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Review #1, by Professor Lockhart Seven is the most magical of numbers.

28th February 2016:
Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Ah, but shouldn't love be celebrated everyday of the year and not just the one? I do believe it should.

Such an intriguing premise! Seven is indeed the most magical number. It is why there are seven products in my hair care line, each one more magical than the next. But enough about me, and onto your story. There will be plenty of time for you to try my products later.

I imagine this was quite difficult to write, what with having to fit everything into groups of sevens and making sure it all worked out correctly. I daresay you did a fine job with it. You covered every important aspect of poor Sirius's life. This read very quickly and I felt a sense of urgency as I read.

Tragic, so tragic. I must say this wasn't the happiest of reads for Valentine's Day, but in terms of quality it was fantastic. I was glad to see Sirius did find a bit of love in his life, with Dorcas. Terrible that she was killed.

Well, I must go answer some more of my fan mail. Great story, and goodbye for now!

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Review #2, by cherry_pop94 Seven is the most magical of numbers.

27th December 2015:
Hello Beth! I'm here for the review I promised!

This was an incredible story! I can't believe how much you incorporated the number seven! Exactly 777 words! Wow.

This was such a powerful story. The short sentences added so much suspense, quickened the pace, but also made it seem so disjointed, like exactly the way Sirius would recall these memories in the moment of death.

My heart breaks for Sirius. He was so happy, he had friends, he had Dorcas, he was fighting. But then it all went away, didn't it? He lost everything so quickly - Dorcas, Lily, James, his whole life when he went to Azkaban. And even when he got out, he was caged again in that horrible house.

Such a powerful story Beth! Such a good read!


Author's Response: Hi there Sefanie,

Thanks again SO MUCH for offering reviews. It was really kind of you and I hope you made it to your goal. Gah! I'm so glad you liked this one. I did work really hard on it, but I also had a ton of fun writing about Sirius. He was such a tortured soul and sometimes I wondered if James and Lily got off easy because they didn't make it. I mean twelve years in Azkaban, is a tough haul.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by MuggleMaybe Seven is the most magical of numbers.

12th October 2015:
Hi Beth!

I'm here for our swap - sorry I'm a bit late!

I had to read this story because I am currently hosting a new microfiction challenge. It is stunning!

You've done an absolutely terrific job on this. I thought you chose really powerful and interesting moments to capture. You also demonstrate impressive economy of language. It's very clean writing, but it still reads as Sirius. It feels like his thoughts and his voice, and I'm really impressed that you managed to have such strong narration and POV in such a short piece.

This sentence:
"Oh Merlin, he's the spitting image of James"
totally broke my heart. I can't even imagine how Sirius must have felt at that moment.

Honestly, this was so excellent, I don't have anything useful to say. I almost feel I owe you another review!

Keep on writing the incredible way you do! You're awesome!

xoxo Renee

Author's Response: Hi there Renee,

I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long to reply to this amazing review. I really, REALLY enjoyed writing this story. It totally got me into the character of Sirius Black.

Yay - I can't tell you how excited I am that a fan of microfiction thought this was well done. The word limitation I put on myself for this were challenging, but I had a blast all the same.

Yeah, that line was a tear-jerker. Sirius probably felt a wave of everything he'd lost and missed out on and all the possibilities for Harry all rolled into one.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by alicia and anne Seven is the most magical of numbers.

18th August 2015:
You've started it with the best words ever! Sirius Black! :D

Awww it's a Dorcas and Sirius! :D So adorable!

The descriptions of the two together shows how much they mean to each other, and you've done such a brilliant job with it!

I love the short sentences, they're short and snappy and get straight to the point!

Aw the Easter is mentioned!!

Oh no! He's in his cell and now I'm sad!

I seriously love the short sentences so much, they're so full of information and seem like they were very thought out before being written. It's making a fabulous story.

Oh Sirius! I just wanted to hug him throughout all of this! I have a lot of feelings right now and most of them are sad! :(

A wonderful one shot! Although now I'm going to need a happier one to cheer me up! :P

Author's Response: Hi there Tammi,

You're so, so kind to offer these reviews and like I said in your status update, I actually *forgot* that I had two Marauders' era stories - haha.

I was so happy to see that you actually read both of them. You're too sweet.

And I think you're the first person to notice that I put in the reference to my Easter Lily story! I'm totally squeeing over this! Yes!

I never knew you were such a Sirius fan - so glad you felt I did him justice - eeep!

