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Review #1, by Pheonix Potioneer Of baby dragons and rare pink elephants

18th January 2018:
AH Jimmy officially knows! I'm sure he'll want to know exactly what Dorea knows but... squee! To be honest, I'm surprised that Dorea is taking it so calmly. If I just found out that I had a secret brother i would be freaking out.

But yeah, everything's just so complicated. Dorea's got it right. Peter is a good father now, and Jimmy/Harry loves him, so seeing them break up as a family would be heartbreaking. Not to mention that if he lives with the Potters it would be weird and he'd have to adjust and his dad might be in prison... and now Remus is involved too... Yeah. It's crazy.

Love the story, love all the twists, keep it up!

Author's Response: Hey, Claudia! Thank you so much again for this lovely review, and sorry if I'm replying so late!

Yes, Jimmy knows. And drama is coming (not that it wasn't there already... :P)

Ah, yes, Dorea is taking everything rather calmly, but that's just how she is, you know? She's very reflective and with a fervid imagination and a great disposition to accept just about anything (I'm going to sort her in Ravenclaw, if I ever get to write her sorting... imagine her father's reaction... :P)

It's very complicated, yes, and a lot of people's feelings (and not just that) are at stake. I think you summarized it pretty well...

Hopefully it won't take too long before next chapter, but I'm not sure how long it'll take... I want to finish the story by the end of the year, though. It's one of my new year's resolutions. :)

Thank you so much again for reading and letting me know your thoughts! Receiving this review really made me smile!

Much love,

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Review #2, by marauderfan A job

17th January 2018:
Chiara, you rebel, not using the request form. It's amazing that I even put up with you :P :P :P (KIDDING. YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU ♥)

Marauders reminiscing about silly childhood pranks. UGH this makes me so sad though because I wish they could have had the time for all this reminiscing. IT'S NOT FAIIIRRR. (That's why I'm so glad that your story exists because in this timeline they do have that chance.)

OOH PETER MESSED UP BIG TIME. And it took .2 seconds for James to put all the pieces together. I'm not surprised. James is a smart guy, and Peter's been hovering on the edge of recognition for a while. THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET DRAMATIC AND I CAN'T WAIT

OMG HAHAHAHAHA CHIARA HOW COULD YOU?! I can't believe it was all a dream XD You had me! I was fooled!

What disturbed him was the idea that his once friends hated him so much -- Awww. I know Peter has done some pretty reprehensible things but this is such a human, real fear and I can't help but feel for him here.

I actually said "Aww" out loud when Sirius reacted to Peter's tale about his wizarding games shop. Considering Peter was always the forgotten one who looked up to his friends but could be often ignored by them, it was just so sweet to see Sirius saying Peter was his hero. I mean, he doesn't know it's Peter, but, just, that gave me a lot of feels. Peter would be so proud, if he weren't hiding and pretending to be someone else...

OMG PETER I DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU ASKING REMUS TO WORK FOR YOU. I love that he wants to give Remus a job, and help his friend get employment, but then there's the issue of Peter's still being dishonest about who he is. And like... Peter would be Remus' boss which is kinda inconvenient should any old feelings return. I have a lot of feelings about him working there and I haven't figured them out yet, but mostly excitement. Because the drama is just that much more heightened, muahhahaha.

I loved this chapter! Thanks for the request, I'm always happy to return to this story ♥

Author's Response: Yes, I know, I'm so bad, sorry... ;) (I love you too!!!)

Real or not, it is so sad that they never got that chance in canon... :( But here they are still alive and still together, and that's what matters, right?

Ahahah! I'm sort of proud that I fooled you! :P If that was real it would be a lot of drama... Poor Peter...

Peter did do some pretty bad things, but I'm glad you could feel for him there... he really only wants his friends to love him, poor guy...

I love that you mentioned that about Sirius! I didn't even think about it... I think a part of Peter definitely did feel proud, even if Sirius didn't know who he was.

It was a bit foolish of him to ask Remus to work for him, for all the reasons you mentioned. I can promise you that a lot of drama will come from this, but you'll have to keep reading... :P

Thank you so much for the lovely review, you are wonderful! *hug*


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Review #3, by marauderfan A Rosier's perspective

17th January 2018:
Grabbe and Goyle are the. worst.

I like that you show a softer side to Millicent. While she's not perfect, she at least does make the effort to follow Samantha out, and tells off Crabbe and Goyle for being cruel. Poor Samantha though :(

The scene when Samantha gets onto Neville's carriage and Neville and Jimmy are both unkind to her was a really powerful scene, and I think you wrote it so well. It seemed very realistic that her first reaction to Hermione would be the recoiling, horrified reaction she had, because that's how she's been brought up, but I so appreciated that she realized the only person to show her any kindness had been the Muggle-born, and everyone who had been rude or distrustful were purebloods, and that's what makes her question how she's been brought up. It was just such a well written scene with so many layers.

I love that Hermione is the one who really connects with Samantha and encourages the boys to be nice to her. After all, Hermione also went through a phase of having no friends.

Glad to see Jimmy Portman is equally as talented in potions as Harry Potter. :P

Snape is the worst. Really? Thirty points taken away and a detention for an extra teaspoon of flobberworm mucus? I dont know why they ever allowed him to teach eleven year olds.

I love that Samantha regularly goes to have tea with Hagrid, because she found they had something in common. It's refreshing that she's so open minded, even though she grew up in a society that taught her discriminatory ideas about Muggleborns. But she does seem to be growing out of that - I absolutely love the friendship that's blossoming between her and Hermione.

This was such a great chapter and I loved seeing things from Samantha Rosier's POV!

Author's Response: Yes, Crabbe and Goyle are really the worst.

I wanted to give Sam an ally in her house and Millicent seemed the right person. I'm glad you liked to see a softer side to her. She is a good friend to Samantha, or at least she tries to be, but of course she can't be bothered to "play nursemaid" to her (that's how Centy sees it, anyway...)

Glad you liked the scene with Sam following Neville and all the different reactions and how Hermione's kindness makes Sam question some of her beliefs. I've always thought that prejudices come primarily from ignorance and that if we all made the effort to get to know the things/people we are prejudiced about then maybe we would see things in a different light. But, yeah, I'm digressing here... Glad you liked the two girls bonding, anyway :)

Ahahah! Yeah, Jimmy is just as talented as Harry in Potions! :P (how are they even Lily's son, someone would wonder?)

