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Review #1, by HermyLuna2 Chapter Two

21st March 2015:
I thought that Teddy had a mental illness of some kind, and I guess I was right? I like how you interweaved Teddy's mental state with the loss of his magic, like we see in the books. I feel a lot of sympathy for Teddy here, maybe because I can relate to him in a way. Well, not relate to being born an orphan after a Wizarding war, but with his feelings, somehow.
Or maybe you just wrote it in a way that is relatable.

You really capture the atmosphere of Henllan and how Ginny seems to be Teddy's buoy. What I find fascinating is how the writing perfectly seems to fit Teddy's state of mind. When you're depressed or have lost a direction in life everything kind of slows down and nothing is important yet everything is. The writing in this story is slow as well and therefore really captures this feeling. Yet, it also shows the upside of being in a retreat for (mental) recovery, seeing as it leaves lots of room for Teddy to reflect about his life and see the beauty in it.

I really like that you made Teddy critical of himself with the sentence: "Or maybe they were just reasons, things I later made up to make myself feel like less of a sore thumb when my magical blood had failed me and I was inexplicably underprepared." That was a really good one. I like how most of this story takes place in Teddy's head, although I am also curious how the story will unfold and what Megan will have to do with it.

Great job, please continue!

Author's Response: Hey again!

No, you've absolutely hit the nail on the head there with his mental illness and the style I wanted to adopt here. I started writing this fic as a way of emulating my own quite apathetic and low feelings, having had depression the majority of my life. It's only really recently that I've been more proactive towards my feelings, and I find that writing about it, like trying to reduce it down to words really helps me. But I think that's why I'm really struggling to push myself onward with the next chapter, because I'm not in the right head space for what I'm describing and things. Like my mind state is generally a fair bit more positive and "silver-lining" oriented at the mo, and I don't want to drag myself into those low feelings again. I'm glad (well, is glad the right word?) that those feelings do come across though - I didn't want him to just be plain whiney, haha!

I'm also really pleased that the parts with Megan are relatively interesting too - I intended for that whole plot-line to be the direction and clarity in the midst of his foggy mind. And that Ginny's role is evident, too!

Thank you so much for the thoughtful review. Hopefully I will get to work on the next chapter (I've written about half of it so far!) and will update this fic soon :)

Laura xxx

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Review #2, by HermyLuna2 Chapter One

21st March 2015:
Your writing here is splendid! Your descriptions are beautiful and artistic and fit the story very well, seeing as it is about an artist. I am always really excited to see people putting effort in their writing, and I totally love this site because I've discovered so many great fanfiction already despite being here for such a short time.

I like your Teddy. Making him a painter was a very original idea. His voice is quite innocent. I am interested in why he thinks he isn't so good at magic and what kind of illness he has, why he doesn't enjoy things anymore. You managed to portray his feelings really well. I am curious where this story is heading. Normally, I don't care for nextgen at all, but this is something different, I really enjoy it.

Author's Response: Hey,

It makes me so happy that you enjoyed this first chapter! Thank you for taking the time out to review! :D I've sort of reached a lull point midway through the third chapter for this story so its really encouraging that it does still have an engaging factor in the first chapter. Thank you!

I'm with you - I don't really care for nextgen either, so I wanted to write this to sort of get me into the wealth of characters that are there. But ugh I am finding it extremely difficult to motivate myself to write more of itt u_u I'm sure I will add more to it soon - at the mo it feels like I'm chipping away at a block, haha, but we'll see, I might re-fall in love with it! :D

Thank you for this really gorgeous and encouraging review :) It means a lot!

Laura xxx

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Review #3, by wolfgirl17 Chapter Two

11th January 2015:
Me again with another prize for you =)

This chapter really helped further the plot. I now have a better understanding of what Teddy is doing and why he is so down. I can't imagine anything worse than having magic only to one day have it fail me.

He must be going through some really tough stuff dealing with that idea.

I like the way you're developing the interaction between Teddy and Megan and am very interested to see where you intend to take this story. It's really cool that you're experimenting with new and exciting ideas that test your skills and abilities.



Author's Response: Heya!

