, to some extent. I like how you didn't write the twins as if they were carbon copies of each other. That would be unrealistic and boring. This is a much better way to handle it. I loved how they're kind of opposites, but very complementary, at the same time. They obviously get along well and clearly know what they're doing. I like that one picks off where the other leaves things. It adds to the complementarity that I mentioned. About Rose, she seems a little different from how I've read her. I like that you already seem to be introducing some flaws to her character. I love a relatable and realistic character myself.Finally, I think that putting Scorpius in Gryffindor was pretty cool. I can't say I've seen it done often, so it'll be a nice change to read about. Also, reading a story which features the Scamandar twins in main roles is also rather new and refreshing.

If I were to give some CC, I'd say that you should probably mind the tenses a bit since it switches a bit here and there.

In addition to that, I think you could be a little more descriptive, if I'm being honest. Your dialogue is a delight to read, but a bit of description could totally life this.

I love the idea of the potion. It's very creative, and I honestly can't wait for more. Good job, Sathya ♥

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Review #5, by proud-pied April ONE

4th April 2015:
It beams and bounces with good humour, this;
A pretty tale of twins and potions grows.
Lysanderís bright inspired inventiveness
Transforms into a temptress, red-haired Rose,
But what does pretty Rose want potion for?
The after wonít be sweeter than before!

So proud-pied Aprilís lingered here a while,
And hopes this verse will bring an Easter smile.

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Review #6, by Chazzie ONE

3rd April 2015:
Tis sounds like it is going to be hilarious, Sathya!

I like the way you have introduced everyone. You have made clear a couple of the main differences between the twins, which is great. And Rose, she is very different to how she is usually portrayed. Personally, I think that's a great thing, as I enjoy reading how different people picture the same character. There are quite a few things that I'm pretty sure could end up going wrong with this beauty potion, but I am interested to see how it turns out. Your dialogue was really well done, although I would maybe prefer a little more commentary between some bits of the dialogue. That last line though, it was brilliant.

Great job so far!


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