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Review #1, by nott theodore Small stolen moments

17th June 2016:
Excuse me while I set up camp on your author's page for a little while.

I have to admit, I don't usually actually read stories that don't follow canon, which is usually my problem with pairings like Ginny/Luna, but after reading your other stories, I was really intrigued to see your take on them. And I honestly absolutely loved this! Again, it was such a short story but you managed to fit so much into it (this is becoming a recurring theme, I think :P) and I loved the way that you portrayed Ginny and Luna's relationship.

Ginny's sadness and frustration at the beginning came across really well; I felt so sorry for her being left alone while Harry went to fight. Since everybody knew they'd been together she'd not only be a prime target for attention, but also expected to wait for him in a time when everybody needs comfort. I think it makes a lot of sense that Luna and Ginny find comfort in each other to try and get through this time.

I really liked the way that you depicted the relationship between them, too. It seemed so gentle and caring, and seemed to happen so naturally. In spite of only usually liking canon pairings, I found myself being really happy that Ginny and Luna found happiness and comfort together during the war. Although then of course it had to get worse when Luna was taken and Ginny was left without anyone to comfort her.

The ending was really powerful. I think it showed a lot of what the war meant to Ginny - she was free, finally, and Harry was back and she loved him, but at the same time it meant the end of something that she's had with Luna which has meant a lot to her. In this piece, it almost seems as if she feels obliged to stay with Harry and would rather be with Luna, which is really sad. I loved your characterisation of Luna, too, particularly at the end - she seems a lot more accepting of this ending than Ginny, which fits so well with her personality.

Sian :)
LGBTQA+ Review Event

Author's Response: You want me to excuse you for setting up camp here, Sian? I'm more likely to try to come up with some way to bribe you to make you come back, haha! : P

Hm, it's interesting that you have a problem with Ginny/Luna because it's not Canon, as the pairing has become so much of an OTP for me recently that I actually have to remind myself that it's not Canon, haha! They just work so well together! And I definitely believe there was at least some sort of pull between them during the second rising of Dumbledore's Army. Maybe it didn't happen exactly as I write it here - I don't think Ginny's fieriness quite comes across - but there's nothing you can say that'll make me think NOTHING happened, hahaha!

It has actually always sort of irked me how Harry broke up with Ginny in that 'I'm doing it to protect you' way, because, like, who do they think they are kidding? They could really just as well have stayed together and just kept their relationship secret, and there would have been literally no difference, as they were both just as in love with each other and there was no way anyone would dare flirt with Ginny when they knew that she 'belonged' to the hero of the Wizarding World... no one but Luna, of course! So on some level this story is a sort of 'Here's what you get for your stupid break up, HARRY', hehe.

I'm happy you liked the relationship dynamic in this story, even though I'm not as happy with it now as I was when I first wrote this story. I wrote it when I'd just started shipping Ginny/Luna, and I really liked the "gentle and caring" aspect then - but as I said above, now I think there's way too little of Ginny's fire in this story (or really the whole little 'Changing Times' trilogy). Though I really like that their relationship, as you say, happens so naturally. I'm a huge fan of those kinds of relationship dynamics that kind of hover around the line between 'friends' and 'lovers'...

Heh, it's always interesting to see how different readers interpret the ending differently. You belong to the camp that thinks it seems that Ginny feels obliged, as you say, to stay with Harry, while others seem to think that she wants to be with Harry and the thing with Luna was a 'lesser' kind of love, almost, and what I was going for was kinda... neither. I think you put it very well when you say "but at the same time it meant the end of something that she's had with Luna which has meant a lot to her." That's definitely the feel I was going for. And less that she feels that she 'has' to be with Harry, and more like she doesn't know there's any alternative where she could be with both, and as Luna doesn't seem to want to fight for her, she might as well... Yeah, I dunno. Maybe Luna here is more accepting of the ending than she should have been? : P

Thanks for this review, it's always a pleasure to read your thoughts on a story!


