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Review #1, by Aubrey Epilogue

23rd January 2018:
I love to read completed stories. I think to me itís just because I canít wait to keep reading and I hate having to wait! Iím so glad I read these ! They were awesome and Iím in love with what you did with all of the characters. Thank you for sticking through and giving us all something good to read. This has lead me to you and I shall love to start reading some of your other stories!

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Review #2, by merlins beard Barren Ribs of Death

28th April 2017:
Hey 😊 checking for the flag again
Wow I really like to think of Cambridge that way. Itís exciting to imagine that the two worlds we love so much mingled and mixed there, and that there was a positive outcome of knowledge and education from that.
Nitpicky little detail: ďyouíre asking her to move in with her.ď thereís one ďherĒ too much I think.
Itís always great to have a friend looking out for another, and John really seems to have every right to be worried about his friend here, but I still think Matt and Rose are probably good for each other. (bear in mind that I havenít read any of your stories that precede this one)
Oh poor Rosie ☹ Sheís doing really well finding a way through losing Scorpius. Of course sheíd go talk to him. Sheís moving on and thatís great.
Journalism always sounded so interesting to me as a career until I realized itís all sources and secrecy and trying to get the biggest story first. It sounds really really stressful. Iím impressed that you captured the essence of it so quickly and completely.
The bribe story could be interesting but I donít have much of an idea whatís really going on here from the chapter Ė maybe itís important, maybe it isnít. Selena and tobias are definitely interesting characters to introduce here and Iím excited to get to know them a bit better soon.
I wonder what her connection with Matt is about tho.
Xoxo Anja

Author's Response: I like to think about the blurry lines between the magical and the real world; it can get more interesting (and frankly realistic) than the very stark separation that JK paints in canon.

Oops on the typos but I'm not sure I can be fussed to go back and edit after all these years. :D :D

John has a lot of reasons to be worried. Rose and Matt are a good match on paper and aren't completely wrong for each other, but unless Rose can properly open up and properly move on, the relationship isn't going to be healthy.

Journalism's a lot of grunt work, according to my sources! The information here is - well, it's not necessarily supposed to make sense yet, but it would make MORE sense if one had a grasp of Selena as a character from the prior stories, I imagine! And yes, her relationship with Matt is... complex.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Truth is This

27th April 2017:
Here for CTf!

And this is such a great chapter too! I love the protectiveness of Ron when it comes to Rose and her relationship with Matt, going to the point where he even drags the Chudley Cannons into a conversation in a way nobody would expect from him, just to get a point across. It really shows how it must bother Ron for him to do such thing, and I think that makes him all the more a better character for it all.
And then bringing in George to get Albus to come home! It's such a well thought out move there, and I felt like the conversation really hit home and that James was absolutely right to bring him in. And well, George is right - James did not break his promise to him because he didn't tell his parents, just uncle George, and it just happens to work. It;s really well thought out there, also by you, and I felt their pain really shine through. It's emotional to read and all you want to do is hug them both but it also makes the grief more real, because in cases like this it is like you've lost a limb and it's all the harder to get through it because of it. Really well written there.
And then I haven't even talked about how you describe the surroundings, because that first sentence really hit home. It conveys exactly what it should in a beautifully written way. Really, I'm jealous.
Excellent job!

Author's Response: Ron is taking his daughter's situation seriously! I mean, he's not just being over-protective; Rose has been very messed up for a while and now she's making a huge change to her life, so he wants to make sure she's doing the best thing for her. While Rose and Hermione have a lot in common, I really enjoy writing Ron as the fun, emotional father who can really get to the heart of what his children are feeling.

As someone who's never been a huge fan of the Twins, I oddly REALLY LIKE writing them - perhaps because I've managed to deploy them when they can be incredibly heartfelt foils to other characters, like here and Fred's cameo in Starfall. George is a bit biased in the ways he handles Albus' pain, but he doesn't minimise it, which is what Al's felt anyone else who's tried to talk him down has done.

