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Reading Reviews for A Study in Silver
84 Reviews Found

Review #1, by AlexFan Epilogue

12th May 2016:
This story was so good, and honestly, I was a little scared of never seeing Scorpius and Roxanne (and their slightly dysfunctional friendship) once the story ended so I'm super excited to go and read Identity Politics.

Anyway, this was such a good story, and you're a brilliant writer thank you for blessing us all with you're great stories!

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Review #2, by AlexFan It's Time to Go Now

12th May 2016:
It's been a while but I would just like to say, this chapter was lit. Honestly, this entire story is lit. But I will say that's it's been one of the most amusing and entertaining fanfictions that I've read in a very long time. With every chapter of yours that I read, I become a bigger and bigger fan of yours.

I love that there was such a serious tone to the beginning of the chapter, I thought things were going to actually get a little dark for a moment but of course, when you've got practically every Weasley, Scorpius (and Clemence and Pickett), and McGonagall all in one room, things are bound to get a little wild.

I was actually impressed that Perry managed to throw up on command like that, I thought something would've been done to induce the vomiting but he just upchucked like it was no big deal. The level of done that McGonagall was throughout that entire trial was hilarious, I don't know how she managed to keep a straight face.

But let's be real here, the woman probably spent her entire life expecting to sentence at least one Weasley to a few months in Askaban.

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Review #3, by May Epilogue

10th November 2015:
Just really love this story did not want it to end so was glad to see a sequel coming soon yippee

Author's Response: So glad to hear it! This was a huge amount of fun and I feel like I learned a lot :D Sequel should be up very soon!

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Review #4, by May Stakeout!

10th November 2015:
This story is amazing I love it x

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad to hear that thank you :D

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Review #5, by cherry_pop94 Epilogue

9th November 2015:
ROISIN! Are you deliberately trying to drive me to an early grave???


I'm questioning everything I know about Perry and Roxanne now. I'm questioning everything I know about anything. And all of a sudden Marga Skeeter is my absolute FAVOURITE character in this entire adventure (but also wondering if perhaps she embellished her own very dramatic role in all this...)

Oh Roisin, I cannot sing you enough praises for this absolutely brilliant piece of writing. I've had such a marvelous time reading A Study in Silver and I know I will be coming back to read this again and again. The characters, the pacing, the plot, the drama (!), and this absolutely phenomenal twist at the end here!!??

Your talent is absolutely undeniable. I cannot think of any way this could have been better executed. It was funny, poignant, dramatic, suspenseful, and smart. I know that you're already aware of how much I love this, but I just can't say it enough.

I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment of the adventures of Roxanne and Perry!

Much love,


Author's Response: ! STEFANIE !

Well this - this is among my all time FAVORITE reviews I've ever gotten!

I'm oddly satisfied that you like Marga so much because I came to really dig her as well :D And I'm REALLY glad you suspect embellishment! I figured that the story does have so much ridiculousness and absurdity, it's probably a really good question.

This review is making me squee so much and flap my arms all over the place. I've really enjoyed writing this story and I'm so glad you liked it!

So much in contrast with this story, I actually know what the plot of the sequel is in advance of writing it all out. I've got the first few chapters drafted so I hope to have something up on the archives very soon.

Thank you SO much for reading and leaving such AMAZING reviews!


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Review #6, by jannnnnu Epilogue

8th November 2015:

Author's Response: Yas! I have a bunch of stuff written, so it's all about squishing it into shape now :) Hopefully I'll have some stuff up soon! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing this ♥

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Review #7, by Aleine Prologue: The Lodger

30th September 2015:
First, let me tell you how pretty your graphics are.


Got a bit carried away there...

But seriously. That's so very pretty...

Now let's begin reviewing.

When at first I saw the title, I didn't expect this to be Sherlock related AT ALL! (I mean who can deduce in the wizarding world? And who would even THINK of something like that? Are you Sherlock himself or what?) and when 221B came into the scenario, I was a bit skeptic. (Okay that's a lie. I was like this child is cray-cray. No one can pull off Sherlock exactly like Sherlock... you know? Or Doyle... you get my meaning)

But you blew-ma-mind! your deductions are so knowledgeable and highly technical. It wasn't just bits and pieces here and there, like noticing a stain or something, but you deduced the medical properties of coffee (OW MA GAWD). That was just AMAZINGLY done.

You're so smart...

First when the character was described (The appearance) I thought it's a beat-up Malfoy. but this is way better.

To captured the my mind from the beginning. I felt the breeze in the ally (And nice name, by the way), the dread she was feeling and a burning curiosity to know how she got fired. I felt as if I was there, watching as this happens. but as you described on, I felt as if I was her.

Love your choice of clothing, by the way!

So where was I...

Right. Feeling.

I felt every moment of this story as if I was she, and it was all happening to me. I felt the annoyance at the know-it-all blonde (Who has a TATTOO!!! LIKE OH MY GAWD I'M ALREADY IN LOVE WITH THIS INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT BAD BOY WHO HAS A TATTOO, LIKE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?)

Your characterization was amazing. The character was adapted to the wizarding world impeccably. you haven't just taken a character from one universe and put him in another. You've actually taken one character and built a version of him in the wizarding world. His intellect, his mannerism was more wizard than Sherlock BECAUSE of the details and the character development.

You're my new favourite author. Of all time. Now just fanfiction related either. Seriously...

So needless to say I'll be favouriting this as well as you


Moving on to sentence construction.

