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Reading Reviews for Loratio
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Review #1, by Infinityx Chicken

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Ooh yes Louis and Horatio i go for that i ship them now totally. I love your writing in this and it looks like drinking games are your thing. xD hahah i imagined Louis wearing the dress and twirling and you really paint such a hilarious picture and it's so amazing i'm dying. xD they are so cute together as well! i love how comfortable they are with each other and they have all these little games that they've been playing for a long time it's so adorable! i also love how their relationship with dom and teddy in the others is so amazing, like, they're all so accepting and lovely and this is just super fun and amazing to read! your writing is so light and spectacular and i love how perfect all the dialogues are. the love that horatio and louis have for each other is SO CLEAR and i love the end when they kiss and gah this is just perfect!
“We all come out as winners in the end so it doesn’t matter aw tammi this is adorable. :')
and i love the whole thing with louis trying to cover horatio's mouth and horatio licking his hand. just lovely. xD
totally adore this fic already!

Author's Response: All aboard the Loratio ship! :P I love writing them so much! They're so much fun :D

Haha oh Louis and that dress :P He has to be pretty drunk to wear one haha.

I think that Dom and the others are just so used to seeing this that they just nod and agree half the time haha.


Thank you so much! :D

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Review #2, by Rumpelstiltskin Chicken

3rd March 2015:
I'm so sorry that I'm so late!

This chapter was especially great for me, today, as I needed a good laugh. I love how much Louis' cross-dressing...erm, well, 'bothered' Horatio ;). Intimacy does have a tendency to be thwarted by the presence of family members, after all.

Between the idea itself, the foolishness of Louis and Horatio's drunken antics, Dominique and Victoire's comments, and Teddy taking his picture (and let's not forget the lovely line, 'It's not Louise, it's Lou-Lou Belle'), I was in stitches. Whatever game they are playing, I would have loved to have witnessed it!

The end of the chapter was especially sweet, and I just loved the entire thing! Great job!


Author's Response: Awww that's fine! I don't mind! :D

Yay! I'm so glad that I could make you laugh. And Horatio loves a bit of cross-dressing Louis... it's why he lets him drink so much haha. But yes, the family are ruining everything.

Yay! I'm so glad that you liked this so much! :D It's made me so happy.

Thank you!!

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Review #3, by potterfan310 Cake Making

14th February 2015:
Tammi, heyyy.

After the last chapter I didn't think there could be any more cuteness, I was wrong!

" Samantha definitely took after Horatio in many ways." - YES! If that isn't proof Horatio is well and truly her mummy (albeit the one who leads her astray) but it kind of makes me think Freya isn't around so yay!

The two of them asleep, my heart ♥

"Horatio had even gotten a tattoo on his arm that said 'Koukla' in script writing, for his birthday." AW what have you done, I'm a mess of cuteness (if that's even a thing, who knows??)


"Will mummy ‘Tio get cake after you give him a bath?" - I'm laughing so hard, kids really do say the funniest things, haha, but it makes it even more perfect about the fact it's about Louis and mama 'Tio XD

Again with the no Freya theory, even if this is set at Christmas and we still have a three year old Sam, she's still calling Horatio 'Mummy 'Tio' which is a good sign!

YAY THANK YOU SO MUCH TAMMI! *Squishes you with hugs*

- A very happy Sophie :D ♥

Author's Response: SOPHIE!!! HOW ARE YOU?

I'm going to run out of cuteness for them soon! haha :D

Oh yes! That is so proof that Horatio is her mummy, not Freya. And is she around when this is set? Who knows?! Apart from me, I know. :P

Awww haha I loved that image of them. :D


Louis and Horatio need to be very careful around Samantha, she does like to repeat everything she's heard.

As for the theory. you'll have to see haha, things are about to happen in Louis :D

Thank you for the prompt! I loved writing them! :D

*squishes you back*

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Review #4, by potterfan310 Hide and Seek

14th February 2015:
Hi Tammi!!

Ahhh yay, hide and seek time :D

Haha, yes I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Kids really love the idea of pretending to be lost (and then found by shouting boo) for some weird reason, haha.

Bless Louis for being so worried, wanting to getting Harry and the aurors in. A little over the top maybe but proper cute. I can't imagine what he'll be like when Sam brings home her first boyfriend *cough another prompt maybe cough*.

If Sam is five, do I sense the she devil is not in the picture (fingers crossed) because SHE'S STILL CALLING HORATIO 'MUMMY'! THIS GIVES ME HOPE.

Whatt?? Ahhh Tammi you made me think it was Horatio in on the plan, not Louis, haha. Louis could be an actor. And Sam bless her, it's so hard to not giggle when you can't.

What are you doing to me, god this is so cute and urgh I didn't realise I needed this but it is glorious. Thank you Tammi, you're the best *hugs*. I have a lot of Loratio feels now.

-Sophie :D

Author's Response: SOPHIE!!!

Yep, it's hide and seek time!

They really do love it, and poor Louis being worried. Although he was totally playing along.

YES!!! That prompt is getting written. Don't you worry, I have that one planned and I can't wait to write it! :D

Yep, she's still calling Horatio 'mummy' but if the devil is still in the picture. well...

