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Reading Reviews for Multiverse Theory
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Review #1, by navyfail Coffee Shop Etude

18th January 2016:
Hello! Here for BvB!
Oh, Jily... how can I ever get enough of them!
I thought this was a really cute situation you put them in... Lily, an aspiring writer, and James, the musician. And the fact that Lily likes him right off the bat is refreshing! I like how much detail you managed to put into this short chapter... it seems like you put in a lot of research about music genres or are a musician yourself. I also like how you subtly added the rest of Marauders without giving them names.

I think it's sweet that Lily somehow wrote a character that looks like him without meaning too. And when she was stammering when he talked to her... aww! This is such a different Jily situation but I still ship them the same!

James winking at her in end made me think of wizard James honestly... I don't know why, I always see him as kind of flirty.

Really great job with this! And I really like the idea of this fic!


Author's Response: Hey Sama!

I can never get enough of Jily either. Right now (ahem, it's August now because I am a trash can), I'm basically reading every Jily I can find.

But as you can probably tell, I LOVE AUs. Especially modern muggle ones. Because I am both a writer and a musician, I have my experience to thank for James and Lily's respective occupations. I also love to slip in references to the canon story and the other Marauders while changing it up a bit (like how Lily didn't hate him when she first met him).

Haha, sometimes real people slip into my writing too, so that's what I was going for. Glad you liked it!

Yeah, James is a flirt in every universe. Non-negotiable. :D

Thanks again!

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Review #2, by RavenclawFTW Road Trip Blues

16th August 2015:
I'm back for the JILY and BvB but also still skipping around to my particular favorites. (Also I haven't answered your last review yet because it makes me so happy to look at that I don't want it to leave my inbox place.)

So this chapter is pretty different from the others, like you mention, and a bit heavier. There's definitely not the same inevitability to it, if that makes sense. It's more like a Jily friendship fic than romantic, but that won't stop my headcanons.

The relationship in this one is really interesting because it seems like it's based so much on the two of them changing over time, but in rather opposite directions. They've both become jaded-- Lily by the reality of the adult world, James by his mum's cancer-- but their reactions to those realities seem opposite. Lily has become less aggressively ambitious, more content to settle for what she has and have fun while doing, and happy to joke around and let things go. At the same time, she seems a little less focused, less in the moment-- I have friends who are always on their phones and it always seems like their minds are in a million places at once. Then this James...he seems so confused about having to be mature, and like he has to lash out at others to let loose a little. So obviously those changes aren't super compatible when they aren't really trying to understand one another. That said, it seems like they have so much potential to work so well together, like Lily's light-heartedness can help cancel out James's misplaced angst.

I really like how you've shown their relationship and clashing personalities here, though-- Lily's comments are totally benign, but James isn't in the right place to really respond correctly. You can totally see where they're coming from, and how much better it can work when they understand each other better.

I love the idea of these two as journalists, because it's such an open-ended job and they could be covering totally different beats, but at the same time it shows a lot about their personalities to me. Like they both probably are passionate about whatever it is they really want to write about, and care about keeping up-to-date about the goings on in the world around them.

OKAY we knew it was coming (I hope these aren't getting old because I'm having a blast coming up with them) but my head canon for this universe...they go to the convention, and get some good networking in, but nothing perfect-- no jobs in anywhere better than Leeds at the moment. Instead, they go back to the Post with a tighter friendship (they talk the entire car ride back, not just about journalism and politics but James's mother, because he hasn't really had a chance to talk to anybody about it before, not even Sirius) (also they might have gotten drunk one night at the convention and had a heart to heart which made that easier). (Are you liking all of these parenthetical asides? I'm out of control again.) They're just friends for a long time, and James thinks that maybe he could be happy in Leeds after all. Then because they're the OTP to rule all OTPs they eventually start dating (and I'm thinking that Sirius makes a joke about how James fancies Lily, and James hits him, but Lily realizes it's not just one-sided and later that night, when Sirius is gone, she kisses him). James's mum dies, and Lily helps him get ready for the funeral, and holds his hand through it all, even though she didn't ever get the chance to meet her. It's hard for James after that, but Lily always knows how to distract him and focus on other stuff-- I think they move in together around then, because James realizes that, you know, life is fleeting and he should do his best to take advantage of what's going on then and there.

But then Lily gets an offer to work at the Guardian, and it's a huge argument between her and James. James says she has to take it-- it's her dream job, and it would get her out of Leeds, after all-- but Lily doesn't want to leave him, even though she always thought she'd value her career over her relationships. Eventually, he convinces her that she has to, but she can't bear to leave him, and it looks like they're going to have to break up-- until James himself gets a position at The Times, and everything works out because, duh, it's Jily.

Welp, my head canon was actually longer than my actual review this time 'round...but these crazy kids just had to figure stuff out! Great job as ever, Mallory. :D (Also, this review had like a record-low number of emoticons...I don't know what it means!)


Author's Response: Omg, I am absolutely undeserving of such beautiful reviews. ♥

Your analysis of this Jily is so wonderful. You're right--Lily really has let loose a bit, almost too much to really understand and be there for James, especially since she doesn't know what he's going through right now. And James doesn't really know how to talk about it, so he's just keeping things bottled up--never a good thing, for sure. I do like the intensely weird dynamic in this one for some reason, because it gives way to so much angst and stuff. Which is sometimes exactly what you need from a Jily fic.

YES. I loved casting them as journalists because you can get all kinds of people as journalists. And obviously they have very different personalities in any universe, but working the same basic job you get to see those differences even more. :D

Your headcanons are masterpieces, geezus. I can totally get behind this one. The drunken heart-to-heart is JUST SO MUCH YES and the going back to Leeds, and the being there for each other, and the job situation... Omg, this was one that I never even wanted to continue, but this headcanon makes me want to now. Arrggghh, what a beautiful problem. I simply love your headcanons too much.

And "parenthetical asides," eyyy--I wrote that story too. :P

Another beautiful review+headcanon. You make me feel so special, you know that?


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Review #3, by RavenclawFTW Bookstore Interlude

13th August 2015:
Mallory! I'm continuing on with this story because reviewing the last chapter filled me with joy and who doesn't love more Jily?? (Well...probably loads of people, but whatever. I love Jily, you love Jily, and that's all that matters.)

Anyway! I don't want to repeat myself too much from last chapter, but your descriptions, Mallory. Man oh man. They're so wonderful and to the point and creative! They never feel repetitive, which is like the thing I struggle with the most. And just I feel like I can smell the store and see James being all impatient and then this line: It was an escape, an Eden unparalleled by anything the Outside World had to offer, and she was grateful. Ahh I can't really articulate exactly what it is about your descriptions with this chapter that stand out to me so much, but your diction is so solid. Like you used the word "frontispieces'! And it wasn't weird and it fit in with the style and that's so awesome.

OKAY then this LIly! I relate to her so well, with her struggles over moving to a new place and enjoying what she's dong there but not really fitting in or knowing anybody. My sister just moved to a new city and that's so similar to her own experiences-- you've painted such a realistic picture. I'd really like to know why she never buys a book! I also really love the voice you've given her-- she's clearly so headstrong and intelligent, and it shines through her dialogue with James. (And her attempted insult!)

And James! I'm so so intrigued by this James. He seems slightly irritable and not wholly interested in books, and I'd love to know why he works at this store if he's not too interested in it! He also seems so protective of the shop and I just love how he's reacted to Lily never buying a book! It's also obvious that he's pretty easy-going-- he doesn't get very defensive when he's talking to Lily or when she insults him. He mostly seems amused.

I really like that they're not going to instantly get together in this version-- they start off a little more adversarial and with a little less in common, so it makes sense that they're not going to go from this petty bickering to instantly dating.

I'm going to expand on my head canon of what happens after this because last time that made me really happy and hopefully it isn't annoying you or something: Lily slowly starts settling in. She finds a book club to join or something (maybe through the store?) and gets to know her neighbors, so she stops feeling less alone. But she can't help but visit the little bookshop with the annoying shopkeeper every week, even though they continue to bicker. After they've been talking for months, they never take it further until they end up getting coffee once after James closes up the shop (Sirius cancelled poker that night). And from there, things just keep going, even though James gets on her nerves at times and she isn't quite sure about that one friend of his, Peter.