Snape is Snape... and he hates Jimmy... but yeah, he is horrible...

Glad you like the idea of Samantha's friendship with Hagrid. And with Hermione. It was fun to see things from her eyes for a bit. :)

Thank you for another wonderful review! You are the best! :)

Snowball hug,


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Review #4, by marauderfan Stopping with the guesswork.

17th January 2018:
Hi Chiara! ♥

There are so many plot threads going on in this story, so many subplots, I love how you've worked all these layers together. It's great. So here we're back to Jimmy and his friends pulling at threads and trying to solve a mystery. Except in addition to the Voldemort/Gringotts robbery mystery, there's also the mystery of Peter Pettigrew.

I love how in this chapter Jimmy is so defensive of his father. I think it says a lot for the strength of his relationship to his father, because although Jimmy is obviously very upset with Peter and suspects he's lying about something big, he still defends him because he knows him to be a good person. it's like, he's allowed to be critical of his father but anyone else doing so makes him suspicious haha.

Neville and Hermione both raise very good points though - seeing all these strange things happening and wondering if there is a connection, and I think it's very smart of Hermione to not rule anything out. Poor Jimmy thinking she was taking sides - but it seemed very appropriate for an eleven year old's reaction, to assume that because his friends don't agree with him that they are taking sides against him.

But I think Ron also has a good point at the end. Neville's and Hermione's theories are very astute, but there's just so much they don't know, and theorizing until the world ends based on very scant evidence and a lot of guesswork isn't really going to benefit them. Of course, I know it won't be too long before they go poking their noses in again because they're all just too curious, but as Ron says, there are people whose job it is to solve all of this stuff.

I'm curious to see what conclusions the kids come up with (because we all know they won't stay out of it :P ) and how it affects them, because something tells me they may not all be on the same 'side' - Jimmy understandably has some bias. This was another great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi, Kristin! :)

Yeah, there are a lot of plot threads... and I really struggle to keep up with all of them, to be honest... so it's good to know that you think I'm doing a good job working them together :)

Jimmy and Peter are very close and love each other a lot. And while all the lies are sort of pulling them apart, Jimmy still needs to believe that his father is a good person. I guess it's quite natural, isn't it? We can be critical of the people we love, but we get angry when someone else accuses them... especially for children, I think it's a very normal reaction.

Neville and Hermione are making some good points and, yes, it is very smart to consider every possibility. Poor Jimmy does feel betrayed by them in a way, but like you say, that's a normal child reaction, too.

And yes, Ron is quite right too. They have very little evidence, and there's not much they can do anyway, while there are adults who are working on solving these mysteries and are qualified to do so. But yeah, that's not going to stop the kids from trying to discover things on their own. :P

Thank you for another great review! You've really been spoiling me this month! Thank you so much, my dear!

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Review #5, by marauderfan An unexpected guest

17th January 2018:
Ugh, Peter. I can't believe he still didn't talk with Jimmy. He had time for it, and now he can't until the summer. It's annoying, although unsurprising with how you've consistently written Peter. Peter won't talk until he absolutely has to and there's no way around it, becuase that's who he is. So as much as it irritates me, it's very consistent characterisation so good on you for that :P

Omg and then Peter literally transforms into a rat instead of explaining anything to Remus. I was so excited at first when I read that Remus had come by because I thought there would be some sort of "what are you doing here?" and some truth would come out but of COURSE Peter had to take the easy way out!

It was really sweet that Remus got to spend an afternoon sharing stories about his parents with his mum's closest friend. I think he really needed that, and it's just a good way of bringing back wonderful memories about them and sharing that with someone who also cared about them - it makes their loss just a tiny bit easier to bear, I'd think.

I like that Peter's mum calls him an ill-mannered snoop, haha. (It's true, he is.) but yeah, the fact that Mary knows the truth about Peter may end up raising some questions later, given that she's still covering for him, and how long is she going to put up with that? then again, I think she's kind of overly patient with Peter because she hasn't seen him for so long and now she's just got him back, in a way. Anyway, I think that'll be interesting later.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Peter will avoid any confrontation untill he just can't escape it. Like you say, that's just the person he is. Poor Jimmy, he's going to suffer a lot for that... and yes, Peter had to escape Remus too... but he won't be able to do so forever, that I can tell you...

I'm glad you loved Mary and Remus' scene. He needed that. Bringing back memories with someone who was close to them definitely helps, glad you found it sweet.

Ahahah! Peter is an ill-mannered snoop! :P Mary has always been very protective of Peter and she's suffered a lot from his absence... she's going to do anything to keep him safe, as much as she despises what he's done. At least, I think. She's just happy to have him back.

Thank you for another great review! Love you!

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Review #6, by marauderfan In death of Silvia Lupin

17th January 2018:
Copying some of my HPFT reviews over here as well so you have them everywhere!

How did Fred and George get away with an entire case of butterbeer? :P As third-years? Haha. Always the enterprising sort I guess.

Hmm. It doesn't surprise me that Remus has caught on that there was something going on there. After all, Jimmy is eleven and is probably not as subtle as he thinks he is. And given that Remus is a very intelligent person who also has a history of having people try to fish a secret out of him, it makes sense that he's figured out something is weird about the situation.

I feel so bad for Remus though, finding out that his Mum only has three weeks left. Can you let Remus have an easy time of things for once? I feel like he never can catch a break. Even in an AU where his friends are still alive. Poor guy :(

:( Aw, Chiara, the end of this chapter is so heartbreaking. I was so, so glad that Mary was able to talk to Silvia before she died though, and that they were able to mend their friendship. Mary would never have bene able to forgive herself if she hadn't gone and it was too late.. So yeah, it was bittersweet. While it was very sad that she died, I'm really glad they talked and even joked around beforehand.

And once again I feel so terrible for Remus as he wasn't able to be there when she died. :( That's the hardest thing, and I hope he doesn't blame himself for it (who am I kidding? Remus blames himself for everhthing he can think of... but I still hope he doesn't) At least he knows that she had a friend there with her when she died, maybe that will give him some peace.

This chapter was so sad :( but it was very well written and I think you did a wonderful job with Silvia's death scene.


Author's Response: Kristin, my love! I'm finally here to reply to these reviews, sorry it took me so long...

