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Reading Reviews for Suffer the Children
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by cherry_pop94 Four

4th May 2015:
Sounds like a crisis committee but on a general assembly level... very interesting concept. The GA MUNs I've been to usually use a real work international issue and the small committees use a made up or historical one. But I can see why you chose a crisis topic for a GA, makes it much more interesting! I'm really curious to see how this all plays out!

And you haven't updated this in a while, please come back?

Author's Response: i'm sorry about the lack of updates but like, honestly, having read your reviews and responding to all the others on this story has inspired me SO MUCH to write it again so you can probably expect a PM from me at some point like "HELP ME WRITE THIS MODEL UN THING" i hope you don't mind

thank you again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by cherry_pop94 Two

4th May 2015:
I went and lied... I moved on to chapter two already even though I should be sleeping. This continues to be wonderful. I'm really wondering about Rose and Scorpius though... what's going on with them, I wonder...

And the New Zealand bit! I think it's really cool that you've written about another magic school that we've never even heard of before! And Australia has sort of declared war on New Zealand! Yes! Arbitrarily declaring war is another MUN tradition. Old as the establishment itself.
I'm really excited to see where you go with this!

Author's Response: i'm sorry for distracting you from sleeping bc sleep is a very important thing

i'm a sucker for writing about new zealand literally whenever i can. i'm very patriotic and i have civic pride coming out my ears so that's where that comes from

fantastic to hear from you again!

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Review #3, by cherry_pop94 One

4th May 2015:
Well oh my goodness. It just so happens that Model UN is one of my favourite things! The idea of a magical MUN is fabulous. I'll have to read the rest another day, but I'm already wildly excited!

A few hopes for this (because did I mention? MUN is my life)
1. Lots of cheesy MUN pick up lines. There are A LOT of puns your can make about the unmoderated caucus and gavel.
2. Teenagers in ill-fitting suits.
3. Teenagers who think they know a lot of solving world issues that the grown ups can't solve.
4. A couple elitist kids who represent the big countries taking all the glory.
5. Placards.

That is all, thanks for writing about magical MUN. I can die happy now.

Author's Response: i have a confession to make. i have never been to a model UN before or been involved in anything like it. i had to pick so many brains for what i have here. your input is so valuable you have no idea

i hope i haven't butchered the idea for you and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Alida Four

14th December 2014:
I'm being obnoxious I'm just in love with your stories and
addicted - I need to find out what happens

Author's Response: i'm so sorry for abandoning this story!

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Review #5, by Ribbons Three

24th November 2014:
Yes. Yes. Yes. YES! So much yes! Cat and Rose! Yes! Now all I need is for Cat and Albus to get together, then everything will be perfect.

As I was expecting, your new chapters are just as good as the previous ones and nothing about your poignant, smart dialogue has faded. Still as sharp as ever, you genius. I love how you use conversation as characterization. It's seamless, comes off as effortless and blends perfectly into the story.

Italy...what an exciting place for a fan fiction. I've never thought much about what other countries with magic would be like, especially a country like Italy.

This is super cool.

Please keep writing for ever and ever, I'm desperate for more!

Much, much, MUCH love,


Author's Response: hello again! i'm glad you enjoyed these chapters even if i don't have anything beyond chapter four and thank you so much for this lovely review! this has made my review-answering-blitz such a positive experience even if i'm SO SORRY FOR ABANDONING THIS STORY and not replying to you sooner!

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Review #6, by Anon Four

16th November 2014:
I really love this story! It gets better with each passing chapter!

Author's Response: i'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #7, by BookDinosaur Four

16th November 2014:

oh my goodness that interaction between Cat and Rose went much much better than i ever hoped and Cat's gay and Rose lied to her about Scorpius and omg. o. m. g. i'm totally shipping those two now, by your leave. and hehehe yes Cat got onto Al's act immediately, eh??? ALL THE SCORBUS yes yes yes.

oh gosh, Rose is such a Slytherin, honestly - vain and doesn't care, all the relations she's made through Astoria, her whole thing with Scorpius, which I'm very impressed at how long they've kept up, but then again, she is vulnerable. That's the whole reason she and Scorpius is a thing. I bow down to you and your amazing characterisation skills, honestly, you're terrific. And so are your characters, but mostly you, don't worry.

