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Reading Reviews for Falling Up
21 Reviews Found

Review #1, by ShannonRay Dive

21st June 2016:
Pleasse come back, this story is so so good!

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Review #2, by Romana Dive

20th March 2016:
Hope you haven't given up on this story, looking forward to the next update. So far this is a fantastic Scorose fanfic, so different from the rest. I am hopping the rose dates loran. I think that would be sweet.

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Review #3, by ShannonRay Dive

24th February 2016:
Please Please come baaaccck and update this is so so so good I check it regularly for an update pleaaase

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Review #4, by looneylizzie Dive

17th May 2015:

I'm so excited to finally have a chance to catch up on this story! It's been ages since I noticed the update, and have been so busy...

But I'm here!

When I first read about Rose hallucinating Evil Rose, I immediately thought "OMIGOSH WE'VE BEEN SHERLOCKED!!" Please tell me I was right...

But I like the concept that Evil Rose is around to laugh at everything and to comment and criticize. I think it definitely adds a new layer to every situation.

Now, to this chapter. I laughed a lot! The stuff about the ice cream-- that nobody knows what her favorite color is...is just hilarious. She's literally getting a different answer from everyone. I wonder what Evil Rose would say...

Teddy, and the helmet. That was just priceless. I nearly cried it was so funny! That's an awesome way to make fun of the situation. - I also wonder if Evil Rose had a massive crush on Teddy or something, 'cause Vic was so possessive of him earlier (like, 3 chapters ago)

Lysander and Lorcan were awesome too. I love how different they are...so different that Lysander doesn't even blink when he sees Rose in her underwear, but Lorcan faints! That's so hilarious!!

And of course, we come to Scorpius - and Prunella? *wrinkles nose* Ew. Are we supposed to like her? Cause I don't already. 1. She's kissing Scorpius. 2. She's dumb enough to mix up "lost her memory" with "she's deaf". And 3. Her name is Prunella. Like, Cruella DeVil? Does she steal little Dalmatian puppies for their fur too?

IF we're supposed to like her, I'm sorry. That's just where my brain went.

Anyway, keep writing! Looking forward to more!! This is a really good and intriguing story!!


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Review #5, by NH Stadler Dive

29th April 2015:
Seriously, you deserve so many more reviews for this awesome story! I already said it in an earlier review, but the way you write is simply amazing - not only plot-wise (which is so thought-out and thrilling) but also your writing-style; the way you tell Rose's story really makes everything come to live; I can see it all in my mind - the way she tries to hush up the strange episodes when her old self starts talking to her, how she can't figure out what kind of ice cream to get, how she tries to cope with simple, everyday things... ahh, I could go on forever.

You are seriously awesome. I just wanted you to know this. :) Thanks for writing this story.

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Review #6, by Violet Potter 434 Dive

22nd April 2015:
I love this
you write beautifully
please make the next chapter soon

from me x

Author's Response: Aw! Thank you so very much! You made my day :D. Chapter seven is under way. Thanks for taking the time to read and review! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #7, by Ravenclaw1295 Dive

20th April 2015:
They need to be longer! But so good! Keep going!!!

Author's Response: Longer! lol... I already feel like they are too long :D. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying it! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review. Chapter seven is under way! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #8, by greenphantomme Pitch

9th April 2015:
Beautifully written story so far. The pacing is nice and I like how we're getting glimpses of Rose before the accident and seeing how she's slowly piecing her memories together. Can't wait to read more! Also, you have very interesting characters so far and not just stock. Loove it! I'm curious though - how long do you think this story is going to be (chapter wise)? Any idea?

Author's Response: Hey Greenphantomme! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review and you say such kind things! As for chapters, It's looking like 16-20 at the moment... but I don't outline so that is a best guesstimate. Will update soon! Thank you so much! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #9, by Jo Pitch

6th April 2015:
Loving it so far! You've taken a trope that I usually cannot stand and have made me fall in love with everything about it. I'm loving the evil rose parts. Even though it is slightly worrying that she's hallucinating. But I just love the whole conscience symbolised and the idea that though Rose is not who she was before accident, that person is still a part of her. Also I am in love with your Scorpius. Not surprising because I am in love with most scorpiuss. But I can't wait for more of him. And Hugo. And lily. And Blair who I adore. Anyway, thanks for an incredible story and have a great day!

Author's Response: Jo, I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying this so far. I have to say writing evil rose is one of my favorite parts each chapter. I love sitting down and thinking about how each Rose would react... then I get to show the readers! When I got the idea for Evil Rose it was probably two in the morning and all I could think was... there is no way I can get away with this. After some quick internet research google told me i could! I love writing Rose/Scorpius... I have to actively prevent myself from putting him in every chapter... and fail almost every time. Blaire is one of my favorite characters... she came from an earlier incarnation of the story. I loved her so much I had to bring her along. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review. -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #10, by NH Stadler Topple

6th April 2015:
This is seriously awesome! I am only on chapter two and I'm already hooked. First of all, the story-line is amazing! It's so intriguing and different and captivating. I really like how you write Rose and how we get her limited first-person narration which makes this whole thing so perfectly mysterious.

