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Reading Reviews for Velvet Hands
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Review #1, by merlins beard Velvet Hands

25th August 2015:
Hi! I'm so incredibly sorry it has taken me this long to get to your AP. This last week has been so very busy, but I finally had a little time just now.
I just had to pick this story because Rosmerta is always intriguing to me, and after I saw that you included a Hogwarts Ghost into this, I absolutely fell in love with what you did here. I really enjoyed the beautiful conversation between Rosmerta and the Friar. You provided a lot of insight into the woman we all only know as the pretty person serving butterbeers on Hogsmeade weekends. She has a much more troubled interior than I expected.

You have written Rosmerta well, but what I really like about this story is how you characterizsed the Friar. (I really like stories about the Hogwatts Ghosts). Minna is a very interesting OC, constructed in great detail even though we never actually meet her.

I have one nitpicky thing:

At the time, Mina had felt the need to keep Mina a secret, confining their relationship to a limited world made of a few walls, a counter, a single narrow bed.

shouldn't it be ...Rosmerta had felt the need.?

Thank you so much for the swap, I really enjoyed myself.


Author's Response: Hey Anja!

Wow, I can't believe how much time it's taken me to reply to this - there is really no excuse! But I really appreciate your feedback, thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm really glad you liked the characters and the dynamics of their relationships. Friar was a bit of a challenge to write (because we hardly know anything about him, and then there was that 11th century language thing) so it means so much to hear you liked my portrayal of him!

About the CC - you're right, it should be Rosmerta! Thank you for that!

Once again, I very much appreciate your thoughts and comments on this story, and thank you for the swap!


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Review #2, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Velvet Hands

29th May 2015:
I just absolutely ADORE this, Andy, for so many reasons and on so many levels!

First of all, your description is, once again, breathtaking. Really. And your writing is just so beautiful!

Secondly, I love how you included the bits about learning a new language, not knowing certain words, etc - that's very realistic and, being bilingual myself, I really appreciated that - different languages really aren't explored much in fanfic, so it was great to see that here!

Also, I have never read a story with Rosmerta as a main character, so a HUGE kudos for originality there! And I absolutely LOVED your portrayal of her!

I loved the conversation with the Friar, and I think the flashbacks were perfectly timed and allowed the story to flow beautifully.

This is a very sad piece, but really, it's hard to feel sad about the ending with the way you described the lightness Rosmerta feels.

And, by the way, you did a really amazing job explaining the grieiving process, and 'forgetting'... those things were spot on and again, that's something that's not often portrayed in fanfic, so great job!

All in all, as I said dear, I really loved this, and it's going in my favorites RIGHT now! VEry well done!

Author's Response: Jayde!

First off, I AM SO SORRY for taking ages to reply, again. I'm finally back on hpff and catching up with stuff and I can't believe I've left this wonderful review unanswered for so long.

Everything you commented on here - the thing about learning new languages and my writing style, and the flashbacks and the grieving process - these are all the things that I felt so nervous but also very excited to write about. This fic is so special to me in many ways and to hear so much praise about it is honestly so exhilarating. Thank you so so much, dear.

And I'm really happy you saw the ending as more of a hopeful thing, rather than tragic. I guess that was the whole point of the story. :)

Thank you again for this beautiful review! I am the worst for not replying sooner but I want you to know that I appreciate every word of it. Thank you.

Hope you're well!

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Review #3, by Rudolph's Vixen Velvet Hands

24th December 2014:
Hi, Andy. It is I, your Secret Santa. A very merry Christmas to you, my dear. I love love love this story and for several reasons: 1. It's of Madame Rosmerta, who is such an ignored and underrated character 2. It's beautifully, respectually well-done slash 3. It's just beautiful. HAHA

Sorry, I just had to gush! It was just an absolutely extraordinary experience reading this one-shot. I loved all the sensory details you treated us to. How Mina looks through Rosmerta's eyes, the way their lives met, crashed together and ended up entangled. I loved all the visuals you gave me: Mina as a young child, hands reaching to steal chestnuts, tongues and skin and moonlight. All just beautiful and really made me sigh.

The progress of their relationship was lovely to me. I adored how everything felt real and flawed but beautiful. I understand where Rosmerta came from but the regret and pain that she admits to is so poignant, I had to stop reading when that bit came to introspect a bit.

