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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin Our Valentine's Day

7th May 2015:
Hello Freda! Hello Georgina! How are you?
I'm feeling so horrible for not stopping to leave you a review sooner... Well, I'm here now!

Oh, this was so cute! Loved it so much!
It's no mistery I adore Remus, and I loved your narration of his and Dora's romance!

The first section captured Remus perfectly. His jealousy towards Sirius, and then his disbelief at being the object of Tonks' love, and finally his reluctance at accepting to have a relationship with her. All absolutely fitting with his character, and wonderfully written!

The scene when Remus comes back to her was lovely, too! I adored the way Dora tried to pretend to be angry, when all she wanted was threw herself in his arms and forget it all!

And then Teddy! Just too cute!!! I'll pretend I don't know what will happen in a couple of months and that they'll live happily ever after...

My only little CC is that at times the dialogue was a bit too... formal, maybe? Remus' monologue when he apologize to Tonks for leaving her, for instance... It just didn't sound spontaneus...

Also, I'm quite sure he wouldn't call her Tonks. I know she prefers Tonks to Nymphadora (who wouldn't?) Still Tonks seems a bit too non-intimate, and I'm quite sure he refers to her as Dora in the books (but maybe I remember wrong?)

Apart from that, I really enjoyed reading this! It was really pleasant and refreshing and made me smile a lot!
So congrats to you, and maybe I'll stop by your page again and read something else!

A huge hug to you both!
With love,

Author's Response: Oh, why we didn't expect you to come in the first place. We will take reviews any time.

I would think someone who used Remus' surname as their username would really like Remus. For quite some time I (Georgina) have wanted to write a Remus/Tonks, and this was what came of it.

Thank you. Though I really relate to Tonks, Remus is a bit harder since he's so secluded. It's good to hear we accomplished his feelings well.

Yeah, we figured it would be more like her to attempt to be strong, but in the end throw it to the wind.

That (in my opinion) is the worst part of Remus and Tonks' deaths. THEY HAD A BABY WHO BECAME AN ORPHAN!!! But, we don't need to consider that right now, which is why we wrote this lovely moment of them as a family for the first time.

Alright, we understand those, but I'm fairly sure only Ted called Tonks Dora. But I also could be remembering wrong.

Thank you so much for reading this and reviewing! Though we don't have any other Remus/Tonks, we do have a one-shot partly told from Tonks' perspective if you wish to check that out.

Anyway, thanks!

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Review #2, by BookDinosaur Our Valentine's Day

11th April 2015:
Hello there Freda and/or Georgina, depending on which one of you reads this! This is the review that I owe you for entering this into my Songfic Challenge - please forgive me for the extreme lateness!

Oh my. When done right, Remus/Tonks is seriously one of my favourite pairings and this, I'm glad to say, is Remus and Tonks done right.

You chose such lovely moments to tell us about their relationship here, gah! I love the interactions between Remus and Tonks here - how sassy and spunky she is, and just how she won't put up with his rubbish when he talks about how Sirius is the one always getting the girls. As if she's in love with Sirius! :P And how she's so determined to have him sleep in the sofa but in reality she can't really stick to that, gah, it was all so sweet!

Your use of the song here was really well done, as well - I think the song and the story matched each other really well, tonally, and of course it's just a bonus point that this song was by a band called Ministry of Magic. :P I have to admit that I'd never heard of the song before listening to it while reading this fic, because the members of HPFF have such amazingly divers music tastes, but I really enjoyed listening to it, and I can definitely see how you could relate the lyrics to Remus/Tonks.

And speaking of the lyrics, I think that the way you used them, to partition off the different sections of the story, so to speak, was very clever and really well done. it can be hard to keep the flow going when you divide up scenes like you did with these song lyrics, but in this case I think you pulled it off. :)

Small things throughout the story that I absolutely loved: Remus and Tonks making a Valentine's Day for each other, and then remembering it - that is the sweetest.

Tonks tripping over her own feet as she goes into Remus' arms (and Remus' heart dancing like a mooncalf. Loved that).

