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Review #1, by Dojh167 Legend

24th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

Hello former puff! ♥ I canít believe I didnít know you wrote this hilarious crossover! Late is better than never =)

I am a little unclear of the first section in the story is meant to adhere to the canon timeline. If Nagini is the only horcrux remaining, then that section would be taking place well into the Battle of Hogwarts, after the Diadem and Cup have been destroyed. What a time for the Doctor to show up!

I wonder if the Harry Potter and Doctor Who characters exist in the same universe here, or if the doctor had to (or accidentally) traveled to an alternate dimension to find them!

Omg Iíve never read Doctor Who fan fiction before, but youíve done a great job of capturing the Doctor and Claraís voices here. Well done!

Woah, they werenít just sucked into the Potterverse, but into a written document within it?? How original! Oh no wait, theyíre in the actual fictional world and they know itís fictional - thatís very interesting!

Oooh so whoever gave Voldemort that information knew that it would lead to this happening? Or is the legend that the Doctor is talking about something else?

Agh and we donít get to find out what it is that pulled them there yet! I am super curious and hope you get back to this story to satisfy my curiosity =P

This is a really fun story. Youíve done a good job of balancing action with playfulness to create a tone that is very true to Doctor Who. I am curious to see how that works out once Potter and Who characters mix!

Nice start!


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Review #2, by Ron 4 Hermione Legend

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

Well this is an interesting piece! I love how you connected the two worlds, and of course Voldemort would totally be jealous of the doctor and his powers. I do like the connections that you made, such as the tardis as the time turner and the sonic screwdriver as the elder wand. I wonder if him finding that bit of parchment s what caused the doctor to move into that world?

Aha, I love how you write Clara and the Doctor, itís so amusing seeing them interact together, I love how scared he is of a rubik's cube. Itís totally something he would do, honestly heís worse than a child haha. I always wonder how his companions put up with him! I do like how youíve written Clara, especially how she get frustrated with the things heís saying, itís very believable haha.

So Iím assuming theyíve been transported into the world of Harry potter, but I prefer his way of putting it, Ďa temporal written document designed for someone elseís amusement and enjoymentí aha, so creative. I wonder what time line of the world theyíve been transported to, Iím assuming Voldemort is still alive!

This was a really great start to what looks like a promising crossover!

Shaza :)

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Review #3, by EnigmaticEyes16 Legend

25th July 2016:
Hi, Karen! Sorry, I'm super late but I'm finally here for the Slytherin Hot Seat! And I can't believe I haven't read this sooner, since it involves Doctor Who. But I'm here now!

Anyway, I love how you set this up with the intro! The Dark Lord needs to protect himself if Harry and his friends know about the horcruxes, and I think it's very curious that he would come across such an old piece of parchment that mentions enough about the Doctor to become interested in him. Of course, owning the Elder Wand, if there is something more powerful than that, he would gladly have it, and do whatever it takes to make that happen. And even more so, the idea of regenerating must interest him even more, with him wanting to live forever and all. I'm very curious to see what will happen once the Doctor and Voldemort finally meet.

The intro to Clara and the Doctor is quite hilarious. I love the idea of the Doctor trying to solve a rubik's cube upside down. Though I found it odd he'd be perusing the internet and come across such an article. I also found it weird and out of character for him to call Clara "my dear". Especially if this is the 11th Doctor, which is sounds like it is, but I'm not sure. And I really didn't like how he used wibbly-wobbly and timey-whimey so much, that also seemed a bit a out of character, the way he used it. But other than that I thought Clara and the Doctor were pretty spot on. I think it's also super interesting that you kept JKR's work as a piece of fiction, so they are actually in the book, and become part of the story. Although this legend they need to find out, sounds like the legend is them, since Voldemort found a parchment mentioning the legend of the Doctor... so that will be even more interesting. Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter once they leave the safety of the TARDIS!

Great first chapter, Karen!

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Review #4, by The Basilisk Legend

12th April 2015:
What's thisss hmm? A Harry Potter/Doctor Who crosover? How exciting.

I rarely come across ssuch super ideass, especially ones that contain a ssspecific man in a blue box. Thiss chapter wasss very amussing and I ssincerely hope to ssee you continue it. I know that the characters can be sslightly difficult at timess, but the rewardsss are worth it.

