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Reading Reviews for Rainbow
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Review #1, by OandG House Elves

13th April 2016:
House elves! Hooray! I think you've written good characterisation for Kordy and Wispy and I look forward to hopefully finding a bit more about them in future as Hugo gets to know them better. It's nice to see Rose and Hugo playing together - it feels like a step forward for Rose and indeed Rose and Hugo's relationship. I was also very amused by the picture it conjured for me of the confused house elves dancing with them! Also I can totally understand Hugo's frustration with Hermione - she doesn't understand how losing Braille and Muggle assistance devices would be a step back for Hugo in terms of independence, even if having Kordy around means he doesn't need to rely on people so much. Lots still to be resolved before Hugo goes to Hogwarts! I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out - if it works out that is... :)

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Review #2, by MargaretLane House Elves

18th March 2016:
*laughs* My immediate thought was that the whole "master" and "mistress" thing was a little overly servile. I can well imagine Hermione disliking it.

Yikes, stuff like audiobooks and so on not being available at Hogwarts does make his life more difficult. You'd think there'd be some way of enchanting books so they would either "speak" for him or else convert to and from braille.

I can definitely see problems with Kordy acting as a scribe. It's one thing for Hugo's schoolwork, but when it comes to his stories...he wouldn't necessarily want Kordy hearing them before they've been perfected. Or even at all necessarily.

Rose seems to have improved a lot. And that means she might improve even more as more time passes.

Rose wanting to be a rainbow reminds me of that children's story/play where all the colours are arguing about who is most important and then in the end they all join together to form a rainbow.

Hugo as a grumpy old man is sort of...fitting in a way.

This is getting...a little St. Patrick's dayish.

*grins at Kordy's attitude to being free* And I really like the way you filled in the details about what happens to house elves who are released from cruel masters and what they learn as children and so on.

Hugo seems pretty mature as a writer, for his age. I mean, the way he tries to give the master a balanced character rather than making him cruel or completely perfect.

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Review #3, by Rex Communication

29th February 2016:
On the one hand I'm really happy for Hermione. On the other hand its the final nail in the coffin for Ron and Hermione's marriage so that's really sad and its only going to make things worse for Rose and Hugo but that's the price of ambition I suppose.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. Everything is a bit of a mess in that family, yes!

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Review #4, by MargaretLane Communication

27th February 2016:
Finally getting around to reading this. By the time you posted it, I was sort of at "should get back to correcting" time, since yeah, want to get as many as possible done this weekend.

Oh my gosh, this is appropriate. *bounces* News from our polling stations is on in the background. Last I heard, there were 30 seats filled.

As to splitting the vote, Fianna Fil seem to be regretting worrying too much about that. They only ran one candidate in a lot of constituencies, but they did so much better than expected that it looks as if they COULD have got two through in some of those if they ran them.

Oooh, I never thought of a house elf accompanying Hugo to Hogwarts. That is really interesting. It's sort of like a special needs assistant.

And I think it is interesting that Hermione has clearly modified her attitude about house elves. Which is good. Her attitude at Hogwarts is rather patronising - I know what's best for them. Here, she seems to be trying to work with them to allow them to continue working while getting better conditions. It makes sense because her attitude at Hogwarts was quite typically "teenage."

LOVE the way Hugo points out that "trying won't make Rose better." This "everything works out if you just try hard enough" attitude bothers me. I'm not against encouraging people, but it does kind of imply that if things DON'T work out, you've done something wrong and sometimes things just don't work out and it's nobody's fault.

*laughs at Hugo's question about when they'll be walking between cones in real life*

*also laughs at him being angry with Mr. Huddleson because "he's an idiot"*

It is a really difficult situation. Somebody has to take care of Rose and neither Hermione nor Ron strikes me as really suited to remaining at home all day looking after a disabled child. Neither of them really has the patience and Hermione is too ambitious. She'd end up resenting Rose for holding her career back and Ron...well, I think he'd find it difficult to be as responsible as Rose would need him to be 24/7.

