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Reading Reviews for Broken
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Review #1, by treacleTart-Round 2 i. a broken lavender

5th April 2015:
Hi Jessica

Im here for capture the flag!

Let me start by saying that Lavender's mum is awful. It has been a long time since I've hated a character that much. She truly is terrible! The way she treats Lavender its no wonder Lavender suffers from so many issues.

This story is so heartbreaking. Lavender really speaks to a lot of issues that girls struggle with. I just wanted to give her a hug and tell her she was beautiful. I hope she is able to move past some of it.

You did a great job of describing her PTSD. I thought it seemed authentic to real life.

The ending was beautiful. Im so glad thry found each other again.i think they are exactly what the other needs. Even though i know its unrealistic, i hope they are able to heal each other.

More excellent writing! Seriously, you are a talented writer.


P.S. I wrote this on my phone, so I hope its not to terrible.

Author's Response: helllo :)

oh wow oh my god I wish I could swear in review responses because GOD DO I HATE THAT WOMAN TOO.

I'm glad the ptsd seemed authentic, especially coming from you! I'll admit I didn't do QUITE as much research as I could've done but I did still do a far amount and gauged what I felt would perhaps be my reaction to having lived through a war but heavily scarred.

totally get what you mean though. it's kind of left open, but I think lavender and parvati did manage to help heal each other. of course it was equal parts self-healing too, but they worked together to achieve it. whether that be as friends or girlfriends -- the ending is ambiguous :D

(totes ship it though)

thanks for the review! the phone review was fine ;)

- jess, xo

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Review #2, by krazyboutharryginny i. a broken lavender

10th March 2015:
This is so heartbreaking and beautiful. Really, really well written. I love it.
I'm sorry I don't have anything more constructive to say! D: But I was just in awe while reading and that was all I could think to write!

Author's Response: hi! thank you so much. honestly just saying you enjoyed it is more than enough for me. I'm not fussed about massive long essays. even a read makes my heart sing ♥

- jess, xo

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Review #3, by nott theodore i. a broken lavender

7th March 2015:
Hi Jess! I'm finally here to leave a review on this wonderful story - it's taken me so long partly because I've been so busy, but partly because I didn't know where to start with writing the review.

Thank you, thank you for writing this. The first time and the second time that I read this, I had tears in my eyes because it's a really poignant and moving story. It's really beautiful. I love Lavender as a character (especially after having written about her myself) and so reading stories like this one, which portray her as a very real person and not the two-dimensional character that she's so often painted as, is wonderful.

The structure of this worked so well to construct the story in my mind. I think the dates really helped me as a reader to place everything, but because it wasn't written chronologically, it seemed to reflect the fragmented thoughts that Lavender had through this story, especially in the sections after the war when she's trying to process everything that's happened and so much is facing her. It also meant that it built up different elements to her character and her history, as if you were filling in little parts of the picture gradually, which was great.

The uncertainty that this story began with was really tense - there was so much suspense from the very beginning, and I felt so sorry for Lavender in her confusion and terror. She had been attacked by a werewolf and didn't know what the results would be, whether she'd become a werewolf herself because of it; that alone would be hard enough to deal with after the war, with all the pain and the scars that she's left with because of the attack. And then she doesn't know where any of her friends are, or what's happened to them and the suspense of not knowing extends to the reader, too.

Then Lavender's past slowly unravels as the story goes on, with the sections which show her state of mind even when she's a young girl at school and the relationship that she has with her parents. I just felt so upset to read those sections. Lavender, from the very beginning, seemed really insecure - she compares herself to Parvati straight away and expects that she's going to be passed over for other people, and she has really low self-esteem. The fact that her parents - her mother in particular, from what we see in the letters and those interactions - put so much pressure on her to improve and hold her to a standard of perfection that's almost impossible to achieve, is so awful. It's no wonder that Lavender is depressed and struggling to deal with things as she goes through school.

It was horrible to see that Lavender comes up with coping mechanisms to try and help her get through things, telling herself that she's not good enough - she's so young when this starts and nobody notices (and her parents don't seem to care much, either) and I just wished that I could do something to stop her, and tell her that she doesn't need to do that, and that she doesn't need to try and improve.