Your dialogue was very well written, but I would perhapsss enjoy a little more dessscriptions in the spacing between the sspeech. Ssaying that, I still really enjoyed reading your sstory.

You characterised everyone here well, and I enjoyed Voldemort'sss peice at the ssstart. He usssed to visssit me you know. He sspoke Parssseltounge as well as any other sssnake I've had the pleassure to meet.

Ssee you around ssometime.

Author's Response: Oh WOW what an awesome surprise to wake up to this was---it is a pleasure to meet you! Thank you for slithering on by!

I'm most definately planning on continuing it--a lot of it is getting my act together here. And yes very difficult because I'm still so new to the Doctor Whoverse and getting him (and the others including Voldy) right is extremely important to me.

Ask and thou shalt receive! I usually do try to include as much description and visuals as I can. I am planning on doing so with this next chapter.

I'm really happy that you enjoyed it!
Thank you so much again for dropping by! :)

P.S. -- I want to say an extra special THANK YOU for your words of encouragement and inspiration--they've helped me a lot and whenever I feel like I have problems, I will most certainly be coming back to this review to remind myself of your wise words. :)

(P.S. # 2-- I can only imagine those were
very interesting and intriguing conversations you had with the Dark Lord.)

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Review #5, by LadyL8 Legend

3rd April 2015:
Hi again, Karen. Iím finally back with the next review.

So first I just have to say that Iíve not read many crossovers, and the last one I read was god-knows-how-long-ago. I think that one was a Doctor Who one as well, but Iím not sure (it was for my old review thread). But I really enjoyed reading one again after so long Ė it was almost like a new reading experience.

Second of all, I have to say that Iíve only ever watched two episodes of Doctor Who, and they were completely random episodes from different seasons. And I didnít get much of it, except that he was a guy with a blue telephone box that could travel through time. And be had a female companion, but I never met Clara so Iím going to guess she is he newest one. Am I right?

Oh wait, he had many lives too, right? Or am I completely on the wrong track now? :P

Anyway, it was really interesting to read this crossover, especially since I donít know much about Doctor Who. I canít tell you if you managed to capture his character or things like that, but I can tell you that I liked his characterization no matter the realism of it. He does seem a little odd, but I liked that childish-like fascination he seems to have over everything.

And I liked Clara as well. Like I said earlier, Iíve never actually seen anything of her, but I liked her characterization. I think she is a curious girl/woman (I have no idea how old she is :P ), but a little more rational (I think thatís the right word, if not I hope you can catch on to what Iím trying to say) than he is.

I also loved how you incorporated Doctor Who into the HP-universe. It felt surprisingly natural, and if I didnít know HP and Doctor Who I would probably not think they were different universes. They do fit well together in a way Ė not just because theyíre both British, but also because they focus on adventure and magic in the real world. Itís just a different kind of magic, thatís all :)

I like Voldy too. And how we dragged Tardis to his world. And I canít wait to see where things will go from here. It canít be anything but hilarious, since the Doctor seems very curious, silly in a good way and humorous while Voldy is mean, temperamental and you knowÖ just plain evil :P I donít think he will like the Doctor very much Ė Iím not even sure survives his meeting with Voldy. So yeah, it will be interesting to see how this will go.

And I just have to say that I love your dialogues. I may have mentioned that in the last review too, but itís even clearer here. Itís never forced - it just flows. Iím soo envious of you, Karen.

- Lotte
(and donít think badly of me, but what is Tardis? I think itís the telephone box, but Iím not sure)

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Review #6, by alicia and anne Legend

13th March 2015:
Oo a Doctor who/Harry Potter crossover! This should be interesting! :D I have never read a crossover with them before.

Harry should have realised that the connection worked both ways! Silly boy :P Of course Voldemort can see what you're doing! :P

Hahah the Doctor is funny :D I love that he gets a headache from a Rubiks cube just by doing something he saw on the internet. Hehehe silly Doctor! :P

Oh my god! Voldemort actually managed to pull the Tardis into his world! Ahhh how is he going to convince them to help them? How are they going to get out of this situation? What's going to happen to Harry?!

