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Reading Reviews for I'll see you around
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Review #1, by ScarlettTulips I'll see you around

22nd June 2015:
Great idea. I like the ending. I will happily edit it for you if you want? xoxo

Author's Response: feel free to edit it i could use it, it was just something i started one night when i couldn't sleep so i wasn't really paying attention to grammar/spelling i would be happy if you edited it for me

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap I'll see you around

18th March 2015:
(This review is for the HPFF review fundraiser)

And as I satin

Should be: sat in

I turned and winked a Blaise

Should be: at

"The last time I went to the toilet alone I was attacked by a troll." Said Hermione in a tone that said it should have been obvious.

This is actually a great response and reasoning to not go to the bathroom alone. Haha.

I finched at his name I still have nightmares of being in Goyles trousers.

Should be: flinched

That was a cute story but it was very confusing to read. I am a fan of Dramiones so I like to read a story every now and then. I think for one it would read better if you spaced everything out quite a bit. It was a little jumbled since everything came after the other. Also, I would edit this again because you're missing some words here and there and there are several typos. I would also add a little more description because it was one minute they weren't getting along and the next they're married and Hermione is dead.

I loved How I Met Your Mother though! i think if you expand on the one-shot a bit and work on it you'll have a really cute piece here.

Author's Response: thank you for the input I cant go back through it right now I need to figure how to get rid of my writers block on heartbreak and numbness

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