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Review #1, by alicia and anne Not a Fool

29th July 2015:
HEY! :D I am finally here! I forgot what order the links were when I opened them all up and so was just doing them at random haha, anyways I'm rambling, I'll get to the review!

It's a wolfstar and I know that you're going to break my heart, and I'm going to let you because I'm a glutton for punishment apparently and you're an amazing writer!

You've done fantastically starting each line with a different letter of the alphabet, and to fit it in 500 words is just pure brilliance!

I just want to hug Remus throughout this, the emotion in this was so sad and I just wished that things had gone differently for them and that they could have been together and I may have to demand a happy one shot where they're together and in love and run off and get married and live on a farm (I don't know why it has to be a farm, I just know that it does! with a porch swing where they can sit under blankets and drink hot chocolates) The main thing I'm trying to say is they need to be happy.

And as for that last line. It's such a Sirius thing to say haha.

Author's Response: Hi, TAMMI! I'm finally here with a response :p

I always want to hug Remus, his whole life is just so tragic isn't it? And then us fanfic writers go ahead and break him some more :p

I'm definitely okay with your demands, maybe one day I'll write the WolfStar farm story, LOL!

Thank you so much for this review, and all of the wonderful reviews you've been leaving recently, HPFF loves you!

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Review #2, by bittersweetflames Not a Fool

20th July 2015:
Ooooh... Wolfstar. Why, hello there.. Care to break my
heart? You say gladly? Oh dear. Anyway, I cannot believe that
1. This was only 500 words and 2. It was alphabetical. I did not
notice both because, well, it was just breathtaking and hefty
and absolutely full of feels! I could FEEL. Along with Remus, I
could feel the despair and pain of his love for his friend; a best
friend; for Sirius. There is something so poetic with the way
you wrote it and I really enjoyed how you say that acting on
the feelings could have destroyed the friendship but how you
show that not acting on the feelings really had some sort of
effect on the whole friendship, like a wall formed by their
unspoken words and desperate wishes. The end of this fic
really made me smile... Like, how even though it's sad that
Sirius is dead and is really gone, Remus can still think fondly
back on that moment Sirius wondered if heaven was like
Zonko's... It was just a perfect way to really give that depth to
Sirius' character that I really enjoyed and really made me
happy even as the entire thing actually made me really quite
sad. It's bittersweet, which fits with my username I suppose.

- Carla
House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hi, Carla! ♥

Sorry for the heartbreak! I swear I tried to write a happy WolfStar but they're just so ANGSTY. This review is just so lovely, I cannot even. Thank you so so much, you lovely lady!


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Review #3, by navyfail Not a Fool

20th July 2015:
Ravenclaw House Cup 2015

Oh, Remus/Sirius. I really like how you managed to fit such emotion to such few words. I like how you didn't make the love one-sided. You mentioned how Remus noticed that Sirius knew the unspoken feelings between them. I can get why they didn't act on it... if they had more time maybe they could. I also like how bring in Buckbeak at the beginning. I can see why the hippogriff is sad as well... he did know Sirius for about a year or two. I think my favorite part is the end. When you mention the hug they shared in the Shrieking Shack... I thought that was cute in a sad sort of way. And the last two lines are my absolute favorite. I can definitely picture Sirius saying that. Great one-shot! You managed to capture many emotions in these few words!


Author's Response: Hi, Sama! Thanks for stopping by and leaving this absolutely gorgeous review. Those are my favourite lines too, so I'm glad you liked them :D


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Review #4, by merlins beard Not a Fool

20th July 2015:
Hey Dee, I'm here for Ravenclaw for the House Cup 2015.

Oh, the feels. poor, poor Remus, I feel really sorry for him. He doesn't deserve the way Sirius treats him. I love that moment in the Shrieking Shack where they see each other again after 12 years and I think you captured that really well in so few words... you seem to have taken the 'every word counts' challenge literally, because EVERY SINGLE ONE DOES COUNT. there's not one word here that doesn't mean something and I find that really impressive. I can't even imagine writing something alphabethised, but you did that so well. While it is noticeable that that's what you did with this story, it doesn't feel forced at all. I'm slightly annoyed at fate now, because they really should have had more of a chance to talk things out as adults, to get a shot at happiness for once. Also, I WANT HEAVEN TO BE LIKE ZONKOS (or maybe Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes)!!! Please let there be a heaven like that! I really enjoyed what you came up with, I'l just go on to one of your other stories now.


Author's Response: Hi, Anja! Your reviews are always just so lovely, I barely know how to respond to them.

