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Reading Reviews for Dragon Pox
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy Dragon Pox

4th April 2017:
Jailbreak CTF! *salute*

This story was adorable! And disgusting. I just got done being sick, so I know how disgusting sick is, but you never really quite understand until you have to read it all in physical print. And it's just... Ugh. I feel sick again.

Teddy and Louis is not a pairing I had ever entertained before, but I could get used to it, I think. You write them so adorably together and I have a fondness for the blonde guy on your banner. It really is the actions that tell you how a person feels and the fact that, without being all official or anything, Louis stayed with Teddy and nursed him while he was sick, you can tell that he really cares about him. It's encouraging things like that that make it easier to face the harder things like "Will you go out with me to a public place and act like my significant other rather than us just hiding inside all the time like lovers hiding an affair? That'd be GREAT!"

Ahem. I believe the best bit was the part at the end. It reminded me of my husband. He kisses me when I'm sick, too, and I tell him not to and he doesn't care. :)

One little note, though- at the start of the second scene, it says "did I fell asleep" instead of "did I fall asleep."

That is all!


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Review #2, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Dragon Pox

4th April 2017:
Hi! I'm here for CTF Round 3!

First of all - this story has some very gross details if you ask me, though I suppose you could've made it worse than it was. The details of him being sick were just sad, though in a way it was hilarious that it was affecting his ability to morph to that degree.
The fact that he was so sick is really well written, actually. I could totally feel how he felt and that made it really good for me to read. Well, not good, but the fact that you could feel how poorly he felt just showed how good you wrote just that.
Louis is also the perfect boyfriend tbh, even if they weren't just yet at the beginning of the story even if there were hints it would happen regardless. I also find it very funny you chose Louis for this story though - shows he can't stay away from Bill and Fleur's children whether in canon or not! Very nice touch there. I also liked how you incorporated the fact that his mum is French and that it showed in the suggestions he made for things to eat for Teddy. It gave more depth to the character and I really like that. Also the fact that this was the moment where Teddy asked Louis out, and with some protesting in between that he would still be sick on Saturday, was a nice touch, as it for me really shows the depth between their relationship already, even though it hasn't been going on for that long. Very well done!

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Review #3, by ImaRavenclaw Dragon Pox

22nd June 2016:
I loved this! This was such a good fic to read while being sick, as it's very relatable for me, that plus fluff, and your writing seems like a pretty good remedy. I love your writing so much, and especially enjoyed this one-shot. This was cool because I've never read any one-shot like this (where a character is sick) and I've never even heard of the Louis/Teddy pairing. Thanks for a great story and have an awesome day!

Yours sincerely, ImaRavenclaw

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Review #4, by Mrs. Claus Dragon Pox

28th July 2015:
Hello, here to spread Christmas in July cheer! My dear husband has put me in charge of gift giving this year, sadly I've been absent for a bit, there were some...issues up at the pole I needed to help attend to. Now, to give you your present.

Poor Teddy, Dragonpox seems like a nasty thing to come down with! Good thing Louis came to the, rescue. The poor dear needed someone there, looks like he was having a rough time.

Those two are just adorable together, and their relationship seems to be gaining some depth. Whatever Teddy thought, I believe Louis does really care, even with his laid back personality. It was cute to see Teddy's embarrassment, which shows that he cares about what his partner thinks. Same with Louis' grin near the ending.

You were write, fluff is taken very seriously in this story. While I'd love to stay and read some more of your fine work, I sadly must be going. The month is almost out, and I really am quite behind!

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Review #5, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Dragon Pox

22nd July 2015:
You absolutely DO take your Fluff very seriously! I mean, are you TRYING to kill me with the Squees!??!?

I thought the idea for a story with a magical illness, like Dragon Pox, was really original! I don't think I've ever read a similar story! And it is SO adorable the way that Louis comes to take care of Teddy!

This was a bit of a change, coming from reading Teddy/James to Teddy/Louis, but, I really loved each of the stories I've read today! You've definitely got a knack for comedy and funny moments, as well as adorableness!

Well done dear!

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Review #6, by cherry_pop94 Dragon Pox

20th July 2015:
Hello! I'm here for the House Cup 2015 representing Ravenclaw!

This is so adorable! Excuse me while I squeal.

