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Reading Reviews for If You Were Here
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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn If You Were Here

23rd March 2017:
Oh. My.

Your words have reduced me to a lip-trembling mush and I'm teetering on the brink of tears :( I have such a soft spot for Al and it pains me greatly to read how he's shattered so many lives by taking his.

Gosh. This is so heart-breaking and the way you've written and structured this piece makes it, I dunno, just feel so REAL. It's beautiful and melodic and irresistible, but horrid and melancholic and hollowing all at the same time. Does that make sense? Probably not.

Thanks for cheering me up with this one-shot. Wow.

Brax X

Author's Response: This does make sense and it's exactly what I was gong for. I kinda wrote this while I was depressed, before I got help, and it worked as like my therapy for a while...not exactly healthy for me, but makes for extremely emotional writing. I haven't been able to write like this for a couple of years now, which I guess is a good sign? But I love looking back at this story because it shows how far I've come, and it means a lot to me when other people appreciate it. So thank you, even though I'm sorry I made you sad.
xoxo TheBlondeOne

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Review #2, by Dirigible_Plums If You Were Here

4th November 2014:
This was upsetting because I really like Al's character and the fact that he committed suicide is horrible and just the way it affected everyone is horrible. You really managed to get the grief across through the monologue and I applaud you for making me feel depressed.

Author's Response: Aww I'm sorry I made you sad! But I kinda have to take that as a compliment too. So thanks. :) It was kind of a toss up about wether I should kill off him or James and I just thought he was more likely. Thanks sososo much for reading!!! XD

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