I wonder how Rose is going to keep hiding her relationship with Scorpius from Cat? I mean obviously she's going to have to come clean, and I don't think that someone who runs the LGBTQA+ group at school will approve of someone having a fake boyfriend just to hide her orientation, that should be super interesting!

oh my goodness can i just say that the whole scenario you have set out - the radicals wanting to eradicate wizardkind - well, it's better than a n international shortage of floo, surely, but it actually really reminds me of the death cult i.e. ISIL and i really can't wait to see how they handle this, it should be really interesting! (the Mac is trying to teach me how to spell, just by the by. if you see any words that don't belong, consider it a gift from my overzealously overcorrecting computer)

also, this doesn't really have much to do with the chapter but i really like how you've turned the fake-date-and-fall-in-love trope on its head completely by acing your main characters in a relationship that's fake, and completely and totally not falling for one another as they do it. It's just...refreshing, i guess? i mean, don't get me wrong, stories like that when they're well written are great, i just like to see that chichi turned on its head and you did a good job of that

i really like how you introduced all the students who're taking part in this! i can't wait to get to know them better, that would be pretty awesome. and JAPAN!! :D i'm in love.

so basically this was a very awesome chapter, and i'm spoilt because i got to read two chapters in a day, and update soon! ♥

Author's Response: EMILYYY you have retained your crown congrats

YES. ship those two. ship them hard. all aboard HMS rose/cat. and SCORBUS

slytherin!rose gives me life i love her

i mean i love me some fake dating tropes but like, this is even better because it's fake dating while they fall for OTHER PEOPLE ah yes

and oh my god at your reference of daesh like dAMN that is an interesting parallel if ONLY I WAS STILL WRITING THIS STORY. i'm so filled with regrets, emily. regrets everywhere

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Review #8, by BookDinosaur Three

15th November 2014:
DAMNIT I MISSED FIRST REVIEW WHY I decide to go to sleep early at 10 that one night and look what happens dammit.

You know, I haven't read any other stories with this same style of dual narration that you do, so it was kind of unexpected and you pull it off really really well. It's a bit like A Study In Scarlet, except both stories are being told at the same time instead of one after the other - I don't know, I think your style of narration fits the story really well, so kudos to you for that!

Ahh, Rose and Scorpius! Honestly I wonder when they're going to break up and come out because honestly, it's probably unhealthy to live a lie for so long and hide it from literally everyone. Their friendship is a thing of beauty though, and oh my gosh can I just say that the whole fireworks thing had me laughing out loud! Such Slytherins, confiscating the fireworks for a cut of the profits for spending money in Rome ahahaha. :P Maybe that's why they've been able to keep up the pretence for so long, because they're such good buddies.

And ooh, does this mean that Al and Scorp have to share a room? ALL THE SCORBUS.

"Do as I say and not as I do" haha no I absolutely hate that saying. Hypocrites say that saying. Cat seems pretty awesome though, she's handling it all pretty well and doesn't seem too out of her depth, which is good. I'm looking forward to seeing how she interacts with Rose and all because you are so good at having natural interactions between your characters.

Ooh, and Draco's coming along? That should be interesting I feel like if he's displeased with Rose and Scorpius as a couple than he would already have said so, but it will be interesting to see how they have to keep up their facade around him, oh dear.

Basically this was a super-awesome chapter and I'm waiting with bated breath for an update! :D

Author's Response: EMILY YES YOU LOST FIRST REVIEW. what do you mean "early" at ten ten is your standard bedtime. you know this. i know this. unless you've started going to bed earlier as you get older, you grandma

they are such good buddies. and gosh writing unapologetic slytherins is so FREEING. they're SO GREAT and so self-serving and so elitist and high flying gosh i love them. i hate myself for giving up on this story and forgetting the plotline


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Review #9, by Veritaserum27 Three

15th November 2014:
Eep! Did I get first review on this one? *fist pumps*

I'm really intrigued by this story so far. You've done a fantastic job with the characterizations and also making the characters sympathetic. Rose is a hard-core Slytherin, with her pyrotechnics scheme she has set up with Dom. And not to mention her fake relationship with Scorpius.