OKAY I'm sorry I keep getting carried away but it's JILY. Anyway. I loved this chapter! Great job!



Oh, thank you! I don't think that I pay attention to whether or not I'm repeating imagery in my writing, but that's definitely something I'm going to look out for from now on. Because if I didn't do it in this story, I probably did it in another one, you know? But haha, I'm very happy you liked the word "frontispieces" in this. It just had that bookstore-ish, antique-y vibe, so I thought it was okay to use a sorta freaky word. :D

Ooh, as I've never actually had Lily's exact experience (with being totally alone in a new city), I am quite relieved to know that my portrayal of it was realistic! Odd thing: She doesn't buy any books because a) she can't really afford them because they're old and expensive and stuff, and b) she likes to come and visit the books in their home, and she feels that by removing one from the store, it wouldn't have the same magic as it does inside the store. (That's something I should really add to the story, probably!)

James is definitely not a reader in this, and I think it's just kind of a retail worker's mentality that he has. I mean, I work in a clothing store and I couldn't match colors to save my life, and I don't give a flying potato about fashion. James is the same way with books--he'll sell them all day, so long as he doesn't have to look at them when he goes home for the night. Despite his distaste for reading, he is quite protective of the shop because he has this strong sense of what's right and what's wrong, and if Lily is going to shoplift or something, he's going to stop her. But he is easy-going, other than that, and he's always up for a good insult war. :)

They're definitely a bit farther away from falling in lurve in this universe, and it makes me happy that you recognize that! No, I believe in realistic relationship progression, even though I'm the crazy HPFF-er who's written quite a few AUs where they don't exactly have a realistic relationship progression...

OOH YAY MORE HEADCANONS FROM J!! They're not annoying at all, please feel free to headcanon at me anytime!! ♥ Ooh, I love the idea of Lily joining a book club and making some friends! (Of course she's going to keep visiting the shop, there are beautiful old books there and there's something about that shopkeeper boy that simultaneously annoys and intrigues her...) YES LOVE THE COFFEE DATE IDEA AND SIRIUS CANCELLING POKER. Haha, yes, is anyone ever sure about Peter? But yes, eventually they will get together, though it might not be for a year, maybe. :)



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Review #4, by RavenclawFTW Coffee Shop Etude

13th August 2015:
Hey hey hey Mallory! So I'm here for our swap and BvB but ALSO to fix my error of reading and gushing over this story and never reviewing it! (Although, in my defense, it was during the HC.)

Something I was struck by the first time I read through this whole collection was your descriptions. You manage to paint such a clear picture in my mind of exactly what's going on in just several sentences, and the details you describe are always wonderful, illustrative, and interesting. In this chapter, I loved the descriptions of the smell of the shop and then how it tied into the feeling in the shop. I could totally picture Lily sitting at her table in the corner, writing and smelling the comforting aroma she associates with the shop.

Your descriptions of music are also so wonderful and evocative. I know you're a musician yourself (even if you play the lame oboe, which has nothing on the majesty of the noble trumpet :P) and I think that shows so clearly. You have such snappy and quick descriptions and I can practically feel and hear the music from your words. At the same time, you write it so casually, and it's woven so well into the rest of the story. Major kudos, man.

Then this Lily and this James! I love all your Lilys and Jameses (is that the correct plural of James...?) but the dynamics in this chapter kill me. You've only given us a little snapshot of Lily's life and I already feel like I understand her so well: her desire to be a Great Artist, her pride in her work, her confusion/indignation at being inspired by James's music but eventually her acceptance of it. I love how she takes matters into her own hands and tries to act like James doesn't affect her-- the character she's writing just happens to resemble him, she just happens to be distracted when he's playing, she's not quick to acknowledge his handsomeness or how she's observed him and his friends. I really love how she's the one to initiate contact with James.

Then your James! I love the combination of excited and cocky he exhibits. He's graceful and confident, "saunter"ing over to Lily, but at the same time he seems so genuinely enthused about meeting a fan, especially when she says he inspires her. He seems so casual about his playing-- he doesn't announce his songs or anything, just gets on with it, and it seems like he's very comfortable with himself.

I like to think James had noticed her as well (when he looked over at the table and Lily could see his eyes) and is really surprised that his interest is returned. And then he takes matters into his own hands and asks her out! Ahh! I love it! I also how Lily starts to say that she'd love to get coffee but then tries to play it cool. That was a funny detail!

Okay now I'm going to tell you my head canon about what happens after James finishes playing because it makes me happy and these characters are wonderful and I want to spread the love. So they have coffee and they bond over their love of the arts, even though neither of them are professional and they really want to be. Lily explains her book to James, and James listens really attentively and Lily thinks that he's just so charming. James tells Lily all about when he started getting into music and how he comes up with new songs and he's excited the she seems to understand him and isn't going to make fun of him, like Sirius and Peter do sometimes. And then they start going out (although Lily is careful to play it safe and never seem too eager when he calls) and they're supportive of each other as they become more successful and Lily publishes her novel (obviously inspired not only by James's music but the romance he's brought to her life) and then James gets a record deal because of a song that he wrote for Lily that a music agent person heard at the coffee shop and it's all sunshine and smiles from there.

Ahem. I may have gotten carried away but Jily just makes me so happy!

Overall, and back on topic...you're just a one-shot master! I know this is a collection but for each chapter you hit a great balance of description, characterization, and plot...ahh and Jily! I love Jily! Jily is my OTP! Basically I love this collection and I'll definitely be back to gush/ramble some more about your other interpretations!

Author's Response: J!!! You are too nice, you are such a goddess, and thank you for leaving me TWO brilliant reviews. ♥

Aww, thanks! I am always afraid that I never put in ENOUGH description, oddly enough. So I try to really gather my thoughts and imagine the scene so that maybe other people can see it too. I am honestly really happy that you liked what I did with description so much. ♥ (And don't worry about reading and not reviewing during the HC--I know I'm guilty of that!)

You come into MY house, insulting MY instrument?! How dare you!! (Just kidding, I will agree that the oboe has its drawbacks, but it's so beautiful? How can you not love the oboe life?) Haha, but thank you! I couldn't resist making James a musician in this one, and Lily a writer, since those are my two main passions in life. It was fun to do that because I had no trouble relating to them at all. (That's what comes of shamelessly making your characters a fictional manifestation of your own personality, whoops.)

Aww, my Lilies and Jameses are not worthy of your praise, omg! I'm so glad that the little snapshots of Lily's life gave you enough info to show you where she's at in her life right now. She's totally in denial about her admiration for James, but with her establishing "First Contact," she's kind of getting over that and realizing that it's lame to deny yourself an Important Life Experience. (As an aspiring Great Writer, you can imagine that she's all about those Important Life Experiences, right?)

James is actually inspired by a combination of trumpet players and horn players that I know, haha. He gets his cocky swagger from the trumpet side of things (sorry, but most of the trumpeters I know have WAY overblown egos, with you being the exception!), and his casualness from the horn players (who will just play anywhere, at any time, without really caring that they're disturbing others).

Yes, OTPs always notice each other. That's the main rule of shipping! (For my stories, at least, haha.) Yeah, there's always bound to be a little bit of awkward "ooh, should I play it cool because he'll think I'm weird if I don't?" in some of these AUs. I have an undue fondness for reading/writing that sort of behavior.

OMG THE FIRST HEADCANON I'VE INSPIRED THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS DISTINCT HONOR OMG. No, I totally agree with you, this ship is going to sail, and it's going to happen in the coffeeshop. OH YES I LOVE WHERE THIS IS GOING JAMES IS LISTENING SO CHARMINGLY AND OMG. And YES they are ARTISTS they SUPPORT and INSPIRE each other (although I can totally picture them having arguments over random artsy things, tbh, which would also be very cute). OMG YES I LOVE HOW THIS ALL COMES TOGETHER J WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU'VE BASICALLY CONTINUED MY FANFIC FOR ME THANK YOU! Now this means I have to write a part two to this one, right...?

