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Reading Reviews for The Fires of St Anthony
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by alicia and anne Alpdrücke

30th August 2015:
Now... that right there is quite a summary! So intriguing and I can't wait to find out the meaning behind it all :D

You know that it's going to be good when it starts on a ship :D

Durmstrang just sounds like an epic school! I wish that I had learnt piracy on the high seas. I am so jealous right now!

I love the comparrisons of the three schools and how they sort the younger students. Beauxbatons sounds like you could get lost for ages, whereas Durmstrangs sounds terrifying! You could actually die from it! I would hate to be sent to that school just for that reason!

I love that the school is just full of drunks haha.

Oh god I don't know what's happening to that boy, but I am terrified!

I need to read more! I need to find out if those first years make it. I am so terrified right now and I am loving it!

Author's Response: Hey there, Tammi! :) Thank you so so much for stopping by! :D You're so amazing for doing these long review sprees, you do know that, right? ;)

Haha, thank you! I do love writing summaries - although I think I stress about them too much? They have to be right. And if they're not right I just... eh, passive-aggresively hate them until I come up with something better :P

Yeah, ships! :D I'm a bit of a history buff, so a lot of that has come into this, haha, especially the ship! :)

Durmstrang... we never hear much about it, only that it has a bad reputation, and I kinda wanted to give ways that could have come about, whilst also not being entirely true, you know? And yeah, they get to learn basic piracy - I always loved Durmstrang ever since in the fourth book Krum said the students sailed the ship :P That just sounded so awesome!

Yeah, I really wanted to bring out equally scary kinda things as sailing across a lake in a rickety old boat in the dark (!!) with a half-giant, which frankly sounds pretty scary :P And yeah, you could actually die. I doubt it happened often, but you never know... :P (Inevitably, it would be me, haha)

Yeah, the teachers drink a lot :P That was kinda inspired by a couple of stories a guy I met at uni told me (he's from Bulgaria, technically, but Durmstrang takes Bulgarian students so I figured it counted :P)!

Um... yeah, they should make it? Um... I think? ;) I'm so glad it's actually scary, though - I have no frame of reference for these things, you see :P

Thank you so so much for the wonderful review! It was such an amazing surprise to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #2, by TreacleTart Bäckahäst

10th May 2015:
Hey Aph!

I'm here for our review swap! After reading the first chapter of this the other day, I couldn't wait to get back and read more. Seriously, I am so in love with this story. I feel like I've told you this several times before, but this is definitely my favorite story of yours.

Poor Anthony. This whole situation is so terrifying. First, some unknown dead boy attacks him, clawing at his throat. Now a student is dead. Everything just seems so ominous. I think he should follow his gut instinct and get the heck out of there.

As soon as you started talking about Clothilde in the shower, I knew it was going to be bad. In fact, from the moment that you mentioned how she was always the first one up, for some reason I knew her untimely end was just around the corner. I'm not sure how she would've drowned in the shower unless something was holding her down.

I wonder why Mathyas is being so shady about all of this. It seems like he knows what is going on, but doesn't want to share that information. I hope Anthony can get it out of him.

One of the things that I love most about this story is the mood you create throughout. It's creepy and haunting, even when normal things are happening. For example, the scene where the two boys are about to fight over the sign. I know that's a normal teenage thing, but it seemed so threatening for some reason, like something really bad is just on the verge of happening.

As always, there is a beautiful, lyrical quality to your writing. It flows so smoothly and the pace of this just plods along at a nice steady pace. Even when the action is occurring, it still holds to the same pace. It's written brilliantly.

Another good chapter! Please, please, please! Write more of this! Put everything on hold and write more of this! I need to know what happened to Clothilde and why Anthony got attacked! Pretty please!

Thanks for another good swap!


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Review #3, by TreacleTart Alpdrücke

6th May 2015:
Hey there!

I'm here for our review swap!