I feel like I cheated a little bit doing the alphabetised challenge with the every word counts but trying to find more than one sentence that starts with an X and a Z was just impossible :p Thank you so much for your lovely comments♥


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Review #5, by cherry_pop94 Not a Fool

20th July 2015:
Hello! I'm here for the House Cup 2015 representing Ravenclaw!

Wow. Just wow. I cannot praise this story enough. First of all, you managed to pack an incredible story into just 500 words! That in itself is an amazing feat! And then the sentences are in alphabetical order! I didn't notice that until I read your author's note at the end, but after I saw, I had to go back to read this all over again!

Furthermore, this story itself is just brilliant. I could really feel all the pain Remus was going through. I just cannot imagine though how much it must have hurt to believe that the man you love had your best friend (and also his best friend) killed, but to still love him. Indeed, love is for fools. In Remus's case, love has only hurt him again and again.

That last bit made me tear up a bit. 'If there is a heaven, I hope it's exactly like Zonkos.'

It's such a simple line, but I think it's absolutely brilliant.

Thanks for sharing this marvelous story!


Author's Response: Eeek, Stefanie! This review is so lovely I don't even know how to respond!

The challenges weren't easy, I have to admit. Trying to think of sentences that started with X and Z was near impossible :p

I'm so glad you liked that line, it was one of my favourites too :)

Thank YOU for this lovely review!


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Review #6, by evil little devil Not a Fool

20th July 2015:
Oh my gosh, you are too good at sad stories! Marauders stories usually get to me in the first place, but after reading your Amos story, and with how beautifully written this one is, my emotions are taking a beating here XD
Not to mention, this story was lovely enough to begin with - but getting to the bottom and realising the start of every sentence is in alphabetical order? That's insane! I have no idea how you managed to be so meticulous in your structuring, and yet the story is still so beautiful and flows so well. That blew my mind! I just had to go and re-read it, and just wow. I have no idea how you did this.
I am such a sucker for Remus/Sirius stories. Poor Remus, I think you captured his character and his emotions wonderfully, and Sirius' as well, even though he was mostly background. It breaks my heart, thinking of how much Remus suffered throughout HP, but especially how much he must have suffered in those years while Sirius was in Azkaban - friendless, poor, betrayed, stigmatised.
Gosh, I am still not over how cleverly written this is! It was an absolute delight to read :)

Hufflepuff House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hey!

Aplogies for the emotional beating :p This and After are two of my more recent stories and definitely my first proper attempts at angst, I worried a lot about posting them but lovely reviews like this make the worrying worthwhile!

I have no idea how I did the alphabetised thing either if I'm honest :p I stared at my screen for ages thinking of sentences for X and Z.

Thank you a million times for this lovely review ♥

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Review #7, by TreacleTart Not a Fool

19th July 2015:
Hello My Dear!

Stopping by for the House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor!

I am always amazed when I read stories like this that are exactly 500 words and contain some sort of strategy like alphabetizing the start of each sentence. It's hard enough just to write a good story without adding all that craziness in. Way to show off. :D

I absolutely adore Wolfstar, so I have to admit that I was stoked when I saw this. Your take on them is great. I love the unrequited nature of their love and the doubt that Remus shows in Sirius...and then how he chastises himself for ever doubting Sirius in the first place. It all seems so in line with what we know from cannon and with Remus' personality.

If I'm being honest, I almost wish this was a little bit longer, but that's for selfish reasons. I just want more to read because it's so lovely. The length that you have is actually just right. It gives us exactly what we need to know and then leaves us with a haunted longing feeling.

This was beautiful and sad and everything a Wolfstar fic should be. Between yesterdays story and today, I'm wondering why I haven't read more of your stories previously, since you're such a good writer.


Author's Response: Hi, Kaitlin!

I really feel like I cheated by combining the challenges, but I swear finding two sentences that start with X and Z were just impossible :p

WolfStar isn't a ship I've ever been overly bothered by, but writing them did sort of change my mind, though I don't think they would ever be anything more than unrequited love.

I have to admit, I think this story and After are probably my better ones, my writing has definitely improved over the years ;)

Thank you for another gorgeous review, you are too kind♥

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Review #8, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Not a Fool

19th July 2015:
Dee &hearts

House Cup Review 2015, Gryffindor

Okay first wow. I had a go at the alphabetized challenge and it was so difficult and you made it seem easy here and not at one point did the writing feel forced, just so you could make it work for the challenge so a huge huge huge kudos to you. That's truly amazing.