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Review #2, by MuggleMaybe Small stolen moments

30th August 2015:
Oh, I love this! I especially love how you took that line,
"Two friends taking comfort in each other, nothing more."
and made it's meaning shift. And I think you did a great job of getting in Ginny's head and imaging how she might be feeling, even down to still thinking of Voldemort in terms of the diary.

Great job!

p.s. I am even more excited for the challenge now that I've read how great this format can be! :D

Author's Response: Yay, thanks for reading! I hope I can do this story and your expectations justice with the sequel. It'll be from Luna's POV, btw, but don't tell anyone. : P

Yeah, that line is definitely what I'm most proud of with this story (which is why I chose it as my summary, haha). I felt super clever when I came up with the double meaning, haha.

And Ginny is probably my absolute favourite canon character period, but also my favourite to write. We're pretty similar in many ways, which makes it super easy to go into her mindset (but also dangerously easy to project myself into the character, eehehe).

I'm so excited for this challenge too, and thanks again for stopping by!


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Review #3, by notreallyblonde44 Small stolen moments

18th August 2015:
Hi again FireOpalQueen,

I said I would be back :P I swear youíre writing all by fem-plotbunnies. Like legit. Iíve had the same thoughts about Ginny needing comfort since sheís lost her love and best friends, except I switched Luna for Lavender haha. This is kind of uncanny, I can share it with you to prove Iím not a crazy person (just entirely too lazy to finish the plunnny!). Anywho, enough about me, sorry, onto the story.

Love a good Luna/Ginny!! This is a seriously underrated ship.

Ah, that ending. My heart breaks, but is also happy because Ginny got everything she wanted in the end? So torn. What a bittersweet ending. I never liked or shipped Harry/Ginny, but I respect JKís canon.

Once again, youíve really done a nice job with description and executing your plot. Your one-shot is simple, eloquent, it reads so naturally. The pace is perfect. And you wove in the canon too. Great work, hard to do in 500 words!

Iím curious about your longer stories now. I would love to see this level of writing and characterization in full-length mode :)


Author's Response: Welcome back, Ellie! : P

It's so funny that you had such a similar idea! Ginny/Lavender is a very interesting pairing, what with Lavender being Ron's ex (and being seen as just a 'silly girl' by the fandom), I'd love to see how you'd make it work. : )

Ginny/Luna is one of my absolute favourite pairings. I ship a lot of things, but this is definitely in my top five at the very least. This story is basically what I think happened/could have happened between them in Deathly Hallows, so yay! I actually ship Harry/Ginny too, which is why I aimed for this bittersweet tone in this story. I have a sequel set 5+ years later in the pipeline where Luna and Ginny get a chance to rekindle their relationship, though...

I'm happy that you like the pacing, because personally I feel it's a little clipped, but it was great writing practise to get this to 500 words. Weaving the story in with Canon was, as I mentioned, pretty much my main goal with this story, so it's great that it worked for you.

If you like this and Red Silk, I'd suggest you read Just Breathe next, because it's much more similar to my one-shots than Grey Fire is. Oh, and as I mentioned there's a Red Silk sequel in the queue by now, so soon you'll have that to read too. : )


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Review #4, by a fangirl Small stolen moments

12th June 2015:
(~Slytherin for House Cup 2015~)
I never knew how much I shipped Ginny and Luna until I read this story. I can definitely see them becoming a thing while Harry was off doing other things, and you opened my eyes to such an amazing potential that's just wonderful -- until the end of the story simultaneously made me gush and ripped my heart out (in a good way, I think?)! What I love about this story is that it is so completely realistic, and while it's a missing moments story so it isn't canon obviously, I could definitely imagine it happening in canon. You should definitely write more of Ginny and Luna sometime, even if it's not a missing moments, because this story definitely intrigued me and I would looove to see more of them beyond just being friends as was sadly settled at the end.

Author's Response: Aaah, "I never knew how much I shipped Ginny and Luna until I read this story" is like the highest sort of praise a story like this can get, I think! : ) And so is "the end of the story simultaneously made me gush and ripped my heart out (in a good way, I think?)!", haha!

