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Reading Reviews for silver morning
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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy parchment & crystal

26th May 2015:
Andy, this is just AMAZING. Really!

The main thing that I have to compliment you on here is your Description - OH my goodness it's breathtakingly beautiful and SO realistic! I particularly loved how you described the flush in Scorpius' cheeks - it was incredible!

I have so many questions about this - WHAT was in the Black Lake?!? Haha! And WHAT was in that letter that Fred didn't want to read?? I'm so very curious - I really hope we'll be seeing more stories like this from you soon!

This was another fabulous piece, dear, really! Well done!

Author's Response: YAY! This is the most coherent initial response I could think of! I'm so so thrilled you liked my description here. Like I said, it's sort of my thing, and sometimes I go overboard, so every time anyone comments on it in a positive way, I'm psyched! :D

This is actually a novella, so there should be three more chapters, in which the letter will be explained! (Not the lake creature though, that was just me playing around with the magical world and creeping up the atmosphere a bit. :P)

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Really, I'm so glad you liked this!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne parchment & crystal

15th March 2015:
Okay! The pairing brought me to this story straight away! I have never thought to even look for a Fred II/Scorpius story and now I just need it more than anything else I've ever needed!!

Oooo a letter that he's avoiding! This is interesting! Why is he avoiding it?

Awww Scorpius and Fred sound so cute, looking up at the sky together and not being able to figure out what the long streaks of white foam in the sky were. :P Hehee bless them! Although I love their theories on it, I wish that that was what they were.

:O I wonder what changed between Scorpius and Fred to go from them hanging around with each other on fields to them not even talking. I have a feeling that Scorpius has written something in that letter that Fred is avoiding.

Awww Hugo you adorable adorable person you! He's so sweet! Can I just hug him? Look at him being a fan of Scorpius.

I have fallen in love with your Fred! He's amazing! You've written him perfectly!

I love how Rose just comes straight up to him and tells him that Scorpius fancies him, just like that, and that Fred want's to know exact words. Aw he spilled his juice! He's so adorable!

They are so into each other! I just love them so much! I love how Fred's noticed little details about Scorpius and how he's feeling about seeing Scorpius's cheeks tinged with red... it's all just so adorable and I am so happy reading this. I am filled with so much fluff right now! So many feels!!

And poor Fred, getting those feelings where he can't breathe and he feels dirty, it's not true Fred! You're pure awesome!!

Oh my god I need more! I need so much more of this absolutely fantastically fabulous story! I need to know what happens between them, what has happened between them. I need more beautiful scenes between Scorpius and Fred II.

This is just brilliant! Gah!!! I need to reread this! over and over and over again! :D You are such an amazing writer, the way that you wrote those descriptions of the scenes, of Fred's feelings... of just everything. I felt like I was there, living it with them!

I seriously need more!

Author's Response: Hello Tammi!

First, I need to say again that you are amazing for reading all those stories and writing all those reviews. I know my mind starts flying in all directions if I try to focus on more than a few stories per day so I really admire you! :D

I'm so glad the relatively unusual pairing made you decide on this story! Especially since I don't have a summary yet, haha.

I ship these two so much, it's embarrassing. I'm so happy you liked them and their ramblings about the sky! And you are onto something with the letter, although this will be explained in the fourth (and last) chapter and I have yet to write that. :D

Hugo! You are welcome to hug him, I'm sure he wouldn't mind. :D And thank you for your huge compliment regarding Fred, I am thrilled that you liked the way I wrote him. I didn't realise until after I'd written this that he is often portrayed as a jokester, so I was worried about how people would find this more laid-back, bitter and seemingly emotionally detached version of Fred. So yeah, I'm really glad you liked him! :)

And Rose, I love writing her here! Like you pointed out, she is very straightforward, and I'm glad you liked that about her. :D

Yay, I'm thrilled this made you feel happy! There are some more grimy chapters ahead, but this one is quite happy in nature and I'm glad you liked reading it. :)

Yeah, Fred can't really see himself properly, and is just a bit lost at the moment. :/

I honestly don't know how to respond to this last part of your review because you just made me feel so happy with all of your lovely comments and your enthusiasm and I'm so so flattered and grateful and excited that you liked this. Thank you SO MUCH, honestly!


