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Review #1, by Rita Skeeter the change of a chang

17th March 2015:
Why hello there my dear!

I'm Rita Skeeter. You may know me from such publications as The Daily Prophet, The Life and Times of Albus Dumbledore, and a few others that I can't quite keep track of. Really, there's so many that sometimes I just forget!

You may be wondering why I'm here on this errr...computer thing, but I've found them quite helpful in digging up dir..I mean looking up information on my latest subjects. Especially since that meddling Hermione Granger found out about me being an illegal animagus.

After reading this piece, I'm feeling something quite unfamiliar to me. Normally, I would write a salacious article with flashy headlines, but something in this experience makes me feel differently about it. Maybe it's the idea of no one understanding you. I can relate a bit. Everyone always thinks I am only shrill and conniving, but that's not who I am on the inside. I hope Chang can find his peace.

It's a good thing that he went home to his family. I know they contacted the Prophet looking for help in locating him several times. The Prophet editors were polite, but we all assumed that he had been kidnapped by Death Eaters.

Now because you've shared such a beautiful, personal story with me, I'd like to share a bit of gossip with you. There was a dual purpose to me stopping here. I'm running a bit of a contest. You see, things aren't always as they seem. If you can guess who my alter ego on the forums is, I will donate E50 in your honor to the HPFF fundraiser. You better hurry though because others have received similar offers and there can only be one winner. You have until March 30th.

Oh and I suppose I should leave you one clue so you can start some digging of your own. Unlike Rita, I don't hate Hermione. I actually quite enjoy writing about her!

Best of Luck!

Author's Response: hi rita!

thanks for stopping by, it's so nice to have your expertise on things like this

(this is the greatest alter-ego review I've ever gotten)

I'll get right onto my guessing! how odd, I hope I find you :p

- jess, xo

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Review #2, by TheHeirOfSlytherin a changing chang

15th March 2015:

Seriously, I'm so happy right now. I just love how he's slowly bringing himself back into the Wizarding world; he has a life and friends (that I hope never leave) and everything is good. And I just loved what he did for the homeless. That was so sweet.

Still picking a name. I imagine finding the perfect name is hard, especially in Chang's situation. I love the name my mum gave me (the short version anyway) and yet I still change it often.

(Slightly off topic, but I have a banner for the banner challenge and it literally inspired a full story about trans Cho thanks to you and he chooses the name Kai because it means victory or open in Chinese and that's how I imagine Chang is feeling once he's himself and I wanted you to know since trans Cho is from you.)

Anyway, Michael! Michael sounds so nice and cool and I really hope he doesn't take things badly when - if Chang - tells him the truth about himself.

TRANS GINNY!!! I can totally see it and I love it. Especially Molly being so happy to have a daughter. I can just imagine the Weasley being very supportive from the get-go. They wouldn't be the Weasleys if they weren't. Well, I can imagine her brothers each taking it a little differently, so I'll say it wouldn't be Molly and Arthur if they weren't. I'm glad Chang now has a friend to go to, someone who understands.

Ooh, Michael. He told him and I think I spoke too soon about him taking things well... Now I hope he comes back.



Author's Response: AHH HI WOW HOW QUICK WAS THIS REVIEW OH MY GOSH?!?! (also, pro tip to do the little heart things you put & hearts ; (without the spaces) :p ♥

names are hard to come up with for sure. I know if I ever had to I'd have a hard time of it. alas, I DO have a name in mind for chang though. I hope it works in the grand scheme of things ♥

(wow oh my gosh I feel so priviledged I absolutely can't wait for you to write it so I can read it!! kai is such a great name for chang I wish I'd thought of that one haha)

Michael is so nice and lovely and it kind of broke my heart to have to write that final scene but it's unfortunately not all sunshines and daisies being trans and I felt like my story was going a little TOO easy on Chang. I'm not going to ruin whether or not he comes back but I can assure you that by the end of the series (it's only going to be 3 chapters, so next chapter) Chang will be a very very happy man.

ahh trans ginny has to be the greatest inclusion in this story. I can't thank kayla enough for putting the idea in my head thanks to one of her blog posts! I feel like maybe trans ginny would be a cool series to explore after I'm done writing this one.

thank you for being so overly supportive of this series right from the get go! I love it ♥

- jess, xo


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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm the change of a chang

24th February 2015:
Hey Jess!! I'm here for our Gryffie review exchange!

