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Review #1, by Beeezie ...Witch

20th July 2015:
Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Really, James? You brought your best friend on your date? He's so oblivious sometimes. When you're hanging out with your girlfriend, sure, but an actual date? And your second date? No. You really showed that his obliviousness stayed consistent, though - standing outside without a cloak just to impress girls? He didn't get her comment about Sirius until she spelled it out. Honestly. (Oh, James. I do love James, but oh James.)

I also actually really liked the way Lily overreacted so dramatically to seeing James with another girl without dealing with the situation head-on. I can understand that, particularly when a relationship is very new and you're still feeling each other out - and being a teenager really doesn't help. But I also loved the way she was able to cool down and admit her mistake quickly rather than get defensive to save face. This was such a cute story - amazing job!

Ravenclaw - House Cup 2015

Author's Response: I (Georgina) have found in my experience that teenage boys, even after puberty, are idiots. James is still learning, quite obviously. At least Lily is willing to teach him.

Even though Lily trusts James enough to date him, she's still insecure about it. I'm glad to hear you saw it was realistic.

Again, thank you so much for your reviews, they've really made our day.

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Review #2, by Beeezie ...Pretty Girl

20th July 2015:
Ahhh, Fleur! Just when I get through typing about how much I adore her in my last review, I find a chapter all about her! I should have remembered from the banner, but I think I processed it as Victoire or Dominique for some reason.

Ooh, I loved this even more than Padma/Krum, I think, just because I'm so obsessed with Fleur (who was really much cooler than anyone but Bill gave her credit for). I loved the way that she clearly hadn't figured it out until Cedric came back up - it makes sense that she wouldn't realize immediately, and I think that if she'd known her sister was down there, she'd never have given up. I certainly wouldn't in her position - as I mentioned, I'm an older sister, and I know exactly where she's coming from. And I think that you helped show why she was so fond of Harry for years afterward - she genuinely thought her sister was in danger, and so did he. I also really loved that you didn't bring Bill into this, really - I'm noticing a strong theme of friendship and family over romance through these chapters, and it was nice to see Fleur in a genuine friendship. We saw her in a good relationship in the books - I'm not sure we ever saw her with friends. I loved this chapter (and I loved your portrayal of Cedric).

Ravenclaw - House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Heehee. Funny how things work out like that.

Wow, with you loving each chapter more than the last I really hope the Lily one isn't lackluster. I would think what was taken would be a surprise to the champions until later. Freda and I aren't the best at touchy-feely romance and both have more experience with friend and family love. We really relate to this one, both of us having Ginny as a younger sister and Freda having me too.

Cedric is awesome.

Thank you very much for your reviews; they've been very kind and flattering.

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Review #3, by Beeezie ...Werewolf

20th July 2015:
Oh, Padma. I can understand where she's coming from, but if your sister's boyfriend won't date her because you're a werewolf, there is no future there. Just be thankful there's such an easy litmus test - someone like that doesn't have any genuine dedication, and he isn't going to be there for her through sickness-and-health and all that stuff. She's much better off finding that out now. But that said, I do understand why she feels that way, and while it's heartbreaking, it's heartbreaking in part because it's so realistic. I loved what it led to, though - I actually really enjoyed both Fleur and Krum in GoF. Fleur is one of my two favorite HP characters from the books, probably, but I liked Krum a lot too. I loved seeing him find someone who wasn't obsessed with his stardom, and I really loved seeing Padma find someone who wasn't a bigoted jerk and who she could really be herself with. Oooh, I really enjoyed the Roxanne chapter, but I loved this one!

Ravenclaw - House Cup 2015

Author's Response: When I (Georgina) wrote this one I wanted to bring about the conflicting emotions in Padma, and the problems of being bitten. We don't see it as much in the books, but the wizarding world on the whole is fairly anti-werewolf. This collection of short stories/one-shots was supposed to hit you right in the feels. Each one includes an element of me when I'm having a bad day.

I loved writing a love interest for Padma, and my insane brain said "Hey, Krum" and the sane brain said "I thought I told you to shut up--wait, that could work".

