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Reading Reviews for Wolf Like Me
13 Reviews Found

Review #1, by LadyL8 O here comes that moon

20th June 2016:
* For the LGBTQA+ Pride Review Challenge*

Hi Roisin.

Itís been so long. How are you? I really hope youíre doing fine. But yeah, Iím here for the LGBTQA+ Pride Review Challenge, and Iím actually at the airport right now, waiting for my plane to arrive, so I have to read shorter stories just to make sure I can finish them in time. And this one was just perfect and it looked interesting. And I do love a good WolfStar so I thought Iíd give it a read. And Iím really excited so letís just get started right away.

Wow. This was so beautiful, and different from anything Iíve ever read before. It was almost like poetry. So beautiful, and it flows likeÖ well, if I was good at this then I would probably be a much better writer, but Iím not so letís just say the flow was just right. And you had so much description. I felt as if this was all just happening before me, that I could see the four marauders and hear Remusí thoughts. It was just really well-written, and Iím often impressed by your work, but this one was just different somehow. It was just really, really beautiful. Also, this line: ďManic dreamer, hopelessly cool, I gave him all of my hideous and all of my monsterĒ. Okay, I donít even think I have words to describe how much I liked that part. Yes, Iím speechless right now. You got me speechless, because itís so, so good.

And I canít believe this is just 500 words. I wouldíve thought it was a lot longer. How in the world did you get so much into such a short story? I mean Iím often surprised by all of the 500 words stories, because I often feel like the writer puts much more thought into his/her thoughts when thereís a word limit. But you just hit it out of the park. It really felt like I was reading a much longer story, and thatís a compliment just so itís clear. I donít know, it was just surprising how much you could get into a 500 words piece. And I love the story, the description, characterisation etc. Everything was just great. Thank you so much for sharing!

- Lotte

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Review #2, by nott theodore O here comes that moon

17th June 2016:
Hi Roisin! It's been far too long since I read any of your lovely stories!

This, as ever, was beautiful. I don't know how you do it, honestly - how do you pack so much into just 500 words? I felt like I was reading both a poem and a short story here, and you managed to capture it all in just a handful, really, of words.

Your description here was just amazing, honestly. It was so lyrical and poetic, but then at the same time you really portrayed this wonderful sense of darkness and shadow that kind of pervades the whole piece, and Remus's thoughts while he's in his wolf-form. The use of the word crepuscular fitted in so well with the piece and I kind of feel like it encapsulates the whole feeling from this story, actually. There's something really dark, but also animalistic about the description in this story, which ties in so well with the events.

Also, I'm so impressed by the number of different ways that you managed to describe the full moon and the night *takes notes for future reference*

Remus's characterisation was really interesting, too! I've read multiple Wolfstar fics by now, but I think this is a really interesting and different one. I think the fact that mentions of Sirius and the way that he makes Remus feel only come in towards the end of the piece suggests that Remus only allows himself to give into those feelings when he's in his wolf form. It kind of makes sense with what we know about Remus. He hates himself for his lycanthropy and when he's in human form, he's convinced nobody can love him - it's his curse. But then there's the fact that he grows to enjoy and even love those nights when he's running free with his friends, who've managed to transform themselves so he can't hurt anymore. It's kind of sad and beautiful that it's only then, when he can't do anything about it, but doesn't have to hide as much, that he can admit his feelings for Sirius. I really liked that interpretation of their relationship, and this story!

Sian :)
LGBTQA+ Review Event

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Review #3, by alicia and anne O here comes that moon

30th August 2015:
Firstly, wow that description is amazing!
Secondly, wow that description is amazing!

Please... teach me your wonderful ways! The sentences were short and just so full of everything! It was like the entire thing was a poem, a wonderful and beautiful poem!

It's so fitting for this and it all just works so well.

And you still managed to make Sirius and Remus work so amazingly! By far my favourite line has to be "If he opeend his heart, I'd let it bleed on mine."

This was just. I'm running out of words to describe how perfect this is! And I'm sorry that this isn't a longer review, but I just can't stop thinking about how amazing this is!

Author's Response: JGVDLJG THANK YOU! And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond!

This story is basically the result of me having a fever and listening to "Wolf Like Me" by TV on the Radio on repeat. If you haven't heard it, definitely check it out! Indeed, that one line was based on a lyric (the original goes "open my heart and let it bleed onto yours).

