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Review #1, by Miss Late Raising Voices

19th April 2015:
Hi Jenna *waves*

I'm Miss Late. My friend over at the forums have seen you around there, and she wanted to come by and read and review something of yours. Unfortunately she can't for safety reasons - she is running from the evil king of Westeros, and showing up here my reveal her location - so I thought I could do it instead.

As Miss Late, it is my duty to always be late to everything. That is why it has taken me this long - from when my friend told me about you - to show up here. But I am finally here, and I must say I did enjoy this story. It was very different from anything I have read on HPFF, but that could of course be a result of my lateness - it takes me a long time before I find it in me to sit down and read HPFF stories.

I can really see Hermione being a feminist. I am feminist myself, of course, but we never see much of that in HPFF. It is rather sad, actually. I read something in my local new paper not long ago, about an expert not liking how the film industry portrays women. There are far too few female lead roles in movies, the article said, and women would often play the role of the love interest or a companion of the male lead. Harry Potter was actually one of the expert's examples. I thought about it back then, and I did think it was sad that, that is the case. Because there really are few movies with female leads, and it should not be that way, I think.

I like that Ron is a little so-so about feminism until his daughter is born, and he realises that he wants her to grow up in a society where she can do anything a man can, where she will not be objectified or given less opportunities. That is very realistic, often one does not think too much about it before it affects oneself or someone that one is close to. I was not a feminist until my sister decided she wanted to work in the film industry, an industry where there are far more men than women and the women are generally paid less than men, despite being just as good.

Hermione, in this story, is a very admirable, hardworking woman, and I wish was far more like her. I cannot imagine raising two children, working and at the same time fighting for equal rights and opportunities for women and men. But if there is one person that can combine so much and still do well at everything, it is Hermione Granger.

So I really liked this story. Unfortunately I must go now. I am, not surprisingly, late for many, many things, and I should probably start doing one of them. You will probably not see me around, but I hope you can say hi to my friend over at the forums for me. I cannot give you her name, because, as I said before, she is on the run from the evil king of Westeros, but she told me to give you this clue that should help you find her identity.

Your clue:

I am more than one
But who can I be?
Trust me when I say
The name is the key

I hope this will help you find her, and may you never be as late a lady as I am.

Yours Sincerely

Miss Late

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Review #2, by The Hot Cross Bun Monster Raising Voices

28th March 2015:
With flying raisins and a collection of spices, The Hot Cross Bun Monster has appeared!

I absolutely adored the first section because feminism is one of the major causes I fight for, and if you don't believe me, ask any misogynist because there are still indents in their skin from where the raisin hit them. It was just so pow-wow, and Hermione, and I do believe if she has been around in the 1910s she would have been the most die-hard suffragette out of them all. I really liked how you explored her stance on feminism in so many ways as it really showed how even though we perceive society to be equal, there are still so many inequalities lurking away there. I imagine Hermione making some amazing he for she speech like Emma did and challenging age old stereotypes and just being generally awesome.

Another thing I loved was the mentions of Draco as they did make me crack up so much as those subtle differences you showed between them highlighted why Dramione could probably never be. Even though Hermione is willing to accept Draco, the memories still lurk away and he is still this not so nice person, so that was great characterisation from the two of them there.

In the second section, I kid you not, I was close to tears because wah the power of feminism was so important and why equality is needed between all races, genders, sexual preferences, ages, species, we are all born equal, it's just society which makes us unequal and you highlighted that problem so well and the way Hermione was never too tired to battle against it was lovely.

I really loved the cameos from the rest of her family, especially her parents as they were so charming and wonderful and the way they wanted to care for her throughout was so touching. ♥

This was a wonderful and inspiring story, and I shall terrify everyone into being as active in social causes as Hermione is as the world would be a lot better place if everyone fought for the right things like she did!

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Review #3, by marissa lily potter Raising Voices

23rd February 2015:
I am truly impressed with this story. The reason it caught my eye so quickly was the summary. There are a lot of women today who identify as feminists but give feminism a bad name and that has always been one of my pet peeves. The feminist Hermione that you have created was charming, persuasive, kind, intelligent, fair, and above all, a good role model. This story really resonated with me.