Haha - I had to use short sentences to keep each paragraph to a multiple of seven.

Ugh - sorry you read the happy one first (Easter Lily) and then this one second. I hope you found something happy to read after this!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by Shawn and Gus Seven is the most magical of numbers.

31st May 2015:
Whattup, Beth? Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer back again with my partner, SpongeBob SquarePants. He lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Only for right now. I'm looking to move into a coconut shell.

A coconut shell? Really? C'mon, son!

Yes, Shawn, really. Coconut shells are much stronger and would provide better insulation and last longer.

Gus, don't be the ick in 'magic'.

I'm not! But anyone who thinks that that pineapple house isn't seconds away from caving in is living a lie.

Okay, I can't do with this with you right now. Just review the story.

Fine. This one-shot was exceptional, Beth. You captured Sirius so perfectly in the beginning. His family and his arrogance and his goodness, all wrapped up into just a few sentences. He's such a multifaceted person, and it's clear you understand that about him, because you gave us small glimpses at so many sides of his life and of who he was.

Its incredible how in just one paragraph you made me love the idea of Sirius and Dorcas, made me understand their love for one another, and then broke my heart completely when she was suddenly ripped away. I can't believe how powerful that section was, because we never even really knew Dorcas in the books, but you got me attached in just a few sentences. Incredible. Poor Sirius. And when Sirius holds dead James' hand... I can see it all too well in my head and it is painful and visceral and perfectly terrible.

Every sentence is hard-hitting, is purposeful, is deliberate and raw and real. I know this was for the micro-fiction challenge, and wow, did you hit the nail on the head. You said so much with so little. A whole lifetime in 777 words. I in particular loved the paragraph about Sirius escaping to save Harry but, in the end, it is Harry who saves Sirius. That last line will stay with me. Really brilliant job.

I have also divined that this story was, in fact, awesome-sauce.

How are you going to get away with making one comment in all three reviews so far about Beth's actual writing? It's not fair.

It's the sweetness.

Whatever. I need a pick-me up.

Fries Quatro Queso Dos Fritos?

You know it.

We'll be back.

Author's Response: Shawn and Gus,

I'm not doing a very good job at responding to these reviews because they essentially turn me into a pile of goo... goo that is grinning from ear to ear, but goo nonetheless. I feel like I'm the luckiest person from the Pass It Along Challenge - GAH!

I have also divined that this story was, in fact, awesome-sauce.

I can't even. I feel like Shawn and Gus are really here, with me. Well, that would be a little weird - since they live in Santa Barbara and I live in New York - but you know what I mean.

I've already put one of these into the "Reviews that made your day" thread, but I feel like there should be a "reviews that made your career at HPFF thread" for ultra-special ones like these.

Thanks so much and I don't know if 'thanks' actually covers what I feel for this.

♥ ♥ ♥ Beth

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Review #6, by The Summer Snake Seven is the most magical of numbers.

5th May 2015:
Greetings from The Summer Snake! I have recently slithered out of hibernation and discovered this amazing place with such amazing stories, so I want to read and review as many as I can before I go back into hibernation!

Oh my, this broke my cold-hearted snake heart. The ending. *cries*

Ahem, tears aside, this was beautiful and very well-written. I loved how you played around with the number seven. Your summary itself was clever and drew me in. While reading this, I was captivated. You captured Sirius' personality amazingly well in such a short one shot. I could feel his emotions so clearly and loved the descriptions you used.

I could really visuals everything and the emotions just came through so well. The plot, characterisation, flow and over all concept was brilliant. I really, really liked reading this. Gah, wish poor Sirius hadn't died though. Nonetheless, such an awesome little one-shot. Great job!

I really don't know what else to say except WOW so now I'll be off to explore more of this wonderful sun! See ya!

With love,
The Summer Snake

Author's Response: Why Hello there Summer Snake!

I have a distinct feeling that I know who you are, but I'm not positive, so I don't want to guess just yet. Summer... hmm - going back into hibernation? Well, in my half of the world, summer hasn't started yet so - I might take a guess that you live in the southern hemisphere?

But thank you so much for this review! I really, really enjoyed the challenge of writing this story with multiples of seven. And I'd never written Sirius before. His life really was tragic and I'm glad that those emotions were conveyed in this.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by The Basilisk Seven is the most magical of numbers.

26th March 2015:
Hi, it'ss the Basilisssk!

