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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny Winter

18th April 2017:

I actually really loved this! You did such a fantastic job with each character here. Also, I want to applaud how you handled your format and your use of second person, because even though you didn't clearly denote whose voice each section was in, it was so clear and I didn't find myself confused at any point, so good job!

I want to say that the way you wrote Sirius actually aligned so well with my views of him, which is something that I pretty much never go into a general Marauders fic expecting. Especially the fact that he was so depressed and drinking because of Regulus. It seems to be a fairly popular view that he didn't care about Regulus or even hated him. But I've always thought that he still cared about his brother and would've been devastated by his death. So I was really excited to see that here!

I was also really impressed with Peter's section. I'll be honest, Peter Pettigrew isn't a character that I generally have much if any sympathy or goodwill towards. But you made me think about him with a lot more nuance than I usually do. I mean, you definitely didn't single-handedly make me like him (no offence haha). But I liked that you portrayed him as so horrified by what was going on around him, even as he participated in it. I just don't think it'd be realistic to portray him as enjoying the Death Eater's activities at all. He didn't join them because of ideology, but rather out of cowardice. Cowardice does not make one a sadist.

And James's love for his wife and son was so beautifully written and tender. His section really made me smile.

Fantastic work!


Author's Response: Hi again, Kayla! :P

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you thought I did a good job with all the characters, and that you liked the structure and the second person as well! It's a relief to know that it worked!

Ah, I'm so glad you liked my Sirius and that he fit with your headcanon! I haven't read enough of your work (yet) but knowing that he is your favourite character and that you have such a strong headcanon for him, I'm glad my interpretation didn't disappoint! :) And yes, I agree with you, I can't imagine Sirius hating Regulus, I've always believed the two brothers loved each other, despite their opposing views.

I do have a soft spot for Peter (weird, I know...) I would never ask anyone to like him, of course, but I'm glad if I could make you prove at least a tiny bit of sympathy for him. And yes, cowardice definitely don't make people sadists.

I think James would be a caring husband and father, he just loves his family so much. I'm so glad his section made you smile!

Thanks for another wonderful review!

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Review #2, by crimson quill Winter

18th April 2017:
Capture the flag,

Hello my dear! So this is my favourite piece by you that I've read so far. I love the concept that you used with the season's and the 'you' tense. You have such a talent for writing Peter too!

Your first paragraph puts us straight into the action. The description you used was amazing to really set of the time of the character. All that imagery worked so well, the weather is as cold as the time they live it. I was feeling pretty bad for Peter in the torture scene that was powerful.

You've characterized all their grief so perfectly through out this whole chapter. I can really imagine Sirius trying to drown himself with drink. I'm not normally a fan of using the 2nd person storytelling but for this I thought it worked so well that it really gave the piece something extra and I felt quite emotional and it really helped me connect with those characters so much more. You've included all difference types of grief and explored them well especially as this chapter is not hugely long. I always feel so sad with these type of fics as you know how they are going to end when the author is so good that you deeply care, you know what's coming. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this piece now as it was so well written and strong starting chapter

Author's Response: Abbi!!! :D

Thank you so much for another lovely review, darling! :) I'm so glad you liked the season theme and second person POV. And well... I have a little bit of an obsession for Peter... *whistles*

Glad you liked the description, I was trying to use the coldness of winter as a methaphore for the time of war and I'm glad that worked.

I'm so glad the second person helped you connect with the characters and that you could feel their suffering and grief.

Yes, I know... it's so hard to read these stories, knowing where they are headed... but I'm glad you loved reading this and I would love to see you back here!

Thank you so much, sweety!

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Review #3, by adluvshp Winter

27th November 2015:
Hey! I'm here for our review swap. So sorry for the delay!

Wow, this was lovely. I love the idea of writing about the last year of the Marauders. This chapter was definitely a great start to it. The way you've broken this off into months and given insights into Wormtail, James and Sirius' thoughts is perfect. I missed Remus here though!

Your descriptions are very good, and transport me right into their heads. The way you describe Peter's fear and coldness, and how he does not really want to associate with Voldemort, and then how he feels angry and isolated at James' place, it all adds up very well. James' frustration and boredom comes through really nicely too and so does Sirius' attitude towards the war and clinging to hope.

All in all, this made for a beautiful read. I hope to come back for more. Great job! Loved it!

Angie (Lost Muse)

Author's Response: Hi, Angie!
Thank you for the swap!

This is by far the darkest and most depressing thing I've ever written, but I must confess that I'm quite proud of how it turned out. I'm glad you enjoyed it so far!

I'm glad you liked the structure and that the three POVs worked well. You'll get some Remus in the next chapter, if you wish to go on reading. :)

I'm glad you liked the description, because I really have a hard time with those. And it's just so good to know that you could feel the characters! Thank you so much!

Thanks for the swap and the lovely review!!!
Many hugs and much love,

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Review #4, by carry on with your knitting Spring

31st October 2015:
Hello Lovely!

I'm so sorry it took me so long to around to this! But I am here, as promised for our swap :)

I was delighted that we got some Remus in the chapter! But then I got my heart smashed into tiny pieces because he's so lonely and it hurts me so much! It must have been awful. They way you described it as well! Reminiscing on the people who made his condition bearable and how they hate him now... I just can't :(

Then Peter, this was an interesting one for me because I'm starting to see his darker side and feel less sorry for him! He point his point across, that yes he is forgotten about, but he is also so cruel in the way he thinks about his old friends! I thought it was pretty brave for him to be seen out in public with a death eater, unless he wasn't a known one?

Then the James part was so beautiful. What he's fighting for is so precious and it so obvious how much he adores Lily and Harry,( oh jeez its Halloween today! D: ) But he's sacrificing so much for them, it so touching and those small moments of normality are beautiful.

This really is one of my favourite stories! I adore it :)

Sorry again for the swap being so late!

Love hugs and Remus appreciation!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi, Katie!
Oh, well... Better late than never... :P Kidding! Don't worry about it! I'm happy to have you back here! :D

Oh, I know... Remus... Out of the four, I think I've been the cruelest towards him here... Still feeling guilty about it, but that's my headcanon, more or less... He doesn't deserve the treatment he's receiving... The poor boy... :'(

I think it is a defence mechanism. Peter's trying to focus on his friends' faults so that he doesn't feel too guilty about betraying them. I believe he knows how wrong everything he's doing is and that he despises himself deep down. But he tries to focus on his rage and bitterness so that he can forget his guilt.
Yes, I know what you mean... I was a bit doubtful about that... Then, again, most Death Eaters presented a respectable face in the wizarding community, and Avery is one of those who escaped Azkaban, right? I think he wasn't a known one. And I was sort of imagining them in a Muggle pub, where it would be harder to be recognized anyway. How is it that I wrote the longest answers always on Peter's sections? :/

Yes, it's Halloween today... :( James is a wonderful husband and father, with a wonderful family! He is sacrificing a lot, but they are all his life! The three of them are just the cutest of families!

