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Review #1, by Dracoherm The Reflection

20th February 2017:
Awesome book, best hpff.
I'm reading it for the
second time

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Review #2, by AbraxanUnicorn Things Needed

6th September 2016:
Love your take on the story so far, and thank you so much for bringing Sirius to life and keeping him alive :) Please, please, please don't kill him off; I was so disappointed for a while when reading "Initiate" when I thought he was a goner. It almost killed the whole thing and had he died, I probably wouldn't have read on.
I prefer your plot line to JK's TBH and might just adopt it as original canon...

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Review #3, by Katherine Things Needed

17th April 2016:
I've been reading your stories since before Innocent was completed and I just wanted to tell you how much I admire and appreciate your work. Its truly reverential. Your characters are intriguing and you explore them so well while still managing to keep them canon and in character. Your plots are enthralling and incredibly imaginative and your writing is amazing. Thank you so much for this brilliant jem of a series that makes me smile every time I open a new chapter. You're wonderful.
- Katherine

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Review #4, by JMN Of Boggarts And Brothers

4th February 2016:
This is something really small the annoyed me, but if this is the same Cormac from the books and not a new character you're introducing, it's Cormac McLaggen. There's no G after Mc.

Other than that, I'm taking a break from re-reading HP and this was my first venture into HP fan fiction. And I am addicted to your stories. I've already finished the first 2 installments in this series in about 4 days. Keep up the great work!

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Review #5, by Alex Things Needed

12th January 2016:
I must admit that despite reading loads of HP fanfiction I usually don't leave comments. But woman, your work is just amazing. One of the best, if not the best, I've ever read and trust me, I think I might have read everything that's available and at least half decent. I wish this was the original version of HP, Sirius is defo my fave character of the whole saga. Can't wait for the next part! x

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Review #6, by Queen of Nerds Things Needed

9th January 2016:
I am flailing and looking forward to the next installment

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Review #7, by HPlover Things Needed

9th January 2016:
I swear your writing just gets better and better as the series goes on! I especially liked the last little bit of this chapter, it gave me shivers. I'm really excited for Year 3!!

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Review #8, by narglesarereal Things Needed

9th January 2016:
I loved the ending such a brilliant touch.
I can't wait to see what you plan to do with the rest of the series especially Order of the Phoenix.

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Review #9, by Magical mayhem Things Needed

9th January 2016:
Another great chapter and story. Can't wait to start the next.

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Review #10, by Lollypops Things Needed

9th January 2016:
Brilliant touch with the clock hand.. Wonderfully done MarauderLover!
Hope to see the sequel soon :)

Happy new year!

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Review #11, by Mackh The Waking World

2nd January 2016:
Very well done and great story. Can't wait to continue when it's updated.

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Review #12, by Lollypops The Waking World

23rd December 2015:
I've read a lot of fanfics, and this is the only one where Neville's experience with the dementors is described.
This is why this series is so brilliant! You show hidden sides of a story all of us know so well.
Thank you for writing :)
Happy holidays!

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Review #13, by Crookshanks11 Hearing Things

12th December 2015:
As always, this chapter was great, I just wish there was more! I like how you're twisting the dementor angle around using them to target Crouch Jr. instead of Black, I'm excited to see where you take the story.

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Review #14, by GinnyPotterForever Hearing Things

11th December 2015:
So this was a nice birthday present! :)

Glad to know you're still alive ;) my brother was going nuts. We were discussing a theory on how it seemed like there was some problem with the mandrakes... Oh well, it seems fine now.

Fudge is an idiot and I hope he stays away from Hogwarts. It seems like PoA is meshing into CoS!

Keep up the great work! Thanks for an awesome chapter!

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Review #15, by sambonifi9 Misadventures

8th December 2015:
This chapter was great. I especially like the dimension you've added through Ginny. I can't wait to see where the story goes! I hope you update soon!

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Review #16, by Lightinthedark52 Misadventures

20th November 2015:
I just caught up on the last few chapters and wow! Incredible, I love it. Ginny's POV is making me wonder if she came closer to dying in your version than in canon, and if that could of had any serious effects. The dreams of being Voldemort, still hearing his voice.

Also I get the feeling your adaptation of Harry's third year will be much different! Seeing as..well, obviously with relationship with Remus & Sirius is different, Pettigrew is loose and Crouch is also already loose.

That's going too far ahead though! I'm excited for the upcoming chapters as their second year comes to a close. Thank you for the time you take to write for us, I look forward to your new chapter every week! They make Wednesdays extra-awesome. And the weeks you can't because of school/life-stuff, don't feel bad, there are priorities and it just shows you have yours in order. Hermione would be proud. ;)

Anticipating the next chapter on Wednesday!

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Review #17, by Kimberly Angry And Alone

18th November 2015:
Your story is one of my favorites :)

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Review #18, by hedwig Angry And Alone

12th November 2015:
Wow. This story has made me realize that JK really did not give enough credit to Ginny when describing all that she endured under Tom. I really love how much of this story is from Ginny's PoV. It's so interesting!
I'm really curious to see what challenges Harry's third year will bring. Keep on writing!

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Review #19, by marauderlover7lover In The Office

2nd November 2015:

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Review #20, by lilyhermioneginny In The Office

31st October 2015:
wow after years of following your story you still excite me with your writing.

I'm so happy about the engagement and I'm wondering if tonk's ex will ever show up for the fun of the conflict. I know I'd enjoy that and I'm looking
forward to their marriage regardless.

I also wondering if Harry will help ginny with coping at all. I know your Harry would be so much more helpful on an emotional level than the original Harry and I'd love to see their reactions to each other at this stressful time.

you also make my heart ache for malfoy over his as shole dad. What ever you have happened between him and his father I'm excited to find out and I love your writing you will have my full attention as long as you write this story.

thank you


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Review #21, by BooBo In The Office

28th October 2015:
I really like this story. I hope you're planning on more for each year and beyond :)

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Review #22, by hedwig In The Office

28th October 2015:
Hahaha, I love how oblivious Harry is.

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Review #23, by Lollypops In The Office

28th October 2015:
Great chapter! So now they have destroyed one horcrux, have another and dumbledore knows that they exist.. Which leads me to believe that the ring will be next. This is so exciting!
Do you plan on finishing this series at book 4? And hopefully without all the deaths..?

I hope your exams are going well :)
Thanks for updating :D

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Review #24, by samantha Back On The Outside

15th October 2015:
love love love love love love love love love your stories

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Review #25, by siriuslyinlove44 Back On The Outside

15th October 2015:
I just want to say that I absolutely love reading your stories! I think I have re-read them three times already.

I hardly ever review, but I want you to know that I am always looking forward to the next chapter, and I understand when it takes longer to appear.

Thank you for creating a story that I have fallen in love with and can't get enough of

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