I had a ton of fun writing this so I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) I just really wanted to try doing prose poetry, since I'm not very good at regular poetry (this story involved smashing together all my fave lines/phrases from poems I tried for a class once).

Thank you again so much for reviewing!


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Review #4, by SunshineDaisies O here comes that moon

11th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 Hufflepuff

OH MY GOD. This was absolutely GORGEOUS. I don't think I've ever read something quite as beautiful as this, honestly. The language you used left me breathless, it was so poetic. I have such a thing for language like this and finding this was as good as gold. And you've done a great job with characterization as well. I the way you describe Lupin's feelings toward himself is so spot on. You really captured the conflict he faces. "Mooney, the monster in the man suit" was just a spectacular way to convey how he feels about his lycanthropy. I don't ship Wolfstar, but this really made me appreciate the relationship between the two. I really appreciated that you focused on the emotional relationship, unlike so many stories of this pairing that you find around...

Fantastic work! I really loved reading it :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Yee, thank you so much for this review! I did really want this story to be about the language (I basically just squished together all my favorite parts of all the poems I wrote). I also used slant rhymes a lot throughout, to kind of give it a rhythm.

We hear so much about Lupin hating his lycanthropy, so I def wanted to explore that conflict - but yeah, put in some /conflict./ He also says how fun those times with the marauders were, so I wanted to show him almost enjoying it too.

I sort of imagined this pairing here like, he sort of only loves Sirius as the wolf. Sort of like he pushes down his crush and his affection, but it bubbles up to the surface when he's in animal form.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading!


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Review #5, by Dojh167 O here comes that moon

11th July 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015 Review

I don't normally read WolfStar, because I am a secret James/Sirius shipper. But this looks really beautiful, so I'm giving it a shot!

The language is really captivating and beautiful in this. Though I was a little intimidated when I didn't know the first word of a story, which made it take a bit longer for me to get into the rhythm of the story.

This line "Lurking in shivering libraries built from frozen stones. I feast on facts and busy itching fingers" was so real for me. Too often people assume studious people are good and innocent, and don't stop to think what they may be hiding or fighting.

"We are young men made monsters, feeding on our fevers, down on all fours. No inky bowl of sky could contain us" did a really powerful job of bringing out the inherent darkness of the marauders, without either erasing their lighter sides or condemning them. I think that's a really great balance.

Other favorite lines:
"Young bodies tremble electric - human, for now."
"spent learning to mirror my malady"

I think this was a really cool exploration of the marauders in their animal form. Now I'll go back to shipping James/Sirius.


Author's Response: Hello!

I wouldn't say I'm exactly a WolfStar shipper either - in fact, I'm not sure I really ship any particular thing, but I do think certain pairings can be interesting :) I'm really glad I was able to write it in such a way that you found this one interesting too!

Oh yeah, I should probs stop using that word so much :P I really like it, and it's commonly used in my field, so I sort of forget that it's jargon!

I LOVED what you said about studiousness being a way to hide or fight - very true. Like, I think it's possible that Remus threw himself into schoolwork exactly for that reason, as a distraction.

I wanted to experiment with prose poetry, so yeah, I thought "ANIMAL MIND" might be a cool way to do that. I'm glad you liked this strange little story!


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Review #6, by TreacleTart O here comes that moon

5th May 2015:
Hello there!

I'm here for the Gryffindor Review Battle Round 2! Go Team Red!

I love reading these every word counts type of stories. I'm constantly amazed at what people can do with five hundred words. This one was a spectacular example of how it should be done. You packed so much feeling and meaning into each and every word. It was simply beautiful.

The images that you painted were just so lovely and clear. I could envision Prongs, Padfoot, Mooney, and Wormtail creeping through the forests at night, adventure pulsing through there minds. I loved that you showed how much those interactions meant to Lupin. I always feel like they really saved him from just sheer misery.

To me, this almost read like poetry in that the words were so effortless and smooth. It was like skating on fresh ice. They just glided through my mind as I read. You really do have a way with words.

I thought the fixation on Sirius was sweet. I love the idea of them together, so I was happy with the closing line. It really summed it all up well.

The only critique that I have is that occasionally I got pulled out of the story by some of the "fancier" word selection. Vocabulary is good and variety of words is nice, but occasionally I felt like there were a few words that were a bit jarring or maybe didn't fit the scene.

All in all though, this was a beautiful one-shot. I really enjoyed reading it!


Author's Response: Kaitlin! Review beast. My hero.