This is where I had a bit of a problem There were some sentences that didn't make sense to me. But this could be that I'm daft, but if it makes sense to you, then that's probably the case. Here's one such sentence;

- That smell was even a concern reminded Roxanne what a significant reduction she’d soon be making in her standard of living.

- First and last month's to move in; Mrs. Hudson should be home by three.

That's my only not-so-positive comment in the grammar, typos, construction department. There were no other errors or mishaps. also, your sentences are so magically written. They have a poetic ring to it and resonates with the imagery beautifully.

The main character: Roxanne.

I'm very new to next Gen and I've not read much stories where she is the main character, but you've made me love her. The fact that she's Angelina's (That woman is amazing!) and George's (Who doesn't love GEORGE?) daughter makes her ultra awesome. I love the fact that you've made her a "ginger afro". I'm curious as to who you imagine her to be (Actress I mean). I kept seeing a ginger Nicole Scherzinger in my head...

So to conclude, I came here to read and review as you had requested in the forums. But i'm gonna ditch my job (I'm at work now and I've ditched my work load and am reading this...) and read this...

Who needs sleep...

I love your writing. You're not just an amazing author, but also an incredibly intelligent person. (The details in the A/N? WOW! You've done some serious research...).

Please keep writing. Never EVER stop!

With love and chocolates


First off: CIRCLE GRAPHICS. The trick is to save the image as a .png (aka a 'transparent' image), because then you can do shapes and things without having a background. I mostly just use a free browser editor called pixlr that anyone can use and I totally recommend it! And I'm sure all the artists on TDA know how, so you can always request graphics in a circle shape (or a star, or really anything you can think of!)

I'm so so SO glad that you think this whole "Holmesian Pastiche" business is working! My goal was to write something people could enjoy whether or not they're into Sherlock Holmes, but then people who ARE into it would find the references and things fun. The hardest part was probably keeping it away from the BBC Sherlock interpretation, and yeah, that's TOUGH because that show really is a great adaptation! But I think there are as many different Holmeses as there are people adapting him, so I had fun trying to go a somewhat different direction :)

EEK! YOU SAY SUCH NICE THINGS THANK YOU. It's really heartening to hear that you thought this story was sort of palpable. Like, I think my very first drafts were sort of rushed (because, you know, DRAFTS), and I made a real effort to go back and flesh it all out so I'm stoked that you thought the images and feelings and everything came across!

Thank you so much for pointing out those sentences, too, and I see what you mean about the construction making them kind of obscure. I'll definitely give them another go :)

This was my very first go at NextGen, and for whatever reason, Roxanne just really jumped out to me. Probably because of her parentage, as you mentioned. There just HAS to be a lot of charisma there, you know? Picking her faceclaim was SUPER tough though, because even though I know a TON of people with that exact coloring I couldn't find anyone good to fit! I definitely imagined her face as looking a lot like young Erykah Badu though, so I went with Erykah for the CIs (and then just used grayscale to get around the difference in hair color). And I can hear Roxanne's voice and accent PERFECTLY in my head so I'm sure that must be based on some actress or another, but can't for the life of me think who!

I weirdly enjoy doing tons of research for stories--like, it's a lot of the fun of it for me :P Super glad that all my nerding ended up being worth it!

Thank you again SO MUCH for this review and all of your feedback and kind words :)


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Review #8, by jannnnnu It's Time to Go Now

23rd September 2015:
I'm not usually one to leave reviews but here goes. I thorougly enjoyed your story. I haven't stumbled upon another Sherlock Holmes-themed fanfiction that is written to my satisfaction before. I do hope you continue writing the story - involving a different case, clearly, but still. It was fun and interesting to read and I would love to see more of it! The humor, investigation, everything was on point. I've been a fan of Sir Doyle "Sherlock Holmes" for a long time and seen every tv show and film there is, and though it kind of reminded me of "Elementary" at the beginning, it was still a good read and I hope you at least consider the possibility of writing a sequel(of sorts). Sort of like minibooks, heh. Again, thank you for writing it, it was a pleasure :)

Author's Response: ! Yee! Thank you so much for reviewing, it makes me all giddy to hear that you liked it!

GAH! ELEMENTARY! It hadn't even OCCURRED to me because I hadn't seen the show, then I went and did and was like... Crap... I wanted to avoid being to similar to other adaptations and kind of go another way (so while I love Sherlock, I didn't want it to be too Sherlocky, you know?) But yeah, the genderswapped Watson definitely screams Elementary. And then by nature of making the Watson female, I think there was a similar impulse to do a stronger interpretation of the character. But I hope you thought it was original enough!

I'm polishing the edits for the epilogue right now, so that should be up really soon. And then--well, YES. There IS a sequel in the works, but I don't know how long it will take me to post it (I find that for mysteries, it's really helpful to pre-write the whole thing before posting so you can go back and tweak things and avoid getting painted into corners). But I hope to start posting it by the end of the year, so I guess, WATCH THIS SPACE.

Seriously though, thank you so much for taking the time to review! I sort of forget that people might have liked, or even READ a story unless it gets said in a review, and it makes spending all that time writing/editing/revising all worth it!


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Review #9, by Penelope Inkwell At the D.M.L.E.

14th September 2015:
Even the announcements on the bulletin boards bore the names of relatives: Winners of the 2030 Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship, and then in parentheses, Merlin Help Us.
--Yees! I love shout outs to other stories!

And that fountain seems very Hermione. Though poor Harry can't be comfortable with that lightning bolt. No wonder he switched to contacts before he could have another monument-situation on his hands.

