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Review #1, by adluvshp Storm

9th April 2017:
OMG SIAN YOU BEAUTIFUL WRITER YOU! this was so amazing omg i forgot what it was like to read the beauty you possess in your skills. but enough gushing, (not really), I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Okay so I loved how you kept this ambigious and I was trying to figure out who was the object of affections here - first i was like it is a star so possibly Sirius, and then it became clear it was a girl and Slytherin, and then the dark lord thing and I was like OH it's Bellatrix now that is very very interesting!

The narrator am guessing was the Astronomy professor so Sinistra? I have never come across such a pairing before and I did not think she would be a Slytherin but your portrayal of her is now my official head canon because it was written so perfectly, i could totally imagine it. I liked how we saw the subtle differences in their personalities too, like how Sinistra is grounded but Bellatrix is after to conquer the world with the dark lord by her side (or the other way round really).

The way you described her love for bella was also absolutely haunting and beautiful and intense. I could feel it and i was so absorbed into reading it. The ending was so fitting in the way they were on the opposite sides of the war. and of course, all the star references were so beautiful! This was full of lovely imagery and had a very poetic feel to it. 10/10!

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Review #2, by Unicorn_Charm Storm

9th April 2017:
CTF Review!

Sian! Holy crap, I've forgotten how absolutely beautiful your writing is! This whole thing was completely mesmerizing. I’m basically speechless, because I was SO wrong about who she was speaking about, until maybe halfway through.

At first I thought, “Sirius. Yeah, definitely Sirius.” Then it becomes clear that they're two Slytherins, and I'm like, “Oh! It's my boy, Reg!” Then I read on and it's like, “wait… no. Not Regulus. But, who…?” And then it hit me, “Oh mylanta, it's Bellatrix!”

The emotions in this were so heavy, I can't even begin to describe to you how this made me feel. I've totally forgotten how your writing is almost like music with the way flows. *bows down* teach me your ways!

But I've never seen this ship before, even if it was one sided. It kinda makes me want to go and see if there are more Sinistra/Bellatrix fics out there. Do you have any?? I'll have to check. If not, I'll pester you to write more.

I loved how even though she loved Bellatrix, she knew that following Voldemort was wrong, and still stood behind Harry, and the rest of Hogwarts during the battle. And also, thank you for writing a Slytherin who wasn't evil, cruel or a Death Eater. It's always refreshing to see a good Slytherin.

Even though Bellatrix was awful, I can kind of get the infatuation with her. I mean, she was so confident and powerful, and from context clues JK has given us, beautiful when she was young. I guess it would make sense. No matter what she became, it still could not have been easy to see the one you loved killed right in front of you. I'm not sorry that Bellatrix died, but I was sorry that she had to see it.

Ugh, Sian! You're so amazing. Like seriously, you really are one of the most talented authors I've ever had the privilege of reading. *squishes* This was amazing. Great work, hun!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #3, by Gail Welin Storm

12th November 2015:
Hi Sian!

Alright, so I love Bellatrix. I can't say that often enough ♥

From the LGBTQA advisory, I get that this isn't written from Rodolphus's POV but it took me a while to understand whose POV it was (the astronomy teacher, right? Man, I had to look her up, that's how seldom I think of the class! I kinda feel bad now..) and I love just how well you toyed with my mind!

I'm not quite comfortable with Bellatrix being in any kind of relationship, let alone a loving one... That's why I love that the person from the POV in infatuated with her, it's a really one-sided thing. Like a moth seeing a flame but well, being smart and careful enough not to approach it to much, not to follow its path. A distant, careful love.

Can I say how much I love the star references? I LOVE THEM! They're usually reserved for Sirius and it just doesn't do her enough justice.

Oh, wow! I felt kind of sad that Bellatrix died! "And fall, and fall." That was quite a powerful picture!

Also, I love that all that did not make it into Slytherin "lost out on Salazar’s favour" because, well, as a Slytherin I can confirm that, muhahaha!!

This was a really great read, made even more amazing by the fact that this is for the 'Gatsby It' Challenge and you haven't used the letter 'E'.


Author's Response: Hi Gee! This is such a lovely, unexpected surprise and it was really great to log onto the archives and find it!

Yep, you're right! I kind of wanted to leave it ambiguous so that people could guess who the narrator was, but also see if I could let readers know who the story was about with just the 500 words I had.

Haha, I totally agree with you on that - Bellatrix is so scary and wild and hateful that I really don't think she'd be good in a relationship - I actually kind of feel sorry for Rodolphus having been married to her. Here it was unrequited love and I felt like that fit the pair of them so much better. You understood that perfectly! :)

I'm so pleased that you liked the star imagery! It was so fun to play around with, especially with Sinistra being the Astronomy teacher and Bellatrix being named for a star.

Well, I'm afraid that, as Head of Gryffindor, I can't really agree with you on that one, but I'm sure Sinistra certainly does... ;)

Thank you for a lovely review!