No, no, I really enjoyed this headcanon diversion! Thanks so very much for sharing!!!

YAY JILY IS YOUR OTP IT'S ONE OF MY OTPS TOO!! I loved the challenge of writing these honestly, because I always think that I'm going to be overly wordy in my one-shots but all of these turned out quite short and cute and concise. :D


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Review #5, by BellaLestrange87 Lunchtime Capriccio

11th June 2015:
I really like the genderswap here. It's something I've never seen before, but I really enjoyed reading it. I loved how you brought in Lucius here, but as Lucy, a name that was easily recognizable for who they were in canon. Janet's characterization was really well-done, and I really like how she, a girl, was captain of the boy's lacrosse team. The verbal back-and-forth was entertaining and I loved how she let him know she liked him by downright telling him, as I don't usually read about female characters that are willing to do that. His reaction was perfectly in character, too, as I'm pretty sure that being told your nemesis liked you would be extremely hard to believe. I love how he had fantasized about the lighter physical aspects of being in a relationship, without actually connecting them to being in a relationship. And the kiss - the kiss was perfect! I really liked how he thought that at least one girl liked him - the only girl that mattered.


Ravenclaw House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hi Olivia!

Thanks for your review! The genderswap is something I've seen on Tumblr a lot, so trying my own version was an interesting experience. Yes, in this universe, characters are all swapped around, which is why Lucy Malfoy is going to marry Narcissus Black, haha. I'm glad you could recognize them!

Janet is kind of awesome in some cases, like her captaincy, and kind of not in others, like her incessant need to pick on people. Thanks! I had always wanted to write a scene in which a character suddenly confesses their love, and this was a fun opportunity to do that. Lael is such a poor little nerd, haha. He's so timid and it is quite hard to believe that Janet would like him, but it's true! (OTP! OTP!!) Aww, thanks! I've never written a kiss like that before (I rarely ever write about kissing), so it was interesting trying to figure out how to write it.

Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Modern Muggle ♥ Lunchtime Capriccio

31st May 2015:

Sorry, let me start over.

Hi! It's Modern Muggle again. (Or Last Minute Muggle, because I'm totally cutting it close!)

This was just absolutely fantastic! And I totally did catch the little wink in the beginning, Lucy Malfoy. So clever! And how you made this a whole prep school thing and instead of a Muggleborn, Lael was a scholarship kid and instead of Death Eaters you had the rich, trust fund babies. Omg, so, so clever!!

I really like how you characterized Janet and Lael, too. I could totally see that still being James and Lily deep down, just gender swapped. The essence of their characters were still there and that is just majorly impressive. I really loved how Janet was the captain of an all guys team! #GirlPower :p

Lael was so freaking adorable! I just wanted to hug him and let him know that girls do like boys like him. Girls do like the comic book reading, sweet little nerdy boys. I probably would have totally had a crush on him, too.

Haha I loved how blunt Janet was but was sad that Lael assumed that she was just pranking him again. And then fluffiness ensues and once again, a version of James and Lily are together! And squees erupted from a certain Muggle of the Modern variety. ♥

Fantastic job on this! I really, really, really liked it!!

Tons of love,
♥ Modern Muggle

Author's Response: Hi once more!

Thank you so very much for your reviews! Again, I don't mind at all that they were "last minute." I loved reading them (and rereading them).

Lucy Malfoy--I giggled over that one because it reminded me of Starkid's version of Lucius Malfoy, heehee. In my modern Muggle AUs, I like to draw as many parallels as I can to make it clear that this is actually Jily and not just some stupid original fic masquerading as fanfic. The old-money-pureblood thing seemed to fit with trust fund babies, and the opposite of that is "scholarship kid from the wrong side of the tracks," so instead of Muggleborn-pureblood tension, it became more of an economic status thing.

Thank you! The gender swap is something that I was uneasy about at first, because I was afraid I would do it wrong. Ultimately, I decided to swap both genders, but put more "characteristically feminine" traits into Lael's personality and more "characteristically male" traits into Janet's. (That isn't to say that all females are shy and all males are bold, but stereotypes, you know?) I also wanted to change the narrative of James's pursuit of Lily. It is a bit different that Janet (as a female) was puttin' the moves on Lael (as a male), and I wanted to do that to overturn the trope a little bit. :) Yes, Janet is kind of cool, though she's quite brash and often rude. #GirlPower indeed! :D

Girls DO like nerds, you're right! Poor silly Lael. And Janet is so blunt and full of pranks that it's really no wonder that Lael thought that's what she was trying to do. They really have a lot of talking to do, after this initial burst of fluff. (Yeah, you picked an especially weird one--probably my first kissing scene ever, whoops).

Thanks for squeeing and reviewing some of my stories!


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Review #7, by BellaLestrange87 Coffee Shop Etude

21st April 2015:
Hi Mallory! I'm supposed to be sleeping right now but instead I decided to start reading this.

And I'm glad I did. I haven't read any James/Lily Muggle AUs - or any Muggle AUs, for that matter, but I think after one chapter you've converted me to believing just how wonderful they are. Now I have plans to write one myself. (Even if those plans consist of one bullet point in my plunny document labelled "Harry/Ginny muggle AU")

Now, on to the actual review. I love the idea of Lily being a writer. I love that this is set in a coffee shop. I love the fact that James is a musician. I love the conversation between Lily and James and how nervous she seems to be talking to him.

Long story short, this whole chapter was just *I still don't know how to do that hearts thing but imagine it here instead of these words*


Author's Response: Olivia, you wonderful person! Go sleep! (Just kidding, you wrote this in April. Hopefully you've slept since then.)

James/Lily Muggle AUs are my JAM! Welcome to the party. xD Yass, so glad that you're a believer now. I MUST keep a lookout for your Hinny AU, yay!

Lily is a writer because I am a writer and I like to connect with my characters. :) I wrote this very quickly, so to establish a connection and really know what was going on in her head, I had to use some of my own experiences. James is a musician--as I am too--and it's the same story with him. (I wrote these for Tumblr Jily Valentine's Week, so they're very quick and stuff.) Aww, yes, the babes are so nervous around each other. It's cute. And awkward. I love it, and I'm glad you do too!

Awww, ♥!! I can imagine the heart. Thank you!


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Review #8, by The Hot Cross Bun Monster!! :D Speakeasy Jazz

16th April 2015:
Omg, behold for it is the Hot Cross Bun Monster coming to devour your story! Muhahahaha!

What how dare Jily take place in a Muggle universe? Iím not allowed to lurk there for too long so I canít petrify them with my mystifying ways, though I must say Jamesí somewhat bad attempts at flirting would be enough to terrify anyone. It just shows how in love he and Lily are if heís attempts at it manage to work on her.

I must admit, Lily had a very strong character here and perhaps strong enough to even terrify me in a duel. I did very much like her character despite that as she took James head on even though she was in an inebriated state and I like all that girl power side! Bahaha, I must say I did have a little chuckle when James mistook her for a fire though as that was rather funny and Lily just managed to seduce him straight away and poor James didnít quite know what to do with himself.

I rather liked James here too as he had a rather lost puppy feel about him so would naturally make very easy prey for me which is always a good thing. It was rather adorable seeing what a deep effect Lily had on James even though I shouldnít be advocating things like love because yíall should know evil is the way and youíd better be joining me on that bandwagon or youíll regret it straight away.

Anyhow, this was a very charming one-shot and I enjoyed it a lot despite the main theme being love. I thought I should point out that if this is the last story, itís still set as a WIP so you may wish to change that. :)

-The Hot Cross Bun Monster!

Author's Response: Omg, the Hot Cross Bun Monster! How shall I escape your hungry wrath?!

Haha, sorry for bursting your bubble, but Muggles are great. They're so oblivious and immune to your charms! James's attempts at flirting are probably more terrifying than you, to be honest. And the best part is, his charms will always work on Lily because they're meant to be together. OTP!