I'm very glad you like the prose; I'm not normally one for lyrical writing and Oblivion was quite successful there. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by merlins beard Truth is This

27th April 2017:
Hey there 😉 here for the CTF extravaganza Ė is there a flag hidden in here somewhere? No?
(sorry for reviewing this out of order)
Omg that first sentenceÖ I have so much love for this. Wonderful wording.
I can totally relate to not being able to part with books, despite never going to read them again. Theyíre like family. You donít kick them out even if you donít talk often.
Glad to see Ron is still just as awkward as he always was, but I really canít picture him as being a bad father.
Oh no thatís so sad ☹ I wonder what happened to Scorpius (Iíll have to come back and read it all to find out more)
Wow that has to be so tough on Harry and Ginny. Iím assuming (I probably shouldnít because I havenít read anything that comes before this) that this also has something to do with Scorpiusí death and Albus just ran off on his own and wasnít kidnapped or anything like that?
So james is in contact with Albus? This sounds like a rather dangerous Job Albus is doing hereÖ (and like a rather dangerous time to live in now that I think about what Rose just said)
Haha I love how George just drops in on Albus and just tells it how it is.
ďYou take after your father but in ways that make you a pain in the *Ē wow, way to go George. Itís pointing out the obvious but I think Al really needs to hear it. George does have a rather compelling argumentÖI hope Albus does go home.
ďIíll give you a good knock knock jokeĒ omg perfect.
I love love love this and I will be back no matter what, but it would be pretty sweet if there was a flag here too.
Xoxo Anja

Author's Response: If there's a flag, I didn't put this here. ;)

Rose, even this very upset, maudlin, grieving Rose, is still not going to easily part ways with her books. Ron's not a bad father; awkward, but his daughter has been through a hell of a lot and he's not always sure how to handle her. I wanted to make sure the two had their own special relationship, different to Rose and Hermione's.

And yes, you must read the rest to find out what happened to Scorpius! You're right, Scorpius died and Albus left, for many reasons including grief and guilt. So he needed George to set him right.

Do hope to see you again. ;-) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Through All This Tract of Years

26th April 2017:
here for CTF!

What a chapter... I absolutely loved the openingscene between James and Albus and especially the leading up to finding out who's POV we were reading and who he was looking for. Albus all sullen still about Malfoy's death and what he was doing in between was exceptionally well done, and I can only imagine how hard the family is hurting because Albus left. Especially because Harry and Ginny both lived in a war I can only guess how hard this is on them, not knowing what is going on, especially because it could mean anything and I do think it'd hit them hard. No wonder Ginny cries herself to sleep most of the nights.

Rose's part was a lot more actionpacked by that contrast. Sure she was still mourning, but at least she was trying to move on and the entire dig thing was great to read. It makes it al very interesting too and leads for a good setup of the story. Esepcially with the gang and danger and the fact that they are still rookies is very well done too. It gave a nice touch.

Only think I can mention is that I feel like its a bit sad the albus/james part seemed to be so much shorter than the Rose one, but I can also see why that was done exactly. Very well done! Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: This opening is probably made more mysterious by that James Potter has not been a major character thus far in the series (and never is, but he's an important figure to Albus' development). The Potter family, in this story, are a little messed up.

Rose has been *pretending* to move on; trying to move on would ultimately look very different. And yeah, they're still rookies; despite all they've been through they have their whole careers ahead of them.

It would have been nice to have the two scenes more balanced but Rose got a fight AND an aftermath conversation which felt important to get into the first chapter.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by manno_malfoy Through All This Tract of Years

26th April 2017:
Hey there! I'm here for the CTF.

First of all, I have to mention that stunning opening scene and the on point descriptions that set the mood. I was entrnced by it! I especially liked this sentence:
'Golden light spilt from the windows like there wasnít enough space for it inside.'

It's so simple but such an accurate and vivid way to describe it, and I loved it!

I haven't read the previous stories in this series but I felt that you've mentioned enough things or at least the crucial things that happened in them here, so I feel like I have a decent idea of what went down.

Therefore, it was interesting to see how both Albus and Rose were dealing with the world after grieving and after what they've been through (given that I'm guessing they were both involved in the same thing?), and the stark difference in the way each was doing it. Although I wouldn't say that Albus is really past grieving. I really enjoyed reading the exchange between him and James, melancholic as it seemed to be since it came after that haunting description, setting the scene.