Fred and George can do anything, didn't you know? :P

Yeah, Remus would be the one who noticed that something was weird, given his experiences and his reasoning skills... erm... I wish Remus could have a bit of respite too but for some reason I'm unable to write that for him... I'm sorry... I do feel bad for him too... :(

Mary and Silvia needed to meet one last time, Mary would definitely never forgive herself otherwise. I'm glad you liked to see them together, even if it was sad.

Yes, poor Remus... (like you might have guessed, there is a bit of my own experience in this chapter...) Remus blames himself for everything he can think of... that's just Remus' definition! Kristin, I adore you (I think I haven't told you in some time...) I'm quite sure knowing that she wasn't alone would give him some peace, though.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #7, by marauderfan Theories and apologies

1st December 2017:
For the HPFT winter wonderland snow fort (friendship fics) #2

Oh wow that was such an intense christmas dinner. I really felt so bad for the Potters because Jimmy was kind of obliviously way over the line there. I don't blame Jimmy for being curious and having suspicions but there is a time and a place and... that was not it. *headdesk*

Dorea is quite the eavesdropper. She's picked up on a lot of information she probably isn't supposed to know! If she knows that Peter kidnapped Harry on his own terms and not Voldemort's orders, that means James and Lily must know that too. Which doesn't excuse what he did, but it must be better for James and Lily knowing that it was done to protect him? Of course, they still have the right to be angry about Peter not returning Harry afterward.

I really liked that last scene with Peter and his Mum because it puts everything into perspective a bit. Of course, he did have a choice in the end on whether to become a Death Eater or not, but this kind of puts into context what he had to go through and why he made the choice he did.

So yeah, things have gotten very interesting. I do hope Peter tells Jimmy the truth sometime soon because Jimmy knows too much now and it's just hurting them both to continue lying. Continuing as they are will just create more problems later on.

Great chapter!!! ♥

Author's Response: As I said, tactfulness is not Jimmy's biggest quality... poor Potters, that was really hard for them... :(

Yes, she is quite the eavesdropper... and yes, James and Lily know that Peter had "good" intentions, but that doesn't excuse his actions.

I'm so glad you liked the scene with Mary and that it helped putting things into perspective a bit. Peter did go through a lot and I think it's important to remember that.

Peter should totally tell Jimmy at this point, but it will probably take some more time... but yes, going on like this will only hurt them both... :(

Thank you so much for another lovely review!

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Review #8, by marauderfan Christmas

1st December 2017:
Reviewing as part of the fort building for the snowball fight! (friendship theme) I'm very glad to come back to this story!

Also how timely and perfect that this chapter is called Christmas.

I love that Lily makes the wolfsbane potion for Remus. And that she owns an apothecary - it's nice to imagine that this is what she'd be doing if she had lived. It fits too, because we know she was so good at potions. And it's just like Remus to refuse a gift because he feels bad about his financial situation. I think you got the dynamic of his self-deprecating, sort of "I don't deserve nice things" behaviour perfectly, as well as Lily's generosity. I'm glad she forced him to accept the gift.

Mary is still alive!!

You've written all the Weasley siblings SO perfectly. I really enjoyed that scene. It's nice that Ron has somewhere to stay over the holiday that doesn't involve him just being alone as the rest of his dormmates went home!

It's nice that Peter tried to make Jimmy's new room as similar to the old one as he could to make it feel like home from the start.

I love that Mrs Weasley sent the classic Weasley jumper to him via owl to Peter's house and that she sent Jimmy one too! Also, Neville's gift is awesome.

Dorea is the cutest.

Omg, Mary's girlfriend is a Muggle... is this her first time seeing wizarding photographs? Haha, she's in for a surprise as it doesn't seem Lily and James hid anything wizardy about the house, it's all in the open. And she's talking about politics with Lily at Christmas dinner. Hahahaha. What an introduction XD

Wow so Christmas dinner just got a bit more awkward. Not the time to ask that, Jimmy. ! But. a fantastic end to the chapter as things have just changed a lot! THINGS ARE GOING TO GET EXCITING

Author's Response: Yes! Christmas chapter! Aren't those lovely? ;)

I had been wondering what Lily's job could be... I couldn't imagine her just being a housewife because it just wouldn't work with how I imagine her character. I've seen her as a Healer in some fics, but I didn't really like that either. I'm glad you liked the idea of her owning an apothecary, I did think it worked really well with her talent for Potions. :) And yes, Remus woud try to refuse her gift... it's just how he is, isn't it?

Yes, Mary is alive. :)

Ah, I'm so glad you thought I wrote the Weasleys well, I was a bit worried about it to be honest... and yes, Ron won't have to stay alone at Hogwarts for the holidays. :)

I'm happy you liked that, Peter does care a lot for Jimmy. And I'm happy you liked the Weasley jumpers, too. :)

Aww, so happy you found her cute!

Mary's girlfriend is a last minute addiction (she wasn't there before the editing), but I do love her! Yes, she hadn't seen wizarding photographs before! :P I'm glad you liked her introduction! :)

No, that wasn't the right moment, but it's Jimmy we are talking about, he isn't a champion of tactfulness... glad you are excited, though!

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Review #9, by marauderfan Auror James Potter

29th November 2017:
HERE I AM TO READ AND LOVE THIS CHAPTER. It's been way too long since I've caught up with Jimmy! I'm very glad to be back :) This is for round 2 of the review swap in the CR.

James is back at Hogwarts and he's totally going to see Harry. I mean Jimmy. Will they recognise each other?!?! I'm still surprised James hasn't put together the fact that Peter Portman is Peter Pettigrew. But he has to recognise his son. right?

I am no fan of Snape, but I can kind of side with him here. I mean, he's literally in the middle of teaching a class and James waltzes in there and wants to talk to him this very second. It's a bit entitled of him :P Like, he can't wait ten minutes or something for Snape to have a chance?

I do like that James is trying to extend the olive branch to Snape and put their teenage rivalry behind them. Even if it's only prompted by him wanting something from Snape and that's what prompts him. But, at least it's something. He clearly still doesn't like Snape but he's trying to be civil (well... for the most part). I'm not surprised Snape wants no part of it though. :P

Ok, so now I'm beginning to think that Jimmy and Peter both have a charm to alter their appearance because Harry is said to look similar to James, and here James still doesn't notice anything... I mean, he can't be that thick. So, there's an appearance charm. (You may have already mentioned this in an earlier chapter but if you did, I forgot :P)

"And the only one I remember ever attempting murder at Hogwarts it's you." - WOW YEP THIS IS A SOLID POINT. And James may not like Snape at all but it's nice that he does trust him, based on the fact that people he trusts also trust Snape.

