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Reading Reviews for Unlikely to say the least
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Review #1, by fwoopersong8 Hermione Granger

2nd March 2015:
You're right, I did think it was Dramione at first. As soon as I saw Draco's name, I thought, "Oh, great...Dramione isn't unusual, what is this person talking about?" But then it turned out that you know your stuff after all.

I did have a couple questions, though: Doesn't Hermione know how to remove ink from paper? Or to mend paper? I also don't think that Hermione is the type of person to tear up in front of Ron; rather she would hold back until he left.

On the other hand, nice job preserving Draco's attitude as portrayed in the books. Most people who write him (myself included) deviate from that judgy, elite snobbishness that makes him a Malfoy. Nice job maintaining his character and circumventing that Dramione.

I don't know Dean's character very well so I can't say as much about him. However, I enjoyed your portrayal of his relationship with Hermione. It was sweet and friendly, but it wasn't overly intimate, which I would have found upsetting given her recent (and for all I know, current) relationship with Ron. I'm generally open-minded when it comes to unusual relationships, but I do get annoyed at drastic flip-flops from one lover to another. (Your one-shot on Neville and Pansy didn't give me that impression, by the way, because Draco is a snot to begin with.)

So in review, good job. I thought Hermione was a bit over-emotional, but other than that you captured the characters quite nicely. And by the by, your author's note captivated me. I don't respond to most pleads, but I do enjoy personification. :) While we're thinking about it, my review boxes are feeling rather forsaken themselves... ;)

Never stop writing!

Author's Response: I wasn't entirely happy with the way I portrayed Hermione in this chapter myself, I agree that she was a little more emotional then necessary and I will work on it so she isn't as over the top.

I actually had a lot of fun writing the Draco part, I don't think it's all that believable when he has a completely personality transplant in the space of, what? A month? I do love reading those stories, don't get me wrong, but I think people should introduce the change a little slower.

Thanks for your review :)

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