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Review #5, by YvaineB National Concerns

15th December 2015:
Great chapter!!! keep writting:)

Author's Response: Thank you!! Pretty busy but I work on this when I can! :)

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Review #6, by MargaretLane National Concerns

21st November 2015:
Yeah, not sure that either Hermione or Ron is really suited to being a long-term stay at home parent. Thought Hermione doing it out of principle is characteristic.

Shouldn't it be "anymore" rather than "any more" when she talks about how Hugo and Rose aren't babies now?

Love the reference to Mrs. Weasley's long prattle. It just seems so characteristic somehow.

Must be quite a dilemma for wizarding parents - whether to send their children to Muggle schools or not. After the war, I can see parents like the Weasleys (and ESPECIALLY Hermione) worrying about the effects of segregation, but then, at Muggle school, the kids will be sort of caught between two worlds and there will be large parts of their life they'll have to hide from their classmates. No ideal solution.

*laughs at Hugo pointing out that his classmates wouldn't SEE his baby photos*

Oooh and I LOVE the part about how they thought they could predict the future.

That part about taking more photos reminded me of Fidelma's comment about her last Christmas with her mum. Sort of a reminder not to take anything for granted.

Love the soap-type programme.

Beatrice Flint must be young enough to be running for such a position.

The International Confederation sounds a bit like an ideal version of the U.N.

*rolls eyes at the comment about "forced political correctness"* Yeah, forcing equality and respect for others is SUCH a problem.

Harriet Mitchell sounds all right. Henry, I don't really know about.

Poor Hugo. I can understand why he'd be conflicted. Both of his parents having stressful jobs would be problematic, but at the same time, he wants to support his mother.

Author's Response: Yeah, Hermione did it out of principle but having kind of moved on she hates the idea of returning to that for the forseeable future. I don't blame her.

Yeah probably... but I hate "anymore" so...

Yes, Fidelma's photo comment probably put the idea in my head so it popped out when I got to that bit of the chapter.

Yup, well we have to have a bit of variety in this wizarding TV stuff... :P

Changed Beatrice's relationship to Marcus to make the age make more sense. Cheers for pointing that out.

And yes, how terrible, people having to be polite and civil to each other...

I like Harriet too.

And yeah, poor Hugo. I like setting up situations with no clean solution (but then even if there was one, you think I'd take it? :P)

*huggles* Thank you for the review!

~Leo xx

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Review #7, by MargaretLane An Outsider

26th October 2015:
Hmm, Hugo doesn't like physical contact, has a temper and likes writing. Remind you of anyone?

Used to see a really young deaf girl returning to boarding school when I was at college. Must be so tough. AND on their parents.

That part about Hugo looking forward to leaving home is so sad.

Hugo and sarcasm!

*is amused by the way Callaghan makes a game of finding his room*

Part about not exactly being a career politician reminds me of tbe Seanad where we need a few Callaghans instead of just failed politicians.

I think that breathing thing would REALLY annoy me.

LOVE the idea of there being pianos at Hogwarts. I guess it's hardly surprising.

And I'd say a lot of Draoithe meetings are memorable. Not always for the right reasons.

Those comments about how much he wants to avoid and how he's out of tbe habit of talki g are SAD. Poor Hugo.

Author's Response: Yeah, I've a funny feeling I know someone like that, but I can't think who...

*grins* Sarcasm... remind you of anyone?

Callaghan is just awesome. Everyone and everything needs Callaghans.

And the breathing thing would annoy you because you wouldn't benefit from it. I think I mentioned at the time, for someone like Hugo - who is very tense and sitting kind of hunched and physically closed up - it actually does help a bit. An extreme example - would you encourage someone to breathe slow and steady and tell them they're safe and OK if everything was normal? But if they were having a panic attack, you would, because it might actually help.

I think everything's at Hogwarts if you know where to look.