Next, the Friar. OMG, the fact that you used the Friar is precious. I think he's completely under-utilised but the way you wrote him here was just perfect. His concept of life and death, the way things are gone and blurry to him is sad but the way he speaks of it, you're not completely sad for him because he's just so jolly and selfless. Like, you know it's probably a horrible burden being a ghost, that feeling of transiency, but he seems to have taken it all in stride and is willing to help others who have burdens as well.

I knew, with the amount of sadness and hopelessness that Rosmerta exuded that Mina was probably long gone (and the questions about death too. haha) but it still hurt when I read it. I am, happy, though that you managed to not make it just be a huge heartbreak by the end so thank you for that. Anyway, this was a beautiful story. Well worth a read and a recommendation (but after SS ends; wouldn't want to reveal myself now, do I?)

Have a happy Christmas, love.

-- Rudolph's Vixen

Author's Response: Hello Rudolph's Vixen! Merry Christmas to you as well! And thank you so so much for this lovely review and the amazing story set, which I will sadly have to wait until queue closure to put up.

I'm so happy you liked my choice of characters! And the 'beautifully, respectually well-done slash' bit made me squee because I've never written it before and this was a huge step out of my comfort zone. But ah, I'm so glad you found it beautiful, that's such an amazing compliment. :)

I do like descriptive prose, I'm thrilled you enjoyed reading those parts! And this: '...the way their lives met, crashed together and ended up entangled.' - what a poetic analysis of their relationship! I can't wait to check out your stories once I find out who you are (unless I already figured it out, eh? :D).

'Flawed and beatiful' is something that I aspire to when writing romantic relationships so this is another huge compliment! Just about everything you said in this review had me flailing so I apologise for the incoherent response. :D

The Friar - so glad you liked him! I definitely agree with you about him being under-utilised, when he is such a great ghost. It's such a joy to hear that you liked my depiction of him and again, I love your analysis of him.

Regarding Mina's death: when I was writing that 'sort-of-a-revelation' at the end, I had one goal and that was to avoid the drama. I really didn't want it to be a plot twist or anything too dramatic so to hear that you could see it coming, that it hurt but was not a massive heartbreak - that is the best thing to hear from a reader. So thank you for saying it! :)

This response is nuts! But still, thank you for the lovely wishes, for the amazing gifts and for being awesome. I can't wait to find out who you are so that I can return some of that love.

Happy holidays, dear! :)

- Andy

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Review #4, by ssslytherinnn Velvet Hands

4th December 2014:
Hi Andy!

I don't even know how to start with this review because ♥♥♥!! What I just read had me holding my breath the entire time, it was vivid, heart wrenching, mysterious, and beautiful all at once. I simply adored it.

I have to say my favorite thing about this whole fic (it's hard to choose) is the was you described things. You write beautifully... your imagery really captured me, it brought me out of my bedroom and into your world that you had created. I felt like I was there with Mina and her sister in the second flashback, this part particularly really had me in it's tight clutches:

'In the autumn, the two of them would roam the street market and steal roasted chestnuts from reckless sellers. Sneaking up behind them, their black-feathered heads barely reaching the rim of the pan, they would stick their hands inside and hold onto anything they could feel under their fingertips. By the time anyone noticed, they would already disappear into the crowd. Later, with those few chestnuts eaten long ago, they would lick their burnt fingers, bursting with life as only a child guilty of petty theft can.'

It was so well written and poetic that I found myself reading it over and over again.

I thought the dialogue between the Friar and Rosmerta was sweet and heart breaking, it really hit home hard. I just love the Friar, he is one of my favorite ghosts and you made him exactly how I imagine him, soft, kind, comforting... I always imagine Hufflepuff students telling him all their fears and concerns late at night.

And don't even get me started on the flow of this fic, you nailed it! It really helped build up the mystery of who Mina was to Rosmerta, what was going to happen to them/her, how she got where she was, and why she was so sad. I had a feeling that Mina wasn't alive anymore, but it still hit me like a ton of bricks when I read it.

But I am glad it ended with a little but of hope for Rosmerta. ♥

Thank you for breaking my heart! I am so glad that I read this and I can not wait to read more of your stories!

Love and Magic,

Author's Response: Hello ssslytherin!