I have so many questions!! I can't wait to see how this escalates! It's already so funny and I can't wait for more of your wonderful writing. :D

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Review #7, by writeyourheartout Legend

24th January 2015:
Hello Karen! Happy (Belated) Hot Seat Day! ♥


ĎThe legend is that this individual is capable of time travel without the use of a timeturner. He also carries a metallic wand perhaps far more powerful than the fabled Elder Wand. And finally that he holds the true secrets of immortality, able to regenerate when he is close to death.í - I love this. I love the parallels and comparisons and connections you drew between each item of the Doctor's and how exceedingly helpful they would be for Voldemort. I mean... I can't believe how perfectly the Doctor's abilities and items fit into Voldemort's desires for world domination! It's absolutely brilliant!

I also love the point in time you decided to write this in - while Voldemort has realized all but one of his horcruxes has been compromised and his so-called immortality has considerably waned. He's now desperate for a back-up plan, and the Doctor, with his ability to regenerate, is just absolute perfection.

INTO THE TARDIS! Vroom vroom. ;)

To be entirely honest, I'm not actually caught up 100% on Doctor Who at the moment, and have only seen the first Clara episode, so I probably can't offer too much input on her character, but... MATT SMITH. ELEVEN. Love him.

And I think you did him fantastically! You really captured his quirkiness and oddities and I could hear every line of his in Matt Smith's voice and picture all his little mannerisms perfectly. The whole Rubik's Cube ordeal is too funny, and something I could definitely see the Doctor partaking in. Really well-done!

Why must he always do this Ďdo it now and ask questions laterí? - Bahaha! Yeah, he totally does that. :-p

I LOVE that you chose to acknowledge Harry Potter and all subsequent HP related things to be an actual book and a fictional scenario they've been sucked into! Too much fun!

Before I wrap this review up, I wanted to tell you that I do see an improvement in the technical details from the first story I read of yours to this most recent one now, which is great! I would say concentrate on comma's - those seem to be your greatest weakness. You tend to under-use. I would maybe suggest that the next time you're writing/editing a story/chapter, that you read it slowly out loud to yourself and listen for the natural pauses and throw a comma in! Then, instead of, "No Clara youíre not.", you might hear yourself speak it more like, "No, Clara, you're not." But it was still really a great improvement overall! Congrats! I know you're working hard on it and it shows! ♥

Anyway, this is an excellent start to your story! I can't wait to see what happens next! It sounds like you have a really great plan for the future of this story and I'm very excited to see how it all plays out! Yay!


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Review #8, by marauderfan Legend

22nd January 2015:
For the Review Hot Seat
oh my god yes. This is what I never knew I needed in my life. I LOVE the way you've written the Doctor and Clara and their dialogue that easily goes on tangents, I can see this so perfectly in my mind. The bit about Rubik's cubes made me laugh! As well as the question the Doctor answered when Clara hadn't even asked it yet. :D Perfect.

But gah that beginning section. DID VOLDEMORT TRY TO RECRUIT THE DOCTOR?! because I can't imagine that will go over well ahahaha I am so excited for the Doctor and Clara to step out of the tardis and into the pages of HP. AAH! If you can't tell, I'm super excited about this and hope to see a new chapter soon. This is gold. Love it.

P.S. The Tenth Doctor was totally my fave as well ;)

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Review #9, by HeyMrsPotter Legend

13th January 2015:

All my life (well, since I discovered fanficion) I've wanted to read a good (because I've read some not so good ones) Potter/Who crossover fic, and then here you come like a beautiful angel delivering this gift from heaven. *peaceful sigh*

Your Doctor is just so PERFECT. (Totally picturing Eleven in my head because boo, Twelve). Like, this line here:

"THATÖis a very good question!" He cut her off before she could finish asking.

I CAN SO IMAGINE THIS SCENE IN MY HEAD. (Sorrynotsorry for the caps)

I loveloveloveloveLOVE the idea of them being pulled inside a story, and of course, I love that it's my favourite story of all time :p And the way that he explains it to Clara is beyond brilliant. I can hear every line of dialogue in Matt Smith's voice.

I'm so curious as to who they'll encounter first in the Wizarding world (though I seriously hope if Clara comes across Voldy she gives him some sass about his nose, or lack thereof :P)

This was just an absolutely amazingly brilliant and wonderful first chapter to what I have no doubt will be one of the best fics I have ever read.

Best. Secret. Santa. Ever.

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