I've got to say, I see Roxanne's point. I understand why the Ministry would need to restrict the mixtures of magical substances with Muggle chemicals, given those murders, but it seems more sensible to require a special license. It's like Roxanne says--mixing the two could be very useful, especially to Healers. Then again, sometimes legislation that's too broad or to restrictive does get passed in the wake of a tragedy, just because people so badly want something to be done.

Awww, Harry's so sweet!

Hudson gave her a knowing look. "You're trying to find out if I'm a—what do you call it? A moggle?"
--I just love this exchange. It sounds like the sort of thing I'd expect from Mrs. Hudson, if she came into contact with wizards (I haven't read the books, but I've seen several versions of movies and T.V. shows and all that).

So that's where 'Perry' came from. Well, I have to applaud you on coming up with the best nickname I've seen for Scorpius Malfoy so far. I'm so glad that she figured it out! It certainly looks promising for her career as a detective's assistant.


Having managed to find a flat she'd had no idea what she might do with the rest of her day.
--I think there should be a comma before "she'd"? But I'm not dead sure of that.

"Unofficially yes."
--I think there should be a comma before "yes".

"Yes," the auror said, relaxing his shoulder.
--should it maybe be shoulders? Because usually you tense up both of them.

Another great chapter! On to the next!


Author's Response: Oh man, this story is ALL ABOUT shout outs :) I wrote Y5 before I'd ever read FF, so I went with lots and lots and LOTS of little canon winks (because I'm mighty fond of a reference), but here I just couldn't not incorporate things from all sorts of stories.

Harry might be the single most intimidating canon character to write, and I tried REALLY hard here to keep him in-line with the person we knew from the books, while also aging him up (I mean, of course he'd change a bit, because this takes place more than THIRTY YEARS after DH).

Yes you are bang on about people passing really intense legislation in the wake of tragedy, that was absolutely my inspiration here! Even under Hermione's legislation though, a person /could/ still get approval to do magical+muggle research, but there's a moratorium on proposals.

The main clever Holmes canon I did with Mrs. Hudson was making her Scottish (I found out that lots of people in the original Holmes fandom INSIST that she's Scottish). Well, I made her Turkish, but she grew up in Scotland (because I figure that there will be more diversity in 2030).

Haha, so I actually hadn't intended for the whole "Perry" thing to be a surprise! Like, it just sort of happened like that that I couldn't find a place to do it until here, and originally, this was the end of Ch1 (but then I split them so that it wouldn't be SO long). So yeah, "Perry" came out of the fact that I just didn't want to write "Scorpius" over and over again :P

Oh, my inconsistent comma use! I've been trying to stop using WAY TOO MANY, but you're absolutely right on all counts here, thank you :)


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Review #10, by Penelope Inkwell Prologue: The Lodger

14th September 2015:
Hey Roisin! Here checking out the Dobby nominations--once again, huge congratulations!

Ohmygosh, I'm so excited that you're writing a Sherlock Holmes-style story! I think that will suit your incredible gift for detail to a T.

Roxanne lifted her cappuccino to her lips but found only the overly sweet dregs where the sugar had settled at the bottom of her cup.
--I love how you do this. It's those little real things that we can all relate to that really draw me in.

Its stone walls were crowded with paintings—all original DaVinci’s, rather than the static replicas adorning muggle museums. A nude witch smirked and waved from the canvas above the bar.
--And then there's things like this! I love that you're adding in little bits to wizarding history. The idea that Leonard DaVinci was part of the wizarding world is brilliant! And that all the still versions are just replicas for the Muggles...that's great.

Finally she spotted a cracking piece of parchment spell-o-taped to the door frame. Faded ink read 221B with an arrow pointed to an ancient-looking chord.
--this level of detail is really inspiring me. You paint such a clear picture.

I definitely had to read something by Hume in high school, and I'm not totally sure I'm connecting the name with the right, because we read a lot of stuff, but if I am, it was the most incomprehensible craziness I had ever read. Till college came around ;)

Them! Magazine is a reference to Us! but with a more honest title.
--BAHAhaha! Roisin! I cannot!

I had to look up the word diurnal, but I love that! I also just like how you expanded magical London to include more than just Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley. I've always been like, "I know the magical population is small, but surely they need more than two streets?!" And I've always wanted to write extra magical streets into a story, though I haven't found the opportunity yet. I love that you did that!

Roisin, I like how your 'nerd alert' is in your vocab use, not in researching inflation prices for the cappuccinos of the future. You crack me up.

This is a great first chapter. I'm eager to learn why Roxanne got fired, and why the person I am assuming, based on your banner, is Scorpius, is going be a false name. Sooo many mysteries! Dun dun dun!

But really excellent work!


Author's Response: *Squee* Thank you so much! This story was a huge amount of fun to write :D

Also I drink a lot of coffee when I write, and so I'm pretty sure that that had just happened to me and I was like "hm, that's sort of like a metaphor for Roxanne's current state in life."

Oh crap I used the wrong version of "cord" there--I wrote 'chord' like 'power chord!' I know you weren't meaning to give CC but thanks for pointing it out!

