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Reading Reviews for Kaleidoscope Love
20 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Penelope Inkwell Oh Comely

1st September 2015:
Hello there!

I'm here checking out the Silver Scales nominations (Congratulations! *blows party horn*).

I've never seen these two as a ship, but I think you did it well. I particularly enjoyed the way it was written. Anthony is a Ravenclaw and it just...sounds like it comes from a Ravenclaw's head. The word choice is all very smart and mildly formal, as if he's writing an essay in his mind.

You could see, in that moment where Ernie makes the insightful comment about the Houses, how their personalities might mesh well. They both really think about things.

Highlight reel: It was the perfect crime.
--I just really liked the timing and flow of this line. It was a good fit.

CC: (as a rule, I always try to give some CC)

The line about free hugs and jokes is cute and funny, but the one that precedes it, “And I thought Ravenclaws were creative,” seems a bit off because, as far as I can tell, Ernie hasn't seen Anthony being uncreative. It might be good to put one line in there ahead of that, showing where Ernie is drawing that impression from.

I liked the kaleidoscope thing, too! I learned something! I didn't know it could mean that.

Good job! And congratulations, once again!


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Review #2, by bittersweetflames Oh Comely

25th July 2015:
Joey! :D Can we talk about how beautiful this fic is?:) This is my first time reading Anthony/Ernie and I am all in awe... How did I not know they existed before? They are so perfect. ;)

Anyway, as you've probably guessed, I am here to review for the Logophile Challenge. I feel awful; it took so so so long.. But I am here anyway! :)

So, yes, let's talk about this fic. Your writing is, as always, perfect. I love the way you wrote Anthony's thoughts. There's something so innately relatable about him that I really enjoyed.

Let's talk about the word! You got kaleidoscope, which is a word that gives me such feelings inside... You can say, happy memories and the way you've tied it in to this fic is really nice. :) I love that it would talk about a full and abundant life between these two. ^_^

One thing I thought I should mention is that while this is a beautiful one-shot I am just greedy so think it would have been a beautiful short story all in all. But that's just me and my basic greediness for your beautiful writing. :)


P.S. Btw, you used the word 'logophile' in this! BONUS POINTS!! HAHAHA

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Review #3, by The_Crookshanks_Saga Oh Comely

1st June 2015:
Hey! I'm reviewing from the Logophile's Challenge, and I just wanted to say that I really, really enjoyed this fic ♥

I'm really impressed by the eloquence of this, and especially this line--

"There is not enough eloquence in the word to properly phrase the infatuation I felt. He was very much my idée fixe, so to speak."

Well, man, when you're writing, there's definitely enough eloquence ;)

I love how you used short scenes to provide the full picture, and how you incorporated your word-- not as the object, but as the shifting series. I didn't fully grasp it until the last few paragraphs, but when I did, it tied the story together perfectly.

I've never read an Anthony/Ernie fic before, and though I still don't quite ship it, this fic was perfect when it came to their relationship. I love how you didn't make a big deal out of heteronormativity and their homosexuality, but didn't just wave it away like it's totally the norm to be queer-- I don't think I explained this right, but in the Wizarding World, being queer seems like it would be even less well-recieved than it is in our world, and that you at least mentioned the fact that yes, they weren't straight, was just a nice touch--

i'm not explaining this right. I'm sorry, this isn't meant to be offending in any way, my god, I'm bad with words. Just forget I said anything.

Anyways, this was a great read and keep posted, as the results for the challenge should be up soon!


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Review #4, by BookDinosaur Oh Comely

2nd April 2015:
Hello there! I'm finally here with the review I owe you for the songfic challenge, which is terribly late, I do realise that, please forgive me. It's not even like I have a good excuse - I'm just super lazy, gah.

Anyway! I have to admit that I've never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel before you entered for this challenge, the members of HPFF all have such diverse taste in music! :D But it was wonderful, and (as I thought I may as well get the challenge issue out of the way first) the song lyrics fit really well with your story, but more than that, the actual tone of the song fits really prettily with the story as well, which is fab. So basically, as a songfic, this worked really well - although, to be honest with you here, there aren't many songs and fics which don't work well together. I think that it's probably just the different name probably has people a bit intimidated when it comes to writing songfics.

Ugh, do you know how well you managed to characterise Ernie and Anthony in this? It's not that long a piece, but you've managed to capture the characters of Ernie MacMillan and Anthony Goldstein so perfectly. Will you teach me your ninja ways?

Seriously though, I love how you've characterised the two of them. It's as though every conversation that they have every thought that runs through their head, is all contributing to a character until we have this incredibly lifelike, vivid character in our minds.

Oh, and of course I have to mention that Anthony Goldstein and Ernie MacMillan – such a unique pairing! I would never have thought of it, and yet it's becoming steadily more headcanon-ish, which is bad because I have an old story on my page that is decidedly not an Anthony/Ernie, haha. You see the influence this story is having on me, Joseph?

And in light of the recent House Debacle for April Fools' (#4orNothing) I need to mention this: “What else are we to make of our convenient house system that totally wasn’t designed to help us prematurely judge people more efficiently?” It's very true, and a very valid point, but still. #4orNothing. I also love that while you did have they adhere to some House stereotypes, you also had them subvert others, because that's what a real person would do.

Oh, of course Ernie would be the one to kiss Anthony instead. ;) You totally stole Anthony's thunder there, Ernie. :P

Literally the only complaint I feel that I could make and feel that it's valid is that this is really short – and I know it's from Anthony's point of view as an old fella (sorry, I don't know why I thought that would be funny) so it can't cover everything, but still... I wouldn't have minded a few extra scenes of your lovely writing, Joseph the crestwood. But hey, that's just me being greedy and wanting more. The actual length of the story is fine, if we're being honest here (which I suppose I am, now).