So Jimmy is starting to put some pieces together. Oooh, and I love that this question of Jimmy looking like Peter, which I was wondering about earlier in this review, is something you've addressed at the end of the chapter. Hermione has figured it out. I think their appearance was changed. Jimmy is going to find out that the appearance he's always seen in the mirror is not actually what he looks like. That'll be a weird experience. I can't wait to find out what Hermione has discovered and how this all turns out!

Great chapter!!

Author's Response: Kristin! So glad to have you back here! :)
Also, it's so nice of you to leave reviews for everyone for the second round of the review swap, you are so wonderful! *hug*
Ahahah! No, they won't recognize each other... not yet... but they are totally meeting and things are going to become complicated, as you already know... :P
It is a bit entitled of James, but what would you expect from him, especially when dealing with Snape? :P But yeah, I can see what you mean...
I think James is actually sorry for the way he treated Snape in school days, but yes, he would have probably never apologized if he didn't need Snape's help. I don't think Snape will ever accept it and I'm quite sure they'll never be friends, but maybe they'll come to respect each other at some point? (I'm asking because I don't know)
Yes, there is an appearence charm. I don't remember if I mentioned it explicitly before, but I have definitely hinted at it in some points. Anyway, yes.
Glad you liked that line in particular. I think there is a part of James that never really forgave Sirius for the Willow incident. And yes, James would trust Snape if both Lily and Dumbledore believe in him.
Yes, Jimmy is starting to put the pieces together and he's going to find out much more than he hoped to (but you already know...)
Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #10, by B Mischief Half Managed

14th November 2017:
So good you are back at it!
Canít wait to read the next one and get closer to disclosure.
Itís always fascinating to explore friendship dynamics in this AU... thank you Chiara!

Author's Response: Hey, B! Thank you for the review (and sorry for the late reply)
I'm working on the next chapter (the next three, actually). I won't have you wait too long this time. ;)
So glad you like the friendship dynamics!

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Review #11, by marauderfan Quidditch, curses and family affairs

4th September 2017:


"Hermione! It's Quidditch!" the two boys cried in unison, -- I love this. For all their bickering, they have the same reaction when Hermione tries to stop them. :P I think they'd get on quite well if they gave each other a chance!

Thank goodness Jimmy was fast enough to see Neville tumble over the rail and actually go catch him before he hit the ground!

DUMBLEDORE KNOWS. Of course Dumbledore knows. And... he's not doing anything about it. He knows where Harry has been all these years and who kidnapped him and... ugh, this is very typical of Dumbledore to know all this information and not tell anyone until it suits his purposes :P but... would it even be fair for him to tell James and Lily at least? Considering he may not know the reasons? I don't know, this is such an ethical dilemma :P

And I was glad Peter and Jimmy actually talked and that Jimmy let go of his anger. Love is important, and he has a family who loves him, but... love can't cover up lies. Honestly I can't blame Jimmy. I'd be full of questions too if I were him and I wouldn't like knowing that the answer is there but out of reach. Peter needs to tell him the truth, and soon. And yet, as much as I'm annoyed with Peter's choice of action here... it's very in character for him :P I bet he's just hoping Jimmy will forget so Peter never has to face up to what he's done and face Jimmy's disapproval about it.

Hehe, I still really enjoy it when people are like "WOW NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM??" with some degree of starstruck-ness :P

CC if you want it/Because English is weird:

I saw 'misterious'/'mistery' in there a couple of times, which is what you'd expect the translation to be as a cognate, but it's actually spelt with a Y: mysterious/mystery

All he received from his friends were clueless, pitiful glares -- Hm. I think you may have meant 'glances', not glares? a glare is generally an angry look (or a bright light)

This was a lovely chapter, Chiara! I'm really enjoying this fic! Ęĺ

Author's Response: Ahahah! Typical Hermione, reading at a Quidditch match. Yes, Neville and Ron could get along if they just tried.

And yes, thank Merlin Jimmy noticed. He does have a bit of a rescuing mania... Harry is always Harry, right? ;)

I'm not sure if Dumbledore knows... it's more like he suspects, I think. And yes, that's very typical of him, not doing anything and waiting for things to develop...

They did talk. But yes, there are still so many unanswered questions and Peter will need to tell him the truth, sooner or later. I'm glad you found Peter's actions in character, he does hate that kind of confrontation...

Ahahah! I'm so glad you like it! Poor Neville, though...

So glad you enjoyed this chapter too, and I can't wait to know what you think of the rest!

Love and snowball hug,

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Review #12, by marauderfan The golden quartet

2nd September 2017:
Ah, I'll have to wait a bit longer to find out what happened with James and Peter back in Godric's Hollow. For now, we're back at Hogwarts!

I like the way you write the changes in friendship dynamics here. Ron has to learn how to play well with others - seems there's a lot of people he doesn't like at this point. But maybe by the end he's gotten a bit better. After all, fighting a gigantic troll can bring anyone together. I like that there's a golden quartet!

It's interesting how many things are quite similar to the original books but with a few small changes, and I feel like as the story goes on, these small changes will build on each other until things are quite different. The friendship dynamics between Jimmy and his classmates are the biggest change so far (well... aside from everything going on away from Hogwarts with PEter), especially with Neville in Slytherin.

And why is Neville being stalked? What has Samantha Rosier against him? :-O It's no wonder he spends all his time with the Gryffindors since his own housemates make him so uncomfortable. :(

english notes:
"If I don't have an infarct in the next five minutes, -- it's generally called a heart attack ;)

Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Yes, I'm trying to follow both the kids and the adults and to alternate the POVs. Sorry for making you wait.

Ahahah! Yes, my children fight a lot... but they do love each other, or at least they are trying to learn. Yes, I do love this golden quartet! :)

I'm trying to balance things that are similar with things that should be different. It's not easy but I hope it works. I'm glad you like their friendship dynamics.

