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Review #1, by nott theodore Taurus

28th June 2015:
Hi, Jenna! It's been so long since I reviewed anything properly and I read this a while ago without reviewing, so I thought I'd pop back now I've got some time!

It's a little bit frustrating that I still don't know the identity of Taurus's mystery boyfriend :P I always wondered who the Hufflepuff Muggle-born was but didn't think we'd find out - reading this, I'm even more curious than I was before! Will you tell us some time, eventually? *goes to google any Hufflepuff Quidditch players with the initials W.H* It shows, though, that even here Taurus feels like it's kind of necessary to protect his boyfriend's identity, because of how much danger they could both be in, and he can't be entirely honest about everything unless he doesn't reveal his boyfriend's name.

Anyway, all of that aside, I absolutely loved this one-shot. Not that that's a surprise, really, because I love pretty much everything that you write, but this one was great! It's a real testament to how well you write and how developed your TGfS universe is that you can make people want to read a story about one of its characters, and become so invested in it. I've always wondered what happened to Taurus after he left Hogwarts and was really worried about what might have happened to him, so this was almost reassuring in a way!

The style that you wrote this in ♥ You know that, even though I'm not an English student, I absolutely adore literature and all of the references and conceits that you used here in this story made me so, so happy. I loved the way that you used something that often seems so high-minded to most people, like Shakespeare and mythology, and brought it into a story that a young boy, struggling with the situation that he's been put in, could relate to easily. It was great to see Taurus matching his own story to the different sonnets that Shakespeare wrote, and the way that they could connect to different figures in different ways. It kind of shows the way that literature can influence people's lives and also that, in some ways, no story is ever original, because if you look hard enough it's already been written down years ago by someone that you've never met. (I realise that's kind of depressing, but I think it fits this a little bit.)

Also, the way that this is written - a mixture of praise and teasing and taunting W.H., matches the sonnets so well because it's as if Taurus is playing with his lover the same way Shakespeare did. There are just so many layers to this and you've thought about them all so much - it's fantastic!

I'm so amazed at the back story that you've created for Taurus, as well, and the way that he arrived at the point he's at here, and what we see in the novel. Even though he's meant to be one of Tor's closest friends, we don't actually know any of this before and in a way it shows the sort of friendships they have, and the time that they live in. There's only so much they can share because people knowing too much about you can put you and potentially your family in danger, and there are certain things that Taurus has just not been able to talk about with people because of the sort of friendships he has. It's really sad that he's had to struggle through so much of this on his own, actually!

I really liked the way that you made the Muggle literature relevant to Taurus's life, and the fact that he'd discovered it through his sister rather than anything he'd done on his own - it would be really hard for someone with that sort of upbringing to break away from what they've been taught, especially when their friends are all surrounded with the same prejudices, but this was a great way for him to become exposed to it!

I loved the fact that Hecuba had already broken away from the pureblood mantra, so to speak, and I think in a way that made things easier for Taurus than they were for Tor. He faced as much hatred as she did, but at the same time he'd already seen someone escape and he knew that it was possible. I loved the fact that Hecuba had become so immersed in the Muggle world that she'd chosen a new name for herself and everything! And I was really happy to see that she could offer Taurus somewhere to go when he was lost and desperate - I'm so glad to know that he was somewhere safe rather than in danger!

The fact that W.H. wasn't Taurus's first love - wasn't the person who taught him how to love - was so interesting! I was wondering who it was going to be and the moment that you showed us between him and Pyxis was so sweet! I think part of it we can't really be sure on, whether Pyxis had any feelings of that nature for Taurus, because we're viewing this from Taurus's perspective and that's potentially biased, but it was great to get a glimpse of their friendship, which is so much more than Phin ever offered. I hold out so much hope for Pyxis getting through the war and not giving away people's secrets, coming out on the right side of things, and this has just made me root for him even more!

The little descriptions of his mysterious boyfriend were so amazing. The part when he talked about meeting him in the air, loving him on the earth ♥ The imagery there was just beautiful, with all of the elements brought together to demonstrate their relationship, and I loved the fact it was more than just one thing.

This whole one-shot was lovely, Jenna - I don't know how much more I can say because I'm just rambling. Everything about it was so poetic, from the title to the references and the description and the feelings; even the sections almost read like different stanzas! I absolutely loved this and I hope we get to see more of Taurus in the future!