Thank you so much, I'm so happy you're liking the story! :)

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #5, by Gabriella Hunter Autumn

30th October 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and I'm sorry that this is late! I couldn't decide what I wanted to read and then I kind of went to bed and nearly stepped on my friend's head in the process. Hahah.

So, this!

I really, really enjoyed this story! I think that you took a unique turn with how you wrote these characters and I'm curious about how you came up with this idea in the first place. After reading through the entire thing, I have to say that I like how things slowly progressed to this point. Spring, summer is filled with nothing but the breaking down of the friendships and life moving on to this final chapter that just gets SO heart wrenching. I think that starting this off with James and his feeling of not being useful during the War and wanting to be more than what he was just then, really stood out for some reason. It's so sad that he never got the chance to fight the way he wanted to and whenever I read an adaptation of how he and Lily died, my heart just breaks. You wrote it beautifully of course but man, that was some depressing stuff!

And poor Sirius! I was surprised when we didn't get a POV from Peter this time around. I'm not saying that I would have WANTED to but it felt kind of odd that we didn't have a snippet of his thoughts this time around. I think that you wrote Sirius though, really well. All of his emotions came across as very clear to me and I think my favorite part of his section has to be him laughing because he can't cry. That is going to stand out to me for quite a while and even that ending.man, poor Remus. I always kind of wondered what he was up to while the others were gone and now I'm just depressed. Lonely Christmases and just memories to keep him going. :(

All in all though, this was great!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey, Gabbie!
Oh, don't worry about the lateness! It's totally fine!

First of all, thank you so much for the lovely review! I know... It's horribly depressing... Still not sure what got into me...

Oh, James... if it is of any consolation, it killed me too to write his death. But you knew it was going to happen since the very start, didn't you? It must've been so hard for someone like him to be forced in that confinement... It's really sad...

Side note: I was following a quite rigid structure here. The characters have a month each ciclically. So we have Peter-James-Sirius-Remus for three times. In the first project I wanted to write a chapter for month, then I felt that grouping the months in seasons worked better. It's how my crazy mind works... Anyway, while I do agree that Peter's POV could've been interesting there, I think I had already closed his role with September. He knew he was doing something horrible, he knew he was destroying the last bit of dignity he still had, but he decided to definitely betray James anyway. Nothing more to say.

Sirius instead... He has lost everything in a handful of seconds... At that point he just needed a way to get it all out. I'm glad you liked how I wrote him laughing.

And my poor, sweet Remus... They had all a rough destiny, but his loneliness is probably the most heartbreaking. He didn't have much to anchor to. But I really believe he would carry on just because he felt he owed it to those who'd loved him.

Thank you so much for the lovely review and for sticking with this story!

Tons of love, hugs and kisses!

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Review #6, by carry on with your knitting Winter

28th October 2015:
You just can't keep me away Chiara ;D

I know Ialways say I love things, and I do, butI really really loved this!

I thought the structuring was a really interesting idea and it had such an impact in a small amount of words, if you get what I mean? I thought the way you put the reader in the position of each of the characters was brilliant because I could feel all of those emotions and I was just so in the moment!

So I'll go through all of the characters:

Peter- Oh this broke me in so many ways, there was a way back for him in my eyes until he killed the man, thats the point of no return. I feel like he's loosing his soul throughout that section and it tears me apart. It's horrible to think that with those evil people is the only place where he feels like he belongs. And the bit with James and lily and Peter was hard to read, I totally feel for Peter, but in those situations, you have to put your personal feelings aside and realise that of course your friends are going to pay attention to their baby!

James- This just makes me fall in love with him even more. I loved how sweet he was, how much you tell he cares for Lily and James and just the way he was so perfect, the perfect dad, though the struggles about wanting to be normal was so raw and real as well! But you've got responsibilities now James!

Sirius- Oh my goodness that poor boy. I totally see Sirius as a person who would turn to alcohol during this time and probably have a problem with addition, because he just has so much to deal with! And the part about Regulus! Omg! Why do this to me Chiara?! So many feels! On a different not though it was so well written and I really enjoyed it!

I literally adore this already! Definitely going in my favs!
Awesome job Chiara! I'll be back for more soon! :)

Love hugs and Remus appreciation! :D

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!
Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this first chapter!!! And thank you for your support this morning. Yesterday at work I was very disappointed by a person I trusted and it really affected me badly. But I'm feeling much better now!!! :)

But I should be answering this amazing review, right? :) First of all, I'm so glad that you liked the structure! And that you managed to empathize with the characters! It was my primary purpose! :)

So... Peter... yes, that's how I interpreted it as well. That he lost the last bit of good he still had in that moment. I'm sorry for him, but at the same time he chose his own path, so my sympathy is limited... I have so mixed feelings for him...

Oh, James! He's such a sweetheart, isn't he? It's good to know that you're loving him so much! Yes, he dreams of a carefree life, but he had to grow up... And he loves Lily and Harry immensely!!!

And Sirius... I know, his section is so heartbreaking! He's going through so much... I'm glad you enjoyed his thoughts about Reg especially!

Thanks so much again!
Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #7, by Gabriella Hunter Winter

18th October 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and it seems like I made a big mistake! I reviewed the second chapter that was meant for this one. How on earth did I do that? Hahahaha.

I could leave a review for the second chapter here though if that would be all right.

Once again, I really love the dynamics that you've shown in this story. I don't know how I never read it before now but I like the way you have each of the men going through separate and life changing events. I have never been a fan of Peter but you give him so much life and I feel so sorry for Remus, by contrast who doesn't have much of one anymore. The memories of his parents were so heartbreaking and I felt so sad for him when he recalled how much his friends had lost faith in him, how the Order didn't really think of him as a member anymore. I don't know how much that can hurt but you wrote it so wonderfully, your characters feel very alive.

It seems like James is the only one who honestly has it the best. Sure, he may not be able to go off on adventures and do what he wants but he has Lily and Harry. Ugh, what a little freak Peter is for nearly letting him choke though, right? I think it's interesting that Remus notices that something is wrong with him and I hate to know what eventually happens. :(

I would gush on and on about this but I mostly said everything in my wrong review. Hahaha. I'll have to stop by chapter three sometime and continue on, be on the lookout for me!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!
Thanks for the review!
Actually, I believe you had already reviewed both the first and second chapters? Oh, well... Whatever...

It's great to know that the characters felt so alive and authentic! I'm especially glad that you could feel Peter at least a tiny bit. I know he's not the most likeable character, but I've developed a sort of affection for him (I still hate him and his betrayal, don't get me wrong).

Oh, Remus. He's probably having the hardest time. The lose of parents is a wound that hardly ever remarginate. And having your friend not trusting you and abandoning you... That must hurt so badly!

Yes, James is the luckiest in a way. Sadly, we know it isn't going to last... :'(

Thank you so much for the lovely review and I would be very happy to see you on chapter three!!!