Seeing the sections when her parents visited her in the hospital after the war made me so angry! I couldn't believe that her mother was so unsupportive when Lavender was in St. Mungo's, telling her that she looked awful when she should be telling her that she loves her, and that she's brave for fighting in the battle and doing her best to do the right thing. I just couldn't believe that her parents could be so terrible and make things even worse for her after all she's been through, but when you couple those sections with the flashbacks that we see in the story, it makes sense.

When her mum told Lavender that Parvati was dead, I was so upset! The fact that this had a fragmented timeline kept up that suspense, and at the end I was so surprised. But now knowing the ending, what her mum did was even worse.

One detail that I loved was the way that Lavender was trying to find out about her friends and she couldn't get information about anyone she'd been to school with except for Harry, Ron and Hermione. I feel like they would be the people everyone would know about in the aftermath of the battle, so that tiny detail made it feel a lot more realistic. I also thought it was more believable because Lavender felt so bitter about them being okay when she doesn't know about her friends.

The friendship that you wrote between Parvati and Lavender was so beautiful, as well. From the beginning it felt very natural and the two of them were so close, and then the chemistry seemed to grow between them too. The transition into a couple for the two of them made a lot of sense to me and it just seemed completely natural - although they're not together in my head canon, I loved reading them together here. It was great to see that Parvati was the one to realise that Lavender was harming herself and to support her through it, and be a reason for Lavender to try and get well.

I really liked the different sections that you included when Lavender began to think about her sexuality more; first realising that she felt nothing with Seamus kissing her, and then becoming aware of the idea that women can love each other too, and her attraction to Parvati. It was so horrible when she told her parents and they rejected her, though.

The writing style in this was fantastic, too - I hope you take this as a compliment (because this is what I intend it as) but your writing has improved amazingly since the first of your stories that I read (not that they were bad, by any means). I loved the triplication as well, which really emphasised the focus of Lavender's thoughts and her obsession with perfection.

The ending was so fantastic - I was so glad that after all she's been through, Lavender got her happy ending in a way and I almost cried when I found out Parvati was alive. Even though she's blind and Lavender's scarred, they can still be together and get better for themselves. This was really beautiful, Jess - thank you!

Sian :)

Author's Response: *rolls up sleeves* why hello!

ee I'm glad you enjoyed and that we share similar feelings on lavender and lavender as a character! she is definitely so much more than many people believe. even without the history I painted her with she deserves more than labelling as a whiny, preppy little girl. she IS a gryffindor after all. she's braver and fiercer than that.

ahh at first the dates were just there for my own using so that I wouldn't get things confused in between all the non-linear fragments but then I decided that maybe it would be too confusing for readers without them as well so I kept them in. I think they definitely help clear things out a little whilst still retaining the jumbled, fragmented structure I wanted.

oh wow I never really thought of this piece as very suspenceful but I guess it is, actually. I know that whilst writing it I withheld a lot of information up until certain points in the narrative but I never really thought about it on a grander scale. I guess it was always different for me as the writer compared to the reader because I knew all along about parvati and about the effects of war on lavender. there wasn't any suspense for me :p hahah

poor lavender. pureblood parents can not be in slytherin and still be as equally (or similarly) damaging as, for example, the malfoys were with draco. in canon two of the main gryffindor pureblood families we see are the weasleys and the potters, both of whom are incredibly loving families. not all bad guys are in slytherin, though. sometimes they can be gryffindors, too. (or at least let's pretend that way because I never really thought about what houses her parents were in). in some twisted way, I like to think sometimes that lavender's mum just didn't QUITE realise the lasting, damaging effects she was having on her daughter. then again, that is a very naive stance to take upon clearly abusive parents. there's not really any excuse for what they've put lavender through.

realism was definitely what I was going for in the reveal that the trio were okay in the aftermath of war. they were definitely all over the headlines but insignificant people like parvati and padma and seamus -- they won't have been there. why would they be? we know them as great heroes but to the wizarding public they're just nameless students who fought. only the dead and the famous are rememered. lavender is glad that harry, ron and hermione are okay but since she's unsure about her closer friends she's 100% bitter about it and I am so here for that because it resounds rather closely with how I feel a lot of people would react in similar circumstances.

