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Reading Reviews for Bruises
6 Reviews Found

Review #1, by victoria_anne Bruises

21st May 2016:
Hi hi Julie ♥

I is here to give you some love (and not at all because I was really craving a Deamus...)




Can... can I just leave that as my review? Ugh I love this so much! (Thank you Kristin for requesting it!). You write the most amazing one-shots (and any other story, really) and I always feel so satisfied after. Dialogue is always amazing, and so are your descriptions. And your characters! *faints*

I love how the battle brought them together, the heat of the moment is my favourite kind of moment. And their children, ahh so cute! I think I actually saw a story with Hollie on your author page? I'ma have to check that one out!

Wooonderful work as always Julie! Lova ya!

♥ B

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Review #2, by Microwaved Marshmallow Peep Bruises

4th April 2015:
peep peep

A sugary pink confection has visited your story! It's me, a Peep! :D I'm kind of stuck in a microwave right now, so I'm reading HPFF stories to pass the time. :)

I loved seeing the Room of Requirement scene from a different perspective. Seamus is arguably the most accident-prone of the pair, so having his wounds be the common linking theme between the RoR scene and the future scene was really cool. But seeing beyond Harry's limited perspective, in which Seamus and Dean were reunited, was super cool. The shipping of Deamus makes my fluffy lil' marshmallow heart melt. :)

The Bludger scene was absolutely fluffy and delightful. Seamus getting hit by a Bludger that his child threw at him is such a hilarious notion, and I really like that Dean is there to take care of him. And the height difference...!! Oh my, is it getting warm in here?

Nope, that's just because someone turned the microwave on while I was busy shipping Deamus. Time is running out for me!!

Seamus's memories of his and Dean's relationship were so insightful and not at all under-or-overdone. It makes so much sense that they would be confused in the aftermath of a pre-Battle kiss, and of course, rebuilding after the war would keep them both very busy. But I am so happy that they decided to give it another try. Seriously, they're one of my favorite couples in the HP-verse!


Uh oh, my time is up! Still, I'm glad that I got to read such a wonderful story before I melt into a pile of marshmallow goo!

♥Microwaved Marshmallow Peep

*muffled explosions; mild bruising*

Author's Response: Microwaved marshmallow peep, noo!

One time when I was a kid, I microwaved a peep and then tried to eat it after. Anyone out there who's reading this charming anecdote, please do not do what I did as an innocent, unknowing child. It is not a good idea, you will puke.


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Review #3, by LadyL8 Bruises

26th March 2015:
Hello again. Iím back with my last review (for now at least), but I might be back later when my reviewing month for my anniversary is done.

I just have to start by saying that I love Dean/Seamus. Itís one of my favorite slash pairings, but Iíve read very few stories about them. So I knew this had to be the last story of yours I read this time around, and I was really looking forward to it. I guess you can probably already tell that I had really high expectations, and you did not disappoint me at all.

I liked how you described Hogwarts under the Carrows Ė DA living in the room of requirement, and their bruises are slowly starting to fade now that theyíre safe in hiding. But despite the fact that theyíre hiding, you never get the sense that theyíre cowering or running away from their problems. Instead itís a feeling of comradeship mixed with resilience in cruel times. Like Dean also says himself Ė The bruises are proof of them being fighters, of them not giving up even in the most horrible of times.

And then thereís Seamus and Dean. What I liked the most was actually that moment when you focus on Deanís hand on Seamus cheek/bruise. Itís such a simple act, but for me it felt like Dean was saying that ďIím there for youĒ or ďIíll always support you/be there for youĒ. And then Seamus reply Ė ďItís nothingĒ Ė kind of felt like it was his way of saying that the bruises doesnít matter/doesnít hurt as much now that heís there. It could just be me reading a lot into it, but that really was my favorite moment because thereís so much I could read simply from their actions.

I also loved the Dean/Luna friendship Ė both having been locked in the Malfoy basement for months, I can totally see that happening. And while I didnít see much of it, I really thought it was sweet.

And I also loved the last part, when you skip ahead to Dean and Seamus being married and having kids. I can just imagine them as parents to Hollie and Sean, and Ö. Aww, itís just so cute. Thank you for including that.

Anyway, I liked how you again see Seamus with a bruise, and that Dean once again puts his hand on it. But this time he does not have a bruise because of the cruel times, but rather by accident. But you see that Deanís still there for Seamus, no matter what caused his pain. And I really liked that you did that.