Lucius being stupid and forgetting to call a midwife for Narcissa, so that they had to ask Andromeda for help - it's a fairly unrealistic situation, given that Andromeda was several years estranged from the family at that point, but I love the thought that she was present for Draco's birth. ♥

For your first songfic you handled it all really well and for your first Remus/Tonks this was amazing. We know what happens but, hahaha, that's what fanfiction is for, right? They're not dead, that's ridiculous. :)

Haha, but thank you so much for writing this and entering it into my challenge! Hopefully the results will be up on the forums soon. ♥


Author's Response: Hi Emily! This is Freda responding, but I'll make sure Georgina sees this too.

Yay; we did Remus/Tonks right! Yeah, Tonks is lots of fun, even though Remus really gets down on himself.

To be honest, at this moment I STILL have yet to actually listen to the song we/Georgina wrote this to! But from what I understand, I'm pretty sure the song was written about Remus and Tonks, so the lyrics should fit pretty well! ;) Glad the story didn't come off choppy either.

The midwife thing may be a bit of a stretch. I see Draco as being born a bit unexpectedly in the middle of the night or something.

Oh yeah SPOILERS! we know they don't make it, but we wanted to have a happy ending, so we stopped it there. Although naturally a happy ending here becomes bittersweet because we know they die. (We only vaguely hinted at that.)

Thanks for the review and the challenge; we're glad the song (and relationship) flowed well.


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Review #3, by Rosie Our Valentine's Day

6th April 2015:
I really loved that. Thank you it was the perfect fic. That last line reduced me to tears.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! We're so glad you liked it! :) we tried to retain onto at least a bit of a happy ending, but since everyone knows what happens to them... :(

Well, Thanks again!

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Review #4, by The Mischievous Easter Flitterby Our Valentine's Day

30th March 2015:
Hi there!

I do love a bit of Remus/Tonks, and seeming as spring is on it's way I thought I'd fly by for a read, to give myself a bit of a cheery boost!

You chose such lovely moments to portray in this one-shot. I think you did their relationship a lot of justice here! But at the same time, it's so heart-breaking that we know their perfect relationship won't last *cries* Although ~ maybe we don't need to dwell on that. You've made their relationship feel very real and very wholesome, and it's beautiful to be able to enjoy that as we don't see much of it in the books. And you've never written Remus/Tonks before?! I loved the way you wrote Tonks ~ she was as lovely as I imagine. If only I wasn't so little and could hold a pen, why, I'd be inspired to write a Remus/Tonks too!

For your first songfic I think you handled it very nicely. It's got me wondering what the song you based this on sounds like! In fact, I might have a listen...

Thanks for sharing this!

~ The Mischievous Easter Flitterby xx

Author's Response: Hello there, Mischievous Easter Flitterby.

Who doesn't love Remus/Tonks?

Thank you so much. I (Georgina) love going through the books and seeing even the glimpses JK Rowling gives us of their relationship and just wanted to expand that. Tonks is so much like me I found it fairly easy and fun to write her.

The song is by the Wizard Wrock band Ministry of Magic. I suggest you listen to this song; it's rather odd to just read song lyrics without any tune to hum.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Review #5, by The Basilisk Our Valentine's Day

1st February 2015:
Hello Freda_and_Georgina, it is I, The Basssilisk.

I'm such a sssucker for love storiess. Especially anything with Remusss in it, of course. And you wrote Remus so well, too. His actions with Tonks were spot on! He was characterized very well. Many kudosss to you.

"I hear thereís a lovely place called my house." has got to be the best somewhat "pick-up" line (I'm going to classify it as a pick-up line okay?) I've ever heard. I will use it often this Valentines day.

Speaking of... my house is just underground a waysss. Ssstop by if you'd like a sssnack. How unfortunate that I'll have to keep my eyes from meeting yoursss. For obvious reasonss. Don't want you dead, you know, you preciousss writer you.

Back to businesss...

This was such a ssweet story about love and tenderness. Remus and Tonks's relationship reflected so well and I enjoyed this a lot (I even shed a tear when Remus suggested naming Harry godfather).

I'll warp this up as I've got thingsss to do back at my place.