Haha nope, poor Horatio isn't in on it at all. It's all Louis. Horatio should know not to make him angry.

Awww thank you! *hugs you tightly* I need to write more Loratio! :D

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Review #5, by potterfan310 Chicken

14th February 2015:
Tammi hi!

You had me at drunken Loratio, haha :p

Bwhaha, Louis really can't take hi tequila can he? Plus I can so see the two of them doing this whether drunk or not.

Yes, Lou-Lou Bell I LOVE it.

Also please, please tell me Dom/Vic have those pictures as back up for blackmail/bribery or something, haha.

This, is just a bundle of fun and oh my god I LOVE DRUNKEN LORATIO!! They are so cute and asdfghjkl can they just get together already (sorry Molly and Rachel).

Off to the next one!!


Author's Response: Hahaha I think everyone loves a good bit of drunken Loratio :P

Louis really can't at all! And they totally don't need the alcohol to help speed things along between the two.

Oh they so have those pictures for blackmail and they will have to use them against him.

Drunken Loratio is my favourite thing in the world! I'm going to have to write so much more Drunken Loratio! :D

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Review #6, by Maelody Chicken

31st January 2015:
How did I miss this?!? Have I gone temporarily blind? How did I just go to the second one-shot and not see the amazingness of this creation! Oh my goodness! Louis in a dress! I just love that he calls himself Louise and Horatio is insisting that it's Lou-Lou Bell! :3 I think Horatio wins on that one. ;)

My favorite bits are the ones where they make side comments. Like how Horatio licked Louis' hand, and where Louis glass is on the table! xD They remind me of drunk Mae. er, I mean. Your typical drunken, fun loving people who have a grand ol' time having a few drinks and laughs. *nods*

That ending tho. :3 They're so cute! He doesn't even try to lose! That's the best part right there! And Tio telling Louis to try and not kiss him? I'm sure that's the only time those words ever left his mouth! ;)

Thank you Isobel for implanting this idea in Tammi's head! :D I think it's the funniest thing yet! And Tammi, you're just so awesome for being able to put these ideas into words! :D You're the best! :D


Author's Response: Temporary blindness? This can't be! Haha you were that excited about hide and seek that you needed to go straight for that one! :P

Haha oh Louise! I think I prefer Lou-Lou Belle and Horatio would definitely win on that one too :P

Awww I'm so glad those were your favourite, and they remind me of drunk Tammi... I mean, those typical drunks you've mentioned! :P *nods too*

Oh no, Louis would never try and play that game quickly and that is definitely the only time that Horatio would ever say those words.

Isobel is so awesome for making my spelling mistake in a text to her into a story idea haha :P You are awesome Mae for loving Louisio so much! And for being an awesome reviewer! :D

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Review #7, by Maelody Hide and Seek

30th January 2015:
Potterfan310, you're my favorite person for suggesting this adorable scene! *squish into a hug*

Oh my goodness! And you! Tammi, you wonderful human being! You made it come to life! *squish*

So in the beginning, my heart sort of skipped a beat. I was afraid that it was a game of hide and go seek gone wrong. I know some children will take it among themselves to try and walk to a park they go to often or something. I was afraid she did that! But I'm so happy to know that Daddy Louis and Mama 'Tio raised her better than that! :3

But oh my goodness! Remind me to never make Louis mad ever! He pays back, and he pays back big time! xD I can only imagine how poor Horatio feels (I once lost a child I was babysitting, he hid outside in our garage when the rules strictly were said that no going outside was aloud). I'll give Horatio a hug for all the scary thoughts going through his head right now! But, I have to give Louis a high five for kinda being so awesome. xD I just love how he hands her juice and some grapes in her cupboard. I hope Horatio finds her when she sucks on her empty juice packet. xD

OH snap! So can I just say that with the adorable Sam being five in this chapter, I love how she refers to Horatio still as Mama 'Tio!!! What does that make me believe, Tammi? Hmmm? What does that make me believe? That Freya isn't in the picture in Sammie's five year old life! Oh yeah! Boo-yah!


So, you may just be trying to keep it spoiler free and Freya/Rachel/Molly could all be out shopping or something and this is simply a scene just between our two favorite men, picking on one another. BUT, I like my initial theory better. ;)

I'm so happy to see the missing moments grow! You're the best, Tammi! *squish*


Author's Response: She's so brilliant for suggesting it! I didn't know it needed to be written until she suggested it :P *squishes her and you too*

Haha I wanted the fear to be there at first, poor Horatio. Louis is definitely making him pay and I would not want to get on the bad side of him, especially if it makes him tired and cranky!

I'm going to join you in the hug for Horatio, he's very scared about what's happened to her.

Hahaha what's even funnier is that it's what Horatio was going to take to work for his lunch, so now he thinks he's lost his Koukla and he'll be losing his lunch. Poor guy :P

Haha that would totally be how he finds her :P

Haha can Sam be anything other than adorable?

Hahaha :P Is Freya around? Is Rachel or Molly around? Are they shopping?! These are many questions that need answering! haha one day I shall! :D I like your initial theory too.

I'm so happy that you love the missing moments so much! You're the best, Mae! *squishes you too*

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