Wow. I don't even know what to say. This was really, really well done. I thought you handled this very well.

I really wish the Chang did not hide himself away after he graduated. At least not from his family. He could have had a support system around a lot longer than he did. I mean, I know it took his father a little bit longer to come around, but his mother and his little brother, and even his grandmother, were pretty accepting of him.

My heart kind of broke for Chang when he returned to Hogwarts for the final battle. You portrayed just how uncomfortable, and even a little bit angry he was at being referred to as, "girl." Between that and the battle itself, it was almost as if he was slipping into a major depression. The fact that he slept for over 24 hours really showed that. I'm glad that his grandmother did find him, because I don't think it would have been good if she hadn't.

I almost wondered how the Wizarding world would treat LGBTQ individuals. I'd like to imagine that they would be more accepting than Muggles, but you really never know, because it was never full out addressed in canon. Your story was definitely different than others I have read, in which he decided to give up living amongst Wizards because of who he was. I felt horribly for him, but liked the originality of it. I also liked how yuo did the sex alignment potions as a wizarding equivalent to the hormones Muggles would take. That was very clever. :)

Oh and when Chang's father passed the key onto him, with the card saying son on it, I teared up a little. I was so happy that things were really started to look up for him.

This was a wonderfully done one-shot. I really, really enjoyed reading it! I'm happy we were paired together this month! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: hi! thanks for stopping by.

thank you so much wow -- this is such a lovely review I'm speechless.

poor chang, he really could have had that support network but he didn't think that he would have it in his family. I guess a lot of people don't really think straight when they're going through major crises so it kind of flew over his head a little and he was left confused about whether or not his family would be accepting. especially his grandmother! I think there's a line about how she definitely WOULDN'T be accepting but hey ho Chang was wrong and she was.

the battle of hogwarts was such a difficult thing for me to work in because I wanted to stay true to a lot of canon and to do that chang had to somehow work up the courage to step into the world she'd left behind so long ago. and not only do that, but fight too.

hehe I live off the tears of readers. never fear though, more angst and problems await Chang in the continuation of this oneshot!

thanks so much for the review, it means a lot! ♥

- Jess, xo

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Review #4, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack the change of a chang

29th January 2015:
Hello Jess! It is I, the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, taking timid steps out of my wonderful hidden forest in order to leave this review. I can't stay long, because I fear the Lovegoods are out searching for me at this very moment.

I must admit, what made me click on this story in the first place was the pun in the title - I think Chang was such a perfect character for this for that reason. And because stories about transgender characters are quite rare so it's nice to see stories about this important and relevant topic, especially ones that handle it so tactfully and with as much care as you have.

I can understand Chang a lot in the beginning as he hides from everyone; I spend my life hiding in forests from everyone except my close friend the Blibbering Humdinger, so I could relate. But I am so proud of Chang for gaining the courage to step back out into the world he left behind and stop concealing his true identity. I like that you included the battle in here as well and the things Chang was facing as all the canon stuff like the battle happens. Behind the scenes like this always gives such wonderful perspective. This is why I stay behind the scenes of everything in my hidden spot.

Most of all I like how this story shows the real life struggles faced by trans individuals such as people using gendered language because they simply don't know not to, or family/friends not accepting them, but also gives so much hope because after all the struggles, Chang's family still love him and accept him in the end, and things look up.

This was a lovely story and I thank you for writing it. And now, I am off to meet with the Loch Ness Monster for tea!

Author's Response: Ah, the elusive Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Why, to what do I owe the pleasure?

Ah, the pun!! I'll let you in on a little secret here, I didn't come up with that until about 20 minutes before I uploaded the oneshot. It was supposed to be just called 'Chang' for simplicity but I was like "hm, why doesn't that look right?" and I realised it was because it was only one letter difference from change, so I kept thinking chang (esp lowercase) was misspelt. And then, the pun hit me in the face and here we are, with possibly the best title I have (modestly) ever come up with.