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Review #4, by HeyMrsPotter Storm

20th June 2015:
SIAN &heats;

I don't know why I leave such long gaps between my visits to your author page because your writing is just so good.
I forgot how amazing your description is. How do you do it?! That first paragraph just throws the reader straight in to your story with the most vivid mental image.
I thought the first person was really effective here, especially the way you had the whole story directed at Bellatrix. The way you write about her in the battle was just amazing, this one line: Slicing through air, you pull a family apart, casting pupils and grown wizards away from you. sums her up just perfectly.
Also, can we talk about how you've managed to write a story that doesn't even have the letter e in it?!?! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!
Impeccable writing as always, my dear.
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015

Author's Response: DEE, YOU WONDERFUL PERSON ♥

Ah, you're just so sweet and lovely and how are you so nice all the time? This is why you're a Hufflepuff, clearly, because you're so awesome!

The imagery here was so fun to play around with, and it was a story which was a lot darker/more twisted than most I tend to write (because even though I'm evil to my characters, they're not in love with terrifying Death Eaters, normally :P). I'm really pleased you liked the imagery though, and the way that the first person worked to address Bellatrix too.

Hehe, I like challenges? Seriously, it took me SO long to write this, because I'd stop every few words and be like 'oh no, that word has an E in it' and then be searching every single thesaurus I could find for a synonym. But it was so fun to write and I really enjoyed it because it challenged me a lot more in terms of language - I'm really glad you liked it!

Thank you for another wonderful review, my dear! ♥

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Review #5, by Dojh167 Storm

20th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015 Review

Can I say that the beginning made me think of Les Mis? Okay, serious now.

You use the most wonderfully beautiful imagery, especially in the paragraph beginning "School slips away, and I count days and nights and pray it wouldn’t" and the paragraph that describe the way Bella storms through the world with a tornado.

I really like the parallel you create with them both worshiping somebody. Even though they are on different sides, we can't really say that either of them is more sane than the other.

I really like how in the penultimate paragraph you sentences become very short and choppy. It really feels like that emotional eloquence has been shut down, and now she is in a kind of shock, just reacting to the things around her. It works really well.

This is Sinistra/Bellatrix, right? Because I really, really like it and need to ship it now. I've read stories about Bella as gay before and I really like the idea, but haven't found anybody I really ship her with, but for some reason this just clicks for me.

Author's Response: Hehe you can most definitely say that! I hadn't even thought of it till now but that makes me think of a whole new subtext in the musical... :P

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked the imagery in this piece - it's so short but a lot of imagery felt right here, because it's such an emotive piece, I guess? And yay, I'm so happy you spotted the parallel between them - you managed to take so much from this story of the things that I tried to put into it and that's always so exciting for an author.

It is Sinistra/Bellatrix! That's who I imagined here - I'm so excited that you like enough to want to ship it! Maybe you should write a story about them (and if you do, or find any, let me know please!)? I hadn't even properly thought about what was going to happen in this story before I wrote the first word and the whole of it sprang from there, so I'm really glad you liked it and enjoyed the story! Thank you for a wonderful review!

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Review #6, by randomwriter Storm

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015

Hello there, Sian! :) I've had my eye on this for a while, and I decided that this is the perfect opportunity to read and review it.

I think I'm being a massive parrot, but I'm going to say it again anyway. Your writing is the best thing ever. It's so beautiful, and your descriptions... argh! How can anything be this perfect?!

This piece is so original. I've never read this pairing before, and the idea intrigues me. I love Bellatrix as a villain. She's so dark, strong and powerful, and it's interesting how you conveyed that through your description of her. Also, I love how you just gave us hints, and not actual names. Sinistra and Bellatrix, how interesting!

I'm so impressed with how you managed this. I've never even been able to manage the Every Word Counts challenge, but you did that, and you wrote this without using the letter 'e'. I can't imagine doing that. I mean, you can't even use the simplest of words like 'the'! This must have taken you quite some time, but then again, with talent like yours, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.

Sian, I loved this. The last line was an amazing way to end this piece. It is burned into my mind now. Great job, as always. You're the best at this. ♥

Author's Response: Adi! ♥

You're far, far too sweet and kind to me about my writing! It's making me blush a lot (and has done every time I've read it) and I can't say much else other than thank you!

I don't think I've ever read any Bellatrix pairings before - not from the perspective of someone who's in love with her, definitely. I don't even know where it came from, to be honest, but it seems to have worked in a strange way - at least, people haven't shouted at me for being ridiculous, so I guess that counts?

The Every Word Counts Challenge is so difficult and yet so rewarding, and it's something I've really come to enjoy doing - every so often, in the midst of all the other things I'm writing, it's nice to tackle something considerably shorter. Writing without the E was even more difficult - I got stuck on the first word, let alone sentence - and yet I'm so glad it seemed natural and that you liked the story!

Thank you so much for this fantastic review, my dear! ♥

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Review #7, by DracoFerret11 Storm

20th June 2015:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums, here to review for you for the House Cup 2015! So, let's go over things:

Plot: Ooooh, creepy. I liked this a lot! It's so weird to think of anyone loving Bellatrix, but I suppose someone must have. I really liked the idea of this, a Slytherin love. And I liked your narrator. I'm not sure why this is rated M, though. I think 15+ would be fine (maybe even 12+ since I don't see many actual "warnings"). But I like the plot nonetheless!

Characterization: I like the narrator a lot. I think she's intriguing. The way she thinks of Bellatrix is creepy and unnerving, but in an interesting way. I like how it all played out.

Emotions: The obsession the narrator feels is palpable, and I loved it. I wrote a creepy-obsession/love story about Dolohov and Hermione, and this reminded me of that a bit. Unrequited obsession was fun to write. :)

Overall, this was really neat. It felt original to me, so I was fond. Good job!