Next, the feels. Darn woman, you've really tugged at my heart strings today! The relationship between Remus and Sirius is so sad... they know it's there and I just wished they could have had something, a moment but it was never to be. You've written Remus's emotions throughout this beautifully... him still loving Sirius despite what he thinks he did to Lily and James and feeling guilty when he finds out the actual truth.

Sirius is a little cruel here. From what I gather, he doesn't just know of Remus's feelings, he feels the same way. I understand he might be scared to show them, but either way he knows and he shouldn't flaunt the girls in front of Remus.

Your last few lines were really sweet and heartbreaking. I hope that's what it's like for Sirius too. Zonko's heaven.

Awesome one shot again - how you can write something so awesome in 500 words amazes me. You have to teach me your ways!


Author's Response: Hi, lovely Lauren!

The alphabetized challenge was SO HARD. Honestly, when I got to X and Z, I very nearly cried.

I'm not really a WolfStar shipper, but I think if there were ever feelings between them they would be unrequited or not acted upon ones, I can't see a world where those two would work out. Sirius acting the way he did here was all about pride, I don't think he would have wanted people to discover his feelings for Remus so he acted the complete opposite.

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #9, by Unicorn_Charm Not a Fool

19th July 2015:
*House Cup 2015 Review - Gryffindor*


Holy crap, Dee! This is SO impressive on so many levels! How on earth did you manage to write this beautifully sad story in 500 words, and in alphabetical order?? This was flawless. And not only that, you did it in 2nd person, which I feel is the hardest to write in. Wow *worshippy* this is just incredible.

I'm not a huge WolfStar shipper, but I do see it as being completely plausible. I feel like JK dropped a few hints that there, at least at one point, was something there between them and I feel like you took a very (heartbreaking) realistic approach to the pairing. Even if they did have feelings for one another, I think they might had been too afraid to act on it, because of being such close friends.

I love your description of Bellatrix in this, because we all know exactly who you mean, even though you didn't specifically say it.

I don't even really know what else I can say about this, besides it was absolutely brilliant, terribly sad, completely impressive and very, very well done! Great job on this, Dee!! ♥

Hugs and love,

Author's Response: MEG! You are totally one of my favourite people ever, do you know that?

Honestly, I feel like writing it in 500 words was cheating but I just almost cried at trying to find ONE sentence that started with an X and a Z, finding any more would have pushed me over the edge :p

You basically just summed up my feelings about WolfStar too, I don't think they would ever act on feelings even if they were there.

Thank you a million times, you are such a beaut♥

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Review #10, by randomwriter Not a Fool

6th May 2015:
Hey Dee! Here I am, a little (ha!) too late for our exchange :p Sorry about that! In short, it was a combination of not having internet for a while, and completely forgetting the existence of this review exchange on the forums.

Anyway, onto the meat of the review, so to speak. Before I forget, I want to tell you how much I loved the title. It drew me in, and it made me want to know what about love makes it so, from the wolfstar point of view. Now I'm not a massive wolfstar shipper, but I've really gotten into the pairing recently, and I'm enjoying your take on them. I liked how it was unrequited because I kind of picture Sirius as someone who can't be tied down. Also, I get the whole 'not wanting to affect their friendship' thing. They're like brothers, and there's so much to take into consideration. Plus, given that they went to school in the seventies, when LGBTQA rights were still not widely accepted, probably much less in the pureblood communities, it probably made sense to them to lay low. Anyway, I'm rambling and going off on a tangent. Sorry! Basically, I like how you've written them, and it makes sense to me :)

I love that you've written this in second person. I find that it is a voice that requires great skill and constraint. If not done well, it comes of as awkward and clumsy. But you wrote it very well. I never felt as if it was strained or repetitive. Also, after reading this, I find it difficult to imagine it written in any other point of view. Like, second person just fits now.

I'm always impressed by stories that are written for the classic Every Word Counts challenge. Try as hard as I might, I've never managed it. I always struggle with editing beyond a point. I must applaud you on your mad editing skills though. Now a word seemed out of place, and the fact that you managed to fit their entire story, from beginning to end, in five hundred short words, is extremely impressive.

It hurt me so much when you got to the part where James and Lily death was mentioned. I just wanted to reach out across the screen and give Remus' shoulders a good shake and scream out the truth. Of course, it's not really his fault, but still. I also felt sad for him because it became clear how much he loved Sirius and how little he could do about it. Then, you got to Sirius' death and very nearly killed me again. I think that's one death I'll never make peace with in my life. This was no different.