I am so so sorry for taking so long to respond to this lovely review! RL has been awfully busy and I disappeared from hpff for a while there. But I want you to know I appreciate this review so much, and I'm so thankful you took time to leave it!

It is so thrilling to hear that you liked this story! It was very experimental for me, and that's why I am fond of it myself - so to hear such an amazing response from a reader is quite amazing.

I LOVE that you thought my descriptions were effective and that you were pulled into the story - that's the best compliment a writer can hope for.

And ah, the chestnuts scene, I am so happy you liked that one, it was definitely one of my favourite scenes to write. And to hear that you re-read it more than once, that must be one of the nicest things anyone said to me in a review. I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much. And you favourited the story as well! Thank you! :)

I had so much fun writing the Friar and trying to enter his state of mind - I'm glad you liked that aspect of this story. And god, you're totally right, the Hufflepuffs would definitely share their concerns with him. That was such a cute thing to say, dear. :)

Ah, Mina, yes. I tried to tone down the big revelation near the end (so I'm glad you had the feeling she wasn't alive anymore) but it's good to hear you actually 'felt' her death, and the impact it had on Rosmerta.

Now that you mentioned it, the main goal of the story was to give Rosmerta that tiny inkling of hope at the end and that's why I am so happy you liked that part.

Again, I'm sorry for not replying sooner and thank you so much for reading and reviewing this little story of mine! You are so kind and I think you're relatively new to the site so I'd like to use this opportunity to welcome you to hpff - I hope you're having a lot of fun here! :)


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Review #5, by teh tarik Velvet Hands

23rd November 2014:
Hello Andy!

Right, I owe you many things: a reply to your PM, a response to your lovely review...and probably one hundred other things which I've forgotten yet again because oh my lord, WHAT HAVE YOU JUST WRITTEN HERE! ♥

First off, I love this. I absolutely adored this. This has so many things that I love, this story: non-linear narratives, slash, the Fat Friar (my favourite ghost EVER), a focus on minor characters, and gorgeous passages full of vivid details.

One of the strongest things about this story is your pacing, and just how beautifully you let the story unfold without pressing too much information ont he reader at the start. There are these little details like Rosmerta visiting her niece, which you don't explain all at once. It really builds and builds slowly, and I just kept reading because I was so intrigued by Rosmerta's life, by the sense of loneliness pervading her life. And I love oneshots that deal with the strange alliances/bonds that sometimes develop between utter strangers; it's just one of the things about real life that fascinate me greatly, and so this story is just right up my alley.

Your writing is gorgeous, my dear. There you go heaping the praise on me, but you yourself are so fabulously talented. In particular, you are completely amazing with detail and imagery: the second flashback is my favouritest part of the whole fic, with all those beautiful scenes of Mina and her sister picking figs and summer cherries and stealing chestnuts and then of Rosmerta and Mina laying together for the first time with Mina's hair getting everywhere...these were just beautiful! I keep repeating myself!! But!! GAH ♥ The description of Mina as a 'a patchwork person - rendered whole with nothing but the stitching of Rosmerta’s imagination' is absolutely gorgeous! And of course, it adds to the whole tragedy and the thing that Rosmerta can't accept: that just as much as her own imagination stitched Mina's past life together, so now with Mina gone it is unstitching the memory of Mina.

I loved that whole part about memory, and how the details start to go one by one. They were so heartbreaking, Andy: to have Mina's detail-rich life (and Rosmerta particularly revelled in the stories of her past) fading away is the worst sort of thing that can happen to someone who has lost a loved one.

I thought Rosmerta's treatment of Vera was so interesting. I'm glad to see that she didn't accept Vera straight away, or at least didn't feel any affinity for the child right away. It really makes things realistic here, and suggests that Rosmerta is first and always attracted to Mina.

By the way, I also loved your depiction of the Friar. Compassionate, cheerful, and comforting - just how I love to read him. The dialogue between them was exceptional, and some lines were so hard-hitting. I love the contrasts between Rosmerta's situation and the Friar's - how their experiences of death are both so vastly different, and yet they are still both unified for a moment because of death.

OK, although I loved all your flowing amazing descriptive parts, THIS part is my favourite.

'Velvet hands,' Rosmerta says abruptly, her tongue clumsy around the delicate word. 'She had velvet hands.'