This was absolutely brilliant. It's an incredibly neat concept and you pulled it off fantastically! I love the way you can watch Sirius grow up as the numbers increase. When they started going down again, I swear I wanted to cry! This isn't fair, Beth! The Jily death was heartbreaking, but nothing could prepare me for the talk of Harry before his all-too-soon death. (Just talking about it is going to set off the water works!) And the slightly manical chanting of "it was Peter" just broke me. Poor Sirius. *squishes tightly* I won't let Beth hurt you anymore.

Thisss wass an amazing sstory, I'm sso glad I had the chance toread it, sso thanks!

(I've decided to post 44 letters hidden in reviews over the next little while. Each one of them has a character at the bottom. If you can find all 44 reviews (not all are out yet, so keep your eyes peeled) and rearrange the letters into a quote from Harry Potter and PM it to WriteYourHeartOut on the forums you could win a donation to HPFF in your name! There's a topic in the Off Topic Section if you want to collaborate your efforts!)

Thankss again,
The Basilisk




Author's Response: Hello!

Wow. I feel so honored to get a review from you! I'd heard so much about your amazing reviews and you did not disappoint!

I really, really enjoyed writing this piece. I found it challenging and rewarding, because I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

Haha - I promise not to hurt Sirius :) I just wanted to tell his story - it is so deep and tragic :(

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by chinaglaze Seven is the most magical of numbers.

8th March 2015:
Hi there reviewing from the Ravenclaw BluevBronze review game;

I loved this; Sirius is without doubt my favourite character and I thought you summed up his short and sad life very beautifully here. The first few passages in particular are very poetic and beautifully written.

Its a very clever and skilfully constructed piece of work and I didnt spot any typos or SpaG errors. I'm very impressed by it, and quite moved too!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for this review! I'm so happy you liked this -even though it was really short.

Eeep! I'm reading this with such a smile on my face

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by CassiePotter Seven is the most magical of numbers.

20th February 2015:
What a fantastic one-shot. As soon as I saw this in your Author's Page, I was immediately intrigued! I think the concept of writing the paragraphs in multiples of seven is a really cool idea! I would never have thought to do that, that's for sure!
I love the way you were able to capture Sirius's entire life in such a short story. I really felt like I knew him throughout the entire story. Seeing him go from a young boy to the day he dies was really interesting, I loved the way you were able to put in so much emotion to this story, as well. James and Lily's deaths stood out, in particular. His reaction of just the word no three times seems so simple, but you've written him in a way that those three words carry so much pain and anger and grief.
Overall I thought this was a brilliant story. I've never read anything like it, and am so happy that I got the chance to read it! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Cassie!

Thank you so much for offering to review! And this is sooo sweet! I did work really hard to get all of the paragraphs to exact multiples of 7.

It really amazes me that each review of this story says that a different paragraph stood out to them - and it really makes me smile :)

Thanks again Cassie!

♥ Beth

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Review #10, by Lostmyheart Seven is the most magical of numbers.

18th February 2015:
Hi Beth! I'm here for the Review Tag.

I can't believe I haven't come across this story before! Are you insane, Beth? Trying to break people's hearts like that, that's quite dangerous you know.

I loved reading this, it was incredible to see his life like this. And I almost teared up when he mentioned four became one, and that maybe he was destined to be with them, to have them as brothers. Ugh. It was perfect.

I really enjoyed reading this, it was both lovely and heartbreaking.

- Avi

Author's Response: Hi there Avi!

Aww, thanks for this super sweet review! I'm so glad you liked the story. (I might be a *little* insane - heh heh :) )

I tried to convey a differed emotion in each paragraph and I'm glad you felt all of them while reading!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Seven is the most magical of numbers.

1st February 2015:
Sirius howls with Remus and prances with Prongs. He knows The Hat chose him for this reason, to be brothers with these three.

^ Excuse me I seem to have the case of the teary eyes and sniffles.

Oh Sirius! I have such a soft spot for him. Can't read the book where he unfortunately meets his end because it still makes me bawl after all these years. Until I read his death scene and the aftermath with Harry yelling I never knew a book could make me feel such emotion. There are tear stains all over the pages.

This short story reminded me of that pang. That heartbreak at thinking of Sirius in Azkaban, those believing he was a traitor, feeling hopeless in his house and then death.

I wish you would have expanded on the Azkaban part. I feel like you would be able to write a really awesome one-shot about Sirius in Azkaban, the first initial day and then just moments of reflection. The Peter line was chilling. He could have gone crazy in there but he knew they were wrong and part of that gave him strength.

It was Peter. It was! Oh, Sirius!