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Review #3, by Aphoride parchment & crystal

16th January 2015:
Hey there - stopping by for our review swap! :)

So, I really really loved that you asked me to review this (though, tbh, I'd probably have read it anyway, lol). There's something so wonderful about discovering new pairings and how people make them work, and part of both my love/fear of Next Gen is the freedom to make the characters what you want and all... so anything can work, even if there are accepted, general theories and perceptions of characters.

Also, I love anything which turns the conventional on its head :P

So, basically, I adored this. Everything about this was so wonderful - you're a fabulous writer! Your description was gorgeous, as was your dialogue (there was always something so poignant about it whenever it came up - like every word meant something, which I loved), and your details were amazing. I especially loved when you had Fred talk about the sky and so on, how it looked like a giant cutting it open. There was something so beautiful, so poetic and yet also strangely haunting about that line and I adored it :)

Again, like I said before, I love how you've overturned the conventional by it being a Scorpius/Fred romance, rather than, say, Scorpius/Albus or Scorpius/Rose. And I love the dynamic you've given them too - how Scorpius is almost the over-achiever, with good grades and a prefect's badge and natural Quidditch skills (and then a Quidditch career, which speaks for itself, really), and Fred is so much more laid-back, outwardly at least, with the anxiety and depression (which were both so tastefully handled, and so beautifully understated, imo - it made it clear they were there, and issues, but it wasn't the focus of the story, so it let the story speak for itself, you know?), and the attempted aloof personality (which didn't really work, haha). Your characterisation is just class, and so, so realistic.

The other thing I want to talk about is the style of this. I love how wistful it was, how it had that lovely, whimsical tone people get when they reminisce about things - times and people they miss, you know - and how romantic it was, even though they never held hands or kissed or anything like that. It was romantic in mood, and you made me feel for them and sort of want to get together, but, tbh, I wasn't really disappointed for them in the end, because the ending just felt right for them, even without the cliche kiss ending and all... I'm not a massive fan of fluffy or overly-romantic/cute romance, so I adored this - the understated way they both dealt with it, the clear infatuation... it was just so, so gorgeous.

The thing about this one-shot is that even though objectively, there's not masses of plot going in in terms of big, grand gestures - it's all very introspective, very character driven, a series of meetings, almost between two people, and almost more a tale of feelings, rather than people - but it's so memorable, it's so emotional, and it's so real that it speaks to you and stays with you, if that makes any sense at all :P

So, basically, what I'm trying to say is that I love this one-shot. It's just a masterpiece. Favouriting :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hello Aph!

This review is so fabulous I can already tell it will be hard to respond to it! :)

First off, I'm really glad you didn't mind me asking for a review on a specific story, at the time I really wanted an opinion on this one. I'm even more glad you would have chosen it anyway! :D And I couldn't agree more about fear and love of NextGen! Anything can work, but not anything can work /for you/. :)

Thank you so so much for all of these lovely compliments you have given me! I have read your fabulous work and that makes this review all the more gratifying! I'm thrilled that you liked my descriptions but I would like to specifically thank you for commenting on the dialogue. I tend to cut down my dialogue to leave room for descriptions (which I prefer writing) and that entails hours of re-writing and editing every sentence of dialogue so that it conveys the same message but in the fewest amount of words. That's why you saying 'every word meant something' is such a huge compliment to me! Also, I'm so happy you pointed out the line about the giant and the sky! That's one of the first ideas I had for this story and the whole scene is very dear to me. :)

I, too, like unconventional pairings! Other than the advantage of 'something new', they are also much easier to write, because they don't have hundreds of similar stories preceding them and therefore the reader is less likey to have certain expectations of the characters. :P I'm very happy you liked the dynamic between Scorpius and Fred - your analysis of them is perfect! And also, thank you so much for your comment about anxiety and depression, and my depiction of it. This was the part I was the most nervous writing about, and so to hear such great feedback is extremely reassuring. Thank you, honestly. :)

''I love how wistful it was, how it had that lovely, whimsical tone people get when they reminisce about things - times and people they miss, you know-''

^ I do know! Everything you just said pretty much describes the writing style I love reading most! Thank you!

