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Reading Reviews for Supernova
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Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Fire Alarm

28th April 2017:
Here for CTF!

And what an interesting start of a chapter. It's really painful and you are left wondering at first how this is going to work out and what the fainting has got to do with everything and how a cut can make someone bleed so much.
And then the blow comes.
This isn't an easy thing to adress and to cut into. The fact how everyone is dealing with it makes it all the more real, because everyone is dealing with it in a very different way. And while it's told like a list like it doesn't say too much or maybe even comes from a sitcom - it makes it all the more painful that it's happening anyway and doesn't take anything away from the severity of it all.
The fact that she doesn't want to suck happiness away from people and would like to shine only shows how strong she is as a person to want to make that happen and I can truly think that she'll be able to manage just that. To go for it and make the best of the months she's still left to live while her body allows her to go on like that as it is. Before she gets too bad and bedridden and everything.
This is really powerful and I will definitely come back to read this because I've got to see how this goes on.

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote Fire Alarm

28th April 2017:
Hello lovely! Iím here for CTF!

I couldn't pass this one up either because celestial references PLUS starting in a biology classroom. I feel like you wrote it just for me and my particular interests. I know, I know. Iím very self-absorbed. To be fair you did decide to abandon it.


So I'm trying to decide if this is just a muggle story or an AU because it's clear that she's part of a muggle school system, but itís also clearly set in the harry potter universe.

I know, I know. She's dying and leukemia is a terrible, ravaging disease. I understand that she doesn't want any form of treatment. I'm with her. I'd rather just enjoy the time I have doing what I want for as long as I can...but surely smoking must have some sort of deep connection to her impending death because it's mentioned several times. It reminds me a bit of the fault in our stars (which is just the cutest no matter what).

Also bless her poor family. I can't imagine the agony of waiting for your baby to die. I'd probably try to spend as much time doing stuff and being together though. I home that as a supernova she doesn't take her family down in the blaze along with her. But I think she will be heard like a fire alarm. She just has to make the choice to do it and stick with it.


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Review #3, by Marshal/scooterbug8515 Fire Alarm

4th April 2017:
Such a unique start! There are so few fictions where there is a character who has a disability or a life ending disease. It is astounding what news like it can do to a person and how they will change the way they live their lives because they are given a time frame in which to live.

Do you have any experience with someone having this disease? Just curious because I've found that a lot of people that write of disabilities or diseases of this nature have some first hand experience. If you don't kudos to you for being brave and writing about something like this.

I am wondering where the HP element will come into the story but I'm sure that will come in time. You've done a nice job of introducing your main character and setting up the world that she is operating in. I am curious to see how she will wind up being like a supernova as she wishes.

Also for some reason if this is going how I think this story will (it reminds me only vaguely of a Filipino movie I've watched) then this story will probably make me cry by the end, but who knows you may go exceptionally different from what I am predicting.

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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm Fire Alarm

4th April 2017:
Lo!! Here with a CTF review!

Wow I can't imagine what it would be like to find out that you don't have much time to live. I honestly don't think that I'd be handling it as well as Amanda seems to be at the moment. But I do have to admit, I would probably make the same choice as she did. If treatment wouldn't save me, but only would prolong my suffering, I would tell the doctors to stick it, too.

Now this girl has to be a Muggle, because for one thing, she spoke of biology class, which the definitely don't have at Hogwarts. And if she's smoking, she over the age of eleven, so it's not like she just hasn't received her letter yet. So, what I'm wondering is how she's going to meet some wizards. :) And what I mean by that is, I can't wait to see how she meets them. Oh! Maybe not all hope is lost! Maybe if she becomes *wink wink* close enough to one, and their father perhaps is important enough in the magical community, maybe she could get treatment from some Healers, who may be able to, well, heal her!

Obviously my mind is already spinning, and I am invested in this after only 500 words. I love the whole attitude she has about going out in a blaze of glory, rather than slowly fading away. It says a lot about her character already, that she isn't just going to curl up in a ball and wait to die. Again, I don't know if I could be that strong. And even though I'm a smoker, I kind of wanted to yell at her for smoking in her condition. I mean, you never know. Maybe quitting might help?

But this seems to be a really interesting story. I have so many questions!

Great job on this! I'll be back!

xoxo Meg

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Review #5, by adluvshp Fire Alarm

4th April 2017:
Here for Slytherin.

Oh my god this killed me. You broke my heart and shattered it into a million pieces. And while at it you also blinded me with the brilliance of your writing. This was so beautiful and heartwrenching and haunting and powerful and intense and bittersweet all at the same time. I am running out of adjectives here but you get the gist - I loved it. Being an OC fic, I usually don't connect so well with the characters, and here it's very short and there's no backstory, but despite that, I felt an instant connect with Amanda. The way she feels is understandable and I wanted to simply reach out to her. She is so brave and strong, and her need to be remembered as the girl who is smoking in the balcony than the one who is dying is so painful and yet so real. When this started out, I thought it was like any other internal monologue fic but it's so much more than that really. Your descriptions and use of words is absolutely spellbinding - like "I light the cigarette as my motherís muted wails thread their way onto the balcony and sigh as the wind softly brushes against my face, whispering...". So much beauty woven into one sentence, and so much pain too. The imagery painted is vivd and captivates me right into the narrative.

