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Review #1, by alicia and anne that time when i started a newspaper

30th July 2015:

Awww look at Teddy having his first day teaching, and having to deal with the Wotters already. I suppose he's already used to that with them being at his house, so he should know how to control them.

I really like how he's made them say an interesting fact about themselves. That's a good ice breaker, and look at them learning creative writing :P

Awww how can Teddy teach creative writing if he hasn't written anything?

Awww I love that Scorpius picked his own name! THat's brilliant! hahaha

Hahahaha Landon and Percival's little conversation was brilliant and hilarious!

I love the rule what happens in the art department stays in the art department, that's an awesome rule!

Awww I love this so much! It's already funny, and I can tell that I am going to love all of the characters, mainly because I already love them! Even if Connor is going to sit with the bland Gryffindors.

FANTASTIC WORK! I LOVE YOU BOTH! *hugs you both so tightly*

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Review #2, by randomwriter that time when rose weasley smiled at me

27th June 2015:
House Cup 2015

Lisa! As I mentioned in the chapter written by Joey, I've had my eye on this for a good while, and I'm really glad I got to read this (thank you, House Cup!). As I mentioned in my first chapter, I'm already in love with it, and I'm going to favourite it after this review, so please update it soon? :p

I really, really like reading this from Scorpius' point of view. I have a soft spot for Scorpius Malfoy as a character in any role in any story, so I was beyond excited when I saw that this was his chance at a narrative. I also really like this style that you've adopted where you're switching POVs between Rose and Scorpius. I think their inner voices compliment each other well, if that makes sense. If it doesn't, note that it is 5 AM here :p And I'll use that as my excuse.

Speaking of complimentary things, your writing styles (yours and Joey's) match really well too. You've both got this hilarious dialogue thing down, so I love that you're working together on this.

On the dialogue front, you did not disappoint. I think I tell you this every time I leave you a review, but I just love your dialogue writing skills. I wish I could write speech like you do. My favourite bit was that exchange in the beginning (dictator/monarchy whaat). HAHAHA. I totally cracked up at that.

I love how Rose is running her brainchild. She seems efficient. In fact, the whole team had a lot of clarity from the word go considering it didn't take them too much time to decide and assign. I can't wait for more on this front.

Also, Scorpius' little crush on Rose is so incredibly sweet ♥ I love Scorpius/Rose, and I can't wait for developments! Also, I'm really appreciative of how well you've written trans Scorpius. It's very subtle, but it's there. I like that you didn't make it overly obnoxious, because though he is trans, that doesn't have to define him. There's so much more to him, and you showed that clearly.

Your writing is perfect for this sort of stuff really, so there's no point in me elaborating. It's too good.

I can't wait for this to be updated. Please get on it? :p

♥ Thoroughly enjoying it!

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Review #3, by randomwriter that time when i started a newspaper

27th June 2015:
House Cup 2015!

Hello Joey! Another chapter of yours to review :) I've had my eye on this for a while now, and House Cup is a great time to make progress on your R&R goals, so well, here I am!

Oh wow. This is the BEST! I love next gen, and Rose and Scorpius are my favourites, so I was in from the moment she introduced herself. It only got better and better after that.

I loved your characterisation. Rose seems so dry, and that really works with my headcanon. Also, it seems like she has a good sense of humour. I know we haven't seen much of Scorpius yet, but I'm loving the details you've included about him here. Teddy, as the clueless and scatterbrained teacher is rather endearing. I'm sure Rose will continue to take advantage of his lack of a plan :p But I can't be too annoyed about it. I love her idea of the school paper as much as I love her brash, self-assured attitude.

My most favourite thing about this is the dialogue. It's incredibly well written and smooth. And I love how you've included snippets of everyone's conversations. They were all just so funny, but I swear, I just about lost it at that aasthma line! HAHAHA :D So well, 10/10 for dialogue. Plus, I want lessons on how to dialogue. You're hilarious!

I love that this is so well written overall. It reads well, really easy. And I love how you manage to shift scenes (well, not the literal scene here) so easily.

I also completely adore the idea of a creative arts department, as well things like theatre and painting. It looks like Hogwarts is evolving to become more liberal (or to include liberal arts), which I think is great! These things make for great next gen stories, and I can't wait to read more of yours. Great job! Looking forward to this :D

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Review #4, by Karou_Marauder that time when rose weasley smiled at me

1st April 2015:
I have a teacher who calls us either her little cauliflowers or her happy little bunnies.