Glad that Lily could terrify you, who makes a habit of striking terror into the hearts of mortals! She's quite forward here, which is something I enjoy writing because I like to invert their personalities sometimes. Girl power for the win! James is obviously tired if he can't see that a pretty girl is not a flaming fire, and he definitely has no idea what to do about it.

Lost puppy! Perfect descriptor! You could probably prey on him very easily, you sneaky monster! Love makes the world go round! Abandon your evil ways, lil' monster! You won't regret coming to the light side. We have cookies AND sprinkles.

Thanks for pointing that out! I may or may not add on to this collection in the future, so I left the WIP option to remind myself. :)


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Review #9, by Claire Evergreen Coffee Shop Etude

15th April 2015:
Hey! Here for the BvB Battle!

Ahh this is so freaking cute! I haven't read may Jily stories (even though they're one of my favorite fictional couples) and I hardly ever read AUs, but this is just too adorable! I'm so glad that I found it.

I love Lily in this! I know it's an AU, but she just fits her character so well with everything that she does. I really like the idea of her as a romance writer and the fact that she likes big, grand, sweeping gestures, it's just so Lily, you know? Well, obviously you know, you wrote it.

Her interaction with James was too cute! Her nervousness and everything and then his confidence was just so perfect! That is exactly what they would be like if they hadn't known each other at Hogwarts. You really nailed the characterizations here.

And oh my gosh, James!! He is my favorite character of all time and I love him here, even though he's just in a really small part. I never in a million years would have thought of him as a musician, but it just works so well. What made you think of him as a keyboard player? Because I couldn't tell you why, but it just fits him really well.

This is just so cute! Fantastic job!


Author's Response: Hi! So sorry that it's three months later and I'm only just responding now.

Jily is the BEST, and if you liked this AU, you should check out some of the legends on Tumblr. Seriously, they're SO GOOD. I can never resist a good AU.

Lily in this is very different because of her romantic side. I guess she could have a side that's romantic in canon, but it isn't ever explicit, so in these AUs, I was trying on personalities for both Lily and James to see which ones I liked best. The Romantic!Lily turned out pretty cute, I think. ;)

Thank you! I think they would actually like each other immediately if they didn't have a History, so I'm happy that you thought so as well. Thanks so much.

James is the bestest. :) The reason I made him a keyboard player is because I actually play piano and oboe. I can never resist writing about musicians when I have the chance, and his ego is sometimes like that of a musician. (In a later AU in this series, I have him playing keyboard and saxophone, haha.)

Thanks again for a stellar review!

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Review #10, by Peter Cottontail Dorm Life Tango

15th April 2015:
Hi there! I was just on my way back to April Valley from my very brief vacation after Easter and I thought I heard some beautiful melodies coming from a random college room so of course I had to stop by.

Wow this was adorable! And trust me, I know adorable, I'm an Easter bunny (not the Easter Bunny, mind you. I don't know where people got that idea from). I mean, don't get me wrong, James seems like he could be the biggest jerk ever, but he just was so sweet underneath all of that, kind of like when you have a dark chocolate egg filled with delicious jellybeans...but I digress.

I feel for Lily here. Like a lot. I understand how it is to be so overwhelmed with everything all at once and not be able to get enough sleep to get it all done. It's absolutely miserable to be up day in and day out and not get a single thank you. I mean, you'd be surprised at how many kids don't even think to leave out a glass of water or just one carrot now a days. I mean, it's not like we ask for much!

Oh, there I go again. Alright, back on track. Hmm, I'm sure James gets those 'you aren't going anywhere with a music degree' jokes a lot. You should have seen what people said about Roger when he went off to make that movie or when Lettucce went and did that Cadbury Egg commercial. When you aren't just doing what everyone else does, people tend to get really snippy.

As wonderful as this story is, I'm afraid that I have to get going now. I've already been away from April Valley long enough and I'm sure everything is just dying to see me again. See you around!

-Peter Cottontail

P.S.- I almost forgot. I met this group of people on my way back that called themselves Eagleclaws or Raventalons or something like that and they asked me if I could put in a good word for you with the big boss for all of the hard work you put into organizing all the Easter reviews. Hopefully I can score you some extra jellybeans or maybe even some peanut butter cups. They told me what you did and let me just say, you are a fantastic person! They're lucky to have someone as amazing as you running around with them! Alright, now I really have to go. Take care!

Author's Response: Hi there, Peter Cottontail! Thanks for hopping by!

Thanks for clarifying that you aren't The Easter Bunny. All of the rabbits around during the Easter holidays get me confused sometimes, but you're my favorite (shh, don't tell!). James could be a big jerk, but he's more annoying than anything in this one. :) Your similes give me life, hunny bunny. ♥

Lily is the typical honors student--overworked, undernourished, tired. Poor thing. I'll definitely make sure to leave out a carrot for you next year!

James definitely gets those jokes--ban of his existence, really. Yeah, people (and other bunny rabbits) can be rude, but as long as you're following your heart and being smart about career options, you can do anything.

Yes, you hop on along! Thanks again for dropping by. I did enjoy the extra jellybeans on Easter, and it tickles me that my Claws put in a good word for me.


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Review #11, by BookDinosaur Speakeasy Jazz

10th April 2015:
Ooh, hello again Mallory! I do feel quite accomplished at having reviewed all of this in one day, even if I did take almost the whole day to do it (not the whole day, so to speak, but I had the tab open all day and kept coming back and flitting away).

Anyway, I really liked this! Lily in this story was so headstrong and seductive, haha, it did make me laugh but at the same time I loved it. I'm such a sucker for the extrovert Lily (for lack of a better word, but I've reiterated this enough time that surely you'll understand what I mean).

I admit, I had to Google 'speakeasy' because I've never heard of these things before, but when I finally did get a handle on what it was (retro bars, right? this isn't an actual speakeasy from the Prohibition era, was it?) it seemed to fit very well - the people who wanted ALL THE ALCOHOL, oh dear, poor James! He reminded me a bit of Annie from PFK, with all these unpleasant customers to deal with on a regular basis. I suppose he should be glad that none of them are trying to force their attentions on him the way some guys treat Annie.

Aww but of course James would be doing this to raise money for Remus! I love that you've had him contract lupus in these modern muggle AUs - I mean, not love, obviously, as that's very unfortunate for Remus, but it's a very clever nod towards canon. That's what I meant, I swear, I don't hate Remus. D: I'm tired out from supporting the Broncos. :P

Anyway, I love the interaction between the two. James does seem very tired (more tired than me, even!) but Lily seems wide awake, and also not drunk at all which calls into question why she was visiting the bar - for a certain handsome bartender, perhaps? Well, I think she might be a little surprised at his sprit when he's not worked nine hours and wants to impress her. >:D

I love the atmosphere that you've managed to capture, here - it seems a lot more like PFK than your other chapters, possibly because of the bar setting and the (slightly) similar situations that James and Annie are in. I think you really have managed to capture the essence of the bar, and not just that but from James' point of view as well, if that makes sense? Like the music that fills the air and then the sudden blaze of red in front of him when Lily asks for a drink, that makes an impression on his tired mind - you really managed to get inside his head, I think, so major kudos to you there!

This was beautiful, and I'm so sad that it's over. Maybe consider expanding a couple of these? :P Either way, thank you for bringing these over from Tumblr and showing us all the true magic of modern Muggle Jily AUs. ♥


Author's Response: You are an absolute champion, and you know it. Thanks so much for sticking with all of these through the good and the not-so-great. ♥

Extrovert!Lily is the best Lily. She isn't a "hothead," but she isn't about to take insults lying down. I love writing characters that know how to seduce, apparently (though I don't know how to do that myself, lol).

This "modern" Muggle AU is actually set in the Roaring Twenties--in as vague a setting as I could make it, of course. I guess you could say that it's also set in America, since I don't even know if Britain had Prohibition in the 20s... But yeah, I really like writing things like bars and casinos (though I've never been to either), and James does seem like Annie a little (except he's much less foxy!).