Most people have been raving about the Weasley chapter and I was hoping the other chapters weren't a let-down, so I'm very happy to hear you liked this one even better.

Thank you so much for your review!

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Review #4, by Beeezie ...Weasley

20th July 2015:
Aw, the overprotective older brother - as an older sister, I totally relate. It's a total trope, but it's a trope that's totally realistic, and I think that you played it perfectly. There isn't ridiculous overprotective how-dare-you-look-at-her nonsense, just normal protective when-did-you-get-old-enough-to-do (with a little bit of omg-Slytherin!boy what) concern. They clearly had more concerns based largely around their ages, but they kept them to themselves until Abner proved himself to be a jerk. (Ew.) I did wonder why he was staying on their couch overnight on Christmas Eve in the first place - why wouldn't he just go home, particular when it's a holiday? I also thought that while part of it worked, the last bit of the comparison between Roxanne and her mother came off a little odd - but even then Angelina onward seemed like it was basically saying, "But Angelina and Roxanne looked different because Angelina was an adult," which is established by the mother/daughter relationship. Not a huge deal - it just stuck out to me. Her conversation with her father afterward was so adorable, though - I loved it. I liked the emphasis on family throughout the other sections, too - particularly the second one, because seriously men need to calm down about that sort of thing, they're so high strung - but her father comforting her was the best. I wasn't expecting the last section, though! I thought that Jonathan would be it and they'd live happily ever after - I was so sad that that wasn't the case. :( I liked him. Overall, though, this was a lovely chapter, and I love the takeaway. Family is indeed great!

Ravenclaw - House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Whoohoo yeah three cheers for family! :) family is awesome, and you're stuck with them forever anyways.

With Abner, the idea was either he'd stay for breakfast, or it was too late for him to get home. But yeah he would've had to earn Fred's trust no matter what his house. Yeah, i didn't think the bit about comparing mom and daughter flowed well. I remember we were rushing a bit to get he first two chapters in before the challenge deadline, so we didn't have time to fix that as much as I'd like.

Georgina liked writing the second section. I loved how her cousins were caring and comforting her, even if it includes sittin on her but hey, that's what families do.

Everyone expected happily ever after. I (Freda) had nearly insisted a bit ago that one cousin not have kids- rather in protest of Charlie not getting a family. (I can see him being a great dad too!) So we decided a while ago that she got engaged but her fiancé died in some freak accident. Yeah. :( But it did make for a nice twist; with a bittersweet ending.

Thanks for reviewing this story!


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Review #5, by magnolia_magic ...Werewolf

21st April 2015:
Hi ladies! Here from Hufflepuff review tag :)

I liked this a lot! Padma is a character I have never really thought about before, to be honest, so I love that you chose to write about her. And the werewolf thing! I can definitely see how people would be put off by that, even though it clearly isn't Padma's fault. I liked the way you chose to address some of the attitudes people might have, and the fact that Padma's condition would have a ripple effect beyond just her. The bond between her and Parvati was so heartwarming; it was great to see them supporting each other through everything.

LOL Viktor. "You remind me of my cat." Smooth, bro ;) In all seriousness, though, I really love the way you wrote him. He's sincere and nice but not super charming (which just makes him even more adorable in my opinion), and he clearly likes a woman who can hold her own. Padma seems to be a good match for him, and you wrote their chemistry so well!

Great job! This was such a fun read and I really enjoyed it! I hope to check out your author page again very soon :)


Author's Response: Thank you for visiting! The review tag is a great way to find great stories and get a review at the same time. ;)

We did a challenge to write a character as a werewolf and we got Padma. After that one-shot, I (Georgina) loved writing about her and wanted to give her a romance. I don't know where the idea of Krum came from, but when I thought about it I realized it would really work. I also like writing the relationship she had with her sister (being asked if I were a twin with Freda, I like to think I have some knowledge of their special bond) and made sure I included Paravati.