It was quite thrilling to have action in THE FIRST CHAPTER OF A STORY. That rarely ever happens. Rose's first scene was so intense, I loved it. And I really admire that she's taken whatever hardship she has been through and is using it to fuel her passion for this job. But I enjoyed the clues in there about how deeply it had all impacted her anyway, and how overly-protective and cautious that made her.

Also, finally kissing the guy who likes her! In the first chapter!!! I wonder what that leaves for the rest of the story. I bet it's a lot of fun drama!

This was thoroughly enjoyable and I probably (definitely) I'm going to tackle this series some time soon!

Author's Response: I have been so confused by the CTF. Suddenly, reviews on the third part of a trilogy show up! I'm not normally one for descriptions (I know this won the Dobby, I'm still confused) so I'm really glad you liked the prose. Considering this opening is set several years after the second in the trilogy, it probably makes some sense because even for established readers I've had to bring them up to speed, introduce them to the changes in the time jump. But you're right, absolutely nobody in this is past grieving over the tragedies they've been put through.

Kicking off with action! I wanted a contrast to the sad slowness of the James and Albus scene. Albus ran, Rose hid herself in all manner of things, including her work. But 'passion' isn't strictly a word to be connected to poor Rose these days. Even in kissing the guy! Theirs is a messy and complex relationship.

If you tackle the series I'd be very happy. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by zira Epilogue

7th March 2017:
I'm going for a short review since Regeneration exists. Actually I wondered about reviewing there but I had thoughts about Oblivion specifically.
Methuselah Jones Foundation! It's like all the main characters were present in some form!
I loved Judge Roux and I like the idea that he continued to support Eva and gave her the chance he mentioned. She's absolutely my favourite character.
Out of curiosity, did we ever find out why Thane didn't appear on the Map back in Ignite? I might have missed it, and I'm still curious. Also, how did Eva get her scar?
(I don't know if these were going to come up in Regeneration, but it can't hurt to ask! I'm not very patient.)

Author's Response: The short version of the story of Eva's scar is: it happened in a fight. To say more would be telling. Some day I'll maybe even get around to writing it! How Thane avoided the Map - oh woah, that's a huge oversight on my part. It was meant to come up, I realise only now! It was meant to be a thing which helped illustrate the wacky magics Thane & co were messing with, just it seems that never worked its way into the series. It'd be a bit weird to go back and explain that now. I guess I'll... see if I get a chance in Regeneration, it'd be possible considering the focus on Thane's old team. Huh. Big mistake by me.

The Methuselah Jones Foundation was meant to be an intentional nod to everything coming full circle. I don't know how much Methuselah would have cared about a cause of international aid (like, it's important, but he'd probably prefer an education or research cause named after him). But Scorpius is nothing if not guilty.

I'm glad you like Eva. Her story not really being done was one of the main causes for Regeneration's existence. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by hey! Through All This Tract of Years

17th January 2017:
Completely unrelated but does the banner have a pic of Liam Hemsworth?

Author's Response: Yeah, he'd be my fancasting for Al.

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Review #9, by Hazel Bludger Epilogue

18th October 2016:
Thank you for writing such wonderful stories that have made me weep, laugh, scream, and everything else. It's been a pleasure reading this trilogy!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you had fun! Reading your reviews was its own little trip. ;)

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Review #10, by Hazel Bludger Double Life

18th October 2016:
"Well, we did have a funeral, but Scorpius had the decency to get better." LITERALLY THE GREATEST LINE IN THE ENTIRETY OF THESE BOOKS

Author's Response: I had forgotten that one!

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Review #11, by Hazel Bludger The Shining of the Stars

18th October 2016:
Okay, real talk, the moment Rose told de Sable that she needed him in the ritual, I totally called her killing him instead of Scorpius. Which is v sad, because he was excited to go live his life, but like YAY SCORPIUS IS ALIVE PRAISE

Author's Response: It's pretty dang harsh of Rose - wait, that's too mild, yeah, Rose has straight up murdered a guy to keep Scorpius alive. But yes, also Scorpius being alive is pretty yay!

