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Reading Reviews for Somebody to Die For
4 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Lyanna Stark I Will Let the Devil Know

12th April 2015:
Hello Sam.

I am Lyanna Stark. My sister-in-law, Lady Catelyn, talks very fondly about the stories of your world. I have been watching over her and her family from the world beyond ever since I died years ago, and recently I saw her review one of the stories of your world. So I knew I had to try as well. I wanted to try with your story, because my brother, Eddard, has talked about it. He loves them very much, so I assume they are very good. I cannot wait to see.

This was very interesting, indeed. In my land, it is not common to see two boys in a relationship, but I have always been a supporter of it. After all, is it the love that matters or the gender? I believe it is the former, and I am glad to see it is far more accepted in your land than mine, though I hope it will eventually be accepted there as well.

I can not say I have ever heard of vampires before, but I believe it is someone that has died, never ages and drinks blood. Am I right about of any it? We do not have those kind of creatures here, and I suppose that is okay. I would very much like to stay dead, and not have to wander around in-between. So I pity poor Theodore Nott, and I understand why he would like to keep his distance. But at the same time, I do hope he will eventually come to turns with who he is, and accept himself for what he is - a vampire.

This may be very shocking to hear, but I happen to be friends with the same girl from the forums that Sansa, Margaery and Catelyn all know. You see, this girl can talk to those from the world beyond, and that is why King Jeoffrey wanted her in the castle in King's Landing. I helped her escape, and now he wants her executed for running away. Therefore she is using a secret name over at forums, but I have a feeling you already know who she is. If you do not, then I am confident you can find out if you really want to meet her. I know she would not mind.

I apologize, but I am afraid I will have to. We only get a limited time that we can spend communicating with those in the real world. My time is up, and it will be years till I can come back again. But my dear friend is always around, so do not be afraid to approach. But I ask you for a favor; do not reveal her true identity to anyone. Until it is safe for her to come out, she needs to stay hidden. But do not fret, I am sure it will not take long until she no longer needs to fear King Jeoffrey.

Lot Of Love

Lyanna Stark

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Review #2, by marauderfan I Will Let the Devil Know

1st March 2015:
Hi! I'm here to review for the Non-Linear Challenge!

Wow, this was a really unusual one. I love unusual. And your writing style in this is fantastic! You use very evocative words, and perfectly thought out details. In particular, I liked how a lot of the descriptions were of living bodies - how Theodore smells blood and sweat, how he can feel the man's heartbeat - things that stand out to him as he himself is not alive anymore and no longer bleeds or sweats or has a heartbeat. It's subtle but makes his perspective just that much more unique.

Although Harry doesn't really appear much in this story outside of Theo's thoughts about him, you've captured his personality really well, in the way he is so focused, knows that Theo is still alive. (Well, not alive, but he knows Theo is still around, I guess.) It reminded me of Harry's stubbornness in HBP that Malfoy was up to something. And how Harry is 'a boy who cares too much' -- yes! That's a perfect line.

The last two lines are also perfect, and I can't think of a better way to end this story! I loved it.

You incorporated the non-linear narative style so effectively. It was kind of tricky to piece out what happened when, but I think that really adds to the feel of the story overall, as I'd imagine that Theo, as a perennial eighteen-year-old, struggles with that very same problem and perhaps things blend together in his memory as well. He would have a different perception of the passing of time after becoming a vampire, and that's what stood out in the way you used he non-chronological order. Brilliant!

This was such an interesting perspective to read a fic from and I loved your word choice. Really well done on this and thanks for submitting it to the challenge!

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Review #3, by alicia and anne I Will Let the Devil Know

21st February 2015:
Tharry Tharry Tharry!! *dances* SO much better then Thugo... :P Although I secretly love that pairing, it remains hidden because I will not let Thugo win! *nods and waves Tharry banner*

Oooo amazing beginning! Such excitement! I'm so excited right now :D So very very excited!!

Don't hide from Harry, Theo! You're drawn to him! Like a moth to a flame! Like me to a Tharry story!

AHHH!! Dimitri and Zackary!!! :P

I'm gonna have to go back and read it again because I was too excited to realise it wasn't in order!!


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Review #4, by Lululuna I Will Let the Devil Know

1st February 2015:
Hey Sam! :D Sorry for being so late with your review, I started it last night but got called away. :(

Whoa, so this story is so exciting and really beautifully written. I was confused, but in a good way: even if I didn't understand exactly what was going on at all points, I got the gist enough to understand. The method of having a non-chronological story worked quite nicely for this one since Theo's life itself has become almost cyclical since he's trapped as a vampire, so it fit to have all the memories blurring together.

I think you did an impressive job of showing-not-telling here. Especially with the first scene: we're launched right into the action without any explanation, but it all makes sense and is all the more mysterious for that fact. Throughout the story things were revealed so naturally while still making the reader work a bit to figure things out. For example, I'm not sure you ever said explicitly that Theo was a vampire, but it was really clear throughout. There were so many facts that were alluded to instead of outright explained, and that was a really neat reading experience.

I really loved the first section and how powerfully it was written. I loved this line: The heady scent of sweat, blood and other bodily fluids intoxicate him. The concentration on bodily fluids was so effective in conveying how conscious Theo is of bodies and his interaction with them, gruesome as it may be. Also the line about looks many would kill for made me laugh because it seemed to be foreshadowing the guy's fate. :P

Theo/Harry is such an interesting pairing, even though it was more alluded to here than outright explained. I liked how Harry was portrayed as this faithful, stoic figure whom many people trust, it fits well with people's perception of him from the books. Also, the mention of the invisibility cloak was great in showing how well Theo knew Harry, as well as showing off his vampiric abilities.:P

The last two lines were perfect. I loved the symbolism of the posters as representing Theo's true immortality, and it also dehumanized Theo a bit. At least, it showed how Theo doesn't really think of himself as a human anymore. Another factor in showing how Theo has changed from his human identity is how during his POV sections, his name was never really mentioned. It was a neat stylistic choice in showing how his old identity with a name is removed from his new, nameless, lonely one as a vampire.

Amazing story, Sam! ♥

Author's Response: Hello!

Yes! I'm so happy that that was how you saw it. Since Theo is stuck as a vampire, it's like his life can't move forward and everything is just blurred together as one. It's harder to explain it than it was to right it, actually; I just wrote the scenes down as they came to me and ended up keeping them as they were. :P

Yeah, while I mentioned vampires a lot, and I did mention Theo being turned, I didn't outright put his name and vampire together, not even when I referred to Harry telling the others what Theo was. It's like he knows what he is, but he doesn't want to admit it out loud.

Foreshadowing for the win. ;) But it was more irony, I think; it's Theo who has looks many would kill for, and yet he's the one not-quite-killing.

Theo/Harry is my OTP. I just love them. In my headcanon, Theo is in love with Harry, and then they meet. But in this he's turned, so just when he's getting to know Harry as a person rather than someone he watches from a distance he's ripped from it and has to send Harry away. You can imagine how I felt about that. :P

He definitely doesn't consider himself human anymore and his name was apart of his human life. That's why it's never said in his PoVs.

Thank you so much for choosing this story to leave a review on. I was beginning to think no one liked it. :P


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