There's more to come about Samantha, but she doesn't have bad intentions, she's actually just looking for a friend (*cough* she might have a little crush on Neville *cough*) But yes, Neville doesn't really feel comfortable with his housemates and that's no wonder... :P

Thank you for another lovely review! :)

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Review #13, by marauderfan A new neighbour

2nd September 2017:
I kinda feel bad for Peter, having no idea why Jimmy won't talk to him and really trying, despite whatever else he may have done in the past. I feel like it's extra complicated because he did the wrong thing but for the right reasons (mostly). Like, he had no right to run off with Harry like that, but at least Harry is still alive. Jimmy, just answer those letters! But, maybe this is a conversation best held face to face...

a wizard who offered himself as a dragon-sitter -- I know this is really inconsequential but I love it. this is exactly the sort of weirdness I expect from the wizarding world. does this guy get a lot of work? is his only customer Hagrid? /tangent

I'm not really sure Peter has planned this out. like, he may have put some sort of spell on himself so he's not immediately recognizable (plus ten years that Lily hasn't seen him) but... the minute Lily sees Harry *cough* I mean Jimmy... she's going to know. There is no way she won't recognize someone who looks exactly like James and has her own eyes. *CUE MUCH DRAMA*

James was in the kitchen, helping Lily with the dishes. Or better said, he leaned beside the sink, admiring her while she do the cleaning up. -- James you lazy git, do some dishes. :P Ooh, and this just got really exciting because everything surrounding the Philosopher's Stone is still happening, it'll just be different with the Potters alive and I'm so curious to see where you go with this!!!

Heh heh so Peter is moving into a haunted house (or so the locals say). Should be exciting. But really, I'm just looking forward to this meeting happening (James and Peter) because many things are about to change. Peter has a lot of explaining to do and I wonder if his old friends will ever trust him again.

small fixes:
Peter scanned the various adds -- rather than 'adds' as in the maths verb, I think you're looking for 'ads' as in, short for 'advertisements'

You've been a foul to come back.
No. He hadn't been a foul.
-- 'fool' instead of foul

This is a great chapter! And actually I'm so invested in this future meeting where the Potters meet Peter again that I'm going on to the next chapter right away ;)

Author's Response: Hi, Kristin! *hug* *wub*

Sorry for the absurdely long time I took to answer these reviews... I'm the worst...

Yes, I know, poor Peter... he has a lot to be forgiven for, but Jimmy is being quite unfair to him not answering his letters. But yes, that's definitely a conversation they should have in person.

Ahahah! Yes, I wanted to put in some crazy stuff, I'm glad you liked it. No, I don't think he has many customers... :P

Peter didn't think it through so well, but he isn't that unprepared (don't know if this is the right word...) either. More about this will be explained better later. But drama is definitely coming, that I can assure you. :P

Ahahah! Isn't it so very James Potter, though? (that's a detail I added while editing and I love it...) Yes, everything about the Philosopher's Stone is still happening, we'll see where it goes together, hopefully.

I don't think the house is actually haunted, but Peter has a talent for getting himself into trouble... Peter and James will meet soon. What will happen once James discovers the truth, well... we'll see...

Thank you so much, your reviews are always so lovely! You are the best!

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Review #14, by krazyboutharryginny The Hogwarts' Express

18th April 2017:

Alright so I'm really intrigued by this first chapter. We've got this kid Jimmy going to Hogwarts, but he apparently is no ordinary boy and has a big secret, which his father is afraid will be found out. But it almost seems like only his father is aware of these things, because Jimmy doesn't seem at all concerned or like he's trying to hide anything. It really seems that he's not aware there's something he's supposed to be hiding. So I wonder what it could be?

Then we've got Ron coming and sitting with Jimmy, when in canon he sits with Harry. So where's Harry? Neville appears to have been chosen by Voldemort instead of Harry, based on Hermione's reaction to him, which means that everything is totally different. Harry could really be anywhere. He could already have wizarding friends and could be sitting with them elsewhere... he could even be dead :(

So yeah, this first chapter brings up a lot of questions and really makes it clear how much is different between canon and this AU. Neville being the Chosen One instead creates a vast new world of possibilities and it's cool to start to see those possibilities explored here!


Author's Response: Hey, Kayla! Welcome! :)

Yeah, Jimmy is not aware of the secret Peter is so worried about... but it'll all be explained in due time...

I can tell you that Harry is alive. But I can't tell you more about it. And yes, Neville is the Chosen One. A lot is different, but a lot is similar, too. You'll have to read on to find out...

Glad you enjoyed this first chapter!

Much love,

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Review #15, by nott theodore The Hogwarts' Express

18th April 2017:
CTF Review

Hi Chiara! I have to admit that I don't tend to read a lot of AU stories, but I'm actually really intrigued by the premise of this one - what would have happened if Neville had been the boy that Voldemort identified as 'the Chosen One' and who then became his nemesis. Everything would have been so different for the wizarding world and especially for Harry and the Marauders, and we got a good glimpse of that here.

I'm so intrigued about how Jimmy is going to fit into this whole narrative, as well! I think using an original character is actually a great way of introducing us to the alternative universe that you're creating, because we learn about the world with him and don't question the characters we already know as much.

The scene at the start when Jimmy and his dad were talking on the platform was really sweet to read. They're obviously really close and Peter cares about his son a lot. I liked seeing that worry about being Sorted - it seems like it's something that a lot of children face when they first move to Hogwarts. You'd think they might have realised that by now and stopped doing it to the poor kids... I'm intrigued about why Jimmy and his dad have moved back to England, too, and whether Jimmy's mum is around at all.

I love the excitement that you managed to include in this chapter, and the way that Jimmy started to meet some of the characters we know so well. Seeing them through his eyes was really interesting (and I loved the bit about Ron thinking of his mum or Ginny instead of the basilisk :P). This was a great start!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hello, Sian! Happy to have you here! :)

I'm not the biggest fan of AU either, but I had this idea and I wanted to see where it would lead me (still not sure about that...)

There are a lot of differences, but also many things are similar, but I guess you'll find out if you decide to read on. ;)

Jimmy will have a key role in the story, but I can't tell much about him right now... Glad you liked his POV and that it helped settling down in the new universe. ;)

Peter does care about him a lot, I'm glad you found the scene sweet. Yes, the Sorting is something that must worry magical children a lot...

Ahahah! I love that bit too! Poor Ron... :P

Thank you for this lovely review!

Much love,

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Review #16, by marauderfan Brooms and troubles

14th December 2016:
Ahhh and now we're back to Jimmy's POV so all the answers are probably not forthcoming :P But I guess that suspense is what makes a good story!