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Review #12, by Hazel Bludger The Dream to Come

18th October 2016:

Author's Response: I basically toy with everyone in this chapter completely needlessly, except to sate my own cruelty.

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Review #13, by Hazel Bludger Thy Doom is Mine

18th October 2016:
EVERYTHING HURTS even though I want to believe he lives because he has to live, yes? I don't know if I'm full of hope or denial or I'm right, but it's not fair that he has to die and I hope everyone is wrong about him being tied to the chalice

Author's Response: *whistles innocently*

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Review #14, by Hazel Bludger Confusion and Illusion

17th October 2016:

Author's Response: Hahaha, yeah. I'm not THAT mean. Also I'd have given him a far less convoluted death if that was going to be how the world lost Scorpius Malfoy. :D

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Review #15, by Luke Epilogue

7th October 2016:
Hi. I spent the last couple weeks... Or maybe three.. Reading this trilogy.

I never fell in love with characters of other stories the way I fell in love with the characters of Harry Potter. Nor have I fell in love with a story as much. Until I read this story.

It has been so long since I have enjoyed reading something as much as I have enjoyed reading this. And some of that is because the Harry Potter world holds such an important place in my heart, but a lot of it is because your writing is so wonderful. I am no writer; I can't pretend to understand how you did what you did or how much effort and time you put into it, but I know that it takes something, someone incredible to make a story like this happen.

I could go on and on, but mostly I just needed to say thank you. So thank you. I look forward to reading more of your work

Author's Response: I'm so glad people are still finding and enjoying this story. I loved working on the Stygian Trilogy and, though it's over, it will always have a hugely important place in my heart. Thank you for enjoying it, and thank you for taking the time to post your kind words.

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Review #16, by Whimsical diva Epilogue

3rd August 2016:
Still owe you a review but after the drivel that was the new official play I gotta say this will be my unofficial canon. Sad JKR did such a dreadful job - the new play read like bad fan fiction.

Again I will review once I have the time. I got a ton to tell ya.

Author's Response: It did read like bad fanfic, didn't it? I didn't mind a lot of the characterisation (though Ron was still comedy relief and the extent of vitriol between Harry and Albus was most upsetting), but the plot was just utter dross. I don't know if it makes me want to work more on this short sequel to Stygian I'm musing on, or just abandon all Next Gen in fear it'll be too non-canon.

No rush on the review, I'm sure it'll be worth it. ;) Thanks for the assurance, though!

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Review #17, by Whimsical Diva Epilogue

30th April 2016:
I owe you a long review - and it will be coming soon. Sorry life got really crazy the last few months.

Author's Response: Hey, no worries. Hope everything's okay, and see you when I see you!

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Review #18, by Purpleysnail Penance on Myself

28th April 2016:
Solid Worms reference.

Author's Response: Aw man, I made a Worms reference unintentionally? I need to know what it was to add it to the list of video game references that ABOUND in this series.

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Review #19, by Okisteri Epilogue

31st March 2016:
Thanks for a very entertaining story. Definitely lost a significant amount of perfectly good sleeping hours reading the trilogy, I'm kind of very picky about what I like to read so I didn't expect to be this addicted to the story when I started reading and I'm glad I started reading when you were done with the first two parts So I didn't have to wait feverishly for new chapters.

A good read like these stories has me immersed enough that I can forget about anxiety and all that bad sh.. poop for a long time and just read.

I liked reading the trilogy also for the reason that it was very well written as far as grammar and all that stuff so it felt more like an actual published work than some other fics I've tried reading.

Definitely will be staying tuned!

Author's Response: I'm not sorry my writing eats time, nor am I sorry for being unexpectedly addictive. I imagine most of these stories hold up better to be binged than read serially, especially Oblivion with its problematic pacing, but it's done now! But above all, very glad that my writing could distract from the stresses of the real world. I agree those anxieties are pesky, and if I can offer even a little escapism, then I'm doing my job right.