I could probably use thousands of words to explain how much I love the last part, but Iím not going to do that. Instead Iím just gonna say that I really, really LOVED it.

And you know, itís so realistic too Ė Dean/Seamus I mean. Most couples I know were friends before they ended up together. And I donít believe you can fall in love with someone if they canít make you laugh or smile. And I suppose thatís one of the main reasons why I love Dean/Seamus too Ė that theyíre best friends that mean a lot to each other.

So yeah, I really loved the story. Out of all of your stories that Iíve read this time around, I think this was my favorite. And itís not just because of the pairing, but because you managed to say so much with simply a bruise. So yeah, I think youíre a really good writer, and I hope to be back and review some of your stories in the future.

- Lotte


You're wonderful.

YAY, another Dean/Seamus shipper! I can never find many of us. And yay for not disappointing you!! I'm really glad I was able to do this ship justice.

As I wrote this story, I had my beaten up copy of Deathly Hallows sitting next to me open to the scene when Harry sneaks back into the room of requirement, so I really wanted this story to be as close to that without copying over the text.

hee, I worked so hard to make that moment just right. I tried to have them say so much through that little touch, and it's SO incredible to hear that that came through in my writing. #excited

Dean and Luna as friends is a definite must in deamus, for me. I feel like she'd be the biggest shipper of them.

After us.

DEAMUS PARENTS :D Oh man, best friends raising kids together, I just get all happy all over again thinking about it.

Heh, yay sink kisses :D

I just love thinking about their relationship. Can you just imagine how much fun they would have together after they sort out their feelings? (I will NOT write a deamus, I will NOT write a deamus) I just love the idea that every moment is filled with laughter and ribbing and love. #otp

Thank you soo much, again, for these lovely reviews, Lotte. I'm so sorry they took me so long to answer, there weren't words for how much I needed to thank you for these.

You're wonderful♥


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Review #4, by casual_chaos Bruises

9th January 2015:

Aaaah. I LOVED this little story so much, I can't even begin to explain!

I had this idea of Dean and Seamus being really cute together from their scenes in CBB, and this just proved I was right! But I don't want to demean their relationship by saying they were just cute - they were also sincere and kind to each other and funny and brave and perfect. (But dammit they were also cute!)

I loved how you described the situation in the school and the arrival of Harry and the others and blended Seamus' thoughts about Dean with everything else that was going on. It is a 2000ish word story but you managed to squeeze in a lot of things into it. *claps*

And the kiss! And Luna! Just so freaking adorable, the whole thing, I don't even know what to write! :D

Okay, this quote: ''He remembered a particular Charms lesson his sixth year, when he purposely exploded a glass of vinegar, just to hear the boy's delighted amusement.''

This was just so lovely because it's so true, I mean in real life. When you like someone and you make them laugh, that's such a great feeling, especially if it's a young love. For me, one of the best things about literature in general is that feeling that you get when you read something that totally applies to you, and instantly there is that connection with both the character and the writer, in some way. So, yeah. I loved this quote and I swear this rant had a point when I started writing it. :D

Okay, the second part I don't even want to try reviewing. I LOVED IT. That will have to do.

BUT. Hollie threw a Bludger at Seamus!!! And she's a Beater! Aaaah, such a cute little reference!

And she's already sassy, even as a three year old. Guilt tripping her parents for cookies, you've gotta love her.

Incoherent review over.
This was perfect!
Talk to you later,


Author's Response: Andy!

So adorable. They're SO ADORABLE. But yes, they're definitely meaningful to each other too.

When I wrote this, I definitely had my copy of Deathly Hallows out, and read through all of the Seamus parts to mold the first part of the chapter. So sad in the movie version, that Dean is already in the common room and they cut out the awesome moment where Seamus runs for the hug.

I sort of have it in my head that Dean confided in Luna his feelings for Seamus when they were on the run together after Malfoy Manor, and Luna convinced him to do something about it when they reunited. And that Luna is Hollie's godmother.

Hehe, the things we do for love. I know Seamus was really.. pyrotechnic.. but I couldn't help but think he'd do it just to see Dean smile once or twice :P haha! I know you know I understand the feeling of a ramble that just.. happens. But I agree! You want to make them laugh!