Much love,

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Review #8, by Gabriella Hunter Spring

5th October 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums again with your review for our swap! :D

I am really enjoying this story and I think that I'll finish all of it this week. I think that this is really great work from you and I can't gush about it enough. What I really love is the varying POV and life experiences from your characters, the sense of loneliness, bitterness and anger that each person feels just adds so much depth to the story. I felt so badly for Remus, being mistreated and even forgotten by his friends. I think that he doesn't have much to cling to anymore and I thought that his odd connection to the moon was such a nice touch, it may have been his only friend for a while. An unwanted one but something that hasn't left him yet. I was pretty upset with James and Sirius too for abandoning him but I found it ironic that Peter was the only one who really cared.

Now, Peter is faced with a problem. I feel like there's so much unwarranted hatred coming from him and I wish that he would have said something to the others but that doesn't hapen. I do find his conversation with Avery interesting though and it certainly makes you wonder how you perceive others, especially in this sort of situation. We all know what happens but it just makes me hurt all the more with this scene, which was fantastic. ;__;

This ending! Agh! I was so upset with knowing what was going to happen. James has this arrogant, proud way to his POV that I really enjoy and while I understand his frustration, I'm glad that he's so content with his family. He wants to be the hero, which is something that I think Harry inherited. I thought the ending of this chapter set everything up so well though and while WE all know what happens, in that moment, everything was perfect.

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi again, Gabbie!
Oh, thanks! I'm so happy you are liking this story so much!!! Especially the structure and the different POVs. I wanted to show how the war affected all four of them. Not sure where this story came from at all, usually I don't write such depressing things...

Poor Remus... Alone, mistrusted and abandoned... He is my absolute favourite character in the series, and it breaks my heart to see him treated like that by his friends...

Peter is mostly looking for excuses to justify his betrayal. Only, he knows that no excuse he's making for himself is good enough. And Avery can see right through it. I'm very happy you liked that scene.

It is just so tragic to see James sharing this happy moment with Lily and Harry and know what's going to happen... :'( They deserved a long life together... It's just so unfair!!!

Thank you so much for another lovely review!
Many hugs and much love!

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Review #9, by Gabriella Hunter Winter

5th October 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and I am so sorry that this is late. I've had a lot of real life stuff getting in the way and I'm so happy to be stopping by now! :D

I thought that I would check this out because it sounded like something that I would enjoy and I was totally right! Also, thank you SO much for the great review you left for Albus! I thought that this was so lovely. I think that your word choice, pacing and characterization is very strong and I enjoyed the different POVs that you included in this chapter. I especially thought the scene with Wormtail at the beginning was fantastic, I don't have any sympathy for him at all but I just really appreciated the fact that you didn't have him displayed as this misunderstood hero. He's trying to move past who he thinks he should be by torturing another human being.

The comparisons to coldness and his lack of empathy were beautifully written and I thought the very end of that first bit was wonderful. You can tell that Womrtail has some decency but he still goes through with it even though he KNOWS that its wrong. I think that I cringed a little when I read him nearly allowing Harry to suffocate. That shows the level of depravity in him and while it was a bit dark, I loved that you didn't stray away from it.

James's on the other hand is suffering from cabin fever and what I find so endearing though is his connection with Sirius and the others. That's the only thing that's really keeping him going aside from Lily and Harry. He wants to move around and fight but he's stuck at home, dreaming of being young again without a care in the world. I thought that this was a bit sad but at the same time, I feel like the foreshadowing was great build up. Oh, the tears...

And Sirius! Poor Sirius! I am so upset for him but the grief that you wrote for him was so perfectly executed. I like that you have him breaking a part a little by the end and what a sad thing to realize by the end. His brother is dead and he couldn't save him. That's powerful writing and the emotion that came across was fantastic.

Thanks for the swap! I'll be back!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!

Sorry it took me a while to answer... And thank you for your appreciative comments, I'm so glad you're enjoying this story! :)

I don't blame you for having no sympathy for Peter. Even if I must confess that I do... I wanted to show the person I believe he was back then. A scared boy who goes with what the strong ones want him to even if he doesn't believe in it. A man who chooses his safety over others', who chooses to murder over being murdered. A person who had the potential to be good but wastes it because of fear. All this makes him despisable, sure. But at the same time I wonder, if someone put a gun in your hand and pointed one at your temple and told you he'd kill you if you don't kill someone else (all this when you are no older than 21) would you really not pull the trigger? I want to believe I wouldn't, but I can't be sure...

The scene at the Potters was meant to show that he feels abandoned and not considered by his friends and that he uses that feeling to justify his actions. He is unsecure and lonely, which could elicit sympathy if he wasn't so egocentric and full of rage and hatred. I think you misinterpreted it a little. He did take care of Harry alright. What makes him bad in that scene is that he get angry at Harry and his parents because in his opinion they didn't show enough gratitude for it, and that's both silly and egocentric.

But enough of Peter, let's talk about James! :) I love him! I really, deeply adore him! He's forced to stay locked up in his house, which is torture for someone so full of life and spirit of adventure like him. But he sustains it all with hardly a complain because he loves his family more! They are the sweetest family ever!

Sirius... :'(
He has seen so much sorrow and destruction already, he just can't stand it anymore... And Regulus... I do believe the two brothers really loved each other even if they never managed to understand each other... I can totally see Sirius breaking down for his brother's loss and for not being able to save him...

Thank you so much for the amazing review! I'm so glad you liked the chapter and that the emotions came across so well!

I'll answer your other review as soon as I can! Thank you so much for swapping!!!

Much love,

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Review #10, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Winter

2nd October 2015:

I'm here for the review swap on the forums, Laurenzo7321 :) after glancing through your AP I couldn't help but go for a marauder story :) I love the marauders. Even though I always end up so sad.

First things first, I just want to say how much I liked the format this is in. The snippet from each month from a different point of view, you pulled it off really well. I felt you could tell when the voice changed so good job on you.

Peters story both saddened me and angered me. He's such an annoying character, he had the potential for so much and blew it completely. I was sad to see him with the death eaters, clearly unhappy with his choice. I didn't have too much sympathy though knowing what's to come. I was glad you also gave us the switch to him at the Potters. He was being so childish! They have a child, he shouldn't be whining over a baby stealing their attention! Good job on his character and getting all that in.

James, my heart broke. I love how grateful he is and aware of how lucky he is (why doesn't it last?!) his love for Harry and Lily is just so evident. It must be so hard being stuck inside and you can see he's struggling but considering, he's doing well.

To start with i wasn't sure where you were going to go with sirius' section but I was really sad when I realised how sad he was for regulus. It shows just how much he cared for his brother.

I think you got some really good characterisation in here. I really loved reading it. You had some really lovely descriptions too and I've already said I liked the format. There were a few typos, you put suddently rather than suddenly but it was nothing that took away from the story. All in all this is really great and I'm excited to read more!!


Author's Response: Hey, Lauren!
Thank you so much again for the swap!!!