I also liked the little shoutout to Easter and your story. I like when author's can weave in a bit of their other work because it makes you want to say, "Silly easter? Ooo! Do tell more!" And you did.

Great job!

Author's Response: Hello, hello!

Aww, the Sirius feels. I think we all have them at some point or another.

I wrote this for the microfiction challenge and I knew that I wanted to write the entire life of a character. I can't really say when I chose Sirius, but once I did, things started falling into place.

I put a LOT of parameters on this piece. It is exactly 777 words, each paragraph is a multiple of 7 and the paragraphs start off short, build to a maximum in the center of the story and then taper back to 7. The Azkaban paragraph had to be 119 words, so even though it was the longest one, it was still limited.

Ooo - an entire one shot of Azkaban? Maybe I could do that. Hmmm...

Yes! You are the first person to notice my Easter Lily reference! I'm leaping for joy at this. I can't even.

Thanks so much - you totally made my day with all of these completely awesome and wonderfully kind reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #12, by BellaLestrange87 Seven is the most magical of numbers.

16th January 2015:
Review tag! (and part two of my thank-you review dump!)

First of all, how on earth did you manage to do this in multiples of seven? I can't even control when I have inspiration to write, let alone harness it to do this. I am very, very impressed. Even more since - by a cursory glance - the paragraphs appear to be sequential - the first paragraph seems to have 7x1 (7) words, the second 7x2 (14) words, etc. This one-shot must have taken you a very long time to write.

I love how you've characterized Sirius here! Everything here is so him. I did like how he paused to nod to his family sitting at the Slytherin table. Even though it could be a "so long, guys" type of gesture, I'd like to think that he hadn't entirely separated from his family at the age of 11, that being part of the Marauders showed him which part of his life was more valuable.

His time spent in Azkaban was excellent. I could feel his sanity slipping away and his obsession with finding Peter coming to the forefront, as well as his fear of the Dementors. I've only written Azkaban once but it is challenging, even when I hadn't put any limits on my writing, such as the seven-word system that I've already expressed my admiration for.

The ending, even though I knew what was coming, was sad. To see Sirius die, right when he was free from Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place - since I'm sure he had been seen at the Ministry, fighting the Death Eaters, so it wasn't like he could go back and pretend he wasn't there.

I can definitely see why this won SOTM for December 2014. Wow, Beth. Just wow. *coughs* Write Sirius again, please? (Of course, I wouldn't turn down another chapter of ASLTW, either.)


Author's Response: Hiya!

Yikes - TWO amazing reviews in a row. I'm really having a hard time responding (as you can tell because it's taken me far too long to get to these).

The multiples of seven thing was actually easier than I thought it would be. I really, REALLY enjoyed the limitations of this. I think everyone should try it once. I found that it helped to harness my ideas rather than restrict them.

First I decided on the number of words for each paragraph - you were spot on! 7x1, then 7x2 and so on. I wanted a sort of build up and then a decrescendo to his death. The next part was picking each scene. That was a bit harder, but I found parts of each book that included his character and then filled in the rest from his past history.

Thanks so much. I'm truly taken aback by the reception of this story. I don't have any plans to write Sirius in the near future, but I'll think about it - it was really fun!

♥ Beth

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Review #13, by Aphoride Seven is the most magical of numbers.

16th January 2015:
Hey there - dropping by for our review swap! :) I really hope you're not sick of reviews for this story - sorry if you are! (Please forgive me!) - but I (somehow) didn't realise you had a Sirius story and just had to stop by on it, because I do love Sirius... :)

I just want to say, first, how impressed I am with the multiples-of-seven word paragraphs. It's all microfiction, and that in itself is amazing (I'm terrible at it - so terrible, I've never tried it because it terrifies the life out of me), but you do it so well, and to do it all in multiples of seven words on top of that is nothing short of brilliant. I mean, I don't even know how you'd go about doing something like that, and you just crack this out and it's amazing :)

I love how you characterised Sirius, as well. You really brought out the light and dark in him, and the madness he gets from Azkaban is visible towards the end, with the references to the beast wanting to escape, and how he almost considers himself as Padfoot, and the repetition of 'It was Peter'. I loved how you emphasised the lightness in him, too, when he was with Dorcas and how he loved her almost carefully, as though he was afraid he'd hurt her or break her or something. It was such a great contrast to how wildly joyous the last section is, and the disappointment in the first bit, with his family.