James is a good friend! :) And I always try to make Remus seem like canon!Remus, and one link that I can't seem to ignore is the unfortunate afflictions that he suffers. Some people use cancer, but I chose lupus because of the name and because it mimics a vulpine transformation--in much more mundane ways, of course. I love Remus, too, but unfortunately he's the victim here. :/

James is super tired. Lily is super alert. I think I would be too, if I were one of the only women in a space full of drunken males. But she seeks thrills, even if they can become scary. If she can talk to a handsome bartender without getting a nasty compliment, doesn't that mean it's been a good night? To be honest, I don't really know why she was there--again, she and James are soulmates, and they always meet. :)

Haha, I keep forgetting how much this parallels the situation in PfK. Except James I and Lily are obviously meant for each other, while Annie and James II have a Deep Dark Past that causes many problems. Ooh, thanks! I like settings, and I always nitpick about getting enough description in there to set the scene.

I WANT TO EXPAND SOME SO BADLY!! But I'm not sure how to at this point. Maybe I'll work something out one day. :)

Thanks again for reviewing all of these weird little things!

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Review #12, by BookDinosaur Road Trip Blues

10th April 2015:
Ooh, hello again Mallory! This was different, but different in a good way, I swear.

The Broncos have just won a very dramatic game against the Roosters (don't bother yourself about it, it's the rugby league) and the bottom line is that I'm very happy (seriously; it went into golden point extra time, and there were four hopeless kicks, and then a try - and yeah, there was a lot of screaming going on in my house). So if this review is a bit loopy, please forgive me. ♥

Oh wow, I love love love the way you've characterised them here! Lily the quiet sassy prankster is a characterisation of her that I love, because I really don't think that she was as nice or quiet or as model a student as a lot of authors portray her to be - although tuna salad in someone's hair, and a prank war without being fired completely seems to mean that she's good at covering these things up.

Heh, of course he blames Sirius for everything. Everyone blames Sirius for everything. Poor Srius. :P

I really like how you've written these two. It seems so realistic, the way that they interact and talk to each other. We've only been with these characters for a while, but somehow you managed to let the readers know that something was off with him, how he used to play pranks and now how Lily's accusing him of being no fun, it all seemed very realistic.

And then, of course, when we realise why - his excuse of growing up and changing and taking his job seriously, I mean, it fits, doesn't it? The kind of thing he's going through, how his mother's dying, that does tend to make someone grow up a bit faster. So he wasn't really lying when he said that to Lily.

Oh man, but the two of them are so cute! How Lily comforts him, even though she doesn't really know how, and how he felt like she was keeping him together - it was darker material, but still with the Jily adorableness that you're so good at creating.

On to the next chapter! :D


Author's Response: Hi again! I'm almost finished responding to all of your reviews on these AUs, I swear. :)

Ooh, rugby! Sounds intense, but I'm glad you're in a good mood because of it!

Lily is very different here--almost like she switched parts of her personality with James. I don't know why that made sense for me to write, but it did. I think office prank wars sound like fun, but maybe that's because I've watched far too much of The Office to have a healthy attitude about office life.

Sirius gets all the blame because it's all his fault. xD

Ooh, I'm glad that they seem realistic to you. I sometimes worry that I don't write realistically enough, that these things wouldn't actually happen in real life and so they're too far removed from reality for the reader to enjoy (if you could understand that sentence, thank you). Thanks for saying that!

James was really dramatic and angsty in this one. I don't know, I wanted it to rain, and I wanted him to cry. Something about James Potter crying that makes me both deeply sad and deliriously happy (because then there's Lily to comfort him, and the mood changes entirely). So yeah, I had to come up with something, and the mom thing happened so suddenly in the story. It's very abrupt, but I tried to ease into the transition to make it seem more plausible.

♥ Sorry, but I just love to see him cry if she's there to hold his hand. I wanted to see them break apart and then fall together as a result, and they did that part quite nicely, even if they don't always do other things very well. Dark material is fun, but fluff always wins in the end with these two, as far as I'm concerned. :)

Thanks again!

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Review #13, by BookDinosaur Dorm Life Tango

10th April 2015:
MALLORY! :D :D :D This was so so adorable. My heart is melting and I AM BECOMG A PILE OF FEELS but that's okay. :D because it was this story which caused my transformation, and that makes all the difference.

But seriously, this was adorable. I'm going to be out of chronological order here, because I just have to mention the end - OF COURSE James would be bothering fellow students to try and get Lily to notice him, oh dear! That's both adorable and...I kind of want to say ridiculous, but it's not ridiculous. It's just adorable. Despite the Gryffindor bravery, this fits really well, I can so imagine him doing this. And Sirius just playing along! Yes, this fits perfectly.

Oh, I really love the small nods to canon you keep putting in, like Lily and Remus being RAs and Remus trying to keep the other three out of trouble. Is Remus in love with Sirius in this universe, too?

Oh, I bet James only named his pieces Roses and Daffodils so as not to be obvious about his liking for Lily. But then again... "I happen to love flowers, thanks very much,Ē so maybe he's not as subtle as he thought, hahaha. Of course he's not as subtle as he thought, the silly thing.

Somehow, I love your casting him as a musician. He seems to fit very well as a musician - and your portrayal of college kids made me laugh.

And the two of them getting on each others' nerves mirrors canon so well! How Lily wants something more secure, like a scientist, and James is willing to take up the slightly less secure path of a musician - it suits their canon personalities so well, and I think we should just officially crown you to be the Queen Genius of Jily Modern Muggle AUs.

Thank you for writing this! These AUs are a delight to be reading. :D



Yeah, James is a bothersome child. He likes to bother people, and it is definitely very ridiculous. Maybe after Lily becomes his friend, he'll stop bothering people (I doubt it, though). He's so silly. And Sirius will go along with anything that amuses him, so there's that.

I like Remus as an RA--he would be a good one. YES OF COURSE WOLFSTAR IS ALWAYS A THING IN EVERY UNIVERSE. ♥

Subtlety is NOT James's strong suit, as you can obviously tell! But he thought he was being creative and cute with the title, so I guess we'll let him think that?

Writing about musicians is fun for me because I am one (when I remember to practice), so I can just make fun of the stereotypes all day long. You know that feel, playing the flute and all. :D

Thank you for that esteemed title! I will wear it with honor and pride. I just like to mess around with James and Lily's lives, obviously, and I knew that Lily was good at Potions (can't decide if that's canon or fanon), so scientist made sense for her. And James is always a musician--especially a saxophone player. They're always willing to misbehave. :)


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Review #14, by BookDinosaur Lunchtime Capriccio

10th April 2015:
MALLORY! My sun and stars, moon of my life! ♥ (Sorry, GoT references. Do you watch GoT? Season Five comes out in two days! :D :D :D)

Oh my days, I have to admit that I haven't read many genderbending stories but this seems like a good start!

Ugh, okay, to get it out of the way first: characterisation. Seriously, I think you know by now how important it is to me, especially in an AU where the characters are one of the only things we do recognise in the story, and you just did such a perfect job with this: how Lael was quiet and somewhat bullied, and didn't trust Janet when she said that she fancied him, and then Janet's hotheaded admission, without thinking about how Lael might react and just, yeah, it's really interesting!

And, of course, how Janet is the captain of the boys' lacrosse team because she beat everyone else into submission, hahaha! That was a perfect touch.

I loved the storyline of this, though, the often-seen confident + shy, but with a confident girl and shy boy, rather than the other way around. I suppose that's the purpose of genderbending, but it really did provide and interesting juxtaposition to canon and the normal stereotypes that I see, of confident guy + shy girl.

Also, Lael is so awkward around Janet! "Your meaning is unclear to me," oh my days, how adorable and kerfuffly and cute. Anf ugh, of course Janet would have literally no clue on how to go about wooing a boy and then start pranking him mercilessly, oh dear. So terrible at interpersonal relations. :P

Oh, and sticking them both in prep school was quite genius, and a lovely nod to canon. :D

Looking forward to chapter four!


