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Reading Reviews for Cowardice
19 Reviews Found

Review #1, by SingingForRain Cowardice

6th March 2016:
For the HPFF Review-A-Thon

Wow! I love reading Founders stories (it's the history nerd in me, they're my favourite on the archives at the moment) so I can't believe I haven't read this before! It was so good! I liked the way it was really short but it still made me think and didn't feel like it was too short or anything. It was just the right length.

The descriptions at the start of this story were great, they really got my attention. I wanted to know what it meant that death was slithering towards Helga, of course I didn't realise then that it was literal too!

I liked the way that you showed what had happened to each of the Founders after starting Hogwarts. They each dealt with things in different ways like Rowena turning to the stars and those ways fit with their house values if that makes sense.

I felt sorry for Helga here, I can't believe the Basilisk was let out and it killed her! That isn't how I thought she would die especially because it seems like her and Salazar had been in love once? But it was really cool and the ending was great!

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Review #2, by The Ninth Month Cowardice

29th September 2015:
Hello, my dear child!

It's me, September, the month of grape harvest, Autumnal Equinox and, most importantly, your birthday!

And so I'm here to celebrate with a review this very important occurrence, even if I'm very, very late for it.

This was a really beautiful piece! I loved the dark and misterious tone in the beginning. Your writing is smooth and enthralling and just drew me right in.

I was honestly surprised by the venom in Helga's thoughts towards Salazar, surprised because we know her as a sweet, generous and forgiving woman. But she was going to be killed by his monster. She was going to die because of him, because of the betrayal of someone who was a friend (or possibly more than a friend?) not only to her, but to the dream of Hogwarts, of a safe place for young witches and wizards to get an education.

I loved how you made Helga shine in here. You show us a woman who is proud, strong and brave. A woman who choose to fight a battle she knows she can't win, instead of choosing an easier surrender.

And I loved how you did all this inside the short boundaries of five hundred words. I imagine it must be really difficult to do, so congrats to you for that!

Please, forgive me now, but I really have to go. I still have to visit so many of my sons and daughters before I have to give way to October.

Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a lot of fun.

With love,
The Ninth Month

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Review #3, by Ron 4 Hermione Cowardice

20th July 2015:
Hufflepuff- House cup 2015!

Hey there, this is a great fic! I don't normally read much founders but this was really good. The idea of a Helga/Salazar ship is really interesting, I don't think i've read it before but you write about it so convincingly that I can see it. Especially with the sad ending of Salazar just leaving. It's definitely realistic.

I love the way she died too, refusing to open her eyes! It's perfect because I know some people see her as weak because she founded hufflepuff but I don't think that's true and the way you've wrote about it in here is perfect! Refusing to open her eyes, not wanting to die that way, it's a really nice part that says so much about her!

This is a great fic, I really enjoyed it! :)

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Review #4, by BuckBeakLover Cowardice

28th May 2015:
Woah. This was a shorter one-shot, but it was the perfect length for this story. I really liked how you wrapped up the ending with the reason for the title. I also enjoyed how at the beginning the reader doesn't know what is going on but as the story progresses, it slowly becomes clear. Helga/Salazar is an under-appreciated ship, and you really made it work in this fic.


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Review #5, by TreacleTart Cowardice

11th May 2015:
Hey Leigh!

I'm always so amazed by what people can do with five hundred words. I mean it's so tough to tell a complete story even in a novel, let alone when your word count is so drastically limited.

I thought that the way you did this was really unique. You pulled me in instantly with your descriptions of this creature slipping and sliding towards Helga. The description in the first couple paragraphs really did a lot to set the tone of this story. I immediately could feel the tension surrounding Helga.

I thought the way you described each of the Founders really gave us a good chance to get to know who they were. Even though it was only a couple sentences each, I felt like it really conveyed who they were as individuals.

I thought the ending was very fitting. Helga seems to be a very kind person, so the idea of wishing death on Salazar means she really had to have been pushed to her breaking point. The realization that Salazar had left this basilisk crawling around in the schools is terrifying and I can imagine her outrage at coming across it. It does seem rather cowardly.

All in all, I am very impressed with how much you said in such a short amount of space! Great job!


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Review #6, by The Summer Snake Cowardice

10th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

Now, I was here to spread some summer cheer but this kinda made me sad. Poor Helga. I never visualised her death to be in this painful sad way. Yet, your story gave me all the right feels - even though I'm a snake, I got feelings okay - and that was great.

Your descriptions were beautiful and painted vivid imagery in my head. The bit about the venom dripping from the fangs was especially morbid. I, of course, enjoyed it a little since it was a fellow creature from my species who was being talked about here. But, my dear, I do not condone that behaviour - I am a happy summer snake and my job is to spread summer cheer and slither around doing nice stuff.