I might one day write that story about Ginny/Luna/Harry that I keep mentioning in the review responses... But an AU Ginny/Luna could also be great fun (or tragic, if I go the 'Harry dies, the war rages on' route...) I think. But I don't have any good ideas for such a story right now, sadly. Stay tuned, though. : P

And just because it was settled in the end of /this/ story that they're just friends for now, that doesn't mean that they can't become lovers /again/, heh. : )

Thank you for the lovely review, it really made me blush with the praise!


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Review #5, by Roisin Small stolen moments

12th June 2015:
OH MAN, I'm about to tear up a little bit right now :'(

or :')

Not sure.

ANYway, this is my total headcanon, because EXACTLY. I really love how you've written their friendship/relationship. I do think that Ginny would be capable of maybe loving more than one person. Or maybe she doesn't really love Luna, and they were just friends. I like that it's ambiguous, because Ginny is young and SHE doesn't know the answer, and that's perfect.

Ramble ramble ramble.

This was beautiful!


House Cup 2015

Author's Response: More Roisin! There should be House Cups every day, if this is what I get out of it, haha.

This is actually sorta my headcanon as well, though I don't really have 'plot headcanons' so to speak, more general world building ones... I definitely think there was at least a seed in Ginny that could have grown into 'true love' or whatever for Luna... and actually still might? Another of my sort of headcanons is that there's a potential for a Harry/Ginny/Luna triad - maybe after Rolf dies, or Luna is poly and with all of them (er, lol, more poly than just the triad I mean). (I actually have a friend who have her date like half the wizarding population, haha, though I wouldn't go that far.)

Oh, and I also wanted to say that 'teenage confusion' was one of my main themes for this story so I'm happy that shone through. Harry's generation really got the short end of the stick with all their teenage confusion and fumbling occurring together with a freaking /war/ that messed everything up even more!

All in all, thanks for this adorable review and I hope that all in all the story resulted in more ":')" than ":'(", haha.


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Review #6, by HeyMrsPotter Small stolen moments

12th June 2015:
Hello! Iím here reviewing for the House Cup :D Luna/Ginny isnít a pairing Iíve ever read before, but I adore their friendship and so this really worked for me. I like how you started, with the new trio thing (because letís face it, people would definitely call them that!) and how Ginny would always belong to Harry. I think thatís why this made so much sense, you made that clear from the start, and anything beyond that in the moments between Ginny and Luna were for comfort, and there was a hint from Ginny of Luna maybe being a contingency plan. Not that she cared for her any less, just not as much as she did for Harry. I thought you chose perfect moments to have between them and I thought you had their characters spot-on. You said so much in just 500 words, really impressive!
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015.

Author's Response: Hello there, friend.

I'm so happy that this story (somewhat unexpectedly?) worked for you.

It's so interesting to see the different interpretations of this story - everybody has their own. There was someone who saw Ginny as having gotten over Harry and loving Luna instead, but went back to Harry out of societal expectations. And you read the story as Luna being more of a 'contingency plan'. This is the blessing/curse of writing such a short story, I guess, haha. The reader has to 'read between the lines' a lot, and what they find there is different from person to person.

My own interpretation/intention is something in between, I think. I think Ginny was a bit torn between Luna and Harry, and that she didn't know quite how to go on, and that Luna sort of as a gift made the choice for her by not 'staking a claim' so to speak - which in its own way was a very loving thing to do I think. (But maybe she hoped that Ginny would say that she wanted to be more than friends still... hm.)

Thank you again, it's so interesting to see different interpretations of this story and I'm so happy you liked it!


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Review #7, by Dojh167 Small stolen moments

3rd June 2015:
I was interested in this story as soon as I saw this ship. It's not a pair of characters that you seem together very often. When I thought about it, it seemed natural that Ginny and Luna would be drawn to each other, though with their personalities I couldn't stay them being together through the long term. You did a wonderful job of capturing that.