Alright, I've rambled on long enough and you probably don't want to hear any more of me or my dumb attempts at humour but that was just a whole extra sentence of being being dumb you had to read, I'm very sorry I don't know how to bring these to a nice conclusion.

Thanks for entering my challenge; I make no promises (except I totally am) but hopefully the results should be up soon!


Author's Response: Hi!

I should probably admit that I was terrified of writing a songfic before your challenge. I had a lot of fun shaping this story around the song though. It was heavily influenced by the lyrics of course, but even more so, the feeling the song gives me. I'm really grateful that I ended up signing up for your challenge because it pulled something out of me that I didn't even know was there.

Thank you! I honestly didn't plan out their characters really, but I had an idea in my head of them both and wrote it down. I just know exactly how both of them would react to any situation thrown at them because I think about my own characters far too much.

I got this ship in my Stories Offered and I thought it was interesting, but I don't really write Hogwarts Era, so I wasn't sure what to do with it. But then when I realized what I song I was going to do for this, I knew I'd have to make them work. I'm so flattered that it's becoming your headcanon! I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that.

I did not expect that line to be timely so long after writing it. Looks like that debate has been going on for roughly nineteen years. (#TeamUnity)

I kept this super short, I admit. My bad feelings about doing so have led to whisperings of a novel length sequel. (Both those are totally just whisperings. You know how those things happen)

Thank you so much for such an amazing challenge! I had so much fun writing this story for it. Thanks for the review as well :) Can't wait to see the results!

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Review #5, by merlins beard Oh Comely

19th March 2015:
In the interest of saving you some work, I'll make this short and sweet. I love the perspective, I love the pairing. everything is a little too fast for me, but i guess you just can't capture all the significant events of a lifetime in a one-shot.

Author's Response: Hi! I'm glad you liked the perspective and pairing. I actually got the pairing in my Stories Offer page on the forums. (a place where people can request stories from other members that they'd like to see written)

I know this moves a bit fast, but then, it was more supposed to be a story told from the perspective of an elderly Anthony about how he and Ernie got together than it was a life-spanning character study. So, that's why it didn't include anything between Hogwarts and old age, if that wasn't clear. However, speaking of, I do plan to write a Colin Creevey one-shot set on the peripherals of this story that follows him throughout his entire life. But that will be much, much longer and more detailed. If you like these two in particular, they're getting a novel as well that goes more in depth, as novels tend to. (Is it obvious that I have too many stories planned?) Hope this response was adequate and not totally off the wall! :P

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Review #6, by The Peruvian Vipertooth Oh Comely

10th March 2015:
Greetings Mortal,

A most uplifting and heart warming read, you have my internal flame all aglow. You wield words with a passion unmatched by any I have viewed. A truly touching, intricate and enthralling piece of writing that will endure through the ages for it's beauty and your skill.

Until we meet again,

~The Peruvian Vipertooth

Author's Response: I want to know who you are so badly! This is one of the best reviews EVER. I really appreciate this so much and even more so because you're doing this just out of the good of your heart. You're amazing, thank you :)

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Review #7, by Selene Oh Comely

1st March 2015:
Seeing all the praise this was getting in the Snake Pit, I’ve been wanting to read this for a bit now. I’m so sorry it has taken me this long to get to it though!

I first want to say the quote you had in the chapter summary caught my attention. After reading the chapter, and going back to that quote, I feel that it really helped set a tone for the story.

This was brilliant. From the eye catching chapter image to the last word, I was hooked. I enjoyed how you had a moment of Anthony tried to reconcile these feelings with what he had previously known about himself. And you did it in a way that worked with the length of this piece.

I felt myself cheering for them, worrying for them, at one point thinking please tell him how you feel while hoping they both stayed safe. Imagine my little squeal of happiness when they just skipped that part and Ernie just kissed him.

I think one of my favorite lines in this piece is this: “Ah, but don’t we all?” he mused. “What else are we to make of our convenient house system that totally wasn’t designed to help us prematurely judge people more efficiently?”

I paused for a moment on that line. It made me think of one of the flaws I find with the House system. There is so much prejudice and bias towards each of the houses, that unfair labels are automatically placed on the students.

This was a wonderful story, and easily one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Review #8, by wolfgirl17 Oh Comely

9th February 2015:
Oh Joey.

I think you've stolen my heart.

Seriously, I finally found the time and the motivation to tackle my review thread, and right off the cuff you hit me with this. Now how am I ever going to fairly review anyone else again?

I adore this fic and that is not something I say lightly, because in addition to being a little too honest and an over-sharer, I am particularly judgie when it comes to stories and my opinions of them. Stories are like the sustenance I require in order to survive. I need them like oxygen, and to have had the privilege to devour this one is truly an honor.

The language was perfect, and I must admit, I'm beginning to suspect that I too and a logophile, though I did not realize until now. Every sentence read like poetry, it just flowed so smoothly, like warm chocolate over my favorite Tim Tam biscuit, decadent and heady and so intoxicating that I must restrain myself from begging for more.

This story was perfection. There is nothing else to it. It was utter perfection. The only teeny tiny crit I have is that you accidentally used 'an' where you should have used 'a' in this sentence:

"He had an remarkable penchant for appreciating the world the way one admires fine art."