Leukamia is a terrible disease, and to read a story from the point of view of someone who knows they're dying is so saddening. Her loved ones' reactions are also spot on and then the choice she makes to not live on treatment, so tough and yet so authentic. Because who would want a life like that? You showcased her emotions brilliantly and told such a deep story in such few words. I really loved reading it. Kudos.


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Review #6, by merlins beard Earthquake

10th February 2016:
Hey there,
I believe I still owe you a review from a swap a couple of weeks ago.
I'm so glad I picked this story, it starts out very promising and really makes me want to read more.
Chronic or terminal illnesses are a hard topic to write about, and much harder to experience. So far you have done a very good job at getting lots of emotions across. We barely even know your main character, but we already like her. Maybe it's just the fact that we feel sorry for her because she is being robbed of so many years, so many experiences, but i don't think that's it. I think the way she's dealing - or not dealing - with everything makes her likeable because it makes her relatable.
Her parents really aren't a big help, and I completely understand that they are also dealing with a lot. I can't imagine what it must be like to know that you are going to lose a child. I'm not a mother, but I am an aunt, and even though the love i feel for my niece and nephew can in no way compare to that of a mother, it would still kill me if anything were to happen to them. I'd protect them with everything i have, with everything i am.

To not be able to do anything must be the most terrible experience in a parent's life.

In your story, lisa is frantically looking for some way to help her daughter, clearly denying the inevitable while Frank decides not to deal at all. Amanda is the one who is going through this, but her parents don't have any strength to lend her right now. I love the comparison to a supernova (I have to as an astronomy geek). I hope Amanda can go the way she intends to, with a bang, bright and shiny, sure to be remembered for a long time.

I'll add this to my currently reading list, hoping for an update really soon. The story really reached out to me. Thanks for the swap

♥ Anja

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Review #7, by AdinaPuff Earthquake

24th January 2016:
ugh Lo this is so poetic it hurts.

This is giving me so many feels. It's so well written I want to cry or reach out and hold the words or the characters hands but I can't and I'm dying to. That's how wonderfully this is written. I love it so much.

I love the writing style. How there's little words but it tells so many stories, so many different meanings in each sentence. I love it. The way you write this characterizes Amanda so well. I feel for her and understand her.

Is it James?? Is the mysterious beautiful boy James? Any book I ever read, if there's a mysterious beautiful boy I instantly think of James Potter, even though the story has nothing to do with Harry Potter :p Regardless of who it is, I love them. Both him and Amanda are so mysterious that I'm dying to read more, figure out there secrets and how they feel and what their story is and ugh there's so much suspension laced through your words. This is written so well.

Update soon!! I'll be waiting for another chapter.

- Leigh xx

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Review #8, by AdinaPuff Fire Alarm

24th January 2016:
Hi Lo!

This was powerful. I love stories like this, with one ultimate ending but a heck of a journey along the way to it. The inevitable downfall. I can't wait to figure out what Amanda's is.

I'm under the impression she's a muggle--how is this going to tie into the Wizarding World? I can't wait to find out. I have a feeling she might get herself into trouble, due to the sudden rebellious feeling and smoking of cigarettes. Honestly it seems so amazing I'm dying to figure out what she's going to do.

This was powerfully written. I love how it's laid out, how it all started just a normal day as everything always does. I love how you were building up to it and we saw it coming but it was still a shock. The words made it impacting.

I can't wait to read on. Loved it!

- Leigh xx

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Review #9, by TreacleTart Earthquake

22nd January 2016:
Hello again!

Back for a bit more!

This scene that you've written here is so lovely. The forest. The old abandoned tire swing. The mysterious boy who shows up randomly. There's a sense of whimsy or magic to all of it even though you never specifically show us any magic (aside from the mention of Hogwarts at the beginning). That's amazing when you consider how tragic it all is.

Since this is a short chapter, I don't have much else to say about this. Just that I think you have a very beautiful start to this and that I hope you'll continue writing it. I think it's so important to have stories about tough subjects like this.


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Review #10, by TreacleTart Fire Alarm

22nd January 2016:
Hey Lo!

Here for our review swap! Since these chapters are only 500 words a piece, I'm going to go ahead and review both.

This is a really heartbreaking concept. I've written several stories where the main character dies, but it's particularly tough when you write about someone so young dying of something tragic that she doesn't deserve like a disease.

I haven't personally experienced a life threatening illness, but I thought that your portrayal of her reaction to this news was well written. It seemed realistic. It wasn't melodramatic. It was actually quite calm and rational, but I feel like having months to live would be quite sobering.