Feminism is something I am incredibly passionate about. I have had numerous discussions with various friends and strangers about feminism and more often than not, I come out of the conversation angry and annoyed that some people just don't understand what the meaning is. I am so impressed with the way you portrayed feminism and the types of comments that are received.

I really like your characterization of Ron. He's not a bad guy and we can all see that but he says things without thinking sometimes and I'm glad that we got to see him do that but also understand that he didn't mean for those words to come out that way. Especially in the beginning where he was talking to George and Harry about Hermione's nightmares. Him wanting to take the pain for Hermione showed how much he cared and that's one of the biggest problems I feel that people have with one another.

Sometimes the line between caring and overstepping get mixed up. Honestly, you did such a wonderful job at incorporating the struggles that are going on in the real world today into your story. It made me sad to read about all the things that people were allowed to get away with! I *think* you related the Auror school incident to the Dentistry school incident, if I'm not mistaken? That was such a huge deal to me and I'm glad that you put that in.

I had such a wonderful time reading this story. It hit all the right points and while it made me sad to read about what was going on in the real world today, it also made me happy that there are others who recognize these problems as problems as well. I wholeheartedly believe that the Wizarding world isn't so different from the Muggle world in that they share some of the same stigmas around sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. You've done a great job of incorporating all the problems but making them significantly different and recognizable in the Wizarding world as well!

The end of the fic was absolutely perfect! I can't think of a better way to show that Hermione was successful than by demonstrating the good things that she has taught her children. It made me so happy to see Rose and Hugo so accepting at such an early age. I am really glad to have been able to get a chance to read your fic. It was powerful and well-written. It really resonated with me and for that, I thank you. :)



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Review #4, by EnigmaticEyes16 Raising Voices

15th January 2015:
As opposed to the flamer you got, I liked this. I'm not the hugest feminist buff, but I'm definitely not a fan of those people who feel the need to shame anyone else's opinion of it and are just anti-everything.

I definitely have to agree with her perspective on Ron's comment of how he'd wished Bellatrix had just taken his offer to torture him instead of Hermione. Sure, Ron was considered a blood traitor but being a pureblood, Bellatrix wouldn't have gotten any pleasure in taking him over her. Plus, considering Hermione is the smartest witch of her age, it wouldn't surprise me that Bellatrix may have simply thought her the mastermind behind everything, even if they hadn't yet broken into the Lestranges' vault. And I don't think Ron has the right the insult Hermione for being so affected by the torture, because I don't really see him taking it any better than her. If it didn't haunt him as well, it might just be because his emotional capacity isn't as big as hers, since Hermione is the type of person who cares a lot, about everyone and everything.

I also really liked how she was able to prove that a woman could work and care for a baby at the same time without issue. Although I was confused when she went from Department of Magical Law Junior Assistant to Junior Head of the Department of Mysteries... and then goes on to reform the Department of Magical Law... I don't know if that's just a mistake or not...

But I really liked how she decided to put that money to better herself in her understanding of law and to better her community by not just raising awareness, but raising institutionalized rights for the minorities.

I also really liked how she chooses not to marry Ron, and instead writes up a cohabitation contract (I thought that was kinda funny, because then it still seems like they might as well be married) for in case they do decide to split up. Although it still kind of seems like they simply don't get married because they don't like being the center of attention, which doesn't seem like the best excuse, you'd think if they really wanted to, they could have a no-fuss ceremony, and have a small wedding at the ministry or wherever they deal with legalizing marriages, like muggles can by going to a courthouse, but that's just my opinion on that.

I did really enjoy this story, especially the end when Rose and Hugo show Hermione the doll families they've created in their dollhouses, I think that was a really cute, yet eye-opening scene for Hermione, and for the reader to sort of see the the payoff (I can't seem to think of right word) of her efforts.