I also read Hume in High Schoolbut don't exactly recall what he was all about :P A quick scan of his wikipedia page made it seem like a nice fit, and I liked the name for having the same etymological root as "Holmes" (YES DID RESEARCH INTO ETYMOLOGY)

Oh yeah I too insist that there must be more than just Diagon/Knockturn! And I wanted to explain why Harry had never been there/we'd never heard of it, so I tossed in that "it's super expensive and the majority of wizarding Britain never went there" to justify it :P I mean, Harry only ever visited Diagon with Hagrid or the Weasleys (and was there alone when he was 13, but probably wouldn't have wandered all that far since he was alone and 13), so I thought that made sense :)

"Nerd Alert" should probably just be a standard disclaimer on most of my stories :P

Ah yes, some of those mysteries will resolve more quickly than others. You'll just have to wait and see ;)

EE, thank you so much for this amazing, fantabulous review! And for being a boss and checking out all the nominees :)


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Review #11, by MuggleMaybe Meet the Wotters

12th September 2015:
Hey Roisin!

I'm making my way through Dobby entries, but I had been wanting to read this one anyway. I love Sherlock (both the original and the BBC show) and this is a brilliant take on it.

First things first: well, this is certainly a unique characterization of Scorpius! And I'm exceedingly pleased that you've used Roxy as the MC and characterized her so well. I see very few stories about her in comparison to most of the other Next Gen kids.

One of the things I thought very shortly after I started reading this story was, "Whoa, Roisin is really smart!" This wasn't at all surprising, but the way you were able to jump into this and have Scorpius make those deductions about Roxy and explain them so well - it was really, really impressive to me! So props on that.

So far the plot is fantastic. It's engaging and exciting, and it moves quickly. But, not too quickly. You aren't revealing too much too fast or lessening the mystery. It helps that you've made Roxanne intelligent enough to know just as much as most readers could figure out in this situation.

I really enjoyed getting to meet your version of the Weasley/Potter clan in this chapter. It is so different from mine, which was really cool to see! :) And you did a great job of capturing the different personalities in a short amount of space.

These first five chapters are SUCH a strong start. The mystery is well-crafted, the characters are fine-tuned, the prose itself is clean and personable, and the whole story has a very enjoyable quirkiness about it. I am really, really hoping to come back to this one ASAP (once I've at least gotten a start on all the other nominees). Your nomination was extremely well deserved - Congratulations!

xoxo Renee

Author's Response: Hi Renee! Thank you so much for leaving a review :D

As soon as I got the idea for this I knew I wanted Scorpius to be the Holmes character, and then Roxanne just popped out to me as the Watson. Partially, I think, because she does have a lot of implied raw charisma, for being George and Angelina's daughter, but also because I wanted to avoid a pre-established ship (like Scorose or Scorbus) and because I'd always imagined her as being a bit older. And then I'd seen very few multi-chaptered fics that featured a protagonist of color and wanted to do something about that.

Aw shucks thanks! The conversation with the deductions was actually the first thing I wrote for this, and it was the first very specific idea I had, and then I went back and wrote the beginning after.

I really wanted Roxanne's strengths to be equal to her obstacles. So she's a very smart and 'together' person, who's suddenly found herself completely adrift and out of her element. This was also my first attempt at Intricate Plot, so I'm glad you dug it :)

I had a lot of fun with all the cousins, especially James ;)

This was all hugely fun to write, and I was definitely having a ball working on it and let myself get pretty weird at times :P I think it gets crazier as the plot intensifies, which was SO fun to do!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and being such a CHAMPION for reading all the nominees!


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Review #12, by HeyMrsPotter It's Time to Go Now

9th September 2015:
Okay, I've literally just opened this chapter and usually I review at the end but calling it now-that orange insect Hermione nearly squished is Marga Skeeter!



Love that Perry puked all over the courtroom LOL! I also really liked that Roxanne still had to serve a sentence in Azkaban, I think it makes it much more realistic, she did assault people and break the law more than a little bit ;) I do have one MAJOR issue with this chapter though...WHERE IS THE NEXT CHAPTER BUTTON, HM? I joke, obv, but seriously, please let me know when this materpiece has an epilogue.


Author's Response: Well spotted! None of my beta's figged it the first time around!

I really wanted to show Roxanne /change/ and /develop/ over the course of this story, so in the end, everything that she was originally afraid of (Blishwick pressing charges, her getting sentenced to Azkaban) actually happened, but she accepts it now and feels it was worthwhile. Also, I def snuck a lot of my own opinions about sentencing for nonviolent drug crimes into this story :P (so nonviolent users/ distributors/traffickers received lighter sentences, or only rehab, while assault resulted in prison time)

I'm going to try to get the epilogue up soon, but might not make it until voting begins--but at least then I can use that time to get it perfect :)

Thank you so much for all these reviews, and for being a CHAMPION and reading all the nominees! You ROCK!


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Review #13, by HeyMrsPotter The Game Is On

9th September 2015:
One of your many cousins (ginger, if that narrows it down at all) OMG PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU ARE SO FUNNY!

I like the use of the time here, it really made for a dramatic read. I felt myself leaning more and more into my screen as the chapter went on and hurrying Roxanne along in my head :p

You are seriously good at chapter endings. Every part of me wanted to click that next chapter button but alas, I had to leave this review to tell you once more how amazing this story is!


Author's Response: OK WAIT, so there's actually a bit more to that joke! The funny thing is that it actually DOES narrow it down! There's a reason why I gave a picture of EVERY SINGLE PERSON in "Meet the Wotters": there are only 3 ginger cousins (Hugo, Rose, Lily--and Lily is back out of the country!) The Delacour-Weasleys are all blonde, the Tang-Weasleys have black hair, and Freddie is her brother not her cousin (which Scorpius would know)! But yeah, I was hoping people would just laugh at that and not realize it had to be either Rose or Hugo ;)

And yay so glad the pace worked! I've never done anything quite like this before so I'm so pleased I pulled it off!