I LOVE the premise of this story, and the fact that Painting is taught by a painting is brilliant. Scorpius and Rose both have great characters and I like Tatum already.

It's all very realistic and believable, what with Scorpius doing features because Rose smiled at him, and Simone worrying about Tatum outing her. That is a very familiar feeling. Simone and Scorpius clearly have a brilliant friendship and I hope it continues!

Excited for the next chapter :)

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Review #5, by Roisin that time when i started a newspaper

10th March 2015:
Joey!!! How did I miss this?? The story summary is the most priceless thing ever.

I'm doing that thing where my friend is sleeping over and I'm cutty reading fanfiction on my laptop and trying not to wake him up by giggling BUT THEN THAT ASTHMA LINE HAPPENED, HOW DARE YOU! (and the 'muggle fantasy novels' bit--inspired!)

It can be really hard to pull off so much dialogue, but I liked how it had a very almost cinematic feel here. Like, focusing in on the different conversations, and it managed a whole mess of exposition within the jokes. But then dialogue has always been a real strength of yours!

Oh, and I /love/ the backstory for Scorpius' name! I just can't get over how excited I am for this story idea, and I cannot wait to see where it goes. A pilot arts program at Hogwarts is just such a delightful idea! SO STOKED FOR SHENANIGANS!

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Review #6, by TheHeirOfSlytherin that time when i started a newspaper

6th March 2015:
Oh, honey. This is the arts department. No one here cares. - Quite possibly my favorite line in the entire chapter. :P

I know it's a stereotype, but it's one that tends to have merit. Plus it was just funny.

I loved this chapter so much and I'm very excited to see where this story goes. I love the idea of a creative arts department in Hogwarts. I'd totally take the class.

I couldn't not come to yours and Joey's story. :D


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Review #7, by pointless_proclamations that time when rose weasley smiled at me

9th February 2015:
Joseph! Lisa!!

Hello again. :D


Oh my goodness! I LOVE Scorpius's voice. And Simone is just so sweet! They're both so lovely.

Rose, as ever, continues to be a fantastic character. That little debate regarding what type of government the Creative Arts Department would be classified under was hilarious! They're all such nerds that they're all so lovable. And my, what sense of humours they all have! Very, VERY admirable. ;) And the fact that Painting is taught by a painting! I love that!

This continues to be such a wonderful story to read. Goodness! I absolutely adore everything about it. I'm getting the warm fuzzies and the raging urge to hug something just reading this.

The creativity you two have is astounding. This is such a novel sort of idea by the likes of which I have NEVER seen before. Joseph and Lisa, you two are SPECTACULAR! ♥

I cannot wait to read on further into this beautiful, beautiful story!!

Hugs and love,

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Review #8, by pointless_proclamations that time when i started a newspaper

8th February 2015:
Joseph!! Lisa!!

I must express how excited I am to be here because YOU TWO. You're undoubtedly, amazingly, strong and talented writers. And BOTH OF YOU TOGETHER?!?! Epicness is sure to ensue.

I adore Rose's voice already. I adore Rose herself, already. First impression: she's got a wonderfully strong personality. She's very assertive and evidently intelligent. Teddy is both hilarious and adorable as a teacher. How honest it was of him to just blurt that out--very revealing of his character.

Speaking of, it appears you two have thought SO MUCH about this--though, one should really not expect any less--that all your characters seem supremely well thought-out. Honest. This is gold, Joseph and Lisa!

I adore you for the many times your just made me laugh so hard. That concludes my core workout for the day. :P Thank you for that.

'Can you breathe?' 'Well, I've got asthma.' BAHAHA! You are too much? 'Thespian, lesbian. . .' I LOVE TATUM AND HER SENSE OF HUMOUR! Goodness, I'm tearing up.

While we're at it, I'll just say this: I LOVE ALL YOUR CHARACTERS. And I want to be friends with them! May I? Please?

Because knowing you two, you're most likely going to put them through a wee bit of hell and the thought of that has me wanting to hug them already.

Rose/Scorpius? Oh, this WILL be loads of fun.

What a wonderful, wonderful chapter and what a story already! I have been in love with the very premise since I saw the title.

Hugs and love,

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Review #9, by toomanycurls that time when i started a newspaper

6th February 2015:

(and Lisa because you're reading this also)

There couldn't be a pair of people on this site that I'm more excited to see do a collab together. So, thank you.

It's cool that the school is adding a creative arts department but what I like more is that it gives Rose a clear path to her desired career. I feel that nepotism and chance will still have a hand in her odds of getting a job but she will at least have definable skill and experience.