Sian :)

Author's Response: HEY SIAN! :) So I owe you about a zillion review replies, and someday I will accomplish all of them. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such a long and thoughtful (as usual! :P) review on this story since it was so fun for me to write and you know all the GFS context of the story.

I love your analysis of Taurus's boyfriend's identity. :P To be honest I see him as an OC especially after writing this story, and I'm not sure if he will appear in Tor's story anytime soon. I have an idea of what happens to him but whether their paths will cross remains to be decided. :P Same with Taurus himself: he's not gone from the series, he's still lurking about, but he's not on Tor's radar at the moment due to everything that's going on.

I love how we both love literature and this is a great story for me to get your feedback on. I absolutely agree with your point about there being no original stories but that they always allude to and parallel older stories. I actually love that theory of literature and find it so convincing as a literary critic and someone who loves to read and write. It was really interesting being inspired by the sonnets and finding neat ways to allude to the sonnets and the mysterious figure of WH in the story.

Ah, thank you! Something I really wanted to come across here was the tone of the sonnets, which I read as being about the power dynamics in relationships as well as pure romance. Taurus has a lot of Slytherin aspects which show him needing to exhibit power in his relationships, platonic and otherwise, and his writing as well, and Shakespeare helped me bring that out in him somehow.

One of my issues with my characterization in GFS was that I felt I didn't spend as much time on the secondary characters as I would have liked. In a way I can blame that on Tor being young and self-centred, but it's also a learning curve from my experimenting as a writer. So this was a good chance to remedy that and give Taurus more of a voice. :P It was really fun coming up with his family history and Hecuba's impact on him. I imagine that there were far more blood traitors and issues among the Slytherins than they let on in the books.

Pyxis is one of my favourite characters from GFS and eventually he'll get some romantic storylines of his own - whether that will involve Taurus or anyone else, I can't say. :P But it was fun developing their friendship and giving Pyxis some time in the story because they were very close at the time.

Thank you so much Sian! You are really too kind to me and I really appreciate every thought you've shared on this story! ♥ ♥

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Review #2, by The Summer Snake Taurus

16th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

If I were wearing a hat right now, I'd take it off. This was some amazing writing. Your descriptions were beautiful and your plot concept was just brilliant. I loved your characterisations and had an awesome time reading this. Also, this was about poetry! Wow!

I honestly don't know what else to say except that I really enjoyed reading this. You did a great job on this. Great descriptions, smooth flow, brilliant characterisations and not even one little mistake. Loved it! Here, have some summer cheer - *showers confetti and flowers*

Keep writing such awesomeness. Now, I'm off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

Author's Response: Well hello there!!! What a lovely review from a super sweet snake!! :D

I'm so honoured that you liked this story! I loved writing it and especially including the inspiration about poetry. It means so much to get such lovely praise. *basks in confetti and flowers*

Thank you so much, and happy slithering!! ♥

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Review #3, by adluvshp Taurus

29th March 2015:
Hey! Here for the Slytherin Hot Seat Review =)

This was an amazing little story! Firstly, I loved how poetry was the theme. I absolutely love poetry so this made my day xD You paid great attention to little details and provided such awesome descriptions, they were just the strongest point of the narrative for me. I adore such details and descriptions so I really enjoyed that, especially the bit in the beginning.

Your characterisation of Taurus was also very interesting and I enjoyed reading the narration from her point of view. All the backstory and stuff was nicely placed and gave me a good insight into her life. The writing style was flawless and the smoothness of the narrative was perfection. Honestly, I don't have anything else to say except great job!


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Review #4, by Rosalie Taurus

16th March 2015:
Thank you for this little piece of literary gold. Keep writing, my friend!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #5, by marauderfan Taurus

13th March 2015:
Jenna! Aaah, I am so glad to see this - I think I remember creeping on your Stories Offered page a while ago and seeing that Joey had requested this and thinking "ooh, I need to read that" and then here it is and I'm so glad you wrote it! I always wondered who Taurus' mysterious Hufflepuff was in TGFS, and... well, now I wonder even more :p But the WRITING in this, just, gah! How do you do this? It is incredible, seriously. I adore the poetry angle, and the bits from the Iliad, and of course seeing things throuh Taurus' eyes.

It's always really fun to see main characters through the eyes of others, so I enjoyed this perspective of Tor, as usually I'm reading about her from inside her own head. And I loved Taurus' thoughts on how dull Theo Nott is, haha. But most of all, the backstory about him and about his sister and family just adds so much more to an already wonderful character. And omg, Taurus/Pyxis! (Well, almost). I love it! Headcanon! (Does that even count as headcanon, seeing as neither of them is a canon character? Because they feel like canon characters to me. Anyway, I digress.)