I mentioned that I loved your characterisation of them together. But I also loved them individually in their own right. I smiled so much at that bit about Zonko's being Sirius' heaven. And then I felt sad about how he never got see Fred and George's shop. See what you did? You took me on an emotional rollercoater in just five hundred words!!

Your writing is stunning! It drew me in completely and I totally forgot about everything else. I was just so involved in the story. The flow is perfect. You write their whole story, and yet, it doesn't seemed rushed or unnecessarily fast paced. It reads smoothly, and your word choices are so great, and in such a short piece, your word selection makes such a huge impact on the reader. Also, I love the tone. It's very melancholic from the start, and it played to my emotions so well.

Finally, you did this for the Alphabetised Challenge? WHAAAT. I didn't even realise till I got to your note at the end. I was so mega-impressed, and I re-read it like thrice to just marvel at it. Now, I must bow down to your greatness at managing something like this. I like that you ended with a sentence starting with A. Apart from that sentence itself being rather powerful, I think that it kind of came a full circle there, with it starting with A. Wow. I still can't believe you managed that so well!

Overall, a lovely story. I'm so, so happy I got to swap with you and read this. I'm sorry I'm so late though :( I hope it's alright!

Author's Response: So I feel really bad because you apologised so nicely for being late and here I am taking over 5 months to reply! Sorry!

I'm not a WolfStar shipper either but I can definitely see why people love the pairing, and this is pretty much my headcanon for if there were any feelings between the two of them.

Second person became my favourite after writing this story, I was so scared of it before this, but now I love it!

I really feel like I cheated a little bit writing this for the ABC and every word counts challenge, but it was just too hard to find more than one sentence for X and Z :p

This is such a gorgeous review, I'm so sorry again that it took me forever to respond. Thank you SO much ♥

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Review #11, by Felpata Lupin Not a Fool

14th April 2015:
Hey, Dee!
Ok, I've read this a few days ago, but I wasn't really in a reviewing mood... So I decided to come back now! :)

This was absolutely perfect! In such a short space, you brought so many emotions! So moving, really!

I'm not a great fan of Sirius/Remus, but I think I'm starting to like the ship, after all the amazing stories I've been reading with it, and yours is definetely one of them! Also, I liked the way you hinted that they never really were together, that they felt that bond that trascended friendship but never really act upon it.

I loved the way you retraced their lives. It was so heartbreaking to read... They're both such tragic characters, I can't get over how unfair their fate was...

I didn't notice the alphabetical starting lines until I read your author's note (and then I went back to check, I'm just that crazy... Anyway, that was so clever. Very well done.)

Brilliant work, Dee! You're a wonderful writer!


Author's Response: Chiara! Another wonderful review from you. How am I ever supposed to respond to your kindness? ♥

I'm not a fan of Remus/Sirius either, this was total new territory for me so it's such a relief to know you liked it :D

It's hard to say who had it more rough in life between the two of them, it really makes you realise how mean JKR was to her characters :p

Ah, yes, the alphabet challenge was such a tricky one. I don't think I would do it again in a hurry LOL!

Thank you so much, Chiara♥

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Review #12, by XoXo Gossip Girl Not a Fool

10th April 2015:
Hello Dee.

I'm XoXo Gossip Girl. I've stopped writing about Serena and Blair now, and I'm focusing on writing HPFF gossip instead. The latest gossip claims your story is the one to read, so I had to check it out for my many readers (which you're obviously one of, cause who wouldn't be)

Sirius happens to one my favourite characters, and I'm going to let you in on a little secret that you can't tell anyone. We used to date, but then he ditched me because according to him I'm a "gossip queen". In what possible universe would I be a gossip queen? Just because my name is Gossip Girl, and I happen to like to talk about other people, does not necissarily mean I'm a gossip queen!!!

Oh my, it seems I've gotten a little lost from what I was supposed to do - reviewing this lovely story. Sirius is his dreamy self here. I obviously wished he was with me, but apparantely I'm not good enough for him *insert fake tears*. So I suppose Remus is next best thing.

It was sweet how Remus regretted ever believing Sirius had betrayed his best friend and his family. Quite frankly I'm surprised at his actions. I belived Sirius, and did not at all post anything negative on my gossip site *sarcasm*

I'm going to have to go back now. I just got a tips that two Hufflepuffs have started dating in some kind of story. Can you imagine that? How embarrassing will it be if they ever break up? So yes, I'm going to have to get to bottom of that rumor. See you around the forums!