Making Teddy a teacher gives me such feels (because Remus was a teacher and now Teddy is a teacher and obvs he'll be wonderful at it). Teddy's little intro idea was cute and I'm kind of really glad you skipped over people and didn't do a line for each of them. Teddy's line about hoping to remember some of them was hysterical and kind of cynical for a new prof. but I loved it.

I like that Rose and Scorpius start off with a neutral relationship. So many ScoRos stories start them off as polar opposites or some sort of enemies. I'm also excited that Scorpius is trans just because I haven't read many stories that include a trans character.

The discussion about how undefined their class was cracked me up. I'm glad Rose was able to give the perspective of it being a last minute assignment, rather than letting Teddy seem a bit flaky for not planning. The way the class challenged him on his qualifications was great too - they're definitely a bold group.

Idle chatter with classmates is always kind of awkward for me and I'm glad you captured some of that here. At least Landon and Percival seemed to have a clunky conversation (not the way it's written, well, gah - because they're awkward). Anyway, I loved that. It's fascinating to think of a class being full at Hogwarts - especially one of the academic ones. Tatum and Simone's conversation was something that made me pause. Tatum's comment about them being in the arts department so it being okay to be out pulled me in two or more direction. The first was that it doesnt' matter where they are, Simone shouldn't be outed if she's not ready. Then I was torn about whether Tatum meant that people in the arts tended to be accepting and positive for queer folks or that everyone would be queer themselves. While it could be a "you're in a safe place" message, it felt more like a taunt to me.

Rose's inspiration for a school newspaper is great. I love that boring quidditch gossip spurred her to want to be a source for that kind of news. I think the idea will at least make the creative arts department seem more useful as there is a measurable output they're creating.

Great chapter. I can't wait to read the next one!


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

I'm so glad that you're excited to see Lisa and I do a collab together, we're pretty excited too :D

It was definitely cool to have that 'aha' moment of like, of course Rose is there because it'll help her write for the Prophet. That was pretty much the initial thing that shaped her character, in fact. (Lisa's idea, if I recall correctly)

Teacher!Teddy gives me life. That's it, that's what keeps me alive.

I didn't want to introduce everyone that way because it quickly would have gotten boring :P Teddy is super honest about possibly not keeping track of things in this chapter and that's kind of for comedic effect and kind of totally how someone like him would react to all of a sudden being Responsible For Things.

Rose and Scorpius are definitely not enemies here, but probably wouldn't call each other friends either. I agree that it's interesting to see them start from neutral. (I think you have a blog post about this somewhere)

I've read very few stories with trans characters and even less featuring them as main characters, so Scorpius being trans really is awesome. I'm excited to write about him! (although indirectly, as he's not one of my POV characters)

I wanted it to be clear that it wasn't all Teddy's fault for being unprepared. But, still, I totally didn't want him to be ready for any of this.

I'm really glad you realized how kind of off base Tatum's comments where. That conversation was actually pulled pretty directly from a real life one I had. A (gay) friend of mine from a few years ago was very, very indiscreet about my orientation and when confronted about it, refused to see the big deal because he was out and saw no reason I shouldn't be.

Realizing that this is an unfortunately common mindset, I decided that Tatum would totally be someone who's kind of like that. But, yeah, it was definitely meant to be a character flaw of hers. It was certainly a condescending taunt, but also a 'you're in a safe place' message in part. (very, very deep down)

The newspaper does make the CAD seem that much more useful by Ministry standards and, of course, that was all part of Rose's plan. She's a real schemer, that one. Thank you for the awesome review!

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Review #10, by oldershouldknowbetter that time when i started a newspaper

5th February 2015:
Hi there,

Here for a bit of BvB action.

I'm sorry I could never get into your Fred Weasley Scholarship series because of your version of Scorpius. I'm afraid him being gay queered it for me ;) Not that I'm prejudiced against gays or anything (see my profile), but I'm here largely for the Rose/Scorpius (because they are the ONE TRUE PARING). So having a gay Scorpius precludes anything of the sort.

I wanted to check this out as it promised a bit of Rose/Scorpius action. Just a few sentences in and I find it's going to be a quite different Rose/Scorpius than I'm used to. I will be interested to see if my almost parochial romantic prejudices will be challenged and overturned by your tale.

One thing I don't understand because of my inexperience; by trans do you mean boy-to-girl or girl-to-boy - or is it impolitic to ask? I assume because you use the masculine personal pronoun it is the second of the two cases. Also if he transitioned (I think is the right term) before Hogwarts, as a later conversation with Rose indicates, isn't that awfully young? And furthermore, was it done with magic in this world you have created or more mundane prosaic ways?