Draoithe meetings tend to be VERY memorable, yes! Poor Claire...

Love you! *hugs* ♥

~Leo xx

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Review #8, by MargaretLane Change

9th September 2015:
I had a FEELING Hugo's teacher would be a man. Or maybe you mentioned it sometime. You probably did, because a woman is the more typical stereotype when it comes primary school teachers.

And oh, I hadn't thought of the difficulties of entering a new classroom for blind students.

*laughs at him thinking how he'll react if the teacher touches him in a few weeks*

De Valera story for all occasions (which I've probably told you before): I saw a photo of Dev leaving a station and kept looking at the way he was holding his umbrella, because there was something odd about it. Then I remembered he was blind and realised he was using it like a cane, to figure out where the step was, 'cause there is a step outside that station and it wasn't a town he'd have been likely to spend much time in.

I don't know if you've intended this or not, but Mr Huddleson's speech sounds a bit repetitive. He keeps saying "now" and reusing some of the same words. This might be meant as characteristic of him, but just thought I'd mention it anyway.

Shouldn't Tudors have a capital "T" 'cause it's a name? And Romans and Saxons and Vikings should too.

Their history courses seem to jump around a lot. Romans one year, Tudors the next. Ours sort of followed on. I can't remember exactly what we did each year in primary, but we started with the Stone Age at the start of 4th class (in 3rd class we just did myths and some funny stories like Dev breaking out of prison with a key smuggled in in a cake and Sarsfield finding out the password was his own name and announcing "Sarsfield is the word and Sarsfield is the man" which always seemed to kind of defeat the purpose of finding out the password to me) and ended with 1916 at the end of 6th class and it was pretty much chronological the whole way through the 3 years.

It's weird seeing Rhiannon's name after we've been talking about the other Rhiannon.

*laughs at her comment to Mr Huddleson* I'm surprised he puts up with it. I don't know many teachers that would take that kind of rudeness.

LOVE the unexplained comment about Hermione saying not to use magic after Ron did the last time.

Oooh, I like the idea of Hermione running for the International Confederation of Wizards although this may not be the BEST time and surely Hugo should hear it from her and not on TV. I'm still debating whether or not she'll run for Minister of Magic in my series. It MIGHT fit with my plans for year five.

You should probably put a note in, translating "Aireacht na Draiochta," although I guess it makes sense in context, since you've also said "Irish Ministry."

At least Rose is talking fairly coherently now. That's an improvement anyway.

Aw, that part about how being blind seems to make his other problems worse...poor Hugo. Though I guess he wouldn't like me to say that.

LOVE the way Ron is supporting Hermione to Hugo here.

Ah yes, in context that part about wanting to stay in bed for a month sounds way more like a sulk and less like an attempt to hide from life.

I was WONDERING if Ron was as content with Hermione's decision as he appeared. It occurred to me he could just be being careful not to criticise her to Hugo. I wouldn't blame him if he were angry. That's the sort of thing one should discuss with one's spouse, especially when there are children involved and one of them has a disability. If she DOES do this, it will surely mean him taking on more of the childcare and he should be consulted about that.

*grins at Hugo's logic that the staff WANT to keep them helpless* Yeah, because making more work for themselves is really what they want.

An ankle twisting and grazing a knee. Story of my life. Like Hugo, I've learnt how to fall though, I think. I never really hurt myself beyond scrapes.

Hmm, the obvious answer is just that Ron and Hermione got confused as to who was to pick Hugo up, but I doubt it's that simple or you'd hardly have ended the chapter here. And combined with Hermione's strange behaviour, not telling her husband of her plans...hmmm. I've no idea what's going on, to be honest.

It HAS occurred to me that this running for the IC could be a way to avoid Rose. Or just a way to compensate for everything that's gone wrong in her life. But that doesn't explain where she and Ron are at the end of the chapter. *is intrigued*

Author's Response: Yes, I think I told you Mr Huddleson's name actually.

Yes, the "now" is a characteristic thing. He is an annoying guy.

