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Reading Reviews for Carpe Aestatem
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Review #1, by crestwood I Reckon

28th June 2015:
I've got a lot of feelings about this story. James/Remus is not something I can find often, but it's been consistently great every time I have.

The idea that James liked girls who 'looked like early morning sunlight felt' is so great. Where do you pull these descriptions from? They're so unorthodox and they kind of feel like one of your signature qualities as a writer. I don't think they get mentioned very often though. (and I should know, with how I stalk your reviews)

Sirius in this story isn't the main focus, but he's excellent. I think he's influenced the Sirius in my upcoming Wolfstar a small bit. The hunger for the subversive is done so well and feels very much like him. Not to mention how spot on Remus putting an unnecessary hyphen in bisexual is. Also, hating cigarette smoke strikes me as something obvious about him.

Officially interested in your version of Benjy Fenwick. I've only read him in one of Rose's stories before. He's not much of a recurring character in fic.

I love the casual nature that James tries to adopt. 'Reckon so.'

I can't deal with you characterizing Remus as much less studious than he wants to seem. I can't deal, Lisa. I have to not do that with my Remus because, at this rate, he'll end up exactly like yours. All of your characters are perfect.

Remus' surprise kiss is so great. And the last line - Seize the summer!!! I love it. I can't wait for more! And I do realize that saying that about everything doesn't make much sense if I'm expecting updates on like five stories at once, but eventually, I want more!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

Author's Response: jospeh

i feel like you should know that you've given me a line that i'm going to treasure forever and you probably KNEW you were doing that bc you stalk my reviews and you know exactly what people have said and haven't said about my writing and this is getting away from me but unorthodox descriptions and signature qualities as a writer, gosh you know what to say to make me all emotional. how dare you. i'm so happy thank you

"the hunger for the subversive" i love your reviews and i love the things you choose to comment on. sirius is fantastic and i love writing him

thank you so much for this review joey it's a gift

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Review #2, by daliha I Reckon

2nd February 2015:
I loved your portrayal of the Marauders! It was unique, usually everyone make Sirius a playboy, I've never seen anyone write him as a gay character but strangely I can see that happening. Anyway I really enjoy your story and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really love writing the Marauders, even though I don't get round it it half as often as I should. I can't say I've ever read a story of Sirius being a playboy, even though I know there are plenty of them (the concept just doesn't interest me) but he's always been gay in my head. Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by luvinpadfoot I Reckon

21st January 2015:
You have the most brilliant diction. Every word is flawlessly chosen and they flow together and create such brilliant characters. I was trying to think of my favorite quote and couldn't because the case could be made for practically any quote in the entirety of this chapter.

And you made that a part of the story with all the different words the boys preferred to be called referring to their sexuality (vague because I'm not sure about 12+ nature of those words). I absolutely loved that (and everything else.) That was such an amazing way to characterize them early on: Sirius preferring to make it a big deal with the inflammatory ones, Remus liking bi-sexual with the hyphen. That fit so well with canon and even the personalities fanon has given them for the most part.

Usually so much swearing seems excessive in writing, like swearing for the sake of swearing, but not here. It just made it feel more real. Like I could imagine the boys sitting down and having those exact conversations and doing those exact things and oh god I loved this so much.

That very beginning paragraph/lines about James loving girls and falling in love was so beautiful. Perfect wording. Just like everything else, but that was the first paragraph and it was perfect. They "looked how early morning sunlight felt." I love that. I could pick anything out of that paragraph, but I just loved that because it's such a unique, perfect description. I really need a different synonym for perfect.

It's very straightforward so and I adore that. It's neither sanitized and overly humorous nor too dark and angsty. It's just real and straightforward and utterly brilliant. I half expected to have problems with some of the different aspects, but everything worked together perfectly. It came out as a masterpiece and I loved it.

Have I mentioned I loved it? Because I did. So much. This is the kind of story that makes me want to go to your author's page and just read every single thing you've ever written. I generally like to leave at least one critique, even if it's a small thing, but there's nothing I can think of. This was amazing. There aren't enough synonyms to describe how much I enjoyed reading this and I'm so excited for it to continue!

Author's Response: oh my gosh thank you so much for this review! this was such an incredible bit of feedback to receive and i appreciate everything you've said so much

i have a real tendency to swear a LOT in my writing, and i'm not sure whether that's a cultural reflection on me and the demographic i belong to or whether writing teenagers and young adults somehow seems inauthentic without a lot of cursing, but sometimes i do worry that some people might find it overdone and it's really good to know that it works here so thank you

that is high praise indeed that you don't have any critique oh wow

thank you so much for this thoughtful and detailed review!

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Review #4, by writeyourheartout I Reckon

20th January 2015:

James Potter didn’t fancy blokes. - MUAHAHAHA! JUST YOU WAIT, SIR. *SQUEE*

And yet. - Nailed it.

Oh! Love that Sirius is gay as well. I wonder if that means Remus will, in the end, be with Sirius? Love me some WolfStar, too. Dude, if this is James/Remus that eventually leads to even just implications of Remus/Sirius... I may die of happiness. There may be too much amazing in one story for my heart to handle. My palms are sweaty. SORCERESS! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME ALREADY? I'M LIKE FIVE PARAGRAPHS IN. (Although, a few paragraphs later and it looks like they might not be a good match after all. Either way, I'm beyond ecstatic about this story! :-p)

Your dialogue is just brilliant. I love the way James and Sirius interact in this scene by the lake. I can't quote most of it (because M swears!) but it's just spot on how I imagine them. ♥

GAH. AWW. WHEN SIRIUS SAYS REMUS DOESN'T LIKE... -le cough- AND THEN JAMES ASK IF HE'S A... -le double cough- MY HEART HAS MELTED. (Also, I may require a lozenge.)