Whatever the case Rose and Scorpius seem fairly relaxed with each other and friendly, but I thought they would have been more friendly given your statement that Rose was "the resident queer activist and [Scorpius was] the sole trans student". From their subsequent dialogue they hardly know each other. They are what sixth years? I'd like to know what has gone before to keep them so relatively distant, yet still amicable (as Rose says). What House is he in by the way, I couldn't work it out?

Rose though is a Slytherin and, I must say, you are writing her character well for someone of that house. Her drive and her ambition are spelt out from the get go. What's more she realises her ambition sooner than she thinks when she has the brilliant idea to launch a school newspaper.

Rose's characterisation is wonderfully complex. She is observant and is listening in everywhere. She has a trained enough ear to eke out the gist of everyone's conversations and character with only the pertinent snippets she hears. Yet she is obviously bored and unimpressed with the largely juvenile and puerile conversations around her and what that suggests of everyone's character. But then you have her saying "I wanted my application for the Prophet to be perfect. People wanted a reliable source of gossip. I could be that source." That is so mercenary and cold-blooded - yet another example of the reasons she is in Slytherin house. As I've said in other reviews, I like it when the author puts someone in a particular House and then remembers to actually give them characteristics of that House.

This is an introductory chapter and as such nothing much happens in it except for our introduction to the major players in your tale and the basic premise of what the story is going to be about. Where it lives and breathes though is in the dialogue. You have a very good ear for natural dialogue and you have everything: from witty remarks which made me laugh out loud; through serious ones; to boring, dull exchanges that make one dumber upon hearing them. There is even some potential hints of drama introduced, from the comments she hears about Lily. It is such a journalistic thing too - a story arising from a snippet of overheard conversation.

All in all a good start and one I shall definitely keep reading - as long as there is the promised Rose/Scorpius ;)

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Review #11, by mymischiefmanaged that time when i started a newspaper

3rd February 2015:
Hi Joey (and Lisa), here for our swap :)

There are SO MANY THINGS I love about this chapter, and I can't tell you how excited I am to see where you both take this story. You've very good writers and I have high hopes which I'm sure you'll meet!

Okay, and then onto what I thought of this chapter.

The concept is just brilliant. Bringing the arts to Hogwarts is a wonderful idea and I can't believe I've not seen it done here before. I can see how it'll give you lots of openings for character development through art and it provides the opportunity for a different side of Hogwarts to be shown, so well done for that.

And Teddy Lupin as a teacher is lovely. We don't see a lot of him here but he just seems really likeable and good, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of his interactions with his students.

Rose's voice is brilliantly written. You've given her just enough of her parents in her character to be believable (a slight blend of arrogance and curiosity), but she's very much her own person and is very different to most of the Roses we see on this site. LOVE that she's a Slytherin (can we maybe see some Ron sarcastic jokes about it later?), and love even more that she seems like a very decent person despite being a Slytherin.

I really, really liked the discussion about Scorpius's name. I guess it means that he transitioned before starting Hogwarts? And that's a really interesting plot point because it says something about Draco's development as he grows up. Draco and Astoria are obviously very supportive and understanding, and I definitely want to know more about them and their family.

The dialogue in this chapter is a definite strength. It's sharp and quick and very appropriate for the age of the characters. That's maybe the thing I like most about the writing style.

And then finally I love the school newspaper idea, mostly because of Rose's attitude towards it. She doesn't seem like she's the school gossip or anything, she just genuinely wants to write. And I like that you've given her the Slytherin ambition without making it too obnoxious (yet. I suppose it might get more obnoxious later, but I like her too much already to mind if it does).

Wonderful wonderful first chapter! I'm adding this to my reading list now and am so excited to see Chapter Two!

Emma xx

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Review #12, by jessicalorewrites that time when i started a newspaper

2nd February 2015:
Hi, here for the review swap but I've been meaning to read/review anyway soo ^.^

A Creative Arts department! Why has nobody ever written this before? Or, if they have, why has my attention never been diverted to it?! It honestly makes so much sense -- sooner or later I feel wizards would have to come around to the more 'Muggle' arts subjects. And Teddy? Teddy is 200% one of the people I'd imagine teaching it.