I do try to edit with a hatchet - it's not perfect, by any means - but I attempt to hold myself to a high standard, technically, in terms of my output. So I'm glad that's paid off.

More of my writing to be found on my author's page. ;) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #20, by WitchingWorld Epilogue

13th March 2016:
I have followed this series the whole way through and just had the time to finish it off. Thank you so much for your writing, I have enjoyed every minute of this trilogy and I look forward to reading more of you work in the future. Thank you, thank you :)


Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed the story! Thank you very much for following me all the way and thank you very much for this review, it's hugely appreciated.

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Review #21, by nhrdez Epilogue

2nd March 2016:
When I saw Ignite on the homepage and saved to read later, I never thought I would enjoy reading a Next Generation Era story as much as the Hogwarts Era. I loved all the twist and turns throughout this series. I couldn't stop reading and I have enjoyed the journey all the way to end! This is definitely one of my favorite stories/trilogy! I look forward to reading more of your work.

Author's Response: I'm glad that even people who aren't as big on Next Gen can enjoy the story! It's been a long road and a long time in the writing, but I'm still very happy with it all, so it's lovely to hear people are finding it and getting into it.

Thank you very much for your kind words!

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Review #22, by Larry In Nightblack Arms

27th February 2016:
5 minutes of Eva allowing Rose in her head would have saved a lot dialog.

Author's Response: But where would I be without my copious dialogue? It's true, it should have been tabled as an option, if only to demonstrate various oppositions to it and the changing moral stances of the group. Legilimency is an ENORMOUSLY invasive process after all.

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Review #23, by scorprose Epilogue

5th February 2016:
I am still going to write a long long review for this epilogue. Just too hectic these days.
I kind of cheated time to finish the story. So will write a review in leisure relishing every word (Even if it takes few months as i am writing my Ph.D thesis). Anything less would not justify the gratitude i feel towards u. So bye till then take care and my best wishes for all ur ventures.

Author's Response: Haha, take your time! Thesis far more important than my little story. But I'm so pleased to learn how much you've had fun reading, and very grateful you feel the desire to give me more feedback. It is not necessary, but thank you so much for following the story with me.


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Review #24, by water_lily43175 Epilogue

3rd January 2016:
So I was reading Ignite to put off having to read The End, but then I got to Blaze of Glory and realised things were just getting DEPRESSING, and the epilogue couldn't be any worse than Methuselah DYING so I've finally come back to read.

RIDICULOUSLY happy about the Scorose wedding, there's a part of me that wishes that had been on-screen but then it would just have been a lot of people getting DRUNK so maybe not the type of scene that WOULD translate well to being written.

Although actually I think I'd still love reading that.

It makes me sad that Matt didn't attend the wedding. I mean, it makes sense, but it's still sad that he felt like he shouldn't go/didn't want to go, after all they've been through together as a group. Sniff sniff.

Ha, so much Scorbus banter. The true couple of Stygian.

Oh, and EVA. You have NO IDEA how happy this makes me, I couldn't bear the thought of Eva spending her life running away from the world and potentially never coming back EVER. And Albus having to get on with his life never knowing if she WOULD come back, or if he COULD move on. So this ... this is wonderful. I KNOW it's just a chat on a beach, I KNOW there is no guarantee anything would work out, but that's the beauty of it; we can decide for ourselves how it ends. I have to say, the thought of domestic Eva living in the house with the white picket fence and 2.4 children is just too hilarious, but I think they'd manage to make SOMETHING work, SOMEHOW.

And all of the Weasley Sunday lunches YES.

HOW IS IT THE END. I feel like I should write some really poetic review about the series, but I'm not sure I've ever been good at those reviews. So I will just ramble, and hopefully the ramble will have some sort of meaning and sentiment and Wise Words to it.

I remember when you said you were giving Next Gen a try, you HATED Next Gen (apart from Rails OBVIOUSLY) but wanted the high-octane crowdpleaser. Well if you ask me, you managed all that and MORE. Yes, the whole series was a sort of homage to and parody of all of the high-octane films, and in Ignite things did start off all light-hearted and in some ways silly ("Scorpius liked cake"), but it became so much MORE than that, and by Oblivion I think things became more morally testing in some ways than Anguis ever was.