As fierce as Ginny is always potrayed in the books, and the attachment you have given her to Luna here, it seems strange that she didn't make more of an effort to fight them taking her from the train.

One thing that stands out to me is that you tend to summarize quite a bit, so you end up telling the reader what is happening, rather than showing them. For example, the first "moment" is only background information, and nothing actually happens, so it doesn't feel like a moment at all. If you were able to convey the same information through characters in a thing, I think it would be more compelling.

I really like the bold choice that you made to make each of the moments so so short and to the point. Again, I would have liked to see a bit more action rather than summarizing. Having quick to the point dialogue and en breaking it off, leaving the reader from seeing more can very effectively do what you're trying to accomplish here. At the same time, it was again a bold choice that you chose to include only one line of dialogue, and it did definitely give it emphasis.

I really like that Ginny refers to Voldemort as Tom. She has always had a very personal connection with him and I am glad that you didn't leave this out in exploring her more secret desires.

Nice job with this one. Keep exploring your writing!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and the concrit! : D

I really love the Luna/Ginny pairing too, and I hope to write more for them one day because I'm afraid I didn't quite do them justice here... I agree that they probably wouldn't work in the long run (ergo this story...) but I also sorta ship Harry/Ginny/Luna as a triad (because I shipped Harry/Ginny, Harry/Luna and Luna/Ginny and was like 'Wait... ' hahaha) and I think that ship could be more likely to work out long term... especially if the three love birds are a bit older when they try it... no, bad plunny, go away! : P

Hm, I actually envision Ginny fighting a bit on the train... but obviously she couldn't fight enough to be captured herself because I wanted to keep the story canon compliant, and also I think this is one of the drawbacks of having to stick to just 100 words a piece. There just wasn't any place to show Ginny fighting, you know?

This is also of course the reason for all the summarising and telling rather than showing... And you're completely right, the first 'moment' isn't a moment at all - I've renamed the chapter accordingly, haha. It's meant more as a introduction to the other moments, I guess... Honestly this really isn't my best work, so I can only say that I agree with your criticisms, haha. But I don't really know how to make it better either, so...

I see what you mean about dialogue too, but as you point out too, I really wanted the story to have a minimum of dialogue to give extra 'punch' to "Don't be sad. We'll always be friends."

And yes, it's my headcanon that Ginny kept calling Voldemort 'Tom' in her head - but not out loud because she doesn't want it to 'mark' her so to speak.

Anyway, thanks again for the review! I'm happy that you enjoyed the story even if it's a bit lacking in some areas! Like I said to HermyLuna2 I take your concrit with me to as I 'keep exploring my writing'! : )


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Review #8, by HermyLuna2 Small stolen moments

6th April 2015:

I like your short paragraphs and the shortness of the story in general isn't something I have seen elsewhere, but then again I haven't read any other entries of the challenge you participated in.

The first sentence is remarkable, it stuck with me. Could there be another trio, really? Are they that interchangeable? Ginny becoming a replacement of her lover, that's true to her courageous character, and Neville and Luna, the two outsiders who gave the impression that they tried to be part of the original trio but still remained outsiders. It fits. At first I thought: "Huh, Neville the center of girl attention?" but then I realised that Neville's shown bravery at the Department of Mysteries and the Battle of the Astronomy Tower might have added to his status in the eyes of girls. That was a cute touch. Luna, however, I can't picture to ever have gotten her deserved share of male attention in her teens... She was just too unpopular in my opinion. But maybe I'm wrong, and poor Loony Lovegood turned out to be a boy magnet in the end. Who knows! I like how you made Ginny doubtful of Harry's return. Only Ginny sees him as a human being who is capable of failing.