parvati and lavender ♥ I'll admit they're not quite my headcanon either. I don't really have a headcanon couple for the two of them, if I'm honest. but in this story they worked together and I wanted to reflect that and their chemistry and their friendship but also leave it open to the reader's interpretation. it's not CERTAIN that they get together after this, after all. lavender loves parvati but who knows how parvati feels about her.. :p

thank you so much for that wonderful compliment!! I'm going to have to disagree and say my earliest writing was shocking :p not necessarily BAD but lacking any real meaning or validation. this oneshot marks a turning point for me and I am so so proud of that and myself. I'm glad other people have noticed the work and the change in my writing, it makes it all feel worthwhile so thank you so much ♥

honestly, this essay (sorry, review ;) hehe) made me smile so much. the effort you put into writing this is one of the nicest, loveliest things anyone has ever done for me in the writing community. I commend you, also, for your time! I bet this took forever haha

anyway, thank you again. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

- jess, xo

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Review #4, by TidalDragon i. a broken lavender

24th January 2015:
Wow! I am INCREDIBLY impressed with this story. So many stories portray Lavender as shallow, silly, stupid - always light - but it also often feels more like a caricature in its absence of complexity. Even the people will think are simple and easy to understand rarely are. We are all complex.

The way you handled Lavender's complexity was accomplished brilliantly. Even though some of the segments were shorter, I really liked the back-and-forth from past to present as a device because it helped to show the changes over time in her identity, both as shown to the world and as acknowledged within herself. The changes you made were also interesting because I think the focus on appearance and hetero sex appeal are in keeping with what we see in canon, but you give them depth by exposing the destructive lengths Lavender went to in order to get there and the reasons behind it. Then the idea that Lavender is lesbian and the development of her friendship (and budding relationship) with Parvati was done so carefully and naturally, not ignoring the inner conflict inherent in that discover, but still treating it very positively.

Really the only things constructive I noticed were some words mis-spelled or mis-selected here and there - "mean" when I think you meant "mead" and "severed" when I think you meant "served" were a couple of examples (and an incomplete bold tag). But all in all I thought it was a brilliant story, and once again I'm thrilled that the review exchange showed me a spectacular story I might otherwise never have read.

Author's Response: Hi,

Thank you so much for this lovely review :) it's definitely going under revisions today/tomorrow to correct all those little spelling mistakes both I and reviewers have picked up on (also that damn bold tag ugh!!)

There were definitely a lot of key elements of Lavender's character that I didn't want to outright change I just gave more of a reason for them. Wanting it to be as canon as possible, I didn't diminish the past relationships she'd had, but I did want to build on the possible reasons for those and the lengths to which she was driven.

Once again, thank you :) I feel much the same about yours!

- Jess, xo

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Review #5, by milominderbinder i. a broken lavender

23rd January 2015:

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

okay i have only just gotten around to reading all the challenge entries so i'm sorry for the lateness and i'm also sorry for this review because i am not going to make sense right now because i am /stunned/

like literally stunned

idk what to say

this may be one of the most beautiful things i have ever read

the way you wrote it out of chronological order was just so incredibly powerful and it took my breath away as more and more of the story was revealed and more and more of LAVENDER was revealed

i felt every single emotion of hers, you portrayed it all flawlessly and beautifully and breathtakingly, my heart broke, i had actual tears in my eyes and i am not a crier, i never cry, but by the end of this i was sobbing

the chemistry between her and parvati was so incredibly portrayed, it felt so real and genuine, they complimented each other so beautifully. i was sure parvati was dead and i was heartbroken for lavender and then when parv turned up at the end i just couldn't believe it, i was so happy, their reunion was written so incredibly beautifully


i loved how open ended you left it, and i have to say, this would be PERFECT for a sequel some day ;) i want to know how lavender and parvati are getting on in a few years!

thank you so so so much for this stunning entry to my challenge

~Maia xx

Author's Response: Wow! What a review. I'm so happy I think I'm going to cry too oh my god

This was so so lovely I can't even believe it aw thank you so so so so so so much ♥

The open ended end was so cryptic of me ;) I'm such a TEASE. Seeing how they're getting on in a few years has actually inspired me though!! I'm thinking maybe now I could have Lavender 1998, Hermione 1999 and Parvati 2000??? And I would try and twine Hermione in with Parvati/Lavender's story a lot more so it read as an intertwined series of sorts :D

Thanks so much for the challenge, it was great thinking about all the things I could 'reset' about such beloved characters whilst even sticking to canon!