So I'm not sure how I haven't read this already because horror and mystery are literally my two favorite genres! Combine that with your amazing descriptiveness and quality of writing and this is like a dream come true.

The way you set this up was lovely. The switching POVs really lent a nice tone to it. I also loved that you matched the pace of it. In both POVs things plod along nicely and then suddenly at the exact same section of story it goes bad. It was wonderful.

This character that you've created with Anthony is great. He really fits this nicely. He's clearly the outsider of the bunch and because of it I have a feeling that he's at a disadvantage. I have to wonder if the other teachers know what's going on or at least have a bit of a suspicion about it.

As always, your imagery and description is on point. You've done a mind blowing job of filling in this world. I can see the ship breaking through the black waters. I can imagine the terrified first years climbing up this perilous icy stairway. I can see the ancient stone castle and the darkness inside of it. It was amazing how creeped out I was just from your descriptions. From the get go, it seemed ominous to me, almost as if the castle and the ship themselves were threatening.

And let me go on about the final few scenes for a moment! The intensity was insane. My heart was pounding when the bad feelings and the whispers started. I knew it was going to get ugly quick, but I just couldn't imagine how.

Even though I hadn't read this previously, this is exactly how I imagined you doing a horror story and this is exactly why I requested that you do my one-shot. Your description combined with a spooky scene is brilliance! Great work! I really enjoyed reading it.


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Review #4, by BookDinosaur Alpdrücke

6th December 2014:
BvB Review Battle!

Oh, my god. Laura. Just. Laura. I am incoherent. Your stories tend to do that to me, you amazing writer you. It's high time that I left a review on this, tbh, I'm sorry that I haven't come here sooner! Mostly sorry that I missed out on such a fab story at the time it was validated, but I'm here now and HOLY how do you even write? Are you sure that you did this during NaNo because this is just super amazing and I am in total awe of you, seriously. You are amazing.

Your descriptions - how many times have I said this to you? Your descriptions are seriously bamf (I kind of can't believe that I used that word just now??), you manage to paint such an incredible, detailed picture with your words and phrases. I particularly loved the description f the sea and how much Anthony felt at home there, and the /really/ creepy descriptions of the stairs. Plus, piracy is indeed good for the soul, the comparison between learning to sail a ship and Transfiguration made me laugh.

Ahh, the Sorting rituals of the schools sound so amazing! Really scary, of course, but the roses and grapevines sound so like Beauxbatons, and the Stairs - oh my god, how would any parent want to send their kid to a school with that sort of Sorting? That's terrifying.

Are you sure that you wrote this during NaNo? And are you sure that this is your first foray into the dark/horror/mystery genre? Because seriously, this is fab and so so creepy, the kind of thing that makes me want to hide under my bed, which is a problem because I don't have a bed, only a mattress, and hiding under a mattress is decidedly more uncomfortable than hiding under bed. I have a feeling that I've just gone way off-topic.

In my opinion, it's much harder to paint a scary picture with words. You don't have scary music to help you, and you're responsible for creating the images that a movie could make for you. This, though - this is an absolutely triumph, honestly. The way that you write is a little dreamy, super atmospheric, and the italiced sections are toally creepy on their own, but the fact that we kind of don't know what's going on is awful. It's as though you've got a curtain over everytig, and you're pulling it away to reveal the myth and leegend so, so slowly and it's so creepy and ugh I'm going to have to find something fluffy to read after this. You're terrifying, Joffrey.

Somehow, though, at the same time you've managed to balance that with the image of the teachers in the staffroom, with their cabinet of liquor, haha! I love the game Goblin Gander, and you should definitely come up with rules for that because it sounds pretty amazing. And it definitely sounds realisticc that the Ravenclaws would spend all their time mastering this game, hahaha! Sounds like something we'd do. :P I can definitely relate to Anthony as well, being a little new and foreign and not knowing where to go or where to look or how to make friends. I'm glad he's sort of getting to know the other teachers though, even if he undid mosst of his good work by not being able to return to his chambers unassisted. :P

That end section was so creepy. O.O The "run," and the way Matyas reacted to it - does he know something? The whole thing is so foreboding and atmospheric and you are an absolutely genius, Laura.