XoXo Gossip Girl

(and please take this review with a grain of salt. I'm really in love with the story, even if it doesn't come across that well in this review. I, Gossip Girl, is not really good at express my feelings. I suppose that's why Sirius broke up with me)

Author's Response: Hello, Gossip Girl. OF COURSE I'm one of your readers, your blog is amazing. *bows down*

There is no doubt in my mind that you and Sirius once had a thing, and how dare he break up with YOU?! No-one dumps Gossip Girl, amirite?

I hope you got to the bottom of the rumour about the Hufflepuffs, personally I'[m very fond of them ;)

Seriously, Lotte, you are amazing. Thank you so much for the review ♥

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Review #13, by merlins beard Not a Fool

8th April 2015:
Hi. I finally made it here for our swap. Sorry i took so long.
I really enjoyed reading this (And i was kind of surprised because i usually don't read second person stories... maybe i should give them a chance after all...)

I really like how you write about Remus' feelings in a way that makes the reader feel exactly the same way. It's amazing how you can form a story out of 500 words, yet it is complete and nothing is missing.
I always loved Remus/Sirius fics, but they are usually set in the Marauder's era and a lot happier than this story. Most of them also end before the group leaves school... so they don't mention what happens to the boys during the first war.

I can really see sirius and remus pining for each other but never acting upon these feelings. Remus would be embarrassed and sirius would be worried about their friendship, which i always think is the only thing that's truly important to him.
So they decide to suffer rather than give it a shot (which is not very Gryffindor of them but fits some of their behaviour in the books)

I can honestly say: i love what you've come up with.
Thanks for the swap

Author's Response: Hi, Anja! Sorry for the delay in my response!

Second person stories aren't my usual style at all but this just didn't work in first or third (and trust me, I tried) I actually liked the style so much I wrote another second person story, you should definitely give them a chance :)

I'm not a wolfstar shipper, but if I was this would be my headcanon for them. Remus' life is so angsty I just couldn't see this working out for him either. It's definitely not very Gryffindor of them but I think their pride has a lot to answer for.

I'm so flattered that you loved this, thank you so much for the swap and the lovely review!

Dee :)

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Review #14, by Shadowkat Not a Fool

7th April 2015:
Man, this is really good. The descriptions may be a tad bland, but that's only natural with the word limit and the whole having to start each sentence with a new letter. That's hard to pull off! X3

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, and the swap!

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Review #15, by Veritaserum27 Not a Fool

7th April 2015:
Hi there Dee! Here for our review swap.

So I think the best thing about this story is that I read the summary and that you wrote this for the "alphabet challenge" and the "every word counts challenge" and then I promptly forgot both of those things as I was sucked into your story. When I got to the end of that roller-coaster ride of emotion that you brought me along, I read your A/N and I was like, "SHE DID WHAT!!?" I had to go back and see for myself that you so cleverly crafted this piece into only five hundred words AND started each sentence with a consecutive letter. The writing was so smooth and the images so vivid in my mind, I couldn't believe you accomplished both of these things at the same time!

Right from the first sentence, there is a sadness about this piece. I could feel the way Reumus felt staring at Sirius's room. It was almost as if Sirius had just stepped out for a moment and would be back at any time - his clothes were all strung about, and it almost seemed that Remus could still get a sense of Sirius's scent.

Then the agony of knowing that Remus had felt so strongly for so long and that he just knew Sirius felt the same way, but would never allow himself to be with his one true love. You've captured Sirius's destructive nature with only a few words and it was nothing short of powerful.

My heart fluttered and ached at the reunion scene - at how unfairly short it was for the both of them. Because, even if Sirius was willing to lay it all on the line and be with Remus, we all know how that scene in the Shrieking Shack ends.

Great job, Dee. You've captured every single of their "just missed it" moments and pulled me into Remus's agony and despair all at once.

Thanks for doing a swap!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hi, Beth!! Sorry it's taken a little while to respond to this, I'm so rubbish with reviews.

I honestly feel like I cheated a little bit combining the two challenges but I put myself through such torture trying to start a sentence with X and Z that I just had to make it only 500 words :p

Remus and Sirius have such heartbreaking stories, their lives are full of angst and I really wanted to convey that here in their relationship, or lack thereof, so I'm really glad it came across.

Thank you so much for the swap, and this gorgeous review, you are just too much♥

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Review #16, by firefly910 Not a Fool

7th April 2015:
So I just saw your status on the forums and thought I'd come over and check this out (I'm the only one at work and I am procrastinating!)