The Friar watches her, a thoughtful look in his eyes. 'I cannot remember what velvet feels like, my dear.'

Rosmerta smiles at the ghost, feeling the unbearable truth at the tip of her tongue.

'Me neither,' she admits.

^ I swear I just wanted to slam my laptop shut and cry because A;SLKD;KGSLDKJFLK WHAT PERFECTION IS THAT PART.

Bittersweetness, fluff/angst, the whole emotion package, I can't even...

Sorry, I'm all incoherent. *sobs*

Apologies for this rambling review. This is an amazing story, Andy! You ought to be well proud of this, and I really do hope you produce more one-shots like this. ♥


Author's Response: teh!!

OH MY GOD. That was my first reaction when I saw this review - even before I started reading it! You know how I swoon over everything of yours that I read! And then this! It's like you meet the Queen and she kisses YOUR hand! I mean, my hand. Do people even have to kiss the Queen's hand? What am I even talking about?! See, I'm freaking out!

Anyway, THANK YOU for reading this, for reviewing this, for using hearts and capital letters (because then you know the reviewer is not lying! :D) and just- *passes out*

I'll try to be as coherent as possible. You just counted practically everything that I love in stories - whether FF or OF. And later on, the parts you said you liked were definitely the parts of the story I most enjoyed writing - so basically, we are literary soulmates!

As I mentioned in my A/N, this was the first time I used present tense and non-linear narration so to hear that the pacing was good and that I didn't bombard the reader with too much information at once is so great to hear! The fact that you were intrigued and had kept on reading out of curiosity is just a huge compliment! And ah, the alliances between perfect strangers, that's a great theme, I agree. I love it - in books, in movies, in real life - there's just some basic 'we-are-all-human' beauty in it.

And about my writing - gah, thank you!! I think I almost cried when I read this part. OK, I'm lying, my eyes were all watery. I guess I have confidence issues. This story is SO experimental for me, it's different from anything I've ever written but I think it's safe to say I've found my style. I'm currently writing two one-shots (slash, non-linear, minor characters :P) in a very similar style so to hear you saying you loved this is the greatest encouragement to finish these other two stories. So, thank you again!

The childhood scenes! This is completely random but Mina and her sister picking figs is the first paragraph I'd written for this story. My mum had packed me a basket of figs and I was forcing myself to eat them so they don't go to waste (and I don't even like figs!) and I just thought: 'I have to write about figs! How do I write about figs?' - and so I wrote that scene and voila! - Mina was born! :D

The patchwork bit! So far, in every review for this story there was mention of the patchwork sentence and I'm becoming more and more proud of it. :) But I love what you said, how with Mina gone, the memory of her is being unstitched - that is such a poetic analysis, I'm sorry I hadn't thought of it myself. :P

I'm pleased that you liked the part about the memory. I agree, it is so saddening to lose these little details that once made someone the person that they were. It's like losing them constantly, day after day, and not all at once. Thank you, I'm so relieved to hear I did justice to this subject. :)

Vera! Another relief! I definitely didn't want Rosmerta to come off as heartless but I also didn't think she would, as you put it, 'feel any affinity for the child right away' so I'm glad you found that part realistic.

Wee, the Friar! God, it was so great to write him - he practically wrote himself! And since you seem to be a hard-core Fat Friar fan - I'm glad I did justice to your favourite ghost!

I love how you have more than one favourite part of this story, it just makes me feel so proud and happy! And thank you for quoting that whole thing! I was hoping someone would say something about it because it's one of the things I really like about this story (hence the title). Also, I never thought a bunch of random capital letters could make me so happy! I couldn't stop smiling throughout this entire review and then this last part was like a cherry on top.

Apologies? Teh, this was such a lovely, thoughtful, exciting review! I've read it over fifty times already and I will surely return to it in the future. Thank you for even reading this - you really did make me feel proud of this story!

Talk to you soon, dear!

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Review #6, by marauderfan Velvet Hands

10th November 2014:
Hufflepuff Review Tag!

You had me from the first line. Slaughterhouse-Five is one of my favourite books ;) And I love minor characters, so to discover a story about Madam Rosmerta, well I went into this with high expectations. And I was certainly not disappointed!