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Review #14, by HeyMrsPotter Such Savage Methods

9th September 2015:
Okay, I'm done with boring courses and back for more of this excellent story!

Favourite line in this chapter: In that moment, Roxanne had suspected that Rudyard Blishwick had burst forth from his mother's womb already middle-aged. How is it possible that you have said absolutely everyting I need to know about this character in one single, witty, hilarious sentence?

Oh man, it seems like everything is falling apart for Roxanne, I suspect that someone has convinced Blishwick to press charges. It seems Perry has a plan up his sleeve though! I'm so excited for the next chapter!


Author's Response: :D Yas! So glad that line worked!

And yes, 'someone' did encourage him to press charges ;)


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Review #15, by HeyMrsPotter Meet the Wotters

9th September 2015:
Oh man I really didn't want everyone to be right about Perry being an addict, silly boy!

I thought this chapter was a nice contrast to the previous ones. You still had links to the drugs case, and a dramatic ending, but the party in the middle was a refreshing break. I like that you don't have all the Wotters still crazy close and meeting up on a weekly basis, I think you've created a really realistic relationship between them all, they still love and care about each other and obviosuly get along well but they also have their own lives that get in the way so that big gatherings like this are the only times they're all together.

Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Yay I'm so glad you liked the pacing! I wanted this to be a comedy, but couldn't help but get serious at times, so this chapter was a big exercise in doing both!

I'm from a REALLY big family myself (like, bigger than the Wotters--my mom was the youngest of TEN), and we're all SUPER close (closer than most people are with their extended family, because: poverty), but we still don't see each other weekly. Like, I'm way closer with my sister than most people are, and I'm super involved in my nieces/nephews' lives, and I don't even see HER weekly (and she lives about a 20 minute walk away). And I'm probs the family they all see MOST often! So yeah, I def was inspired a lot by my own family here :)

Also, HAY, replying in reverse chronological order because I'M A REBEL!

Thank you so much for all the reviews!


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Review #16, by HeyMrsPotter Stakeout!

9th September 2015:
Ohmygoodness your Marga Skeeter article is PERFECT. You've captured her mother's (I assume?) wicked journalistic voice brilliantly. I really love that you included all of the details about the rest of the family too, it's nice to hear what they're all up to without having them directly, and unecessarily, involved in the story. Also, AUDREY THE STRIPPER? WHAT?! Brilliant.

I like that you're keeping me interested in the stroy (fantatic characters, plot, and writing aside) by the double mystery. First with the silver substance, and then with the mystery of Roxanne's previous job and how she ended up resigning. The trickle of information on both counts is great.

Another great chapter!


Author's Response: Ooh so there's a lot of options re: Marga/Rita. (heh, Margarita... I'm the worst). She could be her mum, and Rita chose to give her child her own surname. Rita could have been married, we have no idea! Rita could be her aunt. Each reader seems to have an interesting idea about what that family is like, and I'm down to leave it up to them :)

Audrey the Stripper is SUCH a reference to Gabriella Hunter's "This is Audrey Tang!" It's totally my headcanon now!

Heehee--oh yes, mysteries. Shan't speak about it just yet!


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Review #17, by HeyMrsPotter The Huddled Masses

9th September 2015:
Me again!

OMG this line made me laugh so hard- "Well, had you won, you wouldn't be out on a Tuesday morning scoring drugs with the Last Scion of Malfoy."

I liked the more serious tone this chapter took when Roxanne was buying the drugs. The image you painted of the 'drug den' was horrific! It reminded me of that scene from Taken (the first one) where Liam Neesons character finds his daughter's friend. *shivers*

I also really liked the ending with all of the letters, it was a great way to build up the excitement for the next chapter. I can't wait to find out what the Prophet has to say!


Author's Response: OK back to reply to all of your fantastic reviews :)

Hee I'm quite fond of that line myself, glad you liked it!

That scene was def inspired by a lot of things, like "The Basketball Diaries," "Junky" by Burroughs, and "Trainspotting," so I'm super stoked it was a resonant image for you! Toggling seriousness with humor was definitely a challenge here, and I really wanted a nice balance, so I'm glad you dug it!

Yayay I'm so glad the letters-excitement worked! I'd never done anything cliff-hanger-y before, so I had a lot of fun with that here :)


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Review #18, by HeyMrsPotter At the D.M.L.E.

9th September 2015:

Perry is SCORPIUS?! OMG.

Excuse my crazy caps locks! Two chapters in and I can already see why this has been nominated for a Dobby. Colour me addicted, Roisin!

I absolutely adore Perry/Scorpius. In my head he totally has Benedict Cumberbatch's voice :p Oh, and your Mrs Hudson! HILARIOUS! Moggle :') and that line about the Warthog school, I'm DYING!

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. On to the next!


Author's Response: *flails* THANK YOU!

It's weird because I never planned for Perry=Scorpius to be a twist, it just happened! Like, originally Ch1 and Ch2 were combined (and HELLA long), and it just took me a minute to get to his name. Then I split them based on ad astra's advice, and put off the reveal til even LONGER. But in a way I'm glad for it, because then it's not like I'm riding on Scorpius' popularity for reads, you know? Like, people don't keep reading because: Scorpius.

YAY I was SO proud of "moggle" and "Warthog School"--so glad you liked!