Very well written and very very interesting to read. You kept your characters in canon and that's always a plus.

Thank you for listening to my lame review.

Yours always,
The Basilisk.

Author's Response: Uh, hello Basilisk. Apparently you're not dead. Good to know.

Thank you! After Fred and George, Remus is my favorite character. I loved reading him with Tonks and wanted to dabble in it myself.

Call it what you want, nobody's going to tell something with poisonous fangs what to do. In all honesty, feel free to use the line, and let us know how it works.

I may have Freda take you up on that. I, however, have an irrational fear of snakes. Nothing personal, but visiting a giant serpent may drive me to insanity, and I find sanity useful in writing, otherwise I'd totally be there.

Oh, right.

You cannot imagine what a compliment that is to me! Many thanks! We are very good at writing tenderness, so our readers tell us.

Thank you ever so much for the kindly review! We try to keep our characters as canon as possible and are flattered by your words.

Thanks again.

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Review #6, by banshee Our Valentine's Day

16th January 2015:
Hello, Freda and Georgina!

Remus and Tonks is one of my absolute favorite pairings so I had to come check this out for your hot seat day!

I think you did a really lovely job translating Remus' feelings in this story. I always picture how apprehensive he is as part of one of the big bumps in his and Tonks' relationship, and it was neat to see how you played that out here.

I really love how quickly Tonks puts him in his place though, with the one liner, and the way it resonates with him afterwards.

The after effects of the 'Bill moment' with the two of them was so sweet! I love how you've written Tonks here, and how she knows she could definitely handle herself around him, but she chooses to be with him anyway.

I'm absolutely smiling like a loon right now. GOD I LOVE THEM. ♥

Through the part about Tonks not taking him back into loving arms, I really think that's such an important part of their relationship, and I was really happy to see how you wrote that here. Their relationship is sort of built on imperfection, but through everything it's perfect in their own way.

I just loved this whole thing. It was such a sweet reminder about why I loved this ship so much, and I'm so glad I got to read it!

Keep up the lovely work you two!


Author's Response: Hello Julie!

They're one of our favorite couples too.

Thanks, we wanted to bring that across.

That was something JK Rowling actually had her saying, as I read about on Pottermore. I wanted to show Remus' reaction to that.

I (Georgina) love Tonks and really related to her. Great to hear I did her justice!

As do we. Apparently we're good at making people smile ridiculously. Huh.

We wanted to bring across the whole not-a-perfect-romance thing while at the same time a-perfect-couple. I think we managed.

Thank you so much, your review was so encouraging! That we will continue writing.

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Review #7, by toomanycurls Our Valentine's Day

6th January 2015:
Remus and Tonks are my OTP so I was excited to see you did a story on them. (This is where I'm bummed that you're TAs so I don't see your stuff in the queue.)

You really nailed Remus. He's so self-depricating and mulish to believe someone might like him. I like how you've framed their attraction with Remus growing attached to Tonks before they've had much between them romance wise.

Tonks is perfect as well. She's not just a clutz (but you included it enough that we still have that from the books). You also made her smart and realistic. I love that they celebrated Valentine's day then.

I really enjoyed how you wrote about Remus walking out on Tonks. She knows him ever so well. I love her steadfast belief that he'd return (and that chasing him was useless). I'm glad that she did not just melt into his arms when he returned and gave him a bit of crap for leaving.

their closeness when Teddy was born was just picture perfect. I mean, they're on the run and alone but their united. Their discussion about what to name their son was just too adorable.

Really amazing story!


Author's Response: Aw, we're honored to be missed by at least one validator, and since we've been TAs for almost four months it's hard not to go hipster with the who wants to be a TA thing going on now. ;)

The part in the sixth book was when Tonks said she loved Remus, and his reaction made me think they've loved the other for quite a while.

I (Georgina) am a clutz, so I know how it all goes down. It's great to hear that we hit their personalities on the nail.

He deserved it, even if he apologized.

They would have been the most adorable family had they lasted, so we showed them that way for one scene.

Thank you so much for finding and reading and reviewing our story!

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