Well, most of my AP is Marauders, it was a quite obvious choice... :) I know what you mean, their story is just so tragic... And this story is probably the saddest thing I've ever written... Not even sure where it came from...

I'm so happy to hear you liked the structure, and the idea of giving each Marauder a month. It's great to know it worked!

Peter... I know what you mean... So much potential wasted... He is such a complex character, and so fascinating to write. I hate him for his betrayal, but I just can't hate him completely. I can't help but feel sorry for him, after all he was just a kid, faces with things too big for him to handle... He was pretty childish and egocentric in that scene, though...

I know... Poor James... I truly believe he would love his family deeply and feel grateful for them, despite everything. He is so sweet... And it is really heartbreaking to kknow what's going to happen... :'( It is really hard for him to be stuck at the house, the poor boy... But yes, he's doing pretty well. He knows it is for his son's safety, and that's all that matters!

Sirius' section was just meant to show how broken he is, how the war is affecting him so horribly! And of course, he was sad for his brother... I do really believe he and Regulus loved each other, despite their different views and their apparent disdain towards each other.

Thank you so much again! I'm so happy you liked this first chapter! And that you liked the descriptions, since I struggle so much with them!

I will go back for typos. I'm planning an edit phase for my stories soon. I've already asked around for a hand and a couple of people have offered to help me. And yes, I'm already aware of the "suddenly" thing. For some reason, my brain has believed for a while that it needed a "t" somewhere... It'll be fixed, though! :)

Thank you so much again for the lovely review and for the swap! I really hope you'll keep reading, I would love to hear your opinion on the rest!

Many hugs and much love,

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Review #11, by AlecJamesCaius_ Spring

8th August 2015:
Here for the swap again!

I fully dislike Peter haha, and even though I probably should think differently of him reading this, I can't help disliking him. I guess I'm just harsh with such things. I'm not sure if James/Sirius thinking Remus was betraying them is canon? Regardless I do feel very sorry for him.
The scene with James,Harry & Lily sure was sweet!

Thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Welcome back!

No worries, it's totally fine to dislike Peter. I personally have conflicting feelings towards him, but I didn't write this expecting people to like him, I merely tried to get into his mind and intepret him in a way that I thought fitting.

Well, we know from canon that Sirius suggested to swap to Peter without telling Remus because he was convinced Remus was the spy. And since James agreed to it, we can suppose that he thought the same. I might've outdone it a little, surely. But even if it isn't strictly canon, it isn't against canon either.

I'm happy you found James, Lily and Harry sweet! I love their family!

Thank you again for the swap!!!

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Review #12, by AlecJamesCaius_ Winter

8th August 2015:
Wow Felpata! I'm impressed!

I've already read Two Lillies of yours, and this seems almost like it was written by a different author. This one seems so much more... Mature? I'm not sure. I liked Two Lillies but this story has an amazing sad tone -- in a good way, because I usually don't like angst. Every character was captured well and there weren't too many grammar/spelling mistakes. Its original to write a year in the life of 4 people in 4 chapters featuring 3 characters as well. I particularly liked Sirius' feeling of being completely miserable.

Good job! On to the next one for our swap!


Author's Response: Hey, Alec!
Thank you, I'm happy you liked it!

As I said, "Two Lilies" was one of my earliest works and I have improved a tiny bit since then. I think this story and "The unusual tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart" are my best ones so far, stylistically talking.

Anyway, I'm happy you liked how I portrayed the characters and the chapters' structure as well!

Thank you for the swap and the kind review.

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Review #13, by merlins beard Spring

30th July 2015:
Hey Chiara,
I'm here for our swap.

My taste has changed a bit lately and I've become very fond of angsty stories. I blame the Slytherins, they totally got to me.

As I started writing my own sad and angsty stories, I learned to appreciate others so much more.
What you write here is really beautiful, I enjoyed reading it a lot. I LOVE that you write a momenr for every month, and that the seasons form the chapters, and I love that you're writing each month from a different point of view. As I said in my review for the first chapter od this ages ago, I can almost sympathize with Peter the way you write about him.

Remus' part made me feel really, really sad. I can never understand how James and Sirius could have mistrusted him so much. He's probably the kindest person, definitely the kindest werewolf ever. It made me so sad that he had to go through his painful transformations on his own again. Poor Remus.

In this chapter, I don't quite understand Peter'a Pov as well as in the last one. He just becomes more and more invested in the Dark Arts, and I don't like his thought process. I think his reasons for betraying his friends just aren't good enough. He really shouldn't FEEL SORRY for Remus but DO SOMETHING about how his friend is being treated. I'm glad Lily still believes in Remus. I'm not quite sure what his Death Eater friend meant with that last sentencs, but I fully intend to continue reading this, maybe I'll find out.

James... well, he's just James. It's not easy for him to feel locked up, not able to leave. It's a pity he can't because I'm sure he's a great Auror and valuable fighter, but I'm also glad he stays home with Lily and Harry to keep them safe. I loved that scene where they tickle Lily. It was just so adorable.

I love your writing, Chiara. Can't wait to read more.

Thanks for the swap

Author's Response: Anja!!!
Thank you so so so much for the lovely review!!!

Ahahah! I'm not the greatest fan of angst, to be true. I'm not sure what got into me when I wrote this... Or maybe I do like angst... I suppose it varies with the mood of the day...

I'm so glad you like the season breaking and the pov switches! And thank you so much for saying you found this beautiful!!!
As for Peter... As you've probably realized by now, I kind of love him (even if I still hate him for his betrayal)

I know... Poor Remus... He doesn't deserve that treatment... I agree with you, he's the sweetest person ever, and it's just so cruel and unfair that his friends can't trust him!

Peter's psicology is pretty twisted at this point. He knows that what he's doing is wrong and inexcusable, so he tries to cling to anything to justify himself. At least that's what I was trying to do here. And the meaning of Avery's last line is simply that he's disappointed with Peter's answer. He thinks that Peter is a stupid turning his back on the only people who ever sincerely care for him and not even being able to provide a good reason for it. Does this make any sense to you?

James is just the sort of person who can't stand to stay locked up at home... But his love for his family is stronger! That's the reason I love him so much! I'm glad you liked that scene, I agree with you that it was adorable!

Thank you so much again for this absolutely amazing review and for swapping!
Many, many hugs, my dear!!!

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Review #14, by navyfail Winter

25th July 2015:
Hello! I'm ~chocolate from the forums, here for the review swap. Sorry for the delay.

When I was looking through your author's page I came across this and couldn't resist. Marauders stories are always interesting to read. I like how you set up the mood quickly in the first few sentences with the coldness. I also like that you started with Peter. He's neglected too often which makes it even more intriguing to read about him. I honestly think you nailed his character. I can see him not believing in their ideals at all but doing everything out of fear. And I can understand his loneliness.

James... I think it's really sweet that he wakes up to put Harry back to sleep and let's Lily rest.