Oh, Victor! He was so awkward in the books and I really wanted to show his, uh, charm? Writing Krum in this way made him a perfect match for Padma, and this might not be the last we write about these two.

Thank you ever so much for checking out our page. We hope to see you again! And thanks again for this lovely review.


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Review #6, by marauderfan ...Pretty Girl

3rd April 2015:
I was so excited to see a chapter about Fleur, especially one that went into detail about her time in the lake - I don't often see that! And I really liked what you did with her character. I think it makes perfect sense that even a girl as beautiful as Fleur would be insecure about love, and how she faces difficulties because of her looks - it's not hard for her to get someone to notice her, but she worries that they are only interested in what she looks like rather than her personality.

The best part of this chapter, though, was Cedric. I adore the way you wrote him - so genuine and caring and basically Pufftastic. He and Fleur have a lot in common and I liked that they just had this heart to heart and a bunch of food. The way you wrote about Cedric and Cho's relationship is so cute, and makes me really sad to remember that Cedric dies :'( but anyway, I love his and Fleur's friendship. So much.

Another really lovely chapter!

Author's Response: We wanted to show her insecurities made her seem so shallow in the fourth book. It's hard to know a man's true intentions, and with a girl with as much fire as Fleur you need a strong man to lead that, men like that are hard to find among teens.

We saw Cedric as the perfect Hufflepuff. Cedric and Cho is difficult to write; it all depends on how you see Cho. But we're glad we could do them justice and the relationship between friends who happen to be different genders.

Again, thank you so much for reviewing this chapter! We love your reviews so much!

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Review #7, by marauderfan ...Weasley

3rd April 2015:
Hi Freda and Georgina! So uh.. I did promise, and although it took me FOREVER (sorry), this is for the Review Hot Seat, haha. You were so on top of your reviewing game and left me so many kind reviews which I appreciated so much! And I know I missed your last day due to my job taking over all my free time, but... better late than never, right? :p

So! This story! I saw it had been nominated in the Keckers so I knew I had to come check this one out. And I think it totally deserves all the attention it's been getting! I like the feminist themes in this - she doesn't need a man to be happy, but her family is the most important thing to her. It's really sweet. Though wow, she went through her share of toads before finding her prince! That first boyfriend was so sleazy end entitled and I was proud of Roxanne for putting him in his place. And that second one - lol, he's not going to have much luck with the ladies if he dumps girls for being on their period. He has a thing or two to learn, haha.

I liked Jonathan and I thought for sure he would be the happy ending, but honestly I prefer the way you wrote it. I love bittersweet endings. And while it's so sad to think that Jonathan died, in such a tragic way, Roxanne keeps on keepin' on, and it's left open, like years down the line, maybe she'll find love again, but for now, she's happy because she was in love with a good person and will always have that memory, and she has her supportive, wonderful family by her side.

Such a great chapter! I'm excited to read more of this. :)

Author's Response: Quite a few people were busy on our day; but we really appreciate you trying to get it in!

Yeah, we saw it was rather popular, and we're certainly not complaining! I (Georgina) kind of relate to Roxanne where she wants to trust guys so much but the ones around her let her down. We weren't going for feminist, but I suppose it can be translated that way. I am always surprised about how many people can't stand hearing about the menstrual cycle, I've always seen it as a normal bodily function. But Freda really had to edit the original version to make sure it wouldn't offend any readers (I'm not good at making things less uncomfortable).

There was a woman we knew whose husband died of cancer when they were in their early thirties. I kind of wanted to write this with people like her in mind, young widows or young widow-ish-but-wasn't-married-yet women. And Roxanne's family is the best; she knows how to make the most of it.

Thank you so much for reviewing this!