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Review #5, by teh tarik Bäckahäst

6th December 2014:
Hey Laura! ♥

First, CONGRATULATIONS for winning NaNo! :D I know I kind of abandoned you as a NanoMum after a couple of weeks (SORRY!) but I think you did fabulously well in the end so yay! Also, bah, apologies for taking so long to come read and review this second chapter of your amazingly original novel.

This chapter was sooo creepy my gosh. I love how it started out with the mysterious ship again and the students sailing it. I'm really intrigued about the ship and what sort of mystery it holds and how will that be linked to Anthony. I'm guessing it has something to do with the drowned boy who tried to attack Anthony in that creepy shower scene. As usual, your descriptions were so vivid and visual; I love the whole part about the ship dropping like a stone rather than sliding into the water like a diver. That was amazing.

Love reading about Anthony's first day on the job, all hungover from last night's vodka in the staffroom. First day on the job, and he's been attacked by spirits of some kind, and also a student is dead.

Those italicised parts of the narrative about Clothilde - those were done so well! I didn't understand the timeline at first, but by the end of the chapter, when it's revealed that all the events with the girls were taking place in the present while Anthony is fumbling through his first day at work, it gave me the chills. Honestly, this is the best way to reveal events and destabilise the narrative with the shift of perspective from Anthony's viewpoint. It really adds to that atmosphere of mystery and suspense.

OK, I'm with Anthony on tying up Matyas and beating the answers out of him. Matyas is probably the most unhelpful guy in Durmstrang. :P I mean, from the last chapter, he clearly has some idea about what's going on but chose to be all cryptic and condescending.

ANYWAY, fabulous chapter, Laura! Everything is so exciting and super tense and I can't wait for an update, so update!! And CONGRATS ONCE AGAIN! ♥


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Review #6, by BitterSweetFlames Bäckahäst

1st December 2014:
YAY, I get a chance to read this story!! (And review it, of course) Hi Aph, here from the BvB review Battle for December. Merry Christmas. lol

Why do I always sigh when I read something of yours. It's not a bad reaction, I promise you. It's because your word choice is always flawless and you always manage to convey perfectly how everything looks and feels throughout the entirety of your story. I really loved the way you described the way the ship sank "like a stone, dropping all at once." I can already imagine what a horrible sensation that must be. -shudders-

BTW, I am quite glad that I'd already taken the shower I was planning to take BEFORE I read this chapter because your descriptions are just creepy and perfect and I SHOULD NOT HAVE READ IT AT MIDNIGHT. Ok. Because now I can't go to the bathroom and I'm just, completely scared. Ha.
To your credit, I am super curious and want to find out more rather than closing the entire thing (which I've been known to do if it's too scary. hehe)

Your narrative on Anthony's first day of teaching was brilliant, btw. One remembers that he drank quite a bit of vodka the night before and ANY job is horrible with a hangover but I don't doubt that teaching is probably the worst kind of job to be had with that sort of headache. I love that he thinks of his former teachers and wonders how on earth they could have done what they did. I think people tend to underappreciate their teachers and I'm just so happy you put that there.

Ok, now, the part about Clothilde. WAIT, I was super scared. You managed to scare me first at the start with Anthony in the shower but the fact that was happening at the same time? Well, excuse me, I want to hide under my bed. And, again, not the best story to read so late at night.

The staff meeting WAS perfect. Horrible but perfect. I loved the way you laid out things. The tension, the nerves, fear and anger.

I really enjoyed it. In a horrified way, of course.


P.S. I love the chapter title. And, unintentional or not, the fact that it's alphabetized is great!