''it's all very introspective, very character driven, a series of meetings, almost between two people, and almost more a tale of feelings, rather than people''

^ And this! I don't know how to express my excitement over these words! It's everything I hope to achieve when writing. THANK YOU. I love the fact that you felt something for my characters, and that the story stayed with you. It's incredibly gratifying to hear such accurate analysis of my characters, and such a positive reaction to the story itself.

I would just like to point out that this will actually be a novella, and it will have four chapters in total, but I am really glad you thought it was a one-shot. I planned every chapter to be a closed off section, exploring a different period of time in Fred's life, up until that evening in the Burrow, and his relationship with different characters (mostly Scorpius, but also Rose) in those periods. So, it's actually very convenient that you've read it as a one-shot, I must be doing something right. :p I don't know if you will want to read the rest (it's perfectly fine if you don't) but I just want to assure you there will be no grand gestures and no overly cute romance, because I am not a fan of it either. :D

To wrap this up: Thank you for this gorgeous review, for all your lovely compliments, for favouriting this story and for calling it a 'masterpiece'! It was a pleasure doing a review swap with you, and I apologise for not replying to this sooner (RL has been a pain!).


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Review #4, by marauderfan parchment & crystal

12th January 2015:
Was so excited to find a new story by you in the recently added today!

I love the description in the first paragraph, I can visualize that spider so well. There used to be one just like it that lived above my bed so I actually feel a bit nostalgic reading that part. Which I realize is weird, considering we're talking about a spider here... anyway, moving on.

Wait, no, I have to gush about your description again. THIS? The sky seemed wider then an endless dome mottled with flimsy clouds and flocks of birds practicing their synchronized dives and I could stare at it for hours on end, with him by my side. The thoughts of those days settled within the fissures of my brain like balm against a wound, and I was too weak to push them away. -- ASDFHAFLWKJE?!?! That is so gorgeous. HOW do you do this.

The narrator is Fred! I've never seen a Fred/Scorpius ship before. Gah, I adore that scene when they were working together in Potions :D

Ahahaha... I love the way you write Rose in this. I can really relate to her in the way that she laughs before getting to the punch line of stories, I do the same thing and it's probably so annoying to anyone listening to me. I love seeing this trait in a fanfic character.

I love the way you wrote the progression of how Fred and Scorpius became closer friends. And how at the end they're still kind of on the brink but won't say anything specifically. You've done so well at writing this kind of skirting around the topic that they both do, but Fred specifically, how neither of them really admits the whole truth about their feelings, how Fred tries to hide his anxiety/panic attacks. There's a lot that it seems they're trying to avoid just because it's easier that way at the moment. And that always makes for interesting characters :)

The sky above us is a vast, black field of tiny phosphorescent blossoms -- Sorry I couldn't help it, I had to point out your amazing imagery again. WOW this is just beautiful.

This is such a beautiful chapter (I know, using that word again but there's no other way to describe your writing!) Really amazing work. I love it.

Author's Response: Hey Kristin!

First off, I'm really sorry for not replying to this sooner! I had finals (I still have finals, actually) and I'd just been swamped with uni-related things. But I am honestly grateful to you for leaving me another gorgeous review! :)

Also, just the thought of you feeling /anything/ when seeing I have written something new is a success in my books! :D

I love that the spider made you nostalgic, haha! I have so many spider-related stories. There was a spider on my bathroom wall once, and the poor thing had five legs. I called him Fivey, naturally. And one day, he disappeared so I rushed to my sister to ask if she's seen Fivey. And she said: 'Yes, I hosed him.' :/ Apparently, she's not a spider enthusiast.