And I have to say, absolutely YES to Eva being a Hufflepuff. (Isn't it odd how we have this compulsive need to sort even our OCs who never went to Hogwarts? Although having said that ... don't even ask me where Carlotta would be sorted. I think she could easily be a Gryffindor OR a Slytherin OR a Hufflepuff and I can't make that decision.) I've always loved Eva's arc, and how the person she pretended to be in Starfall was the exact person she became by Oblivion. And I think in some ways she was the most wonderful and beautiful of all of the characters.

There's probably more that I SHOULD say, but I can't say it right now. I'm just sorry I fell a year and a half behind, that was very bad of me. I've loved every minute of this trilogy, minus Methuselah DYING, and I just love how we've ended on cocktails in half-coconuts with little umbrellas. GOOD TRILOGY BRO.

Author's Response: I think this is why I have to start new projects so soon after ending old ones; the only way I don't get super depressed is by immediately filling the VOID IN MY LIFE left by these projects. If I were smart I might have held off on writing Not Fade Away until about this coming May, but whoever said I was smart? And, yes, this series gets super depressing pretty soon. Then again I remember a reviewer once calling Ignite all 'fluffy' and I was a bit, 'I killed a twelve year-old in it, FLUFFY, REALLY??'

Scorose wedding would have been an expensive, extravagant booze-palooza and the two of them being utterly sickening because you KNOW Scorpius would have spared no expense. I think he would have been more excited about Wedding Planning than she would. But yeah, parties are actually hard to write, I found that with the Teddy/Victoire wedding, but thankfully I'd just been to my brother's wedding when I wrote that so it was a bit easier to catch the atmosphere.

It is pretty sad that Matt didn't go. He kind of couldn't, and kind of didn't want to. Losing Matt is really the only Price that Rose had to pay, beyond self-loathing, though, so I did want to make it a harsh price. And it really DOES matter to her. But they do start to patch things up, and I think they will be able to bond with the gift of time easing all woes. Not to mention I think Matt would bury the hatchet for Selena's sake, if nothing else, and so long as Selena's ABROAD it's not too bad an obstacle, but if they ever return to Britain...

Scorbus, possibly the romance I should have written all along.

I briefly misread '2.4 children' as '24 children' and was a bit STEADY ON, NOW. I agree that domestic Eva would be hilarious. I think they'd travel for a while together, spend some time just THEM now they're confident in who they are as individuals, and make plans from there. Albus would never want to live away from his family, though, so any plans for the future require Eva to be put through hundreds more Weasley Sunday lunches. Thankfully I imagine she's a bit better with people after 5 years of adventures and also the Weasley clan is big. There'll be SOMEONE she can find an ally with, and Scorpius and Rose will always have her back.

Oblivion was kind of the red-headed stepchild of the piece; Ignite I knew going into it, Starfall I was always excited about TRAVEL, and Oblivion was for ages just 'Scorpius comes back, plotlines get tied up, the end' - and I'm barely exaggerating. But then it became, yes, the most morally complex thing I've ever written. Let's face it, not even Tanith killing Nick comes CLOSE to Rose killing de Sable.

For ages I resisted Sorting Eva in my head, but I did also at the time think she'd be another Slytherin. And she IS cunning and manipulative and very much a Guile Hero rather than a Brawn Hero, but once her own survival has stopped being #1 priority, as it was in Starfall, she really does value loyalty and fairness most of all - because PEOPLE have saved her, and so she's loyal to them, and she's been at the receiving end of unfairness too much, so she fights it. Which is just as well as otherwise there were no Hufflepuffs in the series (I am so rectifying the lack of Hufflepuffs with Jack in NFA).

And I'm claiming Carla for Slytherin, actually. Girl's self-sufficiency and drive totally make her belong. Wait, I can't claim for Slytherin, I'm a Gryffindor... it's my second home.

I can't believe I almost didn't write this epilogue; now it's there, it's too perfect. I stand by my judgement that it's an epilogue for the trilogy as a whole, rather than Oblivion as a specific story, but I think that's why I almost missed it.