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Review #8, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack ...Werewolf

26th March 2015:
Greetings. I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, and today seemed like a good day to venture out of the wilds and read some excellent fanfiction. I'm glad I chose this. I really like the pairing, and the way you wrote both of hem is lovely - they seem so comfortable with one another from pretty early on. I could really relate to Viktor as he doesn't like to be recognjsed - I am much the same way. Due to my elusiveness, no one can describe what a Snorkack actually looks like. But I digress. I loved Padma in this as well, and I like that you put special attention on how difficult it is to be a werewolf and some of the side challenges that go with it. It was a lovely story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading this story. We're so glad to hear you liked this pairing (this might the only Padma/Krum out there, it really is an odd pairing!) We're glad you're glad you read our story.

Thanks again!

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Review #9, by banshee ...Pretty Girl

19th March 2015:
Ah, another super lovely chapter.

Cedric was so sweet! and I love that it wasn't in a romantic way at all, but just Cedric helping her out because he's a good person. I think that gets so overlooked (honestly, ever since the movies) because he's genuinely a really good person, and I love how you've painted him in that light here.

I have such a great love for this story collection. Each one of these chapters so far has been SO GOOD, and each one of the girls has been given such vivid personalities and characteristics, all while staying under the same theme.

I love this so much! Brilliant work!


Author's Response: We can't express our gratitude that not only did you move on to the third chapter, but you also reviewed it! Thanks so much!

We love Cedric. Of course he has his faults, but they're not the kind you would normally see. He just knows how to treat people the way he would want to be treated.

Oh my Merlin, thank you so much! You are much too kind and we are so flattered by your kind words.

First we're fantastic and now we're brilliant!

Seriously, thank you so very very much. We are so happy to read your reviews.

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Review #10, by banshee ...Werewolf

19th March 2015:

I love werewolf stories. And I love the idea of people struggling to be okay with their condition, espeically in universes such as the Harry Potter one where it isn't socially accepted in the norm.

So I think you did a really great job narrating Padma in that sense. You can really feel her frustrations as you read this, similar to that of Remus in the books.

I love that Hermione was the one that set them up. And I love the Padma/Krum!! Not a pairing that I've ever thought of before, but I am definitely not complaining! Super super cute.

The relationship between Padma and Parvati was so sweet. It's definitely realistic to see sisters sticking up for each other the way Parvati did.

a;lkdjf I just loved this chapter so much. fantastic work!


Author's Response: Yay! You liked it!

Werewolves are a very interesting subject you almost have to consider when writing/reading fantasy.

Thank you, we didn't know how best to get the feels across on this one since Padma isn't a real feels-y character.

Good, I was afraid readers wouldn't care for the pairing and move on. I'm glad you thought it was adorable.

Being as close as Freda and I (Georgina) are to each other and the rest of our family, it's almost easier to write family love for us than romantic love.

Thank you so much for checking out our story and leaving this lovely review! We really appreciate it!

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Review #11, by banshee ...Weasley

19th March 2015:
Hey you two!

I'm searching through Hufflepuff stories for nominations, and I absolutely love the premise about a story of girls being shown for humans that experience heartbreak and all that jazz, so I had to go for this.

I don't really know how to put into words how much I loved this first chapter. I wanted to cheer for Roxanne when she refused the first boy. LIKE SO MUCH, YOU GO ROXANNE and not letting him think for one second he'd get away with doing anything that makes her uncomfortable. SO PROUD.

You so rarely read about girls experiencing menstrual pain, but it happens every month and it's something that made this so realistic. I definitely agree with the statement that if a boy can't handle that, he can just go away!

Alright, alright, rambling aside, you have to know how much I loved this story. dEfinitely continuing on!



Author's Response: Hey Julie! First off thank you so much for the Kecker nomination! It's made my day that a couple people have actually nominated us for stuff, and even though we probably won't win anything. (Meaning if we do win something I'm probably going to be bouncing off of the ceiling! X-D )

Glad you found it intriguing! Yup Roxanne is fun to write. Fun fact, we originally had Roxanne in Hufflepuff but we finally switched her to Gryffindor before we posted anything. She da girl!

Yeah, that's all Georgina right here. The original even made me a shade uncomfortable. She passed it to me and said "here do you discretion thing on it" but I left most of it because its supposed to be uncomfortable. Plus theoretically I think a lot maybe the majority of readers are females.