I love the way you tied the topic of the challenge into the story, and the way you used the title so effectively. I too love the word kaleidoscope. And I know you were worried that you'd tied too neat a bow on this one, but I think anything less would've been a disservice to the voice you've created in Anthony and to the magic you've wielded here. I love that for this one, you gave them that happy ever after ending of living and loving to the end of their days. I love that you had Ernie surprise him with a kiss when he escaped captivity. I love that you used so many words, though I admit I'm an inaccurate judge of if it went into "look at all the word I know" territory because I knew them all and understood all their meanings even without the provided contexts, though that technique was very sneaky and savvy of you.

Seriously Joey, you should get a banner made for this, though how an artist will ever capture the perfection that lies within is a mystery to me. That way idiots like me who skim the archives and blur over summaries will read it and fall in love with it too.

I've never before been a shipper of a slash pairing (mostly because I hadn't read much of it and am hetero myself) but you've just converted me. I am now, in addition to all my other ridiculously high number of ships, a shipper of Anthony/Ernie. In fact, I don't think I could ever again write or read them as being straight.

What have you done to me? I want to wrap this story up and keep it somewhere precious where it can come to no harm and where I can enjoy it over and over again.

Thank you so much for writing this story and for contributing it to the archives for us all to enjoy. You are truly a creative genius and this is your masterpiece.

Please keep up the fantastic work.


Author's Response: Wow, this review...I don't really know where to start.

I'm not sure how to respond to you saying that this story will affect your ability to fairly review anyone else ever again because like?? I can't even really comprehend a compliment like that, thank you so much.

I wasn't sure if you would like this very much so you saying that you adore it pretty much blows all of my expectations out of the water.

I was in a really sentimental mood earlier (reading fic and crying in public) and I was losing it while reading this for the first time. I actually want to read this review over and over like it's a masterpiece or something. I'm a massive logophile and I'm obsessed with finding new words and I feel so proud to have made you realize that maybe you are too!!

As for reading like poetry, I'd call myself a poet before I'd call myself a novelist. I've obviously been doing a lot of prose writing thanks to this site, but verse has always been my comfort zone. So, writing like this is a treat. Sometimes I even sneak some rhymes in :P

Utter perfection is such a huge compliment, that means a ridiculous amount to me. I have no idea how I didn't catch that 'an' before, you're the first person to see that one. Nothing a quick edit can't patch up.

I definitely wanted to go beyond just writing the word once in my story and having that be it. I thought writing an actual logophile character would be fun. I've really grown to love the word kaleidoscope, even the funky way it's spelled.

I am so excited about all of these things you loved about this, it's been making me happy all day long. And I haven't gotten any 'You're trying too hard' kind of reviews, so hopefully the language worked in my favor!

I've actually got a banner and CI already, but I've been too lazy to put them up. I should probably do that actually. My jaw seriously dropped when I read 'though how an artist will ever capture the perfection that lies within is a mystery to me' Like, wow.

I've been told I'm quite good at converting people to slash ships. I think this was my tour de force of getting people to ship absolutely random slash pairings though. It's fun working with such minor characters because I get to pretty much color people's perceptions of them since you don't see much of them around here.

Wrapping my story up so that you can enjoy it over and over?? My heart is swelling so much all throughout this review. The fact that you feel that way about it is awesome and luckily, if you do want to read it again, it's still here :)

Creative genius?? Masterpiece?!! I'm pretty speechless because this was written in the span of two days and I didn't think it was THAT good but you are just throwing out these huge, amazing compliments and I could cry all over again. This was one of those reviews that I'm going to take with me for the rest of my life, even if I never do anything with writing, I'd still be proud to have received this. Thank you so much for this, wow. I've said wow so many times in this response because WOW. Thank you Ellie ♥

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Review #9, by alicia and anne Oh Comely

19th January 2015:
Okay, I'm already squealing in joy over this one! Mainly because of the pairing! There's not many stories out there with Anthony in them. :D

Awww Ernie is talking to him and I'm just smiling because it's so cute and adorable and I love them!

AH! They're kissing! I love it! I love the dramaticness of their first kiss. It's perfect! (Well, not for Anthony as he's hurt, but still!)

I'm just full of so many feels and I absolutely adore this so much! It's perfectly beautiful and I'm fangirling so hard! (well, internally as I'm at the library, although I can't keep the smile off of my face)

Ah I need more Anthony/Ernie in my life!

Author's Response: I'm a huge Anthony fan and stories about him are so hard to come by!

I'm so happy that you liked this so much and I think we all need more Anthony/Ernie in our lives!! (I convinced myself to write a whole novel about these two that I don't have the time for because I know I'll make time for them)

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Review #10, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Oh Comely

18th January 2015:
This was the loveliest, most brilliant thing ever. And I'm not just saying that because I love Anthony Goldstein (though I do, I really do, so LOVE THIS).

Anyway, I would never have thought of this pairing until I read this, but now I just want to hug them and never let go and read more about their life together. Because it shall be epic. I just love the build up, from friends to more. They're so awesome.


(I'm not sorry, that was just totally needed.)

And then the end. I love the end and the definitions of the kaleidoscope. I won't lie, as soon as I saw the word I thought of the toy (it's an awesome toy), but the second definition is just totally them and I won't have things any other way and did I mention that I love them? :D

Seriously, loved this!


Author's Response: Hey Sam!

I have always loved Anthony Goldstein, but never had an outlet for that love until now!

You're in luck if you want to read more about them together because I've got a novella/maybe novel planned about their seventh year specifically and what Hogwarts under the Carrows was like from their point of view. I touched on it here, but this story would obviously go a lot more in depth.

