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Reading Reviews for Hot Mess!
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Review #1, by Gabriella Hunter Weasley Blood is Always Thicker Than Water

20th April 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review! It's been a while since I read this story and it's nice to be back!

There aren't alot of stories about Percy on the archives and that is a shame. He's one of my favorite characters and I love reading different versions of him, yours is high on my list. I like that you've kept him virtually the same, though there are these moments when he touches on his own grief that switch it up a bit.

I'm not quite sure what's going to happen with Percy and his position at the Ministry but I have a feeling that it won't go the way he plans. I also have this weird feeling that he's going to meet up with Audrey again in another unexpected way at this event that they're planning. He found that shoe in his office and that is like a bad omen, I suppose. Hahahahahah.

I like that Percy feels slightly uncomfortable and not at ease whenever he thinks about Audrey. That just makes me wonder how their relationship will eventually begin. :3

So! I have to admit that my favorite part of this chapter was the second half. I'm always happy to see how people envision WWW's after the War and it's always great seeing George/Angelina. They're not a couple here, I don't believe but the fact that you've included her just makes me happy. What I also love is this unique and funny way you have the joke shop right now, the descriptions of it were very easy to visualize.

I think that Angelina working there is a good thing too because she genuinely seems to care about George and the shop. I feel like there's something else going on there BUT I'm a huge Georgelina shipper so don't be surprised. Hahaha.

What's interesting here too is that Percy admits that he's not quite comfortable being there. I figure that it's the same for when he's around his family, which is pretty upsetting. What is lovely is that he asked George to be his best man! The same thing happens in my universe (Percy was George's best man when he married Angelina) so nice twin moment!

I thought the reflection of Fred and George's visible and mental decline were brilliant. I've never actually written about George after the War, dealing with Fred's loss. I don't skip over it, really but it's spoken of through other characters so it was great seeing this George still shaken up. I think that you've done such a lovely job of showing grief and the lasting effects it has on everyone, it's not an easy thing to write.

Ah! I will mention here that Percy's brief moment of feeling guilty for Fred's death just struck home. I can't imagine how that feels but I'm thankful that you included it, it gave him a sense of humility and realism that I think I needed to see.

What's upsetting here is that I want to see the whole family back together but I wonder if it'll actually happen. Katherine doesn't seem like the kind who will want to change her plans and I don't think she really likes the Weasley's. Hmm. I'm curious to see how that all works out.

Now, the last bit of this chapter left a bittersweet feeling. Percy understanding what his brothers were trying to do with the joke shop now that Fred is gone just really, really tied this all together. It was a nice way to end the chapter, I think and focusing on family for a little while was the right thing to do in my opinion.

I actually really enjoyed this, I didn't spot anything that you needed to worry about. There are a few spelling errors and stuff but other than that, this was a nice addition to your work!

Much love,


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Review #2, by marauderfan All work and no play will make Percy Weasley Minister for Magic one day

4th November 2015:
Hi! I'm here with your review! And yay for a Percy/Audrey story, Percy is a rather underappreciated character (for good reason, I guess) and I love stories about unpopular characters.

Yep, I can see Percy as being the sort who is the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. And awww, small thing but the bit about the Egypt trip with his family being the happiest he'd ever been - that just tugged at my heart a little, I just find it really sweet. Back when he was just 'annoying old Percy, the Head Boy' and his brothers loved to tease him about that, but there was no real hard feelings or anything. And Fred was alive. Gah.

Ahaha, this whole scene with the drunk girl, Percy is so incompetent at trying to deal with it and it's kind of endearing. I just want to give him a pat on the head.

And then promotions potentially on the horizon? Griffiths seems a bit too full of himself and I hope he loses. Which is funny because in the books Percy is so full of himself - but here he's so much more humble, as I would imagine is likely after a downfall like being on the wrong side of the war for so long. I really liked how much you went into that, like how weird it is for him to see the Minister of Magic and remember the war, and how Percy is sort of fallen from grace and unpopular at work. It's very believable and also makes him a much more sympathetic character.