Also, I just have to say it, you are an amazing writer; I love your style. Your descriptions are wonderful and detailed and I literally cannot stop reading.

Author's Response: Mysterious yes! I don't think I had any clue what I was getting myself into when I decided to make this a mystery. I think my brain may have melted down a time or two in the process, but i'm glad that its working :D. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review. Your kind words mean to world to me and have given me a kick in the rear to keep working on chapter six. Please keep being awesome! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #11, by Blah Blah Blah Pitch

5th April 2015:
What a different story- amazing! :)

Author's Response: :D :D :D *beams* Thank you so much!

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Review #12, by ShannonRay Pitch

5th April 2015:
This is just so great it is unreal. It is so unique yet such an amazing and gripping story I cannot wait till the next chapter!! I also really really really want Rose to talk to Lily and for Lily to actually listen and explain what happened.. I know she is angry but she has got to understand in the end.. right? And Hugo? He has to realise Rose it different from the way she dresses and acts can't he speak to her? its his chance for a fresh start where Rose doesn't know his 'secret' though she could randomly remember it.. but I'm just going to ignore that for now. By no means please take these as criticisms.. just thoughts because I cannot think of any ways this story could get better apart from if it was unlimited. I kind of wish I didn't find this story till a while away when you had finished/ there was more chapters because I just can't bear the wait. I mean I will cope though. I am sorry if I am freaking you out.. I will stop now. I can't wait till Rose goes back to school and speaks to Scorpius more! shame she doesn't want to be head girl :(


Author's Response: Meep! Your review totally made my day! Lily/Rose and Rose/Hugo really do just need to sit down and talk! But Lily and Hugo aren't there yet, they don't trust that Rose's transformation is honest/real... and it really does come down to trust. You totally didn't freak me out, but I can see the excitement in your words and it makes me do a little happy dance in my head. I promise to update soon. Thank you so so much for taking the time to review. -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #13, by lola Trip

25th March 2015:
I'm so intriguedby this fanfic. Please update soon, I have to know whats going on!

Author's Response: Hello there Thank you so much for taking the time to review! The next chapter is underway and should be up in to time at all. You Rock -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #14, by navyfail Trip

21st March 2015:
Old Rose visits now Rose... well that's new. I'm guessing from now on present Rose will be getting a lot of visits from herself.

I really liked how Teddy told her about that Slytherin git who picked on her and how she ended up dating him (*cough*Scorpius*cough*). He's giving her a piece of her past which is sweet. I can actually relate to Rose keeping everything inside till in piles up since I do the same thing. I'm not exactly sure but did Hugo get frustrated and mad because Rose looked like her old self which signaled that she was becoming evil Rose again?

And she got her Hogwarts letter! I'm guessing she's going to go. That's going to be hard with all the student population knowing what happened.

Can't wait for the next chapter! :)


Author's Response: **Grins wickedly** I don't want to give anything to important away but yes indeed old Rose will be gracing us in later chapters. Because if Rose didn't already have enough internal turmoil going on, seeing incarnations of her former self will be enough to put her over the preverbal edge. Points at he terrible pun... get it?

I tell myself every chapter that I am not going to bring up Scorpius... this is going to be a Scorpius free chapter. Then I fail. I guess I am just a sucker for the star crossed lovers thing. Its nice to know there are like minded people out there because I fully expect to fail again next chapter and end up sneaking him in somewhere.

Hogwarts letter! Headmistress McGonagall has gone and lost her mind. Inviting such a terrible student back to Hogwarts and making her head girl! Curious, very curious!

Well its now 1130pm, I have probably bored you half to death with responses. But really if you didn't believe the four times I said it before now... Thank You! You rock my socks! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #15, by navyfail Spill

21st March 2015:
The Ron and Rose scene is very sweet. The line “God I missed you, I am so glad we have you back Rosie" made me go aw!

Rose remembers something... an actualy memory... and it is of Socrpius. *squees* That's really exciting.

And she remembers Dominique... her memories are returning it seems but slowly.

From all her tight and short clothes it seems like Rose went through a rebellious phase of some sort and stayed like that for some time. I'm guessing that's what Scorpius meant when he said she got lost.

It seems like there was something between Teddy or Rose at one point since Victoire doesn't like her at all and since Teddy let her go when he saw Victoire looking.

The scene with Roxy is very cute. I never imagined Roxy being so young but she's nicer to Rose than the rest of her cousins.