Actually, speaking of, I loved how every paragraph almost had a different feeling to it, a different sense. Like, you really showed the emotional journey Sirius went through, not on a daily, minute basis, but on a larger-scale one - overall. It made this kind of feel like a summary of his life, of him as a person, and the relationships he had, you know? And I really liked that - there's not that many stories which do that in whole, preferring to take bits and explore those. Which is great, but I loved the originality of this :)

As I said before, I love the way you wrote this. There's something so amazing about what you've done, and how much you've managed to convey in so little - the emotions, the feel of it, the different senses, the description... it's just a wonderful piece of writing in whole. I really like the broken-up sort of style of it, especially in the shorter sections - there's something incredibly captivating about it, though I dunno what exactly what is... but I really like it! :)

This is a really great one-shot! I'm almost disappointed I didn't discover this before! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hi there Aph!

Apologizing for taking so long to get to this response :(

I'm definitely NOT tired of reviews on this story (or any of them, in fact). I really liked how this one turned out and once I got started, it wasn't nearly as hard to write as I thought it would be. I was intimidated by it at first, but it really was sort of fun to write within the parameters that I'd set - you should try it - YOU CAN DO IT! I KNOW YOU CAN!!!

I'm so happy that you picked up on the light and dark, but more so that each paragraph had a different feel. I really wanted a different emotion to come across in each one and I let out a squee when I read that part of the review - thanks!

Gah! I'm so overwhelmed at this review. Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #14, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack Seven is the most magical of numbers.

9th January 2015:
Good morning! I have come out from hiding from the Lovegoods long enough to leave this review for you on your excellent story, and then I will go back into hiding with my good friend, the Loch Ness Monster.

This was incredible, both in how you told Sirius' entire life story in these short but powerful segments, and how each segment is a multiple of seven words. If my guess is correct (for I did not count - Crumple-Horned Snorkacks don't have fingers and thus I could not count on them) each successive paragraph is one more multiple of seven, until they count down again. And the seventh, and therefore longest paragraph, would be the most intense one - the long time he spent in Azkaban obsessing over how Peter had betrayed them. It's a very well organised story and it's obvious that you put a lot of planning into it, like the way old Xeno Lovegood plans out his trips up North to attempt to find the elusive Snorkack.

Aside from the way the whole fic revolves so perfectly around the number 7 (I notice as well that it's exactly 777 words), it's such a beautiful writing style. The sentences are short but direct - it's all in these little details so it's like seeing a series of snapshots. I suppose this is fitting considering it ends with Sirius' death, so the whole story is like his life literally flashing before his eyes.

A wonderful read, and I applaud your attention to detail and such focus in your writing. But I think I see a scientist coming so it's back into the trees for me.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Oh - this review was so awesome and unexpected. Thanks so much! No one else has commented on the slow build to the middle paragraph and then the decline down to just seven words again. I let out a squee when I saw that.

The paragraphs start off by doubling - so 7, 14, 28, 56, 112, 119, 112, and so on back down.

I'm just so excited that you noticed all the details I put into this. Thanks so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #15, by Super Santa Seven is the most magical of numbers.

28th December 2014:
Ho ho ho what a chilling tale that of Sirius Orion Black.

I just love the way you retell it. The pace is fast and emotional. The words are perfectly fitting. All of them. You've really managed a great task at reaching your word count (or so I'm guessing it was volountary) and being able to put the right descriptive words at the right place every time.

I really enjoyed the moments you chose, showing his good side and human one. The true Gryffindor he was.

Congrats on this story!

Author's Response: Hi there Super Santa!

Thanks for reviewing this story! I did intentionally make the story 777 words and I also made each chapter a multiple of 7 words as well. In addition, I wanted the story to build up to the longest paragraph and then ebb back to only 7 words.

Thanks again! I really loved all your positive words!

♥ Beth

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Review #16, by maraudertimes Seven is the most magical of numbers.

12th December 2014:
Hi! Review swap!

This was really cool. I've never really read a story in this kind of style before, and although I prefer the more descriptive kind (what can I say, I live for those long, beautiful romantic stares and exceptionally descriptive descriptions of flowers and the gorgeousness of Dumbledore's beard), I really really really enjoyed how much you were able to convey in just the smallest amount of words.

777 words if I'm not mistaken? Well it literally brought me through decades and I loved how it moved about almost seamlessly, but still cutting from one year to the next.

The whole James/Lily death scene made me sad, so let's not talk about it, but I loved how in that part Sirius's voice became more crazed than the rest, and also in Azkaban, it became more needy, more erratic, and you were able to convey these different times in his life with these small sentences and I commend you for that a thousand times over!