--Emily (DarkRose)

Ravenclaw, House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hi Emily!

It is kind of strange, and I'm not sure how I came up with the idea in the first place, but I'm glad that you liked it and that it came off the way that I wanted it to! I'll have a look at the ratings - I actually wrote this and put it up right after finishing NaNo last year and was probably a little sleep-deprived and confused.

I'm glad you found the narrator intriguing and that you found the emotions interesting and realistic! It really was fun to write. Thank you for a lovely review!

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Review #8, by TreacleTart Storm

22nd April 2015:
Hi Sian!

I'm here for the Gryffindor Red vs. Gold Review Battle! Go Team Red!

Wow! You must really enjoy a tough challenge! Writing a story in only 500 words is tough enough, but then to throw in that you can't use the letter E makes it a million times tougher. I'm happy to say that you handled it like a pro.

First, I'd like to address the length. A lot of the times, a side effect of the every word counts challenge is that we end up with an incomplete story. In this case, you have managed to tell a story that spans all the way from the sorting to the Battle of Hogwarts and it somehow feels quite complete.

I've also seen these missing letter challenges as well and sometimes they can come off a bit contrived because of having to use unusual words. I didn't notice that at all here. In fact, had you not explicitly stated that in your summary, I don't think I would've even noticed. That really speaks to your talent as a writer because that is a difficult thing to do.

I love the way Professor Sinastra remembers Bellatrix so fondly. Bellatrix is one of my absolute favorite characters and possibly my favorite evil villain ever, so I jump at any chance I get to read about her. This was unique in that it had the unrequited love element going on. I've seen the unrequited love theme between Bellatrix and Voldemort or Bellatrix and Rudolphus, but I've never seen a take on it like this. It was very unique, but it definitely made sense.

The quality of your writing is, as always, quite lovely. Your words tumble across the page with such ease. It has that quality of reading poetry, where the words are descriptive and beautiful. And the descriptions! Even though they're short, I can clearly picture what you're talking about. I'm always very critical of description because people tend to throw in a few descriptive sentences between dialogue without really thinking of the big picture. I'm amazed that with so much going on and so few words to describe it, that you've still managed to create some very intense imagery.

Great work, Sian! I really enjoyed this!


Author's Response: Hi Kaitlin!

I definitely enjoy challenges - I know you like to challenge yourself as much as you can with your writing, and though I don't have the crazy writing speed you do, I do try to do things which will stretch me and make me improve. This was a really fun challenge for me and I really felt like I'd achieved something by the end of it, so I'm glad you liked it!

Not using the letter E was SO hard! I didn't realise how difficult it would be until I got stuck on every single first sentence I tried to write :P Luckily I did seem to manage it in the end and I'm so happy that it didn't come off as contrived or unnatural!

Bellatrix is such an intriguing character - and honestly, I can imagine her inspiring this sort of devotion quite easily in someone else around her, particularly someone who's young and vulnerable when they first meet her. It was so fun and different to write it, and I'm glad you liked the idea!

Thank you so, so much. Every time you compliment me on my writing I have nothing to say but thank you and blush, which you obviously can't see through the screen - clearly words fail me right now :P I'm so pleased you liked the writing style and the descriptions here too! Thank you for such a wonderful review!

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Review #9, by The Basilisk Storm

2nd February 2015:
Hello sweetsss. I am The Basilisk and I come to petrify you with my review. But you my dear, you have petrified me! For I've never read a story about Aurora Sinistra (I hope I'm correct in recalling her name), and especially not of her paired with Bellatrix in the many years of my existence. So, I must applaud you for trying out this interesting, curious pairing and for getting Aurora's character so well.

I mussst also applaud you for writing thiss without the letter "E" in it! Now that is a great feat for a writer. And you've still written this so well - the narration flows wonderfully and without once mentioning the character names, I quickly understand who they are. Your dessscriptions were truly just wonderful. The concept, the theme, the over all writing - it is all very nicely done.

Great job! I'm glad I slithered out of my Chamber to read thisss unique and refreshing piece of work.

Hiss Hiss,
The Basilisk.

Author's Response: Well hello again, Basilisssk!

You're definitely remembering her name correctly! I've never read any stories about her before either, but for some reason she seemed to fit perfectly in this story and I really enjoyed writing about her. Pairing her with Bellatrix was definitely strange but as it was an unrequited love it seemed to work, somehow :P

It was definitely a real challenge to write the story without the letter 'E' in it, and I'm glad that you were still able to understand who the characters were without their names in this. I'm really pleased you enjoyed this!

Thanksss for your review!

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Review #10, by MissesWeasley123 Storm

23rd January 2015:
Honestly I am here? Like, I'm actually here after 900 days of not existing I reached and I really missed your wonderful writing.

I haven't written a review since September taaa lol I've sort of forgotten how to write one? What am I supposed to say hmmm.

Do I say how amazing your style is? Because it is amazing Sian. The fact you wrote this without an e is just?? wow.