Back to the story, you had a really powerful plot here. You did a wonderful job getting in so much emotion and description in such few words. The way you visualised and described the Founders' situation was very interesting and I really wanted to read on in more detail about what happened before this unfortunate day - perhaps in a prequel? ;)

All in all, wonderful story made for a moving read. You had me here. I loved it. I love angst and morbid stuff like this so great job!! (And though I'm a passionate follower of Salazar Slytherin, after reading this, you kinda made me not side with him so good work)!

Oh look at the time, I better be off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

P.S. If you're curious to discover who lies underneath this snake skin, read this review carefully and you may find a clue or two ;)

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Review #7, by CassiePotter Cowardice

18th April 2015:
Hi Leigh!
I saw your post on the forums the other day about the sequel to this story, which I fully intend to read, but I had to come check this out first!
I love what you've done with Helga here. You've picked a very dark moment to write, but I think it makes all the good qualities she has stand out more. She's incredibly brave to face the Basilisk without just giving up and looking at it, and I think it's wonderful that she does it out of loyalty to her friends.
I feel awful that she's been betrayed by Salazar. But I think you do a nice job showing just how serious that betrayal is when Helga says she hopes Salazar dies at the hands of cowardice. Helga is known for being kind and accepting of everyone, so to feel that way about someone, especially someone she was once close to, really shows the gravity of the situation they're all in.
I thought this was really well done, especially because it was so short! Now, I'm off to read the sequel!
Cassie :)

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Review #8, by 800 words of heaven Cowardice

9th April 2015:
Heya! So. Um. I owed you a review swap from ages ago. More than certainly from sometime last year. I am so terribly sorry to have kept you waiting like this. I can be a horrible person like that sometimes.

Oh, but I wish I'd come to this story earlier! I love love love it! I have a growing appreciation for all things Founders, and I just adore love stories between Helga and Salazar. Despite my preference for lighter things, there's something just so fantastically compelling about their romance - you know it's doomed from the start.

This is quite possibly my favourite romance written in the Founders era. Helga's keen pain at Salazar's betrayal is just so heartbreaking but I also can't help going "you go gurl!" at that ending. She accepts the painful death by Basilisk - but it's because Salazar's already killed her. But she also wants Salazar to die this super horrible death, despite the fact that it feels as if a part of her still loves him. So complex! So fantastic!

I'm terribly sorry for this incredibly short review, but I'm in danger of just gushing and gushing and gushing. Lovely work!

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Review #9, by St. Brigid. Cowardice

3rd April 2015:
It is nice to read stories set a little closer to my own time. Of course, the Founders lived many centuries later than I did, but Celtic culture was still in existence in their day and certainly, it is closer to my time than these strange stories about the 20th and 21st centuries.

The people, the stars and nature - these are forces I understand and approve of. There are those who call the latter two pagan, but were the wise men not alerted to the birth of Christ through their knowledge of astronomy? Anyway, it is unnecessary to lose all the knowledge of the past because we turn to a new religion. My friend, Patrick, saw that if we wished people to follow the new ways, we must express them in terms of the old.

Oh! I never thought that the chamber might have been opened before Tom Riddle arrived at Hogwarts, but I suppose it makes sense that it should have been.

There is a sense of doom about the ending here; Helga cannot escape her fate. And yet she holds out as long as possible out of loyalty to her friends.

For such a short story, you gave us a lot of information about the Founders and their relationships here. Really good story.

Author's Response: Hi, St. Brigid

I'm happy you enjoyed the story, being able to relate to it and all. I honestly never thought about the chamber opening before either but it does make sense :)

It is an inevitable fate for Helga, but her loyalty does indeed keep her going.

Thanks so much for the lovely review!


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Review #10, by Lady Asphodel Cowardice

19th March 2015:
Such powerful words! Such flowing description! Your words are so captivating!

My favorite pieces are how you described the four founder's like... aura's. The purpose of their houses to be for generations to come.

I'm not a fan of founders, but it's quite refreshing to read a good one anyway. I don't have a particular pairing either when it comes to the founders, but the way you wrote this - it's quite intriguing!

I love how you drove the ending that makes what the title of your story to be!

Really marvelous writing indeed!

(For the HPFF Review Fundraiser)

- Asphodel

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Review #11, by Roisin Cowardice

10th March 2015:
AH! I thought I reviewed this ages ago! I'm now having vague recollections of some sort of malfunction when I tried to review before (couldn't sign in or something), and I suppose I COMPLETELY failed to come back to it. SORRY!

First off, I really love the way that Helga is courageous in such a Hufflepuffy way. Like, we usually associate courage with Gryffindor, but here, you have very house-appropriate motivations and psychology behind her behavior. And I'm kind of obsessed with Hufflepuff (despite being a Gryffindor), so I am VERY into that! (Also, that Betrayal is such a big issue for her really makes sense, since Puffs are all about loyalty).

