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Reading Reviews for My Wish
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Review #1, by ReeBee Then You Stand

21st December 2015:
WHAT DO I EVEN SAY. hello might be the normal thing actually :P

but still I'm sorry this review won't be long I'm just so emotion i swear i was going to review the first chapter but then the last word was his name and I got so carried away with the feels and everything and well, yes.

ITS SO SAD. like i can't even express the emotion I'm feeling. all i know is that I'm very very sad. I'm usually much of a crier and well in this story i sobbed so much (most of them were dry sobs with heaving chests and well strangled cat like sounds-- I'm not a really pretty crier :P ) but it was so sad. so many tears. my. God.

Honestly the characterisation is just perfect. Usually when I read a flashback its like gosh I'm going to be emotional but like bring it on. I was actually dreading your flashbacks after reading the first one because it shattered my heart in a way I thought wasn't possible. dread in the best way of course. Like mostly in short stories its super hard to convey someones character well enough to make the flashback meaningful and affect a reader that much but god did you do that. like honestly I was just so scared for the flashbacks my stomach twisted and i cried more and my god. it was so good.

and james. i'm a die hard James fan i kid you not. like literally I was searching for completely James stories in the advanced search on hpff when I came across this. i love james so much that I can't even read stories where he's written in a way i can't imagine him like i just can't. so this was the most perfect portrayal of james. he's so kind and sweet yet in Scorpius' memory I can see his mischievousness and teasing with how he addresses Scorpius at first and everything. he really is perfect.

I would talk about plot but I think I would really start crying again like seriously I just went and had a shower after reading and now am writing the review. I honestly don't know. it was so beautiful and it made me hate everything like stupid faulty brooms. I loved how it suddenly hit me towards the end that there was a reason you'd chosen to write those particular flashbacks. it really really really did kill.

anyway thank you for writing this wonderful one shot. i'm off to go cry more. and read fluff. lots of it. to help me feel better :P but i really think this was one of my favourite sad pieces ever including original fiction and novels and stuff. thank you for writing it.

-Curie :)

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Review #2, by merlins beard It's All You Can Take

6th June 2015:
Hey Leigh!
I'm here for our swap.
It took me a while to pick something out of your impressive collection of stories. They all looked so great.

I'm glad I ended up picking this one, it's so unique.

I love that you held of saying his name until the very end, the last word of the chapter. There's no need for Leila to torture herself with saying his name, everyone knows who she's talking about anyway.

James is as devastated as she is, which is understandable. Losing siblings isn't an experience I ever want to go through. (In fact, my sister and I made a pact when we were little that we would die on the same day so we wouldn't have to be without each other)
I wonder how Lily is taking it, I miss her reaction a little.

Leila's and James' friends are trying to be helpful, but they just can't. I think you did a fantastic job at showing the desperation everyone is feeling, and the worry James and Leila are putting their friends through.

I need to know what happened to Albus. I hope it's in the next chapter, because reading that is on my To-Do list first thing tomorrow morning.

I came across one incorrect irregular verb but I can't find it anymore. it's probably a figment of my imagination.

I really loved how much effort you put into making this different from so many other stories here.

Thanks for the swap


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Review #3, by Asia Then You Stand

29th March 2015:
I loved this so much and I cried while reading it.it's so sad how al died and wow that would be horrible to know that you were the one to give him the broom. Can you please make this into an actual story. I would love it. But start with her going to james house. pleaseee. I love your writing!

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm sorry you cried :( It was super terrible, what happened to Leila. And I was considering making a short story sequel :) We'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks so much!

-Leigh xxx

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Review #4, by shhh dont ask Then You Stand

27th March 2015:

PS i liked how you revealed what had happened little by little, though, instead of dropping a bomb down on us haha

Author's Response: Sorry you cried! And thank you! I didn't want to just come out with it. I felt Leila's state was too fragile to just say it boldly.



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Review #5, by apersonwhomyoujustmadecry Then You Stand

16th March 2015:
Woah...No words... I... I have no idea what to write. Im not a big fan of sad stories. But here I sit reading your story with tears streaming down my face.

Author's Response: Hi!

I'll take that as a positive review? :) I'm sorry you cried though! I cried as well when I read it, thinking wow, I didn't realize it ended up so sad. Thanks for leaving a review!

-Leigh xxx

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Review #6, by TreacleTart It's All You Can Take

15th March 2015:
Hi there!

Here for our review swap..finally! Sorry it took me a bit to get here.

So I absolutely loved the way you started this story. At first, it seemed like Leila didn't know James, but come to find out she's quite familiar with him. Mirroring her grief in his was brilliant.

I have to say that how you interlaced her falling in love with Albus and the post-death moments really tugged at the heart strings. It was sad, but also sweet seeing them eventually fall for each other. It's heart breaking knowing that it won't be a happy ever after though.

I think this was really well written and laid out in a good way. It flowed nicely and I have very little actual critique to offer.

I did notice one little typo, but it's very minor. "You might me; this whole..." should be "You might BE;"

All in all a very intriguing story. I have one other review to do and then I will be back to read the second chapter!


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Review #7, by The_Crookshanks_Saga It's All You Can Take

17th February 2015:


Ok. i love you and this story, and poor Leila. I love the way she capitalize's "him," likening Al to God or something. And how everyone's hurting-- the line about the castle, and the grief, my god Leigh you should be illegal.

I feel so sorry for Freddy, though. He's trying to keep it all together, not for himself but for his friends. And Leila's clearly not perfect, she's not picking up her pieces and GAAH LEIGH WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME???

Author's Response: SORRY MEENA I'M SORRY.

I love you too and this story and I love Leila so much. She capitalizes Him because she didn't want to say his name or think his name. Ugh I hurt the entire time I wrote this story.

I feel so bad for Freddie too. He's trying so hard and no one's cooperating.


Thanks so much dear.

-Leigh xxx

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