I'm really flattered by how much you liked this!! This review makes me smile every single time I read, thank you so much omg ♥

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Review #11, by pointless_proclamations Oh Comely

16th January 2015:

Seriously?! Are you trying to kill me here? And here I thought we were friends!

Don't think I don't know about your devious little plan to subtly induce human liquification to any reader should they have the misfortune of stumbling across your story. I am on to you!

(As a warning, from this point, I loose all control of my fingers on the keyboard and figuratively barf words that will never be able to your story justice.)

Here's what happening: you write a story. A beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, magnificent story of unparalleled radiance--kudos to you for doing that, by the way. Anyways, by the sheer sweetness that is this story, readers, unable to turn away from its eternal glory, melt. These poor people--me included, we have no idea that we are melting until it is far too late and until we've past the point of no return.

The most twisted thing is, is that despite our sad state--puddle-form, that is--we are unable to do anything, but love the very thing that infected us with DA FEELZ and, consequently, led to our being liquified. INNOCENT LIVES YOU'VE DESTROYED! You're a sick person, Joseph [glaring].

All jokes aside for the time being. . . EEEK! I love, love, LOVE this one-shot! It's adorable and sweet and wondrously well-written, you awesome thing, you! To quote yourself, 'Strong is not a word that can fully encapsulate the way these feelings overcame me.' You're very special in that you can write something that is so beautifully affecting.

You're right about the concentration of quotable quotes in this substance. It is, most definitely, high. Although, to be fair, measuring the concentration of quotable quotes in this piece can be likened to measuring the concentration of water in water. . .

Which is to say that it's 55.5M at 25 C. . . That's really high.

The song and the story, they fit together wonderfully. Although that really should be expected knowing you. That's emotionally volatile, stuff you're handling there Joseph.

My goodness! The writing style! Ehrk! You're so incredibly talented! What is this? The way you use words. . . ARGH! It leads me to loose the ability to use words, myself. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!

Your use of the word 'kaleidoscope' was utterly spectacular! AND AGAIN, THE LAST LINE, JOSEPH. THE LAST LINE! It's always your last lines that completely undo any pretense of emotional stability. Your style of writing here only increases the emotional displacement already induced by the plot itself. Really, this one-shot is absolute perfection.

Speaking of the plot, the way Ernie and Anthony fall in love. . . basically, I fell in love with the way they fell in love. From the very beginning, I WANTED them to work. I wanted them to fall in love and be happy, and, naturally, you've just made me so emotionally involved--and although I know this is all part of your evil plan--I really can't help myself. YOU DID THAT! IT'S ALL YOU'RE FAULT! You're cruel and absolutely lovely, Joseph. Do I virtually punch you or hug you? I really do not know.

I'm not one to completely and emotionally melt over a kiss, but this one really did it.

'Later in life, I would wonder how the hell Ernie MacMillan ever got the best of me.' Perhaps the lads have been too busy staring at each other to notice that they love each other. WHICH IS SO CUTE!

I really don't think you understand how beautiful I think this story is when I say 'beautiful', because 'beautiful' is not sufficient. I could search a thesaurus all day, but I don't think I'll ever find a word to justly describe the gloriousness that is this work of art.


You've really made my day with this story. I have a mountain of work on my left, but wow, I really needed this. It was the ultimate stress-reliever. Thank you so much for writing it!


You did not read this. I have not gone soft!

[reads glorious work of art for the 15th time] Ah, hell.

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Review #12, by marauderfan Oh Comely

15th January 2015:
New OTP? Perhaps.

Seriously, I loved this so much. I love the song and the story fits the mood of the song so well! The way you used it to differentiate the different sections of the fic over time was great. But let me address the most important thing which is your incredible use of words here.

A nonpareil human being. I love that description because not only does it imply that Anthony views Ernie in this kind of idealized way, but it also makes me think of those nonpareil rainbow sprinkles, you know like the ones you put on cakes? and I just have this image of Ernie as one colourful sprinkle standing out from all the rest which are boring colours. :P

“My jokes are dreadful and you aren’t giving out free hugs.” -- I love this. No one fits into the box/stereotype of what their house is (hence all the Slytherclaws on the forums!) and this is the best way I've seen of describing that ahaha.

I love the way you've characterized the two of them, with Anthony's obvious love for words and just the way he thinks about everything, and the way Ernie is pompous but not obnoxious.

Most of the fic has this kind of nostalgic lens over it, and I think this is partly due to the song and the lyrics you chose to include, but it kind of just reads as this whirlwind of days, most strongly in that scene when they're lying out in the grass watching the clouds. The whole story just has this beautiful tone.

And then that scene with the Carrows and he escapes from them and goes to the room of requirement and speeds past these people to find Ernie and they kiss and it was just the best scene ever. Gorgeous. All of it. And they basically lived happily ever after, and they're old and still in love. Aah! ♥

Amalgamation is one of my fave words, and to see that word in one of its forms in this story made me smile. But the whole ending section, when Anthony discusses his love of words, and you have this perfect imagery of the kaleidoscope love... gah, it's so stunning. I just love the way you've written this whole fic, which itself is a lot like a kaleidoscope - a lot of individual vivid little scenes put together to create something even more beautiful. I loved this. Well done and thanks for the swap!

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Review #13, by mymischiefmanaged Oh Comely

15th January 2015:
Joey! This is beautiful. I've not considered this pairing before but I love love love it, and I love the voice you've given Anthony.

What I like most about this story is the way they've found something beautiful in something terrible. They wouldn't even know eachother without all the horrible circumstances they were forced into, but when they do end up together nothing makes them happier. You've given a wonderful contrast between love and war that says so many amazing things about your characters, and you've set an intriguing backdrop behind their story.