This was really cool but so much death. :( I know, totally canon (being really big on canon, I kinda can't complain :P), but you wrote it really well so now I'm kind of sad.

Great job on this, it was really interesting and you did an amazing job given the word constraint and the stylistic approach! It was really good!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Hey there Lo!

I was so excited that you picked this story! It *was* hard to say everything I wanted within the word limit and be at least somewhat descriptive at the same time.

Yep, the story is 777 words - and each paragraph is a multiple of 7 words as well.

I tried to convey a different emotion with each scene - and I'm glad you could see/feel the contrast.

Thanks again - the swap was so much fun!

♥ Beth

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Review #17, by Red_headed_juliet Seven is the most magical of numbers.

9th December 2014:
Hello! Here for B v B.

I love the vibrant vocabulary in this! It takes a lot of talent to adhere to a strict format while simultaneously creating a rich story that isn't hindered by the structure. This one-shot certainly benefits from it! I loved it!

"Sirius scarpers to the corner, but can't escape the despondency." I love big words!!

I also enjoyed how you used bold letters for the increasing desperation of 'no' after the Halloween night. It was a great way to shake things up without bogging them down with adjectives.

I only have one little point of CC, and that is you may want to change the POV of the middle sentence.

"The perfect combination of his mother and father, of their love and passion. But, Wormtail is still on the loose and Remus needs help. The dementors come for Sirius, but it is Harry who saves him."

All the other transitions went smoothly, but this one seemed a little off. Just a suggestion thought.

The entire piece was wonderful! I'm so glad I got a chance to stop in and read it +]

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm so sorry that it has taken me this long to respond. Thank you so much for this awesome review! I'm so glad you liked this story. It really was fun to write.

Yay! Big words! I like them too :)

I'm not exactly sure how to fix that one sentence. I was trying to imply that Remus needs *Sirius's* help - because he realized that Peter wasn't dead. I will look at that whole paragraph again.

Thanks again!
♥ Beth

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Review #18, by 800 words of heaven Seven is the most magical of numbers.

6th December 2014:

Gah! I can't believe that I only just found this story! Sirius is one of my favourite characters, and as much as it breaks my heart to read them, I do so love stories that encompass all of his life. This was really great!

I loved the idea of the microfiction challenge! I wish I had the talent (or the time, oddly enough) to participate, but I just adore reading the entries, and yours is just fantastic! First of all, I love that this is 777 words long - let the sevens abound! And that it's comprised of thirteen stories - that most unluckiest of numbers, as well as the next worst times tables (after the seven times tables, of course) - that just makes this so much better!

I especially liked how you didn't dwell on one "theme" I guess is the best way to put it. You included everything, from his parents opinion of him, to his Sorting, to his friendship with the Marauders, to young love, to his devotion to James and Lily. Naturally, Azkaban plays a large role here, and I liked how you focused on his Animagus ability. I think it's one of the best pieces of prose written on the subject I've ever read.

And that ending! OMG. Tears. Tears everywhere.

Loved this! As usual, all your writing is gold :)

Author's Response: Hey there!

I'm so excited you like this story! I had such a great time writing it - and I can't really say why I chose Sirius, but he just seemed to fit so well.

Haha - I didn't even think about the times tables - that is too funny!

I was really trying to pull out a different emotion with each chapter/paragraph.

Thanks so much for this awesome review! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this!

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Review #19, by CambAngst Seven is the most magical of numbers.

30th November 2014:
Hi, Beth! I thought I'd take in a little Sunday night reading after putting the kids to bed.

I'm really impressed with what you accomplished here. I'm sure this wasn't an easy thing to pull off, always being forced to bring your paragraphs in at a certain word count. I'm imagining myself wringing my hands over whether to cut one word that I really needed or try to come up with six more that I don't really need. Agony! My hat is off to you for making it all work so seamlessly. And I mean that, by the way. The story reads really seamlessly. It doesn't feel like something that was written to a specific word count.

At every stage of Sirius's star-crossed life -- no pun intended -- I thought you did a good job of capturing the essential things that define him. His rocky relationship with his family, his immense loyalty to his friends, the losses and torment that he suffered... all of it came through in great detail. I thought you had a good balance of things that we know from canon and things that you created to flesh out the story. The scenes from the books that you picked to focus on were all good choices, very poignant moments.