Poor Neville :( At least I know he grows up to be a badass. Aw, but I can see why he would be so irritated at Jimmy for not writing to his father, because he sees Jimmy as not being grateful enough for the luxury he has in actually having a father who's alive (even if Peter isn't related to him). As much of a jerk as Neville is being at the moment, he is right. Jimmy really should try to talk to Peter before he sees him over Christmas holidays...

Jimmy is one angry eleven year old. He's angry at so many people in this chapter, like OotP-Harry. But in how everything turned out with the Rememberall and agreeing to the duel - Harry is still Harry, regardless of the name :D

a glacial stare -- I love this description!

I love the glimpses into Neville's POV, especially of the other Slytherins who aren't Malfoy's gang. From Harry's POV in the books, he kind of gives the impression that all Slytherins are mean-looking and also just mean. A generalization that doesn't really make much sense, but Harry's a biased narrator. And here we see what it's actually like, from someone who is an actual Slytherin. Sure, Malfoy is mean, but there are other Slytherins who are normal, nice people, and I appreciate that. I hope to see more of Samantha Rosier.

Aw, the ending of this made up for all the Jimmy Angst in the beginning. Ron and Neville are becoming friends! Or at least on the way towards that. And I also like that in this story, Neville seems to be the only one with experience with Fluffy. The others didn't really see him, just pulled Neville out of the room. Good timing on Jimmy's part though.


Excellent chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Ahahah! Yes, I'm sorry... :P But I can't tell you everything immediately, can I?

I love my Slytherin-Neville, even if I don't really understand him at times... but yes, he's annoyed at Jimmy right for that reason. And he is right in saying that Jimmy should try to talk to Peter.

Ahahah! Yes, Jimmy has a tendency to anger... but it's sort of understandable, isn't it? And yes, deep inside he's always the same Harry! :P

Slytherins can't all be bad, can they? ;) Sam will appear again, there is a chapter later on that's mostly from her POV. She is interesting...

Ron and Neville will get there. :D They'll probably never stop bickering, though... Yes, that was very good timing!

Thank you for another wonderful review, and Merry Christmas once again!
Tons of love and hugs,

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Review #17, by marauderfan Chance meeting in Diagon Alley

14th December 2016:
I just wrote up this whole review and then accidentally closed the browser >__< Where was I? OH RIGHT I WAS PANICKING AT PETER'S DREAM. That's quite a nightmare! Clearly Peter still has a lot of guilt over what he did - whatever he did. And is worried about how it will impact Harry.

After reading the dream segment I was really wondering if James and Lily were still alive, or whether they were in St. Mungo's, or why else would Peter be raising Harry? But then when Peter ran into James and Sirius in the street, it's clear that the Potters are still alive and well, which only makes me even more curious as to why Peter is raising Harry. Did he run away with him due to the prophecy, and that's why the Chosen One ended up being Neville - because Harry just wasn't around anymore? I'm getting ahead of myself with questions :P but honestly this chapter raised so many more questions than answers and I really want to know! *is impatient*

I loved the scene when Peter is eavesdropping on his old friends by hiding as a rat. I mean, I would have preferred he talk to them so I could find out some answers :P, but it's definitely more in his character to just scope it out and hide until he knows what sort of welcome he'd get. Mostly I just loved reading James and Sirius, long-time friends catching up over a butterbeer at the pub, because they never had that luxury in canon (at least not without worrying they were going to be Avada Kedavra'd at any moment) so it was really a joy to read :D

Ok now I'm moving on to the next chapter because I need to know what happened! :)

Author's Response: Hi, Kristin!
Finally here to answer to your lovely reviews! (You know you are awesome, right?)

Oh, no... I hate when it happens... damned technology... Anyway...

Yes, poor Peter... quite the nightmare indeed... he does have a lot of guilt...

James and Lily are fine, obviously. ;) As for why Peter is raising Harry and Neville is the Chosen One... well... let's just say you're more or less on the right track. (I'm still trying to define some details, actually... and you'll probably get your answers from Liar before than here... Am I rambling again?)

I don't think Peter would've ever gone and talked to them. And I honestly can't blame him, I wouldn't have the courage to confront them either... Glad you liked the scene and found Peter was in character, anyway. ;)

Yes, James and Sirius never got that luxury in canon... one of the best parts of writing this story (when the characters and my muse collaborate, so hardly ever...) is to give all four Marauders a chance to live a longer and happier life. And I'm happy you appreciated it as well. :)

Thank you for the lovely review. I'll answer the others soon (but right now I need to go do some errands...)

Merry Christmas, my love!
Snowball hug,

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Review #18, by marauderfan A new friend

9th November 2016:
Hi Chiara! This is one of your prize reviews for leaving the most reviews in the Halloween Review Battle on HPFT. And, of course, it's a chance for me to get back to this story which I love!

Tapestries are distracting things. I'd probably end up meeting this fate too :P Sorry I'm late for class Professor. You see, there was a tapestry...


That letter makes me sad. Clearly Peter "Portman" really cares about Jimmy, but he doesn't know what Jimmy has found out yet, and Jimmy hasn't told him... which kinda makes sense, because it's not really the sort of thing you bring up in a letter, it's more of a thing you want to discuss in person! Like, I can just imagine how that letter would go: "Dear Dad, was I adopted? Also please remember to water the cactus in my bedroom. Love, Jimmy." haha But they need to talk about this. Is it going to have to wait until Christmas when Jimmy goes home?!

Neville being bullied by the other Slytherins makes me sad. I mean, Slytherins usually stuck up for other Slytherins, and I'd think they'd try and get close to Neville just because he's important, but there's also the thing about Neville defeating the Dark Lord so maybe some of the Slytherins who are Death Eater's kids (such as Malfoy) hold that against him. Either way, I feel really badly for Neville feeling so alone and alienated. But I like how he and Jimmy have become friends because they're both feeling kind of lost at this point. I love how natural their friendship is already - I enjoyed their note passing :P

Snape has figured it out. Of course, he's too smart not to. I love that he sees Neville as a lot like Remus because I think they have really similar personalities as well, and I think Neville being in Slytherin would really accentuate the similarities, esp with Neville being even more different from his peers (the chosen one rather than a werewolf, but it still makes him feel alienated) Ah, and Snape is just as much of a jerk and Neville is just as scared of him. Some things are a universal constant!