I like the little glimpses you offer into other characters. The mention of people wilfully ignoring Hermione's cleverness because she's not in Ravenclaw is brilliant because it shows the more subtle ways in which prejudice manifests itself in the wizarding world. The houses encourage people to judge each other in ways they don't even realise - it's not all as black and white as evil slytherins and brave, good Gryffindors. And I liked the little references to their other friends. People too often seem to end up making the relationship their character's whole life, which in reality wouldn't be very healthy or very real, and by occasionally drawing in their friends you've avoided falling into that trap.

And I love that it's Ernie who eventually initiates their relationship! You introduce him as the more passive character and it would be easy to make him just go along with what Anthony wants, but by having him initiate the kiss you give him a kind of strength we might not have realised he had. It reminds me a little of your Lysander in your Scorpius/Lysander one-shot. You show that relationships can be equal even though the people within them are very different.

The only thing I'd say here is that it sometimes felt like it could use a little bit more. I like that it's not very long but sometimes it seemed a bit like telling rather than showing. It's probably just a personal taste thing but I would have liked to have seen a little more interaction between Ernie and Anthony to support Anthony's descriptions of what their friendship/relationship was like. It definitely wasn't a negative thing, it's just that I've seen you do this really well in other works and it felt like you sometimes here explain what's going on rather than showing it. It's really just a tiny thing, though, and the story's still really really enjoyable.

Finally, love love love how you end up bringing in the kaleidoscope. I wonder if it might be worth talking a little about how much he loves words earlier on, to offer some continuity? But it's lovely lovely, and this line:
it is that very concept of constant change that makes it all so beautiful
is just perfect.

You've made Ernie and Anthony into something really special, and I'm really impressed by this one-shot. I hope you don't feel like this review's harsh, it's very much not intended to be - I really enjoyed reading this, it's just perhaps not my favourite thing you've written (although let's face it, the rest of your stories put up pretty fierce competition).

Well done! I hope the challenges go well (I can't see how they wouldn't).

Emma xx

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Review #14, by Lululuna Oh Comely

15th January 2015:
Hey Joey! :) Here for the Hot Seat and I'm so glad I get the chance to review some of your work after all the love you showered on mine during Secret Santa! :D

I liked how the use of the song was really subtle here and really fit in with dividing up the sections of the story. I listened to it while reading and it made me feel a little bittersweet, but also happy about being bittersweet, if that makes sense? It fit the mood of the story so nicely and I thought placement of the lyrics that you chose were just perfect for the pairing.

Both Anthony and Ernie were so perfectly characterized here and so much fun to read about. I liked how at first Anthony has this idealized idea of Ernie, which seems realistic for when we have crushes and don't really know the person yet. It was neat too how the DA kind of brings him out of this Ravenclaw-centric world to make connections with the other houses and I feel like he grows up and widens his perspective on life and his place in the world throughout the story. His voice, with all the complex sentences and elongated thoughts, was very formal and yet easy for me to connect with because it felt like he really enjoyed just playing with words and phrases.

(Also this makes me want to ship Anthony/Ernie in The Girl from Slytherin but I already have a boyfriend in mind for him grrr :P)

“Ah, but don’t we all?” he mused. “What else are we to make of our convenient house system that totally wasn’t designed to help us prematurely judge people more efficiently?” This made me laugh out loud because he's just so pompous and annoying that it's endearing. At least, I'm glad Anthony finds him endearing, and Anthony himself is kind of wordy and analytical in a way and it's great how they kind of connect through that. It was fun hearing them talk about house stereotypes, especially about the free hugs, hehe.

I was certain at the end that you were going to break my heart by having one of them die in the Battle of Hogwarts but I'm so happy that wasn't the case and they lived happily ever after. The word kaleidoscope was so perfect and really tied the whole story together as a whole, giving it this finished finesse that really made it feel complete and satisfying.

This was a really great one-shot, and I'm so glad I got to read it! :D Really lovely job! ♥

Author's Response: Hi Jenna! It's so awesome seeing your name pop up in my unanswered reviews because obviously I'm a huge fan of yours. In fact, I'm not sure I would have even attempted to write in this era if I wouldn't have read TGFS and realized how interesting this part of canon can be from a minor character's point of view.

I'm really glad you noticed how I used the song in the place of what would have been a page break! I definitely wanted to use the song in a meaningful way, rather than just kind of throwing it into the story at random. And you listened to the song while reading!! That actually means a lot to me because I spent way too long (like, weeks) into choosing it and making sure that it made sense with the story. So, it's cool that someone opted to go for the 'full experience' so to speak.

I always thought that the DA was such a cool idea just because there's really not enough cross-house friendships in canon until that point for me. I think that all of a sudden spending so much time with people outside of the little bubble of your house would definitely lead to some unexpected friendships.

And can I tell you, I am so glad that the language doesn't come off as pretentious or annoying. It makes me really happy that you felt you could connect with him, even with all of the formal speak.

That would have been so awesome if you shipped this ship, but I'm pretty sure whatever you have in mind will be great and I can't wait to find out who it is!

That is exactly the balance I was trying to strike. Pompous, but endearing isn't too far from what my friends say about me, so maybe it wasn't all that difficult for me :P

I thought about having one of them die, but I wasn't sure I could do justice to that kind of sadness in words. Also, dying at the end of my stories is sort of a recurring theme, so I wanted to throw a curveball where everyone actually survives.

Thank you so much for this review!