Ah, you caught me out! Yes, I originally had a nice plan of what they did at primary but I didn't write it down (or maybe I didn't have the plan in the first place) and this chapter was like "uh, what do they do in History?" I thought I had them finishing last year with Saxons and Vikings? And then they start this year with Tudors and finish with Victorians. So it's kind of rushing through the key eras in chronological order.

You think it's weird seeing Rhiannon's name - I have to WRITE her!

And the washing up incident is given in more detail somewhere in Rainfall.

Oops yes I need to add that note, thanks for the reminder.

No, Hugo does not like pity! But yeah, poor kid, I am screwing up his life nicely.

Yep, Ron is supporting Hermione in front of the kids. He will support her in anything, but he's annoyed. "If you'd asked me I'd have said yes, but couldn't you ask?" I really like him.

Yeah, Hugo logic... Hugo logic in this entire chapter, tbh...

*huggles you* Yeah, in this case Hugo's moving too fast to catch himself. But he's a bouncy kid. A ten-year-old boy. They get the odd graze.

*whispers* time for a secret: I have no idea where Ron and Hermione are. As I said, characters doing their own thing... I will have to figure that out next chapter. I do know Hermione's under way too much pressure and not reacting well. Like when Hugo was born, but worse in this case - she doesn't like not being in control.

We're both looking forward to seeing what's going on, I think! Crazy characters... *hugs them all, and you*

~ Leo xx

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Review #9, by MargaretLane Back Home

18th May 2015:
You mentioned these first few lines to me before, I'm sure - the stuff about Neil being "all important." *laughs* I'm sure he'll LOVE being described like that.

And I LOVE his comment about how Hugo SHOULD be afraid of magic. If you're not afraid of something like that, you're more likely to be reckless.

And he REALLY has the measure of the family and how much Hermione is struggling, doesn't he? Although it does seem like he's placing a lot of responsibility on Hugo's shoulders. Controlling your temper is HARD when you're ten years old. I should know if anybody should.

Between Hugo's temper and his discomfort with being hugged...hmm, it's not too hard to identify with this kid. And the writing too.

*laughs at the British insisting things be done properly* Yeah, does make life more difficult.

*cracks up at his reference to Percy*

LOVE the line "what use is light to the blind?"

*laughs at Hermione's attitude to gambling*

And yes, DEFINITELY a good idea to give Muggleborns a bit more advance knowledge. I think many parents would be reluctant to let their kids go away to boarding school at all with only a few months notice, let alone into a world they didn't even know existed.

I'm assuming there has to be something more to this match fixing, because you've gone into a lot of detail about it now. At first, I thought it might be the second story that was significant, but with all the uncertainty about exactly what the accusations are about, I suspect this is going to be relevant.

That whole coming up with inventive, but valid answers to the door knockers sounds like something YOU'D do.

I can understand why Hugo feels as he does about Rose, but it's rather demeaning.

I wonder if the girl in his story is a representation of Rose - lost in an unfamiliar world.

And YES, stories do their own thing.

Great to see Rainbow being continued.

Author's Response: Have already answered this elsewhere. Thanks for reviewing!

~Leo xx

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Review #10, by MargaretLane Healing

31st January 2015:
The awesome chapter!

*laughs at celebrations ending only when people realise they need to sleep EVENTUALLY*

Dads and finding stuff to eat. *rolls eyes*

Good to see Hermione getting back to herself a little. She deserves a chance to relax. They ALL do really.

Aw, I can't help feeling sorry for both Hugo and Hermione here.

Yeah, a street in a foreign country isn't exactly the BEST place to lose your temper and fall out with your family.

And this holiday is going REALLY well, isn't it? I feel so sorry for the family, Hugo and Hermione in particular. Rose too, but her problems aren't really in such focus in the first part of this chapter, even if really, they are probably about the most serious. And she does seem somewhat happier than Hugo or Hermione here.