I miss reading your stories. I know I'm a few chapters into Seized and I will be getting back to that sometime soon (I promise!)

But onto to this one. . .

I have always had a bit of soft spot for Remus/Sirius and like you have written here that they would never have broached the subject, letting it simmer beneath the surface.

Their friendship would have too important to them for them to ever admit to each other how they felt. Which is sad because, especially later on, they could have found solace in each other. Sirius always struck me as a lonely character. He hid behind this bravado, being the bachelor but I always imagined that he craved intimacy and companionship after he escaped from Azkaban.

The idea of him saying 'love is for fools' has a twofold meaning for me. School age Sirius would not have wanted to be committed I don't think. He liked to have too much fun and well I can't imagine any girl putting up with half of what the Marauders got up to! Post school and azakaban Sirius may have hidden behind that saying, protecting his heart and also Remus' as their feelings for each other would have turned their world upside down.

You capture Remus' emotions perfectly. His relief to learn that the man he loved wasn't the monster he was made out to be and the pain he feels when Sirius is gone. The unspoken feelings that he has held onto for so many years permeates the story and I can just imagine him sitting on Sirius' bed and feeling so overwhelmed.

But there is also a little hope in your story. The idea that the dead live on in another universe and that Sirius pictures heaven to be like Zonkos obviously brings a little comfort to Remus because it is nice to imagine Sirius living on in his own personal jokeshop.

Great story. Really impressive that it is alphabetised as well!

Author's Response: CALLIE! Sorry it's taken so long to respond to this gorgeous review, I'm so rubbish! ♥

This was my first attempt at writing Remus/Sirius, so I was pretty nervous about posting it. I'm so relieved that you liked the characterisation of Remus and Sirius, and I agree that if there ever was something between the two of them it would have been an under the surface thing that neither of them acted upon.

Thank you so so much for this review, it was lovely as always!

Dee ♥

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Review #17, by Rudolph Not a Fool

5th April 2015:
Amazing is one of the few words I can think of to describe this. Because you have written this in only 500 words and began each sentence with the next letter in the alphabet. Cleverly done, I must say.

Dancer always laughs at me when I get upset over stories. Even though she admits that sometimes words are saddened, she doesn't think they should make a reindeer cry.

Fortunately she isn't here right now, just me.

Gosh, what a story. How can you so effortlessly kill my heart like that? I mean, your characterisation was brilliant, and Remus was written superbly. Just promise never to do that to me again.

Kudos for writing such a brilliant short story. Lovely to read a WolfStar even if it was incredibly sad. Maybe another oneshot to prequel? Now I have to go, my siblings are anxious to read some stories too. Our relationships are strained at the worst of times. Parents are glad to get us out the house, I think.

Q'u, q'u yet dahdi nuntghesht'ih yida (goodbye, see you later)!

- Rudolph

Author's Response: Well hello, Rudolf! I've always wondered what reindeer did the other 364 days of the year, now I see you spend it reading fanfiction :p

Dancer is so wrong, it is definitely okay to cry at stories! I take it as a huge compliment that you felt that way about mine.

Remus is one of my favourites so I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself to get him right, it's such a relief you think he was in character.

This was the first Sirius/Remus story I've written and not one I'd ever have considered if it weren't for Tanya's love of them, I wouldn't say no to writing them again though.

Thanks so much for the lovely review, Rudolph!

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Review #18, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack Not a Fool

29th March 2015:
Greetings from the Crumple-Horned Snorkack! Today I ventured out of the boreal forests of the far north, in order to leave you a review!

This is a lovely fic, and I absolutely love the way you wrote the relationship between the two. I think this is one of the most touching Wolfstars I've read - it's kind of bittersweet, how they were such good friends, and both of them had feelings for one another, but that never went anywhere because they didn't want to jeopardise their friendship - it just really tugs at the heartstrings!

I must also commend you on using only 500 words AND alphabetizing all the sentences! Your use of little details made the story feel so complete despite its short length, and it flows so well, I almost didn't notice the alphabet - which is so incredible because writing with that kind of restriction and avoiding choppiness is really hard to do - I believe it's even more difficult than sighting a Crumple-Horned Snorkack. You are a wonderful writer.

I see you mentioned old Xeno Lovegood at the end there. Which reminds me, he is out looking for me at this very moment, so perhaps it is time for me to retreat back into the woods, where I'll meet up with my best friend Bigfoot. It's been delightful reading your story!

Author's Response: Why hello there, you mysterious creature, you. Thank you so much for stopping by and reviewing.