I actually can't stand Lily. I mean I get that Rose did steal her boyfriend but that doesn't mean that Lily is allowed to punch her. I mean Rose did lose her memory. Maybe wait to get mad till after she remembered?

Great chapter as usual!



Author's Response: Funnily enough when I was writing this story in my head I never stopped to think how I would handle Rose remembering things. Seems rather silly in retrospect. I didn't want to do the whole, she remembers everything at once thing. So now I think of them like bread crumbs slowly bringing her back to her herself.

I think closets can be very telling. The style of ones clothes, whether its organized or cluttered, and what you find hiding in the dark places. Just another opportunity for Rose to face her past.

Try not to hate Lily too much! She has her reasons for all the anger, even though violence clearly is not the answer. This relationship was hard for me to define. It takes quite a bit of breakage to create that much animosity between people who are supposed to love one another.

Thank you so so so much for the review! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #16, by navyfail Topple

21st March 2015:
I think the first thing that strikes me about this chapter is the journal entry. I mean it is the first few sentences in the chapter but reading it you can tell that Rose's family wasn't perfect with Hugo being in a mood and her Dad being drunk. I wonder what caused that to happen.

Scorpius and Rose's interaction is interesting, just like last chapter. He seems to want to control himself around her this chapter and we learn that they dated. The blush part was actually really cute! I'm guessing (past) Rose didn't get embarrassed easily or learned to not turn red easily. I now really want to know what Rose did to break them up and why Scorpius thinks he is to blame for the rest of it.

Rose thinking that her past self was evil is definitely a big step. I guess that makes sense since everything she's heard about herself is negative.

Also this line: “You were never evil Rose, you just got a little lost.” When did she get lost and why? I guess I'll have to wait and read to find out.

Yay, we meet Hermione. I honestly think you got her character down well. A lot of people try to write the golden trio and it can be hard and they sometimes even turn out OOC but I think your Hermione is very believable. I can't even imagine what she's going through with a daughter who can barely remember her.

Oh and we meet the Odette Lange from Rose's journal entry. They were close by the looks of it. I hope they reconnect.

On to the next chapter...

Author's Response: Hello there again!

I'd like to say that I am super clever and the diary entries were always apart of the plan but that would be a lie. I must confess I thought of them somewhere between chapter one and two. I like that they provide a window to Rose's uncensored thoughts. The only way they can be wrong is if she is lying to herself.

I struggle writing realistic parental characters, they all tend to come out like the wicked step mother from cinderella. It makes me a little paranoid. I probably wrote and rewrote the interaction between Rose and her mom like three times. So I am super happy to hear that you thought it was believable.

Oh Odette... there isn't much I can say without giving things away. If Rose's moral downfall had a doorway, Odette probably propped it open.

Once again you amaze me with your kindness! Thank you for reviewing! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #17, by navyfail Stumble

21st March 2015:
I read all four chapter of this story a few days ago and I promised myself I would come back and review so here I am.

Before I talk about the story I have to say I love the format you write in with journal entries, bolded first sentences, and italicized past. It really fits the story and helps distinguish between different time periods like past and present.

The scene between Rose and Scorpius is nothing short of perfect honestly. Reading your words, you can feel the tension in the air especially with so many emotions from Scorpius. And then she drops the bomb that she doesn't know who he is and he gets mad. I can't wait for more scenes between them since they seem like they have so much history.

Blair is very likable. She's just really innocent and bubbly or maybe that's just how I see her. It's great that Rose has a friend in the hospital. It would be awfully lonely without company.

Rose's interaction with Teddy is interesting. Even though she doesn't remember much, her and him still maintain a comfortable relationship with each other. He's different from everyone else since he doesn't judge. I can't wait to see more of him.

Great first chapter, I'm already hooked. Your characters are lovely... they're all different and exciting in their own way. The plot of this story is fascinating. When someone loses their memory it is usually the same old problem of having to get their memory back but in this story it's so much more than that I feel. Not only is she trying to remember her past, she's learning about who she was before her 'accident' and who tried to kill her and why they tried to kill her.



Author's Response: First let me start by saying thank you! I won't lie I was beginning to despair a bit after chapter four posted and I had no reviews. I was grocery shopping and I said to myself, "you're going to log on and have a new review." So I get home, put the groceries away and log on to find four reviews! Your words mean so much to me!

I love rose/scorpius. When I get a new story idea I usually have to actively steer myself away from another scrose pairing. Its immensely fun to write about two people who really shouldn't have anything to do with one another but can't stay away.

Blaire is probably one of my favorite characters, she came from an earlier incarnation of this story. I loved her so much I had to bring her along and put her to work. She is Rose's blank slate, everyone needs one of those time to time.