I'm not sure what to make of Cat and Jack just yet. Cat seems to be a bit lost, and I'm hoping she finds herself at the ICW. Their Professor is awesome.

I'm glad you fast forwarded to the part where the characters go to the Model ICW, because it just feels like something is going to happen soon!

What!? Draco Malfoy is coming along? That's gonna be interesting. I'm wondering what he makes of the Rose/Scorpius relationship, because I've seen him characterized many different ways. Perhaps he is more accepting because Rose is a Slytherin.

I'm also more interested to learn about Albus. I can't quite figure him out other than he appears to be angry all the time :). I know we're only seeing him from Rose and Scorpius's POV, but there is definitely more to his story.

Can't wait for next chapter!


Author's Response: BETH! you did get first review on this chapter! congrats on beating Emily now that is an achievement

slytherin!rose has a special place in my heart and i'm glad you like her. and miss barber is incredible. she's based on one of my favourite teachers in high school

thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by BookDinosaur Two

10th November 2014:

LISA YOU GEM. This is adorable, bless all of them. ♥ Rose and Scorpius, while not in a relationship, are great to read about; the way that they're interacting, they way that they so clerly care about each other even if it's not in that way, your characters are so natural and their interactions are so perfect and you're perfect and I love it. ♥

Also, can I just say that I love how you took a swipe at Jojen Reed/Thomas Brodie-Sangster's face, because I swear he looks very much lie a twelve-year-old and now I'm imagining a Scorpius who looks twelve years old and it's just adorable. So that you for that mental image, I suppose. :P

Aw, Scorp and Rose. :( They're going to have to come out of the closet at some time, no matter how delicious the Turkish Delights might be, I hope they realise that. The way they have to discuss everything and make sure their stories are straight, though - I love it. So Slytherin, honestly, those two. ;)

Ooh, how's this going to turn out if they start acting different around each other during the ICW thing? Albus might notice and stuff might go down, but I'm not sure and I won't speculate much farther than this because you're the author here and not me. ;)

Ugh, Quidditch over the water? That sounds super duper awesome...except if you fell off. Then it would be super duper painful and I don't really want to think aout that. Can the Snitch go underwater? Would the Seekers have to dive underwater in their hunt for the Snitch? That would make for a thrilling match. Could you charm water, because it's always moving and changing? Questions. And to be fair, I suppose that the Cat's school students would be pretty shaken at having to play Quidditch in the desert so there's that. I love the boisterous and fragmented rendition of Advance Australia Fair. That's just so Aussie, haha! ♥

Ahh, the ending! not a real cliffhanger in that sense of the word but now I really want to go to Rome and stuffie stuff already and get everyone to meet and IT'S GONNA BE EPIC

amazing chapter, Lisa! :D



rose and scorpius's relationship is great. revisiting it is amazing. these two are like the ultimate power-couple-but-not. i'm all about this. why did i stop writign this. are you sensing a theme

thomas brodie sangster has discovered the answer to eternal youth

TURKISH DELIGHTS IN THE CLOSET god emily ur gonna be the death of me

"stuffie stuff"

bless u bless ur soul bless ur everything

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Review #11, by Ribbons One

5th November 2014:
This was possibly the most amazing fan fiction I have ever read in my entire life.

I'm not kidding. I do not kid about important stuff like this.

You have no idea how badly I want the next chapter up. This is the beginning of something great. This story is something I can already tell I will be rabid over, so I might as well tell you HOW rabid I plan to be.

First of all: your characters are AMAZING. I'm not talking 'they're really realistic and kind of funny', I'm talking about the fact that I ALREADY ROOT FOR THEM (I'm also shipping Cat and Albus, it is what it is). There are some characters (Rose and Scorp) that are true Slytherins and I admire that, as a reader, it's obvious why they were put in that house. Biggest surprise? I STILL LIKE THEM. Impressive. Very impressive. How do you do it? Unable to figure that out.