I'm so happy you liked that description! Nothing says 'I really like this' than a proper slamming across the keyboard with caps locked turned on! :D And I don't know how I do it, hahah, I wasn't aware I was doing anything. But gah, thank you so much for your lovely compliment!

Yes, I noticed a serious lack of stories featuring Fred, so I guess that was my inspiration for writing from his POV. And I'm so happy you liked the Potions scene!

''I love seeing this trait in a fanfic character.''

^ Okay, so this is such a huge compliment to me! I love it when readers tell me they can relate to some parts of the story, or certain character traits or just anything that I've written - it's just so flattering, knowing that I've written someone who could be a real person. So thank you, Kristin, for saying this! I have a friend who does that 'laughing before the joke's over' thing and I think it's so adorable. I mean, she makes me laugh anyway, even if she doesn't finish the joke. :D

It's so great to hear that you like Fred and Scorpius here. That's exactly what I was trying to do - skirting around the topic and not really saying too much. They both have their own reasons for not admitting some things because, as you pointed out, it's the easier thing to do at the moment. I hope you'll find the progress of their relationship equally interesting! :)

You really don't have to apologise for giving me compliments! :D I love that you like my imagery, honestly, it makes me so happy! :D

Thank you so much for this review, Kristin! I really love all of your reviews, and how thoughtful and kind you are. They make my day every time! :)

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Review #5, by banshee parchment & crystal

12th January 2015:

AW, Andy! That's so sweet of you! *hugs* I am absolutley sure that I am going to love this story. From the - very little, mind - you've told me about it so far, I am already so excited!

Okay, I would not be that relaxed if there was a spider in the room with me. I would be freaking out, let's be real. But I really liked the imagery it created, and how Fred flinched when Hugo started talking, as if he was snapped out of his own mind.

Andy, your writing just always fills me with this joy when I get to read new stuff from you. You just have this style of stitching words together that's so elegant, that it makes me smile so much. I can feel what Fred's feeling in his nostalgia thinking about Scorpius. It just completely washes away that I'm reading, and instantly creates this amazing picture. It's so beautifully bittersweet how it starts out seemingly a happy thought, and then turns sad.

;alskdfj SCORPIUS AS A QUIDDITCH PLAYER♥ - In my writing and research of the different Quidditch teams, the Montrose Magpies have become a favorite of mine. I love the sleek little black and white bird as their mascot. I'm rambling and getting off topic, but LOVE.

I definitely like how you managed to bring Fred from his thoughts of a random moment with Scorpius, to Hugo bringing them up with the poster/autograph. That Hugo already has written out. What a goob.

Fred's sarcasm at Hugo is BEAUTIFUL.

At the end of the 'parchment' part, I'm left with SO much curiosity. Like, I just have to know what happened? Were they an item? Are they? Were they an almost? Is Scorpius happy with being drafted right out of school? Is he happy with his random saying a catchphrase and a humor device in Fred's dad's shop? Is he still close with Fred? THIS IS AMAZING. *reads on*

Fred napping on the desk and Scorpius with his Prefect badge. #otp. AND THE SNARKY BANTER. My heart.

I think you should re-title this story: How to fall in love with a boy over twenty porcupine quills. Give or take six. Heheh. I don't know how you managed to make me ship them SO QUICK but I flipping love them.

Woo, Ravenclaw Scorpius! (I took a guess after we talked that you'd have him there) AW AND FRED SPILLS HIS JUICE OVER THE LOOK a;lskdfjjsd

So, this review is going to be nothing but incoherent babbling.

It is as easy as falling, this thing that happens. - This story is just so easy to get lost in, and that's what I'm doing as I read. It's just inspiring and is making me want to know so much more about the pair. I loved this moment, where they're sort of challenging at first and then they both sit and the conversation just comes so easy to them.

