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Review #1, by The Hot Cross Bun Monster 'Cause I Don't Care

28th March 2015:
Ah, hide away in fear for it is the Hot Cross Bun Monster who has come to consume your story!

This was a most interesting psychological study of how the emotion jealously caused one James Potter to act and I must say it was quite riveting to read. The silent anger boiling away at him was most tense to read because one was certain that it would certain burst out like a monster but it never did and he managed to be almost resolute in his patience by the end of it.

I very much enjoyed the addition of lyrics to this story as it created another level to it, and the lyrics were very apt in terms of explaining how James and Lily eventually ended up being a couple. Another enjoyable thing about this story were the portrayal of his friends with the way they egged him on and on and tried to make him do something about Lily, whereas James managed to stay firm and not do a thing at all and one must congratulate him for that.

This was a very well written story so high five for that and you have survived the attack from the Hot Cross Bun Monster!

Author's Response: Thank you fearsome Hot Cross Bun Monster! I am honored and afraid of the presence of your awesomeness.

I am practically speechless about your praise and thank you oh mysterious Monster on taking your precious time in reading and reviewing me (little old me) in this story. Thanks!

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Review #2, by Japans Arc Angel 'Cause I Don't Care

24th February 2015:
Hi there, here with your review request from the forums!

First off, I'd never heard the song before, so I went to have a look at that first. Actually, pretty awesome song! Nice choice.

Secondly, it totally made sense here. I really got to grips with it and had it playing as I was reading, which I could recommend other readers do!

So, down to the more reviewy bit. First off, I'm not massively into song-fics, but I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised by it. I think your story flowed well, but became a little jolted where you inserted more than two lines of song.

However, the story was quite believable and could have easily been an omitted scene from a pensive flashback or something. It strikes me as quite a smooth interior monologue, matching the ramblings of a teenage boy and his questioning yet determined personality.

That being said, I would have liked a little more description here and there, places, atmosphere, etc. Yet, as is the style of this, there is also the danger of over complicating a simple and quite effective piece. So I wouldn't class it as a necessity, just person preference.

Overall, I actually enjoyed this quite a lot, and thank you for requesting!

Happy Reading!


Author's Response: Thanks for getting back to me, means a lot with the quick turnaround.

I'm glad that you liked the song, I'm a pretty big fan of We The Kings, so I'm happy I could introduce you.

I'm not a huge songfic person either, but this song beckoned me to write the story. Thanks for the feedback on how many lines I should put in.

Good to hear that the character fitted, I originally wrote this a long time ago, so I wasn't really confident in it.

I'll keep all that in mind, and thank you for reviewing!

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