And fair play to Neil for noticing that Hugo is just being awkward when he says he didn't "see" the match. Neil isn't easily manipulated. *huggles him*

*laughs at the comment about him not being fazed by Hugo's tone* Somehow I wouldn't have expected he WOULD be.

Hugo's reaction is WAY out of proportion to what happens, but I guess it's understandable, as not only are Neil's questions upsetting Rose; they're also probably a reminder for Hugo and his parents of how far from recovery she still is, even though she is DEFINITELY making progress. And Hugo hadn't been having a very good day anyway.

It's his reaction to his temper that is freakier than anything else. Losing your temper is one thing and it's not like h was in control of his magic, but where most people would probably be terrified by the harm they were doing or could do, he seems to enjoy that thought. It has elements of Tom Riddle's comment about how he can make people hurt and shows a somewhat darker side to Hugo than we've previously seen.

Oooh, I love Neil's explanation of how it is more dangerous for Hugo's magic to get loose than it would be for a younger child's. And the fact he's at a Muggle school makes it really scary. What if he lost his temper with one of his classmates and had a similar reaction? Especially with Rhiannon on crutches and all his classmates blind.

Actually, it's sort of funny both of our chapters have people telling our main characters how they need to control their tempers.

I also like his comment that Hugo should have a certain fear of magic. I think it is worrying when people DON'T see things that can harm people as dangerous. If you don't think of them that way, you're more likely to take risks.

*laughs* That part about how he needed to upset Rose reminds me of my chapter for our Callaghan story and how I needed him to upset a certain person so he could see she needed help.

Aw, I feel so sorry for Neil when we see his reaction to how he hurt Hugo. The way you've written it...you can really feel his horror at what he's done, to the point it's almost uncomfortable to read.

The "morbid fascination" in his voice sort of made me shiver. You really show his horror well.

I love the way he continually makes it clear that it is Hugo's decision what he does with his body and the way he recognises Hugo might not want people examining his eyes, just for academic purposes. And even the way he replies seriously to Hugo's joke about his eyes. He's not at all uncomfortable with Hugo's blindness.

Of course, the lack of sleep probably played into Hugo's overreaction too.

Author's Response: Have already answered this elsewhere. Thanks for reviewing!

~Leo xx

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Review #11, by MargaretLane A Raging Storm

12th January 2015:
Yeah, I think it could be kind of scary, or at least confusing, for Rose to be out in the cold and the wet in crowds of people and cheering.

I'd like to see more of Molly and Lucy. I bet you could find all kinds of issues to give them, with Percy's guilt from betraying his family and everything.

Twice in two hours?! Yikes, that's a low level of scoring. Especially considering the Keepers each have to guard three hoops, but I guess it's an indication of how good the Keepers are that not much gets past on either side.

*laughs at the transfiguring a Chaser into a polecat* I agree with Hugo; that's kinda ridiculous. I guess the real world equivalent would be having a player abducted in the middle of a match or something.

You've written that the Irish avenge every foul by "fouling them New Zealand back." I'm guessing it should be "them fouling New Zealand back."

*laughs at Hugo falling asleep* I don't blame him, though how he can sleep through a match, with all the noise and artificial lighting and rain, I have no idea.

It's hard to imagine how Rose COULD keep up at Hogwarts, if she's struggling to remember even basic stuff, not to mind trying to study for the end of year exams.

If she DOES recover enough to return, I wonder what'll happen. She'll probably miss at least a year in total, more like a year and a half, considering how much of first year she missed. I guess maybe she'll start second year when Hugo starts first. Isn't she only turning 12 now? So she'd be just thirteen starting second year, if she went back the following year. That wouldn't make her much older than her classmates. Only a week older than the oldest she should be for that year. That'd be OK.

If Ireland has any tourist attractions left? *laughs* We've an unlimited amount.

Now I get to get my own back! You have the Irish Minister saying her family "were sat." That's a really English construction. We'd say "were sitting" or just "my family sat". Also, not sure if this is an Irish thing or not, but "one's the manager" would sound better than "one's manager."