Alright, done with that. Everyone writes about Teddy and Victoire, or Teddy and Dominique, but this is the first Teddy and Louis story I've ever seen. It works wonderfully though! Their relationship is so sweet, and even before they made it official at the end, you could sense how much they cared about each other.

I love Louis's characterization here. He seems to effortlessly cool with his undercover job and his London flat and his nonchalant attitude. He just seems like the kind of person that I want to know, but will probably never be cool enough to know.

And Teddy is an adorable nerd. I LOVE the bit at the beginning about his hair and nose changing every time he sneezes. That's just such a funny mental image and I bet Louis gets a kick out of it.

Basically, this was perfect. I loved it so much!

Thanks for sharing this sweet story!


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Review #7, by The Ten Plagues of Egypt # 6 : Boils Dragon Pox

9th April 2015:
I come with flame and sword to render judgement upon the houses of Hogwarts.

And Lo there shall come ten plagues visited upon the stories of HPFF; behold the sixth plague, as it shall become small dust in all the land, and shall be a boil breaking forth with blains upon man, and upon beast, throughout all the land.

Ö Sometimes the Plagueís vison is dimmed by, yes, the curse of inexperience. To that extent did he have to enlist the aid of his fellow house members. A thank you must be given to the wonderful Leonore for her suggestion. Though the plague did ask for boils, due to the dearth of stories involving such, a pox and a rash will just have to do.

The eye of judgement has fallen upon:

Dragon Pox


This is fluff, pure and simple Ė it is advertised as such in the story summary and admitted to in the Authorís note. But she also claims to take her fluff seriously and the reader finds that this is exactly what she has done.

Lewis and Teddy, huh? The Plague has found to his surprise that, during the course of his reviews he has found that the traditional pairing of Teddy with Victoire is more often recognised in the breach than the observance. The way the author has written them they do indeed make a cute couple.

The interaction with sickness and Teddyís innate abilities is one this reader had not considered, but it is a good fit and adds yet more humour to the situation.

This reviewer must now make a confession, this is only the second story featuring protagonists that are in a male/male pairing that this reviewer has read in the HP milieu and only the third such that he has read in his life. The first such fiction that I read was a salacious tale featuring graphically rendered descriptions and I must say put this reviewer off because his own proclivities do not run in that direction. It did however open his eyes to the value and validity of gay pairings of characters who were not originally necessarily slated as such. So coming into this universe has been a minefield of LGBTQA+ stories that this reader has danced around up until now. The recommendation by Leonore and an admonition by that champion of all things LGBTQA+, Ravenclaw333, to pull my cranium out of my fundament has led me to your story and I cannot say that I am the worse for it. If this is the nature of slash fiction on this site, then not only is it harmless, but it is romantic and loving and has confirmed to this reader at least that true love knows no bounds and should always be celebrated, no matter the participants.

Enough with confessions, the Voice of the Plague must speak on and comment more about the story itself.

We find ourselves at the beginning of the pairís relationship. How it had started is a matter of conjecture and how sweet the two are together makes one want to know how they started. But like any beginning relationship, there are worries and doubts. Teddy feels that Louis will find him not only disgusting but repulsive (in the true sense of the word) and be repulsed by his affliction. Any reader in a committed relationship knows that the words Ďin sickness and healthí are actually quite meaningful, though the boys have not yet made any such vows it is at such a juncture that commitment is tested and either strengthened or found wanting.

Louis allows Teddy to sleep upon him, snore and otherwise embraces (both literally and figuratively) the sick shambles of a human being that Teddy has become. The conversation and dialogue between the two rings with authenticity Ė either the author has experienced a loving relationship themself or is remarkably empathetic.

Teddyís fever has broken by the end of the tale, but so too has his reserve. This reader gets the feeling that, for whatever reason (probably the usual of worry over adverse public reaction) that neither Teddy nor Louis have declared their love or their relationship openly. The care and concern that Louis has shown him makes Teddy want to take things to the next step, like every new Ďcouple-in-secretí wants to, and take him out into the town as his boyfriend at last.


To label this only as fluff is diminishing what is a perfect encapsulation of one of those trying times that may come at the beginning of a relationship and either make it or break it. That this author chooses to make the bond only the stronger between the two does elevate the work from tragedy to glorious Fluff.

Review done for the Ravenclaw, spread the Easter Cheer challenge.