"You get up from your bed, careful as not to wake Lily too. Like you have any reason to worry. Lily wouldn't wake if a bomb exploded right beside her. "
^^ I thought this line was cute as well.

I'm surprised Lily can stay composed while holed up inside and even James stayed calm for the most part. Being locked up in your own house doesn't seem fun at all. I think it's interesting that in his head his youth is already gone but he then corrects himself. Lily and James really were too young and you showed that well.

And Sirius... I love how you mentioned his brother. So many people write Sirius as if he never cared for Regulus at all but I can't imagine that.

Great start to you story! I think writing the chapters in seasons work really well. The three marauders you've portrayed in this chapter came out very realistic and the fact that you wrote this in second person is amazing. Great job!


Author's Response: Hey, Sama!
Thank you so much for the swap!!!

I'm really glad you picked this story, since it is one I'm particularly proud of! And I'm very happy and grateful that you liked it so much!

I've developed kind of a fondness for Peter. I obviously can't justify what he did, but I think there's so much more about his character than what often transpires. And he's such a fascinating character to write! I'm happy you think I captured him well!!!

James... I really think that his love for his family is immense and that he would sustain any sacrifice for them.
I don't think either of them were taking their confinement easily, but they didn't have a choice, so I suppose they would try to live with the situation the best they could.

Poor Sirius. He's having such a rough time. I can't imagine him simply hating his brother either. I'm sure he cared for Regulus dearly.

Thank you so much for all the compliments! I'm particularly glad you thought I used the second person pov well, because I'd never done it before and I was truly scared by it!!!

Thank you so much again for the swap and the amazing review!
Hugs and love,

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Review #15, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Autumn

27th June 2015:
Hi there!

So I'll be reviewing this story in oen go, cause I frankly couldn't be bothered to stop reading for a moment to leave a review for each chapter seperately.

I hope you don't mind.

That being said.

I love it. So much.

I see some spellingmistakes here and there (like suddently), but that, for once, wasn't so distracting for me. I loved the way you kept switching between POV's. Showed how the war tugged at everyone seperately, and the way it did. Little anecdotes about Marlene, the Prewetts, Regulus being dead a year, all make the story that much more living, and that all while keeping the months relatively short. You've been telling their view in just enough words per part. Not too much, not too little. Just enough to make you feel how they feel, to understand them, even if you don't always agree with them. Without it getting too much.

The second POV choice was the best choice you could've made for this story if you ask me. I don't think anything else could've worked so perfectly in a setting like this. Even if you know what's going to happen already. Even if you know it won't have an happy ending. You get to be them, even if just for a little while, in a way you can't get it done with a first or third person POV.

I also love how you ended it all with Remus. Him being alone. Him having lost everyone, with Sirius being already in Azkaban. The way he lost everyone. It all made perfect sense to do it this way. The stuff you pulled from canon (even if it isn't all completely canon) wasn't overbearing much. You kept it short, simple, without going on about it all too much. Especially in the latter chapters. You didn't need to. Because we already knew.

But for me, that's the strength of the story.

Really, well done. This story will definitely end up on my favorites list.

Thanks so much for this amazing read.


Author's Response: Hello Ineke!
Thank you for stopping by and sorry if I'm so late at answering this!
And thank you for your kind words on my blog post, too. I really appreciated your support!

I don't mind at all you reviewing only at the end. On the contrary, I considered it a compliment, because it means you enjoyed the story so much!!!

I know there are a few grammar and spelling mistakes. In my defence, English is not my mother language. I'll go back and fix them, sooner or later (most likely later...) I'm glad they didn't disturb you too much, though :)

I'm glad I managed to make you feel the characters! It was my goal to begin with! Thank you so much for your positive comments!!!

I'd never done second person before this story, so I was truly scared by it. But I agree with you that any different POV wouldn't have worked equally well. My first draft was third POV and it just didn't fuction. I'm so glad you felt it was the right choice!

Remus... He is my absolute favourite! Closing the story with him just made sense to me, because he is the one who's left behind.

Thank you so, so, so much for this absolutely amazing review! It made my day!
Much love to you,

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Review #16, by Fawkes Autumn

26th May 2015:
Hi there Chiara!

It's Fawkes again - flying by for another review. And I need to sing my Phoenix Lament song here. I'm so, so sad at Lily and James's death. Aaarrgh! You broke my heart, Chiara. Even though I knew it was inevitable - death always is - the way you wrote the story of their last moments was so painful to read.

Five more minutes/

Gah! The irony of those words is making my feathers molt.

And until this moment, it didn't hit me that Lily and James were killed on the last day of October. Of course, I knew they were, but it worked so beautifully for your story that Sirius could be November and the day after at the same time. His heart, that was already full of such disappointment and sorrow, is completely shattered. I think he thought that somehow, somehow he and James would get through this. After all,the were the Marauders...

His rage at the betrayal and his hysteria are just done perfectly here. And Peter the rat has bested the Marauders - for now.

I was wondering who you would choose to end the story with. I mean, it was obvious that James would be October and once I read it, made perfect sense that Sirius is November. But December... Wow. The one who was left behind. In a sense, Remus was the one who brought them together, all those years ago, so this was really fitting. And I think you've given us just enough of Remus to know that he doubts Sirius's guilt, even though the facts are undeniable. But at this point, Remus has been lost for so long, he doesn't know which end is up.

I read your author's note and I don't think anyone coming into this fic would expect a different ending. We all know how the story goes - but you've brought us along with your beautiful writing.

Than you for this.

-Flying off for now...


Author's Response: Hi Fawkes!
Sorry for taking so long to answer... It's been a crazy week... Fortunately it's Friday evening!!!

Once again thank you for the kind review, and sorry if this story is so heartbreaking... It broke my heart too as I wrote it...

That one wasn't intentional. I didn't even realize the irony behind that sentence... Now that you mention it, though... :'(

I think Sirius really believed they would get through, too... Sadly, things went differently...

Remus had to be December. Like you said, he is the one left behind, the one who has to carry on. I'm quite sure he wouldn't be able to just accept that Sirius betrayed them. But of course he wouldn't really know what to think at that point.

Thanks to you for flying around here! I'm just so glad you liked this story and your reviews really brought me joy!
Thank you again, and I hope I'll hear your chant and see you cross my sky again!
With love,

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Review #17, by Fawkes Summer

23rd May 2015:
Hi there Chiara!

I'm flying back in for the next chapter!

What are you doing to me?! My little phoenix heart can't take this much emotion. I'm going to have to cry on myself, just to be healed from the pain you've inflicted with this beautiful story.

I don't know how you do it, with such a few words in each section, but I'm so sad for each of the Marauders - even Peter a little bit. But mostly, I just want to shake Peter and yell at him and say, "HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY THIS?! YOUR FRIENDS WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY THEM??!"

