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Review #1, by rosiful one.

18th August 2015:
I don't even know how to tell you how much I love this!
I was really expecting something epic after last chapter, and you really did deliver. This was just perfect.

So from what I can tell, Scorpius is absolutely Connor, Roxanne is Wes and Rose is Michaela. Not really sure about the others, but looking forward to seeing what you do with them! I really like that the Potter/Weasleys are all Ravenclaws and Slytherins. That's such a unique spin, and it really works for their personalities!

I love that you've adding really minor HP characters (like Dedalus Diggle) into this for the side plots rather than just making up random OCs. It's so clever, and just makes this story so much better!

You are such a gifted author, and I really love reading your work.
I CAN NOT wait until next chapter of this!!

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Review #2, by rosiful prologue.

18th August 2015:
I love How To Get Away with Murder, so I am so excited to see it translated into Potterverse! This is like two of my favourite things combining into one, which is EPIC!
I am also so excited to see what you do with the characters and how you make it your own!

And I would write more about how fabulous you are at writing (and how well you've made HTGAWM translate), buuutt.. I just really want to read the next chapter :D

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Review #3, by cherry_pop94 one.

28th May 2015:
Listen up, this is absolutelt incredibly so omg I can't even amazing. I don't even know what to say this is so good!

The plot is just so captivating and your writing is perfect and just how do you even come up with this stuff??? Shielf hats?? Dedalus Diggle?? Dead bodies everywhere??? Murdering people and hiding bodies in the prologue??!?!?!?! TOO PERFECT LET ME TELL YOU.

For real, this is the kind of flawless story I only wish I could write. Please update soon for my sanity and then never ever stop writing. You're one of my favourite writers here. You are flawless. Bless your soul Lisa.

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Review #4, by StarlightAsteria one.

14th April 2015:
Law? Daphne? Scorpius? Yeah, I'm in :)

As always, your writing is flawless, funny as hell, and I love all the references to Classics you manage to sneak in :)

Out of interest, why Daphne? My head canon for her is as a barrister too, so definitely, I'm with you all the way on this. GO TEAM DAPHNE.

And I love the Daphne-Scorpius interactions. I love this all, really - the Weasley-Potter clan as Ravenclaw/Slytherins - fabulous take on them.

Celi xxx

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Review #5, by LiliLovegood one.

13th January 2015:
this is great!!! I'd like to hear more about each individual character, but I love the show and I cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you! i'll be going into more detail about each character as the story goes on, thank you for the review!

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Review #6, by crestwood one.

12th January 2015:
Hopping back here for the third review of our swap! Side note: I literally forgot this was happening until I just got your review.

Okay, can I just say, you took my suggestion and RAN WITH IT. This couldn't be executed any better. This is more like what was in my head than I think I could have written myself.

Like seriously--Ravenclaws and Slytherins with no need of morality, could this be any better?

I love the idea of Hugo being their replacement old school Ravenclaw and wow, saying defense is a performance is so squarely something that Daphne's character would say. Also: cold and glittering!!!

And here we have our first mention of Dead!Lysander. I'm far too excited about this considering that he isn't even alive

Okay I'm pretty sure that Hogwarts aesthetic line is my favorite thing I've ever read before. Your sense of humor is always perfect

Did you just make a Dedalus/Daedalus joke right there. Um this reference is so amazing and I hope people get it because it is golden and their lives will be better for having read it

One hundred percent serious question: where do you even come up with this stuff? Like, this is so perfect does this just spring forth fully formed in your mind? The cursed hats/Shield Charms thing is something I couldn't think up in a million years. I can only imagine what an actual court case will be like because that alone just pretty much blew my mind.

I love the dynamic the group has. I love your style of writing in general really. I could just read you writing characters going back and forth all day long.

Announcing about the body so soon after everyone is wondering where Hugo is gave off the most foreboding vibe

So this is still awesome, pretty sure it's gonna stay awesome. And my reviews are a mess but in my defense it's way later than I should be awake and I'm just typing away in the dark listening to the smiths. All pretenses of not being a mess are out the window

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Review #7, by jellylegs2066 one.

11th January 2015:
I'm so excited for this story! HTGAWM is awesome, and you've said that you're partially inspired by The Secret History too which is potentially my all-time favourite book so I'm just super excited all round for this! I really like your set-up so far, and your choice of characters - it's nice seeing Roxanne and Hugo with Rose and Scorpius instead of the usual trio of Albus, Rose and Scorpius. Plus Daphne seems awesome and very Annalise like- and she's Scorpius' aunt surely too, so that adds an extra dynamic which should be interesting! I also like your characterisation of the Weasley-Potter clan as a bit darker, it's a good change. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: i'm so excited for it too! it is partially inspired by TSH - mainly because its impossible not to incorporate some of the elements of it when writing about a group of five young adults who are either directly or indirectly involved in a murder that results in corpses being left in forests (TSH is without a doubt my all-time favourite book, and you can see the parallels with htgawm)

thanks so much for your interest in the story, and i'm looking forward to working with this bunch as well!

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Review #8, by Claire Evergreen one.

10th January 2015:
Oh, my god, a Next Gen fanfic based around How to Get Away With Murder...I don't think it can get any better.

This is such a brilliant idea! I'm going to apologize now in case this review is completely incoherent because I'm barely containing my excitement over this fic and gah!!! I legitimately squealed when I saw what this was.

Ok, first things first, I'm guessing that Roxanne is Laurel, Hugo is Wes, Rose is Michaela, and Scorpius is Connor? Ahh now I'm so excited to see how everything plays out. Especially Scorpius as Connor, that is going to be so so good!