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Review #8, by LadyL8 Dragon Pox

26th March 2015:
Hi again. So Iím back with review number 3 out of 4, and youíre really starting to get me hooked on Teddy pairings. Iíve read stories with that before, but itís been a while (since Iíve read anything at all. Law schoolís not being nice to me).

God, I loved this story. It was so fluffy and sweet. But it was also very humorous, because it was very relatable Ė I could see myself in Teddy.

You see, I have very low immune system, so I get sick very often. Just last week, I was sick with the flu. And I recognized some of the things I often do when Iím sick - like being furious at whoever got me sick (which is usually myself, but I donít admit that when Iím sick). And I always feel like I look horrible, and I donít want anyone around me - especially people that I wanna look good around. And Iím horrible at pitying myself, just like Teddy. And I think thatís what made me love this story so much - the fact that itís so realistic and (as Iíve already said) relatable.

And I also loved the relationship between Teddy and Louis - youíve really made me fall in love with Teddy with your stories about him. And I found myself instantly falling in with Louis as well, which - again - probably had something to do with how relatable the story is. Because I know Iíd love to have a Louis around when Iím sick - someone who takes care of you without making it seem like itís a duty/something he has to do but hates.

ďYes, I infected you with Dragon-Pox and made you vomit in your sleep, all to get you out of your clothes.Ē Louis shot him a challenging look. - This made laugh. A really good comeback from Louis! :P

Anyway, I also really liked their jobs, especially Louisí. Iíd actually love to read more about their work. Like a story about Teddy as a teacher or Louis working undercover for the prime minister - and I wonder how in the world did he end up working there? I meanÖ that certainly isnít the most common job, so Iím actually a little curious as to how he got a job there.

And I definitely want to read more about Teddy and Louis - like a story about their date or how they even ended up together (you do reveal a little bit, but Iíd love to see it as its own story). And I think these characters are so good and have such a great chemistry, that Iíd hate for it to end here. So yeah, Iíd really like to see more of them.

So Iím sure youíve already got this, but I really liked your story. It was very sweet and relatable, and I want a Louis myself. I have to say that after reading three of your stories, I canít decide whether I like Teddy better with James or Louis. So instead Iíll just I want Teddy happy.

- Lotte
(sorry for rambling. It happens when I'm excited!)

Author's Response: Hey again!

Teddy parings are the BEST! as you could see by these stories, I definitely went through a stage with him.

I hate being sick too, and I think that's why I had so much fun writing this, and making Teddy as miserable as possible. Ugh, that'd have to be the worst, having your crush/hookup see you sick.

Aw, I think we'd all love a Louis from this story. I definitely went out to make it seem like Teddy was very surprised by Louis in this story.

somewhere way, way, way on a backburner I have a story in my head about these two dating and Louis working for the prime minister, but that's for another day, month, year :p

Thank you so much, hehe and definitely don't apologize for rambling reviews! I am a champ rambler :p

Thanks again, Lotte, you're amazing!

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Review #9, by Banshee. Dragon Pox

6th March 2015:
Well, I had to review when I saw your username. Being fated to warn of death becomes very lonely. Nobody ever wants to see you coming. And it's rare I meet another of my kind.

I have warned of deaths from dragon pox before, but I do not believe Teddy Lupin is fated to die. No, despite his misery, his time will not come for a long time yet. It is my business to know such things.

"Insisted he stay as far away as possible" might sound better than "insisted for him to stay as far away as possible."

I really like their jobs. Louis's in particular is original and neither are typical for those characters. I'd actually like to read about Teddy's work as Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. It would be interesting if he had to teach Albus or Lily.

*laughs at the mention of them going out on a "real date"*

Aw, the ending is kind of sweet. Not that I am supposed to say things like that. I am supposed to be frightening and only mention moments of doom and terror, but hey, that gets a little boring after a while. Sometimes you want to see a little less death and a little more fluff.

Author's Response: banshee bros 4 lyfe yo ♥

sorry. please don't predict my death for that! heh

Thank you so much for this review! You're right (as banshees usually are), it does sound better, and I'll definitely change that! Teddy is always a DADA teacher in my headcanons.

sorry i made you feel fluff, miss banshee

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Review #10, by wolfgirl17 Dragon Pox

28th January 2015:
Happy belated Puff review seat day!!

This story was so fluffy and lovely and I absolutely loved it !! It was just so sweet and adorable,. Great story!!