Let's see, what else? I liked the way that you touched on the conflicts between Sirius and Dumbledore. Dumbledore had a lot of failings as he tried to steer Harry on the correct path, and I always thought that Sirius was at the heart of a number of them as well as the main voice pushing back against Dumbledore in others. How much danger could Harry have been spared if Dumbledore had listened to Sirius's protests against Harry participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament? How much more prepared would Harry have been if Dumbledore had followed Sirius's suggestion and shared more information with Harry sooner? And face it, if Dumbledore had insisted on finding out Sirius's side of the story before Barty Crouch chucked him into Azkaban, isn't it possible that Wormtail could have been prevented from bringing Voldemort back from Albania? So many missed opportunities...

Great story! You did a really good job with this!

Author's Response: Hey there Dan!

Wow. This was a real nice surprise! Your reviews are always so awesome - so thanks for taking the time to write it.

Actually - I pre-set the word limit for each paragraph before I started the story. I was very specific and I wanted the story to crescendo and then wane back to the really short paragraphs at the end. That way, the story was exactly 777 words.

Wow. Seamless? Thanks so much. I was also trying to convey a different emotion with each paragraph, I'm so glad it came across! It was actually harder for me to pick which moments to flesh out from his life than to actually write them!

I'm so happy you noticed my Sirius/Dumbledore conflict. I also felt like Dumbledore really missed out on using Sirius to his full potential.

Thanks again - this review made my night!

♥ Beth

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Review #20, by Ribbons Seven is the most magical of numbers.

20th November 2014:
I love it!

In a few paragraphs you've captured Sirius's tragic, tortured life. What a breath of fresh air.

So, there are some things that really popped out at me as I read it: Dorrie, the intro with his parents, when he mentioned Peter as the traitor and the very end.

Now that I think of it, that's the beginning, middle and end.


You portrayed each character carefully and sparingly, leaving room for the imagination. There was no clutter from needless words.

You used this challenge to your advantage and told a story that was both chilling and thrilling.

Maybe this wasn't as long of a review as you would have liked, but I loved it. There was so much good to say for such a short piece. Well done!

Much, much, MUCH love,


Author's Response: Hi Alena,

Thank you so much for doing a review swap. I am so glad (and relieved) that you like this story! I don't think this review is short at all - the story was only 777 words!

Thanks so much for this! We should do more swaps!

♥ Beth

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Review #21, by Unicorn_Charm Seven is the most magical of numbers.

16th November 2014:
Hi there! Here for the swap!

I can never resist a story about Sirius Black, so I thought I would stop here. :)

This was truly brilliant and horribly impressive. Each paragraph was broken into multiples of seven? How on earth did you do that!? It's unbelievable! To be able to word this, so precisely and have it be so compelling. I am in complete awe of you right now!

Although this was short, it cataloged his life so, so well. I loved how you had him nod briefly towards his Slytherin cousins and then head off to the "red and gold." In my mind, I pictured it as a cocky sort of, "I told you I'm not like you," type nod haha.

As always, when I write about the four boys together, I become happy, yet horribly sad. Just this line alone, "He knows The Hat chose him for this reason, to be brothers with these three." portrayed their love for one another so beautifully. It was probably my favorite line of this whole story.

I've honestly never read anything with Sirius shipped with Dorcas before. But you had me accept it without question. I often wonder if Sirius did lose anyone he loved, besides James and Lily, to the hands of Voldemort.

You killed me with adding how Halloween was Lily's favorite! You did that on purpose, didn't you? You did. Wicked haha. :) The bolding of "NO," truly added so much to the intensity of his despair and loss. I always feel like Sirius got the rawest deal of them all. And this paragraph, and the following paragraph, of him thinking "It was Peter," killed me. Absolutely killed me.

And then he's finally free, gets saved by Harry and begins to compare him to James. :( Then gets stuck living in that horrid house.

I almost cried reading, "At last! Fighting for James and Lily..."

I can't even tell you how much I loved this. It was just so, so, so well written! Thank you for doing the swap!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Eeep! Meg! This review is just so unbelievable. I was so happy that you picked this story. I did have to edit a bit to get the wording just right and keep the paragraphs to multiples of 7.

I tried to have a different emotion portrayed in each paragraph. I actually didn't even consider anyone but Dorcas for this story. I know Sirius is sometimes shipped with Marlene, but Dorcas just came through for me.

I agree with you about the four boys. It is so hard to read them and not think of the foreshadowing their future. Ugh!