I had to laugh at Hugo's comment about the spirit of the game involving trying to knock people off their brooms.

And the part about whether the New Zealanders have to watch reminds me of the two Presidential candidates who didn't turn up for the winner's victory speech and stuff. I guessed one of the two immediately once I heard of it.

Author's Response: Told you I couldn't be bothered to edit! Thanks for doing it for me. ;) And yep, you got your own back there. Fair's fair. *hugs*

Yeah, it's a low level of scoring. Not so much an indication of the Keepers' skill as the foul weather conditions and the vicious play! Neither team can remain in possession long enough to get near the hoops, and even when they do the wind tends to catch the Quaffle and make it miss the hoops. And fighting against the elements, Chasers can't help but give away which hoop they're aiming for because they've got enough on their hands without trying to bluff.

Yeah, who on Earth would decide to transfigure a Chaser into a POLECAT? If they're going to commit fouls, why not just reverse the charms on their broom or confund them? Wizards, eh...

Artificial lighting makes SO much difference to Hugo... ;) Yeah, it's impressive that he can fall asleep with the noise and rain but he's a bored and sleepy 10-year-old and manages it somehow!

Yeah, there's no way Rose could manage at Hogwarts. Well, I know what'll happen in terms of her going back. *smiles innocently*

Yeah, I love it when Hugo comes out with stuff like that!

OK, I've satisfied my need to write Quidditch commentary so it's back to torturing characters for the rest of the story! *cackles*

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Review #12, by MargaretLane England versus Ireland

1st January 2015:
*sympathises with Hugo* Crowds are bad enough, even when you CAN see what's going on. Actually, I could give a de Valera story here about how he almost got knocked over when JFK visited, because people rushed them, wanting to meet Kennedy, and of course, Dev couldn't see what was happening.

Worry about being late is typical Hermione.

*laughs at him saying Rose was "pretty much" normal* And ACTUALLY, now that I think of it, he mentioned somewhere in the middle of Rainfall that he and Rose were among the only normal members of the Weasley clan. And even though he didn't bring it up at that time, even he's different from normal, as he's blind. You just couldn't leave a kid without serious problems, could you?

Actually, I'm looking forward to meeting more of the Weasley clan. I know James is an idiot and possibly a bully and Albus has Asperger's syndrome or something similar, but you've hinted there are a lot of other issues. Louis seems fairly normal and so does Lily. You'll probably do something to them now. *protects them* But I know little or nothing about Victoire, Dominique. Molly, Lucy, Roxanne or Fred. They could have any issues, for all I know. I suspect at least one or two of them do.

I don't know if you intended this or not, but you seem to have left an extra space between paragraphs near the start of the match.

*sympathises with Hugo, worrying a lot about the future when he's only 10* Not that I didn't worry about stuff like employment prospects at that age, but probably not like he does. Poor kid.

"It's impossible not to be affected by the high spirits of the Irish." Uh oh, Hugo is figuring out our secret plan. *hides evidence quickly*

*huggles O'Mahony and Taylor* They are awesome.

*feels sorry for England* They need a better Quidditch team.

Taylor is REALLY awesome. *sympathises with her* She seems pretty out of it, which I suppose is hardly surprising after being hit with a Bludger. Oh well, at least the wizarding world can heal injuries pretty quickly. It must still have been pretty sore and unpleasant though.

Love the summing up of Ireland beating England by a lot and somebody occasionally getting hurt.

*laughs at Hugo's attitude towards the Snitch and the amount of points you can gain for catching it*

Aw, *sympathises with Hugo* I can understand why he'd be annoyed about how Rose's illness has affected his life. And he can't really complain, because it's hardly her fault. Poor Hugo and poor Rose.

*sighs at the stupid argument between Hermione and Hugo over breakfast* It's clear they're both really stressed and annoyed.