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Review #15, by Maelody Oh Comely

15th January 2015:
"My jokes are dreadful and you aren’t giving out free hugs." - I hope you know you woke my cats up with this line. I was perfectly content with silently reading and I just sort of snorted at this line. So, er, yeah. You cat waker-uperer you! :p

I'm convinced. You don't produce anything short of beautiful. I'll admit, I don't think I remember who Anthony the Ravenclaw is (or is he an OC?) but I like this ship. Only because it's pretty believable with a set of characters that we, otherwise, know nothing about.

Can you give my your dictionary/thesaurus? I try to enrich pieces with fancy big, beautiful words and it just doesn't work. This is just so poetic, and so simply beautiful, I love it. The fact that Anthony can't even find the words to explain how much he loves Ernie makes my cheeks flush and heart flutter! It's so sweet!

I think my favorite part was, though, how Ernie was the one who kissed Anthony. And the fact that we never know if Anthony even expressed to Ernie that he had feelings toward him or that he was even gay (possibly bi-sexual?) He just sees him and kisses him.

With all of the past tense, I was really afraid Anthony was going to be killed from the war. Thank you so much for not doing that! Thank you for just making them old and together and happy and...and...and...! You know! Making their lives wonderful!

I didn't know kaleidoscope also meant a series of changing events. I mean, it makes sense considering the toy always has a different view, but I never thought of it having any other meanings. A Kaleidoscope Love. I love it!

Also, I think it's official. You and I just might have the same movie/music taste. So you're officially even more awesome! :p Just so you know. Now if we could just have the same vocabulary...

Thanks again for writing such a beautiful love story! I love the song it was paired with, and this couple was exceptionally cute! Great job!


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Review #16, by Rumpelstiltskin Oh Comely

15th January 2015:
This! I freaking love this!

First, let me start with this sentence -- "“My jokes are dreadful and you aren’t giving out free hugs.”" That stereotyped sentence about Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs made my entire week, you have no idea. I laughed over that for a good 10 minutes, and remembering still makes me chuckle. My fiance is going to send the men in the white clothes to take me away :D.

*Cough* Anyway, the story itself is very well written, and I love the minor character, slash story arch. Anthony's shy interest in Ernie that blossomed into a fantastic friendship -- and, eventually, a romantic relationship -- was absolutely lovely. Their discussions and reflections on what their futures would hold in the wake of the war gave the story a somber air, where the heaviness of uncertainty really messed with me. I wasn't sure what the end would hold for them -- grief and despair or happiness.

One of my favorite parts was when Anthony escapes the Carrows, and flees to the Room of Requirement. The way you described the dreamlike-quality of Anthony's journey through the sea of his concerned classmates, straight to Ernie, to lead to a first kiss, as if nothing in the world could matter more, was absolutely beautiful (and, as written, "It was the perfect crime").

The ending was, of course, fantastic. I'm a sucker for happy endings, and, I'll admit it, it made me tear up a bit. I'd like to hug this story and never let go ^.^.

Great job!


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Review #17, by UnluckyStar57 Oh Comely

14th January 2015:
*cries for days because this is everything i didn't know i needed*

This is just...

No, sorry, I'm not even sure you're going to get a coherent review from me because I'm so incredibly speechless right now. But darn it, I've got to chime in somehow.

God, Agrippa, and Merlin, this is so wonderful. Anthony Goldstein is a character I don't ever think about, and Ernie MacMillan is "that pompous Hufflepuff that seems like a teacher's pet."

BUT NOT ANYMORE. Oh my gosh. This is not the ship that I expected, and it's certainly more than I bargained for! One would think that such seeming opposites wouldn't go together, wouldn't fit, wouldn't make sense. But you totally changed that. Like, forgive my naivete, but you've basically just shattered my whole concept of shipping in the Hogwarts Era and built it anew.

It's in part due to your use of language. This is the Logophile's Challenge, and you are CERTAINLY a logophile. Those beautiful words...! And to think that all of this stemmed from the word "kaleidoscope," and spiraled into something so incredible! What I love about this SO MUCH is that you used all of these intense words with vivid meanings, but it doesn't sound pompous. It doesn't sound like you're trying to exclude people who don't know what the words mean. Even Ernie MacMillan--the character that everyone saw as "so pompous" and such--he's a guy with a story and another guy who is his secret-and-then-wham!-not-so-secret admirer.

Oh yes, Anthony, Ernie might not be handing out free hugs, but you totally want one. Uggghhh, just EVERYTHING about them is so shippable. It's absolutely wonderful and I LOVE THAT NOBODY DIED AND THEY GREW OLD TOGETHER AND READ BOOKS AND HELD HANDS AND KISSED EACH OTHER...

...I am so sorry. You probably think I'm totally insane or something. But I just wanted to let you know that I really liked your story and I am super impressed and I wish you the best of luck in this challenge. ♥


Author's Response: Oh wow, hi! I'm so happy you stopped by! I have a pretty solid group of reviewers that come by and leave their thoughts when I post up a new story status but it's always so awesome when someone new takes a chance on me :)

Seriously you don't know how much it means that you felt like you had to chime in and that this was everything you didn’t know you needed. I mean that is just pretty great to hear.

I don't think much of either of these characters, but then I got a suggestion in my Stories Offered thread to write this ship and I just kind of decided to give it a go! And--honestly, I do NOT write this era. I'm a Next-Gen writer and I have never shipped within this era or even given a thought to writing it. I was actually really nervous to even post this because I was worried that I might have totally ruined the entire idea.