You're right! Sirius DID get the rawest deal! At least James and Lily get to live on in Harry - and his children. Peter chose his own fate and Lupin finds peace in life (much later, but he does find love). Sirius was always the wild one - which I think he both loved and hated, but he accepted. He lived for his revenge of Peter and to see James live on in Harry.

Meg! I'm still reeling at the kindness of this review. Thank you so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by ravenclaw_princess Seven is the most magical of numbers.

14th November 2014:
Hi, here for the review battle.

I was really intrigued with the summary and the use of 'seven' and I had to see what it was all about. You definitely didn't disappoint. It was such a clever way of writing and you should give yourself a big pat on the back for the ingeniousness of it. And for the fact you pulled it off. I imagine there was probably a fair bit of editing to get the paragraphs to fit the word count. I also love how the story itself is 777 words.

This pattern lead to quite a cool story flow and the story came across quite poetic. I liked the use of the clipped sentences. You could understand what happened so easily without too much detail. Such as "Dorrie is gone - Voldemort." Its so simple, yet conveys everything. And it loses none of the emotion.

You've summed up poor Sirius' life really well and also conveyed his emotions on the events. As a reader, I was taken an a lovely journey of his life, laughing with him, crying with him, feeling his pain.

Great job on this story. Its really clever and so well put together. It was such a fun story to read.

Author's Response: Hiya!

Wow. Thanks so much for this awesome review. I'm so glad you enjoyed this story!

Yay - I'm so glad you thought it flowed well and was fun to read. It did take a bit of editing to get each paragraph just right. Either the word count was off, or I wasn't able to say what I wanted. But - I'm relieved it came off alright.

Yeah - that line is a humdinger. It really conveyed so much in only four words.

I still smile every time I read this review. Thanks so much. Sorry it took me so long to respond :(

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by DlMinor Seven is the most magical of numbers.

11th November 2014:
Amazing Story!! Always loved Sirius, and this brings a spin on his life like no other. Thanks for an amazing ride.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Thank you so much! This review was a nice surprise and made me smile!

Beth (Veritaserum27)

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Review #24, by LightLeviosa5443 Seven is the most magical of numbers.

27th October 2014:
Hi Beth!

I honestly don't even remember where I saw the link to this story, but I'm so glad I clicked it! This was incredible.

The tone you use through the whole thing. You've definitely got so much talent using small word counts and repetitious themes! But I think it's just talent in general. This story has got me in complete and total awe. Awe at the complexity and yet simplicity of it. Awe at the emotion that's packed into it. Awe at the fact that you told the entire story of Sirius Black in so few words. And awe at the fact that you're even more amazing than I thought you were!!

I've only got a minute for this review, otherwise I'd keep going on about the story, but this was truly truly truly amazing hon! Keep up the awesome work!!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Sarah!

Thanks so much for this totally unexpected review! I was so giddy when I saw it. Eeep!

I'm really tearing up right now reading this, because it is just so sweet.

Thank you for taking the time to read and write these words that just melted my heart.

Love you time a billion ♥


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Review #25, by Roisin Seven is the most magical of numbers.

26th October 2014:
OH MY. I am quite genuinely tearing up *wipes eyes.*

And there is just SO MUCH TO NERD OUT ABOUT in this! Seven being lucky, magical - thirteen being unlucky. SIRIUS FEELS.

I just love the way that you constructed these rules, and then used them to generate really poetic language. You used these limitations as a tool, and the result is really spectacular.

Thank you SO MUCH for entering this challenge! I really loved reading this, and the creativity here is just inspiring!


Author's Response: Ok.

First of all - apologies for taking so long to respond to this. I don't have the excuse of Nano, but I have been a bit on the busy side and I wanted to do this review some justice.

Thank YOU so much for creating this challenge. When I first saw it, I was like uh-uh. Not gonna happen. Then I saw some of the other entries and this seven idea came to me and I just couldn't stop myself. I don't know why I picked Sirius Black, other than I had never written him before.

I'm positively squeeing at the nerd compliment! I love that I can be a complete and total nerd on this site and people LIKE it! I really wanted the story to feel like a wave, with short paragraphs at the beginning, building up and then easing back. So I started with 7 and doubled it each time to get 14, 28, 56, 112. To make it really feel like microfiction, I didn't want the paragraphs to get too long, so I did four 112-word paragraphs with a 119-word one in the middle, and then decreased back down to 7. I hope that's nerdy enough...

Aww, thanks so much for the kind words! And thanks for hosting this challenge!

♥ Beth

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