As for my overall impression - I love it! In fact, I'm really tempted to just skip on and read the rest, but I gotta leave you this review first :p I love how you've set up such polar opposite characters in the first chapter and I CANNOT WAIT to see the next interaction between PErcy and the drunk girl (I'm assuming is Audrey). I just love characters in awkward situations! :p

Uh, so areas of improvement: 1. this line -- and he hoped it was what he hoped to Merlin it was. -- didn't really make sense.

and this one -- I don’t know really know what’s going on either -- has too many know's :p

Also, I was a bit confused when Audrey (I assume) is first introduced because Percy notes that there's a large lump on the table, and my first thought was that it was a package or some files or something. And then when she starts talking, it's actually not clear that it's a 'she' who's talking, just a voice (whom Percy still calls 'it'.) Maybe when she first speaks, you could insert a line about the tone of her voice that indicates that this is indeed a person and not a talking stack of files. :P

ASide from that, I love the introduction to your characters and the way you've set up the story. I can't say much on plot development so far, as I've only read one chapter, but it looks like it's set up to do so. I'm really excited to read more of this.

I am left with one question after reading this: how have I not read any of your work before? You're a great writer!

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Review #3, by Gabriella Hunter If there was such a thing as perfection, Katharine Llewellyn was its living embodiment

20th October 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and it's so nice to be back! I was really curious about what was going to happen in this story and because I have a Percy obsession, this makes me so happy. :3

I made an incorrect assumption in the last chapter about Percy and Penelope. I looked back through that chapter and it turned out that I completely skipped an entire paragraph or so about Katherine. I feel pretty darn awful and silly for that!

I am having mixed emotions about Katherine after finally meeting her though. I think that Percy has a tendency to allow himself to be lead by others and I feel like she's no exception. I think that Katherin's characterization is spotless though, you have this way of writing her that makes her seem like a breath of fresh air. She reminds me of a princess with far too much of nothing on her hands on one hand and a thoughtful queen on the other. It's a strange thing to notice about a person all at once but I love being able to read more about their relationship.

Percy has this really interesting way of viewing wealth. He's uncomfortable with it, which surprises me and the fact that he's expected to merely spend so much (That monstrous engagement ring comes to mind) just makes me kind of feel sorry for him. I think that Katherine is sweetly controlling and while I do think that she's doing a good thing with her charity work, there's also a sense of entitlement about it too. "I'm doing my best for you people so never forget it."

Percy seems eager and almost a little desperate to please her though, even ignoring the things that he dislikes. There were some great moments when you showed his maturity though, he doesn't like to see others fawning over their bosses much and he acknowledges that he's made mistakes when it comes to his siblings.

On another note, I seriously LOVED your characterization of the Weasley's. Right on point!

The fact that Katherine doesn't seem too keen on them is a red flag to me. Taking Percy away from a family gathering is wrong in my opinion and I feel like she's trying to mold him into being someone he isn't. The constant "Percival" and lack of genuine warmth between them was noticeable but I can see WHY they love one another, I'm just not sure if I like them much as a couple. Hm.

This was a great chapter though, I loved all the detail you included about Katherine's family and fortune. They oddly reminded me of High Society people from the 40's and 50's and I'm not sure why but I think that the backstory you included really fleshed them all out.

I shall be back!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!

Apologies for taking so long to respond to your review. They're always so lovely and long, it takes awhile for me to recover my bearings and answer coherently.

It honestly makes me so happy to read how happy you are about this story. Your enthusiasm drives me.

No worries about the mistake! You weren't the only one to be confused about Percy, Penelope and Katharine. I was going for ambiguous but probably ended up as vague.

Thank you! I was so excited and nervous about how readers would react to Katharine. She's a different kind of fun to write from Audrey. You nailed it, she does have this royal, untouchable air about her. She was inspired by one of my very well-off circle of friends and in a small way by Daisy Buchanan (the Great Gatsby).

We've always read about what a social-climber Percy was in the books but nothing about what he thinks about wealth and money. He probably values power and influence more but in a way, he may be cautious about money simply because wealth was foreign to him growing up, especially in contrast to someone like Katharine who doesn't think twice about how much something costs. He feels he has to keep up because it is what is expected of him and he doesn't want to embarrass or disappoint Katharine. She is a little bit controlling, a little bit manipulative, I won't deny that. I like the way you think though, about how she helps but it isn't unconditional.

It's definitely residual from how he was before. He does come across as a people-pleaser, especially towards those he's desperate to impress (Crouch, Fudge). He's simply transferred it to Katharine, without quite realising it.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you mentioned you wanted more Weasleys in a previous review? I aim to please! This won't be the last you see of them, promise!