YOU JUST SOOTHED MY BIGGEST FEAR. I was so anxious while this was in the queue. The entire time I was just thinking 'All of the words sound so pretentious and no one is going to want to read this it sounds stupid' and basically the longest run on sentence of worry you can imagine. I certainly wasn't trying to exclude anyone, even if you didn't know the words. In fact, I went out of my way to make sure that the context of everything meant that you could kind of infer what everything meant without having to consult a dictionary. I didn't want it to be an Look At Me I Use Big Words story at all, so I just cannot explain how refreshing this is to hear. I really am a Logophile myself, so this challenge was perfectly up my alley.

I couldn't kill off either of these two! I just wanted the end to be nice and fluffy and cute honestly so I just went all out with the fluff!!

I don’t think you're insane at all, this was such a wonderful surprise! If you're interested, I can let slip that I'm planning to revisit their seventh year in a multi-chaptered fic, so if that sounds like something you'd be interested in keep an eye out :P

Thank you so much for this amazing review, you just so kind!

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Review #18, by Unicorn_Charm Oh Comely

14th January 2015:
Hey Joseph! I was just creeping on the forums and saw your status update, so of course I flew over to the archives to read this. Thank you so much for the dedication in your Author's Note! ♥ I'm really happy that you liked the pairing, and you've done such an amazingly fantastic job with it! I think I may have found a new ship that I'm in love with.

I really loved the progression of their relationship in this story. It stated out as a simple, yet a bit confusing, crush for Anthony. Like how he mentioned about his, "previously supposed heterosexuality." But you did so well describing how it feels when you first develop a crush on someone. How you notice - and become a bit infatuated with - everything about them. Even before you speak to them for the first time.

Their first conversation was adorable. I think you nailed Ernie. He did seem to come off a bit pompous, but not mean spirited. He was characterized very, very well. The whole little back and forth about the sorting seemed like a great ice breaker. And I loved how you mentioned Hermione and how she is the brightest witch in the whole school. “Looks like we’ve both been misled then,” I said. “My jokes are dreadful and you aren’t giving out free hugs.” That had me laughing out loud. I loved that! :D

Then we see their relationship, friendship, flirtationship, whatever you'd like to call it, progress even more by the end of their fifth year, and during their sixth year. I think it was pretty obvious that Ernie did have feelings for Anthony by that point as well, even if Anthony didn't notice it himself. But, I know for me it was always the case, when someone you like likes you, you're always the last one to realize it. I do love how they were both planning on joining some sort of anti-Voldemort movement once they left Hogwarts. That even further proves your point about house stereotypes. It wasn't only Gryffies who were brave enough to take on Voldemort and his Death Eaters. I'm really glad that you showed that.

Which leads into the incredibly brave thing Anthony did to escape the Carrows. Breaking himself free, stealing those wands and hexing Amycus was incredibly brave. He absolutely could have been killed. I was so happy that when he made it to the Room of Requirement, Ernie full out kissed him without a second thought. I think I squealed out loud a bit at that point. (Good thing I'm home alone! My boyfriend would think I'm even more crazy haha)

Oh and this ending! It was just the cutest, most adorable, squee-inducing, fluffy-fluff ever!! I LOVE that they are growing old together and are still crazy in love! Their "Kaleidoscope Love." It's just beautiful!

Joseph, once again you blow me away. This story was just beautiful. It showed such a realistic and wonderful progression of love between two people. It was such a pleasure to read and I am so, so, so glad that you've written it!! Thank you again for the dedication!! &heats; ♥

Much, much love and many hugs,


Author's Response: Hi Meg! It was my pleasure to dedicate this to you because you've introduced me to a brand new pairing that I love and also gotten me to write in Hogwarts Era, which I really am starting to love. So much so that I am considering writing a multichaptered fic in which I explore their seventh year in more detail and from Ernie's point of view. That would probably not be written right away because I have so many ideas waiting in line, but I think I'd really like to write that.

I am so glad that I was able to write that initial interest well! I wanted for Anthony to be so totally into Ernie, but also kind of realize how ridiculous it all was, considering that they'd never spoken.

I definitely wanted to keep Ernie's pompous nature here. He's sarcastic and kind of callous, but nice enough for the most part. I am so glad I made their first conversation work! I didn't plan out any of their talking points beforehand, I just went into them writing the first thing that came to mind. (I secretly always do this)

It's so awesome that you thought you saw Ernie having some kind of feelings for Anthony in the other conversations because I was worried that maybe I didn’t imply it enough. I like to leave a lot to subtext, as you know, but I don't want to totally just not write it in!

I really wanted to exemplify that other houses were fighting back against the Death Eaters and I am going to touch on that in much greater detail when I come back to this pairing. It fits in perfectly with this other idea that Lisa/Ravenclaw333 had and said I could use. So it seems I am actually going to launch this ship on a larger scale.

I really wanted that first kiss to mean something and I wanted it to be in front of everyone. So, I totally made the Carrows capture Anthony. It was really fun to write that because it lends itself to so much more that happened to lead up to that moment! I'm going to write either a short story or novella (let's be honest, novella is optimistic. This is novel worthy) about that time period because it's seriously unraveling so perfectly in my head.

I couldn't break them up. I just wanted them to grow old together, so I made them do just that :P

Thank you so much Meg, you're awesome in every way ♥

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Review #19, by Veritaserum27 Oh Comely

14th January 2015:
Hi there Joey,

I saw your post and thought I might just try to be the first to review one of your stories. I don't know if anyone else beat me to it, but at least I know I gave it my best shot.

