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Reading Reviews for Feed Me Chocolate
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Review #1, by Camille Feed Me Chocolate

11th August 2015:
this was so so cute and incredibly well written! love it!

Author's Response: I'm pleased you liked it. I wrote it as a gift for Tanya who happened to be a huge Wolfstar fan.

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Review #2, by afeleon276 Feed Me Chocolate

21st July 2015:
this this a one shot because i really like it, and wish there was more. also you raised a good point i never thought about how chocolate would effect a werewolf, because it poisons dogs. i really like werewolves and ive never had them eaing mountains of chocolate but thank you for bringing it to my attention. i hop you write on this more, and cant wait for your other stories to update, you write so much its awesome.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story. Your support is appreciated.

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Review #3, by Starlight-Hotaru Feed Me Chocolate

21st July 2015:
I love this so much I want to marry it. My cheeks are red and I just, I loved it. Can't wait to dive through your archive of work some more. Love the imagery in this one too.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story. Your support is appreciated.

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Review #4, by behindblueeyes1117 Feed Me Chocolate

21st July 2015:
It's a really nice and fun story! I'm not particularly searching for Marauder's fics but this one is really great! And as so much of your story,it has a really good plot! :-)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story. Your support is appreciated.

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Review #5, by voldyhasnonose Feed Me Chocolate

21st July 2015:
Just know, I'm probably going to stalk all of your stories. I haven't read any good Wolfstar lately, but girl. This. This right here is art. I'm really digging this. Like a lot. Never stop writing.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I'm pleased you enjoyed the story. Your support is appreciated.

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Review #6, by ArtsyTigs Feed Me Chocolate

15th April 2015:
That was interesting, and very hot. Well done!

Author's Response: This was my first attempt at Slash. Glad you liked it =)

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Review #7, by bones Feed Me Chocolate

18th March 2015:
loved it! great story!

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing

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Review #8, by writeyourheartout Feed Me Chocolate

15th March 2015:

This is seriously perfection. Like, I can't even. I'm a little speechless and also currently finding out that it's hard to type when you're bouncing around in your chair from a case of severe giddiness!

Now, please allow me to apologize ahead of time for the possibly incoherent review about to follow, and for any overuse of caps lock, quoting, and just general *squee*-ness.


(I'm trying really hard to pull myself together. SO MANY FEELS RIGHT IN THE HEART.)

First off, this scene with the chocolate. I am dead. SO MUCH TENSION. hahaha It's actually incredible how palpable their chemistry in this scene was. I could have cut it with a knife, swear to God. The entire time I was sitting on the edge of my chair with all the thoughts in my mind screaming, KISS! KISS! KISS HIM NOW, YOU FOOL!


Anyway, I'll try not to hold him too accountable for it. Although, when you consider the bucket of water incident, too... hahaha That was a hilarious detail to include, by the way. I love the small moments like that you managed to fit into the story - it really added a whole other layer.

By the way, I am just in love with the Remus you created here. He is everything I just absolutely adore in a Remus. The perfect balance of uncertainty and boldness, of control and lack thereof. He had so many layers here and so many battles sort of going on at once, between Sirius' perpetual flirtations and the rapidly approaching full moon and his goal to suppress all the feelings that come along with both of those things, we got to see a lot of different sides of him; all of which I adored.

Oh, and I love the way you explained Remus' chocolate habit in this; almost as a desire to drown the monster within. I thought that was such a cool choice, that he wasn't just eating chocolate for the sake of it, like he does in a lot of Remus-centric stories.

“Am I bothering you?” Sirius asked... “You know you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it,” Remus replied... - HAHAHAHA These two lines say so much about their relationship as friends, and it is ridiculously spot on. You understand their dynamic so well. ♥

“You asked them to make me something?” Remus asked, turning searching eyes on his best mate and wondering if Sirius had any clue how in love with him Remus was. - AWWW! This makes me so happy. That last bit of the line made my heart clench. And the moment before this was so great too, when Remus comments on how rare it is for Sirius to do something truly thoughtful... BUT HE DID FOR REMUS. I am dead. ♥

HAHAHA I love that Sirius threatens to obliviate Remus if he doesn't react well to his confession! They are too perfect together, I can't even.

You flirted with McGonagall the other day! - LOL

I love how no one seems to know anything. Remus has no clue about Sirius, Sirius has no clue about Remus, James has clue about what he'd interrupted, and Peter is just asleep and obviously clueless, too. *pets all the poor oblivious boys*

BUT THEN YOU MAKE IT ALL UP WITH THE ENDING! AHHH! YES! CONFESSIONS! AND THEY KISSED! AND IT WAS PERFECTION! GAH! I am a melted puddle of goo on the floor, and I almost mean that quite literally. :-p

He knew on some subconscious level that he probably had a huge goofy grin on his face that wasn’t at all flattering, but Remus was too happy to care. - This is basically me right now, just so you know. :-p

This was really just phenomenal. It was so funny and charming and sweet and sincere and tense and so many more things, all wrapped up into one excellent fic. I don't know how you did it, but I truly loved it, Ellie. And more than that, you wrote it specifically for me, and I sincerely cannot thank you enough for that. It was literally the perfect gift. You are so wonderful. Thank you endlessly. ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Hey Tanya,

Now I'm the one wearing the goofy, unflattering smile after that review! I'm so glad you liked it, seriously, I've been so nervous about publishing it and not getting them right the way you like them, so it's so good to know that you enjoyed it immensely. It was a lot of fun to write this, and a little bit challenging to write as well because I've never written anything Slash before and all the "he did this" "he touched him" 's were doing my head in a little because when I was re-reading I was going "WHICH HE?" and so I had to use their names a little more to make things clearer.

Seriously though, I can't imagine a funner pairing to play with in my first paddle of slashy water. I'm glad you like this pairing and not something really tricky like a James/Snape or something. That would've been tough.

Anyways, I'm so so happy you liked your present. Since I couldn't send you a real cake as I don't know where you live, I thought this might be a good stand in (plus this one won't sticky to your hips like cake ;) *teehee* )

Thanks for making my day with this review. You're the best!


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