Your choice of characters are wicked cool as always, you have such a twisted mind and I mean that in the most nicest and fan-like type way girl you're so amazing. The characterization of Sinistra is just so *wow* to me, and the fact that it even is Sinistra because I've never ever read a story on her this review makes no sense I just wrote an exam and my brain is fried but this was a true treat, the way she describes Bellatrix and STARS excuse me?? how are you allowed to write like this teach me ♥

My favourite fruit loop Sian this was great you pay my bills with your writing I loved it, congrats on managing to complete it like this and that too with such beautiful imagery and story-telling.

Author's Response: Hey you! Ah, I'm so excited to see you back on the archives/forums again and very honoured that you came to my page to leave me a review!

You haven't forgotten how to write reviews at all, as this was wonderful ♥

I'm so happy you liked this! I don't know how I came up with the characters for this, partly because Aurora doesn't have an E in it maybe? But also because I love minor characters and I've never seen Aurora in a story, and pairing her with Bellatrix was kind of weird but I really enjoyed writing it :P

Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, lovely! ♥

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Review #11, by The Basilisk Storm

9th January 2015:
Hello Ssian,

What a wonderful story, and quite amazingly - without any e's. I admire your will to do what it takes, to get it your way. You should be in Slytherin. Yes, you would fit perfectly there.

The story's pairing is quite exceptional, very rare indeed. I enjoyed the way you narrated the story line, from the beginning of her fascination to the beginning of the battle of Hogwarts. Bellatrix is an extraordinary person, and I fully understand why my Dark Lord trusts her more than anyone. In a way I did understand Aurora Sinistra's fascination with her, it is much like my fascination and admiration for my Dark Lord. He shines brighter than anyone I've seen.


Anyway, I very much enjoyed your story, and you have a special gift with writing stories. I look forward to read more of your stories.

- The Basilisk

Author's Response: Hello Basilisssk!

Well, I shall definitely take the fact that you think I'd be a Slytherin as a compliment, but I think that I'll stick with my lions for now; I'm very happy there!

I don't really know what inspired the story's pairing because it was very strange, but I've really liked the reception of the story and I'm glad that, having read it, people can kind of understand the fascination that Aurora has with Bellatrix.

I'm glad that you liked this story, and thank you very much for the compliments on my writing and for leaving a review!

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Review #12, by missatron Storm

23rd December 2014:
Hi there Sian :)

I'm presuming that this is written from the point of view of someone who is in love with Bellatrix? I'm not sure who that person is but I think it's Sinistra, right? I don't know how you managed to write this without using the letter 'E' - and so well too! Isn't 'E' the most common letter in the English language (I don't know.)

Your talent of making everything sound so beautiful completely baffles me. Everything seems to flow so smoothly, I could read it all day. I like how you tied in the mention of the star throughout the book, it almost makes me feel sorry for Bellatrix. Your writing is so persuasive, Sian!

Honestly, I still can't get over the fact that this has no letter 'E's in it and is only 500 words. Are you magic? The last two sentences really have a lot of meaning woven through them.

I know what it is to worship a star, darling. You burnt most brightly of all. "

Professor Sinistra (?) seems to have extremely strong feelings over Bellatrix, and I like how you took a minor character to represent this love. I also think that it is a little odd/strange that Sinistra (?) is so keen on Bellatrix, for one of them was loyal to Dumbledore, and the other to Voldemort. If they did end up getting together, it would remind me a little of 'Romeo and Juliet' - forbidden love and all that.

I like the sentence - "This was how it starts." - it's almost like the beginning of Sinistra's worship to Bellatrix.

Love this!


Author's Response: Hi Missy!

Ah, you've been so sweet to me with all of your reviews recently (you might have realised that I'm responding to these out of order, I'm sorry about that...)

You're completely right, this is written from the perspective of someone who's in love with Bellatrix, and that person is indeed Aurora Sinistra! And it was certainly a challenge writing a story without the letter E, but I enjoyed it and I'm quite pleased with the result!

*blushes* Aw, thank you so much! I'm really pleased that you thought this sounded beautiful and that the writing flowed well, in spite of the lack of the letter E! I'm not magic, unfortunately, but I'm happy to pretend I am if that helps?

I feel like the relationship (or imagined relationship) between Aurora and Bellatrix grew from them being at school together; Bellatrix was never really aware of it, but Aurora is almost consumed by it. At the same time, she is able to separate herself from that and do what is right by sticking with Dumbledore and Hogwarts. It's kind of the opposite of what Snape did (at least at first) I guess.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, my dear! ♥

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Review #13, by Secret Santa!!! Storm

17th December 2014:
Hiya Sian! Hope you're having a wonderful pre-Christmas!

This story is, I'm assuming, about a woman in love with Bellatrix Lestrange? I think this because of the whole loving-the-Dark-Lord thing and the fight with Molly (and falling), and I'm guessing it's a woman because she says "in my dormitory", but please correct me if I'm wrong! I loved this perspective on the war and on love, especially in second person, something I know you kind of like to write/read in (again, correct me if I'm wrong :P). It was so refreshing and new to me, and I loved it!

The main character seems slightly subdued and kind of gives me a Severus Snape vibe, and I liked that they studied the stars and they teach astronomy (?) and the worshiping stars part, especially in terms with Bellatrix and her being a star, is really remarkable. I think you played that angle quite well, and I love the comparison between Bellatrix and stars. But I'll get to that later.