I think this is a brilliant pairing - kudos to Meg for suggesting it! You did such an amazing job with both of these characters, giving them both such depth and their own quirks and strengths. I really love the fact that you brought up that house sorting isn't as definitive as most people perceive it - fanfic authors included. Sometimes I worry if I've made a character Slytherin enough or if I wrote their reaction brave enough (having been in Gryffindor). This story reminds me a LOT of the posts on from the forums that discussed how we all feel part of multiple houses! I also feel like 11 is so incredibly young to have your defining qualities laid out before you. I guess it is also part of my head canon that the hat sorts for what is to come. To me, that is why Hermione was put into Gryffindor. The hat knew that Harry and Ron would need her. (But I digress- sorry I didn't intend to go on that tangent.)

I also need to admit that I was so, SO jealous when I saw that you were given the word "kaleidoscope" for the logophile challenge. I haven't had the courage to sign up for that one yet, (afraid of the words - haha) - but I knew you would do a fantastic job with it - and I wasn't disappointed.

Part of what makes this story so great is that you've accurately depicted each phase of their love. It was a crush at first - hard to describe the way Anthony was drawn to Ernie and then a deep friendship and a longing that appeared to be one sided - until it wasn't. The scene where they first kiss reminded me of Harry and Ginny's first kiss and YES! I caught your Shawshank Redemption reference before you cited it (go me!) If there were other movie references, I didn't pick up on them *hides under the couch*.

The very last part of the story really hit me. I felt like you put a lot of yourself into those last few paragraphs - so much so that I actually re-read it a few times. If I'm wrong I apologize, but it seemed so real and heartfelt the way you talked about loving words and being in love and how many different ways it can just be.

Great job, as usual!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

You were beat by only a few minutes! But--your review is amazing either way so I'd say it's the thought that counts :)

I thought it was a great pairing as well, because most of us never think about either of these characters much. I loved the idea that they could have this huge love story that we never get to see because we're focused on the trio.

Their talk was inspired by Lisa and I having a similar one about both of us feeling part Slytherin and part Ravenclaw. I thought that maybe some people at Hogwarts didn't like the overt stereotyping in which people are split up into fourths either. I'm really glad that I managed to give these characters depth even though there isn't actually much dialogue here.

Honestly, at first, I didn't know what to do with it. It wasn't until I realized that Meg's pairing suggestion and the song I was doing for the Songfic challenge and the word could possibly all work together that it clicked in my head. And it's funny because I never fully understood the song title I subconsciously used for this until I wrote this story. It was as much a songfic of that as it was of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. Not to mention that it was slightly inspired by the song Oh Comely as well, hence the chapter title. Apparently when I write a songfic, I really mean to say songSfic.

Oh wow, I hadn't thought of that, but it totally is a lot like Ginny and Harry's first kiss! I think I like it a lot more now that you said that because it juxtapositions their love story with that of the arguably 'main pairing'

I hope I did manage to depict how they went from Friends to Something More without spending time writing the tiny details about every year. I wanted to skip around, as I tend to and show a little bit of everything important.

That was the only purposeful film reference here! I held off on them a bit for this story :P

You're right, the end was totally me talking. I have this unshakable habit where I absolutely have to find out the meaning of every word I hear and don't know. Like, if someone uses a word I haven't heard before and I'm not near a computer, I write it down in my phone until I can go home and learn it and it's root and a few translations, to be safe. It's probably really weird, but it did help a lot with this challenge. So, yes, I've come to love words a lot :)

Thank you so much for this review!

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Review #20, by toomanycurls Oh Comely

14th January 2015:
I read this on my phone and had to go to my laptop because there are too many wonderful things to say about this one-shot.

You brought Anthony Goldstein to life for me through his affection for Ernie. I thought Anthony's reflection on sexuality (and presumed heterosexuality). You didn't make that the point of the story but you touched on it so nicely.

Their initial banter about house stereotypes are brilliant. My favorite line there is “My jokes are dreadful and you aren’t giving out free hugs.” It feels like a flirtatious line (but that is only because I know they ended up together so I read into it).

I wanted them to kill when they were out on the grass together. They were SO CLOSE to something more there.

When they were worried about the war before it started I wondered if they both knew about their feelings but hadn't crossed their relationship bridge.

I was so scared for Anthony with the Carrows but you made up fo it with Ernie finally kissing him. I disagee with Anthony - there were inidcations of at least some liking before then. But, not ones that were too obvious. Oh I was so habby about them kissing.

The ending was just perfect and made me full of fluffy happy feelings. thank you for such a lovely, happy ending. I need more stories like this.


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

I am flattered that you went and got on your laptop just to review this ♥

I'm so glad I made Anthony seem like a real character! We know literally nothing about him, so I pretty much had a blank canvas. I definitely didn't want his sexuality to be the entire point of the story, but I didn't want to ignore it either. I would be interested in writing a story about gay issues, but this was just a love story, I'd say.

Playing with house stereotypes is something I'm really interested in lately. I'm so glad I succeeded in inserting a bit of humor into this there!

I think that when it comes to starting a relationship with a friend, it makes you so much more careful. They didn't want to cross a line that would make things awkward and such. But by the time Anthony escaped from the Carrows Ernie had long since stopped caring about that, as that sort of thing will really give you some perspective. Like, this is a *war* and people might die--and that now or never instinct kicked in.

Anthony was totally oblivious to everything before that kiss :P Maybe he was too busy staring at Ernie to notice him staring back.

I'm glad you liked the ending. I wasn't sure if it tied things up too neatly or not but I needed to use the word I was assigned for the challenge haha.

So happy you liked this, thank you :)

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