Hollie threw a Bludger at Seamus! hehe. She's terribly cute with her cookie blackmail. And I loved showing how sweet of an older brother Sean is.

Incoherent response over! (lol)

Thank you so much Andy! *hugs* I always love hearing your opinions.

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Review #5, by marauderfan Bruises

6th January 2015:

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH BECAUSE 1) you are an amazing writer, 2) Dean/Seamus!!! and 3) you wrote a story for me! Aah thank you!

First. Your description of life at Hogwarts under the Carrows is so good. I mean, not that the Carrows were good, but the way you've written that the bruises are fading, the way they're hiding in the Room of Requirement and sleeping in hammocks and having food sent up by Aberforth (aw!) - it's already got this amazing vibe of subversion and resilience in the face of cruelty and hardship. Yeah, DA!

It's Dean! Yay! I love how you've focused just on Dean's hand on the bruise on Seamus' face, like who knows what's going on in the rest of the room and who cares honestly, because Dean has all of Seamus' attention and it shows.

omg the hand holding right as they're about to run off into the face of danger and fight in a battle. ♥ And then the kiss! It's so lovely (and also kind of funny to think that at this moment Ron and Hermione are elsewhere realizing they have feelings for one another. I just adore how many couples were inspired to admit their feelings right before heading into a battle - I guess the thought of a battle would really make you rethink a lot of things.) Oh and the idea that Seamus purposely exploded a flask of vinegar just to hear Dean laugh is so cute I can't even handle it. The fact that this scene is so incredibly fluffy while on the doorstep of such a huge battle is so bittersweet. (at least I know they both live.)

Also, I love the friendship between Dean and Luna! I know there's only a snippet of that in here, but I find it very believable that they'd be good friends after being locked in the Malfoy basement together for so long. So I appreciate that you included that in here.

And you included their life as parents! Ahaha, three-year-old Hollie threw a Bludger at Seamus... that must be terrible but it's also a bit funny as she's been destined to be a Quidditch star since age three!

The last scene was wonderful as it tied it all together and I love all the feelings evoked in this piece. Gah! Thank you so much for writing this, it was amazing! ♥

Author's Response: Kristin! I'm sorry for how long this has taken me to reply to!

1. aww shucks
3. I DID :D

I sat with the book open as I wrote this, and just thought about the kind of misery they must be feeling. Neville and Seamus were being physically /beaten/ and that's got to come with some emotional trauma as well. *cheers for the DA* I don't remember if Aberforth's terrible cooking was just a movie line, but I had to include it :p

It is! So heartbreaking in the movie when Dean is already there instead of making his big entrance.

THE KISS! Haha, I didn't even think about the fact that the same thing was happening with Ron and Hermione! Too funny. I really think the idea of couples announcing feelings at the moment of war is something that happens, with the adrenaline and all that jazz.

Dean and Luna! I think maybe an unwritten prologue of this would be Dean confessing his feelings for Seamus to Luna, and Luna encouraging him to go for it and OMG NEW HEADCANON LUNA CAN BE HOLLIE'S GODMOTHER *cries* (how can I incorporate this into CBB now...)

Yes! Hehe, had to round things off with some adorable kid!fic fluff. She is! Though, why would they let their kid play with a (toy) Bludger to begin with? lol, their fault.

Thank you so much, Kristin! I'm so glad you requested this so I could write it!


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Review #6, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Bruises

6th January 2015:

Dean/Seamus just have the most epic bromance in my headcanon, but you make me almost need to change that every times see a new chapter of Chicks Before Broomsticks. And now this. Just - gah, I love them so much.

The hesitation in their very first kiss, the relief and then panic they felt after it and now their life with their kids. When I read that they stopped talking for a while, I was beyond devastated. There is not a word for how I felt. Thank God I knew they'd be okay. I would have cried.

Seriously, this was amazing. I loved every second of it.


Author's Response: Hey Sam!

I'm sorry for how long this has taken me to reply to, but thank you so much!

I really love their friendship in the books, also. I think it's so sweet how /there/ it just is, whenever one of them are in a scene, the other one is just there. As far as moving it to a more-than-friends level, well.. lol.

I think there would have to be hesitation between them when they've had such a prominent friendship for so long. And I think a lot of the panic had to do with the War, thinking that they weren't ready and it was a rash decision from high adrenaline. But of course, we couldn't have a sad ending, because then we wouldn't have Hollie!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I always love hearing what you think!


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