Author's Response: Sadly, I still haven't watched GoT. Haven't read the books yet, so I can't. But thanks for the lovely pet names. ♥

Yeah, I never had much experience with genderbending either, but after writing this one, I really want to try one in which only one gender is bent. That's how it traditionally goes, but back in February I was a little too scared to try that because I thought I would totally mess it up. Now I'm a bit braver, so maybe I'll do one someday?

Lael is maybe a little more subdued than Lily is, but I look at this as another universe's incarnation of the Jily ship. So because of different circumstances, Lael and Janet behave sort of how Lily and James would, but not quite. Which is why Janet seems so aggressive. It isn't weird for girls to be aggressive, but people think it is, and gah, I don't know if I messed up by writing her with "male characteristics" that just point back to the fact that James is actually male? I don't know. I still have trouble deconstructing that concept, but I tried to change things up.

Yeah, I also enjoyed writing the trope a little bit backwards, and that is the point of genderbending for the most part. :) I enjoyed writing a girl chasing after a boy, not because girls should pine after boys or anything, but because James is the one who's always chasing after Lily and it's still the same in this universe.

And of course, though he might deny it, Lael was quite pleased that Janet chased after him. He's so awkward and I kind of love him, haha. Janet is quite clueless indeed about that. They're both clueless. Silly things.

Thanks again!

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Review #15, by BookDinosaur Bookstore Interlude

10th April 2015:
Hello, Mallory, light of my life and beauteous author of all things Jily, modern, and muggle. :D

Oh man, this was so fluffy. I think that everything you write in this collection is going to be fluffy and I'm slowly going to dissolve into a pile of melted warm and fuzzy feels and nobody will mind because I'll be much more pleasant towards them in that form. :D

But seriously. Your description in this is just perfect - the way that you described the bookshop for us, you managed to capture the atmosphere of it perfectly, like in this quote: piles of books on stout end tables, books on shelves that ran the perimeter of the room with their spines lined up like stiff sentinels, comfy armchairs inviting her to sit and stay awhile. But more than just capture the atmosphere, I think you managed to capture Lily's point of view perfectly and tell the audience how she saw it, as a sanctuary against the outside world.

Oh, and I've said this before and I'll probably say it again and you're probably sick of me saying this by now but your characterisation of James and Lily is just so perfect! I love the idea of James suffering through working in a bookshop despite disliking reading, haha! And I quite liked the touch that you added, saying that he disliked customers who read the books but didn't buy them - coming from something of a privileged background, that absolutely makes sense in canon. :D

Honestly, the interaction between the two of them is pretty brief - they barely introduce themselves to each other, after all - but it all flowed really well and none of the dialogue seemed stilted or out of place and it still felt fine to read (possibly because we know they're soulmates :P ).

Anyway, thank you for writing this! And if this is for Jily writing week, are there only going to be seven chapters? (You should write more. I haven't even read them all but I know you should write more.) (Not trying to pressure you or anything.) (But you should definitely write more.)


Author's Response: Hai again!

Yes, everything is fluff here. It's so fluffy. I think I got cavities from writing it, but so be it! Please don't melt--that would be tragic and then there would be no more of your stories! :O

Thank you! I've always wished that my town had one of those tiny bookshops, but alas, we don't even have a Barnes&Noble. So I relied on my imagination as much as possible, and I really wanted to convey it to the reader. I'm glad it all came across!

James is definitely not a reader, haha, but Lily definitely is. And I actually know his struggle with people not buying books (not because I'm rich) because people do that all the time at my job in a clothing department store. Retail stuff really gets my goat sometimes.

There will hopefully be other interactions between them in this universe, and maybe one day I'll write it? I don't really know how to continue these stories without making them their own separate stories, so that's a difficulty that I'll work out on another day.

There are only seven chapters, but I will never not write Jily AUs. You can take my word for it. :D


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Review #16, by BookDinosaur Coffee Shop Etude

10th April 2015:
Hello, Mallory! Much like Lily, I'm promising myself that I will get through this story within a very productive time given that I'm usually the slowest reviewer EVER - seven chapters, I'm so behind, this is terrible and I am so sorry.

Okay, I think that from my review on Aesthetic Alterations we both know that I'm a big fan of modern muggle Jily AUs, especially as they seem to be such a rare beast on this site and I'm too scared to search them up on other sites for fear of running into those terrible fics which give fanfic a bad rep. I'm SUCH a coward. :P

Anyway, this is amazing! The way you've characterised James and Lily gave me warm and fuzzy feels all over - somehow a jazz musician seems to suit James perfectly, and being good at improve! Such an amazing touch, Mallory I loved it. :D And hahaha, he's such a charmer, turning Lily's request into more music for a request of his own for coffee - I love it, hehe.

And I loved the way you characterised Lily as well; I particularly liked that she didn't really wait around for James but called him over - I have a firm headcanon that Lily wasn't as quiet or as good a girl as the teachers always believed her to be, haha! And writing a romance novel even though she hasn't had any experience with romance herself, and wanting to be one of those Great Artists - Lily the overachiever.

As I've said before, I think you did a fab job with incorporating canon characteristics into these people even while changing the setting, so major kudos to you there! And, of course, you managed to capture the part where they're soulmates (because they ARE soulmates) so perfectly. :D

The whole atmosphere of this story was so warm and cosy and fluffy, though, possibly because it took place in a coffee shop, but I think that you really managed to capture the relaxed atmosphere or the story perfectly here.

This was adorable and fluffy and made me smile, Mallory, and it's onto the next chapter I go! :D


Author's Response: Haha, no you're brilliant, don't worry about it. I know you'll review me whenever, and I always look forward to your reviews. Timing matters not!

So glad that you're also a fan of modern Muggle Jily AUs. I just can't get enough of them. You can find a lot (and I mean A LOT) of them on Tumblr that are really good, and someone even wrote an entire Jily Pirate AU on FF. If you're looking for impressive, THAT'S where you should look. :) Don't be afraid.

For this one, I couldn't resist tapping into my musical tendencies. James is definitely the more likely of the two to be a jazz musician because he kind of likes the spotlight. And he couldn't let Lily go without asking for a date, could he? That's why they're my OTP--they always end up together. :D

Lily is definitely not a straight-up goody-goody, but she projects that image to certain people (like teachers). With James, she sees what she likes and she's going to go after it...After a healthy dose of convincing herself, of course. Romance novels are sort of silly, but anything to break into the publishing world, right? Lily has ambitions, and if romance is going to start her on that path, then so be it!

Thanks thanks thanks! Yep, they're soulmates, and I just love adding in those canon details wherever I can. Coffee shop AUs can be silly, and this one definitely was, but I'm glad I got the chance to try it for once. :D

Thank you again for the gazillion reviews that you keep leaving me! One of these JulNo days is going to be Emily Day, and you can expect some reviews from me in return for all of your fabulousness in the past few months.


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Review #17, by Flower n Prongs Road Trip Blues

30th March 2015:
This one was much darker and a much heavier subject matter than the others, but I still feel like it fit in very well with the rest of them.

Since the tone of this one was much different, it had me curious about how it was going to unfold. The fact that you had them playing pranks on each other when they first met left me a bit confused about what had happened to James. Even when he was saying that sometimes people grow up and change, it didn't feel like it was enough to explain why his personality had changed so drastically recently.

When you did reveal why, it was not something I was expecting. It was clear that he had a lot on his mind, but hearing him say that his mum was dying was very sad. (And nicely paralleled by the rain falling outside while he was telling Lily about it and crying.) The fact that Lily and James both ended up as orphans despite their young age was an aspect of the books you hadn't pulled into your story yet and it was great to see you use a darker aspect of their lives in this chapter.

I would actually be interested in seeing more of these sorts of darker, hard life moments in future stories. The stories of them getting together, meeting, and so on are adorable and fun to read, but this one was also brilliant.

I was never really one to read many Muggle AUs, but this has caught my attention and I love your writing style.

Happy Easter again. =)

- Rhaenyra

Author's Response: Yeah, I had to go back to the dark side at some point. There was so much fluff!

The James personality 360 thing was kind of a last-minute effort to give me a reason for why he would be so annoyed with Lily. It could definitely use some work, so I'm grateful for your feedback about that confusing you! I'll work on it one day when real life is less hectic.