Poor you CHS, it's not nice to hide is it? I hope you can one day gain the courage to get out there too! I'm sure it's lovely and many would treat you with love and acceptance too. There might be a few like Chang's father and that guy in the bathroom who are confused, angry or annoyed but there will always be a flip side to that with the most positive and adoring people.

Thank you so much for this lovely review and thank you also for taking the time out to simply read this :) I appreciate it, CHS!

- Jess, xo

p.s. say hi to ol' Nessie for me!!

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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin the change of a chang

29th January 2015:
This was amazing and beautiful and lovely and, oh my god, all the words to describe the brilliance of this piece!

The slow build to acceptance (from Dad mostly, but from himself too, the acceptance in telling everyone), the thoughts and feelings Chang went through, the idea that he went back to the battle having to hide who he was again - everything. It was so sad and hopeful and just lovely. I wanna give him a great, big hug and never let him go and tell him it's okay. Because he's awesome and perfect and, gah, I think this must totally be headcanon now. This is Chang and he's awesome.

Thank you so much for writing this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so happy right now! I loved it so much!


P.S. Does he ever pick a name?

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you so much :D I'm glad I did the story justice and that I had the chance to write such a great character in a new, diverse way.

The battle scene had to be something I included. It just HAD to be. Once I'd decided flat upon Cho Chang being transgender I had to think for ages about how EXACTLY I was going to incorporate it in whilst still retaining canon and not delving into AU.

I'm glad you loved it so much!! That makes me smile so hard.

Thank you eternally for the idea and for reading and reviewing :)

- Jess, xo

(I don't know! "Surely at some point" I tell myself, but I can't quite justify a new name -- what would it be?! I had difficulty deciding which is why I left it open. I like to think that at some point, maybe within the next two years, he finally figures out a new name ^.^)

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Review #6, by tangledconstellations the change of a chang

29th January 2015:
Oh, Jess,

This was so beautiful - I am in awe. Honestly, this is such an important fic right now. Everything about it felt right - I really feel like you nailed Chang's character and this was such a good snapshot into his life. I'm so glad you are writing fics like these, to help push the scope fanfiction encapsulates.

Your writing itself is to die for - the more and more of your stuff I read the more I love it. I really hope you receive the recognition and encouragement for your work that you need, because you've got a beautiful way with words and it's so obvious you care so much about the stories you write.

This is only brief but I really want you to know that this has moved me a lot and you've handled it well as a topic. Except, y'know, it isn't really a 'topic' - you've made this real life for readers who won't have necessarily experienced anything like this. Because that's what it is. It is real life, and it's always amazing and a pleasure to see fanfiction and different ways of life go hand in hand, especially with inspiring writers like you.

Really incredible. ♥

Laura xxx

Author's Response: Is it okay to want to cry because of this, because I really want to cry right now this review is so so lovely I'm just adjhfkdjfabdjfg ♥

I'd like to call 2015 my 'phase 2' of writing. I'm just feeling it this year. I'm feeling great things all around not just for myself but for everyone in the hpff community. I think this year is going to be OUR year.

I'm so glad this community is becoming a place where ideas like this can be shared with compassion and acclaim rather than the age old 'nothing against slash but I won't read it' etc etc comments that have plagued the online fanfiction world for far too long. I'm glad that I'm growing with this site and broadening my horizons and perspective of the world.

I realise this review is probably getting entirely off topic now, but I'm in a very retrospective mood hahaa. I thank you so much for your kind words - they make me smile so hard.

- Jess, xo

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Review #7, by Infinityx the change of a chang

29th January 2015:
Brilliant portrayal of a trans character, Jess! All the emotions came across so powerfully and your choice of Chang for this really created a huge impact. This was some truly amazing writing and you've done a fantastic job. I love it and it's going into my favourites. :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Oh wow, thank you so much! This is a wonderful review - so lovely :D

Thanks for taking the time to read and review :)

- Jess, xo

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