Much love,

-Jess, xo

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Review #6, by Aakanksha i. a broken lavender

12th January 2015:
Yes, my attitude about lavender has surely been changed. Its so beautiful, I just want to keep reading . Can you come up with a sequel, or maybe just continue this?
I would be so happy if you did.

Author's Response: Ahh thank you so much! I was thinking of continuing it as a three-parter but the next chapters would focus on Hermione and Parvati instead, although Lavender and her recovery would also be woven in there too.
Just keep an eye out, I'm sure something'll be back soon :)


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Review #7, by Secret Santa i. a broken lavender

6th January 2015:
Hello! :D Here for your last review of my Secret Santa tenure! I know itís late but I will let you know that you were onto something in your last guess, but didnít end up with the right person. However, if you snoop around a bit more you MIGHT be able to figure out who I amÖthe blogs are a good place to check. :P

But either way, all will be revealed tomorrow!

Wow, so this story is absolutely amazing. I love the fragmented structure, the stream-of-consciousness sentences. Itís beautifully written while also horrific because of the subject matter, and makes me so sad for Lavender. Youíve done an amazing job with building up the suspense and intruigue, like her secret at the beginning, and itís so powerful. The details of her injury are so precise as well and I liked the point of view from her hospital bed as she slowly comes to and discovers what has happened. It was written in a really limited first person POV which made me connect with her all the more.

It makes sense how Lavender might be subtly prejudiced even if she doesnít want to be or like to admit it. I think thatís (unfortunately) true for a lot of people and while prejudice can be lifted in time it fits that a little girl like her would still be swayed by her upbringing in being callous towards Muggleborns. Itís not a nice quality, but certainly a realistic one.

If somehow the venom of the foul creature that plagues her sleep has permeated into her wholly. I loved this line. It showed how invasive and emotionally scarring her experience is.

I loved the relationship between her and Parvati, it almost felt romantic right from the beginning, and it was beautiful and tragic to read about. I think the non-linear structure made it all the more poignant because I was convinced that Parvati died and then so happy when she was alive and could be with Lav. It made me so sad when Lavender came out to her parents but they just completely rejected her, urgh, but not entirely unexpected with pureblood parents. Also it fits with why they would keep Parvati away from her when she was vulnerable.

I liked how while Parvati was of course a support system for Lavender, she also learned to become strong on her own and want to be better and fight her depression for her own sake. The last line was just perfect!

This whole story was just so beautiful and creative and well-written and I really enjoyed every word! While I've enjoyed all your writing this one is definitely something special. ♥ I've had a great time being your secret santa and can't wait to show you the one-shot I wrote for you and also to reveal my identity, hehe.

Amazing job with this! ♥

Author's Response: Hello there!!

(I mean, you're just on the ball with these reviews aren't you? So lovely and fast and detailed thank you so much√ʬô¬•)

Ahh I'm so glad the structure of this story finally paid off! For a while it was chronological and not even dated but then I decided I wanted it to be much more jarring and thus I started switching things round a bit and rewriting sections and deleting others (RIP the paras on Hermione/Lavender's 'friendship').

Yes! The prejudice is something I was wary would be taken the wrong way but it's supposed to reflect the kind of microaggression of today's society directed at minorities -- that sometimes even the nicest, preppiest people hold beliefs which aren't always right.

Parvati/Lavender is cute. I did want to leave it kind of ambiguous as to whether or not they got together in the end (that's up for the readers to decide!) but I felt like, as Lavender's story, and only Lavender's story, it was important to focus on Lav's recovery above all else. Plus I didn't want to portray the typical 'love will save you from that dark place' type think which is toxic. Lavender got better for herself, even if she originally thinks it's for Parvati.