I love the reasoning for why the Friar became a ghost - it's such a Hufflepuff-y reason and fits so perfectly! Your characterization of him in general, was brilliant - he's genuine, full of humour at the appropriate time, and can really relate to Rosmerta. I adored his antiquated opinion on what a good, proper name is. (It makes me wonder what he'd think of like, modern celebrity names, haha.)

In many ways, Mina was a patchwork person – rendered whole with nothing but the stitching of Rosmerta’s imagination. -- This is beautiful. What a poetic and visual way to describe a person - I love it, and it works so well for the few things you've described about Mina.

The conversation between Rosmerta and the Friar, particularly once they start talking about death and memory, was so powerful. That was my favourite section of the fic, when Rosmerta laments that she cannot remember much about the woman she loved, and certainly no one else remembers ner - and the Friar reveals that he cannot remember his own sisters name, or what it felt like to be alive. It's really sad but so realistic in a way, and I love the way the Friar's 1000 years of afterlife remind Rosmerta that things will be forgotten and it's okay. The Friar doesn't hang onto the past, so I'm glad Rosmerta talked to him as it helped her let go. After all, letting go is not the same as forgetting. She may not remember the details about Mina, but she remembers Mina, and that's what matters.

Gah, I could just go on forever gushing about this, it was such a lovely story and so well written. Your imagery is really effective and the emotions of the characters were so perfectly demonstrated.

Regarding your A/N... first time writing non-linear, slash, third person AND present tense - WOW, talk about taking on a challenge, and I would never have guessed! It felt as if you'd been writing this style comfortably for ages!

Awesome job on this fic!

Author's Response: Hey Kristin!

Gah, this review! After posting in the Review Tag thread, I knew I should be expecting a review sometime in the future, but I didn't expect one so quickly. And I certainly didn't expect it to be so wonderful and thoughtful! Thank you SO SO much!

Oh boy, so many things to address! First off, I love Slaughterhouse-Five as well and I was so happy you commented on it! After all, a review from a Slaughterhouse-Five admirer has its weight. :P Also, this quote has always been my favourite quote from the book, except maybe for the one about time being like a stretch of mountains (though that one wouldn't really fit with this story).

As for Rosmerta, I picked her at random, literally. I knew I wanted a minor character (beside the Friar who was part of the prompt) but I couldn't decide which one. So I took my copy of PoA, turned a random page and there was Rosmerta. :)

And aaah, I'm so glad you weren't disappointed! The Friar was incredibly fun to write and it's great to hear I did justice to his character! And hahah, celebrity names! Not exactly a celebrity but I think that after hearing the name North West, he'd probably come back to life and then die all over again. :D

Ah, the patchwork bit, I'm rather proud of it and it's so thrilling you found it worth mentioning! Thank you. :)

Okay, that whole paragraph about the memory made me squeal with joy! ''the way the Friar's 1000 years of afterlife remind Rosmerta that things will be forgotten and it's okay.'' -- THIS. This is the point of the whole story and gaah, I was so ecstatic when I read it! Seriously, this was the main thing I was trying to convey throughout writing this and at one point, I even had Friar say this to Rosmerta, but then I changed it to something less obvious. I agree wholeheartedly that forgetting is not the same as letting go and I was hoping to give Rosmerta this one moment where she finally lets go of things she can't change. Anyway, I'm so ecstatic that this was your favourite section and that my idea for this story seemed to have resonated with you so well.

I can't even begin to think of a coherent way to respond to all of these compliments you listed below so I'll just say THANK YOU once again - this review truly made my day! :)


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Review #7, by Moonyxluna Velvet Hands

27th October 2014:
ANDY! Even though you are on the OTHER TEAM in the common room, *shifty eyes* I still couldn't resist coming and reading what you wrote!

The sky is ripped open and rain is pouring from the gash with the force of arrows meant to kill. -- can I just gush for a second about how much I LOVE THIS SENTENCE!? Holy amazing imagery. Your writing is always so well put together, I can't help but instantly fall into the story.

I love your take on The Fat Friar. He's so polite and kind towards Rosmerta, and seems to be concerned about her, and wanting to help her find her niece. Your characterizations are flawless.

I haven't read too many non-linear fics, but I'm very interested in Mina, and what kinds of developing feelings are happening between her and Rosmerta. I love how you so very subtly hint at the way she makes Rosmerta feel, and maybe think twice about her. It's not too much at once, and gives just the right level of emotion.