And Sirius. Let's talk about Sirius. I think he's one of the most tragic characters in the entire series. My heart is breaking while I read about him. He did have to grow up so soon. And he was going to propose to Marlene, but he has to act like everything's just fine. He must be brave for James and Lily and play the role of the happy-go-lucky, and a little bit crazy best friend. Everyone always focuses on how much stress James and Lily were under, but I really do think Sirius bore the brunt of it.

And then there's Remus. I'm hoping this is just a really big misunderstanding between the boys, but what they're doing to poor Remus is killing me. I wanted to swoop down and use my tears on him to heal his hands. But there are some wounds that can't be healed by Phoenix tears. And what breaks my heart all the more is the fact that I know this will be his life for the next fifteen years - he'll be alone and unemployed. So, so sad.

Great chapter yet again!


Author's Response: Oh, Fawkes!
I'm so happy you're flying back here! I've missed you!!!

I know... I'm sorry... What can I do to make amends? But I'm really glad I managed to make you feel all this emotions!

I'm so happy I managed to make you feel bad for Peter a little bit, too... But of course I know perfectly what you mean... The sad thing is that if only someone was there to just shake him and yell at him, he probably wouldn't do what he's doing...

I can't decide which is the most tragic character in the series... There are more than a few I can think about... But Sirius is definitely one of them.
That's exactly what I wanted to show. He's suffering so much, but he tries not to show it because his friends need him to be cheerful and carefree. He is such an extraordinary friend, and he really bear the brunt of it.

Remus is just so alone... Maybe, thinking about it, I've exaggerated a little in showing the extent of their abandonment. They might not trust him completely, but would they really just leave him alone to face the full moon? Maybe it isn't even about their suspects of him being the spy. Maybe there's just so much going on in everyone's lives... Either way, he doesn't deserve that treatment!
And yes, that's pretty much how his life will be for a long time... I'm just so sad for him, too...

Thank you for flying back again and for the lovely review! You're awesome!

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Review #18, by Fawkes Spring

16th May 2015:
Hello there!

It's Fawkes again - swooping in for another review of this amazing story for the "Pass it Along" challenge.

I must first start with an apology. I didn't read your Chapter summaries very clearly when I read/reviewed the first chapter. I only skimmed and I thought that each season would be attributed to a different marauder. Now I realize that you've assigned each month to a different one of our troublemakers. And this is so good. Since we've only got one year, it makes more sense to give them each a month.

And I need to tell you again: I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Your writing makes it flow so nicely, but it is such a beautiful way to tell their story.

And I also just realized that you are writing this in second person POV. Please, take that as a compliment to how well you've crafted your words. I felt each of our boys as they are forced to become men in this story. You can still feel the spirit of youth crying from within their souls as each one thought they were doing the best to become a man - and the real world was so much more daunting than they ever thought possible. Oh Chiara! What have you done to my tiny phoenix heart? My wings are withering and my tail is molting. You've undone me, Chiara!

Poor Moony - he really feels alone and ostracized by the group. And I really like how you've reflected the way that he handles it versus Peter. Lupin knows that his best friends no longer completely trust him, but he doesn't use that to turn to the dark side - rather he stays loyal and helps where he can, despite his despondency. Peter on the other hand, is a wretched soul how sought power and fame at the cost of the only people who ever paid him any mind. And then he considers their loyalty a WEAKNESS! He uses whatever negative emotions he can to try and hate them - be it their distrust of Remus or the stress of living in hiding. Ugh! Detestable!!

And aaaggh! The James section broke my heart. I'm broken The way that James loves Lily and Harry is so heartfelt and deep and I've got goosebumps from reading it. And the fact that you've given them just this small moment, in the midst of their fear and suffering and the simple fact of not knowing warmed me up and gave me a new life.

Awesome, awesome story!

I'll fly back in for more later on...


Author's Response: Hello again, Fawkes! And thank you for another amazing review!!!

No need to apologize! I often skip chapter summaries too! I'm still so glad you're liking the idea!

And thank you so much for the appreciative comments on the use of second person. I had never done that before, and I was so nervous about that choice...

Erm... Sorry? (Guiltily dropping my eyes and chewing on my lip...) I don't know how to make myself forgiven for the sadness of this...

Remus is my absolute favourite! And poor boy, he really is so alone at the moment... But, yeah, he remains faithful, even if the others aren't faithful to him in turn.

Peter is trying to justify his actions by judging his friends. He needs to do it to be able to live with himself. And yes, he is quite detestable...

James, Lily and Harry are the cutest of families! It is so unfair that they have such a cruel destiny ahead... I think at that point they would just try to take joy from any single moment! And I'm just so glad you could feel all those emotions!

Thanks again and see you soon!
With love,

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Review #19, by Fawkes Winter

15th May 2015:
Hello there!

I'm just flying by to leave you some reviews for the "Pass it Along" Challenge. I saw this story and I couldn't resist. The seasons of the year - much like the seasons of a Phoenix's life are cyclical. With one exception: sadly we know how this story will end.

All the same, I'm marveling at the brilliance of this very idea. To tell a story with the seasons in the last year of the Marauders' existence is so poetic and sad and beautiful. And to give each Marauder a season is just... you've got me hooked!

I thought the entire chapter would be about Peter, but I really, really enjoyed reading James and Sirius too! Each one had their own distinct personality that fits with my own head canon. I also LOVED the way you showed each one with a struggle AND a dichotomy between their own personal lives. Things weren't all bad. They had some good memories and could still remember what it was like when they were one cohesive group.

You really had me with Peter. I find his character detestable in the worst way. I usually cannot forgive him for his weakness and his cowardice but here, you've managed to make him a bit pitiable, if only for a moment - and then he hardens himself and I'm back to hating him.

James was simply heartbreaking. It's almost as if he knows he's not going to make it out of this war. He is holding on to everything he's got because... it's just all there is for him right now.

And Sirius's story just about wrenched my heart out of my chest! Phoenix tears can be healing, but there is no way to mend a broken heart. The way you let his story unfold was perfect torture - beautiful and sad.

I'm looking forward to reading the other chapters. Great job with this!


Author's Response: Oh, this "Pass it along" challenge is just so exciting, don't you agree?

Anyway, hello Fawkes! It's such a pleasure to host you here! Feel free to fly by any time!
And thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot that you are enjoying this little story of mine! :)

I'm glad you liked the idea for this. To be true, the original draft was to have a chapter per month, but it would result too fractured, so I opted for the seasons' grouping instead (even if I still assigned each month to a different Marauder, but you already know).

Yes, I know... The cycle here is going to be broken in the most horrible way... I suppose I owe you an apology... I swear, my stories aren't usually that depressing... :(

I'm glad you managed to sympathize with Peter, even if only for a moment. I don't know when or how it happened, but I've become very invested in his character. He is detestable, I agree, but at the same time I can't help but think that he's not totally evil and pity him.

James... He's such a sweetheart! Lily and Harry are all he has left, and I think it is just like his character to try and find some brightness in his depressing situation.

And Sirius... His life is just so full of suffering right now... Once again, I apologize for the sadness of this!

Thank you so much again for stopping by!
See you soon!