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Review #7, by BitterSweetFlames Alpdrücke

23rd November 2014:
Hi darling. Here for our swap. :)

First off, excuse me while I try to pull my jaw from the floor where it is currently at. I cannot believe you wrote this during NaNo. Are you even human? Or maybe a superhero whose power is to write. Your descriptions! -SWOONS- so perfect and just, wow. XD I actually read through this chapter twice because there was so much I felt I missed the first time.

Jormungandr's Stair -- holy hell, really? D= Well, omg, that is just the scariest, most nerve-wracking thing in the world. I would have died and jumped if I had to do it (well, maybe not. BUT TEMPTATION. OMG) [note: your story is making me incoherent. In a good way, I promise. haha]

So, the staff room! That was very interesting to read. And I agree. Teachers much have liquor stores, this should be canon. ha It would probably be important to survive teaching dunderheads (lol, I do love that term.)

The game you described seemed so very interesting and complicated. Like I said earlier I had to read through a second time to get most of the details but your words are just so rich and powerful, it's almost as potent as I'm sure the vodka was for Anthony.

What I also really liked is how Anthony also thinked about his life at Hogwart's. You know, playing with friends, the fact that it teemed with life, etc. And that he contrasted it with Durmstrang just put into harsher perspective what sort of place Durmstrang is. *brr* I don't know if I'd want to go there!

When I saw the part at the end, I felt chills running up the back of my spine like little spiders. How? What? Why?

"Something, yes, But not a boy."
-- This scared me more than anything has ever had the power to scare. -crawls under bed-

I can't wait to see where this is going! Thanks for the swap. :)


P.S. Is that Matt Czuchry I see on your banner? OK, I need to pause with hand to the heart. K, it's passed. I doubly love your story now.

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Review #8, by nott theodore Bäckahäst

21st November 2014:
Hi, Laura!

Yay for chapter two! You're making me feel really bad about how slow I am updating things right now, but I'd still rather read this story than edit my own chapters, so...

I'm glad you put the note about the alphabetical sequence being unintentional, because I was going to comment on that :P Although you could of course just be tricking us...

I really liked your descriptions of the way that the students sail the ship to Durmstrang, and all the tiny details about where it sets off from and where it ends up eventually. Your description in that section was just stunning, particularly when you were describing the way that it sank into the water and the last views of the land that the students got. I can definitely imagine some of the students being really scared - I would have been, if it was my first year there - at the fact that they're going underwater on the ship. It's good that there are older students to look after them - and I also found it really interesting that you put into place some sort of system. I was wondering how on earth they'd manage to sail a ship to somewhere they didn't know, but it makes sense because the older students are there to provide the knowledge for the younger ones and the cycle just goes on and on.

Haha, I expected that Anthony wouldn't have the easiest start to his first day at work, with the amount of vodka he was consuming the night before, so I was laughing a bit at the way he was struggling through his classes and had avoided asking for some sort of potion to help take away the hangover, although that would have been a much better idea!

I've got so much sympathy for Anthony right now. Not just the hangover, but starting a new job and teaching a subject in a different language, not being able to think of the right words in that language - this all sounds so familiar and I kind of want to tell him that he's not the only one struggling through it, and that yes, teaching is hard and so is speaking another language all day! Even more so if you're hungover. I feel your pain, Anthony!

I was reading those sections when the girl was talking about Clothilde with an increasing sense of dread and fear. Originally I thought they might be in the past, explaining the curse, but I actually think it's even more effective that these are the present, happening at the same time as everything Anthony is doing, in the same school - and yet there's this sense of inevitability about the whole scene that lets me know that there's no way to stop what's happening to her. I kind of wish that the students had known that something was wrong with Clothilde in the shower and that she wouldn't ordinarily have been in there for so long - I want to shout at them to check on her, and then maybe they'd be able to help her. It's so sad that the first victim's already been taken! Although with the first chapter, it looks like they were trying to go for Anthony first...