Thanks for the review - while I've neglected this fic as of late I can't wait to get back in to the swing of it again. :D

Laura xxx

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Review #4, by wolfgirl17 Chapter One

11th January 2015:
Hello hello,

Ellie here with your Christmas Challenge winnings =)

This was a really interesting take on Teddy. I've read him a few different ways but never as an artist with a smoking habit and depression.

I'm intrigued by Megan and I can't wait to see where you're taking this story.


Author's Response: Hey Ellie!

Hehe I'm glad he's at least different! I always feel like next-gen is so peppy - at least what I've read of it, anyway. I wanted to write Teddy to be really glum and dark but have him ultimately find something hopeful in the end. Thanks for reviewing! :D

Laura xxx

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Review #5, by marauderfan Chapter Two

6th January 2015:
I meant to come read this when I saw it had a second chapter, and your amazing review for me this morning (thank you by the way) reminded me to do so!

Why has Teddy lost the ability to do magic? And I'm still wondering what's going on with Ginny. I think Harry died. But the subtlety of it, the way it's just kind of this melancholy feeling that's noticed but not spoken about - the tone of the story is so strong and I think that's one of the best things about this fic.

Teddy's reflections while he's standing there in the snow support the idea that he's suffering PTSD from something, though whether the 'something' was what caused him to lose his magical abilities or whether that was something else I'm still not sure of.

Aw, I loved that scene at the end when Teddy is more worried about Ginny than he is about himself. I can relate to Teddy in a way, in that he has trouble opening up about things that bother him and as a result he just holds on to whatever it is that happened. So it is nice to see at the end how he's finally thinking about it more, and the end scene showed that maybe in a little while, he'll be okay talking about it with maybe Ginny.

This was such a great chapter and I'm so envious of this air of mystery and melancholy that is present throughout the chapter. It's really beautiful.

As for your A/N, no need to apologise if it's not to someone else's taste - you write what you want to write! For the record, I love experimental stories :D

Author's Response: Heya!

Ahh I'm secretly really glad you have a million questions haha! I wanted this chapter to build up more of a relationship between Ginny and Teddy so I'm glad that you think it's done that.

I haven't written any of this fic in ages but I will do soon soon soon so thank you so much for your lovely reviews because they'll get me writing the next chapter I swear ♥

Laura xxx

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Review #6, by jessicalorewrites Chapter One

6th January 2015:
Hi! Here for the review swap but I can't believe I didn't find your stuff faster?!

Honestly, this read like a stream, every line flowing on seamlessly from the last. I'm in heaven. I'm in love! There's a clear poetic style to it all that I'm just digging so bad. I wish I wrote like this!!

You seem to have a firm grasp on Teddy and his character here, lacing his broody nature into every line. By revealing scant parts about his past you've just got me wanting to read MORE AND MORE. I'm suitably intrigued by him. And Ginny too, mind. There's so many questions I need answering! Where's Harry? Albus, James, Lily? Why does she live alone? What happened to make Arthur die so young? Why did Teddy stop enjoying things? IS he better now?

You've captured the voice of an artist so perfectly here. Honestly, I'm in awe. I'm going to read the next chapter asap because I am so heart eyes emoji right now it's unbelievable. This is some of the best characterisation I've seen in ages!!

Thanks so much for the review in return, and thank you for a wonderful read :)


Author's Response: Heya!

Eep, thanks so much for the review! I'm really glad you enjoyed this, and I hope you'll enjoy later chapters of it too :) Ha, there is soo much angst but I'm glad it left you itching for more rather than despairing about life. So many unanswered questions! But all in due course, my friend.

Thanks a trillion, you're the kindest! This fic is my baby and I LOVE experimenting so I'm just throwing all the feelings and styles at it that I can in hope that some of its sticking and then scattering like metaphorical glitter on top. I'm having a lot of fun writing it so I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you liked your review in return!

Laura xxx

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Review #7, by casual_chaos Chapter Two

5th January 2015:
Hey Laura!

I've read this a few days ago but couldn't leave a review - but now I'm here! And it will still be a rather short review but I couldn't wait to come here to tell you once more how wonderfully talented you are!