This was definitely an experiment in prose poetry for me, so I'm glad you found it poetic :) There's actually a lot of rhyme happening in the story, but I tried to break it up such that it didn't seem 'rhymey'--but yeah, hella ryhmey (sometimes slant, tho).

Short-short pieces are fun, because sometimes people can manage a BIG story and that's incredible. Here, I tried more for feeling/image/idea. I'm really glad that all those came across for you!

And yeah - 'fancy' words is something I come up against a LOT, and you're totes right. My field of study (PhysAnth) involves a lot of WORDS, so things like 'crepuscular' and 'hemorrhage' just feel really normal to me because they come up a lot. And then they also have nice sounds and poetic potential, so it's easy to get carried away and lose sight. It takes someone else reading it and pointing it out to take me out of that tunnel vision and remember it might be jarring. (Gosh, looking back I realize there are a LOT of bio words in this piece, which sorta doesn't make sense for WIZARDS).

Thank you so much for this insightful review, and just general for being such an outstanding Gryffie! I am in awe!


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Review #7, by Unwritten Curse O here comes that moon

5th May 2015:
OMG. This is beautiful.

Favorite lines:
- "Mooney, the monster in the Man Suit"
- "We are young men made monsters, feeding on our fevers"

Bah. Seriously. This is incredible. It's lyrical, visceral, and sort of heartbreaking. You explore what it's like to be a werewolf at the same time as what it's like to be in love, what it's like to want. And every word matters. That you managed to create such a vivid story in 500 words is incredible. Now I sound like a broken record, but I mean it.

Really well done. If I have time today, I'm going to have to come back and find something else of yours to read.

- Gina

Author's Response: Hello and thank you so much! I'm like SO STOKED on your writing rn so it means a lot that you liked this piece!

Remus always seemed to sort of despise his lycanthropy, and was always so mannered and cautious, and I had a weird amount of fun writing him in wolf form and seeing a more animalistic side of him.

Thank you again so much for this review!

(PS: I forgot to mention, but I hope you do add another chapter to your Hermione/Krum story--I was SO into it! I actually requested a really similarly toned story from Teh Tarik recently because that's EXACTLY the kind of thing I want to read more of)

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Review #8, by HermyLuna2 O here comes that moon

17th March 2015:
I am a great fan of poetic prose and I always admire it when writers create such fanfiction. I can understand that the threshold may be high, so I appreciate it more than usual fanfiction.

I am not an expert on it so I can't give you any real constructive criticism. Still, even though this isn't poetry, I think this might benefit from less side-tracking. For example, "Years of stolen hours, dust-sticky potions bottles, spent learning to mirror my malady" is a great sentence, but the dependent clause 'sticky potions bottles' distracts because it is neither a complete description nor an explanation. "Years of stolen hours spent learning to mirror my malady, years of sticky potions bottles" (Or something) would maybe be a better choice. Some sentences are a bit dull and bring down the rest, such as 'He draws from me a wilderness' (was this about Sirius or the moon, btw? I guess if it was about the moon it's kind of neccessary), 'I am become wilderness, creature of the night', 'This cosmic feast sates the beast in time', 'I give him all of my hideous and all of my monster'. This is just an opinion though, and it may not be the case for everyone. I'm sure in your writing class you've had the age-old clichť of show, don't tell, and I think words such as 'wilderness' are more telling (If you look hard enough everything is, but it's just the feeling I get from that word, it may be different for everyone. It's just that it's common, and is also used in a common context, I guess.)

Some things kind of confused me. 'They'd ripped my tragedy from her grip' - why? To me this implies that by becoming Animagi they cured Remus, but that isn't quite the case. I also wonder why you chose for 'avenged', since there's no such thing as avenging the past as if it were a being, it's gone. 'Whoever said dogs can't laugh has never been one' - but Remus has never been one either, so 'has never seen it' might be more appropriate.

I can tell you have put much thought into each sentence, and choosing to write this oneshot from the viewpoint of a werewolf was an unique and great idea. You made Remus very wolfish, yet still have let him keep his human memories and this created an interesting mixture of boy and wolf. "Mooney, the monster in the man suit" is a very compelling sentence, and so is "If he opened his heart, I'd let it bleed on mine.", and "She draws from Men a silent dream but I am Man no more" - it's tragic that the only way Remus can really be at ease with himself is when he's in his much despised wolf form, and you described it beautifully.

Very well done, I love to read stories that took such an effort.