Probably the most fun thing about writing this story so far is working backwards. I knew how all my characters ended. Rose without memory, Lily, Hugo, and Scorpius all at odds with her. I just had work backwards asking myself how did it all end up like this.

Thanks again for taking the time to come back and review. Now I have extra incentive to keep writing and hopefully keep you hooked! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #18, by looneylizzie Spill

8th March 2015:
This chapter made me cry. Literally.

First of all: A memory! So exciting! Looks like she is going to get some things back!

Secondly: I love seeing how different the post-coma Rose is from evil Rose. And that this new Rose knows that she was terrible and wants to change it.

Thirdly: Roxy. That is what made me cry! So adorable! So sweet! So thoughtful! I can't believe she did that! That's such an amazing thing to do. And she was so honest with Rose. She's the first to ask Rose not to change, to acknowledge her past and honestly state that she didn't like it...

Fourly: ...before Lily of course.
I have no words. Only questions. That and, man! She is MAD!

Anyway, another great chapter and I'm looking forward to more!


Author's Response: Hey Lizzie!

Your reviews make me smile :D

Rose vs. Evil Rose. I have to admit when I first imagined the story I pictured Rose to be a bit like Regina from Mean Girls (a lot of attitude and not a lot of substance) but it became clear to me early on that I needed reasons for her to turn so dark. When I started finding those reasons the story started coming together.

Originally I had Roxy appearing in the first chapter but realized I was rushing things. Roxanne is almost a beacon of sorts. She is innocence and accepts Rose for who and what she is. This is literally a first for Rose who has been facing everyone else's expectations since she woke up.

Lastly, Lily. In the beginning I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with chapter three but I always knew how I wanted it to end. Lily is the exact opposite to Roxy. She wants to hold Rose accountable for her previous actions she isn't willing to forgive and forget.

Thank you again for taking the time to read and review. It means a lot to me! Chapter four is well under way and should be up soon. -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #19, by CharmNight39 Spill

6th March 2015:
Great Ending with lily. I think it is one of her cousins. Maybe a twist and have it be Victoria because of Teddy. Dom knows and that is why she was stand offish. Anyway great story.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the review! I like all of your theories, but I am not giving anything away. Keep being awesome! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #20, by looneylizzie Stumble

23rd February 2015:
Oh. My. Merlin.

Please please please PLEASE keep updating this story!! It is so good! I'm so intrigued and your writing is absolutely amazing! I can't wait for more!

Hope to see an update soon!!!

Author's Response: Hello there Lizzie!
Thank you so much for your kind words :D. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed it. Chapter two should just be a few days away from validation and I hope to continue to the intrigue. Keep being awesome! -Liza (Adaire)

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Review #21, by oldershouldknowbetter Stumble

20th February 2015:
This was great. If you have not written anything for a while then it doesn't show: your writing flows smoothly, there were few (if any) spelling or grammar mistakes, and it was a pleasure to read.

We've all seen or read 'protagonist wakes up from a coma, can't remember their past' stories before and you don't stray too far from the usual tropes: doesn't remember her family or friends, but does remember her name and her abilities (in this case, because it's in the world of Harry Potter, it's how to do spells). You are going for a slight personality change as well and I get the impression it's because her previous personality was in part based upon the events that had shaped her life and it wasn’t intrinsic to her. Now that the memories of the past have fallen away she is reverting to her basic self.

There are a few good devices you are using to connect her with her past. The use of Teddy was well done and his basic summation of her past personality gives her (and your readers) a datum point to work from. Though it does bring up one little negative point - it wasn't too clear, I know she doesn't remember stuff about her family, but does she remember who they are, that her mum is her mum for instance. I thought not, at the beginning, but then I wasn't sure from how she talked about them later. A sentence here or there would clarify it.

The diarys are another good device to connect her to her past and will probably help with the intriguing mystery aspect to the story. Few people dare to tackle the mystery genre in fan fiction because it requires a deftness of plotting that can be hard to do. The skilful way you have constructed this chapter - how Rose falls into her coma (literally, ha!) and her subsequent awakening - gives me high hopes for the rest of the story to come.

And finally Scorpius; the love/hate you have going on speaks of delicious romance to come as well as drama and angst too.

Looking forward to more


Author's Response: Hey Andrew!

Thanks for the lengthy and detailed review! Constructive criticism is always such a great help in the writing process. Your review has given me the extra push i need to get chapter two rolling.

You were correct in assuming that Rose has no memories of her family. Chapter one occurs several weeks after she "wakes up." I was working under the assumption she had already been introduced to her family. I see now that this will need some clarification, thanks for pointing it out.

This story has been bouncing around in my head for a while, and I am glad to finally get the words down. I hope you will enjoy the chapters to come - Liza (Adaire)

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