(Hehe having her 'dead' for a while was the funniest thing to write, knowing that I knew she was alright but the readers didn't :p)

Honestly, you've been the best secret santa I could ever ask for√ʬô¬• I never imagined to get such a lovely, dedicated gift-giver! Thank you so so much and I am sure I shall shower you in plenty of love and reviews etc when I find out your true identity.

(though I think I know who you are? maybe. definitely. check the guessing thread hehe.)


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Review #8, by Roisin i. a broken lavender

6th January 2015:
This is just so--oh my god. I don't even know where to begin! You've managed such an incredible, BIG, multifaceted story, and you handled all of these topics so very, very masterfully. And throughout, the prose is just gorgeous. I love the repetition of certain words or phrases, and the rhythm and voice throughout.

And it really feels like you didn't leave a single stone unturned! You've tackled everything about Lavendar in canon, and kept her perfectly in line with canon, but then also introduced so much more depth as well. I love the way you mention her own prejudices, and tackle other peoples' prejudice against her (ditzy blonde).

And then all the heavier elements are truly harrowing, but not without tact--which is perfect. You manage not to underplay the significance of the more sensitive topics, and approach them with a lot of pathos and gravitas, but it never feels like reveling and definitely isn't glamourized. And your time jumps and kind of floaty narration are so so effective in making the reader just as dazed and out of sorts, but it's never ever confusing in a bad way.

Also, you did a great thing by stripping the war of any glory or fun action, which was definitely a smart choice. I could rattle off that trite saying about how bravery isn't an absence of fear, blah blah blah. But yeah, it was good that Lavendar was /afraid/, because she should have been! She still, you know, FOUGHT.

I could really go on and on--I have no idea how to tackle such a meaty story in just one review! I definitely hope you do turn this into a short story collection of sorts, because I would love to read more in this vein.

Great job!

Author's Response: Ahh thank you so much! The repetition of the words is supposed to be almost like a cue to the reader that Lavender's mind is all over the place in that moment and she's scared and panicked and she doesn't quite know what's happening. Almost like regressing to childlike behaviour.

(Okay, so I totally didn't just look up what gravitas means..)

Eeeh I'm overwhelmed by this lovely review. I'm so so glad that the feedback on this is saying that I handled the issues with care, because I was genuinely so afraid of - not glamorizing, per se - but not being careful enough.

Thank you x1billion for this amazing review I love it so much eek. This is definitely going to become a three-parter some point soon when I have the time to sit down and write Parvati and Hermione out properly!

(Note: this is not as good as your entry. CONGRATS ON L WITH EYES IT'S AMAZING!!)


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Review #9, by MargaretLane i. a broken lavender

6th January 2015:
Yikes, that's a pretty powerful opening. Poor Lavender.

Yeah, I can easily imagine that Lavender might not appear a "typical" Gryffindor. But bravery comes in many forms and doesn't have to mean Harry-typed bravery. I can see how she'd feel out of place in a house where tomboys are probably more common than girly-girls though.

I never thought of Lavender having pureblood prejudices, but I guess it's not surprising, particularly when Muggleborns would be ignorant of so many things that seem obvious to purebloods and 11 and 12 year olds aren't known for having the discernment to realise that THEIR norms are not everybody's.

Yikes, her mother seems a bit obsessive.

And ooh, poor Lavender. It seems like even at 11, she had some issues.

I'm glad she didn't become a werewolf. She has enough problems, between the pressure she seemed to have been under already, the trauma of attending school under the Carrows, the trauma of the attack and the scarring, which would probably be worse for her than for other people, as her mother seems to have raised her with the belief that her value is tied to her looks.

And wow, how insensitive was her mother's first response to seeing her in hospital. I can see that she was shocked, but still.

Yeah, hardly surprising she'd suffer PTSD after attending a school where students were punished by torture her 7th year, taking part in a war, seeing friends disappear from school, being attacked by a werewolf and not knowing how many of her friends are dead.

Yikes, the last time she sees Parvati alive.

This has some similarities with my "Guilt" story, just in that Demelza questions whether she deserves to be in Gryffindor in that.