Glad you enjoyed it despite the bittersweet ending. Thanks for the reviews!! :D


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Review #12, by alicia and anne ...Werewolf

15th March 2015:
Awww poor Parvati, being dumped because of the werewolf. It's not her fault and I wish that this guy was more supportive and understanding. Curse you Fenrir Greyback!

Hopefully those Beauxbaton boys will be better for them.

Although, I'm so intrigued by who this old friend who's meeting up with Ron and Hermione is? I hope they'll be a good love interest for Padma. :D

Oooo it's Krum!! And Ron is letting them meet willingly? I wonder if he's got a grip on his jealousy? :P Haha although he got told off for not dancing with her. :D Good on Krum! Yes! His best friend was a werewolf! This is a good sign!

Oh Krum! He's so adorably shy! Comparing her to a cat, bless him! And then he kissed her hand and he's being a gentleman. I see this ending very well!

Okay, they are both so adorable together and I absolutely love that they are on a date! You wrote Krum's accent so amazingly! And I absolutely love how you're witten him in this. He adorable and I am loving the pairing Padma/Krum! :D This was just too cute! I loved it so much!

Author's Response: Werewolves were not traditionally part of wizard society, they kind of split off and lived by themselves in the woods. Lupin was the exception. This made wizards less likely to be sympathetic to them (or their twin sisters).

Well, better for Parvati rather than Padma...

You'll see...

Krum indeed. Seeing as Hermione married him, I think Ron would be less touchy on the subject. And yes, Krum dances. And is sensitive to werewolves.

Krum is in my opinion a typically polite foreign man and once you get more acquainted with him he becomes more, well, human.

I realize it's an unusual pairing, but I really like how it worked out in this one-shot. I'm glad you really liked it!

Again, thank you for this lovely review! Made our day!

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Review #13, by alicia and anne ...Weasley

15th March 2015:
Poor Roxanne, having to deal with her brother and cousin thinking that they were match makers. :P I have a feeling they but into a lot of their families lifes. But I hope that Fred doesn't have to worry about anything, this Abner sounds like a decent bloke and he certainly knows how to charm.

:O And he's not! He's a slimy snake! I'm glad that she kicked him out, rude of him to think that it would be perfectly alright to just climb into bed with her.

I'm hoping that this Brent guy is better. Oh! He's totally not! Breaking up with her because she mentioned periods! What an idiot! I hope that she can find a better guy! I'm going to be wary of all of them now. Poor her, having to go through a break up and her time of the month. *gives her all of the chocolate* Although I'm so happy that her family are around her to comfort her.

Oh this Clive is no better at all! I think she needs to start hurting these guys instead of dating them! They're all idiots! I'm praying that Jonathan is much better! Especially as he ordered a cake himself.

No! No you broke my heart by taking him away! Why did this happen?! He was a good one! :(

Poor Roxanne, I feel so sorry for her having to go through all of that pain! But at least she's found happiness with her family and she'll be an amazing aunt!

I can't wait to read more of this story, especially if the other chapters are written as amazingly as this one. Which I totally know they will be, because let's face it. You're both pure awesome! :D

Author's Response: Hello reader, and first of all thank you for reviewing this story!

You'll see...

Like most teenage boys, Abner is an idiot who is both ignorant and getting ahead of himself when it comes to dating.

I have found that most young gentlemen are unaware of the monthly female issue, and are in shock and just want to forget it when they find out.

You'll see...

We had previously decided Roxanne would never marry and wanted to explain why (mostly to ourselves). We figured she would have fallen in love with a man who died and never got over him.

Roxanne is a tough girl, she's the kind of person who will find what she wants and stay true to herself despite other's expectations. She found her "children" through her older brother.

Aw! Thank you so much! The others aren't quite as up-and-down-y as this one, we promise!

Can't wait to see more of you! Thanks again for the review1

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Review #14, by The Lord of Winter ...Witch

8th March 2015:
That was such a lovely story, every chapter was sublime,
I hope that I can express my love for it through this little rhyme.
Shall we start with Roxane? The story started off so well.
And yet he was an idiot, who didn't know how far he'd fell.