Honestly, I can't believe this has no E's and has only 500 words! You write so well that neither of those factors took away from the story and it truly was just that - a story. With a beautiful beginning, middle, and end. I have no idea how you were able to pull that off with the limited vocabulary (E is a part of so many words!!!), but your descriptions were masterful and you were so eloquent!

Okay, back to Bellatrix, I said I loved the comparison between her and the star - it's perfect! She burns bright and hot and fast, all whirlwind and fury and it seems fitting that perhaps she embodies a dying star, something that burns bright and hot at the end of it's life as Bellatrix did, reveling in her master's hold over the world, her new found freedom, and her quasi-ability to do whatever she wanted as her madness took her over. That she burns most brightly of all was an amazing sentence because out of all the Death Eaters, the most hateful, scornful, infuriated, devastating, terrifying, the most mad of all of them, and that she is likened to a star is so perfect.

Now I'm going to speculate about the narrator. Perhaps it's Snape, for he was in Slytherin, but then again, the dormitory bit didn't alude to a man, and also he was kind of caught up on Lily. Then perhaps my only option is to be Professor Sinistra, who honestly is my only real option. It's a tale of star-crossed lovers but also of unrequited love, and to have a relatively unknown canon character such as Professor Sinistra adds a complexity to her character that I've never experienced that now I do, and it's really amazing!

This was such a spectacular feat and I really loved it! It was beautiful and your writing is spellbinding (lol, spellbinding! get it? because this is harry potter fan fiction... magic... all right so maybe I'll stop :P). This was amazing Sian!

Your dedicated Secret Santa!

Author's Response: Hi, Lo! (Since I've taken a shamefully long time to respond to these reviews, I know your identity - but please don't think that means I appreciate your amazing-ness any the less!)

You're definitely right in thinking that this was a woman who was in love with Bellatrix Lestrange, I'm glad that wasn't too hard to get :P I've never written slash in any form before, and although this wasn't a reciprocated relationship, it was fun to write!

I'm really glad you got that sort of vibe off the protagonist! I didn't intend for her to come across completely like Snape, but this Sinistra is in Slytherin and she's kind of repressed in the whole unrequited love angle. I hadn't even noticed those similarities as I wrote this but it was cool that you could see them!

I'm really glad that I managed to write the story well and that the fact I didn't use E didn't take anything away from it - that's something I was worried about. I couldn't have managed more than 500 words with no Es though, it was a challenge :P

I'm so glad you liked the star imagery when it came to Bellatrix! All of those comments are exactly what I was hoping for you to take from this, and I'm so excited that I managed to get it across. It seemed to fit so well with Sinistra as the Astronomy professor, and then the fact that so many of the Black family are named after stars too.

I kind of already gave this away, but you're right in thinking that Aurora Sinistra is the narrator here. I've never read a story about her but I love the random idea of this strange pairing of sorts. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this!

And thank you so much for this wonderful review (and all the others you've left that I need to get around to answering)!

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Review #14, by TidalDragon Storm

13th December 2014:
Ho, ho, ho! I bet you thought I'd forgotten the treats you left out for me and my reindeer last year, but I assure you dear Sian, though these offerings may seem small to you they live long in the memory. For you, such a dedicated writer and perennial member of the "Nice" list (yes, I really do keep one), I thought Christmas should come a little early.

Given my annual travel around the globe, I have some experience with stars myself. In fact, it was stars that led me to the love of my life Mother Christmas. Believe it or not, I spotted her all the way back in the 17th century wishing on the North Star out back of a pub and when the light from the door followed some revelers out and lit her hair I found myself in a worshipful state of mind as well. Your remark about how your protagonist was sucked in by a well-done plait felt all too familiar.

Alas, I digress. Though I came here to leave you a present, it seems that you've truly left me one. You may not know, but I do a lot of reading in my job, and I must say you certainly have a gift for impactful economy of language. Your stormy comparisons and powerful, yet precise descriptions really got me into not just moments but the feelings of this poor soul.

When you deliver presents to people for so long, you really do come to think you know them, but I would never have suspected another perennial member of the "Nice" list would have harbored such a yearning for Bellatrix Lestrange. It probably doesn't surprise you, but I was forced to deliver her lumps of coal as far back as age 7 and to be frank, by 17 I'd stopped bothering. Sometimes the naughty ones just don't learn.

I was equally impressed however, with your ability to avoid using a single "e" throughout this entire piece. I see this story was submitted as part of some kind of challenge and if my long-winded review of your work is any indication I would have a serious problem doing the same. Lord knows I can't do it when answering all the letters I receive each year. I wouldn't even be able to sign my name.

Nevertheless, I wanted you to know that neither your kindness nor your talent have gone unnoticed. This year I will try to find our dear Professor Sinistra a gift that will take her mind away from this pain. Though I imagine from the emotion (beautifully rendered by your imagery and evocative language) it will be difficult if not impossible for her to move on from this deep a love, I wonder if perhaps a kneazle would appeal this Christmas. They can be similarly prickly to the late Madam Lestrange, but also good for a cuddle if the connection is right.

Sian, after reading yet another of your exceptional stories, I will most certainly keep my own eyes turned to the stars once more - after all, with quality like this, you seem destined to lie amongst them one day.

Just don't forget a cookie for Father Christmas on December 24th (and a carrot or two for Comet and Cupid if it's not too much trouble for your staff).

Happy Christmas!