The poetry of the writing is really excellent. I love all the short sentences, and way you set off individual sentences on their own line. Especially for such a short story, it gave it a lot of room to breath, and sort of forces the reader to slow down and take it all in. I also commend you on writing something so scary/thrilling in such a short space!

Your play on "Slytherin" and "slithering" was also INSPIRED. I'm like, so insanely into what you did there.

Thank you sosososo much for joining the challenge! I will /finally/ post the results soon. I am the worst for putting it off for so long!


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Review #12, by mymischiefmanaged Cowardice

27th January 2015:
Hello! So I was looking at old posts on the forums and I realised that you'd asked for a review swap a while back - I completely missed your comment but I know you'd already left me a review so here I am!

Roisin's Microfiction challenge had SUCH interesting entries. This whole style of writing is so different to some your other pieces I've read, but I really, really like it. Also the fact it's founders era is really exciting because I know you've written lots of next gen. It's original and different and I'm really impressed.

The first sentence is brilliant. It reads as just a clever piece of writing until later when you reveal that it's the basilisk and so it's death is LITERALLY slithering across the floor. I like it a lot. Also I like how the piece starts with 'slithering' and ends with 'slytherin' - it's a nice symmetry.

The contemplation of Salazar's betrayal is heartfelt without needing to go into too much detail. You get across the magnitude of what he has done before we even realise that she's facing the basilisk because of him, and I'm really impressed that you've managed to do it so well with so few words.

Likewise, you give a really solid characterisation of Godric and Rowena even though your mentions of each of them are brief. This is very much an every word counts type of story, and you've not wasted any of them.

Finally, the fact her dying hope is for Slytherin to die at the hands of cowardice is a fascinating one. Obviously bravery wasn't Helga's priority (that's reserved for Gryffindor), so I'm intrigued by why she feels so strongly about it when she considers Slytherin. I suppose it's because for now he's taken the coward's route out by leaving them when things got difficult. She wants him to have to deal with his own cowardice. I like it anyway.

This is a really wonderful one-shot. Sorry about the delay getting this review to you!

Emma x

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Review #13, by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore Cowardice

24th January 2015:
Hello there, would you care for a Sherbet Lemon? I find reading much more enjoyable with a packet of these to eat as I go.

I have read many a book on the great founders of Hogwarts, and of course, each one tells the tales slightly differently. I particularly enjoyed your version of events. The idea of a little romance between our founders is delightful, goodness knows the world needs it, but it sadly wasn't enough to stop a terrible chain of events that started with Salazar leaving. Poor Helga...

You are a talented young writer! Words are a poweful magic and if writing was a class we offered at Hogwarts, you, my dear, would pass with flying colours. Alas, we are unfortunately ignorant to this brand of Magic in our world. Perhaps one day...

I'm afraid I must be leaving now, Argus Filch is about to break down my office door if I don't answer it now. I suspect Peeves has been up to something...

Author's Response: Hello, Professor!

Thanks so much! I have read a variety of Founders tales as well. I'm glad you liked the romance. I wish Hogwarts had a writing class. That would be amazing.

I hope Peeves hasn't done anything too terrible! Thanks so much for leaving me a review!

-Leigh xxx

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Review #14, by marauderfan Cowardice

31st December 2014:
Hot Seat review!

I'm just going to begin by saying how much I love Founders era, and in particular Helga/Salazar as a ship. Probably because it's a ship that is doomed from the start and I love things like that because they just kind of attack you in the feels. (Or because I'm a horrible person. :p)

This was such a powerful story, it was really incredible! Considering you only had 515 words to tell your story, you established your characters incredibly. Just the ways that they chose to deal with the fracturing friendship tells so much about them, with Godric searching for answers in the other faculty and students, Rowena looking to the stars for those cerebral, cryptic answers, Helga looking to the earth, and Salazar relying on the Basilisk to destroy the problem. In only one sentence about each I already know so much about them and I love your portrayal of the Founders.

And oh, how sad is it that this is all taking place as she is about to be killed by the Basilisk? It took me a minute to realise that's what was going on and omg so sad and I'm so angry at Salazar. The way Helga actually wishes a coward's death on Salazar speaks a lot about just how deep the wound he inflicted on her and the other founders, it's a strong statement. She definitely did not die a coward, I can't imagine how terrifying it must be to know you are about to die but still keep your eyes closed and hear it slithering around you. Gah!

This was so well written - great job Leigh!

Author's Response: Hi!

I actually don't really enjoy Founders, and this was way out of my comfort zone. So all of your kind words mean so so much to me!

I tried to incorporate all of the relationships in those short words. It was a challenge trying to fit in all of the Founders and still have it based specifically on Helga, and then Salazar. Thanks so much!

