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Reading Reviews for Igniting the Ashes
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Review #1, by poobear Puddlemere United

29th April 2015:
Hi There
Sorry that i havnt left a review before my bat. I just wanted to say what a great story this is and has defo got me coming back for more i love it only one kind of niggle tho sorry but i do feel harry should man up a bit yes he's a nice guy and all that but he doz let every one ride shotgun over him espesh the girls and molly be good to see him take a more of a stand against them and do what he wants rather than go with the flow and be kind of told what to do. I hopre you dont mind me saying that and hay what do i know he he.
Well take care and have a good week by for now and look forward to more to come.

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Review #2, by Alcaeru The First Date

31st March 2015:
Great read so far Cal! The Fred situation is definitely intriguing, made me want to keep reading. I'm especially impressed with the very realistic voices you've given the characters - particularly Ginny, Ron and Harry. Their diagloue reads like the original series.

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words! Realistic voices is always a major concern and is a particular challenge when trying to write characters such as these who are already so well established. Hearing that their dialogue reads like the original series is a massive compliment and relief :)

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Review #3, by h After the End

14th January 2015:
For the most part I like your story but I hate that you let people tell Harry what he can do and not. Like him having to tell people were he is every second of the day. Harry should have told Hermione so when she got ot him about disappearing. He's an adualt for crying out loud.

Author's Response: Thank you heaps for the review! It's so encouraging to know that people are reading it and liking it :)

I completely understand where you're coming from in regards to Harry rebelling against authority and being told what to do and it's something I'll strive to keep in mind as I continue writing. In this case, I think it's worth bearing in mind though that it's the day after the final battle against Voldemort and Harry is emotionally exhausted - he probably doesn't have the strength to argue with his closest friends! It's also worth noting that although Harry starts to feel a little bad about the stress he's caused them (they've been living together for a year, never far apart and always worried about each other's safety), he only offers a more nebulous apology, which I see more as an apology for the stress, not his actions. And he doesn't offer to actually change anything. He then goes on to reluctantly acknowledge that the sleeping potion had good intent behind it, instead of the argument I initially wrote and that they seem to have been expecting. I tried to sort of convey a lot of subtle feelings in this rather simple exchange. Harry has gone from feeling isolated early on in the chapter to reaching out to them, as well as offering them gratitude for their help and friendship. There'll probably be a full scene of gratitude later on but it's a bit too raw for him at the moment. I may not have written that entirely clearly, but it was what I meant!

Feel free to disagree with how I handled it but I hope it makes sense why I did it. And thank you for the comment, writing Harry properly is one of the most important things!

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Review #4, by MidnightBlue_x After the End

4th December 2014:

I finally made it! After listening to you freak out about rewriting this story for months, I finally got the chance to read it! I really don't know what you're worrying about so much - it's a great story Cal and you're handling it so well in the first chapter already.

The characterisation is great, the story flows really well and it really feels like a continuation of the final book. I know my opinion probably doesn't count since I kind of know your plans, but I still think it's brilliant.

x Ely

Author's Response: First!

Thanks heaps for your review Ely! I'm really pleased you think it turned out well in the end after all my stress :)

Now to get some regular updates happening!

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