STILL, do not be sorry for falling behind. I doubt the series would have taken the form it did, nor would Ignite have powered on as it did or developed as it did, without you and all of our EXTENSIVE, judgemental chats. :-D (ack running out of characters)


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Review #25, by cherry_pop94 Epilogue

1st January 2016:
So here I am! The very end of the line.

Wow. It has been such a wild adventure reading Ignite, Starfall, and Oblivion. I've lost many a good night's sleep over this trilogy, but it's been worth it all the way! I cannot believe how brilliant the Stygian Trilogy is!

Honestly, I know you're not writing any more in this universe, but I feel like I want to write more. Like I've got so many questions about Eva and Rose and Scorpius and Lilian and Selena and Matt and everyone! I want to write fanfic of your fanfic. Is there a Stygian Trilogy fandom I can join?? Because I would be all over that.

This epilogue is so sweet and wonderful. I'm honestly such a sucker for happy endings. I'm so so so pleased that it seems like Eva and Albus are going to get their happy ending! I adore them both so much. Their relationship dynamic through Starfall and Oblivion has been such a pleasure to read. They've both changed and grown so much! It's unbelievable.

I love how Albus started in Ignite. He didn't really catch my attention too much. He was there, he was a good guy, smart. There was the whole debacle with the torture bit, but he kind of moved past it and was all around an upstanding guy. But then in Starfall, I began to notice him outside of Scorpius's best friend context. He really did lead the team. They trusted him, they looked to him for guidance. That was his role in Ignite too, but I saw it so much more in Starfall.

And then Oblivion. Oh Scorpius's death. I will never be over it even though he came back. I cannot imagine the world of pain Albus went through in those two years. He blamed himself for his best friend's death. And to top it off, the woman he loved betrayed them, or so he thought. Albus's growth through Oblivion has been incredible to witness.

He was this moral pillar before, but I can see how that's collapsed a little. It broke my heart when he used Eva after Scorpius's revelation several chapters ago. And it hurt so much to see Eva so broken up about it. He is her moral pillar. She attached all her personal growth to him, attributed her goodness to him. I'm glad she had Selena to straighten that out. Eva became a good person because she always was, Albus just helped her along. She doesn't need him to be good. She just is.

But then, she killed Thane! I'm so pleased that Eva was the one to do it, not Scorpius. While their situations are similar, Eva deserved to have the chance to face him like that. I remember when we first met Eva in Starfall, she was so dedicated to Thane. She loved him. He picked her up as a child and molded her into this super soldier and made her so dependent on him. She always needed someone to latch herself onto. Thane, then Albus. I remember one bit where Eva turned to Albus for approval like she used to turn to Thane.

That was a great part. I'm actually really glad that Eva got away from Albus for a while after the events at the castle. I think she truly needed that time to reflect and become her own person. I think she's gotten the time she needs to depend on herself, not anyone else in an emotional capacity. Eva doesn't need Thane, she doesn't even need Albus. I like to think that she came back to him because she wants him, not because she needs him.

And Selena! No matter what, I will always love Selena. I'm so happy that Matt's following her around the world too. There were parts of this adventure where Selena definitely felt like her role in the team meant nothing. Like she really was just there to prop up Matt or Methuselah or the smart boy of the hour, whoever he may be. But she's vital. She's the heart and soul of the team. I'm so happy that Matt's her cheerleader now as she travels the world and takes people down with her quill. They're a marvelous couple. I really do love them.

I also really enjoy the other careers you've chosen for them. It fits them perfectly I think. I never totally loved the idea of Matt as a cursebreaker. I think he got into it because Rose did. But I'm sure he enjoys the research more than the field. So textbook writing as the world's leading authority on the chalice, is perfect. And I bet it gives him an ego boost and those are always welcome! And Scorpius and Albus running their charity! I love that. Those boys need something like that - helping people. I bet there's no duels in that line of work. I'm glad they've found that career. They deserve peace and cute kids. And then Rose! Designing security wards, eh? While I feel like the boys deserve their peace and quiet to sit around and talk quidditch and eat snacks and whatever else they like, I enjoy the idea of Rose still having that excitement. I like that she's still probably super handy in a duel or something like that. She's still involved in defense and the like. I feel like she needs that environment while the rest of them perhaps don't.