And honestly, anybody who CHOOSES to take part in a battle is definitely a typical Gryffindor. Especially if they're not even a trained soldier/Auror/whatever. Not many people would voluntarily stand up to Voldemort.

Oh, gosh, what kind of mother implies that nobody will love their daughter if she isn't good-looking enough? Of course, she may not have meant it quite as Lavender took it up, but still. Poor, poor Lavender.

I thought Seamus said "mam" and not "mum" in he books.

"Craic" seems sort of out of place in Seamus's comment there. It sounds more like it means "gossip" rather than "fun" or "a laugh".

Her "silly little friends"? Gosh Lavender's mother is unsympathetic. I can see why she'd be concerned with her daughter's recovery, but expecting her daughter not to care whether her friends are living or dead is a bit much.

The bold on your "12 May 1998" heading hasn't worked.

And there are no breaks between a couple of paragraphs when Lavender realises Parvati is blind.

I'm glad she turned out to be alive though.

And I LOVE her comment at the end that Lavender should get better for herself.

Really good and really original story. Glad you posted the review swap, because it's probably not a story I'd be likely to just stumble upon.

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so so much for such a nice review. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I figured the likelihood of Pureblood prejudices was quite probably very likely simply because she was never outlined as a 'blood traitor' explicitly in the books, which suggested to me that she was more likely to sway towards the prejudiced side than not. That being said, she's not on a Draco Malfoy level of prejudice - and certainly doesn't hate Muggleborns. She just, at first, considered them to be less adequate. Of course with Hermione around that didn't last long did it :P

Oh my god you are so right I thought I'd put Seamus saying "mam" but it says "mum" instead dear me that's just a default setting I have and something I completely completely overlooked. Oops, I'll go back and edit that! And probably look more into rephrasing the "craic" part too by the sounds of it, thank you!

(Also thank you on the formatting points! I picked up on them during a readthrough last night and plan to edit them asap)

(Also also I'll be checking out the Demelza fic it sounds interesting!!)

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!


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Review #10, by tangledconstellations i. a broken lavender

6th January 2015:
Hey there!

Argh, this was such a beautiful one shot. My heart is fully broken. You handled the topics in this fic really sensitively. I always get mini waves of anxiety when I know to expect triggering content, mainly because its precisely that but also because it can sometimes not be handled sensitively and cause upset. The worst thing in the world is someone belittling an issue that is an absolute reality for someone. But honestly, this was really impressive. Is that an ok description to use? I'm finding it hard to find words, ha ha! This one shot feels very mature and I think its a very important look at post-Hogwarts life. It reminds you that the characters are meant to be seen as real people - that's why we love the books so much, and so of course they're going to struggle with real pain. Sometimes I think people forget that. From a more selfish point of view, I'm attempting (/failing) to write a fic based on depression and coping with it. It's really reassuring and inspiring to know that a fic dealing with a heavy topic is so possible.

I really liked the way you jumped between the different time periods. It hit home that this whole piece is about Lavender healing. It feels right that during her time in St. Mungo's she would reflect on all of her time at Hogwarts - but at the same time telling the story in this way was successfully instructive to the reader. I wasn't expecting the ending to be honest. I thought perhaps that she wouldn't ever be reunited with Parvatti, but I'm glad that she was. It felt very right in the moment. I also do really like the way you've portrayed Lavender because often she is an under-loved character. I think that's what is so great about fan fiction - we can take a character from the books but make them even more than what they were. I like that you didn't just deny her canonical ditsy and giggly nature, because after all that's what we are given in the books. It's far more effective that you've taken that and then told us why it is that she is like that. It feels more convincing. Reading this, I had no doubt in my mind that this was canon Lavender.

Ah, I so wish I had taken part in the Reset the Default challenge! I lurked on that thread so much but I just wasn't feeling inspired enough. Your take on the challenge is really effective and its interesting that you said this one shot hasn't turned out how you originally intended. Hopefully you do write the three-parter about the three girls after the war. I think it would be a really fascinating (yet also emotional and powerful!!) read. I just LOVE that this is so much darker than I originally thought and I really can't stress enough that I think you've done such a good job with it. Your writing is very fluid and at times is nearer the abstract poetry spectrum - although who can really say if there are any lines between the two? I enjoyed reading this a lot and I'll most definitely be checking out more of your writing in the future :)

Thanks for sharing this on the forums! Laura xxx

Author's Response: WOW! Okay so now I feel bad because my review wasn't NEARLY this long. Afkmjgfsndgkdfdlldf thank you so much.