I don't really know what else to say about this story, except that I was really impressed by it. This was wonderful - a great read. ♥

Author's Response: Hey!! :D Thank you so much for this (and as usual, I'm atrociously late in responding...). I loved writing this story and it's so amazing to get feedback on it.

This story inspired me to tie in W.H. to Tor's story, although I haven't quite decided what that role will be. I'm so pleased you liked the writing and the poetry references - I was taking a Shakespeare class at the time. :P

I feel like, especially in the first bit of TGFS, Tor and Theo were a bit idealized, so it was fun to take my own characters down a peg :P (well, they're not really MY characters, I guess...). And yes!!! Hehe, head canon of non-canon, I like it.

Thanks so much for this, it's a fantastic review! :)

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Review #6, by crestwood Taurus

11th March 2015:
Jenna I cannot believe you wrote this for me. This is somehow even better than I expected it to be.

First of all, the fact that poetry is an important theme here is, alone, enough to make me love this story. The first section detailing the Petrarchan sonnet is just such a unique thing to find in a fic. I just love when people incorporate this kind of stuff.

I'm trying to type out a review but I quite literally cannot express how much I enjoy the mental image of Taurus hiding under his sheets reading poetry or his sister having fun off with a Muggle literature student or her name relating to the theme. It's all exactly what I would have wanted out of this and I have no idea how you knew.

The way Taurus addresses his Muggleborn 'I could without you. I would prefer not to, but I could.' is oddly similar to something I said not very long ago. Maybe it also was the Slytherin in me.

The scene with Pyxis is actually more than I bargained for!! You may have awakened the dormant Taurus/Pyxis shipper in me. You described that moment so perfectly and I just felt it in my bones.

Hecuba is getting pretty deep into 'Death of the Author' territory here, which is pretty awesome. Words absolutely are not platonic forms to be taken in a universal concrete manner.

The Slytherin/Puff water and earth metaphors are so interesting and something that only you would come up with.

I'd have to suspect that Taurus did not imagine the moment with Pyxis. Originally, I thought that Pyx would turn out to be gay and the reason for the same-sex pairing warning. I wasn't right for that specific story necessarily, but this has strengthened my headcanon that I may have been on to something.

The line that I loved the most was 'That bloke Theo Nott never made a new thing happen in his life.' I think that is something I've been trying to say in one way or another for a long time. I feel that way about many people I know of that other people find amazingly talented, but strike me as unoriginal. It seemed like such a concise way of wording things to me and really stood out.

I love the way Taurus views Tor's love as 'almost violent.' I think that's a pretty astute conclusion.

Taurus' words are just so beautiful in this story. His case for W. H. not being an ideal to him is perfect. Everything is great. This is so unbelievable. I must say that the volta of this particular poem is rightfully described as heartbreaking because there's no turn of events that could be much worse really.

Also, the summary is really great and I thought you should know.

Once again, you've amazed me beyond what I expected. Thank you so much for this. There really isn't much that I feel I can relate to like this in existence. I can't describe how much I love this. You are the best. ♥

Author's Response: Hi Joey! :D

First of all, I am so sorry that it took me this long to reply to your AMAZING review, especially since this was a story you requested. All of your comments just mean the world to me. :) I'm so excited that you liked the story.

At the time of writing this, I was studying sonnets in a class, and it was really interesting tying all that information into the story. Especially with Shakespeare, there's something very romantic but also playful and dangerous about the relationship between speaker and subject, and these are qualities that I think strongly feature in most relationships around the time of the war, especially with Slytherins and Muggleborns.

Hahaha yess Taurus/Pyxis! The secret ship has been in the back of my mind for ages but there was never a good chance to bring it up in TGFS somehow since Pyxis is always so focused on Tor and her problems. No guarantees that it will show up in TSR, but you never know... :P

Yes! I love your analysis of what he says about Theo. I feel that way about a lot of people as well and it's a strange criticism to make in a lot of ways.

I'm so pleased you liked the words and the poetry and the summary! Ah, you're just too sweet, you know that? Thank you so much for requesting this story, and for the beautiful review! :D No, YOU are the best!! ♥

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Review #7, by chinaglaze Taurus

9th March 2015:
This is remarkable, I have no criticism. It is just about perfect, and I am jealous.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ♥ ♥

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