The deputy headmaster's arrival was well written - I could understand Anthony being worried about losing his job or something on the very first day there (although to get drunk the night before might not have been the best start, if he wanted to keep it). And then the way that the deputy headmaster instantly spots two kids messing around, when Anthony hasn't seen them - that really marks Anthony out as a newer teacher, I think, whereas the other's got a lot of experience. But yes, this meeting in the staff room sounded worrying and it's not likely he'll be fired there - it had a real sense of the Chamber of Secrets to it, in fact. It felt like I already knew what had happened to Clothilde when I realised that they were being called together for that.

The meeting was great - in a sad way, of course. I thought you wrote the tension really well and I could see how nervous and worried the teachers were about something having happened, so for Anthony this is really a baptism of fire. It's such an awful thing to have happened - poor Clothilde! And I'm really nervous about what else will happen to the other students if this was only the first day and the first killing...

This was a really great chapter, Laura! Sorry it took me a few days to get round to reviewing it!

Sian :)

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Review #9, by MargaretLane Bäckahäst

19th November 2014:
I like the explanation of why it's harder to steer under water.

Love the comment that he hadn't blushed so much since he was a teenager.

And they sound like a very serious class. Good in one way, but also slightly sinister. Probably mainly because of the context, but I'm already questioning if they are afraid to misbehave.

Love the reference to Professor Babbling and the hint as to the type of teacher she is.

And *laughs at Anthony doing some of the same things students would*.

I'm also amused by his immediate worry when the Deputy Headmaster calls to his door. I know the feeling. And his relief that he is unlikely to be fired in the middle of the staffroom. It's such a natural thing to think, in a new job, and makes this very realistic.

I think it should be "the boy to whose back" and not "the boy to who's back".

First years in trouble at the start of the school year. Doesn't bode well.

I wonder what is going on with Clothilde.

OK, this is really mysterious and creepy. I have no idea what is going on, but it is clearly not good, to say the least of it.

Author's Response: Hey there, Margaret! Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

Thank you - I'm so glad you liked that! It was a strange thing to think about, even though I sail in the holidays - sailing in three dimensions :P

Yeah, it's a pretty serious school - and the laughter comment was a reference to the war, how they didn't laugh then, because I imagine it would linger on their minds - though they're not quite afraid, but Durmstrang's a bit stricter than Hogwarts. And they're only meant to be young - first or second year, I think - so they're more nervous around new teachers. I really wanted to put in a reference to another teacher, and I liked it not being a major character, hence Professor Babbling.

Haha, yeah, Anthony was not always a good student in his time :P

Yeah, a new job, and this is his boss, someone he's a little bit scared of, in a way - and so he panics. It's definitely a very natural thing, I think, so worry, so early on.

Ooh yes, thank you so much! I always miss these things... :P

Haha, yeah, poor firsties! :(

Thank you so much - I'm so glad you like it! It's a story I've wanted to write for a long time, so I'm so happy people are enjoying it! :)

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, as well! :)

Aph xx

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Review #10, by teh tarik Alpdrücke

17th November 2014:
Hi Laura! ♥

I read this a few days ago so it's high time I leave you a review. So far, I'm absolutely in love with what you've written, the concept, the characters, the way you so effortlessly create Durmstrang - waah all the details are absolutely amazing I can't even pick my favourite. Your gorgeous imagery and all the careful details, especially the treacherous Jörmungandr’s Stair. SO GLAD you set Durmstrang in Scandinavia; I think it's where JKR said it would be, and I've always accepted that the school is set somewhere there. Plus all that potential for Norse mythology references! :D

And the characters!! So that is what the Durmstrang teachers get up to in their staffroom! LOVE IT. Anthony Goldstein made me laugh a bit, how out of place he is, and how easily affected he is by their vodka - I'm loving the dynamic between him and Matyas - there's something very wrong about everything, and I just can't wait to see what else happens.