Posting this oneshot (and even writing it) made me incredibly incredibly nervous for exactly those reasons. I wasn't sure whether or not I would've handled it sensitively enough and although I was SURE that I had done I obviously never wanted to upset anybody. From feedback, it seems like I handled it well though :) yay! I'm sure your story is coming along beautifully don't worry so much about it and just remember that research is always your friend. That always helps me :p if you ever want to run anything by me though, I can't guarantee I'll be a massive help but I'd lend a willing ear :)

Wow. Canon Lavender? I feel insanely pleased by that compliment and yet at the same time not because who would wish this past upon anybody? :p I know what you mean though haha and thank you so much! Her being naive and giggling and pink-loving is SO much of who Lavender is in canon that it was never my intention to ever stray from this. She's very much a superficial person, but she's also so much more than that.

I am planning to do the three-part thing though! This took me forever to write so it might not be for a while yet, and I need to fine tune out some more of the details, but hopefully I'll get there at some point. The challenge really was so inspiring (although I did already have a base idea for this already).

Thank you so so much for this lovely review!

(although I can't promise any of my other writing is up to this standard, or in any way similar)


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Review #11, by Pookha i. a broken lavender

5th January 2015:
I really enjoyed finding this story. It's good to see someone giving Lavender her chance. I'm currently writing a Dudley/Lavender story that has some similar themes (Lavender with PTSD), so it was good to see someone with like thoughts.

You handled the self-harm and other sensitive subjects with aplomb and care. I really liked the tender relationship between Lav and Parvati.

So many students at Hogwarts have to have PTSD, but it's a subject that often gets ignored.

Really well written and evocative.

Author's Response: Hello, thank you so much for the read and review! I'm definitely not the first to give Lavender the attention she deserves but she's so underwritten and it's such a shame because I think she's an incredibly interesting character.

I'd garner a guess at saying the majority of students suffered from some level of PTSD after the war but you're right, in general quite an ignored fact.

Thanks so much for the feedback. Also, I feel I'll be checking your Lav/Dudley story very soon - I can't wait! :D


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Review #12, by marauderfan i. a broken lavender

5th January 2015:
dakfjsdf this was so good. Lavender is one of my favourite characters to read about actually (especially with femslash), and I love what you've done with her character and written this really intense backstory for her. and they're both on the road to recovery, Lavender is surrounded by people who care about her as she is and not how they want her to be, and Lavender is finally doing something for herself because she wants to move past what happened to her. This was kind of an emotional rollercoaster hence why my review is all over the place, I haven't been able to think about it properly but I just wanted to let you know how much I love this story. Omg, and regarding your A/N I would LOVE to read those additional chapters about Parvati and Hermione!

What I loved the most about this - the idea that she's a Pureblood and has a little of the prejudice that comes with it. It's rare to see that in a Gryffindor but you handled it so well, especially as she doesn't want to think that way, but it's ingrained in how she thinks - that was a great detail. Also I liked how you highlighted the idea that just because she has cute hair ribbons and is giggly, doesn't mean she's in any way lesser than the other members of her house. You can be brave and strong even if you are a girly girl, they are by no means mutually exclusive.

Anyway, well done on this, Jess! It was so good! Sorry about this review lol

Author's Response: Ahh thank you! You know you're getting a good review when it starts with indistinguishable keyboard smash ;)

I gotta admit, I was really nervous for this to finally go up because I've been working on it for so long and I've rewritten it so many different ways before I finally settled on this non-chronological order. I hope it added something to the overall effect :D the plan was to make it as emotional and all over the place as possible so I'm not surprised if your review is a little too (though it's more comprehensible than you'd think!)

Definitely at some point the Parvati and Hermione chapters are coming. 200%. I just decided. I really want to write them.

(Now only to find the timeee. Hmm)

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read and review I really appreciate it :D

Your review was the best don't worry haha.


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