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Review #20, by bittersweetflames Winter

11th May 2015:
Hi, Chiara! :D Here for our swap. :)

Ok, so I'm not a big fan of Marauders Era but this story really sparked my interest so I decided to read and review this story. Before I go on to talking about the story itself, I wanted to just also say that I hadn't realized that this was in second person and it really served your story well. It was certainly chilling at parts, which was helped because I really felt as they felt.


I'd like to talk about Peter. While he is, undoubtedly and unsurprisingly, my least favorite Marauder his was my favorite part in this chapter. You started this story very very strong. The way you've seemingly rationalized WHY Peter betrayed his friends was a conundrum for me. I understand fear, I understand loneliness. But I do not understand cowardice. And what he did certainly strikes me as completely cowardly. When he killed that man, it felt like a complete turn towards the very end, the very end of his humanity. I felt sorry for the boy even as I felt utterly disgusted by the man. When he spoke of his loneliness, I could almost (ALMOST!) blame the rest of the Marauders for the way that their seeming friend ended up.


The difference between James' part and Peter's is STARK. Even with the sadness and fear that surrounds them during the war, there is a pervading contentment and calmness in the couples' life. Even feeling stifled as they are in hiding, there is happiness there in each other's (and Harry's) company. Also, I want to note that there is something so adorable when James did his nightly ritual with Harry. He seems like such a nice dad. I just feel more sorry for Harry that he was robbed of the opportunity to have his parents in his life.


Oh, Sirius. When will you learn that alcohol never really solves any problems? Tsk. But, ok, ok, I understand. War affects people in different ways. I think it's simply heartbreaking… First because you can feel the hopelessness in him and you certainly can't blame him from feeling that way. The way the war was going the first time around, Voldemort was really reigning supreme and no one had a clue how to defeat him (at least I assume so) And then you add Regulus. Oh, Regulus. How sad it is for Sirius to be so pained regarding his brother's death but feeling as though he should not show it.

Anywho, this was a very interesting take on one year in the Marauder's life. I am sure that Remus' part would be just as interesting. :) But gorgeous work! Thanks for the swap. :)


Author's Response: Hey Carla!
Oh, I'm very happy you decided to give this a try, even if Marauder era is not what you usually read!
And thank you so much for the compliments about second person! This was my very first try at it, and it made me so nervous...

Ok, let's talk about Peter. Unsurprisingly, he is my least favourite Marauder, too... But for some reason I'm not sure about I've become kind of affectionate to him. Yes, he is a coward. There's no denying it. And I will never forgive him for his betrayal. But I still think he isn't completely bad either. And I really think that if they'd showed a little bit more consideration of him, things could've gone drastically different... And here I am again, trying to defend the damned rat... What's wrong with me, I wonder?

Oh, I know... Harry growing up prived of the love of such wonderful parents is just heartbreaking... That's how I would see James, anyway! Unsufferent for being forced inside, but still trying to see the bright side in his family! I'm happy I managed to make you feel that!

It seemed just like Sirius to try to drown his troubles in drink. Life is really hard in those times, and obviously he feels so desperate and helpless.
And Regulus... I really think Sirius loved his brother deeply, as much as he denied it. And he would surely feel pained and guilty about his death.

Remus will open the next chapter, if you're interested in reading on (I have to warn you that this will get always more depressing...)
I'm really happy you liked this! Thanks to you! :)

With love,

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Review #21, by merlins beard Winter

1st April 2015:
Hi. Here for our swap.
First of all (sorry i'm a grammar nazi) in the second-last paragraph, there are two mmistakes (phisically instead of physically, and "what HAS Regulus done wrong?")

I don't read stories in second person very often. I enjoyed the chapter a lot because it is very diverse...
You really made me see why peter could ever consider joining voldemort. You even had me feeling bad for him (even though i still despise him)... then you bring in some romance too, when james thinks about lilly. I find that very well written and very cute. And then you show that sirius isn't the "no cares in the world type of guy" at all, but cares about lots of things deep down and keeps fighting, even when he thinks there is no chance anymore. I think you did very well showing the reader exactly what each characters main focus is. I can't wait to read some lupin pov.

Even though this is so not my genre, i really enjoyed reading.

Thanks for the swap
~Anja (merlins beard)

Author's Response: Hello Anja!
Thanks to you for the swap and the lovely review (and sorry if it took so long to answer...)

Don't worry. I always try to take particular care on grammar, since English is not my mother language, but things slip anyway. I'm always grateful when people point mistakes out. :)

I'm very happy to hear that second person didn't disturb you. This was my first attempt with it and I was a bit nervous about it.

I'm glad I managed to make you feel a bit sorry for Peter, while still despising him. That was exactly what I was going for.
I think James is the kind of person who tries to see the bright side in every situation, and at the current moment his love for Lily and their family is all he can hold on to. I'm happy you found it sweet.
I'm so glad you liked Sirius, too. In my opinion he was never the "no cares in the world" type, even he pretended to be. Especially not during the war, with all the loss and suffering surrounding him.

You'll get some Remus' POV in the next chapter, if you keep reading. I have to warn you, though, that this story is highly depressing...

So glad you enjoyed this, even if it isn't what you usually read!
I was very happy to swap with you!

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Review #22, by marauderfan Autumn

29th March 2015:
ekndhxksvknf I can't process all of this. It's so hard to read these terrible things happening, but I couldn't look away, I was just too absorbed in your writing. I love the little mundane details in the first section and how an ordinary day gives way to this horrible, huge moment - it makes Voldemort's arrival that much more of a shock.

The section with Sirius was really strong and I loved the style of it, particularly the repetition in the explanation of why he's laughing. Everything is ending for him at that moment and he just can't handle it. And then the horror of Azkaban :( I want to give him a hug! Same with Remus. He and Sirius are both so alone, trapped in different circumstances but the same sort of situation in the tremendous loss they've faced and how they have no one to turn to. Excuse me while I go cry for hours about the unfairness that is the Marauders' fate.

So to sum up - Chiara, this is such a great fic and I am so glad I stopped by to read it. I'm so impressed. Your writing is so powerful in this and I love how it really brings out these emotions. And I loved your use of second person throughout. I really love that perspective, and it can be tricky especially when switching character POVs as you did, but you pulled it off so well. Molto bene! (That's the only thing I know in Italian and it just happens to express how I feel about this story :D

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Once again, I apologize for this story being so depressing... I really didn't want things to go like that, but that's what J.K. created for us...

That was exactly what I was trying to show, how everything happened so suddently and unexpectedly. I'm so glad you felt the shock of it.

Oh, Sirius and Remus... Yes, it is so terribly unfair... You are excused... Think I'm going to shed a river of tears too...

I'm so so so glad that you stopped by this story, too! I simply can't handle your kind comments, you are horribly too sweet!!!
And thank you so much for the comments about my use of second person!