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Review #19, by HeyMrsPotter Prologue: The Lodger

9th September 2015:
Hi, Roisin!

I'm very slowly starting to work my way through the Dobby nominees list :D First off, congrats on your nomination!

If I'd known there was hints of Sherlock in this story, I would have checked it out WEEKS ago! This was a really great opening chapter. I really like how much of an impression you've given me of Roxanne already, I'm really liking the character you've given her. Your writing style is really refreshing and easy to read, and you've got some excellent descriptions. I'm excited to read on!



I actually got the idea for this story while watching the show House (I liked pretty much every 'Holmesian Pastiche), and felt all like "I WANNA TRY ONE!" Like, Sherlock is probably the best modern adaptation, but doing "Homles-ish" is super common because it's so archetypal (and super interesting because you can take little ideas or threads and sort of re-envision them). So yeah, this is mine :D

I think Roxanne might be my favorite character I've ever written. Like, there are others that I just /love/ more, and might even be more proud of, but she's just so LIKABLE. Like, I really, really like her! And I could just imagine what she'd do/say in any circumstance even though I've never met anyone exactly like her. I dunno. She feels like a friend?

I'm also REALLY glad you liked the descriptions! This was my first try at doing Humor and PLOT, so I felt like my first draft was all dialogue and information, with zero attention to sensory info. So yeah, I tried really hard to actually transmit the images I had in my head, and am REALLY glad that worked out!

Thank you so much for your review! Obv it meant a lot to me, since my response is like 3x as long :P


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Review #20, by Shinicha Such Savage Methods

20th August 2015:
This is getting SO thrilling and exciting!

Their plan is ridiculously dangerous and risky (was getting caught in the office part of the PLAN? Or did he succeed DESPITE being caught?), but also pretty clever.

Over the course of the chapter it also becomes clear, that while Perry is clearly erm, hard to deal with, his "delusions" are most likely to contain a lot of truth, and I can't help wondering if the suspicions he had about an "influencal wizard" being dark (whoever it was where he broke in) will become relevant later on.

The other thing is this annoying Skeeter woman who keeps appearing (who did she indeed get that shot?).

You're really doing an exceptional good job at giving all kinds hints toward potential suspects! :o

The child-thing, Roxanne does to remember the "innocence" of all her patients, I do it too and it's sometimes really quite puzzling. The sentences that followed, about Blishwick having signed his Healer's certificate before his birth certificate was one of the coolest ones in the chapter! (Besides, of course, the stoned birds, haha).

So, will Blishwick be the Moriarty? Or is this just the beginning? (IS SKEETER ACTUALLY THE MORIARTY?)

Too many questions!

Just something I forgot to mention in the last review for chapter 5:

"outside the scandal and the St. Mungo's and the investigation with Perry" - I THINK you meant "at" not "and" St. Mungo's?

Author's Response: You know, that's a really good question! Perry def makes it SEEM like it was part of the plan, but he's probably just trying to spin it that way and it was an accident :P

YAY I'm so glad that I managed to make multiple suspects alluring! And yeah, the "remembering everyone was a baby" thing can be SUPER trippy. So glad you liked the line about Blishwick! (AND STONED BIRDS. I really didn't know whether or not people would hate that, but it made me giggle SO MUCH)

I WILL KEEP MYSELF FROM OFFERING SPOILERS. There may or may not be sequels planned ;)



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Review #21, by Shinicha Meet the Wotters

20th August 2015:
Sooo this chapter was the awaited and dreaded serious turn!

While I had a bad feeling when Roxy left Perry alone, I think I would've done the same if I were her. (Maybe I would've forced him to come with me, but probably not.) Even assuming that he WAS an addict, it's quite true that he doesn't seem at all like a Heroin-one, with his giddyness and constantly reeling thoughts.

The scene where she gets the "clue", seeing Hugo and James on the balcony, was really cleverly woven into the story at a point where the reader wouldn't expect it! I also liked that she actually did realize something was wrong instead of coming home and finding the .. surprise.

As to the family gathering: It was interesting to see them all flock together and how you fitted in all the information about them. You did a good job with it, balancing facts with personality. It didn't seem forced or unnatural. I particularly liked the detail about Lily helping the Cannon's to the top :D

Again, I love how you mix other fanfictions with yours, and I think I might have to check out some of them (successful AD strategy!)

Hugo is such a little annoying ignorant, haha! He doesn't seem very grown-up, still too stuck-up to have sex talk (or at least have his sister talk about it publicly), but trying hard to be cool by approaching drugs in a supposedly'leger', actually a bit stupid and irresponsible, manner! It's funny how familiar his character seems. In between all the "do-it-my-way" self-confident Wotters (who all manage to be successful with what they want to do, excpet for Roxy haha) he seemed the youngest and the one with the most dents in his personality, which is intruiging.

I also thought it was interesting to see Roxanne in a club. While she'd mentioned that she hadn't really gone out much since she started as a Healer, and also that she apparently had a lot of pretentious friends who didn't care about her once she got into trouble, I didn't quite expect her to be so unused to going out. However, it fitted her personality so far, while showing a new facette of hers. (Also in the way she approached this Felix guy, who, btw, does NOT ring a bell at all from Year Five, WHAT AM I MISSING TELL ME).

So. Now. I'm waiting for what will happen to the idiot that almost overdosed even though he should know better.

Author's Response: You have NO IDEA how glad I am to hear that you think you would have done the same thing. I REALLY didn't want anyone to think Roxanne was being foolish by leaving him alone, and wanted her choices to make sense and be relatable. YAY!