Author's Response: Father Christmas! How lovely to see you! *drops stocking* I'm on your nice list? I'm very glad that you liked the treats I left out last year - I always try my best to remember you, sir!

Well, I wasn't aware that you'd met Mother Christmas on your travels around the globe, but it's certainly very interesting to hear the story, Santa! And since you can understand the lure of a well-placed plait, I assume that you can sympathise with the protagonist here!

You do so much hard work at this time of year that you certainly deserve a present for yourself as well, so I'm glad that you enjoyed this story, and that you enjoyed the writing here!

Well, not many people would suppose that somebody who belongs to the 'nice' category could harbour feelings for someone like Bellatrix (and I'm not surprised that you were forced to fill her stocking with lumps of coal at that age - I haven't heard good things about her behaviour at all!), but she certainly suffered for it.

I think you do more than enough every year, Santa, not to have to avoid using the letter 'E' in your letters. It was certainly a challenge and I'm glad I managed it!

I think that Professor Sinistra would definitely appreciate a kneazle this Christmas - please let me know whether or not she liked her gift, and I too hope that it helped her to concentrate on something other than the pain she was experiencing.

Father Christmas, I don't know what to say! That's so kind and lovely of you, as well as writing this fantastic review! I hope you enjoyed the mince pie that I left for you on Christmas Eve!

A (belated) Merry Christmas!

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Review #15, by tangledconstellations Storm

4th December 2014:
Oh my gosh.

I read this after stalking the classic challenges section of the forums and saw that you'd actually written a piece without the letter E! Which, naturally, blew my mind, and I NEEDED to see it. This is incredible!!! It's so beautiful and graceful but at the same time very fierce. And I spotted not one E.

I have literally melted and don't think the rest of this review is going to be that coherent. I think the most wonderful thing about this is that every line is so careful, and upon reading it you can really feel that you've made sure that every word is the right one. Your sentences feel remarkably balanced and I really love your style of writing. The subject, too, is really nice and very unique. There was a feeling of circularity, too, upon reading the ending, with the way you linked it back to the title and the opening section. Gah. Really really beautiful.

This is hardly constructive at all and I'm sorry for filling this review with general squee - but you should be super proud of this. It's so so lovely! Thanks for writing this :)

Laura xxx

Author's Response: Hi, Laura!

Ah, I'm glad that you wanted to read this when you saw I'd written something without an E - I'd have been annoyed if you managed to find one as I made sure like a million times there weren't any there :P It was a real challenge and I'm glad you enjoyed reading this!

Those compliments on the writing in this mean so much to me. Writing this story without the letter E meant I had to rephrase lots of sentences and use tons of synonyms, and I was worried that because of that there would be a negative effect on the style. But I'm glad that you found it worked well, and liked the circularity of it!

Don't apologise at all - it's amazing to get a review like this and know that a reader liked my story so much, so thank YOU for this review!

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Review #16, by CambAngst Storm

22nd November 2014:
Hi, Sian! Here for our swap!

Ooh, Sinistra and Bellatrix. I never would have thought of such a thing, and, well, I guess Bellatrix didn't either. But Aurora obviously did. I love the fascination from afar that she has for Bellatrix. It's not quite like she's pursuing something forbidden, only something unavailable. Something always present but never attainable. Because you're right, Bellatrix worships the Dark Lord and her love and devotion are for him alone.

You've definitely shown a different side of Sinistra here, with her stories of being a haughty Slytherin, looking down at students from the other houses. I rather liked it. Just because a person was a certain way and thought certain things while in school, that doesn't mean they're destined to end up a certain way. Sinistra changed her point of view. Matured, in a way. Bellatrix did not. The Dark Lord gave her the option of never accepting reality for something different from what she believed as a young woman.

Only I am conscious of this, in this prison of my adoration. You, my darling – may I call you that? – stay ignorant, blissful in your constancy to him. -- Nice description of the chains of unrequited love.

Then there's the final battle. What a bittersweet moment for Aurora. Watching her beloved fall, knowing that it was necessary for the greater good but still losing a piece of herself.

This was a lovely little piece. I didn't see anything I could nit-pick as far as typos or grammar or characterization. I'm definitely not going to short-change you by just reviewing this; it's far too short. I'll be back later to hit Jigsaw, but I wanted to get this done right away. Awesome job!

Author's Response: Hi Dan!

I don't think I'd have thought of Sinistra and Bellatrix before I wrote this piece, to be honest! I'd decided to write the story without an E and after a couple of different attempts, this is what came from it - I was quite pleased with the result, though! And you're right about the way that she viewed Bellatrix, with a one-sided love.

I'm glad you liked the different portrayal of Sinistra here! I've never really read any stories about her before so I wasn't sure how people portrayed her, but I liked the idea of her having a different background and a sort of secret that she always had to hide. Another thing I wanted to show was that just because they had similar beginnings doesn't mean they'll do the same things, and just because she loves Bellatrix doesn't mean she'll follow her path.

I'm glad you liked that description! I thought it tied in well with Bellatrix being in Azkaban at the same time - neither of them could escape.

It was definitely a bittersweet moment for her. There's not much more I need to say here - you captured what I wanted you to see perfectly!

Thank you so much for this review and for the swap, Dan!

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Review #17, by Cannons Storm

21st November 2014:
Hi! I'm glad I caught you in the review tag because it gives me an excuse to check out your AP!