AH I just love him. Every sentence he says is just SO exactly something that I'd picture him saying, it's just giving SUCH wonderful characterization to him. (Excuse my excessive use of capital letters. I am in love with this and I'm a third of the way through.)

I absolutely adore the the section of Mina's travels, and the phrase 'a patchwork person' - it really resonated with me and created such a lovely characterization and description of her. You're building such a lovely something between them. And the kiss! I love that you made it a little bit of a cultural thing for Mina, but it became so instantly meaningful all over again when she explained her reasoning.

OH GOD are you trying to break my heart!? WHYY? I was sitting here laughing and listening to the Friar's story about scaring kids, and laughing about 'Megan and Gary', and then you just completely drop that bomb of the fact that he can't remember his little sister's name after all the years. HEARTBROKEN, ANDY!

And, we get to the big reveal, of sorts. I had my suspicions going in that Mina wasn't alive anymore in the present day part of the story, but it's quite an interesting twist that she brought Vera with her, and now she's gone with just Rosemerta to look after her.

You write the feeling that death leaves in the people around it so beautifully. Your descriptions are absolutely amazing and they are such a pleasure to read. You should be so very, very proud of this. It was such a joy to read. I laughed and wanted to cry all in one story.

I really cannot wait to read more from you! I'll talk to you soon!


Author's Response: Julie! I wanted to reply to your review the minute I read it but my laptop's internet connection was broken and I cannot type on my cellphone for the life of me. But here I am now!

Hahah, this introduction makes me laugh every time I read it (*shifty eyes* :D). But I am SO happy you decided to read this fic, even though we are, technically speaking, mortal enemies. :P

About your review! Here's the thing. The story was in the queue for about 10 days and when it was validated, I decided to re-read it, just to refresh my memory. And I didn't like what I'd read, at all. All I could see were mistakes, bland language and the initial idea being badly executed... I honestly thought about deleting it from the archives. (I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets self-conscious about their writing!)

The next morning, I clicked on my hpff account, expecting nothing... and there it was! The most amazing review! Every review I received so far made me very happy but this one really made me change the way I feel about my own writing. Seriously, if someone had walked in when I was reading it, I would probably have to say that something fell into my eye. I was truly touched. THANK YOU. Seriously, thank you.

Now onto the response. :)

I love it when readers quote the sentences they liked in the story! And I'm so happy you chose that one! I'm still a bit shy with using descriptive language so it was really great to see such a positive reaction to it. And I know you said in your first review (on my ScoRose) how you liked my writing style but the part about my writing always being put together was kind of a shock! This whole review has so many compliments, I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm just so grateful you even bothered reading this, let alone saying so many lovely things about it! :)

The Friar! I'm glad you liked my portrayal of him! I had such a great time writing him. And here you go again with another HUGE compliment and here I go again with not knowing what to say! Except that I don't mind capital letters at all! :D

You know, 'so very subtly' is exactly what I was aiming for. I didn't want to make their relationship anything dramatic or god-forbid 'love at first sight' but just something that evolved from mutual comfort and some sort of natural understanding. And Mina's stories! The paragraph about Mina and her sister eating figs was the first paragraph I'd written for the story and I think Mina's entire character kind of sprang up from that one scene.

OK, so I'm kind of proud of the patchwork person bit - it's actually my favourite sentence in this story. I'm just so happy you pointed it out! :D

I'm sorry about the little sister! But I'm glad you had such a strong reaction to that part! Hahah, authors are mean people. But really, it's such a crucial part of the plot so I can't help but feel good about your reaction. =) And Megan and Gary, yay, that part was fun to write!

The last third of the story was my main concern because it involves death and that is not something I saw myself writing about. I tried avoiding it but I just couldn't think of a plausible way for Mina to leave Rosmerta, not with the strain in the relationship she had with her family. And I imagined the two of them being in love so that was another reason Mina wouldn't leave her just like that. I am just SO relieved you thought I did a good job with it. And the fact that you were suspicious of it was great to hear! It definitely wasn't meant to be a huge surprise, more like a final confirmation.

Oh, Julie, this last paragraph. You are so encouraging and kind and you really made me appreciate this story more. Thank you so much again; this review didn't just made my day, it made my entire week! :)


P.S. Sorry this was so unbelievably long!

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