Oh yes, so much toggling of moods. Like, "serious plot [then] YAY FUN FAMILY [then] OH NO CLUE"

There was definitely a lot that was self-indulgent about all the Wotter trivia I threw in, so I'm glad you liked how I parsed it out. It was--yeah, the whole toggle of moods. Like, throw in really indulgent fun stuff before something TERRIBLE AND HARROWING happens.

It's weird how, even before I started writing Hugo, I just knew he would be a little crappy. I don't know why! Maybe because I felt like SOMEONE had to be, and it helped the plot that someone was.

I know that being a doctor is REALLY hard, and Roxanne was still pretty early in her career and really devoted to her work, so I figured she just didn't have TIME. And also, for her overall character arc, I liked the idea that maybe losing her job/career might not be a bad thing. There be silver linings!

Heehee, so Felix: he wouldn't have been born yet when Y5 was set. But there is a clue! "Nirvana is Dad Rock to me."


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Review #22, by cherry_pop94 It's Time to Go Now

20th August 2015:
"If it's not Baroque, don't fix it."
-Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast.

I'm sorry I'm just a dork.

Anyway... hi Roisin! I'm here for the review your requested ages ago! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get here but real life (and Netflix) sort of hit me over the head.

All I have to say about this was that it was absolutely marvelous. A perfect insane conclusion to a perfect insane story! There are so many parts of this I loved. I could just go on forever. But a few highlights:

Hermione brought Roxanne everything she needed except hair care. I feel like that's something people would forget about, but you haven't, it just adds so much to this. I mean, of course Hermione wouldn't understand the different types of hair care Roxanne needs! It's really perfect.

Rose's work with activism. You've already mentioned it before, but I love how you've expanded it. And the bit how Roxanne stated that everyone wanted to see her fail. Such a perfect statement, and it certainly rings true as well. It fits perfectly with Rose's character for her to request the community service.


Perry vomited... Oh my god. Is this court scene too Baroque?? NO SUCH THING, I SAY. Especially not when the writing is this good.

Dennis with the popcorn. I laughed out loud, for real.

MARGA SKEETER. I love how in the end, she's the one who unraveled all this. Like you had us believing that Blishwick had her on his leash, but then she turns around to be the unscrupulous, but also somehow lovable and saving-the-day-type, journalist we all know and love after all.

Roisin, I could go on forever. Study in Silver has been such an incredible read. I could go on forever about how much I have loved this. Really, I cannot commend you enough for how skillfully you've done this story.

It's been on my currently reading this all this time, but it it finally time to add this to my favourites. Thanks for an amazing read and I can't wait for the epilogue.


Author's Response: GUH I'm SO SORRY it took me so long to reply to this, such a fantastic review!

You have no idea how glad I am that the insanity wasn't too much :P The whole thing really did build into something of a fever pitch of chaos!

DUDE. HAIRCARE. I actually wrote this before this happened, but this summer my niece spent a few weeks with her (white) grandma, and she came back with her hair ALL KINDS OF A MESS. Her grandma just had no idea how to deal with it.

You know, it's sort of a sad thing, because it DOES happen that when people are labeled "Social Justice Warriors," the media LOVES to see them fail. Like, a person isn't allowed to be a fallible human if they care about something :( Someone's point should still stand even if they've made mistakes!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes, Moriarty. So since you figged that, it's been given away: there be sequels planned ;)

SO GLAD you liked the vomiting! I worked really hard to nail the comic timing there and am SO glad that worked!

Dennis and the popcorn is probs my favorite part :)

So I sort of worked out the plot WHILE writing (whole thing was pre-written before uploading), so I had this neat opportunity to GO AGAINST my instincts. Like, if something seemed obvious, then I did something else. Marga made a great antagonist, which made her an even better surprise hero!

YEE STEFANIE THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm trying to get the epilogue done before reading week ends (because I can't post new chapters once voting starts), but I don't want to rush the edits. But I will try!

Again, thank you SO MUCH for all of your encouragement and feedback on this story!


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Review #23, by Shinicha Stakeout!

19th August 2015:
Rita's article was the best of the best!
Ok, by now I have to admit I'm getting a tad tired, so this review will be much shorter, however believe me I loved it no less.

I really enjoy how you make references to other fanfictions in your story (such as the Fred Memorial Scholarship, from where I'm guessing Rose also borrowed her activism), I love your Skeeter woman (so much), and the only thing I would possibly, maybe change is starting two consecutive paragraphs with the same word in the article:

"So what went wrong?" - this one. MAYBE. I'm just overly picky with word repititions! (forever scarred by my German teacher)

The scientific input, mixed with magic, was truly impressive and also informative!

I'm really hoping Perry's addiction isn't connected to opioids (you know my horror by now), and I really hope Roxy'll get it out of him!

Also, thanks to you my English gets polished up quite a bit. Maybe I should start a vocabulary list! On the downside this story might just keep me from starting my own mysteriy novel that I've procrastinated writing the last weeks because

a) I'm too addicted reading this (plus, I should read all the other nice recommendations in the Dobby's thread too, not only but also to send this into the race) and b) this splendid piece of writing is far too nice to not subdue my enthusiasm about writing something far more inferior haha :P
(or maybe c) I'm just as lazy as usual.)