You've written this with no 'E', how is that even possible? I've already used over 10!

So I really liked how the reader has to re-read this to find out who the narrator is. I noticed a slash-warning and I'm pretty sure that the person they are talking about is Bellatrix.

So I am going to guess that it is Aurora Sinistra because of this line mainly. - 'It is my job to watch a night’s sky, studying shifts that many would not spot'.

I really like how you've written this like a puzzle, once you find out *potentially* who it is then other things start to make sense and ultimately the whole story makes sense.

I really liked how the narrator seems to know that her 'star' is not 'good' but still worship/loves her anyway.

The best part for me was when their paths split and Bellatrix went to Azkaban but the 'narrator' is in their own 'prison', that was really clever.

This is really impressive, firstly that you wrote this with so few words and got so much information across. Secondly you wrote this with no'E' and thirdly it is so intricate and detailed.

This was an enjoyable read!


Author's Response: Hi! Haha, writing this without the letter 'E' was extremely difficult :P

You're right about both of those characters! Bellatrix is the object of their affection (though her name couldn't be included for obvious reasons) and Aurora Sinistra, the Astronomy professor, is the narrator here.

I'm glad that you found that those details helped the rest of it to make sense! It's great that you were interested enough to slot those pieces together. The unrequited love was really interesting for me to write as it's not something I've tried before, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading this!

Thank you for this lovely review!

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Review #18, by casual_chaos Storm

20th November 2014:

I didn't think it was possible to write a 500 word story without using the letter 'e'! I mean, 'the' is the most common word in the English language (possibly :p). I'm simply amazed!

Now onto the story itself. This is a wonderful piece of writing - it flows so well, it is poetic and it conveys so much emotion. The stargazing in the beginning was a wonderful way to start off the story and introduce the 'star' our narrator seems to be obsessed with. I am amazed by how you blazed through the years in only a few paragraphs but still managed to clearly portray the relationship between the narrator and his/her love interest.

This: ''As it is, I don't touch you; still, you sit in our common room, join my row at a Quidditch match, and I know that I could. But in shadowy corridors, in dim classrooms, you discuss glory, and dominion, and your sacrosanct Dark Lord. I know you will not stay at Hogwarts, as I want to.''
We learn so much from these two sentences - about their respective sides in the war, about the dynamics of their relationship (which, I assume, mostly happens in our narrator's head :p) and even about their futures. And all this without the letter 'e'!! :D

I'm gonna guess things now. The 'star' is Bellatrix, right? I'm 99% sure on this. Now, the narrator is tricky. But I read through the story carefully a few times to collect facts and now I know that the narrator is a Hogwarts' teacher who taught in Harry's seventh year, fought in the battle of Hogwarts, against the Death Eaters, knew Molly Weasley by name so was probably a member of the Order and was also a woman (based on the mention of shared dormitory, though this only works if the love interest is Bellatrix). And then the bit about watching the stars. So I'm going to guess: Aurora Sinistra!

Am I right? :D Gah, I want to know so baaad!

To conclude, this was a very enjoyable read. In all its brevity, it was an amazing portrayal of unrequited love challenged by the fact that the love interest was quite insane and had a completely different set of moral values than the narrator. (this quote is a lovely example: ''But as striking as I find you, I am conscious of a horror that you bring, past all but that of your Dark Lord.'') Even with this obstacle, I could still somehow understand the narrator and feel for her. All in all, you did a great job with this fic!


P.S. Just out of curiosity, I counted the number of times I used 'e' in this review. 171! :O HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO WRITE THIS?

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for stopping by to read and review this!

It was definitely a challenge to write a story without the letter 'E', and so I think 500 words was about my limit for it!

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the writing in this piece! It was so interesting to try and make sure that this piece still flowed properly, even though I wasn't using any words with the letter 'E' in them, and to hear that you thought it was lyrical and I did a good job of covering the years in a few paragraphs is great!

I wanted to include those sentences to give a better background to their relationship - and you're right, it does mostly take place inside the narrator's head :P

Yes, the star is Bellatrix (although I couldn't say her name because of the letters it contains)! I thought the imagery fit well because she's named after a star in the first place, and coupled with the interests of the narrator... who was indeed Aurora Sinistra! I'm really pleased you were able to guess it right, as I didn't want to make it too obvious, but she loves Astronomy and to her Bellatrix is a star that burns brightly in her eyes.

I'm really happy that you enjoyed this! It was very strange and challenging to write, but I enjoyed the slightly weird portrayal of unrequited love here :P And as for writing the story without an 'E', it's difficult - lots of synonyms were required!

Thank you so much for this fantastic review!

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Review #19, by patronus_charm Storm

19th November 2014:
Ah, Sian, you have so many new one-shots that I need to get through but I couldn't resist an Every Word Counts challenge entry as well as one containing no E's so I had to read this :D

First of all the language is so pretty! ♥ I thought it really tied in with the idea of storms and the weather so well, and it was carried on throughout the one-shot. One thing I really liked and will probably be terrible at explaining why I liked it is that even though there was a sense of a storm going on throughout the story with the description, action and range of emotions, the celestial aspect of the story with the references to space and stars gave this story a sort of hold and grip to reality which I really liked and anchored the story really nicely. That probably made no sense, but hopefully you'll get something from it.