Dawww, he's gonna quit smoking for Reeemus. ♥

He regretted it almost the moment he said it – it was fine to joke around when it was the four of them, and the sort of banter that would border on flirtatious to the uninitiated was par for the course – but it was a different story when it was just him and Remus and they skirted too close to truth. - Ugh, I just love your writing. ♥

Hahahaha Omg. Again with your dialogue - this time between James and Remus. *squee* It's so wonderful.

I'm trying really hard not to just quote this entire story back at you, BUT PLEASE FORGIVE THIS ONE BECAUSE I CAN'T NOT: Remus put down his quill. “All right.” His face was impassive, his voice toneless. It was one of the worst things about him, his ability to mask any emotion and tuck it neatly behind some façade or other that suited his needs (and one of the most alluring, because there was some primal part of James that wanted to strip him of that ability – maybe for a moment, maybe for an eternity; he wasn’t picky). - ♥

AND THE KISS. Gah. It's perfect. All of it. Everything. This is phenomenal. I am so happy right now, I can't even. Like... I don't have any more articulate words to offer, because my brain has disconnected. Seriously, this is... I'm so beyond happy with what you've done with my prompt. I knew you were the right person to give it to.

And on that note... I just have to thank you so, so much for writing this story for me. And I can't even begin to fathom how quickly you were able to run with the inspiration and still create such an incredible chapter in so short a time! Teach me your ways. You are just so wonderful. I am in love with this and I cannot wait for chapter two! Eep!


Author's Response: TANYA HI i'm finally responding to your review i'm sorry it took me SO EMBARRASSINGLY LONG i'm terrible

i have to thank you for two things - number one, for this review because it made me SO HAPPY when i received it and your excitement over it and all the quotes and everything is basically every author's dream and you give the BEST reviews honestly, and number two, for the request in the first place because i never would have thought of this pairing if you hadn't

i'm very sorry that i didn't update this but it IS on my list that's ever-growing now that i'm going back through old reviews and old stories, and i promise i will finish this one! even if there's a year between chapters one and two oops

thank you thank you thank you for this phenomenal review

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Review #5, by UnluckyStar57 I Reckon

19th January 2015:
Oh my god.

There have been so many pairings that I've read lately that I didn't know I needed, and this is most definitely one to add to that list. I mean, I've read it twice now, and I'm still in awe.

Who would've thought it, right? When the whole fandom ships JilyJilyJily all day long, you don't even think about the possibility of Other Ships With James In Them. Well, perhaps you remark on his bromance with Sirius, but never Peter and never Remus.

But THIS. THIS BLOOMING THING. In everything of yours that I've ever read--TFWMS being the mainest and most notable example--I sit here after I've read it, giggling like a fool because I just love your characters so much. There's so much pretentiousness going on, and they don't even try to hide it--they're the Marauders, they have the Right to Elevate Themselves in their own minds. Ugh, but I just love how Remus isn't what anyone would initially believe, and I love how Sirius is so nonchalant about the labels, how he embraces them because "they're subversive, mate."

Basically, your characters are precocious little babies, and I love them. I mean, at this point, you could do anything with any one of them--ship them however, with whomever--and I would be sold on the idea.

But anyway. Remus and James. REMUS and JAMES. James starts out ever-so-slightly in denial to himself, trying to distract his mind from Remus by thinking about girls. That ends very quickly, especially since Sirius is right there, being so cool and uncaring and stuff. And James is still like, "it's mostly girls... and then there's Remus," but whatever, the "mostly girls" part doesn't matter right now because Remus is the only thing he can think about, hahaha. That's so perfectly fitting and so perfectly evil at the same time.

And if there was any doubt in his mind about which he liked more, Remus's little surprise attack certainly sealed the deal. Oh my gosh, Lisa, you can write kissing scenes like nobody else. It's so insane, and I feel so many feels that I shouldn't feel, because after all, the romance between two fictional characters should have no affect on my life. And yet, it does. Oh, it does.

And that Latin thrown in at the end--honestly, I think it's such a part of your writing style that I would miss it if it weren't there. The Marauders are such pretentious little dorks, and nobody can tell me otherwise. I'll have to read some more of your Marauders work when I find the time.

Oh, the one complaint I have about this chapter is that it is TOO SHORT and I WANT MORE. Well, when you've got the time, that is. But I hope you have the time soon, because this story is absolute gold.


Author's Response: MALLORY. you are TOO KIND TO ME. look at this you SPOIL ME WITH REVIEWS i dont know how you do it but every one of your reviews is an absolute gem and this one is no exception like this is one to treasure it really is

i have a confession: i literally never thought about james/remus as a thing or even a remote possibility until Tanya dropped by to request it and i am as SOLD ON IT AS YOU ARE and writing this was honestly so much fun

my characters are precocious little babies. that's like their trademark. i couldn't be more proud of a signature writing style than having precocious baby chararacters who could be feasibly shipped with anyone


latin everywhere. i'm such a nerd

i love this review so much you're a gem thank you

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