And now I'm off to bed,


Author's Response: Hee, that Skeeter article was SO FUN to write! Like, oh man. And you know I hadn't thought of this Rose being much like the FWMS-Rose, but you make a good point with the activism thing. Probs because of the whole Hermione/SPEW thing, I just figure Rose has to be something of a warrior for causes :P

Ooh you make a good point with the article. While writing it, I tried to sort of allow a little bit of crap or ridiculous writing, since I sort of thought it fit the character--but I think that might indeed be a good thing to adjust since it doesn't really come off as very intentional.

Ha, I nerded out WAY too hard on the science here!

Ooh ooh ooh! I wanna see your mystery story! Writeitwriteitwriteit!


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Review #24, by Shinicha The Huddled Masses

19th August 2015:
I almost started this review with another "AHHH" (they're getting more insane and hysterical by each chapter), but that would be too repetitive.

But. AH. Okay, I'll start with the easiest thing: Unless my English failed me (quite possible), I think the "a" should be an "it":
"She’d intended to twist the knife where a hurt the most"

THANK YOU for making me laugh so hard. In my glee over this hilarious chapter, I posted it on Facebook, telling everyone to read it. (Sadly I don't know many HP fanatics so your read count most likely won't change much).

You're right, every attempt to make Scorpius sound cool is doomed to fail. Although I do know a person called Pius, like, for real. (I know a few Pias as well. Catholic country.) But Perry somehow reminds me of a dog's name, haha... you know, a really furry, fluffy one, as in peRRy.

I feel I get sucked in by Perry's quite crazy life rhythm just as easly as Roxanne does, getting up and sleeping at weird hours. (BECAUSE I CAN'T STOP READING. It's 2:40 in the morning.) But not only because of that, but because your writing gives a the story a fast pace that is still very easy to follow, it flows really nicely!

Your description of their surroundings when they're on their drug spree through London are really FINE, and I feel you've improved tremendously since Year Five, even though that is already really good.

The added mystery of Roxannes resignation intruiged me just like Perry. But I got immediately distracted by the absurdity of this chapter. The drugs hidden INSIDE a pig, haha.

Uncontested is Roxanne's fashion show in Diagon Alley. I'm trying to guess the letter order, let's see:
1. George
2. Angelina
3. James
4. Hermione
5. Albus
6. Well that one was revealed.

Am I right? If yes, you are truly amazing. If I'm wrong you still are, because with a single paragraph you managed to give me a distinct image of all the characters and managed to re-wrap it in two-line-letters. I mean, WHAT. (Although admittedly, there is a certain trend in the fandom-business that supports some guesses). Still, wow.

Perry's addiction IS btw a bit scary and when he burried his face in the rucksack, for a short moment I was afraid he'd just take a bite or something :D

OK BACK TO BUSINESS, next chapter. ^-^

Author's Response: OH you make me squee and flail :D THANK YOU!

I don't know of many people sharing my stories outside of here, so that means a lot to me!

Weirdly the only Perry I've ever known in real life was a girl, so I can't really shake this sort of effeminate connotation to it, which I think is why I thought it suited him. And yeah, Scorpius is just a ridiculous name and I COULDN'T deal :P

Writing this story definitely made me want to go back and edit Y5, because I was all like "oh hey look, I'm better at things now!" And I'm so glad you liked the pace! That's something I definitely focused on a lot!

THAT WAS MY PLAN! To distract people from figuring out the mystery by just being really absurd! YAS MY TRICKS ARE WORKING!

Your guesses are actually really close!

1. Yes George!
2. Actually, AUDREY! But you totes figged the Mum Voice thing (though I think a letter from Angelina would have read more like "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?!?!?!)
3. This is a super good guess, but the answer here is Freddie (but James really is a good guess)
4. Yup, Hermione :)

My idea was that the article in the next chapter would sort of explain who sent which thing, so this was something of a "soft intro" of all the characters.



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Review #25, by Shinicha At the D.M.L.E.

19th August 2015:
Ah, I love you so much, this story is so super-duper-cool!

You've got a great grasp on the moods, they change very subtly but effectively with each scene. To see Perry's weak side was almost heartbreaking, I swear I felt sad when Harry told her that they didn't pay him!

Speaking of Harry; the thing with the glasses.ah. it's too funny, I can't put it into words .. T_T

I also liked that you tried to effectively think 15 years into the future (looking forward to re-reading it in 15 years ;D ); but solar-energy for London? :P

On a side-note: What's with the Heroin in each of your stories? :D
Ah, and Perry fighting his old addictions...

Righto, done rambling (sorry!) reading on :)


I'm really glad that you said what you did about the moods here. This was the most Humor story I've ever written, but I still wanted to vary it a lot and let the tone shift at times.

Hee, I liked the glasses thing myself :P

The whole "future" aspect is often something I've wondered about NextGens--since they're usually set a bit in the future, which also makes the story scifi! I didn't want to ignore that, but also didn't want to belabor it too much, so I'm glad you enjoyed the details I threw in :)

That is a very, VERY good question. With Y5, I think it was included because of era. Here it was just a weird accident. I picked the title "Study in Silver" as a play on "Study in Scarlet," and /really/ wanted an alliterative color. So yeah, I chose silver just because it started with S :P Then I was like, "hmMmMm, what can be silver? Unicorn blood? ...No, not getting any ideas there... DRUGS?!?! Yeah that could work." It needed to be a mystery set partly in the muggle world that had nothing to do with Death Eaters, and drugs was the only thing I could think of that could combine magic and muggle in a dangerous way, and black tar is black... So, it just was the only option!

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