I think this has got to be my favourite description of Durmstrang I've ever read:

Hogwarts never really stopped, but in Durmstrang, there was a start and an end to every day, there was a dark and a light, and the two did not so much as merge as give way to one another. It suited the school: the idea of clashing extremes, of twinned and twined ideals, when its own students were so very, very different.

Durmstrang, he decided, assembled order out of chaos; Hogwarts did exactly the opposite.

Holy amazing YES.

Anyway, this isn't a very coherent review, but just to say that I'm completely in love with your NaNo project (this and L'optimisme) and your writing, and I hope you update this soon! Must find out more about Durmstrang pirates and this mysterious Alpdrücke (which I have yet to Google) and the whole ghostly encounter and the other narrative in italics interspersed with the main story. You've got a great atmosphere and an amazing mystery and I love all of the mythology!

Fabulous writing! ♥


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Review #11, by nott theodore Alpdrücke

12th November 2014:
Hey Laura! You're doing so well with NaNo and I thought I'd come and cheer you on a bit more - plus, this sounded awesome when I saw the summary in the first place, and I've been wanting to read it since you posted it!

Okay, so first question: are you sure you wrote this during NaNo? Honestly? Because if that's the case then I'm even more jealous of your crazy writing talents than before - there's no way that the first chapter of my NaNo was anywhere near this quality. From the very first sentence in this chapter, I was struck by how good the writing was - your word choice is just so amazing, and your descriptions are fantastic. The opening, with the sea and the ship about to set sail, was written so beautifully and you gave a real sense of the movement and let me picture that scene really clearly, even though I wasn't even sure who 'he' was.

The switch into the present (although it's kind of past and the first section was written in present, but I'm tired and confusing myself so ignore that :P) was really interesting as we settled into the story a bit more and got to know a bit more about the main characters and see the beginnings of the plot unfolding.

I love the idea of Durmstrang students learning how to be pirates, for some reason :P

Oh wow, Durmstrang sounds like a really scary place to go to school. I'm not sure that I'd fit in there, even as a teacher! I really liked the way that you built up the intrigue about the different entrances that first years had to the different magical schools, with the way that Hogwarts works, and then Beauxbatons on top of that (I loved your idea for how the first years had to get to the school - I don't know why, but to me it seems like something that would happen in France :P), and then I was wondering what could possibly be worse, only to find out Durmstrang is truly horrific! I'm hoping that those myths don't actually have any factual foundation...

Considering you said this is your first foray into proper horror, you've done a fantastic job! I thought it was a really good idea to intersperse the main narrative with those sections in italics, without ever really giving us enough detail in those sections to let us know what's going on. I could tell that there was a lot of danger involved, but I'm curious now about what was happening in those! For some reason I feel like - although they're written in the present tense - they're almost flashbacks of what happened when this curse first struck or something similar... Either way, it was really effective and hiked up the tension a lot when I was reading, because I kept wondering what was happening and what was going to happen!

Haha, I also love the picture you paint of the Durmstrang staffroom. Now I see what you mean when you said they drank a lot more vodka than you'd realised :P I can totally picture this happening, though - what a way to start back at school! It's like they can't bear to be back and teaching and so they're just drowning their sorrows or something, otherwise it's a strange sort of time to have a party. I bet Anthony's going to find his classes interesting tomorrow!

Goblin Gander sounds like a really fun game to play - I love the name for it and the fact that you've invented it for this story! I completely agree with you about them seeming to have a lack of entertainment, and the little details like that always make stories better for me.

I liked the fact that Anthony was referring back to his own experiences at school here, and remembering that by the time his seventh year arrived, all the fun had stopped. It really helped to remind us more about what Anthony's life was like at school, and I liked the image of him with the other Ravenclaws playing Goblin Gander in the common room. He's one of those characters that isn't written about much in fanfiction and he's barely mentioned, really, in the books, so those little details help to flesh him out a lot.

