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Review #1, by alicia and anne Prologue: Dementors

23rd May 2016:
I was suckered into this story byy the words "SIRIUS IS INNOCENT" And I knew that this was the story for me. Sirius is innocent!!

Now that I've stopped yelling and cheering I can continue with the reviews. :D

I find it hard to feel sorry for Fudge being given Minister for Magic because of ties and Albus turning it down. He sent the love of my fictional life away to rot in a cell, so I laugh in his face. Ah ha haHaHaha

I feel sorry for the Muggle Minister though, having to deal with Fudge withouth any real information that's helpful in anyway.

Eurgh! Lucius is around!

Go away Lucius!

Yay! I'm excited about the rest of this story! I can't wait to see a happy Sirius :D

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Review #2, by merlins beard Prologue: Dementors

4th May 2015:
Hi. I finally made it here.

A bit of nitpicking first to get it out of the way:
It opulent without being too ornate,(...) is missing a 'was'

I'm a very Canon-loving person, so it took a while for me to accept that Sirius is declared innocent, that Peter is captured...
Other than that (which is only personal preference), I really enjoyed reading this.

I like how Lucius' influence on Fudge is so easy to spot, yet he is completely oblivious.
I'm sad to see he treats the prime minister so poorly.
The actions he is taking are really irritating. "A whole species of creatures is out of control, so let's bring in the next species to cover it up" doesn't sound like a great idea to me.

I usually wouldn't read anything that isn't canon, but you left me wanting to know what happens next. This is going on my reading list.


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Review #3, by Jon Snow Prologue: Dementors

19th April 2015:
Hello Olivia.

I am Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. I have been told by an ally over at the forums, that you may know who my mother is. I would very much like to know her identity. There has been too much speculation going around, and I just want to know the truth. And to convince you to tell me her name, I will leave you this review in hopes of you understanding how much this would mean to me.

I cannot say I know much about this world, but I do find it fascinating. There are said to be many mythical and maybe even magical creatures beyond the wall, and I have already encounted some. But I have not encounted a wizard or witch yet, so it is interesting to see what these people are like.

I understand a thing or two about leadership, seeing as I am the commander of Night's watch as I mentioned earlier, but I cannot say I like this Fudge very much. He does not seem like a good leader to me, and I do not find his attitude to be good or in any way helpful to his people. A good leader should listen to the people, should aim to be truthful and only secretive if it necissary, and he should not be too proud to ask for advice, especially from someone that is a knowledges as it seems to me that this Dumbledore is.

I feel sorry for the man that was framed and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. It is always my worst fear that I will sentence someone to death that has not done anything wrong, so I would rather ask someone else to do it for me. But father has always said that the man that passes the sentence, must deliver the blow. And I respect my father for being so honorable, even if I did wish he would have told who my mother is.

But you can help me with that, I have been told. So I ask you to please reveal her name. Who is my mother? Unfortunately I cannot stay around to hear the answer, so I ask you to tell my ally over at the forums. She can overbring the message to me. I cannot tell you her name, because she is on the run from King Jeoffrey who wants her dead, but she told me to give you this clue to her identity:

Your clue:

I am not a Lady of Winterfell
Cause for me, Ned Stark was wrong
Where I am coming from
The winter is always long

Hope this might help you find her. The best of luck to you!

Jon Snow

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Review #4, by toomanycurls Prologue: Dementors

21st March 2015:
I'm very excited about this story!! An AU with Sirius being innocent kind of hits my feels right off.

Reading a chapter focused on Fudge was very interesting. I feel like we learned so much about him and how it was to be Minister. Sirius being let go was quite the chain reaction with the dementors rioting and the general uproar. The road to minister of magic had to be difficult coming from a half blood family. Fudge's perception that Dumbledore was waiting in the wings is definitely true to how paranoid Fudge is about Dumbeldore later on in the series. It kind of makes me laugh at how Fudge interprets Dumbledore - not just the paranoia but his misunderstanding of the help.

I'm a bit mad at Fudge for trying to get Dumbledore to not hire (or fire) Remus. And I'm not surprised Umbridge was part of his effort to do that. It's even more frustrating for Fudge to call Dumbledore a muggle lover - I mean, he's half blood so it's not like he can really look down on muggles.

I particularly enjoyed your conversation between the two ministers. You captured something about the conversation we saw in HBP - perhaps the briskness and non-understanding of the two politicians of the other's world. I'm kind of leery of how much Fudge dwell's on Lucius' opinion. well... that conversation ended a bit more sour than I expected. And I'm back to uneasy with Fudge and Lucius trotting off for a midday meeting.

Great start! This story sounds great.


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Review #5, by horcruxxx Prologue: Dementors

7th March 2015:
Hey, I'm here for the BvB Review Battle :)

I have never liked Fudge, he is just so full of himself... And you characterization of him was very on point. All the thought he is having about himself, his career, his need for power and admiration. Nicely done!

The entire chapter is very canonic (is that ever a word? sorry :D), the talk with the Muggle Prime Minister, telling him about the dragons (the part where he was worried that a dragon would eat someone actually made me laugh, is that weird?) and then constantly thinking of "what Lucius said" and remembering all the mean things he said about Muggles.

Now, what is Lucius up to? Fudge is not a bad person and Lucius is a powerful wizard, so I'm guessing that mean big trouble for poor Fudge.

Great chapter!


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