Scorpius is reading, a strand of hair falls into his eyes and he sweeps it away with the corner of the book, not his hand - I 'awwed' out loud. And did that adorable sigh thing. Just. GAH.

The way you describe Anxiety and Depression is so filled with truth and honesty. And I really like how Fred's isn't just solved from having Scorpius around him. It doesn't just go away because you're in a 'something' (or, what they are) and I really think you described that so elegantly. You described an actual anxiety attack so real, too, with the starting from nothing and building, that it made it so much more meaningful. Especially the part about him wanting to hide it around Scorpius.

The ending with the two of them was just so open for interpretation that I love it. I'm going to go ahead and say that I need you to write another 100k words about them. a;lkdfj I can't even articulate how amazing this was.

I need to know how they end!? Do they meet up to "get Hugo his autograph"? Do they get coffee and reminisce and fall back in their something love? a;lskdfj *sobs*

*Incoherent babbling* I LOVED THIS SO MUCH. Seriously, this was so much more than anything I expected and I am just amazed by the whole thing. Beautiful work, Andy!


Author's Response: Julieee! I am SO SORRY for taking ages to reply to this fantastic, exciting, perfect review! But thank you so so much for it, it is one of the best I got, ever!

The spider! I know what you mean, haha! I had a spider in my room and it disappeared somewhere under my bed so I moved to my sister's room, because I was too scared to sleep in my own. XD But I'm glad you liked that scene!

''Andy, your writing just always fills me with this joy when I get to read new stuff from you.''

^Julie, do you know how much I squealed when I read this part? This is just the greatest compliment I could get, from anyone, ever. Just, thank you so much, I don't know how to respond properly. And the rest of that paragraph, about you feeling what Fred was feeling, and me stitching words elegantly - THANK YOU. I'm flailing and I'm so so flattered!

And Scorpius! This fic may be the closest thing I'll ever get to writing Quidditch! :D But I agree about the Montrose Magpies having a great mascot.

Hahah, Hugo is indeed a goob! And I'm glad you liked Fred's sarcasm! :D

Thank you for writing out all these questions because when I was writing the rest of the story, I would come back here and read through them to see if I answered all of them. I thought of them as those guidelines for writing a proper essay. :D So thank you!

Hahah, I love your idea for re-titling the story! And i'm so happy you love them! I love them too! Like, I'm not a shipper, and I don't even have an otp, but these two are my favourite pairing to write. And now I sorta want to write fluff about them, just as soon as this is finished. :D

Can I just say how much I love it when you write this: ''a;lskdfjjsd''! And how do you manage to always start them in the same way?!

I'm sorry, I can't go on! I'm reading through all these amazing compliments and I'm just smiling so much, and I don't know what to say! jhsdgfjhsghskj!!! Thank you!!

I'm so happy you can get lost in this story, and that you like them as a pair and also the bit with the hair in Scorpius eyes. And you 'awwed' out loud!! I can't.

And about Anxiety and Depression. I can't thank you enough for saying what you said. This is the part I was the most worried about, and I was so nervous about what the readers will think of it. It's just such a personal thing, and it can be read in so many different ways. When I started writing this, I was in a constantly anxious mood so that sort of infiltrated the story, and then I decided to give an actual name to it, and started doing research about these disorders. I'm not diagnosed with either and I was so terrified of getting it wrong. But I've gotten only positive feedback so far (and you were the first one to say it!), so that's a huge relief. Thank you. :)

I SO want to write another 100k words about them, haha! I have plans for two one-shots from Scorpius' POV and the plunnies just keep on coming!

About the ending! Okay, I've decided to change most of the plot so the ending will turn out to be much more ambiguous than I initially planned. But I hope you'll like it anyway!

I freaking loved all of your ''incoherent babbling'' and I love this review and I GAH, JUST THANK YOU!! I'm sorry this response is a bit all over the place, but I'm really excited about everything you've written here and I think you can tell. :D

*hugs hugs hugs*

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