Author's Response: Hey Ellie!

Thank you so much! I had quite a lot of fun writing this. I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #11, by likeness_of_a_seabird Dragon Pox

19th January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round three!

Thanks to you, Iíve now developed a fascination with Teddy/Insert-another-character-here fics. Thatís by no means a bad thing because Teddy is downright adorable Ė especially when heís sick. :) I liked how he partially loses control of his metamorphic abilities every time he coughs. I imagine the sight of a blue-haired, pig-nosed Teddy huddling in his bed, being miserable while his nose is dripping must be hilarious (for me, that is; I also imagine Teddy would not appreciate my comment :D).

Teddy and Louis are so cute together, so much so that Iím having hard time deciding which is cuter, Teddy/James or Teddy/Louis! It was so sweet of Louis to bring Teddy soup (although he didnít get to eat it the first time around) and staying with him while he slept even though Teddy didnít want to see him because he was so sick and covered in red spots and having weirdly coloured hair and sporting a nose belonging to a altogether different creature. Their banter while Louis was readying the bath for him was funny. ďI get it. This was just a clever ruse to get me out of my clothes.Ē was my favourite while Louisís ďRight now? I do love the blue jumper, but ĖĒ is a very close second. I really hope their relationship will take that next step because they are so, so cute!

This was so fluffy and cute! Thanks for writing this!

- Emmi

Author's Response: Hey Emmi!

I can't believe I let this sit over a year. I can't even begin to apologize for the response time for this lovely review.

Hehe, I have that same problem! Teddy is such a favorite of mine. I definitely worked to make Teddy as miserable as possible here.

haha, it's quite a tossup! (we can have both, yay fanfiction)

Again, thank you so much for this review, and I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply to! You're wonderful!


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Review #12, by casual_chaos Dragon Pox

16th January 2015:
Julie! So, I couldn't sleep all night because I was nervous about the presentation and my alarm clock was set for six which was just horrible, and I woke up a tired mess and dragged myself to the stove to make coffee and just sat by the window in a blanket, in the dark, trying to open my eyes. And then I went to the forums on my phone and saw that you posted a new story and of course I read it instantly. And it was the best thing because this story was just a huge ball of happiness and fluff and wonderfulness and so I sat there, smiling at my screen at your lovely characters and their banter and the feelings they have toward each other, and the sun had risen in the meantime and it was also a beautiful sunrise, and with all that together, I suddenly felt really good.

It was a perfect way to start the day. Thank you. :)



Author's Response: I have seriously loved this review since the moment it was posted, and often come back and read it and giggle at it all over again. And I'm still kind of in awe at the fact that you get up before the sunrise. Considering the fact that I work at a bar, I have not seen the sunrise in a LOOONG time.


For real! Thank you so much for this review! I take a request for fluff very seriously :D


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Review #13, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Dragon Pox

16th January 2015:
You can't write Teddy/Louis and not invite me to the party, you just can't. It's, like, against the law. :D

This was so adorably lovely. I think I had a feels attack. Oh, my God, Teddy was just so cute with his feelings for Louis and him not wanting to see the guy when he's so sick. And Louis, with the soup and the bath and just bring there - yeah, he totally wanted to be boyfriends the whole time. Silly Teddy. :P

Louis has such a cool job, just so you know.

This was brilliant! I loved every second of it!


P.S. So you can probably tell that I'm kind of stalking your Stories Offered page. I'm not sorry. :D

Author's Response: Hahah! I will keep that in mind :p I didn't really ship them before, but after writing this I kind of like it!

Of course he did! Silly boys and their feelings. But it does create some entertainment, so it's okay :p *throws feels at you*

I really, really shouldn't write a whole story about Louis relating the Muggles he works with the comics. I shouldn't make it a whole novel-length story where he tells crazy stories about the odd muggles to Teddy every night in their shared apartment. I shouldn't.

Thanks so much, Sam! Hehe, I'm glad you're enjoying them!


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Review #14, by HufflePuff_Blitz Dragon Pox

16th January 2015:
All the Fluff!
This was fantastic!!
I feel bad for Teddy, but I love Louis and how Teddy wants it to be serious.
Fantastic work!
- Kyle :)

Author's Response: Hey Kyle!

Haha.. I definitely had to go all out when you requested fluff. I'm glad you liked this, I had so much fun writing it!


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