The sentence it's only in front of each other that they can ever show weakness now, this 'New trio' is a good sentence in itself, but a little bland and boring. Normally, I wouldn't mind at all, but since this story contains so little sentences each one counts double, so to say. Sure you could have come up with a little more showing instead of telling way to convey this message? It's the same for but they show joy, too. I don't neccessarily mean a literal example of an experience they had; you can be general or summarizing, but if you are try to make it a little more interesting with for example a metaphor/simile or other literary device.
Stating casually that Ginny and Luna lured the Carrows away seems like it was super easy, but I don't think that was your intention! It's unclear why Ginny and Luna are celebrating, what exactly they have accomplished. Why are they suddenly very still? No explanation for that is given. Because there is no tension or inner dialogue of either of the two characters, it is unclear why they are suddenly kissing each other. Was it your goal to be unclear? In that case, ignore my comments. But I personally think that this story would be better if we had the possibility to get into (one of) the character's heads - if we knew that, say, Luna thought Ginny's courage made her more attractive than any boy she knew or Ginny thought there was no other Luna in the whole world and that said something, because normally she thought that of every single person existed several likes. For example. That way, we as a reader get the chance to 'experience' the kiss as well, and be more involved with the characters. On the other hand, maybe that wasn't your goal at all, in that case again don't mind my critique.

It's kind of confusing when we then read: Two friends taking comfort in each other, nothing more. If it wasn't already clear, the sentence that comes next assures us that Ginny and Luna definitely aren't merely friends. I like your idea of the Death Eaters taking over the train, and comparing them with dementors was a dramatic and therefore good choice. I wonder what the reason is that the sentence 'Luna is taken' repeats itself dully in Ginny's head. Did you mean to convey that Ginny is the kind of person who reacts differently when something terrible happens or that Luna doesn't mean as much to her in the end? The same goes for 'It's almost worth it'. I get that Ginny hates Muriel as much as the next Weasley, but you'd think she'd consider everything that helps freeing Luna worth it! I really like the sentence of Neville living in the Room of Requirement - I understand he literally lives there, but is there also a deeper layer to that sentence? It gets plain confusing again, however, when Ginny wishes she lives there as well - she seems to be more concerned with the dream version that she has of Luna than with the real Luna. Was that your intention? I like how you made Ginny wish - I mean, I take this as a wish - that Harry dies. It's controversial, and keeps the reader on an edge. However, for such an extreme statement, there needs to be an explanation. It means that either Ginny hates Harry or she loves Luna very, very much. But neither of these things are really obvious when reading the story.

I like how 'Harry dies, then lives again' is said this casually. We know from the previous sentence that this narrator, Ginny, doesn't give a damn whether Harry lives or dies, and the rushed way in which these important events are told totally underlines this. I also like the choice of Ginny calling Voldemort Tom. For her, he's still the Tom from the diary. On the other hand, 'Ginny can breathe freely for the first time since age eleven' confuses me. Did you mean that Ginny's constant state of worrying has made her calloused over time? But then, Luna doesn't really have much to do with it. Also, for Luna Ginny has to worry as well.

You portrayed Ginny's indifference to Harry leaving very well. However, it raises the question why Ginny feels she needs to spent hours, days and years with Harry that she obviously rather spends with Luna. Is she afraid of other's reactions? Does she want to spare Harry? But then again, Harry doesn't seem overtly involved in her anyway. So it's a mystery. I like how you repeated the sentence about them being friends. At the end of the story, it holds much more bittersweet significance.

All in all, this was one hell of a confusing story for me! I hope you aren't upset by the questioning nature of this review, because I still thought it was well-written and I absolutely love that you tried something different here.I just wanted to give you food for analyzing your text's meaning.Maybe I just didn't get it!

Author's Response: Oh, wow, I'm just floored by this review. The sheer length of it! It's more than twice as long as the story it's a review of, haha. That's amazing. Thank you for taking the time to write all this!

I don't think Luna became a 'boy magnet' per se, but I think as one of the leaders of Dumbledores Army she got a lot more admiration in general, and then also some amorous attention, so to speak. But not as much as Neville. And not as much as Ginny probably would have gotten if not everyone saw her as the 'Hero's Girl'... This sentence from your review "Only Ginny sees him as a human being who is capable of failing" is really true, I think. It's my headcanon.