Okay, now for the narrator! I really loved the ambiguity surrounding them and I actually had to read this a few times so I could be certain about who it was and even then I'm not sure. I really didn't mind though as the ambiguity was just so much fun. Anyhow... My theory is that this is Rodolphus. I don't think it's Bella as it's talking about seeing someone fall as they're fighting with Molly which means it obviously could be Bella. Plus the way you described the dark and twisted relationship meant that the you had to Bella as it just all made sense that way. But the narrator did seem to somehow love her and have a spot for her, plus they seemed kinda jealous about her love for old Voldy too hence why I think it's Rodolphus. If I'm not right, please tell me who it is! :P

Anyhow, enough with guessing who the narrator is, and more about the narrator itself. I really loved how you got into their mind and wrote their actions and thoughts as it really seemed as if you knew them well and got them spot on. The way the narrator was following the you and mapping their life around them was so interesting and meant the relationship's dynamic was a really intriguing one to follow.

Then the fact this was in 500 words was amazing as you really got to grips with their relationship and in so few words too! I'm so sorry for this rambling review which probably contains a ton of typos, but I loved this! :D


Author's Response: Kiana! ♥ Haha it's so sweet of you to want to come and read them, and it was great to hear what you thought of this because it was such a challenge to write!

Wow, I'm so glad that you liked the language! It was really hard to find words that a)made sense and b)sounded nice when I was writing this without the letter 'E', so it's really good that it seems to have worked out and not detracted from the way that the story reads. I'm really pleased you liked the imagery too, the storms and the stars - I know what you mean, I think! :D

I think I enjoy writing ambiguous narrators a little too much, and then leaving the reader to guess who I'm writing about :P Bella was the love object in this story, but I picture the narrator as Aurora Sinistra (the Astronomy professor), with an unrequited love for Bella that began when they were at school together. She was jealous of her love for everybody that wasn't her! (This turned out kind of strange, it was my first sort-of slash story too and with the weird narration and everything I'm kind of pleased it just made some sense :P)

I'm really glad you liked the narrator as well! It was surprisingly easy to get to grips with their mind, but I think that might be because I spent a lot longer writing this than I normally would writing 500 words, and thinking about everything I wrote much more. The relationship intrigued me when I imagined it and even though it seems a bit random I did quite like it, in the end!

Thank you so much for this incredible review, Kiana - it means so much to me that you liked it!

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Review #20, by BitterSweetFlames Storm

18th November 2014:
OMG, Sian. That was just fabulous.. Excuse me while I go die. D=

First off, how is it that there were no e's? Like, seriously? I'm 200 letters into my review and already I have, like, a bajillion e's. :P

Then you add in that it's only 500 words and, excuse me, but how fantastic is that?

But, ok, so beyond all that, it's a very powerful story. Your use of stars and worshiping is nothing short of brilliant. I also love that you used 'obsidian' It's one of my absolute favorite words! HAHA.

The way you describe Bella's madness and her downfall. It was beautiful. But beyond that the last line, "I know what it is to worship a star, darling. You burnt most brightly of all."

That just, no words, Sian. No words. It was absolutely stupefying.

Thank you for such a lovely story.


Author's Response: Carla! Excuse me while I try and stop smiling like a maniac from this review (nope, didn't work!)

It was SO hard. I was literally searching the word document for them constantly and then getting annoyed when I'd typed a word without even realising there was an 'E' in it :P But I'm so glad you liked it in spite of that, and the fact that it was so short too.

I'm so glad you found it powerful - once I got into it (which was kind of hard, with the no E thing, but still), I found myself really enjoying it, and I've never really written anything like this before. But I'm so pleased you liked it, and the themes that I used of stars and worship. Hehe, I couldn't resist that word - so much better than 'black'!

And that you found my description of Bellatrix's madness and downfall beautiful! I'm so pleased you liked it and that you thought the word choices worked and weren't over-exaggerated or anything!

Thank you so much for this review, Carla - it's been hard to find words to respond without gushing nonsense! ♥

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Review #21, by marauderfan Storm

18th November 2014:
THIS IS SO AMAZING. Your words: simply stunning. It flows almost lyrically, and it is particularly astounding as that woman in this story is Sirius' most awful cousin. I had not thought I would find such kind, admiring words about this woman. Your writing flows so naturally, and I almost forgot that you did away with that most common symbol.

I'm musing upon who this narrator is. An instructor at Hogwarts, I think, but I don't know who in particular. Your story of this narrator's almost worship of that bright-burning star is so sad.

Formulating this analysis of your writing, also without using that most common symbol, has shown to this author just what a difficult task you took on and I am blown away by how you did it. Amazing work.

Author's Response: Kristin!

YOU are amazing! I was so happy to see this review so quickly after posting the story, and one so sweet and lovely too - you're awesome!

I'm so glad that this seemed to actually flow properly and that the word choices actually worked - it was SO hard to write a whole story without the letter 'E', I was just searching my document for it the whole time :P (You've done a good job not using the letter in your review, by the way!)

I think it turned out kind of twisted because the narrator was so invested in Bellatrix, who really is just awful, but I wanted to show that love isn't always rational! And I have the narrator in mind as Aurora Sinistra, if you wanted to know - but it can be anyone you like, really!

Thank you so much for this awesome review, you're just amazing! ♥

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