I am so far beyond flattered that you think this is one of the most touching Remus/Sirius fics you've read, I had serious doubts about it as it's not a ship I read or write ever.

I did feel like I cheated a little by combining the challenges, but thinking of more than one sentence that started with an X and a Z was just impossible :P (Almost as impossible as catching your good self!)

I do hope Xenophilius didn't catch up with you so that you can keep spreading love over the forums. It's truly a wonderful thing you're doing. Thank you so much, whoever you are ♥

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Review #19, by SunshineDaisies Not a Fool

20th March 2015:
I've been trying to read through some fellow Puffs work for the Keckers, and I couldn't not leave you a review on this.

I am in awe. You wrote this very emotional scene in exactly 500 words while starting every sentence with the next letter of the alphabet without making it feel forced or taking anything away from it. The skill you have with language is pretty astonishing. I'm very impressed.

Anyway, I'm not usually one for Remus/Sirius, but I can appreciate when it's well done and this is SO WELL DONE. I love the description of their relationship, how they were friends, but more than friends and not at the same time. I think you grasped the emotion of losing someone like that, a friend, lover, brother, someone so important to you that you don't even have a word to describe it, absolutely perfectly. And I think Remus is perfectly in character. Calmly bereft and hoping that heaven is like Zonko's. Absolutely beautiful.

Author's Response: Katie! One day your kindness will kill me! (Seriously, don't stop though :P )

I'm definitely not a Remus/Sirius shipper, this was completely new to me so it's amazing to know that you liked it. Remus is such a wonderful and complex character, trying to squash all of his feelings into 500 words was difficult, I'm beyond relieved to hear you think I got his emotions right.

Thank you a million and one times for such an amazing review ♥

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Review #20, by The Basilisk Not a Fool

2nd February 2015:
Hello. It is I, The Basilisk, here to petrify you with my review.

I'm not a huge fan of Slash and I don't usually read Sirius/Remus but I thought I'd give this a try anyway. I don't regret my decision - I'm glad I read this. I don't magically start shipping WolfStar now but I do see the deep friendship between Remus and Sirius here which you've portrayed beautifully. The grief Remus must have felt over Sirius' death is captured really well and I feel for him. I also liked how you went through a quick trip down the memory lane in this too - small things that Remus remembers about his years with Sirius.

The writing style was snappy, interesting, direct and engaging. There was a smooth flow to it and I enjoyed it. It made for a nice quick yet thoughtful read and there were many underlying emotions that didn't need to be explicitly stated yet I understood them easily. All in all, great job!

Hiss Hiss,
The Basilisk

Author's Response: Hello, Mr Basilisk! Or should I say hiss hiss...

We have something in common there, Slash and Sirius/Remus aren't my preference either but my dear Tanya loves them. I'm honoured that you liked the portrayal of their friendship.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the wonderful compliments, mysterious Basilisk. You are amazing.

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Review #21, by lindslo2012 Not a Fool

30th January 2015:
Hello Dee, :)
That is your name right?
You have produced yet another amazing story in just 500 words! I would have never put Sirius and Remus together, just because of how different they seem to be. But with the great detail and ideas you have put in this story I can see them together very well! It's sad that Sirius died.. and I love your last line about how Sirius hopes that heaven is like Zonkos. :) You have done an amazing job with this short story. Way to go!
-Lindsey :) ;)

Author's Response: Hi Lindsey, yes it is!

Sirius and Remus aren't a pairing I've ever had strong feelings for or against but I thoroughly enjoyed writing this. Thank you so much for the lovely review, I'm really glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #22, by TidalDragon Not a Fool

25th January 2015:
Howdy! Sorry I'm late, life's been a little rough lately, but I've finally made it - and oh boy am I glad I did!

First of all, I thought you did an exceptional job with the whole 'Alphabetized Challenge' thing. Having read absolutely none of the other entrants, I think you should win. Until you mentioned it in the Author's Note, I honestly didn't even notice that aspect of the writing and I think it's a testament to how unobtrusive you made it (no easy feat).

As far as the things you specifically asked about in your request, I thought the flow was great. It varied in its rhythm from paragraph to paragraph, but despite that it never lost the overall desperate, yearning feeling that clearly lived in the depths of Remus's heart. The characterization, for me, was fine. I'm more of a canon guy when it comes to ships (the only ones I actively ship are canon anyway), but as far as the voice I think it sounded right, especially within the plot you created. Your word choice was also excellent, especially with the restrictions in terms of overall length and starting letter that you imposed on yourself here.