I was sad and angry as well. I didn't even know where this one shot was heading until it happened and I was so mad at the version of Salazar I created. No, she did not die a coward. That was one of her biggest fears, and she managed to never have to deal with it. I can't imagine how scary it would be either. I would be absolutely terrified.

Thanks so much!

-Leigh x

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Review #15, by The_Crookshanks_Saga Cowardice

29th December 2014:
Hey Leigh! Thanks for entering my challenge!

I'm so sorry that this review is so late. Let me just say that I know that a romantic Helga and Salazar dynamic is hard to write, but you captured a bitter moment of it perfectly. I loved the writing style: the way you made sentences into their own paras was so cool and added this added sense of importance. And this phrase "The Founders were slowly deteriorating." It just blew my mind. And that last sentence (I'm a sucker for last sentences) was perfect. Of all people, HELGA HUFFLEPUFF, hoping that a dear friend would die just shows how hurt she was. I just-- wow, Leigh.

Awesome story, so much depth in, what, 515 words? I loved it. :D


Author's Response: Hi Meena!

That's perfectly alright. It was a bit of a challenge, but thank you! I was afraid that having Helga wish death upon someone would be a bit too OOC, but at the same time I felt it fit the characteristics she was given. Loyalty to Godric and Rowena. Patience in that being she didn't want him to simply DIE. She wished a certain kind of death, and it to be done a specific way. Idk.

Thanks so so much!

-Leigh xx

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Review #16, by wolfgirl17 Cowardice

14th December 2014:
Hey Leigh!

Here for the Hot Seat review, sorry I'm a little late. I really loved this piece. It's well written , short and sweet in a way. I've been growingly intrigued by the Founders and I really like your take on the idea of Helga and Salazar being a couple only to be ripped apart by their differences. Very cool little story.

Keep up the great work!


Author's Response: Hi!

Don't worry about the wait--I don't mind at all :) Thanks so much!


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Review #17, by Diogenissa Cowardice

13th December 2014:
Hello! Happy HUfflepuff Hotseat Day!

This was an awesome story and very well-written. I loved how you nailed down her character, as well as Salazar's--I can almost -feel- his evil and it ran a shiver up in me! And the way you described the monster was just as scary.

I really, really enjoyed this! Thank you so much for an awesome story! :-)

Karen xoxo

Author's Response: Hi Karen!

Thanks for the wonderful review. I'm glad you could feel Salazar's evil--I was hoping I displayed it well enough :)

Thanks so much!


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Review #18, by Freda_and_Georgina Cowardice

12th December 2014:
This was very interesting. I love Helga's insistence to die an honorable death, not because she wanted to fight death but because it seemed fair to Rowena and Godric. It's also interesting how you have them deal with their friendship breaking apart. I also liked the basilisk being the one to actually do the fatal blow on one of the most powerful witches in history. It seems to do some poetic justice.

Thought this story could use another review, and I'm glad I took time to read it.

Author's Response: Hi, Georgina!

Thanks so much. I think that Helga wanting to die honorably for Rowena and Godric showed her loyalty. I was trying to incorporate the traits of the house into her. Ah it's wonderful to hear you thought that the basilisk doing the fatal blow was poetic. Thank you!


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Review #19, by pointless_proclamations Cowardice

5th November 2014:

I am so sorry it took me so long (wifi is :( sometimes)

I LOVE THIS STORY! I mean Helga Hufflepuff and horror? Who would have thought?! Well, you actually. You are brilliant, but I knew that already. ;)

At first, I was under the impression that these were her last thoughts, but the ending! It is so evident that she is frightened, but her character is so commendable in that she refused to die easily. I have so much sympathy for her, but I am also awed at the same time! You are just so good at this!

Speaking of character, your characterisation of not only Helga, but Salazar, Rowena, and Godric as well, is just stunning. YOu leave this magnificent hints at their characters that are just so easy to pick up on. Them seem very, very realistic and well-thought out because of that.

As for Salazar, what a jerk! It's wonderful the way you are able to inspire hate. His betrayal seems to have stung Helga, but it was number at the end as the hate for him took over. That cowardly betrayer! Who would support such a character?! [looks down to see Slytherin t-shirt].

This amazing story exemplifies that, however loyal and kind Hufflepuffs are, we really shouldn't mess with them.

Your Beta and fan,

Author's Response: Em!

The wait was fine--I'm sorry for taking so long to reply!

THANKS SO MUCH. Yes, Helga and horror don't necessarily fit together, but I tried to make it work. Thanks!

Thanks so much! I really tried to keep in character with the Founders. Which can be difficult, because I'm sure that somewhere along the lines, Godric had been a coward and Salazar had been courageous. It's just so difficult to judge how they were. Your words helped me remain positive about this one shot!

I know, Salazar is a jerk. He is a cowardly betrayer. I suppose you would support such a character ;D Many do. I do, as well!

Thanks so much Em! You never fail to put a smile on my face!

Your Alpha,

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