That ending was scary! I'm not entirely sure what happened and how much of his perception and understanding of it was affected by the alcohol he'd been consuming, but I felt sorry for Anthony and how scary that was as an induction to the new school! Maybe that was why he needed the drink, for the shock... Matyas was scarily calm about what happened though and now I'm wondering if I should suspect him of having some involvement or of just knowing what's going on. At the moment my current theory is that the apparition was somehow related to the curse that's around the school, and that the boy was an Alpdrücke, from the title of the chapter. I'm now off to go and read about this mythical creature because I've not heard of it before...

This was a great first chapter, Laura, and I'm really excited to read the next one when it's up!

Sian :)

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Review #12, by MargaretLane Alpdrücke

6th November 2014:
Wow, I really didn't expect this to go up so quickly. I kind of thought that as it was a Nano project, you might want to wait until after Nano was over and edit it and stuff.

Anyway, I absolutely HAVE to read this.

LOVE your description at the beginning. Description isn't exactly my strong point, so it always impresses me. We get a real impression of the sea and sailing life here.

I also think the fact that you don't clarify who "he" is is really effective. It makes us wonder about the details and exactly what this is leading up to.

And I actually did laugh at the reference to Drumstrang students learning the art of piracy.

And again you create suspense with the discussion about whether or not to "tell someone". I am intrigued to know just what it is "she" has found out (something unbelievable clearly), why it is that it seems necessary to tell somebody (sounds like it's something dodgy) and even who "she" is.

Your style of writing is awesome too - literary. And sort of dreamy, which fits with the sense of something that wouldn't be believed. And you pull it off really well. I feel that sometimes attempts to get that kind of atmosphere don't work too well, but it does here.

There's something intimidating with the way the clatter of coach wheels and the foreign accents interrupt the dreaminess. It sort of made me jump, with the wrench back into reality.

YES, it is nasty the way many students seem to be left to worry about how they will be sorted. I was glad Harry reassured Albus and let him know it wouldn't be intimidating. I don't understand why Molly or Arthur didn't do the same for Ron. The idea of adults thinking it's funny to leave 11 year olds with more to worry about on their first day leaving home is sort of an uncomfortable one.

And I love your suggestion about Beauxbatons traditions. It gives a feeling of reality to a school that isn't even the one the story is about.

Plus the whole lead up creates suspense as to what it is Drumstrang does that is worse than these.

Love the phrase, "lost to a different time and age." It gives a sense of how ancient the school is.

That sounds utterly terrifying.

And now I'm wondering about why people aren't survivors. You're doing a really good job at building suspense here.

I assumed it was a student addressing him since they called him "Professor."

And I wonder what nightmares he has already. Probably ones related to the war against Voldemort. I guess most next gen. characters have some pretty horrific memories of things like life under the Carrows or family members disappearing or going on the run. But the specifics are intriguing.

No, I can't imagine McGonagall getting drunk on a school day.

*cheers for Flitwick giving them tips rather than telling them off for staying up so late or investigating where they got the Butterbeer bottles* That sounds in character, since they're not really doing anything that wrong.

And I like the introduction of another game. Wizards don't really seem to have much to amuse them - only one sport, no TV or computers, little indication of novels (though that may be simply because Harry and Ron didn't seem to be big readers and Hermione seemed to prefer factual books), a limited number of board games, little reference to theatre or concerts...

I like the mentions of how all games ended in 7th year when the war came. It really highlights how their childhood ended then.

I really like the contrast between Drumstrang and Hogwarts and the hint that Hogwarts makes chaos out of order.

Anthony's classes the following morning could be amusing considering how much he's had to drink.

Yikes, that whisper of "run" is quite creepy. I REALLY wonder what is going on here and what that "something, yes, but not a boy refers to.

This is an excellent beginning to a story. I'm completely intrigued as to what is going on here. There's something sort of sinister about the whole setting, which has me wondering exactly what's behind it all.

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