Not liking the Weasleys is always a red flag! In all seriousness, they don't fit into what Katharine considers a 'proper' family mould. I've seen it so many times in real life, it made sense to apply it here. Like Percy, Katharine has her own vision of what Percy has to be and what kind of life they have to lead.

Funny you should mention that. Some inspiration for the Llewellyns did come from the Great Gatsby and this notion of old money and family wealth, being so rich that work is more a hobby than a way of life. Good catch! It felt like a nice change of pace, exploring wealthy wizards without bringing pureblood politics into it.

I look forward to your return! Thank you for another fantastic review!


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Review #4, by Dirigible_Plums If there was such a thing as perfection, Katharine Llewellyn was its living embodiment

19th October 2015:

It's Plums here with your requested review. So sorry that it's so late - my weekend was busier than expected!

Your characterisation of Percy is flawless and you've really managed to pin him down as a character. When I read this chapter, I could recognise Percy as the character that Harry came to know in the books - smarmy, ambitious and rather bookish - while seeing the more humble one that survived the war. I like that he loves Quidditch too. Quidditch is often seen as a trait that the 'cooler' people in the wizarding world like, a passion that we don't usually connect to Percy. But giving him this interest solidifies him as more of a Weasley in my mind, if you understand what I mean. He's so often removed from the family, so often the forgotten Weasley that it's nice to see a common interest.

Katharine seems to be genuinely a nice girl and I'm glad you've made her so. She's exactly the type of girl Percy goes for, the very antithesis of Audrey - which will make the progression of his relationship with Audrey all the more interesting ;) On a more serious note, I really am glad she's nice, simply because when one half of the couple-to-be is taken, they're usually with someone that's not very pleasant. It's nice to see clichés broken.

Of course, that isn't to say she doesn't have her flaws. The fact that she doesn't understand the significance of celebrating Harry's birthday or doesn't appear to have appreciated Mrs Weasley's thoughtful gift goes to show that. A part of me also feels she's a little manipulative in the way she treats Percy and he's too blinded by love and sheer shock at being with her to realise.

I think Audrey's going to be good for him. She's such a wakeup call to his straightforward life and I'm definitely going to look forward to future interactions between them. I don't usually read Percy-centric stories, but I'm going to keep up with this one. You have a great writing style, fantastic characters and a promising plot :)

In your post, you said you'd like any suggestions on improvements or what to keep in mind for future chapters, but I have a confession... I have nothing to comment on in that respect :P

I hope this helps (and makes up for the delay)


Plums xo

Author's Response: Hi Plums, no worries! I'm happy you're here. :D

*blushes* Thank you! I'm big into canon so that was a major concern with tackling this story. It's really heartening to know that you recognise him from the books. I'm trying to have and keep a firm grasp on his character as he continues to grow as a man. While researching Percy, I stumbled across his being a Quidditch fanboy, to the point where he'd lose his decorum. It's a nice quality to incorporate because like you said, it makes him more a Weasley than just the red hair and freckles.

They are polar opposites, Katharine and Audrey hehe! Fun fact, I was a little inspired by the dueling Hollywood Hepburns. It was important that Katharine wasn't merely an obstacle or a typical villain. She is a nice girl that cares. Percy and Katharine love each other for obvious reasons but that doesn't necessarily make them soulmates.

Oh yes, once upon a time, Percy might have shared her views on silly insignificant things like birthdays and handmade sweaters. The Percy of now has come to appreciate and cherish these little things. You aren't wrong there. Love is blind. Percy sees her as a dream come true while Katharine knows this and readily takes advantage of it.

If nothing else, Audrey is a firecracker that will set his world on fire ;). We've only seen a pinch of her so I can't wait to read your thoughts on her as the story continues.

That's wonderful and so are you! It means a lot for you to say that, thank you so much! I've probably asked in another post whether this story is engaging and makes you want to keep reading and the fact that it does means I'm doing something right.

Absolutely it helps, thank you!!

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Review #5, by Mia If there was such a thing as perfection, Katharine Llewellyn was its living embodiment

16th October 2015:
Another brilliant chapter well done, i'm absolutely floored by your excellent writing ability.