Some of the little details that you included really made this story come to life. The way that she's sorry she's breaking her mother's heart. The way she talks about Frank watching Arsenal as a distraction. It was really lovely.

All in all, this was a strong start and really left me invested in this character which is very tough to do considering how short this chapter is.

Good job!


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Review #11, by alicia and anne Fire Alarm

11th January 2016:
Woah, that's quite a big thing to happen in those few seconds, and feeling faint a lot. :S I'm worried.

Oh no! Oh no! That is devastating news, only having that long to live. Poor Amanda :( It must be a really tough decision to make over the treatment she had the option of taking.

I really admire her already, the fact that she's thinking about how she wants to be a supernova, to not become a black hole.

You've done so much with such a small amount of words, but the ones that you did use are very powerful and such wonderful descriptions. It's enough to make a huge impact to the story.

I just know that this is going to be a story that's unforgettable.

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Review #12, by CassiePotter Fire Alarm

6th January 2016:
Hello! I'm here for our review swap!
This was excellent. I really, really enjoyed it. It's a really short first chapter, but it totally sucked me in to the story you're telling. I think your OC is wonderful, and I really want to learn more about her. What is she going to do with the time she has left? How are the Wizarding World and magic going to come into the story? This is definitely and intriguing start, and it really sets up your story well.
I love the idea of a person who doesn't have a lot of time left to live going out with a bang. Instead of trying to stretch out the time she has left, but be bedridden for all of it, Amanda is going to live the rest of her life to the fullest, even if she doesn't have a lot of time left to do so. I really admire her for that, because it has to be terrifying, knowing that you've got less than a year to live.
This was a really wonderful start to your story. Thank you for the swap!
Cassie :)

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Review #13, by NPE Earthquake

6th January 2016:
You build on the premise of the first chapter really strongly and I get a genuine sense of your protagonists identity through your commentary and the main character's observations.

I am enjoying the interplay with the "beautiful strange boy". The last sentence before supernova reads a little too angsty for me, but arguably that might be the intended effect.

I am enjoying it though, happy writing.


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Review #14, by NPE Fire Alarm

6th January 2016:

So, this is really cool in its set up, but it reads more like a prologue. I feel it is a little too bare, it could maybe have done with being furnished with more words.

However, despite saying that, my overarching feeling from reading this isv very positive. Your descriptions are very vivid, your use of words and ability to conjure images is excellent.

At times it can read a little cliched, but I enjoy the sort of blend of deadpan and bitter humour in it, and your word economy is terrific. The use of the word "wails" at one point in the story is so perfect.

I definitely want to read more, and really like this a lot.



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Review #15, by XOdannieXO Fire Alarm

27th April 2015:
What you have written so far seems very interesting. I like the idea of it not having to do much with magic yet and also the idea of an ill yet strong girl ( I hope that doesn't sound too satanic...) The chapter is rather short... I would have liked to read more about Amanda and her way of coping with her illness...

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you for this absolutely wonderful review!

Lo ♥

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Review #16, by The_Crookshanks_Saga Fire Alarm

6th March 2015:
OK, Lo. How do you even LIVE with your own perfection-- like, what is this: "Breathing in deeply I feel the smoke, so scratchy and lovely, quickly filling every space it can in my lungs, and I begin to wish that I could live in this moment until the end of time, without the cells in my body killing me from the inside out." How are you even possible, man?

I love the way this seems to have so little to do with magic (as of yet-- Amanda may be a Muggle?), and yet is still sitting on a HPFF Site. It is entirely original. I haven't read many fanfics about terminal disease, and with your soft, idyllic style that is so POWERFUL and effective, it's just addicting. I can't wait for the next chapter-- and I'm really glad you're taking this somewhere instead of letting it be a (gorgeous) one-shot :D

Amanda definitely doesn't seem the type who'd appreciate a slightly longer life at the cost of her freedom, yet she doesn't seem like someone who'd take her fate lying down, either. Gaah, I want to know what she'll do-- run crazy? Be there for her family (somehow, I think the Marlboro, though unlit, and how she knows exactly what her family's going through but is sitting on the balcony instead destroys this path)? But of course, this is a multi-chaptered story, she can probably do all sorts of things.

I love the way you used "supernova" in this, it's jaw-dropping. I definitely wouldn't think to use it as a concept a terminal patient is reach, but nooo Lo, you just have to be utterly unique. I was kind of tired of the terminal disease genre (The Fault in Our Stars was the last straw, but "Now is Good" and "Cool Kids Don't Cry" didn't exactly help, either), but the way you're portraying Amanda (selfish yet matter-of-fact) is pretty compelling.

So, this whole rambling, possibly incoherent review summed up in a few words. NEXT CHAPTER SOON :D


Author's Response: Hi Meena!

Thank you for this absolutely wonderful review!

Lo ♥

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Review #17, by blaire Fire Alarm

5th March 2015:
beautiful (i need more!)

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you for this absolutely wonderful review!

Lo ♥

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