This was a great chapter! Big hugs and squishes and a snowball hug ♥

Author's Response: Hi, Kristin!
Sorry if it took me forever to answer to this review... and thank you so much for coming back here! :D

Ahahah! I totally agree! Not sure how the professor would react to the excuse, though. :P

Yes, Hedwig! I'm just reflecting that I don't know if she's the same Hedwig... probably yes, if Peter bought her as a birthday present for Jimmy... I can't remember what was my idea... ah, whatever...

No, definitely not something you would want to discuss through letters. (Love your letter by the way, lol) They might have a chance to discuss things before Christmas. Not sure the conversation will be satisfactory, though...

I think they don't see him like one of their own. Neville isn't the canonical Slytherin and he probably would tend to isolate himself anyway. Besides, as you say, there must be some resentment about the defeating-Voldemort bit...

I love Nev and Jimmy's friendship, too. They are my kids and I really love them (even if they drive me crazy... :P) Glad you found their note exchange funny. :D

He hasn't figured it out exactly. It's more like a feeling, you know? Poor Snape, they'll give him a hard time. :P

Ahahah! Yes, some things never change. Guess you meant multiversal constant. ;)

Thank you so much! Snowball hug rolling your way!!!

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Review #19, by love_is_magic_ The Hogwarts' Express

5th November 2016:
Oh my gosh! This was so interesting!

I was intrigued by the characters at first, then - when we met Ron - as I noticed this was an AU, I was very curious what story you were hoping to tell. But as soon as the part with Neville came up, I was hooked! How interesting!!!

I'm curious, are we to assume that since Jimmy is from America that he doesn't know about Neville and Voldemort? I guess I'll just have to keep reading to find out!

Also, I assume Harry will be in here somewhere as just a normal student with his parents alive and whatnot. I really am very curious to keep reading! You've definitely hooked me in!

Just so you know, I think you've got a typo in the last sentence in the paragraph that begins "Jimmy spent the first half hour of the trip alone...".

Well done! I can't wait to see where this goes :D

Author's Response: Hello! :)
Thank you for stopping by!

Ah, I'm so glad you found this interesting. Happy you are enjoying the characters so far. As for the story is going... well, you'll find out as you read on, I suppose... ;)

Jimmy does know about Neville and Voldemort, but it isn't as big of a deal for him as it is for English children.

As for Harry... who knows? :P Once again, just read on and you'll find out. ;)

Oh, I'm quite sure there are a few typos here and there. One day I'll make a huge edit of this. ;)

Thank you so much for the lovely review. Really hope I'll see you back again!

Much love,

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Review #20, by victoria_anne Quidditch, curses and family affairs

26th October 2016:
HPFT Team Vampire Review (muahaha my little vampire is here to pay a visit to your werewolf)

HELLO JIMMY I MISSED YOU! What have you been up to now, hmm?

Aw I love the idea that Snape sees a bit of the Marauders in the Golden Quartet (which is much better than the Trio ;)) I also kind of like the fact that they're different to the original Marauders. They make brand new Marauders :D Although, I'm sure they'll get into just as much mischief...

Haha Hermione with a book at the Quidditch match reminds me a bit of myself :P Ahh and Jimmy catching Neville! That's awesome! I love how he's the one who caught the Snitch!

What I love most about this story is how you've managed to keep it fresh and interesting, even though it's the same plot as Philosopher's Stone. That can't have been easy to do, but you've done it!

Ooh and again, this chapter has left me with questions! I promise it won't be long before I'm back!

Love you, thy little buddy!

Author's Response: Hello, B, my little vampire! *hug*

Oh, Jimmy is doing alright. A bit of trouble, a bit of sass, a bit of mischief... the usual... :P

Ahahah! Yay for the Golden Quartet! I love my kids, even if they drive me crazy... :P But Snape has it worse than me, so I can't complain. Eheheh! They are different from the original Marauders, but I can assure you that they're up to no good.

Ahahah! Well, that's Hermione!

Yes, Jimmy catches Neville and Neville catches the Snitch. So, by transitive property, Jimmy catches the Snitch... (?) Sorry, that's the crazy mathematician in me...

Ah, glad you feel that way. It is a real struggle to balance old and new and staying close to canon without making it a bad copy of Philosopher's Stone... I'm trying...

Ah, questions are good. Right? I can't wait to see you here again. :D

Love thee too!

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Review #21, by marauderfan The Sorting

23rd October 2016:
I'm baaack!

Your reasoning on what each of the first years was feeling while waiting for the sorting hat felt spot on. I also want to draw attention to the fact that Jimmy's boredom with the Boy Who Lived almost mirrors Draco Malfoy's reaction to Harry in the books, which I find really funny - how he refers to him as The famous Neville Longbottom. Haha...

NEVILLE IS A SLYTHERIN WHAT you totally surprised me with that one. I suppose at eleven Neville was much less assertive than Harry so the horcrux-part of him would be able to have more of a say? Interesting...

Potter! So Jimmy Portman is a false name. So his father then, Peter... while it would be funny for his name to be Peter Potter (lol) it would seem that this is Peter Pettigrew under a pseudonym who adopted 'Harry'. This is all kinds of interesting and where are Remus and Sirius? Since Peter didn't betray James and Lily in this reality (because they weren't in hiding) DOES THIS MEAN THE MARAUDERS ARE ALL STILL ALIVE AND FRIENDS?!?! Well, I get the feeling JAmes and Lily are in St Mungos, but the rest of them should still be around RIGHT??? OMG

I love the Sorting Hat. A little sass, a little argument, and a little caring. I always knew there was more to it than just singing a song and yelling out house names!

Aw, Fred and George! I love that you showed this side to them. For all their pranking and silliness, they do have a really caring side that I think often gets forgotten about in fic, so I love that you showed that.

Awesome chapter once again! ♥

Author's Response: Hi, love!
So happy to see you back! :D

Glad you liked their thoughts before the Sorting and that you found them in character. Ahahah! He does remind of Draco a bit :P But he really has nothing against Neville, he just wants the Sorting to be over... Jimmy has a flaw (or many flaws, actually) he isn't very patient... :P

Yes, that's exactly what I had in mind, that Neville wouldn't be as insistent as Harry was. Besides he is sort of angry with the world and he wants to prove himself worthy. So, yeah...