So firstly I have to say- I don't like Katherine at all but I felt like that was the intention. (obviously she has redeeming qualities like her charity work) but she seems way too nit-picky, pushy and a bit selfish by not considering Percy's finance issues, making him miss Harry's birthday etc. But I see why Percy is attracted to her, obviously she's beautiful and rich and maybe subconsciously Percy is reminded of himself before the war- proper and driven- and maybe that's what he's used to? The last sentence especially conveys that to me, as if he's marrying Katherine not for genuine love but for safety and security- sounds a lot Percy, not one to take risks.

I think it's interesting that you made Katherine, David's daughter. Was that perhaps one of the reasons that David offered Percy a job (or at least one of the reasons) in his department?? Also I think when Percy and Katherine inevitably break up (GO GO PERCY/AUDREY) maybe Percy will have more than just the break up to deal with, I wonder if it might affect his work life (will David be angry?)

I also noticed how the attributes in Katherine he resents are also the attributes that he embodied during the war, it really shows how he has changed even though it might not seem overly apparent. Also the bowler hat was pretty funny, sort of reminded me of Cornelius Fudge which probably wasn't your intention to have that bit of irony thrown in but yeah...sorry for rambling, that's how my way too long reviews tend to be.

I think my favorite paragraph of this chapter was how succinctly you described the 'eccentricities' of the Weasley family, Charlie's burns, George's missing ear, Ron's Gawking (so accurate!) and of course dear old Mrs Weasley's sweaters

Your little family history for the Llewellyn's was fascinating and well thought out, as I've said before I do like how you never gloss over the details. The fact that Dia Llewellyn is an actual HP character according to wikia (yes I searched it up bc lol) shows you've planned this fic well, yay :)

Anyway carry on writing and update soon xD


Author's Response: Hi Mia! Your reviews always brighten my day, thank you for writing this mammothly awesome review :)

Funny you should say that. Katharine wasn't meant to be unlikable but I can definitely see where you're coming from. She has these airs that can rub people the wrong way despite her good intentions. You're in the right direction with Percy and why he loves her and is attracted to her. He isn't quite that calculating but he's still that ever-practical Weasley that prioritises security above personal feelings.

Oooh, I had to stop and think about this. To reveal too much might hinder your enjoyment of the story. Less is more as they say. It's one more layer of complication that will affect multiple facets of Percy's life, Katherine being David's daughter. He's got so much more to lose than just a fiancee.

He recognises a lot of himself in Katharine that makes him both love and resent her, you're right. He may not even realise it. In Katharine, he sees the ideal person, what he could have been yet ashamed about what he became. It definitely wasn't my intention but I love that you made that connection because I completely forgot about Fudge! Hahaha. I just like bowler hats, plus they are a classier British choice that Percy would have made rather than a fedora or newsboy cap.

I had to incorporate the Weasleys somehow, hehe! To wait for them to make an appearance seemed a lot to ask so I snuck them in.

Woah, you did your homework. :D Yup, it isn't entirely canon but the Llewellyns deserved some family background. It wasn't enough for me that their great-grandfather was one of the greatest Quidditch players ever. I wanted to convey where that fortune came from and how it grew.

Thank you so much, Mia, for another absolutely lovely review! I love rambling reviews so never stop ^_^

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Review #6, by Gabriella Hunter Don't believe everything you read. Especially if Ava Bloom and Miles Mackintosh wrote it

26th September 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and forgive my lateness! I'm actually going to be moving today so things have been kinda hectic but hopefully I'll have time to read and review before I leave. :D

Anyway, this! I really love the fact that Percy has no idea how to handle Audrey. I think that the first half of this chapter really showed that he's never had anyone be so demanding, rude and downright flippant towards him. The fact that he takes such offense to it is just pure gold for me because I liked the interaction between the two of them. Audrey has this really interesting way of digging under his skin without much effort but I noticed that there's something rather tragic about her. I mean, she kind of offered him sex in an effort to make up for crashing at his place (And destroying it) so that was a red flag for me. Maybe she was still a bit drunk or something but I think that she has a darker past that we might see at some point BUT what was funny to me was that Percy was so dismantled by her. Also, this shows how arrogant he is because he thought about killing her and found that losing his chance at being Minister of Magic was worse than going to Azkaban. I can't believe what a git he is but I honestly did laugh, the humor that you included in this first half helped balance out the tense, awkward state of the situation. I do wonder how they'll run into one another again though and from what Percy did later, I think that he's going to be far more invested in her than he realizes.