Can I take a leaf from your book?

The plot is ambitious, with the whole international Wizards Security thing happening, and all the different schools and characters that are just WAITING to be revealed in some form or another. I've never seen someone tackle different wizarding schools quite so well, and you just attacked it, conjured them in my mind and then smirked about it. I LOVE IT!

You've set up a wonderful question as well: Scorp and Rose...they're not a REAL couple? Dude! That's so cool! The big question...why?

Moving on.

I'm already getting the tiniest of suspicious feelings in my toes about this Conference and I'm excited to see the plot tighten with each story line and then have the story lines MERGE. It's going to be, in short, EPIC.

I know that you probably gathered already that I'm completely flabbergasted, obsessed, and amazed by your completely incredible writing abilities, and by this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING STORY. So, I just want to tell you, once again, that this is becoming a favorite absolutely immediately, and that it is already - within a chapter - one of my favorite fanfictions of ALL TIME.

You're awesome.

This story is awesome.

This review is mildly frightening.

Please update soon.

I'm dying with anticipation.

Much, much, MUCH love,


PS - I'm not kidding, update REALLY soon!

10/10 my darling, this was SUPERB.

Author's Response: oh my gosh i am the literal WORST for not responding to this review?? this is one of the most amazing reviews i've ever received?? and it took me a year to respond to it. i'm the worst

i'm also the worst even more for abandoning this story, but honestly this review alone is enough for me to want to dig out my plans and plot outlines and inspiration for it and start writing again. i have no idea if you're still around at all but iM SO SORRY FOR ABANDONING THIS STORY I REALLY AM and i really hope i can rectify the situation in the near future thank you and i'm sorry (again)

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Review #12, by BookDinosaur One

5th November 2014:

Ah, this was amazing. You know that, right? This was completely amazing. Witty banter galore. And I almost choked on the Tim Tam I'm eating when your characters started talking about it because that is the logical thing to do, no?

ahhh, i mean, i know this is just an introductory chapter but I though I'd commend you on how realistically and wittily your characters converse, because it makes me laugh and we all know that's the most important thing you have going on right now. You have a gift for writing witty banter, you know that? you better know that, how many times have I told you?

so, you managed to set the whole rose/scorpius = loras/renly/margaery/sansa thing quite well, and i can see what you mean when you say that rose/scorpius and al don't get on very well too, so i'm really looking forward to seeing how you develop their relationship as they go to rome together because to go abroad together in such a small group does require a certain amount of mutual friendliness, I think.

Also, i just want to point out that even though you are writing with sco/rose/al again, you've already succeeded in making them pretty different from your tfwms-verse stories - i mean obviously putting them in a different house helps, but i think you'e done a good job creating different characters out of them, so kudos to your for that!

can i say how excited i am for your model ICW as well? it's such a fab idea, and gives you a brilliant excuse to bring together so many witches and wizards from so many different nations and really work some internationaliy (is that a word?? i don't think that's a word) into your work and yeah i'm looking forward to seeing how you deal with that!

I kinda feel sorry for Cat. Not having won anything in her life before...except I laughed at her blatant disbelief that she had been chosen - is there any point to this sentence? no, no there isn't. Except that I am not a nice person.

Also, you are totally not being fair on Aussie people. We are a delight. And i feel like the quote 'no hooking up with Aussie guys or girls' is deliberately daring Cat to hook up with an Aussie and stop with this silly trans-Tasman rivalry thing. We can be best friends! ♥

I'm looking forward to the next chapter Lisa, update soon! ♥



i'm laughing you choked on a tim tam when i mentioned them. you're a gift

i had to reread this story and like, i'm so impressed with myself. why did i give up writing this story? rose is amazing. this was such a good character setup emily why did i throw it away

well. you are a delight. i'm not so sure about the rest of australia though. you're like the exception that proves the rule

i'm sorry to disappoint but cat was never going to hook up with an aussie

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