I loved this chapter! The descriptions were lovely and melancholic, the relationships between characters were presented in a very subtle way, and the plot now really got me hooked on reading more! Why has Teddy lost his magical abilities? And what is going on with Ginny? She has this air of sadness around her that just makes me want to hug her. And Teddy as well! I just love both of them so much, and I want them to be happier!

Then there's Megan, who is still such a mystery. I absolutely love the way things unravel here (very slowly), and that you don't give us too much information about anything.

The only CC I have would be to look over the chapter once again, because there were a few typos I caught, but other than that, it was perfect and I'm really looking forward to reading more!

And dear, you really shouldn't apologise to anyone for writing this. If it's not to their taste, they will find something else to read. You're creating a wonderful world here, and your love for writing really shines through your words and you should feel nothing but pride for that. Just keep on writing! Sorry for sounding all preachy, but I know how it feels to write something a little bit different than the norm here and feeling self-conscious about it - so I'm just trying to pass on the kind words I myself have been recently given. :)

I can't wait for the next update!


Author's Response: Hey Andy!

Owh, thanks for dropping by again. Honestly, my face is all scrunched up in a squee-honestly-thank-you-you're-the-best kind of expression right now. Thanks for sticking with it and reading the next chapter :)

I'm glad there's a bit more revelation in this chapter. I was sort of worried that maybe this and the previous one could just be combined and they'd cover the same ground but in my heart I wanted to split them. When I'm writing this I'm constantly torn between sticking to writing conventions/trying to introduce action and plot at good points, or just downright going with my gut. My inner writing-student is screaming at me constantly like, this is formatted all wrong! Where's the intrigue! Where are the hooks! But I'm also just a bit like, well, this fic is my baby and I can do what I want. It's an experiment! I'm experimenting on my baby, kind of like Frankenstein's emotional monster. I digress. Let's just put all that weird back in the box, shall we?

Yay for melancholic descriptions! It's taken me years to just accept that I love all things sad and forlorn etc and to not be ashamed about it, haha. Like, I would never be able to write a comedy naturally, never in a million years, without some kind of intense course on how to do it. I really enjoy writing this fic, and I'm honestly so glad you've enjoyed reading this too. It means a lot, especially as I don't really like promoting my stories and stuff. It's really nice to get lovely little reviews like this one. Honestly this has made me so so happy. Thank you a million.

Hehe, yes, I will definitely give it a once over for typos. Thanks for the heads up! And I don't think the next chapter is too far away - once I've moved my mountain of uni work I'll be finishing it off for sure :) You are so kind, and it's so lovely to know that you think this is going okay. I will keep on writing! Thank you! You're such an awesome reader, thank you.

Agh, just, thank you so so so much for your support and everything - I can't say thank you enough because I am really so flattered. It really means lot to just get a boost like this.

Laura xxx

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Review #8, by casual_chaos Chapter One

5th December 2014:
Hello Laura!

So, I didn't mention this in my review responses but yesterday, a few hours before you left me those lovely reviews, I was roaming the archives and saw your username somewhere. I liked it so much that I checked your AP and ended up putting some of your stories on my reading list. So, when I saw your reviews, I almost got goosebumps because, universe, what are you doing? :D

Anyway. WHAT IS THIS? I loved this so much! Your writing is so wonderful! Seriously, every sentence in this chapter was so well put together and the images appeared in my head so easily - I enjoyed reading this so much!

'After years of blending into the stones of the city and being painted by petrol fumes fresh cold rain felt like a welcome shower. Still, the city can clutch at you. Sometimes I found myself missing the sound of foreign footfalls on the pavement outside my flat.'

This is so wonderful I want to hug you! Such a poetic style, with a bit of pain underlying every sentence and setting up that brooding tone of narration that I simply adore!

I love that we don't know much about Teddy's life and the reason(s) he is so... well, sad, I guess. Instead, you let the story unravel slowly, through vivid glimpses of his new life and the short conversations with Ginny and the people in the makeshift atelier. I am already so curious about all of your characters - they seem so real and somehow hurt and I really want to read more about them!