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Review #5, by Law&Equality Raising Voices

12th January 2015:
Please don't listen to Betty - either this person has no concept as to what feminism is about, is trying to rile you up, or is misunderstanding your story. First of all, narrowing in on two events in the story - the one where Hermione attacks a wizard for saying something she didn't like (which, by the way, was an EXAMPLE of how she overreacts and something she said she needed to work on) and the fact that she accepts money from her parents for a "pet project" (which, okay, let's call equality for all human beings a pet project - this is where ignorance becomes apparent) - is not a great way to generalize about a whole story. Even if someone has an issue with those two scenes, the story overall was a wonderful depiction of how a feminist would exist in the Wizarding World. Keep writing these great perspective stories, making your readers think, and exposing the sexism and anti-feminist ideologies in the Wizarding World, the HPFF world, and the real world.

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Review #6, by marauderfan Raising Voices

8th January 2015:
I was so excited when I saw you were writing this for your secret santa as I really wanted to read it too! :P

noting how the reporters commented on the flying skills of the male players while commenting on the figures and fashion choices of the female ones -- Seriously! I love the way this is technically fanfiction but is actually just blunt reality. (I was reading something the other day about this talented actor and his beautiful female co-star and I was just seething. Surely the co-star has talent too in addition to being hot? Why is it a big deal whether or not they're wearing a fashionable dress?) So YES, everything you're pointing out about the wizarding world/the real world in this fic is just so on point and I applaud that.

You have to tell me, if Im not saying something right. If Im being offensive, he had told his partner, face turning a little red. -- I love this about Ron. He's not perfect, and he often says things without thinking, but he's aware of that. His heart is in the right place, even if he unintentionally says sexist things sometimes, which makes him just so much more real (and I think can be the case with a lot of people.) Another reason why Hermione is so great for him. I like how he changed over the story as well - he really does try.

Likewise with Hermione, I like how she changed from being the aggressive SPEW President to the compassionate inspirer of change who tries to make progress by connecting with people in order to reach them on a personal level but not aggressively.

I really like the details of Hermione's life that you added here, like the fact that she had constellations on her ceiling (I love that. I had the same thing on my ceiling when I was growing up) to the fact that she and Ron didn't get married, and that adorable scene at the end where the kids are playing with their dolls. She has already accomplished so much at making the world a better place and I just know that after the story ends she goes on to make it even better. Go Hermione!

This was just a lovely story all around and I absolutely love the way you wrote Hermione here, she's exactly what I would have imagined. I am so glad you took on so many of the issues facing feminists in the real world, this is such an applicable story and I love it. Well done!

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Review #7, by jessicalorewrites Raising Voices

8th January 2015:

How absolutely wonderful is this?! It's above and beyond my expectations. Completely and beautifully amazing! You focused well on the issues surrounding equality and the way many feminists are treated in society, alongside touching on things even the greatest equal-rights activists ignore about themselves! What I mean by that is like how Hermione realises she's incredibly brash with her activism, which would be off-putting for many. She never used to give people an option other than 'annoyed' or 'angry' because she used to attack them so personally. Fortunately she realises that she used to do this and works on how to more carefully put her thoughts across in a more civil manner.

The underhand sexism in Ron (and George, on that first part) was so carefully crafted around how internalised misogynistic values have permeated into many people's views. Again, great work in portraying that even those we love best and even those who know how great we are can sometimes hold toxic views in regards to issues like these. STILL, it wasn't an overnight thing that made Ron change and even at the end of the story he was still frowning about a lot of things. Perfectly flawed characters are perfect!♥

More specifically now I loved the little headcanons about Hermione's upbringing. Like the constellations on her ceiling and her mother putting her in daycare when she was young. I an totally imagine a little 7 year old Hermione with her tongue stuck out carefully mapping the stars onto the roof :P

Cutest moment hands down has to go to the little scene with Rose and Hugo and the dolls at the end. I'm glad that even if Hermione hasn't managed revolutional changes yet she's raising her children to consider everyone equal, and for them not to think same-sex couples are odd.


Thank you x10 for being an absolutely incredible Secret Santa and even more thanks for dedicating such a wonderful oneshot to me. I'm glad to have been of some inspiration to you!

Much love, admiration and appreciation.


(p.s. sorry woah this got LONG)

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