Author's Response: Haha, this was a VERY odd little story indeed, and very much written for Crestwood. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such detailed feedback!

A lot of this was trying to pare down, down, down. Like, just straight hemorrhaging words until just the barest form of an idea remained. Sort of an experiment in making it raw and animalistic. And yeah, I knew it was a gamble ;) I was doing Flash Fiction in my CW class at the time, and definitely played around here by seeing how base I could make an image.

Thank you again SO much for all of your thoughtful feedback :)


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Review #9, by writeyourheartout O here comes that moon

22nd January 2015:
Oh, you know, was just passing by... figured I ought to review a lovely person such as yourself on this fine night. ^.^

(Plus, when I saw you'd written a Remus/Sirius fic, I was clearly done for, cause looove them.)


And not just wow, but WOW.

This is just... beyond gorgeous. It's stunning, really. It's so poetic and articulate and poignant and just... truly masterful. This review stands no chance at doing this story justice. Apologies in advance.

I loved this. I love the way you describe each of the characters, the way you explain their actions, the way you make even something so simple as walking - Each step cracks twigs and dry leaves, but this forest has learned our names. - feel like the most beautiful, heavy, and significant of things.

I'm fighting myself very hard not to just copy and paste this entire story into this review and yell, "THIS WAS MY FAVORITE PART." Although it would be true. But I'm gonna show the tiniest bit of self-control and limit my quotes to only a select few. *fingers twitch anxiously*

This paragraph:

Years. Years of stolen hours, dust-sticky potions bottles, spent learning to mirror my malady. They cracked their bones and carved their bodies into beasts, until that Curse just blinked down at empty fingers. Theyíd ripped my tragedy from her grip, transforming it the way that she transforms me. We stole back those swollen-moon nights, and avenged every scratching, howling hour.

Wow. It is just perfectly stated. I love this idea that they stole back the full-moon nights; that they took what was a terrible tragedy, an imprisonment, a life-sentence of cruel obedience, and just recaptured it back for themselves, refused to let it win, to let it steal anymore of Remus' freedom. It's a beautiful thought. So many feels.

And then this guy here: No one's nightmare more than my own. - Gah. This line kills me because it is so, so true. I love Remus so much, he's my absolute favorite character, and it never fails to break my heart knowing that he feels this way about himself.

And I can't finish this review without mentioning my absolute adoration for the way you depicted Remus and Sirius as a pair here. Honestly, I can't even articulate what I want to say about it, so please forgive me. Just... yes. Yes to it all. Yes, yes, yes. ♥

Absolutely brilliant, Roisin.




And especially for pointing out that one paragraph, it was actually the one I felt least confident about, so THANK YOU!

I've written some poetry over the years, but never been super keen on any one piece as a whole. But they all had little phrases or sentences I liked, so I basically shoved them all together here because I discovered my love for WolfStar and needed to write it.

And I'm really glad that, as a Remus fan, you liked this story! I realize I went kind of OOC, at least considering the language here, but I thought I could hand wave it with WOLF MIND!

Anyway, AH, thank you so much for this review!


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Review #10, by The Basilisk O here comes that moon

9th January 2015:
I have been freed from the Chamber onc(sss)e more! Sssspooky, isssn't it? Are you ssshaking with sssuprissse yet? Good ^.^.

Wolfstar, classic! You've really done a lovely job with this. Your word-choice allows this short piece to venture into the realm of prose, while still maintaining a strong story-like quality. In fact, the word choice creates some intense imagery as well, in sentences like "Trees quiver. Wind blows hot." It's quite beautiful.

The way you've described the Marauders at the time of full moon is absolutely breathtaking, with a hit of terror and the horrific intertwining the text. And, of course, the agony that corrupts Lupin is positively haunting.

"Sirius Black, you showed me what all that Howl is for." This is really spectacular, relating the wolfstar relationship both to Lupin's humanity AND his inhumanity.

I love this, you've done a spectacular job!

Back into the pipesss, I leave!

Author's Response: AH! DON'T LOOK AT ME! *shields eyes*

Thank you SO MUCH for this amazing surprise review! I'm doing little happy dances!

I really wanted to try a WolfStar, but I realized I'm not very good at romance :( So I thought, hey, instead of doing a romantic story, I'll do a Romantic story! All AWE and HORROR and TAPPING INTO THE UNCONSCIOUS and all that Mary Shelley stuff.

I'm so glad you liked it, Basilisk! You really are much nicer than people give you credit!