Ahahah! You know me too well...
Actually, things are a bit more complex... but, once again, you'll find out in a couple of chapters. ;) Marauders stuff might be just behind the corner. :P

Ahahah! Oh, I love the Sorting Hat too! I'm actually always a bit doubtful when I wrote Sorting scenes because I fear to overdo them... but it's too much fun! :D

Fred and George are great! And yes, they do have that caring side! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for coming back and for another wonderful review! *wub*

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Review #22, by marauderfan The Hogwarts' Express

22nd October 2016:
Team Werewolf review for HPFT!

Okay, how great is it that on the day you read my chapter about destiny and free will, I decided I was going to read this fic (because I'd been meaning to for a while) and found that the summary is about destiny and choices!) Bahaha! Coincidence, or destiny? :P

So anyway, yay! I love the start of this. As you know, I think what-if types of AU are really interesting to think about, and this is a great idea, exploring how Neville and Harry would both be different if VOldemort had thought the prophecy meant Neville. Are Neville's parents still alive? Is James Portman's name really James Portman? Peter... Portman? Pseudonym or real name? So many questions and I can't wait to find out! Like... does Harry exist? Is Jimmy actually Harry with a changed name and a history in America?

I'm really interested in what things you've changed about this timeline and how those effects play out. So Ron and Jimmy became friends, but under totally different circumstances than Ron and Harry did. The complete opposite in fact. Ron is kind of bored by Jimmy! Meanwhile Neville is drawing stares all over the place (while still searching for Trevor. Bless him.)

Best line award: The only thing that came to Ron's mind was his mother -- HAHAHA. And what's even funnier is that it's so true. Molly Weasley could kill someone just by looking at them!

This is such a great start and I love that it's raising so many questions after just one chapter! That's how I know it's going to be good :D I like what we've seen of the characters so far as well.

Lovely work!


Author's Response: KRISTIN!!!
Hello, my wolfy mate! ;)

Ahahah! Yay, so awesome! Destiny, definitely destiny! ;)

Ah, I'm glad you enjoyed this first chapter! :) I must confess, this isn't nowhere near as well structured as your Icarus alternative universe... but Neville as the Boy-Who-Lived is an interesting fellow to write about. :P

I'm afraid Frank and Alice's destiny was just the same as James and Lily's in canon... :( (this is not really a spoiler, so I bet there's no reason not to answer)

As for your other questions... Are Peter and James Portman real names? Is Jimmy Harry? Maybe? Maybe not? Answers are coming soon enough, anyway. ;)

A lot of things are actually just the same, but you'll find out reading on. :P
Ron and Jimmy will be great friends, even if they started a bit awkwardly. And Neville is the old, good Neville. Just a bit more grumpy... (they all are, to be true. But that's the way I love them)

Ahahah! I totally agree! Molly definitely could kill just looking at you! :P

Thank you! I'm really so glad you felt intrigued by this first chapter and I really hope you'll read on and you won't be disappointed in the rest (this story really is far from perfect and could use some heavy editing... maybe one day...)

Thank you so much for stopping by and for another amazing review! It was just wonderful to wake up to it! You are the best!

Snowball hug!!!

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Review #23, by B A plan

31st July 2016:
Wonderful! Can't wait for the next one! Love the way all of them interact with each others - Neville in this new role and Jimmy trying to figure everything out in quite unortodox ways. Keep rocking it girl! :-)

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed it!!! :D
I love my kids and I'm so glad you like them too! :)
I'll try not to make you wait too long next time! :P
Grazie mille! Un bacione!

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Review #24, by victoria_anne The golden quartet

22nd May 2016:
Hi Chi!

If you're reading this I hope it means you've finished your article! I wouldn't want you being naughty and procrastinating!

Ron don't be so mean to Hermione! She's your future wife, after all :P

Ha ha same old Seamus!

Yes! I bet that is concern in Snape's eyes! He's not all bad, Jimmy, I swear! ♥

So forget the Golden Trio, we've got an Awesome Foursome! I love how you included the troll to make Hermione friends with the boys, and that Neville was involved too :D I hope they all become fast friends and forget all their bickering!

♥ B

Author's Response: B!!!
How are you so wonderful? What did I do to deserve you? *wub* (and yes, I waited to read this AFTER I finished the article. Even if I was tempted to come here immediatly when you said you were reading Jimmy... I'm a good girl! :P)

Don't tell him... you'll scare him... :P but, yes, he shouldn't be so nasty! ;)

Seamus is Seamus! :D

Snape was definitely concerned... those children will drive him crazy... ihihih! And it's useless to tell Jimmy that, the kid is quite stubborn (dunno if you noticed)

The bickering will never stop. But they'll get to love each other deeply! Yay for quartets! I like quartets! :P

Thank you for another lovely review!

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Review #25, by TreacleTart The golden quartet

19th May 2016:
Hey Chiara!

Back for one last hot seat review!

It's been awhile since I've stopped by to check on this story, so I thought I'd pop in and see how Jimmy was doing.

On one hand I really like that you're keeping this parallel to what happens in cannon. I love seeing how people can take the confines of what happened in the books and create new scenarios, so I'm really excited to see how this eventually diverges into AU.

On the other hand, I do hope that there will be some differences in the story line coming up soon. I'm curious to see how the shift between Jimmy raised by Peter and orphan Harry start to become more apparent. I'm also interested to see if Neville being in Slytherin changes him.

I'm also interested in what role the different Slytherins will have to play in this. Why is Neville being stalked? And why does Draco and friends hate him still even though he's in Slytherin?

I'll hopefully be back for more soon!


Author's Response: Hi, Kaitlin!
Welcome back again! Jimmy has missed you! ;)

It's so hard in this story to find the right balance between canon and new elements... so I guess I know what you mean...

It's also so hard to figure out the plot direction and the characters' behaviour. I haven't done much planning, just let the story basically write itself... (which is the main reason it gave and still is giving me so much trouble...) A lot of things I've figured out while writing, a lot are still misteries. Maybe I'll edit the whole thing one day (once I'll figure out all the answers to your questions)...

Sorry if I always sound a bit whiny about this story... I'm actually feeling sort of inspired to write it right now... and I would love to see you back here! :D

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for taking the time to leave all these wonderful Hot Seat reviews!!!

All my love, hugs and kisses!

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