The Hufflepuff section was where we saw the help of family.
Cousins and best frends, and sitting on so many knees.
That Ravenclaw made me frown - he wasn't very nice.
But when the Gryffindor took his place, he melted all that ice.

The ending was heartbreaking, and then most bittersweet,
I'm glad that she has Fred to help her find her feet.
Onto the next! Padma's chapter was superb.
The idea that she's a werewolf was not one that I had heard.

I'm glad Hermione's helping werewolves, in more ways than one.
It was very cute when Victor asked her out when she was done.
I liked her learning Bulgarian, it made it seem more real,
Your dialogue was done amazingly, I humbly feel.

My heart ached for Fleur when she found out about her sister.
Cedric was a good friend, and someone who didn't want to kiss her!
Showing her the kitchens was a really clever move,
As she was once again more cheerful, definitely improved.

Lily and James, the classic pairing ,with all the required twists.
You captured their personalities, something that's all too easy to miss.
What would Amortentia smell like to me? Winter, plain and simple.
The way it glitters in the cold, and shows off people's dimples.

Joanie sounded really sweet, I'm glad we got to meet,
A girl like that sounds the sort that would be difficult to beat.
James was as adorable as ever, and Lily had her fire
Though I hope she keeps it far from me (consequences may be dire).

Author's Response: :)

Such a nice review; we heartily thank you!
I will attempt to rhyme as I respond to you.
You rhymes with you. Freda here can do it!
But soon I'll assuredly have to quit.

Thanks for reading the whole thing through;
Not stopping at Roxanne, or Padma or Fleur,
But complementing everyone right down to Lily
with a review so sweet, mine just sounds silly!

Glad you liked Roxanne and her family,
despite it ending well but sadly.
Werewolf Padma was the idea of a challenge
(Hold everything! That can rhyme with orange!)

Glad that Padma/Krum worked alright,
And that you enjoyed Fleur's brave fight.
Glad James didn't turn out too bad,
when he was all the comfort Joanie had.

All this shows that life goes up and down,
But friends and chocolate can smooth out a frown!
Thanks for this, which made us sing!
But I must warn you; watch out for Spring!

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Review #15, by The Basilisk ...Weasley

2nd February 2015:
Hello my sweets. It is I, The Basilisk, here to petrify you with my review.

This was such a bittersweet story, kinda sad but kinda one that makes you smile too. I like how you picked Roxanne as the main character here - she's not much written about. Her portrayal was also interesting and I enjoyed seeing her grow and develop over the years you wrote her through. All her boy troubles were really quite relatable and I felt for her.

It was adorable when she met Jonathan and I was like 'Yay they'll be together now, she finally found the right guy' but I got a shock when in the next section he was dead. It was really quite sad. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the theme of family you had going throughout and in the end, despite all odds, Roxanne is still happy with her family and her life. It was a great way of showing a different kind of love.

Good work!

Hiss Hiss,
The Basilisk

Author's Response: Eep! Georgina warned me that there was a basilisk reading our stories! *calls out* hey Harry! Grab Fawkes, you've got another basilisk to kill! O.o

We have at least a bit of a love backstory for all the next gen Wotters, and Roxanne's was definitely different so we wanted to write about it. Yup she's a pretty down to earth girl.

Jonothan was a nice guy. It was sad knowing he wouldn't make it, but it would work so well with the overall theme, and we meant for it to be different in an unexpected way. Sometimes I wonder if maybe something similar happend with Charlie; that he might have had a serious relationship and his girlfriend died or something else bad happened to her. (It does bug me that he never settled down for no given reason!)

I'm glad you liked the portrayal of family love. Compared to romance, it's a quite underwritten form of love, and in addition to being realistic, we like showing how love comes from your family too. (Right sis? ;) )

Well thanks for the review. Tell whichever parselmouth that sent you thanks from both of us for leaving a nice review and not well, you know stun us or worse.


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