Yep, it came as a surprise to me, too. It was very sudden and dramatic, but I was running late for the deadline and I wanted to put something up on Tumblr for the challenge. Rain and sadness go very well together, I find! Yeah, poor orphans. :( I guess I wanted to delve into that aspect, but I didn't have time to properly do it. Definitely will rewrite it, I promise!

I want to write more Muggle AUs, I really do! I just have to find time, and effort, and motivation, and all those good things. :P

Thanks again! I'm so glad that these convinced you to try out the Muggle AU! Seriously, I am trash for those things.


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Review #18, by Flower n Prongs Dorm Life Tango

30th March 2015:
Ahh! That ending was so adorable.

The fact that he was repeatedly getting noise complaints in hopes that she would finally agree to talk with him may be one of the cutest things ever. It fits, despite the Gryffindors-are-brave proclamations that we always hear. I see this situation as the slightly more mature version of him being loud and striving for her attention by bothering fellow students. (Although, when I put it that way, it sounds like exactly the same thing! Maybe just with less pain for the fellow students.)

Having Lily as an RA was a nice replication of the power balance between her and James when she was a prefect and he was not. It was even better that you did the same with Remus.

How have you come up with so many possible scenarios? Every time I read a new one I'm curious to see how it unfolds and always pleasantly surprised to see how many ways you are able to pull in facts from the actual books and replicate them somehow in various Muggle situations.

It was nice to get a sneak peak of Sirius in this story. I love the fact that he knew James's plan to annoy everybody all along and, rather than suggesting something more reasonable, he went along with it. It was very... Sirius-like.

- Rhaenyra =)

Author's Response: Thank you for another lovely review!

Yeah, James is an idiot. A lovable idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. He's brave to get those noise complaints, but also stupid. Someone should've gone to the Community Director about it, lol. He is being a bit more mature about it... Maybe. Or we could just say that he's being a college boy, and that's probably more accurate (because those are not very mature folks, trust me!).

I like the RA-prefect parallel! Glad you liked it too. :D

I just... like scenarios, I guess. There's always a new way to look at things, and I enjoyed finding them! They sort of just unfold for me after I get the idea, so unfortunately my process is not very exciting. I am just really happy that you enjoy reading these silly things!

Sirius is so fun to write in a modern Muggle setting. Such a snarky lil guy. I really want to write more of him. :D

Thanks again!


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Review #19, by Unicorn_Charm Bookstore Interlude

26th March 2015:
Hi there! Here for our swap!! :)

Oh I was excited to continue on with this story! :D And with good reason. Just the first paragraph alone! "The smell of books was her favorite scent because when she inhaled, she could imagine what it would feel like to be transported from the confines of her own life." Yes, yes, yes! I totally get that! I just love the way you describe this place. It makes me sad that nothing like it exists where I live. :( The only bookshops around here are the big chain stores, and they're not as cool as this one sounded.

So I love that you're writing these little Jily short stories. It's so interesting to see them in different settings and how they're reacting to one another. James definitely seemed a bit arrogant in this one, with the whole "I have somewhere to be," attitude. Their little back and forth was pretty funny. He grinned at her attempted insult. ďThatís a pretty low blow, having a go at my mum like that." cracked me up. :D

Hmm. I wonder if they will see one another again... Being that it's James and Lily (even in a different universe) I'd take that bet. ;)

This was really cute! I very much enjoyed it!! ♥ Thanks so much for doing the swap!!

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for swapping!

Yay for continuing! I'm so happy that you were excited to return. :) I love the way books smell and feel, and I wanted Lily to have that experience. I sure do wish that I had a bookshop in my town like the one in my imagination. :/ Haha, yeah, bookstore chains are okay, but small, kitschy ones are the cooliest!

Thanks! I have way too much fun with modern Muggle Jily. The different setting are such fun to write! Yeah, James is quite arrogant in this one. I tried to tap into that side of him to sort of explore different directions his character could go in the different universes I wrote about. Lolol, I'm glad that my weird humor made someone laugh. :D

Of course they'll see each other again! They fall in love every single time, no matter what. :) ♥

Thanks again!

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Review #20, by The Baslisk Coffee Shop Etude

26th March 2015:
Hello, it'sss I, the Baslissk.

JILY! I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH MODERN DAY JILY AU, HONESTLY. I'M VERY GLAD YOU'RE HERE TO FULFILL THAT HOLE. I must say, you've nailed both Lily and James's characterizations. It's wonoderful. I got this warm, fuzzy, cozy vibe from the whole story. Definitely because it's a coffee stop Jily. :P This was written so well. Youf low is great, as is story progression. It doesn't drag, it's not rushed, it sits nicely and allows the reader to fully engage. But omg I can't get over this. COFFEE SHOP JILY AU. THIS IS AN AMAZING DAY.

Thankss sso much for the great read, and the ssspectacular Jily.

(I've decided to post 44 letters hidden in reviews over the next little while. Each one of them has a character at the bottom. If you can find all 44 reviews (not all are out yet, so keep your eyes peeled) and rearrange the letters into a quote from Harry Potter and PM it to WriteYourHeartOut on the forums you could win a donation to HPFF in your name! There's a topic in the Off Topic Section if you want to collaborate your efforts!)

Thankss again,
The Basilisk




Author's Response: Ahhh, Basilisk, my friend! So good of you to Slyther-in. :D

ME NEITHER OMG I LOVE MODERN DAY JILY AUS. I think it's my personal quest to bring the genre from Tumblr to HPFF, because not a lot of people are too keen on it here. (Yet.) Fuzzy, cozy vibes are my fave, especially when I'm avoiding homework (like I am now). I'm so glad that you thought it flowed well and that you enjoy coffee shop AUs so much. You and I will get along quite well, I think. :)

I have relayed the clues to the others and they've solved your riddle. :) However, as I am no great solver of riddles, I was content to watch them think. :D


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Review #21, by TreacleTart Coffee Shop Etude

25th March 2015:
Hi Mallory,

So I've never actually read a Muggle AU fiction before and was a bit nervous in all honesty. I have a hard time with stories that shred apart the previous set up, but I have to say that this was a very pleasant surprise.

I found the idea of James being a Jazz musician quite believable. His personality makes me think he would be quite entertaining to watch! I love that you've made Lily a writer as well. The idea that James' music inspires her is so sweet. Can anyone say true love?

I also enjoyed that it was her who made the first move. I don't think she would be the type who would sit around coyly waiting for the guy to gather up courage. The way that James transitioned her request to play more music into asking her on a date was good as well. It seemed pretty believable.

As far as the technical aspect of your writing, I think you've done quite well. I didn't notice any obvious grammar or spelling issues and the flow was quite smooth.

All in all a short, sweet chapter that gave me a new perspective on AU stories! I'm curious to see what the other chapters bring.


Author's Response: Hello Kaitlin!

I'm sorry for making you nervous with my unfamiliar Muggle AUs, but I'm glad that you were pleasantly surprised! My goal with these (highly experimental) Muggle AUs was not to rearrange canon, but to take two canon characters and transport them to a realm outside of their canon places. That's the reason why I called it "Multiverse Theory"; I wanted to show interlocking and overlapping versions of the same universe. And the best part is that they fall in love every single time. :)

But enough rambling about that.

James's music and Lily's writing are heavily based off of my own experiences. Besides being a fic author, I'm an English major and a Music minor. So it was fun to give them that little bit of me. James is probably very entertaining to watch as he plays because every so often he'll get a bit confused and reach up to ruffle his hair... Trololol, old habits die hard? YES, I CAN SAY "TRUE LOVE!" ♥

Yep, Lily is kinda shy in this one, but she has a Muse that feeds on James's music. So she has to get that music for her Muse, and therefore, she must approach the roguishly handsome piano player... ;) I'm glad that you found James's little (totally obvious) plot twist believable. It was sort of based on the way he asked her out in Snape's Worst Memory, but much less awkward and at a better time (with no Snape. I don't even know if I want him to exist in this universe...).