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Review #11, by wolfgirl17 O here comes that moon

15th November 2014:
This was so poetic it took my breath away. Love your work!

Author's Response: :D Thank you so much! This was a lot of fun to write, and I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #12, by crestwood O here comes that moon

30th October 2014:

This is so absolutely different than everything I've read of yours! The language you use is eerie and maybe even kind of passionate, if language can be that. You used words that I honestly have never seen used in a sentence before. I'm really sold on this stream of consciousness kind of writing, obviously as I've used it recently in YL, YL. This reminds me of what I've read of James Joyce actually. Diction couldn't be better. The patterns that I find in your writing is actually poetic in nature. It's almost like I could tweak it a bit and it'd be a ballad.

This is such an ambitious story and very much the kind of thing I hoped I could bring about with this challenge. GOOD SLASH THAT SHOWS HOW DIVERSE AND COOL IT CAN BE BECAUSE IT'S TOTALLY NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER KIND OF ROMANCE AND WHY ISN'T THAT OBVIOUS. Anyway, I enjoyed this a lot. Thank you for entering my challenge with two entries!!

Author's Response: EE! I really enjoyed writing this one! Since it was so tiny, I had a LOT of fun workshopping all the language, and choosing words very carefully. And, RHYMES!

And not sure if this was obvious, or just my own thing, but 'O here comes that moon' does two things. At once, the 'O' is a sound. But it's also an illustration of the Moon. O (here comes that moon).

And yeah, I really wanted to kind of capture the animalism of the Wolf Mind through the language, and challenge myself to have a strong masculinity to it. And YES, slash should be DIVERSE. Not every queer male is soft, and love/longing can be more than 'tender'!

I'm so glad you hosted this challenge! And YOU THINK IT SOUNDS LIKE JOYCE!?!?!?! AH! THANK YOU!

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Review #13, by Veritaserum27 O here comes that moon

27th October 2014:

I'm here for our review swap. So I need to start off by saying that I feel like I'm not smart enough to review this oeuvre d'art, but I'm gonna try my best :)

I think I'll start with the Remus's passion for Sirius. I have no idea how you managed to create this underlying intensity along with everything else in only five hundred words. Nothing short of amazing.

Now for the mechanics. Your use of poetic language is brilliant. I can't even comment any more than that. The passages flow and weave together images that evoke just about every emotion possible. Also, having longer paragraphs separated by short, truncated ones force the reader to slow down, controlling the pace at which we experience this story.

This sentence was the only one that seemed a little off:

We all claws and instinct and fury.

I wasn't sure if you meant to write "we're" instead of "we?"

I loved your portrayal of Remus and how he feels like a beast that is able to borrow human skin in between his jaunts to the forest. You can see how he still feels this - years later as a part of J.K.'s books. He never felt a belonging. Not even with Tonks really. His life was truncated glimpses of happiness with long days of torture. Even when he wasn't in the transformation, it was the days leading up to it and the recovery afterward that exhausted him. I think that is part of his attraction for Sirius. Since he feels "right" as the beast (versus "borrowed" skin as a human) it stands to reason that he would find attraction and passion with those who accompany him on that journey and Sirus is just Sirius, ya really can't blame him!

Another thing that I felt while reading the piece is that you've really captured the fact that these four are teenagers - still boys, really. They are seeing the world and experiencing life through the eyes of kids coming of age. I don't know if that was your intent, but I could feel that permeating through the words as I read.

Thanks so much for writing this - and thanks for doing a review swap too!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: EE! Thank you! I'm usually really on it about responding to reviews right away, but I just liked this one and wanted to keep that little (1) there!

The Passion was really interesting for me to write, because I wanted to shy away from any kind of traditionally romantic language. Kind of like, almost the language of horror, but repurposed, to just be /visceral/. Because also, I figured Remus' whole relationship with his lycanthropy is fraught. This would sort of be at his happiest about it, but even then, nothing could be straight beautiful.

Ah, so yes, that was both unintentional and intentional - thank you for pointing it out! I've changed it to 'we're' now. Honestly, I was thinking "we all claws," because /I/ speak that way, but that's an American vernacular thing, so definitely out of place here. (My code-switching is showing, AH!)

Ooh, yes, I did want them to seem young and teenagery! And then I sort of wanted to like, have this be from the Wolfy perspective, which was different from regular Remus. I don't generally write in present tense, but I thought it should be immediate, ya know?

Thank you so much for this review!!!

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