A school magazine is definitely something familiar to fanfic but I'm not sure, it just feels different here -- less cliché and repetitive. There's only been a few stories I've enjoyed which focus on students running newspapers (etc etc. anyone?) and I definitely feel like this is going to be another to add to the list :D

Again, the diversity is amazing in this to nobody's surprise. Keep it up! Particularly Trans characters who need much more representation in fic and literature.

MY FAVOURITE THING THOUGH HAS TO BE THE DIALOGUE. Oh wow, I wish I could write things so snappy and witty and direct. I wish I had your writing styles. You're both so creative with comebacks and having lots of different kinds of people interact!

I can't wait to see how this story develops and how the arts department runs its course. It's going to be great -- I can feel it.

Congrats on writing an amazing first chapter, Joey! And I'm sure yours Lisa will be just as wonderful :)

- Jess, xo

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Review #13, by Aphoride that time when i started a newspaper

1st February 2015:
Hi there, Joey and Lisa! (You know, I'm gonna have to find some kind of collective noun for you guys... alternatively you guys can come up with one and just let me know, that works too... mostly coz I'm lazy and typing out Joey and Lisa every time is going to be long (since, you know, I'm probably going to be stalking this story ;P))

I love the idea of having an arts department at Hogwarts! I mean, it makes so much sense - they had a choir after all, so why not music lessons and painting and writing classes and things? (Any dance, coz that's like, my other arty passion, apart from writing ;D) but no, it's such a cool idea, and I love that you guys have done it because this kind of story deserves/needs snappy, witty dialogue and you guys are both so, so good at it. Like this - “So, can you write?”

“Can you breathe?”

Landon thought about the question. “Well, I’ve got asthma…” made my laugh out loud. Properly. My floormates probably think I'm mad or something... :P

The characters at first glimpse are so good, too - I love how they're so friendly with each other, and so easy to get to know and like. You have this strangely almost creepy way of getting me invested in your characters, in a way which is almost annoying, because I'm not used to being invested in characters, especially nice ones :P Normally I love the evil ones (strange crush of Joffrey, anyone? :P). What are you guys doing to me? Also, I love how different they all are - already you're establishing characteristics for them, like some being more confident about themselves than others, them all doing the course for different reasons, and having different strengths. It's hinting at a great story in the future! :)

I love the writing in this, too. I think the dialogue is the strongest point, but everything in this is so amazing. It flows so beautifully - and everything just fits to well together. I loved the introduction of the student newspaper, and having Teddy as the teacher, mahaha! Rose will sure have fun with that :P (Though I do pity Teddy a bit... is that wrong?) Plus, all the details - like Scorpius choosing his name was so funny, and Connor's disinterest in the course... they're so good at introducing the characters.

This is such a brilliant beginning, too - I'm so excited to see what's going to happen next, romantically with the characters, with the student newspaper and what other initiatives they're going to start up. And when exactly Teddy's going to end up having a nervous breakdown :P

Loved this beginning! :) Favouriting!

Aph xx

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Review #14, by InkStainedFingers that time when i started a newspaper

31st January 2015:
Oooh, a creative arts department at Hogwarts? That is an idea I have never come across before, and I am very excited to see what exciting events will unfold. And a school newspaper, organised by Rose Weasley, is something else I don’t think I’ve seen before. A gossip newspaper could, I think, spark all kinds of problems and drama and scandal.

This Rose Weasley seems quite ambitious, with her plans to start a school newspaper not only to supply her fellow student’s demand for gossip, but to improve her application for a job at the Daily Prophet. Very Slytherin of her. And she gets bored at her classmate’s gossipy conversation. (Slytherin-Rose is fast becoming one of my favourite things. And she’s a self-proclaimed “queer activist” meaning that this going to be another story full of representation of under-represented groups and diverse characters! Something that I don’t think we can ever get enough of.)

From the chapter description, my assumption is that this will be a story with a changing POV for each chapter? And although it isn’t a hugely long chapter, you do get a sense that these are all well developed and well thought-out. I love the names as well: Rhys, Tatum, Simone... original, but with a strong Harry-Potter-next-gen vibe to them (somehow – I cannot really explain this?).

There is lots of fantastic dialogue, sparks of character relationships, and lots of things that suggest it is going to be a great story. And Teddy Lupin as a teacher will be interesting. I can definitely see him going to a Muggle university, and as a teacher who has been thrown into the deep-end slightly (he describes himself as “clueless” – I think this will be very interesting).

My favourite quote from the chapter:
“What happens in the arts department, stays in the arts department.”

I’m hoping that there will be lots of things happening in the art department – and of course staying in the art department – and I am really looking forward to the next chapter!

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