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Reading Reviews for Once In A Lifetime
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Review #1, by blackzero I

28th May 2017:
I still believe he deserves to be with Faye.If you are still writing ...please make it happen.I just read all in one go.It as an amazing piece of work.May be one short chapter but make it happen.He feels so much empty and again did the same mistake when she was pregnant of not being courageous ...You are splendid Thank you

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Review #2, by Sal I

9th February 2017:
This looks so good! I'm excited to read more! Especially after just reading Better Than a Dream.

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Review #3, by Dirigible_Plums I

7th August 2016:

Alright so as soon as I saw this fic, I clicked on the link because I loved reading The Other Wiman! It was so original in its plot and portrayal of Rose, so I was more than willing to read this. :)

When I saw that it has been 12 years, my heart sank like a stone. You can really feel for Andrius in this chapter and I can't imagine what it must be like for him to know that he's lost Caye forever (or what seems like it atm). I remember thinking that they were so cute together, but of course, something as serious as The Fall was bound to have an effect. Sigh.

This was a nice introductory chapter to read. I love forward to some more! :)


(Oh, I just remembered! You sort of pass in and out of present/past tense during the chapter. Just thought I'd let you know.)

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Review #4, by Crescent Moon  I

2nd June 2015:
This is so depressing. I love it - but it's so sad!
I just feel so sorry for Andrius! The bit where he met her and the smile dropped off her face... I think my heart broke for him! Please say it get's better in the next half! I don't think my heart could cope if it continued. Please! I beg of you!
I'm so glad you've continued with him and Faye from The Other Woman because I really loved them in that but the way you left it was just so heart breaking that I'm so glad it's not over. And it also means more of your amazing writing which I love, so that makes me happy!
I can't wait to read what happens next, please give a happily ever after! Even if it's only a small one!

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Review #5, by Lympha I

23rd May 2015:
I really loved The Other Woman and I absolutely love this beginning as well. I hope you'll finish this story someday.

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Review #6, by Violet Potter 434 I

25th April 2015:
you have another story
i'm so sorry I didn't find it before tho, I feel so bad
please forgive me

i'm guessing this is a sort of sequel to the other woman but on a different focus (if I remember correctly Faye was a younger pupil that Rose found crying in the owlery one time and they sort of became friends and then it turns out its a Malfoy and then a lot of things happen

anyways I loved this so far and can't wait for more, and yet again, sorry for being so late to read this- oh and I win first reviewer, everyone bow down to me because I win!

from me xx

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