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Review #1, by secret cupid Vols casar-te amb mi?

15th February 2016:
wow! there's such a vivid atmosphere in this piece! you've done such a beautiful job of describing both the city and the wonder of travel. starting with the warmth and heat really set the scene and the descriptions were so vivid and detailed it was apparent you had really been there. i love too the fascination with the city you write for Rose. it makes everything ten times better that she's always wanted to go there.

i thought you wrote Scorpius and Rose so well- really pinpointing their different ways of being, especially while traveling, but also showing how those differences compliment each other. So that by the time he proposed I was like, YES! like I loved that scorpius was so organized and methodical and. Rose was more adventurous but also afraid of muggle transportation, it was super cute!

Author's Response: Ah, I love that you chose this story to read! I know it's not to everyone's taste, particularly as the title's not in a language most people even recognise, but I had so much fun writing this story and I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

I wrote this not long after I'd visited Barcelona for the first time (I've actually been back since and lived in a different part of Spain too, haha), so this was kind of me reliving my experience of the city (without the proposal :P) and travelling (which is something I'm really passionate about). I'm so happy that it came across in the story too!

I still can't decide if Scorpius/Rose is my head canon, if I'm honest (eternal fence-sitter :P) but I really enjoyed writing about them in this story. I'm glad you liked the way that they complemented each other and fit together. And thank you for leaving me such a wonderful review!

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Review #2, by The Basilisk Vols casar-te amb mi?

7th January 2015:
Well hello mis nott theodore!! I really enjoyed this story of yours so much, being a fan of traveling myself, and not just in the pipes of Hogwarts!

The two of them are pale and white against the colourful mix of people, so stereotypically English that itís almost painful. I loved this line! It shows how they're outsiders and made me think of that feeling of being out in the hot sun and getting sunburns. There's a real feel of being a tourist here which it so relatable and well-written.

The mention of pickpockets and how the vendors are so aggressive with their sales was so relatable and really authentic for what it's like to be a tourist there. Such great details!

Inside, the walls are washed white, the tiled floor cold, and the dim lighting is almost oppressive compared to the sunshine outside, but it is far too hot for a fire to be lit. I thought this was such a great descriptive line and made me really feel like I was there. :D

Loving all the details about the city! :D I like the idea of the Sagrada Familia being cursed by a wizard to never be completed, that's just brilliant. The poor Muggles must be so baffled. :P

The relationship between them is so sweet and unique. I feel like many ScoRose stories I read show them getting together when they're younger so seeing them in this comfortable, established and committed relationship at a mature point in their lives was really lovely. I'm so impressed at all of Scorpius' planning and how Rose trusts him enough to embrace the surprises, and I bet that if she's anything like Hermione not being in charge of plans is a little nerve-wracking. There was such a great dynamic between them here that showed their characters and I just loved it.

Amazing job with all the languages as well! I especially loved Scorpius struggling over the Spanish, hehe. At least he tried. The proposal was so sweet! :)

Loved this!

♥ from the Basilisk

Author's Response: Goodness me, it's rather terrifying to think of you slithering round Spain, Basilisk! But I'm glad that you enjoy travelling too - after all, a bit of adventure is good for everyone, and it can't be nice to spend all your time in a dark chamber underground!

I really enjoyed writing lines like that so that some of the details of what it's like to be a tourist in Barcelona stick out - some people are always such obvious tourists in places like this (me, unfortunately, included) and I felt like I wanted to include the mentions of the pickpockets and the street sellers so that it didn't conjure a completely fairytale version of the city. Barcelona is amazing, but there's a few drawbacks too.

I really couldn't resist including the Sagrada Familia in a wizarding version of the story - I could definitely imagine an angry wizard cursing it, and that it would never get finished (because it has been taking a long time!)

Writing Scorpius and Rose together was SO difficult for me, because it's really not the sort of thing that I usually write, so I think that trying to write them getting together as teenagers would have been even worse :P But it was nice to write them at a more comfortable stage in their relationship with another transition to come.

I couldn't resist including the languages either, especially since this is the first story where I've really had a chance to utilise my knowledge of them! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this, Basilisk! Thank you very much! ♥

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Review #3, by patronus_charm Vols casar-te amb mi?

23rd December 2014:
Hey Sian, Sian, you need to write more Scorose as this was fab!

First things first, I have to have words with you being sneaky and putting the main theme of the story into the title, one day I will learn Spanish and Catalan and then you won't be able to be so sneaky :P Anyhow, as you can probably guess I loved all the mix of languages despite that as it was so cool and added so much to the story and they blended in really well. I really loved how of course Scorpius was fluent in another one as it just seemed to be so him and he was all suave about it, then there was Rose knowing a few French swear words thanks to Louis. :P

I really thought you captured their individual characters as well as their relationship really well in this story which isn't an easy feat given that it was only a one-shot so kudos for you on that. They just seemed to be so happy and cute together too that I could carry on reading about them for ages and ages and you know *wink* *wink* I totally think you should write some more of them.

The way you explored Barcelona throughout this story was really cool too, as I really got a sense of the city and really made me want to visit it as it sounds so mysterious in a way but fun too, and I just fell in love with it basically. :P

The ending was so cute, and even more so because I thought Scorpius was just saying something like I love you because of the amb it looked a little like amour, but no when I found out the truth I started squealing waay too much as that was so cute and perfect and romantic and Rose still understood and yayayay it was lovely and a lovely end to the one-shot.

Lovely story Sian! ♥


Author's Response: Kiana, do you have any idea how hard it is to write Scorose? (Well, for me - you wrote a whole novel with them so I imagine it's probably easier for you but this was difficult!)

Hehe I am a sneaky author, but I honestly had no other ideas for a title and since not many people learn/speak Catalan, I figured that it wouldn't give too much away at the beginning. Fellow languages fan :D I had so much fun adding in the little bits of the languages to this story because they're amazing and it was great to write something in a setting that actually made it acceptable. And it was so fun to put in the struggles that language learning/barriers can bring.

I'm really pleased that you liked the way I captured their characters and their dynamics as a couple too... I was so worried that I'd have Scorose shippers throwing something at me after writing this :P

Barcelona is beautiful! ♥ I loved it so much when I visited and although I couldn't really do justice to such an amazing city in a short amount of time, I'm happy you loved it here!

Hehe language secrets :P (if you want to know, 'amb' means 'with' in Catalan) I'm glad that it didn't seem over the top or anything and that you liked that scene as well! Thank you so much for this fantastic review! ♥

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Review #4, by Paddlewaddle Vols casar-te amb mi?

21st October 2014:
I love this little one shot. Like Scorpius, the details of your experience and their experience amazes me and you can really feel how enamoured Rose is with Barcelona - hell it makes me want to go there too!

This is the cutest pairing and I love your take on their relationship. Please, if you ever find yourself doing so, write more on them :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Rose/Scorpius is a pairing I've never written before, and it was certainly out of my comfort zone, but for a friend and so definitely worth trying! I'm really pleased you liked my portrayal of their relationship!

Barcelona's an amazing city, and it's great to know that some of it's beauty comes across in this one-shot! Thanks for reviewing!

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