Thanks so very much for your review! If you come back to read more, I hope you'll enjoy!


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Review #22, by Unicorn_Charm Coffee Shop Etude

11th March 2015:
Hi there!! I'm here for our swap! :)

So this is something completely different for me to read. I've never read a Muggle AU of any of the characters before, but something about this really intrigued me and I decided to give it a shot. And let me just say, I'm really glad that I did. :)

There really is nothing better than just sitting in a coffee shop. I totally got her when she was talking about how there's just something about the smell of them. To me, it's a very comforting scent.

I just adore this idea of a quiet, aspiring writer version of Lily being a fan of a - still somewhat cocky - musician James. I thought when she called him over and became a bit embarrassed, telling him how his music inspires her, was just adorable. I can imagine that James would have been extremely flattered and shocked hearing that. And it was very sweet how he did agree to play another set for her, but sneaky asking for the date in return. Although, Lily didn't seem to mind much. ;)

I actually didn't mind the setting being more modern. It totally works here, honestly. :D

I really enjoyed writing this. It was very fluid and made for quite an enjoyable read. I'm definitely going to be coming back to read on. I'd love to see more of Muggle Lily and James. And definitely I'd like to see how the other characters are as Muggles, too!

Great first chapter! I liked it a lot! Thanks so much for doing the swap with me!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hey Meg! Finally responding to your lovely review. :)

Ooh, I'm glad that you were intrigued enough to visit my Jily AUs! They're kind of my babies because people don't really have much exposure to them on HPFF. I got the idea from Tumblr. :D

Coffee shops are nice. Except for my university Starbucks at noon. Ugh. But I feel that coffeeshops are kind of the universal symbolic place where writers go to escape from the confines of their rooms. So I had to make Lily a writer. :)

Yep, Lily's quite the fan of musician!James. With her writing and his music, I'm kind of drawing on my own life and splitting myself in two. I'm an English major and a Music minor, so that's why I had to give them those careers. :D James, who is still a bit cocky in this universe, would definitely have been flattered and shocked that the adorable redhead was a fan of his. He's sneaky to ask for a date, but who are they kidding? This plot could go nowhere except to romance. :)

Thank you! I feel comfortable writing modern!Jily because it's the world I know without having to do copious amounts of research. Very convenient for writing these AUs because I did one every day for a week!

Thanks so much for the swap! If you do come back, I hope you enjoy what you read. And unfortunately, I didn't get much of an opportunity to feature other characters in the other chapters, but maybe one day I'll do a WolfStar AU...?


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Review #23, by Veritaserum27 Lunchtime Capriccio

9th March 2015:
Hey there Mallory!

I came to do the other chapter for the BvB as well. I didn't want another chapter to go without a review of your fabulous writing.

I'm not usually a fan of genderbender stories, but you did a really nice job with this. Your characterizations are amazing and it wasn't awkward to read about Lael and Janet. It was a nice mix of keeping their personalities intact and giving us a little snippet of how they got together.

My favorite part was that Lael didn't let Janet off the hook right away. She had to work for it. Or at the very least, explain herself. It was fun to watch Janet, who is used to getting everything she wants, waffle around because she just doesn't know how to handle this particular situation. She was nervous and out of her comfort zone, but she still had the courage to go for what she wanted.

Lael exhibits his own form of courage - he's not intimidated by Janet, even though she is popular and rich. I love how, even through the embarrassing blushing, he still stands up to her.

Thanks for the great reads!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi again! And thanks so very much for reviewing me twice in a row! :D

I've never really read any genderbender stories, so writing this one was a challenge for me. I had to convince myself that it wasn't stupid to try it out. And it ended up being kind of fun, because I got to play with gender dynamics, which is fun. :)

Thanks a million for saying that my characterizations are awesome! This particular moment was a very, very small snippet of what might've happened in that particular universe to get Jily together, so I'm happy that they were recognizable!

Yep, Janet was kind of rude to Lael for quite a bit, so that definitely deserves an explanation. And she must work for it, because Lael is worth it. :)

Lael has this huge crush on Janet that he has trouble admitting to himself. When she kind of bares her soul to him, it's easy for him to see her as just another person, rather than Janet-the-rich-lacrosse-captain. :D

Thanks for the great reviews!


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Review #24, by Flower n Prongs Lunchtime Capriccio

9th March 2015:
Rhaenyra here again.

The summary for this chapter intregued me because it was clear that you had swapped the sexes of Lily (or should I say Lael?) and James/Janet. Since chapter two showed them with their own names and being slightly older, I was interested to see how this version played out.

I was pleased by the description again. You set the tone of life at a Muggle prep school (ah, so genius!) for a geeky, red-haired comic book loving boy well. Your selection of likes for this version of Lily was excellent. It got across the experience of being an outsider very well, which is obviously something that witch Lily would understand. The same goes for your selection of traits/activities this version of James liked: loud and sporty, willing to challenge the boys and coming from a very rich family. All of these choices helped to set up a similar enough dynamic between the two and the world they live in to the original story that it was still recognizable as them, which was excellent.

The confession by Janet surprised me a bit, though probably not as much as it surprised Lael. I loved how, even as a girl, it was James's character who was interested in the arguably disadvantaged Lily/Lael. The confidence in the proclamation was also perfect because it came with the sort of attitude of "I don't care who knows or what they have to say."

Do you have a set number of chapters planned for this or are you just going to see as you go? The two chapters I've read have been very different, so there is potential for so many more variations of the story.

Author's Response: Hi again!

Yep, the prompt was "genderswap," so I tried my best with it. Every chapter in this short story collection depicts a different "alternate universe" situation, so this is completely unrelated to every other chapter (except that, you know, it features two of our favorite Potters).

Thanks so much! I felt that boarding school would be a fun place to set this one, and Lael's love for comic books stems from secondhand excitement about them from Tumblr (I'm not a comic book aficionado, but maybe someday?). I'm very glad that I was able to keep the idea of "outsiderness" consistent for this Lily. Being a Muggleborn in the Wizarding world was difficult for her sometimes, and being a nerd without much money was my attempt at matching that.

It's awesome that they were recognizable despite being so changed in appearance and gender! Thank you! I think this one is probably the one closest to James and Lily in canon, honestly, just because it takes place in a boarding school and I tried to make the dynamic between them quite similar to canon.

The confession came too soon, even for me! I was trying to make it short because I didn't want to bore people on the internet. :P It's really hard for me to confine a story to one scene, but I really didn't want to split this one into several scenes. So I had to make sparks happen fast, and this is what happened. Thank you for being surprised by it/appreciating Lily's surprise about it. :)

Yes! I wrote this for Jily Valentine's Week, so I wrote one prompt per day for seven days. There are only seven chapters and they're all published now. I hope to expand one or two of them, but that's only a dream for now. :D

Thanks again!

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Review #25, by Veritaserum27 Bookstore Interlude

9th March 2015:
Hiya Mallory!

I'm here for the BvB and I picked this because you requested it. I'll admit, I wasn't going to because I'm so invested in "Playing for Keeps," but I'M SO GLAD I DID!!

You have such a beautiful way with words. I love this line:

He snatched his square-framed glasses off his nose, giving them a quick swipe with the tail of his shirt. Smudges annoyed him, almost as much as customers who perused but didn't pay. In his mind, she was committing a criminal offense by reading without buying anything.

These lines just perfectly describe James's character. Of course he works in a bookstore and doesn't like to read!

I also like your take on their relationship. He is annoyed by her, until she gives him some lip right back and then all of a sudden, he finds her more interesting. Love it.

I honestly can't believe that this story doesn't have more reviews. It's fun, lighthearted and written so, so well.

Great job with this - I'm on to the next one!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi again, Beth!

Thanks for picking this one! I'm afraid that people are skeptical of Jily AUs, but I love them too much to not post them on HPFF with the rest of my fics. :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm so happy that you think I captured James's character. I definitely think that he isn't a big reader (but meeting Lily might change that?? Time will tell).

Ah yes, Lippy Lily is the one that James likes best. :D

Thanks so much!


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