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Reading Reviews for Death Is Not The End
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Review #1, by victoria_anne 1

12th April 2017:
I had never heard of this song before this fic, (but I love Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds ever since I first heard that song in the Deathly Hallows movie, so that's also appropriate) and not gonna lie, I listened to it while I read! Bit worried it was going to make me cry, but... *sniff* I'm fine *sniff* really...

The song fits so perfectly with the characters that you've chosen to write about. But so freaking sad, Lo. So. Freaking. Sad. I had my doubts on what you could do with such a tiny amount of words, but I just can't even with the perfection. This is so wonderful, Lo.

Honestly, the snippets just work so well, and I think they pack a more emotional punch than if they were big, drawn out scenes. Although I would love to see more about the characters' situations, like Dorcas' ward, and the bond between Fabian and Gideon (which really reminded me of Fred and George :()

AND THAT LAST QUOTE! Oh, paired with the title of the song, it just goes amazingly. Since you have Harry at the end, it would have been great to see a snapshot of Lily and James, or even the recent ones like Sirius or Remus (not that my heart could probably take it.) But all in all this was wonderful, Lo! Great job!

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Review #2, by Dojh167 1

12th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

I am really into the look of this story aesthetically, how consistent it is, being broken up by both dates and song lyrics, followed by a solid block of text. Itís very pleasing to look at!

Haha, so I saw Harry and Ginny as the only characters and ship in the story shell and somehow thought this story would at least have some light in it, but no, this is much darker than I expected.

Wow, all of those deaths in 1981. Wow. What a painful year. Of course logically I knew a lot of people died in a short time then, but when you put them together like that and let us see snapshots into their deaths, it really makes it carry more weight. Even though the content of the text is very different, something about this feels like obituaries. A very short snippet of another life lost, in some ways similar to many others.

Who was Dorcas Meadowesí ward? I donít think that is something we know from canon, so Iím curious what you were thinking there. I think the only thing we really know about Dorcas is that she was killed by Voldemort himself, which always made her seem special in some way. Your version here is that her specialness came not from herself, but who she was supposed to be protecting. Thatís an interesting idea, though it makes me a little sad to take away the chief thing that makes Dorcas exceptional.

The way Fabian and Gideon are reminiscent of Fred and George hurts my little heart.

Ooooh so the dates tie in to being the dates on the headstones Harry is reading. Thatís cool. I was afraid the last section would be Harry died, but this is preferred!

Harry seems to be thinking of all those lost (and I would imagine more so those he knew), so I am curious why the focus was just on 1981 and people he didnít really know. The reason he was interested in these particular people of all the dead wasnít too clear to me.

This was such a cool little story! Good job!


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Review #3, by BookDinosaur 1

11th April 2015:
Lo, oh my, I'm so sorry for this late review! It's not like I even have a good reason, I'm just terrible at getting things done on time - I desperately hope to have the results up very soon, if that helps? Sorry again!

Oh my days. I don't think I've ever read a story with a premise like this, you know? It's - well, it's very macabre, but at the same time I loved it so much. Chronicling the deaths of the Order members, just, wow. I would never have thought of this, the idea's so original so major kudos for you for coming up with this and pulling it off so beautifully.

Your use of the song lyrics was absolutely amazing, and so creative - using them as partitions, almost, to signal the changing of a scene, the introduction (and quick dispatch, hah) of a new character. So thatin itself is really ingenious and brilliantly done, and the song fits so well as well - tonally, the story and song match each other so well. I'm familiar with the Bob Dylan version of this song, but I hadn't listened to the Nick Cave & the Seeds version, and it was really nice to listen to while I was reading this.

Oh, and of course I have to comment on the ending. I think it's just so fitting that in the end, Harry and Ginny would be standing in front of the gravestones to mark his respect those who had gone before him. It's just nice to know, I guess, that if all those people had to die then they're going to be remembered in some way.

One typo that I caught at the end in the second-to-last sentence: [...] remembering the words he had heard so longago should, I think, be "so long ago." Other than that, I saw nothing!

Ugh, I think that this oneshot really did reinforce how many people died in the fight against Voldemort - it's so easy to overlook that, because, you know, they won in the end, and it's important to remember that winning doesn't come at a cost, and in this case all these lives were the price that was paid for victory.

This was beautifully done, Lo, thank you for writing it and entering it into my challenge! ♥


Author's Response: Hi Emily!

Thank you for this absolutely wonderful review!

Lo ♥

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Review #4, by toomanycurls 1

13th January 2015:

This made me cry while I was validating. Each section was so well done and poignant. Marlene's section was so intense and vivid. Ah, oh no with Dorcas. I feel like there's something so remarkable and sad about her death. Killed by Voldemort while protecting someone important for the order :'(

The Bones' scene is where I really lost it. So horrible to think of a family dying like that and it was even more close to home the way you wrote it.

I just can't with Fabian and Gideon. You captured them so well in such a short section.

It was perfect to end with Harry and Ginny remembering those who died - after all, people who are remembered live on in a way.

thank you so much for writing this for me!


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

Thank you for this absolutely wonderful review!

Lo ♥

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