I actually really, really loved the politics that you've put into this story. I avoid that sort of thing like the plague and because my Percy/Audrey is told from her POV, you never see the inside of the Ministry like this. It feels so competitive and I am really impressed that you've given so much backstory to minor characters and given them a distinct personality. I am really, really interested in knowing more about Audrey's backstory though and what actually might be true. It's strange that she came from such a blessed upbringing only to be such a hellion but I'm sure that there's a reason for her behavior and if there isn't and she's just fantastic that way, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

I also liked that you showed a great contrast between Penelope and Audrey here. You can clearly see what Percy's relationship with her is about, it's rather stilted and a bit forced so I'm curious to know what happens between them later. Penelope seems sweet though and I like that you didn't have her being this overbearing villain or anything like that. I can tell that she cares about Percy but then again, there's that nagging sensation that something is missing from their relationship.

But that ending.Percy had better be careful, he's treading on dangerous ground at the moment. Icarus is such a creep though! Who does that? I really want to know what he's up to but I guess I'll have to find out next chapter. Sigh.

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie! Don't worry about it, your reviews are always a treat :). Hope all is well with you.

You've really hit the nail on their relationship! I think all the people in Percy's life tolerate him out of sheer politeness and British decorum (and in his family's case, loving amusement and annoyance). Audrey has no such filter. She knocks the wind out of him figuratively and literally. Good eye there, I was very unsure of adding that little detail of her unbuttoning her shirt but as you pointed out, it does hint at something darker. Yeah, Percy needs to sort out his priorities hehe. An overreaction but she does irritate him. The humour was quite unintended but thank you for finding it funny and enjoyable!

Thank you! Honestly, my interest are more in line with Miles than Ava but it was a way to get out of my comfort zone and dive deep into the inner workings of the Ministry. Maneuvering the politics in this story will be tricky but we'll see how it goes *fingers crossed*.

I can't tell you how excited I am to peel back Audrey's life. She's the author of her own fairytale. You and Percy will be on the same journey discovering who exactly Audrey Elle is and the madness behind her methods. All that glitters isn't gold.

It was nice to revisit Penelope since we don't know much about her save that she saw something in Percy a long time ago (or he could just be a good snog, who knows?). She is very sweet and still a friend to Percy even after their break-up at school. He's just acting all stilted and formal because he was paranoid about what his fiancee might think if he were friendly with an ex.

You're right on all counts! When it comes to power and politics, you best know who is friend and who is foe and it's clear what Icarus is. Percy isn't the only one hungry for a promotion.

The next chapter is in the queue so it's coming very, very soon. Hope you like it!

Thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by Dirigible_Plums All work and no play will make Percy Weasley Minister for Magic one day

18th September 2015:

I'm here for the requested review. I had my two induction exams earlier today so I'm finally free to do it!

Ah, Percy Weasley. He's definitely an interesting character to explore after the war. That doesn't mean that his pursuits are all too interesting since we all know how JKR made him out to be pretty boring, but exploring his attempt to redeem himself certainly is. I don't think that you have anything to worry about in terms of his characterisation. You've managed to capture his ambition and the slight arrogance he has yet balanced it with his loneliness and the fact that he has grown from the war e.g. with "Percy WOULD HAVE once abused the privilege and punctuated his sentences with the Minister’s name". Would have abused, not abused. I like how you show it's a thing of the past.

I checked out the second chapter as well and I can safely say that Audrey is one of the most original Audreys I have read about. Usually, I've seen her as stuffy or as a Muggle - someone not too special to show that Percy doesn't always care about what a name says about you. But I have never seen her as someone famous and I can say I'm pleasantly surprised. She's rather amusing and I'm curious about how their relationship will develop, especially because Percy's engaged to Penelope.

The chapter has been written really well. You've established Percy's character, your writing flows and you've put forward an interesting beginning to the plot. I only have a couple of criticisms at the moment. "Griffith laughed what sounded not entirely friendly" doesn't seem quite right to me. Perhaps "Griffith's laugh wasn't entirely friendly" instead? In addition to this, I feel like Icarus' statement was an odd place to cut it off. The beginning of the chapter started off with a lot of description and it kinda trailed off into a lot of dialogue. It's okay to end it on speech, but I feel like a stronger statement is needed to do that here. :)

Hope this helped!