It was a thing of beauty and brilliance.

Also, per my promise, PM me another story you'd like me to review since I was late!

Author's Response: Hi, Kevin! It makes me feel so bad that the first thing you did was apologise for being late and it's taken me months to reply to this review, I'm sorry back! I hope life is treating you better now :)

'Having read absolutely none of the other entrants, I think you should win.' This made me LOL :p The ABC challenge was SO HARD, I feel like I cheated by combining it with the every word counts challenge but it was just impossible to think of any more sentences that began with X and Z!

I'm not a wolfstar shipper at all so I was nervous about posting this, I'm glad you think it worked, I take that as a big compliment from a canon shipper :)

Thank you a million and one times for this amazing review, and I am SO sorry my response is so late!

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Review #23, by toomanycurls Not a Fool

25th January 2015:

I love the 'love is for fools' line. It's so arrogant and haughty, very fitting for Sirius Black. The image you paint of Sirius the playboy and also the slight sadist with Remus' emtions just kills me. It makes me want to shake him for being so cruel. Though, it also makes me wonder if it was a love ever truly requited.

The pain Remus experienced during Sirius' time in Azkaban, eating away at his soul slowly, made me tear up. It was even worse when he blamed himself for not seeing the truth. I feel as if Sirius continued to keep Remus at arms' length when he was out of Azkaban.

What impresses me the most about this is that it is not only 500 words and so moving but that you followd the ABC challenge. I don't know if I've ever read a story that hit me so hard while following such a strict style. You are amazing for pulling this off and givng me the wolfstar feelz.

Thank you so much for swapping with me!!


Author's Response: ROSE! I am SO sorry about how ridiculously late this response is, I'm so bad at replying to my reviews.

Remus/Sirius isn't a ship I've ever been into but if I was ever to have a headcanon for it, this would be it. I don't think it would have ever worked out for these two even if they did have feelings for one another.

Trying out both challenges was definitely hard but I really enjoyed writing this! I'm so glad you got wolfstar feelz :P

Thank you so much for this gorgeous review, and I'm sorry again for how long it's taken me to reply.

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Review #24, by Pheonix Potioneer Not a Fool

24th January 2015:
Here for the Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review!

This is awesome. Not only does it make me support Remus/Sirius now, but you made each sentence begin with the next letter of the alphabet! And it makes sense! That is truly extraordinary. If I tried this, it wouldn't flow nearly as nice. This obviously has a lot of work and care put into it, despite it being only five hundred words. In fact, that's probably why it does have a lot of care put into it.

STOP TORTURING POOR REMUS! Why does every fic make him suffer? Sure, he did actually suffer a lot, but don't make him suffer EVEN MORE! *cradles Remus*

Amazing how I'm now shipping Remus/Sirius because of five hundred words. This definitely makes "every word count"!

Thank you for such a thrilling experience.

P.S. I hope Heaven is like Zonko's too. That would be awesome. I'd never get bored.

Author's Response: CLAUDIA! ♥

This review is so beyond lovely, and I'm now feeling incredibly guilty for having taken so long to reply to it! I really enjoyed writing this, despite the stress I put myself under trying to come up with sentences for X and Z!

Remus is just the best character for an angsty fic. I totally get the need to hug him!

Your review is too nice, Claudia. I am not worthy! *bows* Seriously, thank you so much.

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Review #25, by likeness_of_a_seabird Not a Fool

24th January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round three!

That was so beautiful, but also so very sad.

I imagine it wasnít easy to get every sentence to start with a different letter, but youíve made it seem so effortless. The story flows beautifully and the sentences connect to each other seamlessly. It actually looks like every new sentence starts with a different letter of the alphabet by accident, itís that well constructed!

Itís so sad that Remus and Siriusí feelings would make them suffer because they wouldnít act on them in fear of damaging their friendship beyond repair. That, I think, was the most heartbreaking part. On the one hand, I admire them for being willing to put their feelings aside for the sake of their friendship, but on the other hand, they are suffering for that decision. Itís really bittersweet. I loved how Sirius hoped heaven would be like Zonkoís; that is so like him and like Remus, I hope so too because it would be comforting to know he could continue his shenanigans together with James.

Thank you for this beautiful story!

- Emmi

Author's Response: Hi, Emmi! ♥

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this lovely review, I am the worst.

The alphabetised challenge was SO difficult, X and Z were the worst letters and I'm still not entirely happy with my X sentence but it's staying there because I can't think of another one :p

This review is just so nice, thank you a million times ♥


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