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Reading Reviews for The Lucky Ones
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Review #1, by MalfoyMannor It's a Small World After All

7th July 2015:
love this :) next chapter please :P

James and Ollie :) they're are both cute

love Harry's and Theo's friendship

Theo is hilarious :) love his humor

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it and I hope you'll continue to. I've had some personal problems the last couple of months, but I hope to have more chapters up soon.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by alicia and anne It's a Small World After All

20th June 2015:
House cup 2015
Slytherin house

I am so glad that I waited until now to read and review this chapter! And I'm so glad that I have Ollie and james to read.

James is so adorable when he's sleepy, and Oliver is so sneaky in his trying to wake james up. James won't wake up early, he's a lazy boy!

Yes! Theodore is there! We all know how much I love him! He's so hilarious, and I love what he said about Ollie because it made Harry blush. Harry has so got it bad for Theo! And I bet Theo is totally right about their date :D can you write me their date? Please please please?!

I love grumpy Lily, and the fact that she swore at Oliver instead of Theo, although I wonder what Theo would have done if he had seen it?

I can't wait for more! Your writing is absolutely amazing! And you are my favourite author of all time! And we all know how much love I have for you! I wouldn't have married you otherwise!

Keep up the amazing writing!

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Review #3, by the_jasmine_apple It's a Small World After All

27th May 2015:
OH MY GOODNESS I'M SO EXCITED! It's half past midnight and i just re-read stuck in the middle then nearly hyperventilated when i saw this! Keep going, I can't wait to read the rest of it! :D

Author's Response: AH, yay! I'm glad you liked it. More will come, I promise. :)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #4, by HPmum14 It's a Small World After All

7th May 2015:
Glad youre doing a sequel, loved this pairing.

Author's Response: I'm so happy you like them. Thank you for leaving a review. :)


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Review #5, by merlins beard It's a Small World After All

6th May 2015:
Hi Sam!

I'm so happy you updated.

I love this chapter, the description about the witch weekly building was awesome.

Haha I laughed so much at Oliver's attemt to wake James. I wouldn't sleep through that :D

Theo is such an awesome character. I don't think I've said it before, I really like that Harry has a friend OUTSIDE his school group. I think he needed someone who isn't as scarred by the war.

I can't wait for the next update


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Review #6, by HufflePuff_Blitz It's a Small World After All

5th May 2015:
Sam You didn't!
I think I dramatically GOL'ed (gasped out Loud) when I figured out that you brought her back. I guess I'll live.
I love Theo, he is fantastic. And everyone pretty much. Well besides the witch that shall not be named.
I was internally screaming when I Theo said what he said but what I cannot repeat here to the respect of this beautiful site.
James only had a small part :( but I loved him in it just the same. He kind of sounds like me when I'm sleeping.
Overall the writing was fantastic as always and I really wanna work at witch Weakly now just to see that entry way. Though, like Ollie I would be scared out of my pants riding in those elevators.
Overall I think I have to give this a 30/10 for everything mentioned above. but they won't let me rate it that high. :(
Great Job as Always Sam!
Can't wait to see more
Hugs and Hufflepuff's
- Kyle :)
p.s I don't know where the hugs and Hufflepuff's came from, but I aam counting us as amigos so you get both hugs and Hufflepuff's. not one or another.

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Review #7, by alicia and anne Tomorrow

11th March 2015:
I love that they have dinner waiting for him when he gets there. :D He's totally already part of the family!

Hahaha Ollie is such a messy eater! :P I hope he doesn't make too much mess and face the wrath of Ginny Potter!

Speaking of her, I love how James and Ollie have to pretend they've got all that space between them when she comes in haha. Even though Harry is so right and that they're eighteen they can do what they want. He trusts them... or he knows they'll do it anyone so wants it to look like he's agreed with it. :P

And the family dinner is here! Oh god! Nicky is brilliant! Just standing on tables for no reason! Was there an actual reason he was keeping to himself?

Aw I can't wait to see how they all get on at work!!!

Brilliant chapter! I can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: I think they've forgotten what it's like to not have him as part of the family. :P

Haha! He's only messy when it comes to sauces, though. Like with pasta. To be honest, that is a messy dish.

Ginny will always see her children as young. But Harry, he knows they're just gonna do things anyway. Or they would if they were doing anything. ;)

Family dinners are awesome to write. Haha, Nicky is awesome. There was no reason, he just thought it was a good idea at the time.

I'll have the next chapter as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #8, by hPmum15 Back to the UK

2nd March 2015:
Glad u r going on with this, sounds promising

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope you continue to like it. :)

Thank you for leaving a review!


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Review #9, by crestwood Back to the UK

1st March 2015:
Sam!! I'm so excited to be here for the first chapter and able to keep up with the story as it goes along :D

I love starting this story with Oliver not giving a crap about his surroundings. That's such a bold move to start things out and really sets the tone. One of the things I like so much about Oliver is the fact that he is way more brash than you'd expect. He is totally unafraid to blame everything on Harry; Boy Who Lived or not.

I'm not used to them doing all of this hugging and everything in public this is so great. Also, I now need to know what you mean about Alexa Nott and Albus!! I have no idea how you keep everything in this universe together, you've got so many stories!

Sarah and Tucker!! I've missed these two so much, excited that they're the ones picking them up! They're great together, regardless of whether they get past a second date or not :P

Loved this chapter, cannot wait for the rest of the story. These characters are just excellent and I can already tell you're going to write another amazing story!! Awesome work Sam :D

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Review #10, by HufflePuff_Blitz Back to the UK

1st March 2015:
So worth the wait!
I've missed James and Oliver so much. I need to go read the end of the first one because I don't remember them breaking up.
But all so many gushy feelings and happiness and contained screaming.
Great as always Sam!!! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so. I missed them, too. Yeah, right at the end of Stuck - I guess it's more of a break than a break up.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #11, by alicia and anne Back to the UK

1st March 2015:
Curse you! I curse you from the other side of the room! But I'm still so excited!

Haha, poor Harry getting the blame, I hope he has a good excuse. Poor Ollie getting cold but at least he can snuggle with James

I wanna know about albus, Alexa and the muggle!! Tell me!!!

Awww yay sarah and tucker have come to save them! :D such good friends.

I love Ollies grandmother! Poor James having to be sneaky :P

Wonderful first chapter! I'm so so so excited about this!!!

Author's Response: Curses everywhere!

Poor Harry always gets the blame. He just that it would be a good idea to send Tucker and Sarah instead. Sneaky Harry. ;)

*Snuggles James and Ollie*

AHHH... Hehe, Albus was naughty.

Such good friends... sent by Harry.

Yeah, she's quite a character. Poor James.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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