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hiya! No worries, glad you could take the time to review this :)

Agreed. He has a lot of potential as a character and that's what made me want to explore his post-war life. Pinpointing his personality will be the key here. He'll have changed but not too much as to be totally different from the books. I'll make the change you pointed out.

Thank you! Audrey's personality is one that has to be balanced carefully so that she doesn't fall into the realm of caricature. To be honest, I'm most excited about her and what she brings to the story. She is more notorious than famous I'd say ;). Think wild childs like Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. That's funny, you're the second person who thought Percy's engaged to Penelope. I might have made that too ambiguous hehe. He's engaged to someone else, who you'll meet in the next chapter.

Dialogue is a stronger suit of mine than description but now that you've mentioned it, that's a good point. My initial thought was to end the chapter on a slightly arrogant tone with hints of sinister undercurrents but I think I've figured out a way to end it stronger. Thank you for pointing that out! And about Griffith, I don't know how I let that slip by. I'll change it, thanks!

You've sort of quasi-reviewed chapter 2 so I should re-request for chapter 3 when it's up?

You've been a great help, thank you so much!


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Review #8, by Mia Don't believe everything you read. Especially if Ava Bloom and Miles Mackintosh wrote it

16th September 2015:
Hey! I'm the person who was *supposed* to be making a CI for this chapter *hides*

Anywayyy, i told you i was going to read this fic and i'm very glad i have, already itching for more so make sure you update frequently /no pressure/

i think the way you've portrayed Percy is really true to his character, i like how he's so determined even though he's looked down upon a lot. Audrey seems to be quite fanciful at the moment but it's only been two chapters and i expect we'll be seeing lots of character development and learning more about her mysterious past, she seems like a bit of an alcoholic at the moment and a stark contrast to Percy's character. Audrey /is/ often portrayed like that- really out there, funny and loud but i feel like your Audrey has some things haunting her. Ooo and it'll be really interesting once Percy and Audrey start dating (that will happen right?!), I always like to imagine his family expecting some stiff necked pompous girl and then in comes Audrey, ha!

In my headcanon Penelope and Percy break up after they leave Hogwarts but it's definitely new to see them engaged (phew, thank merlin they're not married yet) it's a nice plot point to play with and i'm excited to see how their relationship is fleshed out.

Also, i love how realistically you've portrayed the ministry, created characters for so many departments and named them all as well, i feel like i'm reading Jk's writing! A lot of fanfic writers get lazy and skip over the details but you've really researched it all :)

Brilliant chapters so far,

Mia x

Author's Response: Hi!! Hey, don't hide, it wasn't your fault.

I got this awesome review so I'm pretty stoked. Sometimes pressure is good, I do need the occasional kick in the gut to make sure to update. Maybe you could make a graphic for a future chapter ;) *winkwinkhinthint*

At his core, Percy is very ambitious and very much a social climber. It isn't always a bad thing. Like you said, he's so determined to succeed, nothing's going to stop him. I do have big plans for Audrey and am very excited to delve deeper into her character. It's great that you caught onto her mysterious past. That would be the natural route to take with Audrey, making her Percy's opposite but I'd hate to be predictable. Your instinct is right, there are some things haunting her. Without giving anything away, there's a method to her madness and her wild partying ways.

As to them dating, as some famous Brit once wrote, the course of true love never did run smooth. I won't make it that easy for them, hehehe.

Ooo, here's where I have to correct you. Your headcanon matches mine, they definitely broke up. They're friendly exes but nothing more. Percy's engaged to someone else and you'll meet her in the next chapter ;)


That's honestly the biggest compliment that you could have given me! Thank you so much! Gotta love JKR.

Description is always a little tricky for me and even I was worried about the reader being so overwhelmed by so many characters in the first chapter but I wanted this story to come alive and to do that means having a lot of details. I did my best to research and what wasn't available in canon I just made up. It's gratifying to hear that you loved it all :)

Thank you so so much for leaving me this review, it really meant so much to me.


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Review #9, by KatsClarinet Don't believe everything you read. Especially if Ava Bloom and Miles Mackintosh wrote it

16th September 2015:
The plot thickens! I was very excited to see that you updated! So, if she was expelled from Beauxbatons, does that mean she can't do magic, like Hagrid?

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: So sorry it took so long to update! It was tricky to nail down not just Ava and Miles but also Audrey's background.