I love just about everything about this - the aloof main character, the mysterious girl, the equally mysterious aunt (though I'm guessing it has something to do with Harry? Because he's not present in her life? Don't tell me though, I want to read it! :p) and the ART! Oh dear, I love any story that has anything to do with art, drawing and painting in particular. I'm just so excited about this. I hope you'll update this soon! :)

You are so exceptionally talented, dear! It was a true pleasure to read this and I'm looking forward to reading your other stories as well! :)


Author's Response: Hey lovely!

Ahhh you are the sweetest in the whole world, thank you!! Your reviews have really made my day, thank you so much!

Hehe, I'm glad you like the homage to art! Because Teddy isn't that good with explaining how he's feeling I wanted to have somewhere for him to express himself. And yay for mysterious characters! I wanted the reader to feel kind of detached from everyone at this point. In some ways I think that will make this fic a bit of a trial to read through, but nonetheless is a style I really wanted to try!

Haa, everyone is so sad :( but I'm secretly enjoying this kind of tension and tone because it's an absolute goldmine but also because I like feeling as though they could be real people standing up and walking around. Struggling with depression can absolutely consume you so I think in a way that's what I wanted to mirror in this fic. I won't reveal anything about Ginny now - it kind of comes in waves so hold on!

But thank you so much - its so so nice of you to drop by and I'm really glad you liked this fic. Thanks so much - honestly I can't say it enough!

Laura xxx

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Review #9, by marauderfan Chapter One

18th November 2014:
For the review exchange! I realise that you've got my three-part story and yours is a one-shot, so I'll make this an extra long review in order to make up for it. :P

To begin with I'm really impressed by your very visual descriptions, I can really feel them. Especially the way you start in with the small, focusing on the four raindrops, and then zoom out to the whole view. This: The window pane was misting, shying away from the winter afternoon like a gentle retreat. The tops of the trees were brown, still made of mushy leaves and mossy branches. -- that's what it looks like out my window at this moment, so that was pretty cool :p I love the way you described the window as shying away from the winter scene by misting over, what a clever way to express that. In that first little bit there, you've done such an incredible job of setting the tone of lingering sadness that pervades throughout the entire piece. Especially as the individual raindrops you focused on near the beginning can also symbolize tears, which reinforces the sad mood of the fic.

Also this: The rain was a sodden sheet in front of me, sweeping down from the north, landing in a flurry on the flimsy shed roof and painting the patio with swimming pools. -- I love it. Being from a rainy place myself, maybe this is why I'm just in love with all your descriptions of rain but this one vivid and so beautiful. And how you're really just talking about the rain but it ends up painting a picture of what the whole back garden looks like, setting the scene really wonderfully.

This whole section has the air of sadness to it, of stagnancy, and I can't put my finger on why. It's very melancholy - maybe just the silence of it all and how there's not much dialogue and how it's pouring rain. At the end of that section I began to wonder where Harry was, and why Teddy appears to be there escaping from something, and I think that's the source of the sad feeling. It's never said outright, but it's there, and that's so, so effective.

I really appreciate your subtlety in this piece. I feel like each phrase is so carefully crafted to evoke a certain feeling, and it's very successful. This part here Tentatively, I opened the sketchbook to the first page, that indescribable smell of ‘new’ washing over me. -- I love the way you've used Teddy's art as a metaphor for starting over. I don't even know what he's starting over from, but just the whole feeling of this section implies that he's turning over a new page in more than one way, recovering from something. As is his Aunt Ginny, hence why he was staying with her.

I love the ending. I still wonder what went wrong for Teddy (and potentially Ginny, because she seemed sad as well), but I like that you didn't say. It leaves it up to interpretation. And how you ended with him standing in the rain again, not really having improved at all, but it's hinted that he's on his way.

I hadn't read anything by you before this and I must say I love your writing style - it's very abstract and artistic and that just works so perfectly for a piece like this. I'm really impressed at all the feeligs and emotions that this fic raises. You did a wonderful job writing this and I'm so glad I go to swap with you!

Also, I think this may be the longest review I've ever written.

Author's Response: So I have no words to reply to this review. Hence why it's taken me months - literally MONTHS - to respond. I think it is actually the best review I've ever received, so for that, thank you so so much. You're such a kind person, and it makes me so happy that you enjoyed this story. Just - thank you for leaving this review and I'm so sorry I've spend so long trying to come up with a half-decent response :( xxx

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