*laughs at Hermione thinking there's something wrong because the Healer is late and the Irish being "ah sure, he'll turn up. No big deal"*

You're in Ireland, Hermione; expect punctuality and you'll be disappointed.

I LOVE Callaghan and I love the way he just ignores Hermione's irritation. But I guess he's used to seeing parents of patients who are stressed out. And patients themselves. And he's used to the Draoithe, who are a bit of a disaster.

It might look better to put "Dad sniffs" on a separate line to Callaghan's reference to his colleagues celebrating, just to separate the two things more.

I LOVE the way Neil just randomly starts offering people cake. *huggles him some more*

I remember my 8th birthday, 'cause there was a huge storm and a load of us got collected early from school and I was afraid my friends wouldn't be able to get to my party. But I don't remember my 7th or 9th birthdays.

And actually that should be Rose's 9th, rather than her 8th, I think.

Poor Rose; it must be really scary not to be able to remember things or do things like walk or talk like you used to and not be able to even ask. I didn't think of it until Neil started explaining - I guess I kind of assumed that she'd forgotten so much, she'd also have forgotten what had been normal for her beforehand. But that's unlikely really. I can't really blame her parents and the other Healers for not explaining though, when it didn't occur to me how lost she must feel either.

And Callaghan does it so well. I think a lot of people would find it difficult to explain something like that to a 12 year old who is probably functioning more at the level of a 3 year old in some ways. And he pitches the level just right - explaining it in a way she can understand and that doesn't scare her, without being patronising. Yet again, he is awesome.

"I'll let ye get on," sounds perfectly Irish.

And I think Hugo is a better judge of Callaghan's skill than Hermione. She seems to have a prejudice against him for some reason. Oh well, I guess even Callaghan can't be liked by EVERYBODY.

Author's Response: Nope, 'course I couldn't leave a kid without serious problems, as you know perfectly well.

She's trying to protect my characters from me again...

I'm looking forward to writing Louis more. He's an interesting character and we'll be seeing a lot more of him. Lily's a lovely kid and basically normal.

Mwahaha, I figured out yer secret plan and am hinting at it to the world! And your attempts to hide the evidence come too late! *cackles* (see I can cackle too).

England do need a better Quidditch team. But you know, us and sports...

Hugo can't really complain and he knows it, and that makes him feel guilty on top of being annoyed at Rose's illness screwing up his life. He knows he's being selfish but can't help it. *huggles him*

HUGO being in the kind of mood he is at breakfast is normal. If Hermione weren't stressed and annoyed, she wouldn't argue with him, though, and he wouldn't get away with refusing to eat it.

Neil knows how to lighten the mood. Randomly hand out cake!

Yeah, it suddenly occurred to ME that she'd be terrified and not know what was wrong, because she hasn't forgotten THAT much. And as she's functioning at the level of a 3-year-old in many ways, they assume she's thinking like a 3-year-old in ALL ways and they wouldn't explain medical details to a three year old. Callaghan is the one character who can just figure out how to phrase it right. He basically writes himself.

Well, Callaghan DID make a bad first impression on Hermione, turning up 15 minutes late. He did manage to be on time for Claire's latest Draoithe meeting, actually, didn't he? But then he knew how stressed all the late people were making her. He was probably dealing with another patient or a student before them and overran. He is very awesome.

As is this review. *huggles you*

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Review #13, by DracosGirl012 England versus Ireland

1st January 2015:
Yay! Hugo is back!!
This chapter was a really great start, and I am so excited to read more! I liked the bit at the end with Neil, and Ron and the Cannons song. That was soo funny--and totally something I can imagine Ron doing.
Anyway, great start to "Rainbow"! Really looking forward to reading more! I hope you had a fantastic holiday and new year!!

Author's Response: I've had a fantastic holiday, including doing quite a bit of writing. Hope you have too! Neil is a character I love, and he basically writes himself. We'll be seeing a lot more of him!

Thank you!

~ Leo xx

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