Good question! She did attack Percy in the first paragraph so she has her wand and can still perform magic. I like to think Beauxbatons is a tad more lenient than Hogwarts. Audrey might explain it better in a future chapter but thank you for pointing it out.

The chapter title is also worth keeping in mind. People can be unreliable, especially when it comes to spreading gossip.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #10, by Gabriella Hunter All work and no play will make Percy Weasley Minister for Magic one day

15th September 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums dropping by with your review! I don't think that we've ever spoken before so it's nice to meet you! :D

Okay, I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not but I'm a HUGE Percy fan. Like, it's become an obsession of mine and next to George, I just adore him. I'm not quite sure why but there's an interesting thing about him that I've never been able to really name. He's all the things that I hate about school, he's a snob and his singing could use some work. What's funny about this is that I have a Percy/Audrey on my AP that is completely different from yours! I always LOVE stumbling across gems like this because we hardly ever see them represented on the archives.

I totally love this version of Percy and just as a thing: You'll see me panting after this story as you go along. Keep me posted on when you get fresh chapters up!

Anyway, you've painted Percy's life so realistically here. I haven't even begun to really grasp what his life at the Ministry must be like but I relly enjoyed the fact that you had him building his life all over again--he seems like a bit of a control freak too, so seeing him going little off the path he'd chosen for himself seems rather fitting. I do like though, that he admitted to his past mistakes--he didn't linger on them that much but I do like that touch of humility there.

I think that it shows that he has grown not only as a person, but as a man. I'm not sure how many years its been but you can tell that quite a few things have changed about his life and I'm curious to know more. How is his relationship with his siblings? His parents? I see that he's still as high on himself as ever, determined to succeed but I really, really appreciate the fact that you've made it clear that he's not the most popular fellow in the Ministry. Very realistic work setting and guidelines that you've set up too, I really love the atmosphere that you've created. The flow and pacing are great too, nothing felt too rushed and I think that you've really created something special. :D

On another note.I think that I almost died laughing when Percy was lifting the knocked out girl (Audrey, I presume?) into his arms. That had to be the most vain thing, him being disappointed that no one was around to watch but that entire scene was funny, mysterious and hints at more adventures to come. :D

So excited for more!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hiya!

Nice to meet you too :). I'm not super active on the forums but I do occasionally pop in.

I was not aware since it wasn't stated on your Review page. I did peek at your author's page and saw that you had a Percy/Audrey story up though. If there ever was an underdog story post-Hogwarts, it has to be Percy. I can't say I'm a Percy fan myself, hahaha! But I've been wanting to tackle a Percy/Audrey romance for the longest time, mostly to play around with the idea of what kind of person would marry someone like Percy and procreate with him to boot.

Well, I hope to live up to your expectations but the fact that you love Percy right off the bat bodes well.

After everything that's happened, he really has no choice but to start from scratch. Percy has a lot of pride left in him so he wasn't going to deviate too much from his ambitions but to return to the Ministry with his tail tucked between his legs says a lot about him.

I had to restrain myself from giving away too much in the first chapter as I'm prone to information dumps. There is a time gap between now in this fic and the end of the war that will be explored in future chapters. It hasn't been that long, maybe a few years, but establishing timelines make me dizzy. I love that you asked these questions about his life, it's really given me a lot of (hopefully) good ideas. You've made me want to give Percy more of a redemptive arc rather than stick to a straight love story. I hope you'll keep bringing up these types of questions and keep me on my toes ;)

Thank you for thinking so! What we know of the Ministry is quite negative but I tried hard coming up with a realistic magical workplace environment.

You presume correct, it was Audrey. Gallantry doesn't come easy to Percy. He hasn't been completely humbled by his experiences after all. Yup, his life is about to get verrryyy complicated.

I can't thank you enough for this crazy amazing mammoth review. It really made my day when I read it.

Looks like I have the go ahead to re-request ;). I'd really love to hear your thoughts on the next chapter.

Warmest regards,

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Review #11, by KatsClarinet All work and no play will make Percy Weasley Minister for Magic one day

23rd April 2015:
I'm intrigued to see where this will go! I like the 'not everyone has forgiven Percy' angle, and admittedly Percy is my fave character! Please keep it up!

Author's Response: Intrigued is great! Percy is a tricky character to write and especially get right but I'm having fun writing him, ironically. Thank you for your review! I'll try to get the next chapter up some time in May.


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