Im really glad I dont have to pay you until you pass the bar, Malfoy.- Yes, just...yes. I just know I'm going to love Daphne as much as I love Annalise :D

I loved the prologue! The way that you were able to transfer everything over into magical terms was perfect. Magical law is something that I know is used in fics, but I've never actually read much with it so I'm so excited to see how you incorporate everything into the magical world.

Ah, I'm just way too excited for this. I'm going to say it again, this is such a brilliant idea and HTGAWM is one of my favorite shows and I can't believe I almost never saw this fic! I can't wait to read the rest of this!



I'm glad you're so excited for this story because I'm pretty excited too and HTGAWM is just the best.

You're almost spot on with those - Scorpius is definitely Connor and Rose is Michaela, but I've mixed up genders a bit so Roxanne is actually Wes and Hugo is.??? Hugo's just kind of 'misc,' though probably closest to Laurel.

Thanks so much for reading/reviewing and hopefully this will live up to your expectations!

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Review #9, by moonbaby11 prologue.

9th January 2015:

I have to admit that I haven't seen HTGAWM (I should probably get on that) so I can't really say much about how this relates to the tv show, but I can say that I'm already loving this! All the characters seem so interesting, even if we don't know a whole lot about them. Like, I just can't wait to find out even more about all of them! Rose is really intriguing to me right now, since she's the one that seems the most concerned about the crime they have just committed and I'm excited to see how she deals with what has just happened to all of them. Honestly, though, I can't wait to delve into the back stories of all these characters. I'm also (obviously) very pumped for the Hugo/Scorpius that you mentioned would be coming up!

I almost want to go and watch HTGAWM right now so that I'll get any parallels and have some sort of idea as to what's coming next, but I also kinda want to read this without any knowledge so that I'm surprised with that happens, ya know? Either way, I'm definitely going to be following this story! Can't wait for the next chapter!!


My first thought is always YES GO WATCH HTGAWM RIGHT NOW YOU WON'T REGRET IT but also if you haven't seen it i can SHOCK YOU WITH PLOT TWISTS. then again the show does those plot twists so much better and i don't want to deprive you of the full HTGAWM experience so it's a difficult balance to strike but EITHER WAY I HOPE YOU KEEP ENJOYING THIS STORY

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #10, by TheDoctor prologue.

9th January 2015:
Strange. Very strange.

Can't say this has happened before. Well, can't say this has never happened before--but this time is especially odd. Well, I suppose it doesn't help to bring up the time I ended up in Wuthering Heights. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

Anyway! Yes. What? Oh yes. It seems the tardis has landed me inside of your story. Gotta say, it's a cracking place to be. The characters are all incredibly curious, and I just can't wait to see what happens next.

I don't want to boast, but I'm rather an expert on the Potter series. Their conception is a fixed point in time, and I fought a fleet of Dalek's to make sure Jo got on that train!

What was I saying? Yes! I'm certainly anxious to see what has lead all these characters to this situation. Granted--I've seen all 9 seasons of How to Get Away with Murder, so I have a reasonable idea where this might be headed.

Oh, and your descriptions! Just lovely. Especially at the very start. I'd hate to be in a story with bad descriptions. There wouldn't be anything to look at.

I do wonder why I'm here, though... Aha! I see. Clever, very clever. "Inspiratio"--an alien species from the moon of Poosh. Ancient humans called them 'muses.' They must have redirected the tardis here to make sure you continue with this story. I can see why they like it so much--very engaging stuff! I don't think I'll be able to leave until the plot is resolved.

In any regard, I'd be ever so keen if you could update soon. You see, I've got an appointment, well, yesterday, and I wouldn't want to be late.

Off you pop, then!
-John Smith

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Review #11, by crestwood prologue.

9th January 2015:
I hope you don't mind me using one of my reviews in our triple review swap on this because I just had to read it asap! SERIOUSLY LISA, this is SO good. I was 100% correct to think you would be the perfect person to write this.

The first two paragraphs are actually quite beautiful. I mean, talk about setting the scene. 'the dichotomy of life and death' YES. GIVE ME PROFOUND INTERNAL MONOLOGUES.

You write Scorpius-as-Connor ridiculously well. I knew you'd come through with the witty back and forth between everything. And the fact that they pulled out a lighter because wands are easily traced--you think of everything.

I can't even describe all the ways you hit this out the park. It's exactly what I wanted to read when I requested this. Like, exactly. This was the best surprise ever. I wasn't expecting this for at least a week. You are superhuman.

I assume the next chapter will be them before all of this happened, in class or internship or whatever you made the wizarding equivalent. I can't wait to see what you do with that side of things and to read your version of Annalise! I am so excited about this, it's giving me Beginning-of-TFWMS-goosebumps. Thank you so much for this!!

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Review #12, by banshee prologue.

8th January 2015:
I just need to start this out by saying A MILLION TIMES YES♥ And know that I am not going to apologize for the excessive amount of capital letters this will have.

IS SCORPIUS GOING TO BE CONNOR WALSH!? *hyperventilates* It isn't even possible to be this in love with a character this quickly.


I need this story so much, almost as badly as I need the show to come back on. I absolutely cannot wait for more and will definitely be stalking this.

(and wondering who will be casted as Oliver... :D )




and YES SCORPIUS IS MY CONNOR WALSH. i was really surprised at how easily that happened as well, i wasn't sure about assigning each character a corresponding HTGAWM character (and admittedly I don't think I have an Asher) but yeah scorp just kind of nailed it

YOU'LL SEE WHO OLIVER IS IN LIKE THE NEXT CHAPTER except again its not a perfect adaptation because his oliver is in the law firm too but YEAH. YEAH YEAH YEAH

the next chapter should be up in a couple of days because when i start writing something i kind of don't really stop so keep checking back and thanks so much for the review!

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