And Nat! I'm glad she's not actually with the Council of Thorns. I'm so happy that she really did just love Scorpius that much. Obviously what she did was terrible. She brought back Lethe so she could have the boy who meant so much to her back, but I can't help but love her still. She cared so much for Scorpius. He felt that maternal feeling with her more than anyone else, even his own mother. Her end is tragic, but I think there could be no other end for her. If she had lived, she'd have been tried for bringing Lethe back. I'm reminded of Harry's words to Albus about Snape. He can be made a hero in Harry's mind because he's dead. Nat can be a hero in Scorpius's mind because she's dead. I think alive, Snape and Nat, would not have the hero title thrust upon them. There's too much baggage there.

So. I'm coming to the end of my last review now. Oh god, I've loved going on this adventure with Rose, Scorpius, Albus, Matt, and Selena so much. They've grown on me, all of them, even Matt, so much. I love this world you've created.

Thank you.


Author's Response: I have been SO SLOW in replying to these, but I like to give my uber-reviewers a lot of time and attention where I can properly express my thanks for how much effort you put in.

I would totally endorse fanfic about my fanfic. Like, legit, everyone, go forth and do this (though I'm not sure my ego needs more stroking).

In the past I've not called myself a fan of happy endings, but that's a lie. I'm not a fan of EASY endings, but at the same time it's so important that characters have True endings. And also I put mine through the wringer enough that, frankly, they've earned their happy ending! So while Oblivion had to have a difficult ending, because it in itself was so difficult, and the characters couldn't just move on from their problems, I wanted to end the overall stories differently. Not just for Al and Eva, in the end. The epilogue became easier to write when I thought about it as an epilogue for the trilogy, rather than an epilogue for Oblivion itself, if that makes sense.

Al could have been more interesting in Ignite. I think I hamstrung him by trying to avoid cliche; I overlooked the beauty of the Albus Potter cliches and this kind of stripped him of internal conflict. So in the end his story had to become about the collapse of the untouchable good guy, so late Ignite and Starfall built him UP as the good guy to be destroyed in Oblivion (and then remade anew). His arc is summarised best by the Trial of Courage on Cat Island. He couldn't be truly brave, truly the hero, until he properly understood the price of risking and losing.

Eva was a good person twisted up by how she was made. It's all about strength and weakness and power and helplessness; that's all her story is about. Thane made her strong, but he also kept her afraid. Al also helped her be strong, but he tempered it with love, not fear, and the moment she started to see others as people, not possible threats, compassion became inevitable.

But you're so right, she needed to take those lessons and stand on her own two feet, and become her own person. Otherwise I'm not sure their relationship would be healthy in the long run. But they found each other at the end of the day, and are no longer so horribly co-dependent (that's always Al and Scorp's place!).

Selena was the runaway star of the dang show. For all she had no place in the group in terms of JOB, she MADE Starfall happen - and she was the emotional rock of the team. Even if she did it with harsh truths and kicking people around, she was the one who stopped the gang from descending into self-indulgent misery and getting nowhere. And now, yeah - now it's someone else's turn to be HER cheerleader, and Matt's no longer out to prove himself to the WHOLE WORLD, he's realised there are more important things, and right now that's her.

Matt did become the cursebreaker; it was ROSE who followed HIM. But he did it because there was still that need for glory. Being over that, he's much happier getting to think and explore and research rather than lose life and limb again.

Rose remains a bit of an action star. She probably doesn't have fights much, but I see her having a really high-flying, super-intense project-based job where she still deals with dangerous and important people. It's not so much risking life and limb, but it is keeping people safe. While Scorp and Al right now just work to HEAL.

I'm running out of space so all I'll say about your thoughts on Nat is: WORD.

Thank you so, so much for all of your reviews; I am so utterly grateful for them, the time you've taken, the kind words. I am always blown away by the response from readers, and this is no different. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

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