The rest of this story isn't really my headcanon necessarily, but I do think it could fit in with Canon... For example I never meant for it to come across as if Ginny didn't love Harry. You write "You portrayed Ginny's indifference to Harry leaving very well" and that wasn't really my intention at all, ops. I think, like many things in this story, that this was a problem with having to little space to make it clear that my Ginny here loves BOTH Harry and Luna, in different ways. And that in the end, she chooses Harry, but as you say, it's bittersweet...

I see what you mean about the balance of showing and telling, but I actually reasoned a bit opposite of how you do here, haha. I thought "In a longer story I'd make sure to show instead of tell, but here I don't have enough space to do that." So that's the reason behind sentences like "it's only in front of each other that they can ever show weakness now, this 'New trio'" and suchlike. And obviously the story is already pretty confusing so I think a metaphor or similie there might have just made it moreso... Hm.

That's also why we have some 'sped up' moments, like we don't get to see Ginny and Luna luring the Carrows away. And, like... Honestly, the Carrows are pretty daft in the books so I can't see why it wouldn't be pretty easy to do, ahaha. As for why they kissed that first time. I think I was trying to capture the sense where suddenly you're kissing someone, and you... don't really know how it started. It has happened to me before, at least. So it's not that I wanted it to be confusing, exactly, but I didn't want to spell it out too much either? I think both Ginny and Luna themselves were pretty surprised with that developement, hehe. Especially Ginny, haha, in my headcanon she can be pretty impulsive and not always that self-aware...

I agree that this isn't my best story ever, haha, but as you say, I was trying something different... I'm happy that people can get some enjoyment out of it, at least.

Thanks again for the in depth review! Even though I honestly think this story is pretty much as good as I can get it with my current talent, I can use what you said in the future for other stories! :)

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Review #9, by Felpata Lupin Small stolen moments

11th March 2015:
Here for the review tag!
This was so cute! I loved the simplicity and delicacy you put in your portrayal of Ginny and Luna and their relationship!
And it's amazing that you managed it in such a short space! You really did a wonderful job with the all word count challenge!
I really have nothing more to say, except that I loved this one shot!

Author's Response: Aah, thank you for the kind review! Actually 'simplicity and delicacy' was exactly what I was going for so it's great that I succeeded with that! I'm so happy you loved it! Thanks again!

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Review #10, by The Peruvian Vipertooth Small stolen moments

10th March 2015:
Greetings Mortal,

This was a most fascinating story indeed. You're delivery reads like the wing strokes that keep me in flight, rising and falling with emotion and excitement, carrying all who view it to new and exciting places.

Until we meet again,

~The Peruvian Vipertooth

Author's Response: Aw, who knew dragons cared about bittersweet lesbian love stories, haha! Thank you so much for the attention to my lowly writing, oh great being! : P

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Review #11, by wolfgirl17 Small stolen moments

3rd March 2015:

Wolfgirl here with your requested review!

So I know you were worried a little about the flow for this one, which I'm assuming is to do with the fact that there are so many page breaks between segments.

They do work, though it does feel a little clunky in places simply because you're jumping so quickly between each segment. I have to admit that if you hadn't mentioned the poetry thing I wouldn't have picked up on it. Sorry about that.

I can follow what's happening but I didn't really notice the poetry idea except for one sentence that felt a little out of place because it didn't quite match with the rest of the story.

This was an interesting idea though. Keep it up.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I don't think I could write this story in just 500 words without i being a bit chunky, so I'm just happy that you can follow what's happening at all, haha!

What I meant with the poetry thing was mainly that the story flows more like poetry than a regular story, with the short segments and the vagueness about what's happening and what's happened between segments and so on, so don't worry about not picking up on it - you did! Heh.

(By the way, which sentence did you feel was out of place? You can PM me the answer if you want.)

But yeah, thanks for the review, this was a fun experiment to write and it's nice to know that it wasn't a complete waste of my time. : )

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