Grazie mille!!!
Mountains of love,

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Review #23, by marauderfan Summer

29th March 2015:
There was a lot of buildup in this chapter with this feeling of suspense underlying it all... it's so difficult, knowing how it all ends and just seeing each unfortunate thing fall into place.

The balance between dark and bright side in that first section with Sirius is really well done, how you wove in Sirius' grief at his girlfriend's death, and James acting so... seriously (pardon the pun.. haha) with Harry in the background flying on his toy broom. I like how that juxtaposition really highlights how they had to appreciate the little things and any joyful moments, because the rest of their lives were so dark.

Wow - the detail in that section with Remus' transformation was just so vivid! That was an incredible scene.And to add insult to injury, that rejection letter - so sad. He really is the most alone of the four, and it's so tangible here.

And the scene where Peter sells out. He seems almost emotionless in his scene, like he's spent so long doubting and worrying and being afraid that by this point he just doesn't care anymore, or just isn't able to feel anything as he betrays them. It's so cold and unfeeling, and that makes his betrayal just that much more chilling.

This story continues to be so powerful and so well written. You've done great work with it. And now I'm onto the last chapter. I'd better make sure I have a box of tissues nearby because I know what's next...

Author's Response: Hey Kristin!
Here I am again with the answer to your review!

I'm so glad you liked the balance between bright and dark in Sirius' section. The birthday party was one of my favourite scenes to write. Ahahah, James is acting pretty Siriusly in here ;)

Yes, poor Remus... He's so lonely...
I'm so happy to hear that you liked the scene of his transformation! I really struggle with description... I'm so glad you found it so vivid!

Yes, I suppose Peter is sort of emotionally exausted at that point. He's really just trying to convince himself that he has no choice, when really he could pull out a bit of braveness and loyalty and just not do it. But sadly, that's not what happened :(

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you feel that way!!!

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Review #24, by marauderfan Spring

29th March 2015:
I'm back! Gah, this was such a sad chapter. Everyone's kind of lost in their own problems and really just need to open their eyes! But as they say, hindsight is 20/20...

I love the way you've captured the personalities of the characters. It's probably no secret that I adore the Marauders, and reading anything about them during the war just gets me in the feels every time. That scene with Remus all alone with his Easter egg, I just wanted to step in and give him a huge hug and tell him it will be okay (though, really, it won't, at all). Aw. Life dealt him a horrible hand, it's just so unfair! Wah! But I really liked how you wrote him dwelling on the past, getting hung up on litle things, and of course unwrapping the chocolate really slowly and deliberately. Your use of little deatils bring the scene and characters to life.

Peter... ah. I do really like him as a character, though I hate him for what he did. I like that you've focused so much on his insecurity. Based on his tendency to ally himself with stronger people, it's evident that he's a really insecure person, so I think it makes perfect sense that even well into his service with the Death Eaters, he's still on the fence and questioning himself and his decisions. I almost felt badly for him when Avery left Peter all alone with his worries. Almost. And I like that you showed that Avery, despite his position on the side of evil as a Death Eater, has some good qualities to him, like the way he values loyalty. I like complicated characters - no one is ever wholly good or evil and your scenes with Peter do so well at portraying that.

James... If only he'd open his eyes! I can't handle how precious that scene is with him and Lily and Harry. Too cute. It's just going to break my heart even more when I reach October in the story!

Once again, wonderful work on this. Well done!

Author's Response: Welcome back, hun! :)

I'm sorry... This story is just so depressing... But it was supposed to be...

Thank you! I adore the Marauders, too (I think that's pretty obvious...)
Remus is my absolute favourite! I know how you feel, I feel the same way! Definitely wanting to step in and give him a hug!!!
I think he would totally be the slowly unwrapper... I'm like that, too... And thank you, I'm glad you liked the little details!

I feel for Peter exactly the same. I love writing him, because he's so complex and has so many facets to investigate. I agree, no one is totally good or evil. That's exactly what I was aiming to with Peter, and I'm glad you feel I portrayed him well!

I know... I'm so sorry... They are such a cute family, and knowing how everything is going to end... :'(

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked this!
Now I have to go to boogie, but I'll answer the other two reviews as soon as I'm back!


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Review #25, by marauderfan Winter

29th March 2015:
Hi Chiara! Welcome to Hufflepuff - I was so excited when I saw you'd joined us badgers! :D So here's a review to say 'welcome' - and also to say thank you once again for being such an incredible reviewer. You're awesome.

So, onto the story! Omg, that first section, wow! It was so chilling and absorbing, I was so caught up in it. And I love your use of second person here - it's a really particular perspective that I think has to be used in specific ways in order to be effective and you totally did that. It's perfect the way it creates this kind of distance from Peter's POV, but as the reader I still feel very involved in it - and it worked so well with that pivotal moment for him. Gah, it was just so good.

The section about James was so lovely in the way you portrayed how trapped he feels and how he is managing. Alhough his frustration is really evident at how he can't go anywhere but stay in the house, at least he has Lily - and I think it says a lot about James that he can see the silver lining in his boring situation and still feel so lucky and grateful for the family he loves, and for his friends. It was realy sweet.

Poor Sirius, though - he's definitely struggling to handle it and I think you did really well with all the things he's facing and how he reacts - he tries to just drown his problems and forget, but he is angy at a situation far out of his control and probably feels some guilt about Reg. I like that you implied that whatever Sirius said about Reg, he really did care about him- it is so frustrating to think that if they'd just talked, realised they were really on the same side after all, it wouldn't have had to happen this way. :'( Gah, so sad.

As you know, I love seasonal themes in stories, and I absolutely love what you did here with incorporating the loneliness and bleakness of winter into all three sections of this chapter - the experiences of each show a different side to loneliness and feeling trapped or out in the cold. I love how symbolic it all is :) And I must say -having read some of your earlier work before, which was good, you've already improved so much as a writer and I'm so impressed. This chapter was really superb and I'm so excited to keep reading and see where you go with it.

So, I'll see you again on the next chapter ;)

♡ Kristin

Author's Response: Kristin!
This was such a marvelous surprise to find these absolutely amazing reviews from you!!!
You are awesome too!!! Thanks so much!!!

Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that 2nd person worked well, because it made me so nervous! And that you felt involved in Peter's POV! I'm quite proud of how that first scene turned out, modesty aside...

I think that's how James would be, feeling trapped and insufferent, but trying to see the bright side in Lily and Harry :) I'm so happy you liked it!!!

Yes, I know... Sirius is going through so much at the moment... And yes, I've always thought that Sirius and Regulus really loved each other and were just too proud to admit it and apologize. They could've settled things right if they'd tried and I agree with you, it's really frustrating!

I love seasonal themes too. I'm kind of a meteoropathic, actually... I'm happy you manage to feel the coldness in this!

Oh, Kristin, thank you so much! To be true, I don't think my writing has improved... Just this story turned out particularly well written for some inexplicable reason... But thank you for saying that anyway!!! Coming from you, who are so talented, is such a huge compliment!!!

See you on the next chapter!

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